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Gardeners Help Out My Wife

Gardeners fill in for missing husband.
Gardeners Help Out My Wife

“I don’t like being around those people,” said my wife, Jenny, looking out the window at our two black gardeners mowing the lawn.

Jenny was wearing a short terry cloth robe and her curly brown hair was tousled prettily. I ran my eyes from her lean legs, up to her large breasts barely contained by her robe. My wife had just turned 30 which was 25 years my junior and she still had the figure of a girl ten years younger. She didn’t work and we didn’t have any children, so she spent her days exercising and sunbathing by our pool, wearing only a tiny string bikini.

I am the president of a successful technology corporation located in Philiadelphia, which was a two hour commute for me six days a week. We are very well off, with a large house in the country and a giant backyard. My wife is the daughter of a close friend, who introduced us at church. She is shy, conservative and I took her virginity on our wedding night nearly five years ago. She wasn’t used to being around different people having grown up in a close knit family. Jenny attended a wealthy private school with a small class size and no minorities. Our gardeners were the only black men she had ever conversed with.

“Oh come on, honey, Mark and Jerome are nice guys. They work hard and besides they’re only here on Wednesdays, one day a week,” I said.

“I don’t trust them,” she replied. “They’re always staring at my breasts and rear whenever I have to talk to them. Once they caught me in my bikini and I thought their tongues would hit the floor. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t look at them for a month. I’ll never let them see my body again.”

My wife didn’t like men looking at her figure. When in public, she dressed conservatively and only wore a one piece bathing suit when we were on vacation. She wore a bikini only when home alone and was so insecure that I had to erect a large wooden fence around the yard to ensure her privacy, even though our nearest neighbor was five miles away.

Mark was riding the lawn mower around back and Jerome had just finished trimming the hedges. Sweat trickled down Jerome’s muscular torso and he ducked into our pool shower to cool off. He didn’t bother shutting the door and we watched him rinse himself off. Jerome pulled out the front of his shorts and let the cold water run inside, cooling off his crotch. He let the elastic snap back and I was surprised to see the outline of a large bulge under his tight shorts. He was standing about 75 feet away, under cold water, and it still looked huge. If my wife noticed how hung he was, she didn’t say.

Mark came around the corner and approached me. He was of an average build, in his mid- forties, with graying hair. Mark owned the lawn care business and had hired Jerome this year as his business grew to more then he could handle alone. I opened the sliding glass door and went out to pay him.

“Mornin, Mr. Richardson,” Mark said.

“Good morning Mark,” I replied. “The usual price.”

“Yes, sir. My that pool sure looks refreshing on a hot day like this.”

I had already filled out a check to him and handed it over. “You’re welcome to use the shower, Mark, but the pool is for just me and Mrs. Richardson.”

“I understand, sir,” he said. “By the way, we have some personal business to take care of next Wednesday and will be here on Tuesday instead.”

“That’s fine, Mark” I told him. “It’s our anniversary, but we probably won’t be celebrating until later, after you leave. Have a good day” . I walked back into the house and told my wife that I had to get ready to leave for work.

Jenny kissed me godbye, then playfully opened my robe, ran her hand down my large paunch and grabbed my penis. She started pulling on it trying to make me erect. My penis, was only about five and a half inches when erect, which was very rare these days, as I had developed erectile dysfunction after recent surgery. She pouted when an erection failed to materialize. I closed my robe and went upstairs to change.

Jenny followed me to the room. “Charles, its been so long since we’ve made love and I miss you so much. I think you should get some Viagra for our anniversary next week.”

I hated the thought of needing a pill to make love to my wife and to tell the truth, sex was never that important to me to begin with as I am career oriented. However, I loved Jenny and her happiness was very important to me.

“Ok honey, I’ll see the doctor this week about it.”

“Oh, thank you, Charles. I can’t wait.” she replied looking thrilled.

When I awoke Tuesday morning, I was alone and I got up to find my wife. I put my swim trunks on in the bathroom and removed a pill from the medicine cabinet. I quickly swallowed it and went out to the pool. Jenny was laying on her back in a tiny white bikini with her cd player’s earphones on. She had obviously just gotten out of the pool and I could see the outline of her large pink nipples and her bush through the wet fabric of her bikini. She hadn’t heard me come out to the patio. I noticed several empty margarita glasses by her towel. She saw me, got up, and headed over to our tiki bar. I was shocked to see her wearing a g-string bottom, that showed off her tight butt. I felt my penis stir for the first time in months as I watched her butt sway. She made two margaritas, brought me one and said, “Happy anniversary, Charles.”

I noticed she was slurring and swaying on her feet as she said it. “A little early to be drinking, isn’t it?”

“Well Charles, I thought we would celebrate early. As there is something special I want to do for you to show you how much I love and appreciate you. Did you take the pill,” she asked?

“Yes and I feel something moving down there,” I said. Then to my astonishment, my conservative wife kneeled, pulled down my shorts, and put her mouth on my penis right there in our yard. “Jenny, what are you doing? That’s dirty,” I said.

She let my penis plop out of my mouth and said, “Loosen up honey, its our anniversary and I wanted it to be special for you. Besides, Donna says she does it for Bill all the time and he loves it. Donna was her best friend and a lot wilder then Jenny.

Jenny swallowed all 5 inches into her mouth, easily and I relaxed, starting to enjoy the sensations. “It is rather nice,” I said.

My cell phone suddenly rang. I answered it and heard my secretary sounding frantic. “Mr. Richardson, all the computer systems have crashed and I don’t know what to do,” she informed me.

“Jesus! I’m on my way,” I replied.

Jenny angrily spit my penis out of her mouth. “Don’t you dare leave me here all horny like this on our anniversary,”

“Sorry honey, It’s an emergency,” I said.

“It’s always an emergency with you,” she mumbled.

I hurried into the house to change, my erection already gone. I returned a few minutes later. Jenny was laying on her stomach with her cd player back over her ears, and her margarita glass empty again. “I’ll make it up to you tonight,” I shouted, but the combination alcohol and sun had put her to sleep.

I got into my Mercedes and sped off down the street. What has gotten into my wife, I wondered? Trying to suck my penis, and saying a word like horny was very unusual for her. I realized I had been neglecting her needs, taking her for granted, and I vowed to treat her like the angel she was…as soon as I got back from work.

I passed Mark and Jerome in Mark’s old pickup truck heading to our house. Mark waved and I realized I had completely forgotten they were coming to mow the lawn today. I picked up the phone to warn Jenny, but there was no answer. I hit redial about five time, finally giving up. The phone rang as soon as I hung up. It was my executive assistant calling to say a technician was coming in immediately and thought he could have the computers up within an hour. I thanked him and turned the car around.

When I pulled up into the driveway, Mark’s truck was backed up onto the lawn and had already been unloaded. There was no sign of either of the black men. I hurried around the side of the house, hoping to warn Jenny they were here. I stopped at the gate and peeked through the cracks. Jenny was still lying face down, asleep on the blanket. Jerome was kneeling behind her gently rubbing oil onto her back. As I watched, he gently worked his large black hands down to her buttocks and started to massage them.

My wife smiled and stretched. She kept her eyes closed and I could hear her moan in pleasure from the rub down. Why was my wife letting someone else touch her and a black man at that? How come she didn’t mind that his big black hands were kneading her butt cheeks?

“Oh Charles, that feels so good,” she lazily spoke. “I knew you loved me and would come home.”

She thought Jerome was me! I then noticed Mark standing nearby looking nervous. I wanted to rush in and break up this party, but my feet were frozen to the spot. Jerome was wearing his tight shorts again and no shirt. His well muscled chest was glistening with sweat and his shorts bulged out obscenely. She opened her eyes and tried to roll over, but his left hand rubbed her back, holding her down, while his right hand was working it’s way under her g-string. His oiled fingers entered my wife’s vagina and began to pump in and out in slow. steady strokes. Jenny spread her legs wider so his big fingers could slip deeper.

The older black man was getting turned on watching them. Mark pulled his shirt off, then stepped out of his jeans. “Bro, I’ve wanted to fuck this rich bitch ever since we caught her in that little bikini a couple months ago.” I was horrified at the sight of the large bulge under his white briefs and even more horrified when he pulled them down. Mark’s penis looked like a plump brown banana, inches bigger then mine and he was only partially erect.

Jerome chuckled, “That’s all you fucking talk about every time we come over here.”

Jerome was still hlding her down and fingering her. I was close enough to hear the black men whispering, and Jerome’s fingers squishing in and out of Jenny.

Jenny still couldn’t hear them with the music blaring in her ears. She was really starting to get into his fingering her. She raised her butt up a little, thrusting back at him. Oh, Charles, it feels so good,” she cried, “Make love to me now. It’s been so long and I need it so bad.”

Jenny tried to turn over again, but Jerome pulled up on her hips so that she was kneeling. He quickly stood up and removed his shorts. Jerome had a massive black penis that jutted out about ten inches, still not fully grown. He was twice as long as me and about three times as big around and it was getting bigger. He kneeled behind her and oiled his penis up until it was nearly a foot long. He then removed Jenny’s headphones, untied her bikini top, ripped off her g-string, and positioned the huge head of his penis on her vaginal lips. He coated the head with the copious amount a fluid leaking between her legs.

“I need you in me,” my wife moaned. “Give me all five inches, right now.” Jerome looked down at his giant penis and worked the big head in. Jenny gasped with pleasure and I could see a big grin appear on her face.”God, Charles, it feels so thick. The Viagra must be working.”

Jerome fucked her with about five inches for a few minutes. She started thrusting back, moaning with pleasure. Jerome gave her another inch and Jenny’s eyes opened wide with delight. “Ohh god, Charles. I feel funny… thick…bigger then normal. Gawd, it’s good. I don’t know whats happen…….Ah ah ah Ohhhhh.” Jenny’s whole body seemed to shake violently.

As my wife was experiencing the first orgasm of her life, she reared her head back, then turned to look behind her. She was radiant and beautiful, smiling as she suddenly saw Mark standing near her with his huge prick in his hand. Her smile faded. “Oh my god! Charles, that damn black animal is watching us. Do something,” she said looked back at Jerome. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw the black man. “Ah ah. What are you doing? oh yes. so big,” she cried. “This can’t be happening. Ohhh.” Jenny realized he was still fucking her and she was still pushing back into his thrusts. Jenny started to struggle, but Jerome held her in place firmly and shoved his penis in to the hilt. Jenny was crying now. “Please, too big. Please take it out. It hurts.”

“You’ll be beggin for more black cock by the time I’m done with ya,” Jerome growled. “Besides, you asked me to fuck you. Mark heard it, didn’t you?”

Jenny looked at Mark standing there with his ten inch cock in his hand. He started walking towards her. “Yep, Jerome, she was beggin you to stick it in, but she only asked for half yo dick.” “That’s because I thought you were my husband,” Jenny cried.

“Your husband only has half a dick?” they both chimed in unison, laughing.

Jerome had stopped with his penis all the way in Jenny so that she could get used to his size.

She was still crying, but the look of pain was gone. Now she looked shocked and surprised. “Please stop, I’m married. I can’t make love to another man especially a black one. I promise I wont’ tell anyone. Please, I can’t take your penis, it’s too big.” Her words didn’t convince the black men, nor me for that matter. The sides of her mouth were curling up into a pleasurable smile and her nipples were rock hard on her hanging breasts. Jerome was holding still, but appeared to be concentrating on something. I think he was making his huge penis jerk because her body was making little spasms. Whatever it was he was doing, Jenny was getting into it. “Married,” she said half-heartedly, her tongue running across her lips.

“Shut her up, boss,” said Jerome. Mark kneeled in front of her and stuck his large penis in her open mouth. Jerome said roughly, “look bitch, first off, black men don’t make love, we fuck, and we don’t fuck with a penis, we fuck with a cock. Penises are for fat, old white men with half sized cocks, likes yo husband.”

Jenny, unable to protest with Mark’s large “cock” stuck in her mouth had apparently decided to just kneel there and take it. She was used to sex lasting about five minutes with me and must have figured it would be over before she knew it. Jerome had started to move. He would slide all twelve inches out and then quickly slide his “cock” in to the hilt. Since Jenny was not actively sucking Marks “cock”, he was moving her head up and down on it. Several inches were disappearing in her mouth and slowly but surely more and more black cock disappeared down her throat. Jerome’s slow, deep strokes, began to produce results almost immediately. Jenny’s large breasts were hanging ponderously and her big nipples were swelling so big, they almost reached the cement. Almost imperceptibly, she started raising her butt to match his thrusts. Jerome and Mark noticed this change too and they high fived each other over her back. Mark reached down to play with her breasts. They knew they had her in their power.

“Shit, I hate you rich white bitches, always looking down on us black men, thinkin we be dirtying up your pools if we swim in dem. You all the same though, once you get a taste of black cock, you all turn into sluts.” Jerome motioned for Mark to remove his cock from her mouth, which he did. Mark then slid under her and started sucking on her nipples.

“No,” Jenny cried, “its not true, I’m not a slut. I love my husband.”

“If your husband loved you, would he have left you here alone on your anniversary?” Jerome asked.

“No.” Jenny shook her head in denial and a look of realization crossed her face. She shuddered, no longer denying the pleasure she felt. I could almost see a physical change come over her, gone was my shy, loving wife, replaced by a slut for the foot long black cock in her pussy. She started fucking Jerome back. moaning with pleasure.

Jerome said, “Thats it baby, now your getting into it.” He put his finger in his mouth to moisten it and the slowly worked it into her ass.

“My god,” she cried. “I’ve never felt so full in my life.” Jenny screamed and shuddered as the second orgasm in her life worked its way through her body. Jerome removed his big cock with a plop before she was done cumming. “No, please I want more,” Jenny moaned.

He flipped her over on her back and raised her knees into his arms. She smiled as he entered her vagina and started fucking her again, hard this time. “I want you to see who’s fucking you. Jenny, do you like the way I fuck your pussy?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, god, yes.” she cried as her pussy writhed around his cock whenever he impaled her.

“Then tell me how much you love it,” he demanded.

“I love your big black cock. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. Fuck my white pussy.” Jenny had never said words like this before.

“Is it bigger then your husbands?” Jerome asked knowingly.

“Twice as big,” Jenny replied. “Now I know what it’s like to be fucked by a real man.” Tired of being left out, Mark stuck his cock back in Jenny’s face. She reached out, caressed it lovingly. “I swear, I didn’t know god made cocks this big.” Then she engulfed Mark’s cock in her mouth and tried to deep throat him.

They had been at it for about 45 minutes now. I looked down and realized I was as hard as a rock. This was a better erection then the Viagra gave me. I began stroking my penis, and I realized that not only had these two giant black men dominated my wife, but they had dominated me as well. I had been too scared to move from this spot. I could of stopped this. I thought of myself as a half-man with a little penis. They had cocks and they used them to fuck. I could never give my wife the pleasure she was getting from these two. I had been stroking my penis for five minutes when I felt myself starting to cum.

Jerome was starting to shake with pleasure. “Here it comes, baby,” he bellowed.

Jenny screamed as another large orgasm hit her when his cum hit the insides of her pussy. Jerome removed his cock just as another large strand of semen erupted from the head and landed on her flat belly. A large pool of semen started leaking out from Jenny’s vagina.

Jerome sat back to rest and Jenny turned her attention to making Mark cum. He came quickly. Jenny’s cheeks bulged out, and semen dribbled down her chin. She removed her mouth to swallow and Mark shot what looked like a shot glass’s worth of sperm all over her pretty face.

I came when they did, I felt the semen well up in my balls and then a little drop trickled out. A second drop caused the first to drip to the grass. I sat down and cried.

I looked back through the fence when I heard a splash. Mark and Jerome were swimming in our pool, buck naked. Jenny was at the bar making them all margaritas. She sat between them on the edge of the pool and I noticed their cocks were hard again.

“Here’s to the best anniversary, I’ve ever had,” she toasted.

“Cheers,” Mark and Jerome said together.

For the next hour, I saw Mark fuck her on the diving board. I watched as Jenny mounted Jerome’s foot long monster and took Mark’s entire cock in her ass. All of her holes were used by these two hung studs.

When I realized the party was winding down, I ran back to the Mercedes and drove down to the end of the street, parking where I could watch the house. I needed time to think. As I watched the house, Mark would come out to his truck, get his yard tools, and work for half an hour. Then Jerome would swap off with him. They had been at my house for six hours when I noticed them pull out of the driveway. I turned onto the road. Mark flashed his lights as I approached and I stopped. I nervously rolled my window down.

“Sorry, Mr. Richardson, but Mrs. Richardson forgot to pay us for all the hard (he emphasized hard) work we did today.”

My voice was hoarse as I reached into my wallet and removed his money. “Didn’t I pass you boys earlier today?”

“Oh sorry sir, but we forgot some tools and had to leave and come (he emphasized cum) back. Its hard to do the job when you don’t have the right tool,” he said. “By the way sir, we did some extra work around the pool for your wife and she said you’d give us a bonus.”

I pulled an extra fifty out of the wallet and handed it to Mark. They thanked me and drove off laughing. I had given them a bonus for fucking my wife and making me a cuckold.

I went home and found my wife asleep. She had cleaned herself up and was sleeping contentedly with a big grin on her face. I woke her and she prepared my anniversary dinner of cold leftovers. She was silent through most of the meal.

“I was thinking about what you said about Mark and Jerome last week and I will replace them with another company,” I told her.

“No way honey, I changed my mind about them,” she replied. “They’re the only real men around here with the right equipment.” she added, “for the lawn that is.”

I threw the Viagra away before dejectedly heading to bed that night. When I turned out the lights, Jenny sat up and said, “By the way, honey, I think that this time of year the grass is growing so fast we should get it cut twice a week.”

“Anything you want dear,” I cried into my pillow.


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