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Interracial Surprise For My Wife

Husband surprises wife with some interracial fun.
Interracial Surprise For My Wife

Ok–so here is how it goes. My wife, Denise and I had opened ourselves up to other people. We do not have an “open marriage”, so all of our playing is together. We had fooled around with another couple, had a mff 3-some and a mmf 3 some. My wife and I had discussed fantasies and she once told me that she might like to have some “interracial play”.

With that in the back of my head, I preceeded to locate someone that I thought she would like. I placed an ad and got several responses. After communicating by e-mail for awhile, I contacted by phone Michael. Michael and I set up a meeting date, where him and I could talk and see if everything was suitable. After our meeting, I knew that Michael was perfect for Denise. He was about 6’0, thick build, in shape and bald. He was just what Denise had described she would like. Oh, and of course, she would like him to have a nice cock. I, myself, did not check it out when we met, but he had mentioned in his e-mail that he was between 8-9 inches long, thick and shaved.

I arranged for him to meet us at a motel the following weekend. Denise bugged me all week wondering what I was up too, I only told her that Saturday was going to be a special day, and that she needed lots of rest. Somehow, I knew she had an idea that we were going to get wild.

Michael showed up at our hotel room right on time. When I introduced Michael to Denise, I could tell she was impressed. We had a couple drinks at the motel then went out for supper. My wife, the angel that she is, wore a short, flimsy, flower printed skirt and one of those tie-in-the-back tops—of course without a bra.

We went to a small, out of the way bar and ate. The whole time we chatted, Michael could not take his eyes off of Denise, and of course she knew it. We were sitting at a bar stool table and she was sitting in the middle of us. Michael, went to the restroom and Denise informed me that I had did a great job choosing her “suprise”. She also told me that she had been rubbing Michael’s leg with her foot and that she noticed he was getting aroused. I told her that I loved her and to have fun.

Since we were seated in the back corner, no one could really see what was going on. Denise, slid her stool closer to where Michael had been sitting. When he got back from the restroom, I decided to give them a few minutes alone and I went to the restroom.

When I was walking back to the table, I could see that Denise had her hand on his upper thigh and was slowly rubbing his cock thru his pants. After a few more beers it was time to take off back to the hotel. It was a short drive back, so Denise sat in the middle. She rubbed both of us while I drove and would kiss one and then the other. Luckily it was dark and no one could see what was going on.

Once back in the motel, we sat around and talked while having a drink. Denise went to the restroom and when she came out, she was dressed in some sexy thong panties and matching bra. She sat down next to Michael and as we continued to talk, she was rubbing his bulge. All of a sudden they started kissing. I watched as kissed and played with each other. He started to kiss his way down her chest as she reached around and undid her bra. I saw him sucking and nibbling on her nipples and his hands rubbing her ass and between her legs. We decided that he should explore the lower half of her body, while I explore the upper half.

I proceeded to kiss her and ask her if she was having fun. She replied by nodding her head and smiling. I looked down and saw Michael kissing her legs and upper thighs. He started to kiss and lick her through her panties which by now had to be sopping wet. He removed her panties and went back down licking her shaved pussy. As I sucked and licked her nipples I watched as his pink tongue licked her pussy and his lips sucked on her clit. Denise was beginning to moan and squirm as he licked her. I reached down and hooked one of her legs and brought it back to her chest. This allow Michael full access to her. I could tell her was licking her all over from her pussy to ass. When he came up for air, his face was glistening with her juices. I started to kiss and lick down her body and Michael started to kiss back up.

When I got to her pussy it was dripping wet with her juices and his saliva. I started off where Michael left off. She was already so aroused, it was easy to make her moan and quiver. I licked and sucked her while keeping my eyes on what was going on above me. I saw them kissing each other and his hands rubbing her breasts and gently pulling on her nipples. I licked my way down to her ass and started to rim her. She is so sensitive down there that it just drives her wild when she is already so aroused. As I licked her ass, I worked a couple fingers in her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. This pusher her over the edge for her first orgasm of the evening. As her orgasm died down, Michael stood up and removed his pants. She could see the huge bulge in his shorts and rubbed her hands across it. I remained between her legs and gently kissed and licked her sensitive pussy. As I did that, Denise pulled down Michael’s shorts and exposed his semi-hard cock. I watched as Denise’s white hands reached up and took hold of Michael’s large black cock. She brought it to her mouth and slowly placed it into her mouth. Since he was not yet fully hard, she was able to put it all in her mouth. Her mouth still was stuffed full when she started to slowly suck him. She tried to keep him in her mouth, but as he became aroused she could not keep her mouth completely over his cock. I could hear the wet gargling sounds and see the saliva dripping from her mouth and from his cock as she tried to put as much as she could into her mouth.

Michael layed back on the bed and Denise got on all fours between his legs and started to once again go down on him. I got into a position to watch and let Denise do what she wanted. She grabbed the base of his cock but could not get her fingers completely around it. She started to go up and down on his cock, letting her saliva drip down into her fingers. It was all she could do to get her mouth over the head of his cock. As she sucked and licked his cock, she stroked him using her saliva as lubrication. With her other hand she was toying with his balls. As I watched her tiny white mouth being filled by his black cock, I rubbed her ass and massaged her breasts. She pulled me up next to her and started alternate between sucking us both. At one point she grabbed both of our cocks and tried to fit them into her mouth, but obviously to no prevail.

It was my turn now to lay back and relax. Denise stayed kneeling between my legs and started to suck and lick me as she did Michael. Michael sat back and watched while Denise sucked on my cock and licked my balls. Then, he got behind her and with her ass in the air, started to lick her as she sucked me. I saw Michael raise up and all of a sudden Denise let out a huge moan and started to breath rapidly. As Michael pumped his cock into her, she would suck my cock with the motion he was fucking her with. I could hear the wet popping sounds of his cock going in and out of her pussy.

I got of the bed and sat in the chair and watched as Michael fucked my wife. She was on her knees with her chest and head on the bed, her ass raised high into the air. I could see her juices on his cock as he withdrew his cock. When he withdrew it, you could also see the lips of her pussy hugging onto it. Denise was moaning and screaming into the pillow, telling him to fuck her hard. As he started to wear down, I grabbed her ass to me and fucked her while he rested. We would switch back and forth, fucking her as hard and fast as we could. When one would feel like he was going to come, we would trade. We did this for 15-20 minutes until either one of us could not take it any longer. I do not know how many times Denise was screaming that she was cumming. As we got done, she rolled onto her back and both of us kneeled beside her face. She sucked and stroked us both. Michael came first, he first shots hit her face and then she put her lips over his cock and sucked him until he finished. Seeing this caused me to cum as well. She did not even have time to swallow his load. I informed her I was cumming and she just started to suck me with Michael’s cum still in her mouth. When I came, she just let it shoot into her mouth and run out the sides as she sucked the cum from my cock.

We rested for a while, had some snacks and fixed a couple drinks. While we rested, Michael and I took turns kissing and massaging her body. We even took time to give her a double massage. Once again, we took turns eating her out and licking her body. We played little games too. Like for instance, we flipped a quarter to see who got to 69 with her first. I won and got to go first but then we switched after 5 or so minutes. We continued this until things progressed further.

On one of my turns, instead of 69ing she straddled me and began to ride my cock. Michael relaxed and watched for a few minutes, then came to the bed and she started to suck his cock once again. She would suck for awhile and then she would stoke him using both her hands. It was time to switch again, so Michael layed down and held his cock as she slid down on it slowly. She straddled him in a crouching position, so she could control herself by raising up and down on her feet. I watched once again as his thick, black cock got swallowed up by her pussy. As she got down on her knees and started to fuck him, I crawled behind her and licked her ass and played with it with my fingers.

It was by accident that the next event happened. As I prepared to enter her ass, my aim was a little to low and I ended up going into her pussy along with Michael’s cock. Since she was so wet, it went in relatively easily. This caused her to explode. Michael and I fucked her as she screamed and bucked all over the bed. It was definitely strange feeling another cock against mine. I withdrew and found her ass waiting for my cock. Michael held still as I inserted my cock into her ass. Once I was buried, we alternated fucking her. As I withdrew, he would push in deep and as he came out I would push in. She was grunting and screaming into Michael’s chest as we fucked her. I went to the restroom and washed off. When I got back, we once again switched and Denise straddled me as Michael got behind her. Michael grabbed some anal lube and stroked his cock and put some on her ass. I could feel Michael slowly enter her. Since his cock was so thick, it took him awhile to get all the way in. I layed there and let Michael fuck her ass. I was so aroused that I knew it would not be long before I blew my load. As Michael was saying he was going to cum, I started to fuck her hard and fast as well. Michael stiffened and I felt his cock throbbing inside her which caused me to cum inside her as well. As Michael washed off, Denise spun around and started to clean my cock off. I could only oblige to lick her as well.

We all got up and jumped in the shower. After the shower, we fell asleep with Denise in the middle. Michael and I arose the next morning to Denise giving us both a blow job.

We had breakfast and parted ways. To this day, we still occasionally see Michael and talk with him on the phone. We have gotten together 2 more times since that first night. Each time being fun, but not as special as the first.

I will re-tell those stories later.

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