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Part 03

QOS Creator: Chapter 03-Getting the Itch

wife continues training and learns she likes it.
QOS Creator: Chapter 03-Getting the Itch

As Pam enters her fourth month, she begins masturbating three times a day. When she is not working out on the treadmill, she enjoys watching interracial and girl-on-girl porn on TV.

The blonde wife has grown to love the hairstyle. Pam would never have chosen such a style and cut, with shaved sides and back of the neck, curled and bleached platinum blonde hair. Additionally, it gives her increased confidence and makes her look sexy.

In one week, she has surpassed all the times she has played with herself. Pam is becoming more adept at finding the proper technique to induce an orgasm. At first, playing with her love box was difficult due to her long nails, but she eventually found a comfortable way.

Besides increasing her treadmill speed from jogging to almost an entire run, Pam has also improved the length of her treadmill session to 90 minutes. In addition, she trains every other day and uses other weightlifting equipment as directed. Weightlifting was a brand-new experience, so she began using light weights. Her stamina improved during sessions despite feeling exhausted after each session.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

One day, she weighed herself and found she weighed 109 pounds. It has been a long time since Pam was that thin. Since her kidnapping, which is now a distant memory, she has lost almost 50 pounds.

The following day, she awoke to discover she had undergone another change. Her face felt sore, so she put her hand up and found two piercings on the side of her nose and near her lip. She got up and ran naked to the bathroom, where she noticed that she now had a Monroe piercing above her lip on the left side. Pam’s nose pierced on the same side; both were small diamond studs. Rather than feeling horrified, she was mildly surprised by how well it appeared on her.

She returned to the closet after exercising every other day during her first off day, and her outfit had drastically changed. In her wardrobe, she found strange clothing that resembled a fetish outfit. The bra had an opening that exposed her tits but covered her breasts with two strips of black leather lined with silver studs. A long piece of black leather is attached to the bra and connected to a collar attachment with a similar design. Moreover, the set includes a black leather thong adorned with silver studs. Black leather wrist cuffs, as do a silver ring and black ankle cuffs, complete this outfit.

Pam changed into her outfit without even thinking about it. Subliminal messages and laced food caused her to become more docile, and she now resembles a BDSM submissive. There is no footwear included in the outfit, so she is barefoot.

She wears her slave outfit on days when she does not exercise, and TV gives her a series of tasks to complete. One day, she received instruction on performing Kegel exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Pam is unaware that these exercises will enhance her ability to reach orgasm and have more enjoyable sex. In addition, her television instructs her to perform yoga exercises and stretches on alternate days.

For the remainder of the month, Pam follows this routine until she receives additional instructions on television. When she is not exercising, she gets a pair of 3-inch-tall black patent pumps, and Pam puts on the highest heel she has ever worn. The instructions were to wear them throughout the day and remove them only at night before retiring. The abducted wife followed this revised daily routine.

The television instructed her to walk on the treadmill wearing heels for a few minutes and then do household chores while wearing heels. To swing her ass, she must concentrate on walking in a straight line.

A week later, she upgraded from three to four inches in heels. At first, the submissive wife found it difficult to maneuver in them, but after practicing and wearing them all day, she became more comfortable.

The heels were five inches tall the following week. Again, Pam took all week to become accustomed to walking in them comfortably. As soon as she had mastered those heels, she upgraded to 6-inch heels. Despite the higher heels, there is at least a platform for her foot and not too much arching. Her last upgrade was this pair, which she wears throughout the day when she is not exercising.

Within a few weeks, Pam could walk as if she were wearing tennis shoes and swing her ass like a stripper. As a result of the weight loss, the increased stamina, the stylish hairstyle, and walking in high heels like it was nothing, her confidence skyrocketed.

Shawn grinned with satisfaction in the control room. On the abducted wife, the program has run like clockwork. As he reflects, he recalls the beginnings of the program.

While serving in the military, he was responsible for psychological operations. He was part of a team that examined the possibility of reprogramming enemy targets. The long war that raged in the Middle East was in response to guerrilla warfare tactics from the enemy. Shawn’s team developed a plan to reprogram the enemy. As it would have taken months to complete, the government decided to move on to something more practical.

A wealthy individual familiar with the program approached Shawn after he left the military and offered him this position. It was his goal to develop a system where women would perform any task as sexual sluts. For the past seven years, the system has operated successfully. As well as being effective on women, it is also effective on men, although not in the way Shawn initially expected.

During the upcoming critical phase of reprogramming, Shawn has been feeling anxious. Phase one involves isolating the subject, feeding them subliminal messages, and lacing their food with a compound that induces docility and submissive behavior. The next phase is also challenging; you must repeat the first phase if things work differently than planned. Introducing the first person they have seen in months is like flipping a coin to determine whether everything will work as intended. Few women have refused to accept this phase and returned to square one. Ultimately, they came around, but it took considerable time and financial resources.

Shawn knows that if Pam Meyerson accepts this phase, everything else will be smooth sailing. Shawn’s reflection is interrupted by the opening of the control room door.

Devin greets Shawn as he enters the room.

“Shawn, how’s it going? Are things on track?”

“Hi, Devin. It’s coming along well so far. We are ready for phase two, so hurry up, change, and get ready.

“Aye-aya, Captain.”

He saluted Shawn halfheartedly as he exited the control room. As Shawn gazed at the monitor showing the unsuspected wife sleeping, he hoped this phase would be successful. He tells himself that in approximately one hour, he will know.

Pam awoke as usual when the TV alarm blasted. Having no workout today, she will follow the instructions from the TV. As soon as she wakes up, she takes a hot shower. Her next step is to change into her clothes: the bra with the collar, the thong, and the black platform 6-inch heels. The moment she put on her heels,

something unexpected occurred.

The first person she has seen in months appears when the door to where she receives her food opens. As the man approaches her, she freezes in shock. A large, muscular black man dressed in a tight-fitting muscle shirt, black leather pants, and military boots enters her isolated room. Furthermore, he wore a black leather mask covering his entire head, with only small holes through which she could make out his eyes. In addition, he wore black leather gloves and appeared to be holding a leather riding crop.

As he approaches the bed, he stops.

“Come over here,” he said, pointing to the ground before him.

Without thinking about it, Pam approaches the stranger.

“Slave, get on your knees.”

She complied with the request.

“You will refer to me as Master, do you understand?”

Pam responded by pausing briefly, looking at him, and saying, “Yes.”

Immediately following her answer, he swats her breast, which causes her to yell in pain.

“I’m Master! Address me as such!”

“Yes, Master,” Pam says as she reels from the sharp pain.

From the control room, Shawn knew that Pam now belonged to them, and she had successfully reprogrammed her behavior. Now things are about to get interesting, he thought to himself.
“You’ll kneel in front of me whenever I enter your room. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master,” Pam answered back.

She seems to find comfort in being dominated. The lonely wife is willing to follow the instructions of her Master.

“Get up, move to the edge of the bed, and lean forward with your hands on your back.”

In her high heels, which she has mastered walking in, Pam slowly gets up and proceeds to bed. As instructed, she bends down and places her hands behind her back.

Devin pulls out a pair of handcuffs from one of his pants pockets. Restrains her by locking the cuffs around her wrists. He then grabs another item, this time a ball gag. He put the ball in her mouth and tightened the strap, securing it behind her head. Afterward, the black Master gently massaged her pussy with his riding crop. The pleasure is evident in Pam’s squirming and grunting.

“You like that slave?”

Pam nods in agreement. There is an ache in her pussy for more exploration. Devin rubs more vigorously and applies more pressure. There is no doubt in his mind that she is ready to cum. Pam groans in frustration when he stops.

“The only way you can cum is if I let you. Do you understand?”

She shakes her head in agreement as she cannot speak with her ball gag in her mouth.

After removing the glove from his right hand, he begins to feel her moist pussy. Pam is ready to orgasm immediately after spending many months without being touched.

“Bitch, you can’t cum unless I tell you.”

Pam needs to orgasm immediately, and she can no longer hold it back. In an instant, she feels a smack on her ass as her Master spanks her thoroughly with the other hand. The slap sends her over, and the wife cums from the blow. Despite having a ball gag in her mouth, she moans loudly.

“You can’t cum without my permission, you naughty little whore.”
Devin swats her ass with his riding crop after he stops playing with her wet pussy. By alternating sides, he struck both cheeks with his crop.

“You’re getting punished, you slut.”

Pam is screaming in pain, but the ball gag muffles her screams. Tears are now streaming down her cheeks. After Devin has stopped swatting her ass, he admires his work. As a result of all the punishment, her ass cheeks are now bright red.

He then begins to play with her pussy with his fingers. Devin inserts his black fingers slowly into her pussy. She starts rocking her body while she fucks his fingers as she enjoys this.

“That’s a good little slut. Don’t cum unless I tell you to.”

Devin continues to finger fuck Pam’s pussy while Pam rocks faster on his penetrating fingers. He stops when he detects that she is about to orgasm. The horny submissive moaned in displeasure.

Her Master then removed the ball gag from her mouth. After he penetrated Pam’s pussy with his fingers, he put his fingers in her mouth without instruction, and Pam tasted his fingers. She would never do this with her husband, and the taste of her juice only made her horny.

Devin asked her, “Do you like that slut?”

By shaking her head in agreement, Pam ensures she extracts as much juice as possible from his long, black fingers.

Devin then pulls his finger from her mouth, picks up another object, a pink vibrator, and places it next to her.

“What do you think of being called a slut?”

“Yes, I like being called that, Master,” Pam replied.

The degrading treatment leaves her feeling horny and naughty, and she cannot believe that she enjoys it.
As Devin removes the blonde’s handcuffs, he asks, “Then what are you?”

“I’m a slut, master.”

“Prove it by making yourself cum; I give you my permission to orgasm.”

The slutty wife then takes both hands and begins playing with her pussy, suppressing her moaning.

“Let me hear your moans, slut. I want to hear you like a horny bitch!”

Pam moans louder and then orgasms. As she screams, she feels an overwhelming sense of pleasure.

“It’s time to clean your fingers and taste your juices.”

Pam began to lick her fingers, tasting the juices on her long fingernails.

Then Devin turns on the pink vibrator and rubs it against her tender pussy.

“Keep licking your fingers, you horny slut.”

Pam begins rocking herself on the vibrating pink toy when her Master plunges it into her pussy. It surprised her that she was ready to cum again.

Still savoring each of her fingers, Pam asked, “Master, can I cum?”

“You’ll have to beg for it.”

“Please let me cum again. I need to cum so much, Master!”

“You’ve got to do better.”

Pam is on the verge of bursting.

“Mater, your slave wants to cum again. Can she please cum?”

“Yes, my slut, cum for your master.”

“Oh my God! I’m cummin’, Master!”

It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Three orgasms within a short period had never occurred before.

Devin leaves without saying goodbye or providing further instructions as the slave wife recovers from her orgasm. After cleaning her fingers, Pam sticks her fingers in her pussy and then back into her mouth to taste her juices. She enjoys the taste of her pussy, which surprises her.

For the next few weeks, this was her routine. She worked in the gym every other day, using the treadmill and other weightlifting machines. She watches porn on television while playing with herself when she is not working out.

As soon as she finishes orgasm, she dips her fingers into her pussy and licks it. The porn on television has changed, now showing more BDSM in which a black man has a white woman as his submissive and fucks her. As Pam gets turned on by the porn, she looks forward to the days when her black Master will control her.

Her sex toys include a pink vibrating toy and others that vibrate. Currently, she uses them on herself when she watches porn on television. She loves to plunge the vibrator into her pussy while she cums. The horny wife then places the toy in her mouth to enjoy its taste. Pam’s dream is to please her Master and fuck him soon.

When her black Master enters her room, she immediately follows his instructions. In her high heels, she quickly approaches him and kneels before him. Sometimes he does not touch her pussy at all but instead has her lick his boots while she plays with herself.

When she was tied up one day, he used a vibrating wand on her clit, and he stopped when she was ready to orgasm. He did this orgasm denial numerous times during their session, and when he finally let her cum, it was so intense that she nearly passed out.

Over the past few weeks, her Master has assigned her new tasks and sessions. Several slave positions were also taught to her by her Master, and he ensured that she knew them all. In one of the sessions, Devin gave her Ben-Wa balls to insert into her pussy throughout the day. Afterward, he had her clean her rooms, including the bedroom, gym, and bathroom, while wearing high heels and balls. She nearly had an orgasm while performing tasks with them inside her body.

Pam started applying makeup as instructed. As the makeup desk is usually empty, she was surprised to find it contained various cosmetic items. Additionally, she received written instructions with illustrations on how to apply makeup according to her Master’s preferences.

The look included thin, high-arching eyebrows, dark blue eyeshadow, and black eyeliner outlined in thick lashes; pink lipstick completed the look. When Pam’s Master enters the room, he inspects and punishes her when it is not flawless, so she must continue practicing. Because it was her first time doing makeup, it looked sloppy since she had never worn so much makeup. Moreover, she wears large gold hoops daily and finger rings, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets.

During Pam’s seventh month, she became more proficient at applying makeup. She takes several minutes to use it, then marvels at how hot she looks afterward. Just looking in the mirror makes her wet, as well as her short hair, lip, nose piercings, oversized hoop earrings, and makeup.

The hot-looking wife was given a realistic black dildo over ten inches long and thick. As soon as she receives it, she begins penetrating herself with her new sex toy. She had never had anything so significant enter her pussy before. However, because she has been so horny and constantly playing with herself, her pussy has adjusted, and she now only fucks herself with this toy. She is awaiting the sight of her black Master’s cock; she begins masturbating with the black dildo, anticipating her Master’s cock fucking her.

It is impossible for her to fall asleep without dreaming about fucking. As well as sleeping naked, she frequently fucks herself to sleep with her black dildo.

Devin, Lester, and Shawn are seated in the control room, watching the screen where the submissive blonde is fast asleep.

“Well, that phase worked well,” Shawn told his two helpers.

Devin responded, “Yeah, she’s ready. I got her all horny, and I think she’s ready for some real cock!”
A sleeping gas switch is activated in Pam’s room, knocking her out.

Shawn asked, “Is Griff ready yet?”

Griffin Walker is Shawn’s tattoo artist and piercer.

“He’s just putting everything together in the prep room.”

“Okay, tell him his patient will arrive in 20 minutes.”

After waking up, Pam feels she has slept for an extended period. Sitting up in her bed, she stretches her arms and yawns. There is a dull pain in her lower back. When she feels her back, she feels raised textures on her skin. She then walks to the bathroom and examines herself in the mirror.

Pam discovers that she has a mark on her lower back. It’s a tramp stamp. The design features vines intertwined with a central symbol, a black spade over two inches high, and a white “Q” inside. Over the next few minutes, she spends time admiring it.

Following a shower, changing into her workout outfit, it is a workout day, and applying her makeup, she grabs her black dildo. She sees herself in the bathroom mirror and puts the dark toy in her mouth. Taking a look at herself with the black fake cock in her mouth, moving in and out of her mouth, her pussy gets wet.


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