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Part 2

Training The Hotwife

Cathy takes on her husbands best friend in her first Hotwife experience.
Training The Hotwife

Cathy strode boldly into the living room, her boot heels making a slight clicking noise each time they hit the wooden floor. In her head, she substituted — slut…slut… slut…— For each tap of heel to floor. That thought, accompanied by the dumbfounded look on Marcus’s face when he saw her brought a smirk to her lips.

“I really didn’t think you were serious.” He tore his eyes from Cathy to look between her and John. John had stopped in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. His arms were crossed and a shoulder casually pressed against the door jam as he leaned. — He looks so calm — She thought.

“C’mon,” John said to Marcus with a disarming smile. “You knew I was serious.” Cathy stopped in front of Marcus, her legs slightly spread a playful pout on her full lips and the tray of drinks in her hands. Bending over she pinched her arms together, bunching the apron in a way she knew would show acres of cleavage, possibly even nipple. — Yep, some nipple I think — she thought with a mental giggle as Marcus took a deep breath and grabbed one of the glasses from the tray. Cathy gave him a smile that would have done a hungry lioness proud before she turned and moved to John. Her round ass pulled Marcus’ eyes as her tits had done just moments before.

“Explain it to him again my love. While I’m here.” Cathy bent at the waist to put the tray down on a table. Glancing over her shoulder she saw Marcus still staring at her ass. She then snuggled up to John, both now holding a glass. John took a moment to let his hand wander down her back and cup an ass cheek. Then, smiling at her he turned to Marcus. Who interrupted before he could begin.

“Look, I get what you said before but seriously. You know he’s called the tripod?” Marcus asked Cathy. “It just doesn’t seem right. That… that you would need more.” John smirked at Marcus.

“It’s like I said to you. Cathy and I love each other and this won’t change that fact. The thing is, we also realized a few years ago that she usually needs more than one orgasm once she gets going. Hell, lately I’ll fuck her until she gets off once, then me. After I’m done she usually goes another 30 minutes or so.” John shrugged then went on.

“I just can’t help it!” Cathy interrupted with a sheepish grin. “If I don’t keep going it’s kind of like…”

“Kinda like a guy stopping when he is almost ready to cum… almost painful.” John jumped back in. “Yeah, I’ve got a huge dick and she apparently loves it…”

“I do. It isn’t how big his cock is but….”

“…but Cathy needs more time.” John shrugged as he went on. “We also figured out early on we both have some kinks. It’s just been tough to explore, and we wanted to be careful. Hell, you caught us our first time in the elevator.” Marcus chuckled almost nervously at the frank statements.

“Goddamn, not to mention all the times I caught her going down on you. That was all part of this?” Cathy nodded as John slowly pulled the lower tie to her apron. She closed her eyes and made a blissful sound as she felt his hand move up to the strap around her neck.

“Yeah.” John almost whispered as he ran his hand lightly up and down Cathy’s bare back. He felt the goose-flesh form under his light touch. Knowing it was due to anticipation rather than any chill in the warm room. “Yeah.” He repeated. “Sorry man, we realized it was a bit unfair for you, especially after Claire.”

“Well, can’t say it wasn’t a little fun the times I walked in. Only, I never really saw much.”

“If you only knew how much we enjoyed getting ‘caught’.” Cathy nearly squirmed under John’s touch. “Damn, we’d fuck hard after…”

“Thing is, as hot and slutty as she is I just had a hard time getting it up after cumming and she was getting increasingly desperate for…”

“I needed more hard cock to satisfy me the way I really wanted. I have a whole toy collection I’d go to after ‘Tripod’ here came.” Cathy elbowed John in the ribs playfully. “He loves watching me use one after another. Sometimes, after a while, he’d even be ready to go again. We fantasized all the time about it being another guy fucking me, taking turns with John.” Cathy’s nostrils had flared and her pale skin flushed as she confessed her needs to Marcus.

“So dude. We turned to you. A good friend to help out.”

“I also felt bad about teasing you so much.” Cathy rolled her eyes in blissful pleasure as John continued to lightly tease the skin of her back from ass crack to shoulders. “No worries or jealousy on our end, promise. Besides, we know you are heading to LA for your job while we are here for another few years.”

“Well, I guess that means no awkward game days…” Marcus interrupted with a smile as he referenced their almost every weekend get-togethers. It was his turn to shrug. “Well, I’m Ok with it if you two really are?” He gave a playful smile then leaned back on the couch and raised his glass in a toast. John and Cathy followed suit then the three slammed their shots. As they did, John pulled the final tie on Cathy’s apron allowing it to fall to the floor.

Cathy stood with one leg slightly crossing the other, a pose that allowed her ripped abs to stand out more than usual. Although, Marcus had no eyes for her abs. Cathy’s firm tits were capped with small dark areolae and pebble-sized nipples. Savoring Marcus’ hungry gaze she slid one hand from waist to right tit then back again.

“You like seeing my tits like this? Instead of catching a glimpse now and then?” Cathy breathed as she brought a hand up to cup her right tit. — This is better than I thought. No way would I back out now. — Cathy thought as she stared hungrily at Marcus.

“Damn,” Marcus grunted a pleased affirmative.

“John. I have a lime cut in the kitchen and salt. I forgot to bring them and we just can’t do a tequila shot right without them. I’ll grab them if you pour another for us?” John nodded as he took the bottle and poured it first for Marcus and then into his glass before filling Cathy’s when she returned from the kitchen.

“Here you go, love.” Cathy moved to stand beside John, salt shaker in one hand and lime wedges in the other. Biting her lower lip she slowly rubbed a lime wedge on her left tit before sprinkling a dash of salt on her glistening nipple. With hesitation, John downed his shot then bent over and took Cathy’s nipple in his mouth. She gasped as his teeth gently bit her protruding nipple before he pulled away with a final lick.

Lower lip still clenched between her teeth Cathy smeared lime and then a dash of salt on her right tit. She stared down at Marcus as he nervously licked his lips. Without a word, she moved to straddle his legs then leaned over him until her nipple brushed his forehead leaving a damp smear of lemon and salt.

“Damn.” Marcus breathed again as he slammed down his shot and allowed Cathy to stick her tit in his mouth. He lost any shyness as he gently nibbled on her tasting salt and lemon.

“Yes… Nibble just like that.” Cathy breathed out as she flung her head back, her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders in a gentle cascade. She lost herself to the simple sensation of a warm tongue and lips on her sensitive nipple. Placing her soft hands on either side of his face she gently moved his head up to her lips for a slow and impassioned kiss. Toungues gently, tenuously touching before she then lowered his head back to her eagerly waiting tits. Marcus moaned softly as her obvious arousal fed into his growing need.

“Can you see, John? Was that OK my love? Do you like watching him suck my nipples like this?” Cathy tossed the words over her shoulder in soft and slightly hoarse tones.

“Yeah, better than I thought it would be. Really suck her tit. She loves that!” John exclaimed as he sat on a chair across from them watching the interplay intently. Marcus reached up with both hands to cup her boobs. He squeezed them slightly as he wrapped his lips around first one , then the other.

“More, suck them harder.” Cathy moaned as she rested both arms on either side of his head and began slowly rolling her hips as she felt his cock growing hard beneath her. Looking over her shoulder at John she could see his face was slightly flushed and his breathing had deepened. Smiling, she turned back to Marcus. Marcus had his hands on her ass, squeezing both cheeks firmly as she continued to dry hump him. — Holy Fuck! I am so ready to feel a cock in me. — Cathy thought in slight surprise as she realized that is exactly how the evening would end. — We talked about it but shit… now that I’m here what do I do? — As if sensing Cathy’s sudden confusion John spoke out.

“Hey, you look like you’re ready to fuck?” He chuckled as she glanced over her shoulder at him. Cathy wriggled in Marcus’ lap then arched her back and ground down hard on him.

“I am, and so is he. His cock is so hard!” Cathy breathed deeply, pushing her tits into Marcus’ face. “Can I fuck him?” She practically begged. — Shit! I can’t believe I said that! I’m turning into such a fucking whore… But I love it! —

“Not yet, too soon. Before you get too carried away with Marcus come on over here.” — I love that man! — Cathy thought in disappointed relief and anticipation as she reflected on their conversations about how this evening might unfold. They had plans for how to ease out of the situation if either became uncomfortable. — Not that I want to stop. God, I hope he still wants to do this. I’m so fucking wet and it feels like Marcus has an awesome cock. — The heart-to-heart from the night before rolled through her mind even as she reluctantly peeled herself off Marcus and turned to John. Before she stepped away, Marcus reached out and squeezed her ass.


Two Nights Earlier:

The buzz from the vibrator muffled slightly each time Cathy slid the long pink shaft into her waiting cunt. She’d already cum twice that night. Once when John fucked her then a second after he rolled from her and slid one of her favorite vibrators into her creamy pussy. The first toy of the night was a thick black realistically shaped device. She loved the feel of the sculpted veins along the shaft as well as the almost lifelike silicone coating. John expertly slid the device in and out of her tunnel while she adjusted the remote control to set the vibrations at a perfect level.

“YES! MORE!” She begged as she felt the surge of another orgasm crash over her. Tingling waves of warmth spread from her pussy to every corner of her body. She needed more. Reaching over she grasped John’s cock, partially limp still from his exertions. Stroking it furiously she practically begged it to life.

“Here you go love,” John said as he leaned over and grabbed the pink dildo from his nightstand while leaving the black one in her pussy. Cathy ran the vibrations up and down luxuriating in the sensations. Dropping the remote she took the pink toy in hand while reaching out with the other to grasp John’s cock. The toy was nearly as thick as the first one but at least two inches longer. At first, she rubbed the head around her swollen clit. Just before cumming she twisted the base to adjust the vibrations to a slow soft rumble then slid it into her wet pussy.

“YES! Fuck me… Fuck me, Marcus!” She stared at John as she said the last, testing even as the feeling of uncontrollable waves of orgasm swept through her body. John smiled at her as pinched her nipple.

“You want to do this? You still want to fuck our friend?” He asked her, almost taunting. The soft buzz of the vibrator still filled the room.

“Is it OK? Do you really want me to fuck him?” Cathy finally gasped out as a final surge rippled through her body.

“Fuck him? Yeah, I want to watch his cock slide into that tight little cunt of yours.” John twisted her nipple again.

“Yes, my love! Yes, for you.” Cathy breathed out. “Two more days. You sure it’s OK?” She slowly pulled the damp toy from her pussy, grabbing her lower lip between her teeth as she allowed it to rub her sensitive clit before dropping it on the sheets between her legs.

“I do, I know you do too. Tell you what. Before it gets too crazy I’ll have you come to me, maybe to give me head. Wink at me if you’re good for more.” John leaned over and kissed Cathy as she reached up to caress his nearly solid cock.

“OK babe! You seem ready for more. Was it all this talk?” Cathy grinned mischievously at him as she slid her hand up and down his now firm shaft.

“Partly the talk.” He said as he maneuvered between her legs to slide his cock in her. “Also thinking about Marcus fucking you!” He added as he thrust deep and hard, bringing a gasp to her lips.


Cathy knelt slowly between John’s legs. He’d unzipped his shorts and pulled his huge cock out to stroke it while he watched her with Marcus. Grinning, he waved it in her direction. Cathy didn’t look at him as she reached over to caress the tip of his cock while he held it at the base. She went on for a long moment, feeling the pre-cum slicken her palm as she rolled her hand.

“Can I suck your cock before Marcus has me?” Cathy finally looked at John and then gave a long wink as her lips quirked up at the edges. She leaned down and licked the tip of his cock as she waited for a response. John sighed deeply as she worked her tongue around his glans before winking at him again. — Did he change his mind? — She wondered, suddenly filled with a feeling of disappointment.

“Not yet my pretty little whore.” John cupped her face. “You want to be our whore for the night?” Cathy nodded, showing her accepting smile to John. “Say it, so Marcus can hear you.”

“Yes.” Cathy breathed out slowly. “I will be your slut tonight, and always.” — Oh my god! I’ve never meant anything as much as I mean that. — Without conscious thought, she’d reached between her legs to touch her pussy.

“Go suck his cock.” John leaned back, his dick still in hand as he used the other to gesture towards Marcus. Cathy turned on her knees and padded towards Marcus on all fours.

“Are you ready? Can I suck your cock?” She said in a friendly but taunting tone. Reaching Marcus she saw he’d pulled his cock out and was obviously jacking off while watching as she licked John’s dick. Marcus had a long, thick cock as dark as night. Seeing it she realized it was the first time she’d seen him naked. Cathy licked her lips in eager anticipation.

“Come closer. Do you want this?” Marcus teased back, a broad grin splitting his face.

“Yes, please! It’s so nice! Not as long as John’s but nice and thick.” Cathy slowly reached out to touch his shaft with the tips of her fingers. — This is only the third cock I’ve ever touched! — Her thought was echoed by John’s words.

“Bud, you are now in a small and distinguished group. Cathy has only touched two other dicks in her life.” Marcus chuckled as he took her hand and wrapped it around her shaft.

“Well, really touch it,” Marcus said gruffly. He stroked her hand along his thick veiny length. Her eyes were glued to it as she watched her stroking help squeeze a small drop of pre-cum from the tip. She moved closer, still staring mesmerized at his cock. “Lick that off.”

— I’m doing this, I’m really doing this! — The thought raced in her head as her heart beat a staccato rhythm in her chest. Cathy paused a moment longer then reached out with her tongue to taste the salty droplet. After that first tenuous lick, she sighed and wrapped her lips around his glans, using her tongue to encourage more pe-cum from the tip before she began licking down his shaft.

“Suck it! Take him as deep as you can! She gives great blow jobs.” John said softly from behind her. She started slightly as she felt his hand start on her ass then move down to rub her pussy. She paused her work on Marcus’ dick to savor the moment.

“Uggh!” She gasped as John roughly shoved a finger in her after moving the thong to one side. She pushed back, feeling his digit enter her all the way even as he shoved back against her.

“She likes it rough. Yeah, grab her head.” Marcus placed both hands on her head and guided her down his shaft.

“Suck it slut!” Marcus grunted as he pushed her head down, only stopping when he felt her resist. Then he wrapped his fingers in her long blonde hair and gripped hard. Pulling her head up by her hair he looked her in the eyes.

“Yes!” Cathy moaned aloud as Marcus pulled her head from his cock. She looked past Marcus’ throbbing dick to his face. “Should I suck on you more?” John paused his fingering at her question.

“You ready to fuck this whore?” John asked Marcus. His rough words brought a tingle to Cathy’s cunt. — Yes, yes please — she begged Marcus with her eyes. Marcus had reached down to hold his dick at the base of the shaft with one hand while still grasping Cathy’s hair in the other.

“More than ready,” Marcus said and slapped Cathy on the lips with his cock.

“One at a time then slut.” John said roughly.


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