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My Roommate’s Ex

Ebony coed comforts friend's ex-boyfriend.
My Roommate’s Ex

I began college about a month ago. I can remember being a B student in high school but college is a big challenge for me. So here I am, an above average student who is struggling to keep a C average in a predominately white college. My name is Agnes but my friends call me Aggie. I am your basic black girl who struggles to get out of the ghetto by advancing her educational background. I was lucky to enroll into this college with my best friend from high school and we even became dormitory roommates. Which brings me to my story and how my best friend and new roommate helped my sex life get an electrifying boost.

My friend, Rebecca (or Becky as she is often known), and I are totally different. Becky looks like a typical blonde cheerleader while I am more of a Nubian goddess. We both have a nice pair of 36C boobs, slim bodies, and a very sexy voices. But I guess that I can say that I was blessed with that famous black woman butt. Becky has a nice shape but a flat butt. But most of all, after Becky and I graduated from that all girl high school, Becky became a little wild.

I began noticing that she was going out almost every night with a different guy while I am studying or reading my materials for the following day. She would be out for hours and sometimes miss her 8:00 AM class because she would spend the night by hanging in the streets with those guys. But while she still chooses to spend her time with all of those guys, she still had a boyfriend whom she was dating since we were juniors in high school. Ken stuck with Becky through thick and thin. But I often told her to break it off with him since she was, obviously, happier with other men. But she insisted that she was going to stay with Ken.

Then one Saturday night, I was pulling another all-nighter. That is, I was studying all night to better prepare myself for a big Monday morning exam. I was wearing my studying attire of panties and bra because I feel comfortable that way. Sometime around midnight, there was a knock at he door. I called out, “Who is it?” And to my amazement, it was Ken. I quickly slipped on a robe so as to open the door. I figured that he was only looking for Becky so he shouldn’t be here for long. But when I opened the door, I took one look at Ken and I could tell that he had been crying. Out of the sympathy of my heart, I allowed him to come in to talk awhile.

He explained to me that he came to surprise Becky but he had seen her earlier with another guy. This is what was hurting him so much. I didn’t know what to say or do. We sat down on my bed and talked for about an hour. Ken shed some tears and I held his hand to comfort him. I began feeling angry for the hurt that Becky was putting this young man through. I held Ken in my arms and he literally cried on my shoulders. Then I reached on my desk for some tissue and wiped his eyes. And I learned something that I never realized. As I helped Ken with his tears and all, I noticed that he was not a bad looking guy, for a white man that is. I guess that I never really noticed him because I’ve never dated a white guy before.

So he held my hand as I wiped his face and he reached over to my face and pulled it towards his. For a slight second, I realized that this was supposed to be the ex-boyfriend of my best friend but the thought escaped my mind almost as fast as it entered. And Ken and I began to kiss. I thought to myself, “WOW!!” He had the softest lips and he was a great kisser.

Before long, my lips parted to receive his tongue and we were at it for what felt like hours. It was actually about 15 minutes. We simply held each other tight and kissed. Then Ken reached into my robe and grabbed my breast and held it gently in his hand. He squeezed it. rubbed it, and caressed it and I felt my nipples erect. I could hear our breathing getting stronger and I began to realize just how horny Ken was really making me. Then Ken removed his hand from my breast and lowered it to the belt on my robe. He untied it and my robe instantly fell open, thereby exposing my entire half naked body.

“Ken, we shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, “Becky’s my friend.”

“It’s okay, Aggie. Becky and I broke up, remember?”, he replied.

“Well, you certainly got over her fast,” I laughingly replied. Then we continued kissing and holding each other. Ken reached around my back and unsnapped my bra. I reached up and slide my bra on the floor. Then Ken held my hand and slid it down to his crotch area. I hadn’t even realized that Ken had unzipped his Jeans and took his dick out. He was so damn hard. Just the feel of his stiff dick in my dark hand made me so wet. I remember that Becky used to tell me that Ken was pretty well hung and from what I could feel in my hand, he was. I stroked his white dick up and down and I could feel him pumping his groin back and forth into my hand. As we were kissing and enjoying the feel of each others’ bodies, Ken placed his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me onto my back on the bed. Then he stood up and slowly slid my panties down to my ankles. I kicked them to the floor as he began sliding his t-shirt over his head and placed it on a nearby chair.

Then he undid his Jeans and let them fall. And I couldn’t believe what a nice body Ken had. He had an athletic build and that white pole that I held in my hand a few minutes ago was erect to at least 9 inches. There Ken stood before me totally naked and I could care less that he was my best friend’s ex. All I knew was that I had a sweet black pussy that needed some attention and Ken had a nice sized white dick that could give it to her. Ken kept telling me how much he liked my black shaved pussy.

“It looks good enough to eat”, Ken said as he separated my thighs and proceeded to prove his statement to me. Ken lowered his head between my thighs and I could feel his warm tongue licking my clit. I was being driven out of my mind by how good it felt. Ken was so good at eating pussy. He would flicker his tongue around my clit and then slide it in my pussy as far as he can get it. He must have ate me for about 10 minutes. Then he positioned his body on mine and I reached between our bodies and held his hard shaft in my hand.

I asked him, “Are you sure that you want us to do this?”

He told me, “Let’s go for it.” I gently pushed his body up a little so I can look down and watch his white cock get swallowed into my black pussy. It is a great site to see the color contrast of two people of different races having sex. It wasn’t long before Ken began pushing more and more of his 9 inch shaft into me and I was moaning every time I felt him pushing. I was enjoying the greatest sex of my life. Occasionally, I could look down and see Ken piston his white shaft in and out of my body. Somehow, he got every inch of himself in me and it was feeling great. Ken was packing a rod and knew how to use it.

Ken was moving in and out slowly at first. But I reached down beneath his body and started to rub his balls. “Come for me, Ken. Shoot your seed in me, baby,” I whispered in his ear.

Ken began pushing faster and I could feel his cock expanding. I knew that he was about to blow now. Then with a loud groan, Ken shot a thick load of cum into my waiting pussy. He looked down at me and asked me, “Are you mad at me for this. I don’t want you to think that I did this to get back at Becky.”

I told him, “I know you didn’t Ken. I did.” He laughed and we kissed for another five minutes. Ken ended up sleeping over that night. But just before he could leave the next morning, I gave him the ultimate blow job of his life and he shot a super load into my mouth. Ironically, Becky arrived just five minutes after Ken left. She said, “Aggie, I just saw Ken on campus and he looked so pathetic. I bet he may never get over our break up.”

I told her, “Oh, I doubt that. You’ll be surprised how soon one could forget about the one that they once loved.” That was to become the start of a secret relationship that we hid from Becky for the entire school year.

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