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Our First Foray

Two white wives have their first black cock
Our First Foray

My name is Melissa; I am 44 and have been married for twenty years. I have been a faithful wife and mother during that time. My husband Jim has always wanted to experiment with our sex life, but that never went too far. But like everyone else, I have fantasies too, but just never lived them out until now.

A group of us ladies decided to go to a male strip club for one of our friends 40th birthday. I had never been to one, but have heard plenty of stories.

We all were having a good time, plenty of drinks to lose you inhibitions. All the male dancers were younger guys 25-30ish. Mainly white, but there was two black guys.

All the guys got totally naked during the routines, and allowed the ladies to fondle them, for dollars of course. I had heard stories about black cocks, but had never seen one in person. The two black guys were well hung and attached allot of attention.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

We all chipped in so Lisa, whose birthday could have a lap dance with one of the black guys. After his routine he came to our table, nude with a fairly hard dick. He presented himself to Lisa; she was shy at first but gave in and took hold of this beautiful black cock.

She stroked it in her tiny white hands as the dancer gyrated his hips toward her, soon both hands were on his cock and there was still plenty left to hang out.

To our surprise, Lisa lowered her head and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue circled the head of this massive cock, and then put her lips to it. She continued to stroke and suck his cock. Lisa offered to share her black wand with some of the others at out table.

Both Shelly and JoJo wanted to grab this big black cock as well. Then all three of them were on their knees in front of this guy. His dick was swing back and forth hitting hungry lips and groping hands.

Finally this guy blasted his wad and there was cum flying everywhere, hitting the three in the face, in their hair, on their clothes.

I don’t know about the others but my panties were soaked with my own precum. The three took to the restroom laughing and giggling like school girls.

When they returned we decided it was time to leave and all vowed to keep this to ourselves.

My best friend Stacy, whom we go out with on a regular basis, didn’t get to partake in the cock sucking but talked about it the next day.

I asked Stacy how she felt about it and she said, her panties were soaked as well. I asked her if she would have touched the dancer if she had the opportunity, she replied back, “Would You?” I confessed it was a fantasy of mine to suck off a black guy.

She said, “That’s strange, I have the same fantasy, ever since I caught my daughter in the act when she was in high school, I have wanted to touch a black cock.”

Neither of us had ever cheated on our husbands, but now had this burning desire to live out our joint fantasy. I told Stacy that I knew this young black guy, who brings deliveries at work, which I sign for.

One more than one occasion he has eyed me over, or tried to peek down my blouse. Have teased time a time or two because I know he’s looking. I have had to go the ladies room a few times after he has left to finger myself.

“I am pretty sure, he would oblige us….what do you think,” I said.

“I don’t know Melissa…..this is a big step…you would suck this guy in front of me?” Stacy said.

“We’ll never know unless we try…maybe we both chicken out….maybe we enjoy our fantasy.” I replied.

“Just sucking…right?” Stacy said.

“I am not sure how far I’d be willing to go….feeling a big black cock inside me might be fun….I don’t know….but I do know I would like to try.” I replied.

“Me too…let’s go for it!” Stacy returned.

So the next delivery day at work I slipped James a note to call me on my cell, with a little wink on the note. As I was driving home form work my cell rang, I fumbled through my purse to see a number I didn’t recognize.

I was James…” Hello, is this Melissa?” I answered that it was me and wondered if he would be interested in seeing me and a friend in private. “Private…what for?” he asked.

I told him he would not be disappointed …and perhaps he could see what he been trying to peak at. “Two ladies….I don’t know if I can handle that.” James said.

“Can I bring a friend?” he asked.

Not something I had thought of at all…did I need to clear it with Stacy or should I just surprise her. “Is you friend good looking…….you know…” I asked.

“Let me just say….you won’t be disappointed.” He replied laughing.

“Ok” was my reply.

We setup a date when Jim was to be out of town. Stacy came over early, we were both nervous as could be. I had not told her that James was bringing a friend. We had talk about what to wear like we were 21.

Stacy and I have been close for a long time and can talk about anything. She told me she thought a dress was too formal for home, I agreed. She said she was going to wear shorts and a scoop neck top. Stacy has nice tits and that would show her cleavage nicely. I told her I would wear shorts as well, but a shear blouse and lacy bra.

When Stacy arrived we had a glass of wine and waited. I told her I was very nervous, she said she was as well. As we sat next to each other on the couch,

Stacy put her arm around me, to comfort me I guess. She pulls me close, she whispered, “I have another fantasy I would like to share with you.” Then she kissed me deeply, our lips were trembling, my spine was tingling. She sucked on my upper lip and my clit began to tingle.

Our lips parted and she placed her hand between my thighs, rubbing against my pussy, next her hand wandered upward and she cupped my breasts, we kissed again she was moaning, “I love you Melissa….I have loved you a long time.” S

uddenly my nervousness was gone and felt more at ease. I reached over and placed my hand on her large breasts, I put my hand between her legs, wiggling my way under her shorts I reached her pussy. She spread her legs to invite my advance, my middle finger parted her pussy lips and I felt her moistness.

Just then the door bell rang, we both jumped. I got up straighten myself out and head to the door. Stacy did the same.

Our guest had arrived, James introduced his friend as Jarrod, and he was tall, not as dark as James, clean cut and athletically toned. I bought them in and introduced them to Stacy.

Whose month was wide open, “You…You…Melissa are a naughty girl. Why didn’t you tell me about Jarrod?”

“I wanted to surprise you….Surprise!” I said.

The two guys sat on the couch, one on either side of Stacy. I offered up drinks and when to the kitchen to get them. I sat next to James.

“So what do you ladies have in mind?” asked James. I proceeded to tell James about our trip to the strip club and told him we were interested in a private show.

“Private show… ladies going to participate?” he asked.

“Well yes…” nervously I said. “Well if we are going to get naked…then you are as well…right?” he replied.

“Well…..we ….really had thought about it that way…..Stacy?” my voice was quivering.

“No I had not planned on…participating…like that….uh…was hoping to fondle you and orally pleasure you.” Stacy said.

“Well… ladies are sure attractive….but Jarrod and I need some visual stimulation…right Jarrod?” James said nodding his head.

“Yes….I need to see some nice white ass….to get my Johnson in gear.” Replied Jarrod.

So there we were, maybe there would be no fantasy tonight. We all seemed to grab our drinks as the room was quiet. I stood up and began to unbutton my blouse. “I did promise you a look at what you have been trying to see at work….right James.” I said.

“Yes…you did.” Replied James. After my blouse was off, I unbuttoned my shorts and wiggled out of them. Standing in my best Victoria Secrets bra and tong panties I stood before James.

I twirled around and said,” Well what to you think?”

“Looks good so far, damn you are one hot lady…..I knew under that work getup was a body I could like….let’s see the rest!” James shouted.

“Not so fast I said…..this is going to be tit for tat….I show some….you show some…fair enough?” I asked. So James jumped up got real close to me and removed his shirt and pants, leaving him with just some silk boxers.

He pulled me close to him and we embraced…he tilted his head and kissed me. His tongue penetrated my lips and our tongues swirled in my mouth. His hands found their way down my back side and he squeezed my ass, he thrust his body against mine and I could feel his dick against me.

We broke apart and I quickly pulled his boxers to his ankles, then I was my face inches form his long ebony rod. It was not erect but it looked to be a good twelve inches long, and very thick as well.

Then from the couch I head Stacy exclaim, “Holy Shirt……what a cock…..holy shit….it’s enormous!”

James unclasped my bra and exposed my tits, my nipples we erect from the excitement. Next he pulled down my panties exposing my clean shaven cunt.

James had a very short crop of pubic hair but I could tell he had shaven his balls. As he stood up his hands rode the lines of my body, one hand finding its way to my pussy the other to my tits.

I reached down and began to stoke his cock, it was heavy and I could fill the blood rushing to its tissues, growing longer and harder with each stroke.

I knelt down in front of him as if he were some Adonis, my lips found there way to the head of his growing cock.

I took him into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I could hear him say,” That’s right baby…..suck for your supper…..suck for your supper…oh yeah….use that tongue baby …..suck on my balls.”

I obeyed his every command, I was like a dog in heat, and I reached down and fingered myself as my pussy was dripping wet.

From the corner of my eye I could see Jarrod putting his arm around Stacy, his hands were all over her tits and he was kissing her.

I could hear her say,” What the fuck…I can’t let Melissa have all the fun.” I what seemed like one quick motion her top was off and her shorts were on the ground. She was tugging at Jarrod belt try to pull his pants down as fast as she could.

They were tearing at each other like a cat fight, Jarrod finally stood up pulled off his pants and underwear exposing his long black prick.

His seemed just as long as James’ but not as thick. Stacy was lying on the couch as Jarrod first pulled down her panties and unclasped her bra exposing her 38DD.

“Fuck…man…fuck look at these puppies….hey James looks like a titty fuck to me man…” Jarrod said.

“Hell yes Jarrod….go for it…you don’t see those every day.” Replied James. So Jarrod straddled Stacy’s torso on the couch and flopped his dick between her two mounds.

“Hold those titties together lady….make me a love tunnel to fuck.” Jarrod commanded.

His dick was long enough where he penetrated her tits but his head got to her waiting mouth. She was doing her best to coat his shaft with her salvia so his cock would easily slide between her tits.

Jarrod’s hand reached around his back side to find Stacy’s pussy awaiting his fingers.

James and I retreated to the couch; he also sat on Stacy’s head. He spread his legs and I proceed to slide between them taking his cock back into my mouth.

His dick was fully erect now, longer and harder than anything I have ever seen. I used my hand to stoke him and my mouth and tongue devour his glistening cock. This shinny back cock looked great between my white hands.

Meanwhile Jarrod slid back and was diving into Stacy’s twat. So much for us just giving blow jobs to these to black studs. James reached over and was squeezing Stacy’s tits.

“Man …these are nice….damn …you two broads are totally hot.” James said. He then leaned over and started kissing Stacy.

I pulled back and said, “Hey what about me?”

“Ok…Ok babe…let’s see if you’re ready to ride the rail.”

With that James pulls me to the couch, Stacy and I where now lying head to head. We leaned together and began to kiss each other.

Two fantasies for the price of one I thought. James was between my legs, his fingers were exploring my pussy I was plenty wet as his in and out motion sounded like slurries.

He grabbed my two ankles and spread my legs apart. I could fell the head of his cock penetrate me. He advanced a little at a time, going deeper with each stroke, until I was able to take his full length. “Well…I am in there…pretty deep…probably not like you old man eh?” James said.

With that he began to pick up the pace, sliding his cock all the way out and thrusting in until I could feel his balls slap against my ass, again and again James pounded at my pussy. I was coming like never before, my juice was running down the crack in my ass on to the leather sofa.

By this time, Jarrod was fucking Stacy like no tomorrow. Her big tits bounced with each thrust of Jarrod’s cock. He turned her over and began to do her doggie style.

She was coming as well as our two heads were now next to each other. “What a way to get fucked!” she exclaimed

“This big dick tearing my insides out.” Stacy continued.

The action slowed as each guy with drew their penis. They had not cum yet though. “Want to switch?” James asked Jarrod.

“Sure man I wanna fuck both these pussies before I shoot my load into their mouth.” Replied Jarrod.

James sat on the couch and pulls Stacy over,”Comon…I wanna take you for a test drive.” Stack straddled James’ lap and he guided his cock into her cunt. Since James was wider I took a few strokes to get his cock all the way in.

Her tits were in James face, he took advantage suck and twisting at her nipples. He pinched her hard a couple of times, seems like he was a little rougher with her than myself. He even slapped he ass a few times as he seemed to be using his hands to slam her ass hard down on his dick. I was enjoying the show but wanted more myself.

I sat next to Jarrod, and began to stoke his dick. It was still pretty wet from all of Stacy’s cum but I didn’t mind.

Jarrod was quite strong; he picked me up and pointed my head toward his cock… I was upside down; my pussy was in his face, my legs over his shoulders and my face engulfing his black dick. He licked my pussy, I sucked his cock.

I could feel Jarrod tensing up, I whispered,” You ready to cum?”

“OH Yea” he exclaimed.

“Stand up and let me knee so I can enjoy your juice,” I said. With that Jarrod stood up, I quick got down in front of him.

I could tell that James was about in the same condition as he was pounding away at Stacy’s cunt.

When they saw us get up they did the same, Stacy and I were kneeling in front of our two studs. They each stroke their dicks, as we waited with our mouths open.

First Jarrod started, I pull the head of his dick into my mouth, my mouth got warm with his cum, I swallowed some but there was too much. Jarrod pull back as he continued to stoke his member, cum was hitting my face dripping to my tits.

James was drowning Stacy with his cum, some even hit me, and her mouth was full of his white love juice.

Her face was covered with a thick film of cum from his black dick. “Comon’ bitch swallow some more,” James moaned. With that Stacy took hi tool again and took more cum into her mouth.

We all started to laugh, the guys had come and Stacy and I were loving it. I took my finger and scooped some cum from Stacy’s face; I took it to my mouth and licked my fingers. The cum was warm and tasted different than my husbands.

Stacy and I excused ourselves to clean up, the guys took a seat. In the bath room Stacy and I looked like two little whores.

We cleaned up and return to the family room. Stacy sat between James and Jarrod; I offer to get some fresh drinks. I went into the kitchen brought back some beers and wine.

When I got there I was surprise to see Stacy was already going down on James again. She had her head in his lap and her ass was pointed to Jarrod. He was fingering her pussy from behind.

“Good to see the guys are getting hard again,’ I said. On the drink tray I also had a camera and a tape measure.

I grabbed the camera and took a picture, much to Stacy’s surprise. She was shocked! “Don’t worry this is just for us,” I said.

I want to take some measurements,” I said. With that I had James stand up,

Stacy took the measuring tape and stretched it out, James measured 12-1/2″, and I took a picture of Stacy kneeling in front of James holding the tape.

I gave Stacy the camera and I measured Jarrod at 11″, Stacy took the picture.

“Ok” said James “It’s our turn.” He took the tape and measured Stacy’s chest, indeed she was a 38. I took the picture. I lifted my arms and let Jarrod put the tape around me, a perfect 36.

I was surprised to hear Stacy say,” I want a picture of me being fucked.”

“No Problem,” James said. He lay on the couch Stacy laid in front of him her back was to his chest, he entered her from behind.

She threw her leg over his so you could get a good look at his cock entering her pussy. He slowly stroked in and out,

I took a few pictures. He brought his hands to fondle her tits. She twisted her head back to kiss James. I took a picture of her being fucked, fondled and kissed.

James was picking up the pace; meanwhile Jerrod got behind me and started grabbing my tits and ass.

I watched as James and Stacy went at it, Stacy was coming and James followed, he was dumping his load into her pussy this time. He pulled out and all I could she was his cum in her pussy.

Jarrod positioned me on the coffee table and entered me from behind. Stacy snapped a few pictures of Jarrod fucking me.

I came again as Jarrod thrust his cock deep into me. I was wonder what the pictures would come out like. I could feel Jarrod tensing up and felt his warm load filling my pussy; he pulled his cock out and shot the rest of his load on my ass.

The two guys left shortly after. Stacy and I sat on the couch as cum oozed from out cunts. I asked Stacy to stay the night with me, so she called her husband and he said in was fine.

We went upstairs and showered together, washed the cum from out hair and pussies. In bed we load the photos onto my laptop and looked at the pictures, we laughed and enjoyed the memory we had created.

We had a pajama-less party in bed, kissing and caressing each other. We feel asleep in each others arms.


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