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Fat Black Anal Queen

Fat black chick becomes addicted to butt fucking.
Fat Black Anal Queen

Hi, there. My name is Patricia Saint Guillaume and I’m a young black chick living in the Back Bay neighborhood of the town of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m twenty years old, standing five feet ten inches tall and weighing two hundred and forty pounds. My skin is dark brown, my body is thick, my hips are wide and my butt is simply huge. I guess you could say that I’m a fat black chick. And damn proud of it too. I’m one of the eleven thousand students who attend Woodrow College in downtown Boston. Woodrow College is the ultimate party school and it’s the setting of my adventures.

Today, I am in my doctor’s office. I’ve had trouble taking dumps lately. I seem to take a lot of them. And I’ve been farting excessively. It’s not as if I had diarrhea or constipation. No, it’s another problem altogether. Let me clarify things a bit. It’s almost as if my asshole simply won’t stay closed. My asshole is not only loose but it seems to be permanently dilated. The doctor looked at me in shock and she asked me what in hell I’ve been doing with myself. I wonder what she’s thinking. I have an idea why but I fear it. Is it possible for a woman to have too much anal sex? I guess I’m about to find out. You have to understand that I wasn’t always a cock-worshipping, cum-guzzling and thong-wearing, fat-booty black slut desperately addicted to anal sex. I was once a good gal. Honest.

Last year, I was a student at Cardinal Spellman Academy, a Catholic school located in my hometown of Brockton. I was very chaste and quite studious. My conservative Haitian parents wouldn’t let me stay out past ten at night. My days were spent at school, at the library or at church. I longed for my freedom. Then I came to Woodrow College and everything changed. For starters, I was attending a public school for the first time in ages. Also, Woodrow College was packed with black people. Especially sexy black men. I guess you could say I kind of got distracted.

During my first semester, I focused on academia. I was also a student-athlete. I joined the women’s volleyball team and we were having a damn good season. Woodrow College is a student-athlete’s dream. The school has an equal number of men and women, and a ton of sports. From football to men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s and women’s archery, coed rifle, men’s and women’s cycling, men’s baseball and women’s softball, men’s and women’s Ice Hockey, coed fencing, coed skiing, men’s and women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s tennis , men’s and women’s wrestling, women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s rodeo, men’s and women’s rugby, coed gymnastics and women’s equestrian. They didn’t offer any athletic scholarships since they’re National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three but I didn’t care.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I was having a great time playing on the women’s volleyball team and going to class. Then one day things got really hot. My boring and predictable lonely black college woman’s lifestyle suddenly got really exciting. You see, I met a tall, sexy black man named Tyrone Watson. He was a linebacker on the Woodrow College men’s intercollegiate football team and one of the most popular African-American students on the Woodrow College campus. I was quite surprised he was interested in me. Most of the black sportsmen on campus seem to be into skinny blonde women instead of big and tall black sportswomen like myself. I kind of liked Tyrone. And I was thrilled to discover that the sexiest black man on campus liked me back.

Tyrone was a real charmer and I simply couldn’t get enough of him. He took me around the city, showing me the sights and sounds of his hometown. I grew up in Brockton’s opulent west side and didn’t get out much. I didn’t know the city of Boston too well. Tyrone knew all the cool places. And he was excellent company. I was nineteen years old and I’d only been with one guy in my entire life. A Hispanic guy named Jose who I met in the city of Brockton the summer after I graduated high school. Tyrone was sexier, smarter and cooler than Jose by far. I was in love with Tyrone.

When you’re in love, you do crazy things. Before I knew it, I had become Tyrone’s very willing plaything. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him. One night, Tyrone and I went further than ever before. My sexy black stud sat on a couch in his dorm in Boston’s Back Bay. Leaning back, he relaxed as I knelt before him. I was stroking his long and thick, titanic-sized and uncircumcised black monster of a cock before slowing taking it into my mouth. I’ve never seen a dick so big. Slowly, I took it into my mouth. Tyrone stroked my hair with his big hand, encouraging me as I worked my magic on him. I haven’t sucked many dicks before but I persevered, as they say. I sucked on Tyrone’s big black fuzzy balls and licked his cock head after gently pulling back the foreskin. He really loved that. I sucked his cock like dick sucking was going out of style. When he came all over my face, I was quite surprised. He told me to drink it, and gurgle it before swallowing. I did just that. All to make my man happy. Tyrone was pleased with me. That’s all that mattered.

A few moments later, Tyrone put me on all fours. Face down and fat black ass up. He spread my huge ass cheeks wide open, smeared lube against my anus and pressed his dick against my backdoor. With a swift thrust, he went inside. Oh, shoot. I screamed loudly as Tyrone shoved his big black dick into my asshole. Tyrone laughed and kept ramming his cock into me. He said he loved fucking big women in the ass, especially fat black women like myself. Why? That’s what I asked him, in between screams. Tyrone said big women had naturally tight assholes. What the hell? Who told him that? Tyrone gripped my wide hips tightly as he sodomized me. It hurt, but oddly enough, it was starting to feel good. I was a big black woman enjoying the feel of a big black cock up her asshole. How about that? Tyrone fucked me until he came, blasting his hot cum deep within my asshole. And I haven’t been the same since.

Yeah, ever since that day, I’ve been an anal addict. I ask Tyrone to come to my dorm where he fucks me in the ass at least twice a day. When he’s not around, I lubricate my ass and fill it with dildos, fingers, and the occasional cucumber. My asshole is now quite stretched and I can take huge cocks up my bum without too much discomfort. Just call me the fat black anal queen! And just like that, I became the most popular woman on campus.


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  1. Oh baby girl, every man every color loves the feeling of sliding in and out of pink silk hidden between soft and pillowy butt cheeks. Sorry to be so crude, but that’s what you made me feel. If you intend for your writing to arose, you did it!

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