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Part 2

A Hotwife’s Adventure – Shared at the Club – Part 2

Will Kelly take on all cummers at the swingers club????
A Hotwife’s Adventure – Shared at the Club – Part 2

Chapter 3 – The Club

“OK, how do I look?” Kelly called out before making a grand appearance from the bathroom. Kelly’s blonde hair was artfully tousled, her makeup was perfectly applied, light shades of earth tones accentuated her blue eyes in a look she called ‘fierce’.  As if that wasn’t enough, dark red lipstick enhanced her already full lips.  She’d bragged about having the perfect outfit for the club. On top, she wore a black satin corset that barely covered her tits. Instead, it shelved them, showing off acres of bare skin.  Greg knew from experience that it easily untied in the back.  Finishing the look, she wore dark skinny jeans that looked as if they were painted on.

“Holy shit!” Greg exclaimed followed by a low but appreciative whistle.  “Maybe we should stay in and enjoy ourselves.” This is going to be better than I planned.  The thought raced through Greg’s mind as he ran through his tentative plans for the night.

“No way mister, I didn’t spend all this time and effort to stay in.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you have planned for us…. Maybe watching me fuck another man again?” Kelly said as a slow flush spread from her fac down to her cleavage.

“Besides,” she snorted, “I believe I OWE you something.”  She then twirled and spoke.  “Honestly, is this OK?”  Greg nodded his head vigorously.  Wow, I had to offer but I’m so glad she still wants to hit the club. With a flirty smile, Kelly grabbed a black satin wrap and went to the door.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“Hmmmm, well, I may have some plans along those lines.” Greg gave her a cryptic smile as he patted her ass and kissed her cheek.


Vegas at 10 PM was just waking up.  They crossed the strip in a rental car then drove across town to arrive at the club just before 11 PM.  The club was in what looked to be an old warehouse that sat alone on the edge of town.  It had a large fenced in parking lot with an attendant waving in vehicles.  As they left the car Kelly pulled off her wrap and dropped it on the seat.

“Here we go. Looks like a good crowd.” She said, slightly flushed, a bit of nervousness came through her voice. I’m doing this, whatever this is. Who am I kidding?  I’ve been wanting to slut out since last Christmas anyway! Kelly steeled herself with those words.

“Do you want to leave?” Greg asked, picking up on her tone.  “We can go if you don’t want to go in.”

“Oh no, I definitely want to see this.” she replied.  “I’m just excited and nervous. Let’s go.”  She reached out and grabbed his hand pulling him to the entrance. The deep bass of the music playing inside reached out to them, growing louder as they neared the door. Before they reached the entrance she squeezed his hand and spun around to face him.

“I will do anything you want tonight.” She smiled as she stared into his eyes. “Anything.” She then spun around and pulled him to the door.

A cute, friendly faced woman met them at the door.  She was wearing a low-cut top that showed generous milky white breasts and jeans.  Her age ranged anywhere from early 30’s to mid-40’s.  “Hello and welcome.  First time here,” she asked with a toothy smile.

“Yes, first time ever at a club!”  Kelly told her enthusiastically as she wrapped an arm around Greg’s waist and squeezed.

“Well, welcome!  I’m Kayla.  I’ll get your door charge, it’s cheaper for couples.”  She explained as Greg paid her, and she stamped both of their hands. “We always take new visitors on a tour before setting them loose.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  My husband, Walter, will be here in just a sec.” She told them, having used a walkie talkie to call him.

Kayla engaged Kelly and Greg in small talk while they waited.  In a few minutes a tall, well-built black man emerged from the hall behind her.  He grasped Kayla by the waist and planted a kiss on her neck before he reached out a hand to shake first Greg’s hand and then Kelly’s.

“Hi, I’m Walter!” He said in a friendly, sincere voice.  “Welcome! You two ever been to a club before?” He asked the question sizing them up. His eyes lingering on Kelly’s boobs.

“No, we were just telling Kayla this is our first visit.”  Greg told him. Walter nodded then clasped his hands before him as he dove into a well-rehearsed presentation.

“OK, there are a few things to remember.  First thing, no means no.  We don’t allow people to get pushy or pester each other.  You get turned down, take it gracefully.  Second, no touching unless invited.”  He paused, looking at each of us in turn. “Same goes for you rejecting someone.  If they give you shit let me or one of the other guys know. We all have on the company shirts.” He waved one hand over his collared shirt pointing to the embroidered club logo on one breast.

“We are fine with that and glad to hear it. We wanted to see how comfortable we would be at a club.” Greg commented. “Honestly, we’ve played a little, but this is a big step, we may just watch.  Is that a problem?”

“Hell no.  Most rookies end up doing the voyeur thing their first few trips.  Either way, you came dressed for the club.” Walter said, blatantly admiring Kelly’s décolletage.

“Damn, those are real?”  At her nod and laughed ‘yes’, he said, “Good response.  I mean, some people would get offended by me even asking.  If you did, I was going to say this wasn’t going to be the place for you. You have to be willing to take comments like that with good nature in a swinger’s club.  Doesn’t mean you have to put up with shit.” Walter added with a friendly smile.

Kayla grinned and nodded in Kelly’s direction. “Don’t be shocked to hear it again and to have the guy, or girl, follow up by asking to touch them.  How much swinging have you done?” It was Kelly’s turn to respond, Greg noticed her blushing slightly. Then she seemed to give herself a ‘what the hell’ shrug and spoke.

“Well, not much.  We had a guy… Well, Greg watched me with another man and then sorta joined in later.” She chuckled self-consciously and seemed to cling a little tighter to Greg. “We are into the whole Hotwife scene.”

“It’s enough. You should have a good idea how you both respond. Know your kink and be true to it.”  Walter laughed as he spoke the last line in sonorous tones. Staring sideways at Greg he followed up with, “I guess you won’t be freaking out if Kelly let’s someone play with those tits?”

“Noooo, if she is willing.” Greg replied, grinning. “Like she said, our kink is Hotwife stuff. I like watching.”

“Fair enough and good answer, let’s take the tour. OH, there may be a quiz at the end.” Walter laughed as he gestured to them to follow him.  Entering the house, they walked down a short hall and paused at a small bar.  “First drink is on the house.”

“I’ll have a vodka and sprite.” Kelly told the woman behind the counter.  Greg just asked for a club soda as he was driving.  When Kelly’s drink arrived, she sipped and raised her eyebrows. “Whew!  Strong.”

“I’ll take you around and show you the different rooms.”  Will gestured for them to follow him across the dance floor.  The music was pounding, making discussion difficult as they entered the main room and walked across the back of the dance floor.  There were several couples dancing, all in various stages of dress from fully clothed too fully nude.

Walter continued walking, passing through a glass door which was steamed up from the other side.  That door opened to a room with a small pool and hot tub.  A nude man sat on the edge of the pool a woman, head down between his legs was giving him head. He nodded languidly as they passed, obviously enjoying the woman’s attentions. Greg glanced at Kelly, hearing her gasp as she saw the couple. He was curious how she would fully respond.  As he watched, her eyes lingered on the couple, a hungry look on her face.  Then, noting Greg’s glance, she squeezed his hand and winked.

She is definitely into it but I wonder if she is really ready for tonight? Greg thought. He nodded at Walter, noting that he’d paused to check both their reactions. I bet that is a standard check for newbies, let them see one or two couples fucking and see how they react. I think we passed. He finished the thought as Walter nodded and winked at him.

“OK, let me go over a few things, really quick.” Walter stopped them at the back of the pool room.  The sound from the dance floor was just muffled enough to allow conversation. “Anything goes anywhere as long as all parties’ consent.  The public areas, pool, and dance floor we keep for light playing.  Petting, maybe a blow job that kind of thing.”  He nodded at the couple still going at it in the Hot Tub.

“We have private rooms good for two couples.  I’ll show you those in a second.  You can leave the door open if you want to be watched.  We have some who come here just to look. So, if you are into that…” He paused for a breath, shrugged then continued.

“We also have a movie room down here, couples usually do some light play in there, but you may see more.  Off that room is the orgy room.  Going in there… Well, you basically give consent to being touched without being asked first when you pass the threshold.  “BUT even there…” he said raising a finger, “If someone says no or stop…you stop.  Walter nodded his head in firm agreement with his own words. “There are lockers for clothes, if you need one.

Kelly and Greg both looked dazed.  It was a lot to take in at once.  Kelly took a long pull from her drink and nodded as Walter finished.  Sweat was beading on the top of her breasts from the warmth and humidity of the pool room as well as from drink and her growing and obvious arousal.

At least, obvious to me, who knew the slight telltale signs in the person I loved.  Greg thought as he stared at Kelly then looked around the room.  Recognizing her state only served to increase his curiosity and desire to explore.

Walter laughed at their expressions, “Just relax tonight.  You don’t have to do anything but chill and soak it in.  The worst thing is to go past your comfort level.  Let me show you the rooms now.” He took Kelly’s empty glass and laid it on a table. “We can get another when we pass the bar.”

After grabbing another drink at a second, smaller bar, he led them into the movie room.  A porn flick was playing on a large flat screen surrounded by low, cushioned loveseats designed for two or more.  There were several people in the room, two couples obviously having sex while several people divided their attention between the movie and the couples.  The lighting in the room was muted creating a strange anonymity to the scene.  Walter said nothing, but soon gestured to them to follow him through another door.

“This is the orgy room.  Remember, it is the one area you don’t have to ask to touch.  Go in there and it is anything goes.”  He held up a finger. “Unless someone says no.” The room was empty when we glanced through the open entry to look at a large space with interspersed cushions.  From there Walter led them down a hall past a few closed doors.  He finally stopped at one that was empty and walked in.

“OK, there is a lot going on here.”  Kelly said.  “I had no idea there would be so much… variety.”  Walter chuckled as Kelly fanned herself and pretended to be shocked.

“On a busy night all this is full and then some. These are the private rooms.”  His arm swept a half circle indicating the room.  There was a single king-size bed and not much more. “A closed-door means you don’t go in.  Leave a door open and you are inviting visitors or at least watchers.  So that’s the tour, tell me more about yourselves.” Walter said and casually leaned back against a wall waiting.  Kelly had a long drink from her glass, using the opportunity to look around the room before she answered.

“Well, I’m in advertising and Greg is a partner in an architectural firm.

“We planned this trip around having some fun,” Blushing she rushed on, “OK, the whole idea was to celebrate Valentine’s Day and come to a club like this.”  At Walters raised eyebrow she went on.

“We’ve been into the HotWife scene for the last year or so.  We started slow but then a few months ago Greg set up me up with a guy and well.  I pushed past any barriers I thought I had.”  Kelly took a final sip from her drink as she finished talking. Staring over her glass at Greg she thought. What about you? Have you pushed past your barriers my love?  We may see tonight.

“Ha.  It’s funny how so many couples start the same way.  It’s natural and sounds like you two have taken it slow?” He said grinning at Kelly.  Maybe tonight Greg will speed things along. God, I hope so! I can’t believe how much I want to recapture the feeling of him watching me while I get fucked. Kelly thought hungrily as she allowed her eyes roam down to a prominent bulge in Walters pants.

“She worried how I would take it if she did more than heavy petting. After Christmas she said she’d like to try a few guys in one night.  We started talking about how to make it happen and here we are.” Greg chimed in as he sipped his drink.  She shouldn’t worry.  Tonight, should show her how comfortable I am. Well, we will see, this isn’t as structured as what I had set up in Miami.  Greg sipped his drink as he contemplated his vague plans. His dick stirred in his pants as he considered the possibilities. Walter nodded.

“OK.  Sounds like y’all have thought it through.  Just don’t be afraid to stop things if it don’t feel right.” He nodded his head sagely before continuing. “So?  You think you may end up fucking a few guys tonight,” he asked casually.

“Well, I’m good if Kelly is.” Greg squeezed her hand as she looked over to him.

“I am… but let’s see how things go.” Kelly squeezed back then bit her tongue before adding, I want to fuck every man I can tonight but if I say that I sound too slutty. Greg gave her a wink, as if he heard her final thought.

“Last, last thing.  There are condoms in bowls all over the house.  We encourage safe sex around here. No, we insist on it.  Plus, it makes cleanup after a big party a little easier.”  Walter wound up the tour with that final statement.

“Absolutely for us.  We never do anything without protection.” Greg replied as Kelly nodded.

“Good, smart.” Walter grinned and rubbed his hands together.  “OK, are you ready for that quiz?”  Greg and Kelly glanced at each other and nodded before chuckling.

“A quiz, oh sure. I guess.” Kelly replied humorously. Walter rubbed his hands together as he grinned at the two.

“Kelly, I’d love to see those tits of yours.  I’ve been staring at that nice cleavage all night.  Can I see them?” Walter’s wide, friendly grin was accompanied by a playful, daring tone as he glanced to Greg, then Kelly then down at her tits.

“Ha, wow.  So, is that the way it usually goes? That is the quiz?”  Kelly laughed, one hand casually playing with the front of the corset as she looked at Greg, her eyes were slightly lidded and she shrugged as she pursed her lips.  Her face had a telltale flush that spread again to the tops of her nearly exposed boobs.

“You had them out at the hotel pool. You know I don’t mind.” Greg said, curious to see how she would do this.

“Sure, why not.”  She used the hand playing with the front of the corset to pull gently on the satin material. All it took was a slight tug on the fabric to release her firm breasts.  Large areola, a little bigger than a half dollar were dark against her skin. Her tits drew Walters eyes like a magnet.  Kelly watched him stare at her for a second, a slow smirk spread across her lips as she took her cup, still full of ice, and slowly ran it along first one nipple then the other.  Each reacted to the sudden chill as they hardened visibly.

Holy shit. Greg thought in surprise and arousal as he watched. She is definitely in the mood.

“OK, that is fucking hot! You sure you guys are really newbies?” Walter’s eyes devoured her.  Kelly shrugged, the action of her shoulders releasing a little more boob to his sight.

“C’mon, you see a lot of tits around here. Oh, did we pass the quiz?”  She said in coy tones. Walter nodded about to reply when his walkie talkie went off.

“Damn, gotta take that.  Can you find your way back?  I will check in from time to time. Yeah, I do see a lot of tits, not many that are perfect like those.” He pursed his lips in flirtatious appreciation. “Lucious! Yeah, you pass.  You asked each other and stuck to your rules.”

“Well, I have them out… I know Greg would love to see you play with them and I really want them touched now that they are free.” Kelly said confidently.  Greg simply nodded and waited.  Walter stood there, holding his walkie talkie with a torn look on his face.

“Well, a quick feel.  After all, we do try to keep our guests happy.”  Walter chuckled as he reached out with one hand and rolled a solid nipple between his thumb and forefinger.  Kelly bit her lower lip as her breathing deepened.  Walter looked ready for more when his name buzzed from the Walkie Talkie .

“Damn, gotta take this but we will pick this up later.” He pulled up the walkie talkie, pressed a button and said, “Go for Walter,” as he turned walked from the room.

“Let’s go dance and I could use another drink.” Kelly said, tugging her top back up to barely cover her tits.

“You enjoyed that.” Greg said grinning at her.

“Yeah, a lot. A hell of a lot. I need more my love.” She replied with more sincerity than Greg expected. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like it?”  She teased back and took Greg’s hand as they left the room. I need whatever he has planned tonight.  I want to let my slut out to play. For me and for him. Kelly thought as she stared at Greg.

“Hell, yeah I liked it!” He said with feeling. “Just let me know if it goes too fast tonight. I want us both to enjoy it.

“I will my love.  Will you get me another drink?”

“Sure. Hey, gotta ask.  You’ve had a few are you good?” He waited for her response. Kelly nodded and leaned in for a kiss.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  This is making me hornier than I expected I’d get. I kinda wanted to lose the top in the movie room.”  She admitted, almost shyly. She moved her hand over to rub Greg’s crotch. “It’s turning you on too.” She stated, rather than asked.

“Ummm, it is.”  He joked. “If that means you lose your top then….”

“That’s what I figured. Now that drink?  I’ll wait for you by the dance floor.  Kelly watched as Greg wandered over to the nearest bar.  Walter was standing there and greeted Greg with a smile and a raised glass in her direction. She replied with a quick wink before looking out over the dance floor.  I haven’t seen so many naked people in person ever… Or in any of the porn we watch other than some of the orgy flicks.  I wonder if that is what he has planned?  Kelly thought and felt a flush spread through her as her pussy throbbed with need. Holy Shit!  I…I hope he has something that crazy planned. Kelly sipped the last of the drink in her hand to cover her rapid breathing. She jumped when she felt a hand on her back.

“Hey babe!  You OK.” Greg asked as he handed her a new drink and took the old one.

“Sure, sure! You just startled me. Saw you talking to Walter.  Anything interesting?”

“Nah.” Greg said dismissively then took her hand. “Let’s dance.” As they moved to the dance floor, he replayed the conversation with Walter in his mind.


“Greg, you guys having fun yet?  Walter asked as he slid up to the bar.

“Yeah, well, we are planning on some fun. You know we are looking for some play.  Well, some specific play.  Would you be interested in fucking Kelly later?” Greg asked Walter after he ordered a drink from the bar.  Walter’s eyebrow raised at the question before he gave a short nod.

“Well, yeah.  I’d have to clock out but what did you have in mind?”

“A little fantasy fulfillment. Kelly wants to try a few guys tonight while I watch.  Can you round up two or three men and get her into a private room later?” Greg sipped the drink he held.

“Hahaha!  Yeah, I can do that.  I have some ideas.  Why don’t you dance her over to that group there.” He nodded to a tight cluster at the far end of the dance floor. “They are good people; locals and I can get them into this.”  Greg clapped Walter on the shoulder then turned to rejoin Kelly.


The crowd on the dance floor had grown since they started their tour, with several dozen couples now dancing many, completely nude.  Well, couples, threesome and foursomes the groupings were varied, Greg chuckled and thought that there may be a ‘little’ more touching and grinding than in a clothed club. After dancing to a few songs Kelly raised her glass to Greg and asked for another.

“I’ll be here when you get back.” She yelled and smiling began to dance to the rhythmic beat.  Her tits bounced as she moved, amazingly still completely covered despite her gyrations.  Goddamn.  She is attracting guys like flies to honey.  He chuckled as he saw two nude men dance up to Kelly.

Greg returned a few minutes later with her drink to find Kelly was now moving with a small group, the same group Walter had pointed out.  Karma, he thought. The group appeared to be made up of three men and two women.  All looked to be in their mid-30’s and in good shape, cute even.  The women wore nothing but jewelry and smiles.  Two of the men were also nude and sporting erections, the third had on silk boxer briefs. His cock created a good size tentpole of the silk front of his boxers. He was currently dancing with Kelly.

Greg watched as boxer shorts leaned in and said something that made her laugh. Making his way closer Greg marveled at the casual nature of the touching.  The women spent a few seconds with one man, stroking his cock, then switched, almost in a choreographed routine to the next guy. I guess permission had already been given, Greg thought as he also realized nobody was touching Kelly, although the guy with the boxers was pretty damn close.

“Here you go.”  Greg yelled to Kelly as she saw him approaching and broke away from her dance partner.  Kelly hugged Greg and took her drink.

Yelling in his ear over the music she said, “They came up and started dancing with me.  I don’t remember names, two are married, one couple is engaged and the guy in the underwear is a friend of theirs. I honestly forget who is with who, and I don’t think they care. Can we keep them?”  She laughed as she spoke, gesturing vaguely behind her.  As she was talking the three women came closer and joined them in a sweaty and nearly naked hug.  Greg found himself suddenly smothered in very warm tits, not a horrible situation if you appreciate boobs.  The three women called out their names to him as he glanced to each and smiled.  He had no idea what they were saying and decided everyone would get a nickname, just to keep track.

Leaning away, one of the women, ‘blondie’, started to chant, “Kelly”.  She was quickly joined by the rest of the group.  Greg looked to Kelly quizzically. She laughed a little self-consciously and leaned into his ear.

“They said I was overdressed and should strip.  I kinda put them off until you got back.”  Greg shrugged back at Kelly then yelled in her ear.

“Let’s see those tits.”  He winked, letting her know he already knew the answer to that question. She’s really into this… so am I!  He stood back and gave her a grin and thumbs up to the cheers of their tiny group.

Grinning at him and shaking her head, she moved a step away, and began a sinuous movement in time to the music.  She undid the top button of her pants then moved her hands behind her to start pulling at the satin ties holding her corset together.  Kelly laughed as she struggled to reach them.

“Need a hand?” Walter’s deep voice boomed through the music.  Greg had seen him walking over but his approach startled Kelly.  She turned the surprise into a laugh and nodded to him.  He held a drink in one hand, which he passed on to her without a word before dancing behind her.  His hands worked the ribbons as the group now cheered his name.  With a big grin, he looked around the gathered crowd making sure he had their attention. Then he began a teasing tug on the straps he now held tight behind Kelly.  Kelly squealed in laughter as he gradually allowed the top to slide down, exposing her tits to the group, hell to the whole room, most of whom had stopped dancing to watch and cheer.  Grasping the corset before it could drop to the floor, Kelly turned to hug him.

Breaking the embrace, after a few seconds, Walter then danced over to Greg with a key on a string, leaning over and yelled, “Locker 57, in the hall behind you. I figured you would need it.”  Kelly stood a few feet away, now dancing with the guy in his boxers.  Greg watched as he leaned in and said something that made her laugh.  She winked at Greg, slammed back her drink in one long pull as she nodded to him and spun around to dance with her back against his chest.  He wasted no time reaching around to squeeze her tits. Kelly allowed his hands to play for a few beats before she moved away from the embrace.  Greg shook his head slightly in amusement thinking, she is really enjoying herself.

Suddenly, ‘Boxer Shorts’ made a whooping noise and dropped his boxers before yelling, “helicopter taking off.” The guy was fairly well hung, and like the rest of the group in good shape.  Twirling his hips, he made his semi hard dick spin in circles like a helicopter blade.  His friends and Kelly laughed at the antics.

“You still good with all this?” Kelly asked Greg as she danced closer. Her breasts, no matter how often He’d seen them, still pulled on his eyes like boob magnets, especially moving as she was now.  He’d been with large chested women before, but few even approached the firmness of Kelly’s gorgeous tits.

“Yeah.  Fun so far!”  He replied then held up the key on a chain Walter handed him. “We have a locker if you want to use it.”  She nodded and allowed Greg to pull her from the floor in the direction of the hall Walter had indicated.  She did turn to wave at her new friends, holding up one finger to let them know they would return.

“You’re going to get undressed too?  Right?” Kelly asked in the relative quiet of the locker room, really more of a locker hallway. Greg shrugged somewhat sheepishly.

“Walter suggested I keep my pants for this first visit.  That way I can keep my keys somewhere.” He grinned at her. “And my eyes on you. Don’t worry, you still owe me a blow job and it’s happening here.” Kelly laughed.

“OK, whenever you are ready my love! I’m getting so fucking horny.”  She said as she wriggled against him.  She was suddenly no longer wearing pants as her bare pelvis and legs rubbed against his. To ensure he was aware of that fact, she tossed the jeans she was wearing past Greg and into the locker. I will never cease to be amazed how some women can strip off the tightest of clothes in seconds. Greg chuckled at the thought.

Greg turned to her. “You’ve had a few drinks, you still good?”

With a wry grin and a suddenly sober look she said. “Totally, it’s just loosened me up a bit.  She ended smiling as she unbuttoned his shirt and pressed her bare groin against his still clothed one to allow a nude man to pass behind her on his way to the private rooms.  The guy paused and smiled at us.

“You two interested in playing?” He asked, stopping just behind Kelly.  She turned slightly to get a better look at who was talking.  He was a tall, middle aged man with distinguished features and a semi erect cock.

“Maybe later.  We are heading back to dance with some friends.” She told him. The man nodded and smiled as she spoke then walked off.

“I’ve been getting offers from our new friends too and a few others.  Shoot, the women all asked if they could play with you.”  She laughed, then grabbed the rest of her clothes and tossed them in the locker.  The key went into Greg’s pants pocket.

“Really? What did you say?” He asked genuinely curious.

“I told them I was good with it but we may have other plans for the night.” She smiled impishly at him.  “I really wouldn’t mind.” Greg gave it genuine thought before responding.

“Well, let’s see how the evening goes.  Like you said, we have some plans.” He winked before continuing. “You ready to head back?” Greg asked her as they made way for a threesome walking past.  They had no attention to spare for them in their wriggling, walking embrace.  Greg wondered if they would be able to finish the walk to one of the rooms.

“Let’s go.” Kelly grabbed his hand and pulled him along behind her without waiting for a response. She is really into this.  More than I expected.  He grinned as he stared at her shapely ass.

Returning to the dance floor, they found their group had staked out a bar table off the dance floor just behind a large pillar which helped mute sound, at least enough for softer yelled conversations.  One of the women, ‘Blondie’, jumped in as spokesperson for the group as they approached.

“Awesome!  You did come back.” She laughed, clapping her hands before she grabbed Greg and Kelly by an arm in enthusiastic welcome. She was tall, maybe an inch over Kelly’s 5’8” with the slim build of a runner. Her small pale breasts were capped by tiny red nipples and nearly nonexistent areola.

“Walter told us you did some swinging but have never been to a club.  We live here in town, regulars.” She smiled and made sure they were still listening. “Anyway, he thought it would be good if we give you the down and dirty.  First, none of the guys in our group are bi, there are a few here tonight if you are into that Kyle? Kelly?”  Greg shook his head no while Kelly gave a smile and shrugged.

“Cool!  You saw us dancing, lots of touching.  While we are here, any problems with that?  No worries if you do.  We don’t do anything more than petting on the floor.”

“I don’t think we mind what you guys were doing out there.”  Kelly answered her after glancing at Greg.  Before she went on ‘Blondie’ jumped in.

“Good! Let’s leave it at that!”  She winked at us.  “I need to dance!”  Greg had to laugh and nod; she was the fastest talker he’d heard in a long time.

The dancing over the next hour was erotic, sensual and brought Greg and Kelly to a steady, low level of horniness.  The kind you get when you’ve had regular sex and are now enjoying an hour or more of foreplay.  It really was less dancing than moving around with an excuse to touch the naked bodies of your ‘dance partners’, many different naked bodies.  Kelly and Greg stuck together most of the time they were on the floor.  Occasionally, one of the women would move in and either pull Greg slightly aside or Kelly.  The first time Kelly stayed near, but as the night wore on, she was more likely to find one of the others to dance with her.  Greg watched the first time she peeled away.  ‘Blondie’ was dancing with him and saw Greg look over to Kelly. She leaned in to speak in his ear.

“It’s cool, first time here most couples watch each other.  It’s a good thing.  She’s been doing the same to you.”  He laughed as he realized it was true, even then, Kelly saw him looking in her direction and winked.  Walter was moving behind her, his dark hands on her hips as she ground her bare ass against his groin.  ‘Helicopter’ formerly known as ‘Boxer Shorts’ moved in front of her, gyrating his large dick until she grabbed it in self-defense as it bounced repeatedly against her abs.  Holding it like a rope in both hands she stroked him hand over hand while sliding her ass against Walter.  Walter’s hands moved up to cup her tits before he danced away.  A distinct bulge in his shorts.  Noticing Greg’s stare, he nodded and winked.

“Damn!  She is so fucking hot!”  Blondie gasped as she watched the scene before them.  It was hot, Kelly was clearly allowing that inner lust of hers to come out and play.  Greg found himself fantasizing about watching Kelly with several men.  He’d seen Walter talking to each of the men in their group over the course of the evening.  He assumed it was about his request.

The night went on like that.  A few times, Greg saw one or another of the guys moving with Kelly, she at least made it look like she was dancing even when holding one, or a few times more than one cock.  The lighting in the room was typical of what you would find on any club floor.  Pulsing with the music, but still dim, it added to the atmosphere hiding but also accentuating the nudity and actions of the participants.  Greg watched Kelly often, marveling at her beauty and the look of enjoyment on her face as she danced.  It seemed that she was wearing the varied lighting like clothes.  Shadowed one moment, then a spotlight exposing a breast or thigh or that never-ending smile.  At one point, he turned from the brunette in front of him and saw Kelly had one of the guys in front of her, the other behind. Their dicks bounced against her stomach and ass.  That is so fucking hot!

“Want to go fuck?”  A sultry voice called over Greg’s shoulder interrupting his thoughts.  It was ‘Blondie’, he recognized her voice then confirmed it, as she sidled around him.  She pressed in tight so that he felt every curve and valley of her svelte body slide along his.

One of the other ‘couples’ in the group had disappeared earlier, obviously to satiate themselves as had many of the other dancers.  She was the first to blatantly approach him for a fuck and he was flattered.

Do I?  Hell yeah I do but should I?  He hesitated and looked around. The dance floor was still busy but much less crowded.  Kelly was dancing nearby, this time with ‘Helicopter’, who was gyrating his hips and pushing his pelvis into her as she bent slightly backward.  They could have been fucking but his cock was clearly visible on her stomach as they moved.

As if through some psychic connection, Kelly peeled away from ‘Helicopter’, not before giving his cock a very generous stroking.  Moving to stand near ‘Blondie’, Kelly said something to her.  ‘Helicopter’ decided to stick behind her as she moved in our direction.  He grabbed her hips and continued gyrating, now from behind as she spoke to Blondie.  The head of his dick peeked out from between her ass cheeks as Greg watched them in profile.  Kelly giggled, not at ‘Helicopter’ but at something Blondie said to her.

“Have fun!  Maybe later!” Blondie called to me as she stepped aside.

Kelly reached behind her and grabbed ‘Helicopters’ solid cock while she stared meaningfully in Greg’s eyes.  She stroked him briefly, still staring at Greg then let go as ‘Helicopter’ moved off to dance with one of the other women.  Grabbing Greg’s hand, she led him off to the movie room where she quickly steered them to an unoccupied couch.   Before sitting she pressed into his arms, her body hot and damp from dancing.  He felt her heart beating, rapid and strong as she pressed into him.  His cock had been up and down so many times that night but now, the promise of fulfillment brought it fully and rapidly erect as they kissed.

“Sorry I kept Blondie from fucking you.” She winked at him. “Maybe later?”

“Mmm, I’m more interested in you right now.” He told her honestly as he fell back on the couch from her gentle shove. Kelly stood before him, the dim light of the movie room still enough to make out every curve and valley of her body.  Her breathing was deep and steady, breasts rising majestically with each inhalation.

“You won fair and square.” She said breathily as she knelt before him. “Time for that blowjob?”

“Yeah. Good spot, we already have a lot of people watching.”  It was tough being eloquent when he was that horny.  He stared at Kelly as she knelt before him, tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder as she stared up at his face.  Damn, I gotta keep my mind in the game, I have more planned for the evening! He thought then resigned himself to enjoying Kelly’s mouth on his cock.

Kelly didn’t respond other than a smile as she slowly unzipped Greg’s pants and pulled his hard cock from the opening. Holding him at the base of his shaft with one hand, her other was hidden between her legs. Mouth open slightly Kelly nodded at him.

“I am so fucking ready.”  She gasped leaning down with her tongue extended.  Reaching his balls, she flared it wide and cupped them, one at a time before drawing it up his shaft.

“You like that, don’t you?” She breathed out before returning her attention to his shaft.  Kelly slowly increased her pace.  “Are we being watched?” She paused to ask then teasingly kissed the tip of his cock.  “I really want to be watched.” I love this.  I love being watched! She thought as she slid her tongue along his shaft.

Greg looked up, several couples and small groups were in the room and a few were definitely watching them.  He loved the sensation, knowing they were staring at his hot, naked with as she sucked on his cock.  As he glanced around, Walter walked in and paused, staring at them from several feet away.  Noticing Greg looking he gave a thumbs up and a grin.

“Yes, several. Walter just gave us a thumbs up.” Greg moaned as she slid down his shaft, staring at him the whole time.

“Mmmmmm, that makes me so fucking wet.”  She murmured, shifting position slightly to lean forward, her legs shifting behind her. She pulled her hand from between her legs and licked her fingers before replacing it all while stroking his cock.

“Spread your legs more so he can see your cunt.” Greg told her then watched her back rise as she crouched on her knees and spread her legs wider. The effect lifted her ass as she continued to rub herself.

“Can he see my pussy?” She moaned around his cock.

“Uhhh, damn, sure!” Greg grunted out. Walter had moved close enough to touch Kelly’s ass.  He gave Greg a questioning look, holding his hand near her ass. Without hesitation Greg nodded. Walter dropped his hand between her cheeks and Greg felt her suddenly stiffen.

“Hmmmmm! Fuck!!”  She moaned around Greg’s cock as Walter fingered her.  Walter finally moved back, waved, licking his middle finger with a smile.

‘Blondie’ entered the room towing her husband by his hard-on like a leash and took a loveseat next to them.  Kelly glanced over and watched as ‘blondie’ devoured her husbands cock.

“Damn, so fucking hot.” She breathed on Greg’s dick head; her eyes glittered as she sucked him deep into her mouth. “Time to get you off my love.”  Greg was lost in the overwhelming pure sexual energy in the room.  Watching others, being watched by them in turn aroused him but what it was doing to Kelly was well beyond simple arousal. She’s ready for the rest.

Kelly’s pace was soon more than he could bear.  As he came, she sucked once then released his cock, spurting the rest of his cum on her neck and sweaty tits.  Greg couldn’t believe how much cum he dumped on her. Damn, I didn’t expect that or her to not swallow. The entire night had been one long session of foreplay culminating in one of his more intense orgasms.   She looked at him with wide eyes, her tits heaved as she worked to catch her breath.

“Good for you?”  Kelly smirked running a finger in the cum covering one tit.

“Holy shit, yes!”  Greg gasped, struggling to come to his senses.

“This place is crazy.  I’m so fucking horny!” Kelly still knelt between his legs, cum dripping from her tits and stomach.  “I love you so very much, Greg! You know that, right?”  He found nothing odd about the sentiment, even sitting there in a room full of naked strangers.

“I love you too, Kelly.  You are the best thing to ever happen in my life.” He replied with feeling, falling back into the cushions wearily. Kelly stirred, a smile on her face as she started to stand.  She glanced over to Blondie watching her as she continued to suck her husband’s cock.  Kelly’s hand drifted back to her pussy, the other up to cup her right tit.

“I need to go clean up.” She finally looked at him with her bedroom eyes, one hand still gently touching her pussy.  I don’t think she even realized she was rubbing herself.  I knew she was as aroused as I’d ever seen. Now it’s her turn. Greg thought silently, still pulsing from the afterglow of his orgasm.

“A little more dancing?” Kelly asked with a sigh.  “I could use a drink too.  I’ll go wipe down in the bathroom and meet you at our table or on the floor.”

“K,” Greg said, happily and loud enough for her to hear. ‘Blondie’ had been watching and gave him a thumbs up as her husband maneuvered his cock into her pussy. Greg gave a half wave and watched as the two began to vigorously fuck.

“Your turn babe.” He said softly to her back as she moved off. Kelly turned and grinned back at Greg before she walked through the movie room and entered the hall to the bathroom and private rooms.  He waved at Walter as Kelly disappeared down the hall with the restrooms. Greg stood pulling his pants back in place and went to the bar to get Kelly a drink and another club soda for himself before he then rejoined their diminished group.

Chapter 4 – The Private Room

“Hey.” Kelly heard a voice call to her from down the hall.  She’d been just about to step into the bathroom when the voice called out a second time.  Turning she saw it was their new friend, the one Greg had started calling ‘Helicopter’. He’s still twirling that thing! She thought with a laugh as he stepped closer to her. Close enough his nearly rock-hard cock pressed into her hip. She reached down and stroked it playfully as she’d done a dozen times already that night.

“Hey yourself.  I’d stand around but I have to get in the shower and cleanup.” She smiled at him coquettishly, still stroking his cock. I want this in me…but.

“I saw.  You sure gave Greg a good time.” He grinned and ran a finger through the drying cum on her tits and up to her mouth.  She took his finger, licking it gently. Staring at him she rolled her tongue around his digit, her mouth and eyes teasing and promising at the same time. He grinned at her, catching her eyes with his as she sucked and winked. “I was going to invite you to come with me and watch, maybe play a little.  I know you guys are into that.” He bobbed his head down the hall to one of the rooms. Shit, I’m so fucking turned on.  I really want to watch…Hell, I want to fuck him! Kelly voiced internally.

“Hmm, maybe.” She grinned back at him as she slowly backed away and opened the bathroom door.  “We’ll see, give me a few minutes.” ‘Helicopter’ leaned against the door jamb and gave her a shit eating grin.

“I’ll wait, and watch, if you don’t mind?”  Laughing Kelly shook her head and got into the nearest shower stall.  Leaving the curtain open she allowed the water to sluice over her body, washing away sweat and cum.  Squirting some soap from a bottle on the wall she scrubbed her tits and her smooth pussy, watching Helicopter as he grinned at her. Rinsing off she turned and found him holding out a towel.

“They have clean ones over there.” He nodded to a table with a stack of towels.  “So….?” He nodded his head down the hall.

“Yeah, I want to go look.” Kelly said as she stepped in and stroked his cock. Greg will love hearing about this.  Kelly stared down at the penis in her hand, admiring the bulbous head at the end of a long, veiny shaft. Bending over she took the tip in her mouth and sucked it gently before ending with a swirl of her tongue bringing a gasp to ‘Helicopters’ lips. “Then I want to play.”


When Greg returned to their little group, he found the tiny brunette was jerking her boyfriend off, while he sat on one of the bar stools.  She smiled at Greg as he approached then returned to her boyfriend, ducking her head suddenly to catch his load as he began to cum.  Greg watched, fascinated, and deeply aroused by the whole thing.  I wonder if Kelly is doing the same thing right now?

He continued to watch as the brunette sucked her boyfriend for a few more seconds before licking her lips.  Reaching behind her she grabbed a glass and chugged away some of the drink it contained.  She smiled at Greg and tried to speak but it was too loud to talk. Greg looked out at the dance floor full of writhing bodies. He turned when he felt a soft hand on his arm. ‘Blondie’ grinned as he faced her then gestured to the dance floor. Greg smiled back and held up one finger then allowed her to pull him to the dance floor. Kelly should be busy right now.  I just don’t want to miss most of it but one dance is fine.

After the first song was over, it was all Greg could do to pull away from Blondie.  Her hand had a firm grip on his cock even over his pants. It took a promise to come back after checking on Kelly to get her to release him. Greg hugged Blondie and turned to the hall with the bathroom.  Kelly isn’t back, I’m betting Walter got to work or she started on her own. Time to find out.


‘Helicopter’ pulled back with a reluctant grin as Kelly gave the tip of his dick a kiss before she stood, his cock still in her hand.  She stared at him expectantly.

“C’mon, we can’t really play here.  Let’s go see what’s happening in the Private rooms.” He told her, taking her hand and leading her into the hall.

“Sure, I should let Greg know what’s up…” I should but I don’t want to mess up what might be happening here. Damnit.

“No problem sweet cheeks.” Walter’s deep voice sounded from behind her as she felt two hands cup her butt. “He’s dancing now but he will make his way back here. Lookie there.” Walter moved up behind her and pointed into the first room. A couple was in a 69 position on the bed. Kelly paused to watch, her breathing coming in deeper gasps as she felt first Walter then Helicopter take turns sliding a finger in her pussy while running hands over her body. Even in Miami I never had two men feeling me up at once like this.  Much less two strangers.

Kelly sighed deeply as she felt her knees begin to weaken.  The sensations were nearly overwhelming.

“Damn, you are wet.” ‘Helicopter’ breathed in her ear before leaning down and nibbling her neck.  Kelly gasped and felt gooseflesh cover her skin as his teeth gently pinched her skin. Holy FUCK!  I love that. She tossed her head back and enjoyed the sensations coursing through her. She didn’t care she was naked in a hall, with two relative strangers getting fingered and felt up. More, I want more.

“More…” She whispered aloud, just loud enough for the two men to hear her over the music echoing down the hall.

“Hmmm, she wants more she says. Tell us, tell us what you want.” Walter chuckled as he helped guide her into the empty room across the hall from the oral couple.  ‘Helicopter’ took her hand and guided her to stand next to the bed as he lay back on it and stroked his cock watching her.

“I want cock.  I want to be the whore Greg deserves.  Fuck me! I’ll do anything!” Kelly positively writhed as she stood there, naked before these two men, begging them to use her body.

“You like being a slut.  Fucking and sucking strangers for your husband?” Walter moved behind her and began caressing her ass.  Kelly felt her pussy, already wet flush even more, begging for his touch, anyone’s touch.  Reaching down she began rolling her clit between thumb and forefinger.

“Yes! Use me so I can let my husband know.  Make me your slut.  Please.” Kelly begged as she stared down on ‘Helicopter’s’ long, thick cock.  Desperate to feel it in her, to replace his hand with it in her wet cunt.

“First, suck my cock.” ‘Helicopter’ told her, and she knelt before him, taking his cock in her hand as she began licking first the head then the long meaty shaft. “Yes, now suck it!  Goddamn – I’ve wanted you all night.” Kelly eagerly took him in her mouth, slowly taking him deeper, savoring the feel of his cock against her tongue as it went from merely hard to solid as a rock.

“MMmm. You have an amazing cock.” She moaned as she glanced up and saw Walter leaning against a wall next to the bed, arms crossed, watching them intently.  His pants displayed a huge bulge.  Noticing her staring he winked. Then tossed something to land on ‘Helicopter’s’ stomach.

“Fuck him.  I want to watch you fuck him. Hell, we have some friends out there wanting to watch you fuck him.” Walter grinned as Helicopter unwrapped the condom all while Kelly held his cock in her mouth, sucking his salty flavor gently.

“Greg wanted to watch too. I really want to fuck you both but I need Greg to be here.” She whispered loud enough for them to both hear before taking the tip of the cock she held back in her mouth.

“Oh, sweet cheeks.  He is the one who set this up.  He’ll be along soon.  Hell, he may even be waiting out there watching already.” Walter told her. Kelly glanced over her shoulder to the doorway.  She saw at least two figures standing in the shadowed hall. Is that him? Love that man!  I’m not surprised he set this up. Is that him? She thought happily. Turning back, she took ‘Helicopter’ in her mouth again.

“Now, you gonna fuck him?”  Kelly smiled around a mouthful of cock. Of course, he set it up. I love that man. She thought even as she reached out to help with the condom.

“Yes, I’m going to fuck him if we can get this thing on. Do you need help with that?” She asked as ‘Helicopter’ moved a silly looking purple condom over his glans and began unrolling it as Kelly climbed onto the bed.  Holding ‘Helicopter’s’ cock in one hand she closed her eyes as she rubbed the tip against her clit.  She gasped as she then allowed the tip to slowly spread her lips, parting them and sliding ever closer to her entrance.  Kelly gasped again as she lowered herself, allowing his thick cock to open her wide.

“Uggghhhh! Yes, Holy shit YES!” She sensed forms moving closer as she lowered herself until his balls caressed her ass.

“Watch it.  You don’t want to cum too fast.” Helicopter taunted her as he grabbed her tits and raised his hips to drive even deeper.

“Fuck that!  You’ll cum before me buddy.” Kelly grinned down at him, her hair now a tousled mess that framed her sweaty face like a pale curtain.  Biting her lower lip, she pushed down to meet him, making him gasp in response.


Slipping away from his dance partner, Greg walked through the movie room. He glanced at several couples and small groups writhing in pleasure, then to the bathrooms which were in the same hall as the private rooms.  The bathrooms were empty.  With a shrug he continued down the hall to the private rooms. Walter must have gotten to her already.  I hope I’m not missing too much.

Standing in the hall, he looked down at its length. All the doors were open, the faint sounds of sex, wafted from several of the rooms, one about mid-way down the hall even had a man standing in the door watching.

Shrugging, he walked down the hall looking into each room.  His heart began pounding as he went from one room to another, the sounds of energetic fucking and moans now clearer.  The open doors were there, an invitation for watchers, or even participants, according to Walter.  The first room he walked past had just one couple, engaged in very vanilla sex.  The next occupied room was the one with the watcher. As he approached the guy looked at Greg and nodded.

“Pretty fucking awesome!”  The guy said, obviously referring to the room’s occupants, at least two men and a woman, Kelly.  Greg recognized the watcher; he was the older guy who had walked past Kelly and him in the locker room earlier that evening.  He had one hand on his cock, slowly pumping it as he watched the scene in the room.

Hearing grunting Greg focused on the room’s occupants.  He had to move through the door past another male watcher to see what was happening.  ‘Helicopter’ was sitting at the foot of the queen bed, his arms behind him to prop up his torso as Kelly slid up then down his long rod, which was covered with an incongruous purple condom.  Yes, perfect. Perfect timing. He thought as he felt his cock push against the fabric of his pants.

“Yes!”  Kelly gasped as she dropped down, taking ‘Helicopters’ entire length before grinding her clitoris in the wedge formed between them.  Her neck was rigid with strain, the muscles of her abs stood out in stark relief. “You like that?  You’ve wanted it all night!”  She taunted ‘Helicopter’ as she increased her pace, now sliding up and down his shaft mercilessly. Her ass slapping against his thighs with each downward plunge.

“Yes! You like that cock?” He grunted as he smacked one butt cheek on the downward plunge.

“Mmmmm, Love it!” Kelly grunted in pleasure. “Yes, smack my ass again.  Fuck me, fuck me hard!” Helicopter grabbed her hips after giving her ass another smack then began moving with her, driving deeper with each plunge.

“Fuck him baby.  Goddam you are one fucking hot piece! Greg is one lucky dude.” Walter encouraged her verbally as he moved to stand in beside the writhing couple, blocking her view of the door as she rode ‘Helicopter’. One hand was resting on the front of his shorts, the other stretched out to fondle a bouncing tit.  The three were in profile as Greg stood at the door, slightly behind the other watcher.  He knew they couldn’t see them, not really, even if they cared they would just be formless blobs in the dim hall.

Greg watched in stunned, horny silence.  The only noises were coming from the three in the room.  A flood of emotions ran through him.  Shit, I had no fucking idea she would be so into it…. I love it!

“You want my cock when you’re done with his baby? You ride that cock like you need more! Should I make you my slut too?”  Walter asked as ‘Helicopter’ began to grunt and shiver under her.  She didn’t answer Walter, instead, she ground down harder. Greg could tell Walter’s rough, crude talk hit some button in her, she loved it.

“Told you I’d make you fucking cum before me.”  She panted out defiantly as she pushed a laughing ‘Helicopter’ down to the bed as she let his slumping cock fall from her.  She rolled over to prop herself on the bed in a sitting position, eyeing Walter with a lustful hunger.  The watcher in front of Greg shifted slightly, blocking his view as he moved through the door for a better angle.

“Kelly, your pussy is so fucking wet.”  Greg heard Walter say a few seconds later, his voice deep and gravely with passion.  “You like having my finger in you?” Greg decided it was time for him to fully enter and fuck it all, he wanted a better view of his wife putting out for these men. Moving closer he saw that she was on the bed, on all fours.  Her ass was facing Walter, her back arched as she took his fingers.  Walter stood behind her, slowly fingering her pussy with one hand while he rubbed his still clothed cock with the other.

“Yes, yes. I… need… another… dick… in… me. MORE… Fuck me, please.”  She said in quick, staccato bursts, as if trying to get the words out between hurried breaths.

“You want my cock? Maybe you should suck me first.” Walter teased.

“Yes… Fuck yes, I want your cock.” Kelly grunted out, frustration and growing lust tinged her voice. As she did, the watcher moved even further into the room to stand near the bed.  ‘Helicopter’ was sprawled out, obviously spent but enjoying the play before him.  His limp cock was still covered in the condom he wore while fucking Kelly.  Walter smacked her ass once.

“Turn around, Suck my cock with that slutty mouth of yours first.”  Kelly did as she was ordered, turning on all fours until she was facing Walter, her ass faced the head of the bed.  Walter dropped his shorts to the floor, releasing at least 8 inches of erect penis that thrust out in Kell’s face.  With a gasp of pleasure, she took his shaft in her hand and stroked it gently.  Slowly moving her face closer to his throbbing member. Before taking him fully in her mouth she glanced over to the watcher where he stood within reach of her.

“Karl likes to watch.” Walter told Kelly, noticing her glance to the side.

“Sure. He can watch. I may need more cock anyway.” Kelly said absently, teasingly. The level of lust combined with complete lack of concern at another man watching her struck Greg.  He knew she couldn’t see him but must have recognized there was at least one other ‘watcher’ in the hall.  He decided it was time to step forward.

“OH, you think you need more babe?” Greg asked her in a calm tone. “Suck Walter’s cock first then we will see.” Kelly looked around for Greg, her eyes lighting up as she saw his smiling face.

“Yes, my love. Like this?” Kelly kept her eyes locked on Greg’s face as she ignored everything else around her and leaned forward. Her motion played out, as if eager for all watching to see her every move.  She slowly worked Walter’s glans into her mouth.  There was no time wasted on teasing or playing as she eagerly took him just past half his length. Greg watched as that long dark tube slid between her lips, his own erection growing as the scene unfolded before him.  Karl stepped slightly closer, cock in hand as he stroked himself.

“Is that what you want my love.  Do you like seeing me take his long cock, getting it wet like this?” Kelly smiled even as she pushed Walter’s dick between her lips.  Her eyes were locked onto Greg’s, cataloguing his every expression as she slid Walters dark cock deeper and deeper. He’s loving this! She thought as she saw him take a deep breath and wink at her.

“Yeah, just like that.” Greg told her as he stepped closer and lightly slapped her ass. “Hey, Karl right?” At the man’s nod Greg gestured him to move closer.  “She won’t mind if you play with her ass and cunt while she blows Walter.”

“Suck it sweet thing! Yeah, like that.  Down to my balls.” Walter exclaimed with a mild shudder as Kelly took him in her mouth. She moaned as Karl began fingering her. ‘Helicopter’, lay on the other side of Kelly and began stroking her inner thigh, working up to compete with Karl over the rights to her pussy.

“Damn, you are so fucking cock hungry!” Greg blurted out.  Kelly pulled back and laughed at his words.

“Yeah, I am.  You ready to fuck me Walter? Can I fuck him Greg? Would you like that? Uhhhhh!”  Kelly moaned as Karl swirled his wet fingers around her clit and ‘Helicopter’ slid in two digits.

“Yep, fuck him good.” Greg told her simply, not trusting himself to say more.  His dick was threatening to explode from his khaki’s as he watched Kelly give a final lick to Walter’s cock. With a final deep moan she languidly spun around allowing Karl to get an eyeful of her tits as she faced him briefly, teasing him with her sultry eyes.  She reached out to stroke Karl before she completed her turn, ending with her hands on the bed. A blatant invitation for Walter to take her from behind.  He wasted no time unrolling a condom on his solid shaft while she moved. Walter placed one hand on her ass while he used the other to guide his cock between her legs. Kelly dropped her head and moaned as he began to part her.

“You want this dick in you sweet thing?”  Walter grunted out.  “Say it.”

“I want it, I want your dick in me.” She hissed as he drove deeper, her fingers making scrabbling noises on the cheap sheets covering the bed. “Yesssss!” She hissed.  “Fuck me!  Fucking play with my tits!” She directed that to ‘Helicopter’ who obliged willingly. Then Karl reached over and grabbed the other. Greg took a step back to watch everything.  His breathing quickening as he took in his wife fucking one man while two others fondled her tits and watched.

Walter’s long black cock glistened with Kelly’s natural lubrication as he tried to slowly slide it into her tight cunt. Kelly was unwilling to let Walter make a slow entry as she pushed back on him, making him shift backwards slightly as he adjusted.

“Shit babe!  Hold on!  You are so fucking tight!”  He grunted as he pushed forward.  Mouth open wide, taking deep breaths Kelly continued to moan in pleasure as his cock slid in fully.

“Yes, push it in, I want it all. Yes! I love you Greg!  I fucking love you for this!” She moved with Walter as he slid his length in and out of her waiting pussy.  Ebony hands on her hips, pulled her onto his shaft, balls slapped her wet skin as he began an energetic thrusting.  She propped up on her hands getting better leverage to push against Walter.  “Oh fuck! Harder, smack my ass! PLEASE.” she screamed, losing all control. Greg stood there, caught up in the energy of the moment.

“God, I love you too babe!” Greg finally told her even as he thought; this is what we’ve talked and fantasized about for nearly a year. Walter panted deeply as he plunged in her.

“Yeah, you are so fucking tight, squeeze that pussy!”  Kelly’s face was streaming sweat from her exertions. ‘Helicopter’ continued playing with her boobs, squeezing them in turn, trading off with Karl.  Greg had never seen Kelly so out of control, never imagined it was possible. Kelly bent down, taking one of ‘Helicopters’ nipples in her mouth and biting it.  He grunted in surprised pain and pleasure.  She then leaned over and grabbed the tip of Karl’s cock in her mouth, sucking it furiously.  Karl’s eyes rolled up in his head as he continued to stroke himself. Kelly was rapidly approaching orgasm, the tension of her body, her gorgeous face tight, her eyes closed were all the signal Greg needed.

“Oh fuck, OH FUCK!  Uhhhhhhhh,” She screamed as she dropped Karl’s cock from her mouth then tapered to a moan as Walter continued to thrust in her.

“You got me there, almost!” Then with a final shuddering thrust of his ass, driving himself into her he groaned out.  “Son of a bitch, that was so damn good! You know how to work those pussy muscles!”  He gave her ass a playful slap as he withdrew.  Grabbing the waist of his pants he walked over to a trash can and casually pulled the full rubber from his cock.

Pulling his pants up he turned to Kelly and told her, “I’ll be ready again later if you want another try. For now I gotta check on things.” Kelly held her pose as he spoke, back arched beautifully, ass still in the air and lower lip grasped between her teeth. ‘Helicopter’ continued to tug lightly on her nipples.  She had a look of pure satisfaction on her face.

“Me too.  I should go find Ann.” ‘Helicopter’ finally rolled from the bed giving Kelly’s ass a casual smack as she held her arched back pose. He smacked Greg on the shoulder as he walked past and through the door. “That was awesome bro.”

Greg grinned as he began undoing his pants. He walked over to where Kelly was now casually blowing Karl.  His short stubby dick disappearing in her mouth.

“Yes, yes!  Just a little more!” He grunted before shuddering in pleasure.  “Fucking awesome!” He exclaimed as she gave his head a final kiss and released it.

“Hey, can you close the door when you leave?” Greg asked him.

“Sure thing. Have fun!” Without another word he scurried from the room. Leaving Kelly and Greg alone, the sound of music wafting down the hall from the dance floor now muffled by the closed door.

Kelly flopped over on the bed, breathing deeply.  Her eyes were half closed. She was staring at Greg with a faint smile on her lips. She stretched out a hand to him.

“Happy Valentines Day. You up for a little more?” Greg winked and chuckled as Kelly spread her legs wide and began caressing her pussy.

“Always for you!  Happy Valentine’s Day. The best one yet!” Greg stepped in closer, dropping on her and piercing, her pussy with his solid cock.

“Love you!” She gasped as he began thrusting.

The End

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Naughty Christmas Cards – A Lilly and Kyle Short Story

Between Friends

Amber’s Erotic Possession

The Succubus Queen

Sharon’s Punishment

Sharon’s Domination

The Resort

HotWife Series

A Hotwife’s Present: A HotWife is Shared

A Hotwife’s Adventure: Shared at the Club

Erin’s Erotic Adventures – Nudist Resort

Laying Out

Hot Tub Party

His Best Friend

Time For Beth

Party Time

Seducing the Boss

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Table of Contents

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