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QOS Creator: Chapter 02-Training Commences

wife starts her journey to her new life
QOS Creator: Chapter 02-Training Commences

Pam Meyerson feels extremely dizzy as she slowly awakens. Her eyes open, and the woman realizes she is not lying in her bed or a familiar place. Immediately after waking up, Pam sat up in bed.

Before Pam could process all the information about her surroundings, the scared wife noticed she was bare from head to toe, not even wearing shoes or socks. Her wedding band is also missing. Fear shoots through the short lady, causing her to panic and breathe harder. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, the scared woman surveys the room.

It is apparent at first glance that the room is not very bright. Nevertheless, there is enough light to discern that Pam is in a large, rectangular room with four white walls. To her left, a dark-colored door is in the center of the wall, surrounded by empty bookshelves.

In front of her is a large flat-screen television mounted flush to the wall. Although Pam does not know the exact size of the television, it appears more significant than the 65-inch television in her living room. In addition to the television, there is a sizeable six-drawer dresser on the left and another door to the right.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Pam looks to her right and notices a small table, chair, and mirror. In addition to the desk, there are two doors on either side. She is unsure what the desk represents, but it appears to be a makeup vanity. The naked wife observed that the ceiling was higher than usual and was at least 12 feet tall. Room illumination comes from the top of a metal framework and fluorescent lights.

Despite the off-white carpet in the room, Pam focused her attention on the bed. This king-size bed has big fluffy pillows and white silk sheets with a large headboard and a smaller footboard.

As Pam surveyed her surroundings, she was fully awake despite experiencing a slight headache. The brunette has enough energy to get out of bed. Pam becomes terrified when she realizes that there are no windows at all. The confused wife then proceeds to walk to the door on her left. A doorknob is on the door, but it is locked when Pam attempts to open it. The wife then proceeds to the next door near the television. This door opens to reveal a larger space.

Upon opening the door, bright overhead lights illuminated the room immediately. It appears to be a small private gym. While Pam is familiar with some fitness equipment, such as a treadmill and an elliptical, she is unfamiliar with others, such as weight-lifting machines. One of the corners of the room contains a flat tanning bed.

Shawn whispers to himself, “She is awake.”

He watches the woman from a flat-screen monitor. Pam’s room and the gym are both equipped with hidden cameras. Taking the clipboard next to the monitor, the black man scrutinizes it. He was reviewing Pam Meyerson’s information.

Lester, who abducted the wife, entered the small control room in which Shawn was already monitoring Pam.

He tells Shawn, “Looks like our small mouse is out and about.”

He turns to Lester and greets him, then turns back to examine the clipboard.

“Pam Masterson is 34, 5’1″ tall, 36B-28-38, and has not yet reported her weight. She is, or was, a manager at a distribution center,” Shawn stated.

There was a smirk on Lester’s face. He asked, “Has the doctor examined her?”

“Yes, no known illnesses or ailments and no prescriptions,” Shawn replied.

“She’s just right for our program.”

Even though Pam passed out from the drug Lester slipped into her drink at the airport, Shawn obtained all Pam’s medical information from Bob, who provided it to the doctor for her first initial examination.

“Okay, we will introduce Devin to her in a few months,” Shawn replied.

He turns around, gives Lester the clipboard, and exits the control room. Devin will be responsible for introducing her to her new role.

Lester observes that the wife is still exploring the room and looking through the dresser’s drawers.
“I can’t wait to trick this bitch,” Lester whispers to himself.

Pam is confused; the wife does not know what happened or why she is here. The brunette was departing for Ireland to begin her new job. The wife last remembers sitting in a restaurant at the New York airport. While concentrating, Pam tries to recall anything that happened after that, and then she remembers feeling strange and heading to the bathroom, but nothing further.

She tried to cover her naked body with the silky white sheets from her bed, but it was futile. Either the sheets have been stitched into place or tightly tucked at the foot of the bed. The thought of all the questions in her mind gives her a headache.

A bell interrupted her deep thought, and the TV said, “Open the door if you are hungry.”

Pam took a moment to process the message, then turned her head to check the locked door. As the brunette woman approaches the door, she grabs the doorknob and turns it, and is surprised to find that the doorknob works this time.

The career-oriented wife opens the door, she discovers it leads to a small corridor leading to another door. Between the two doors is a wheeled cart with a tray of food.

Pam disregards the cart and approaches the other door. Even though the small woman had to squeeze between the carriage and the wall, she could. When the wife reaches for the doorknob, it is locked. Pam returned to the first door’s threshold and examined the food cart.

The brown-haired woman notices it consists of only a salad bowl and a water bottle. The salad appears to be a garden salad with many vegetables. Although she loves salads and is hungry, her predicament prevents her from eating. After sobbing in bed for 15 minutes, Pam finally gives in to her hunger. As soon as the naked wife reaches for the cart, she drinks the bottled water and takes the plastic fork to eat the salad in record time. Even though the food is healthy, it contains performance-enhancing drugs designed to increase Pam’s sexual desire.

After eating, Pam instinctively conceals the plastic knife with her hand, then turns around and lies down. Under one of the pillows, the scared woman casually hides the plastic utensil, believing that if her abductor appears, she may need it.

As she lies in bed contemplating how to escape this situation, the big screen TV plays a chime. A bright pink screen with black lettering states, “Go to the bathroom and weigh yourself.”

It occurred to Pam that she had not even glanced at the room’s doors on the right. Indeed, the wife tells herself that one of the doors leads to the bathroom. After getting up from bed and opening a door, the naked wife discovers a large bathroom decorated with white walls and light gray tiles. A bright light illuminates the room. On her left is a large vanity with a mirror and vanity lights. A good-sized corner bathtub with jets is next to the vanity, and Pam assumes it is a spa bath. A walk-in shower is next to the tub on the right side of the bathroom.

Pam finds the scale next to the entrance door on the right side of the wall facing the toilet. More out of curiosity than out of obedience, she stands still on the scale, and the scale beeps and displays the number 156.

“Damn, I gained a ton of weight since I last weighed myself.”

As a result, Pam began to feel depressed. The brunette then realizes that there is another door she has not yet explored, so she leaves the bathroom and proceeds to the other door on the same wall. When Pam turns the doorknob, expecting it to be locked, the wife is surprised to find it open; however, once she realizes that it is nothing more than a closet, her excitement quickly turns to disappointment.

The lack of windows and clocks exacerbates her disorientation, so Pam cannot determine the time. Although the brunette is tired, she retires back to bed. Just as she lies down, Pam hears a hissing sound from the overhead grate, and when the overweight wife sees smoke pouring down, she blacks out.

Lester flips a switch in the control room to stop the smoke, a powerful sleep-inducing agent. Then, he flips another switch, activating a vacuum from the ceiling. When the indicator light changes from red to green, he toggles the button again to turn off the vacuum.

“Nighty night, my white bitch,” he says to the monitor that shows Pam sleeping.

Next, the black man uses his cell phone to dial a number.

“She’s ready, and the room’s cleared.”

Pam wakes up feeling like she slept well for the first time in a long time. Her first thought was that this was just a nightmare, but when the wife opened her eyes, she was back in the isolated room.

Upon feeling the urge to urinate, Pam instinctively heads to the bathroom. While squatting on the toilet, she can see herself in the mirror. Something seems different as the naked wife tries to focus on her reflection in the mirror.

“My hair!”

Pam feels the hair on her head. She no longer has her shoulder-length brown hair; it has been cut and styled.

As soon as Pam has relieved herself, she rushes to the mirror and examines her hair. the wife has shaved sides and back, while her top is curly and bleached blonde. She also notices that her eyebrows are no longer there.

“The hell is this!”

In a state of panic, Pam cannot comprehend what she sees. Examining the rest of her body, she observes that her arms and legs are smooth and free of hair or peach fuzz. Finally, her pubic hair is a significant surprise. Above her pussy is a long, narrow strip of black hair in place of her natural-colored pubic hair.
The television chime interrupted her examination of herself. Walking to the television, she finds updated instructions on the screen.

“Now you have clothes to wear; check your closet and put everything on.”

Upon opening the other door near the desk, she discovers items that were not previously present. An approximately waist-high shelf holds the folded clothes neatly. To conceal her nakedness, she immediately slips on a nude-colored thong. Then Pam puts on black tight-fitting jogging shorts and a black tight-fitting halter top that reveals her abdomen. Next, she puts on a pair of white ankle socks and tennis shoes. The fact that Pam has clothes to wear, even if they are not the type of clothing she would prefer, makes her feel more comfortable.

There is a chime on the television once again.

“Go to the fitness room and get on the treadmill. The treadmill is pre-programmed, and once you have completed 60 minutes, the door will open for your next meal.”

An additional message appeared on the screen.

“After you’ve walked on the treadmill for 60 minutes, the door will open.”

Pam feels extremely hungry and thinks about her decision before agreeing to comply. The small gym illuminated when she opened the door; it was much brighter in this room than in the bedroom.

After turning on the treadmill, Pam begins to exercise. It had been long since the blonde had used one of these devices. As soon as the treadmill starts to move, Pam begins walking. After a few minutes, her legs feel as if they are burning. There is no doubt that the wife is out of shape. Despite Pam’s desire to stop, she knows that stopping would take her forever to complete the task. Further, the new blonde woman is aware that only after completing this task will she be able to obtain food. The burning stopped after a few minutes, and the pain subsided.

On the treadmill, Pam watches the countdown clock; she is halfway there, with only 30 minutes remaining. She had worked up a sweat and was thankful that she did not have to run. Another 10 minutes passed, and Pam was still sweating, and her clothing showed signs of perspiration. Rather than watching the countdown, she focuses on her pace and breathing to avoid being discouraged. Sweat drips from her newly styled hair. Her attention is directed toward the clock, indicating less than two minutes remaining.
“You can do it,” Pam tells herself, concentrating on her pace and breathing again before the treadmill beeps.

She exclaims, “I did it!”

As she leaves the small gym, she grabs a white towel from a towel rack near the entrance. Pam dries herself and walks toward the usually locked door. The hungry wife opens the door and finds a cart containing fresh food and bottled water. After the workout, Pam drinks nearly all her water. On the plate, she can see slices of strawberries, watermelon, pineapples, grapes, and kiwis and a small yogurt container. Pam concludes that it must be breakfast time. She is consuming her meal when the TV chimes again to alert her to a pending message.

Shawn smiles as he watches from the control room. Having been impressed by her responsiveness, he turned to the computer beside the monitor and began typing.

He hit the enter key and said, “Your re-programming is about to begin.”

Pam’s TV suddenly begins playing one of her favorite soap operas. Sitting on her bed watching television, she wonders how her abductors know her favorite show. Because the working wife works during the day, the career-oriented wife records the show to watch at night after a long day at work. She is unaware that her shows contain subliminal messages. The purpose of this is to reduce her inhibitions and to make her more docile. Having consumed laced food and beverages, she is more apt to accept suggestions from the television or anyone else. As she watches the show, she feels more relaxed and attentive to her television master.

In the first month following her abduction, her routine has not changed. She awakens as soon as the lights in her room illuminate. The young woman sleeps naked, wears workout clothes once she wakes up, and wears a different outfit daily. For a restful night’s sleep, she usually receives sleeping gas. The first thing Pam does after waking up is to walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes before eating breakfast.
Following the first meal, she watches a television show containing hidden messages for a few hours. She will receive her next meal after exercising on the treadmill for another 60 minutes.

After a long shower and drying off, the blonde wife heads to bed naked. After a few days of exercise, Pam’s treadmill speed has increased. Although she has never run independently, she is now engaged in a light jog.

After a month of following this routine, the TV instructed her to weigh herself. Within a month, she lost over 20 pounds, weighing 135 pounds. The weight loss resulted in her being the happiest since being abducted. In addition, it felt as if she had more energy than when she was in high school. During the first month, she noticed someone had somehow maintained her hair during sleep.

As Shawn reviews all the updated information regarding Pam, he is ecstatic that everything is proceeding according to plan. Using his computer, he enters several more commands.

Pam anticipates that her soap opera and other shows will start when the television first turns on, as they have the past few weeks. However, there is something new this time: soft porn, where all content is interracial or girl-on-girl. Instead of typical porn, these shows incorporate actual stories with sex without divulging too much information. She watches them intently from the edge of her bed as she does every time. Unlike soap operas, these shows do not contain subliminal messages.

In her second month following her abduction, her routine is the same, except that softcore porn replaces her television shows. Her pace has also increased on the treadmill, and she is now running at a full jog. The next time she weighed herself, she was 116 pounds. Pam’s hair is still maintained in some manner while she sleeps, but she no longer pays attention to it.

During her second month, she experiences another change. She now has acrylic nails on her fingers and an off-white color to the long nails. The length of her nails is almost an inch. Pam has never had nails this long but is pleased with the results.

During this time, her programming has shifted to hardcore interracial and lesbian porn, which depicts actual fucking. In these shows, she finds it fascinating to see how hung some of the black men are.

By claiming that she is in Ireland, Bob, her husband in Minnesota, has been able to keep her family at bay. He informs them that she cannot contact anyone at home now, and he has a question about how long he can maintain the charade. Furthermore, Bob has wondered about her progress for a few months but is eager to know how things turn out.

Meanwhile, Pam is watching her daily dose of pornography. She is watching a scene in which a well-hung black man is fucking a white woman from behind while she moans and curses with delight. When Pam feels the moisture and the fire in her crotch, she instinctively moves her right hand down to her crotch. A gasp escapes her mouth as the black man climaxes inside the white woman.


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