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A Dark Desire

Married woman experiences first interracial encounter
A Dark Desire

The number of cars clustered in the parking lot is a little surprising. Sure I knew there would be a few volunteers who’d answer the request for assistance at the library, but I didn’t expect quite this many. It’s an impressive turnout for a weekday morning, and before 8:00 a.m. to boot.

With my husband Roger being away for the first week of a two week business trip, the novelty of solo shopping and doing whatever I please has worn a bit thin. I’m feeling just a little proud that I’m actually eager to do a little community service. Lord knows that’s never been a high point with me before. Being a recent resident of the city I hardly know anyone. Certainly not anyone well enough to really hang out with. This might turn out to be an ideal opportunity to meet some new friends too.

As I pass through the heavy glass doors and bound up the flight of stairs, a woman seated behind a large wooden counter running adjacent to the upper landing of a cavernous hallway smiles warmly at my approach. She rises as I near.

She’s about my age, quite pretty and dressed very smartly in a black blazer and a white shirt. She’s definitely a departure from my stereotypical image of a librarian. Aren’t they all supposed to be some crotchety old maid with heavy dark glasses and their hair pinned into some extreme sort of bun?

“Good morning, are you here to volunteer to help out today?” she asks, her voice notably louder than what I would expect in a library. Not that I would know. My experience with libraries is pretty limited. I’ve never managed to even remotely understanding how to use the Dewey Decimal system. Does anybody?

“Yes I am. I heard your advertisement on the radio asking for volunteers to help out today, so I just showed up. I hope that’s ok?”

“That’s great,” she replies warmly, “We can always use more volunteers with delivery requests.”

“Well deliveries will be perfect. I have a van.”

“Even better,” she replies.

I’m immediately relieved I didn’t drive the Honda. If the van hadn’t been parked directly behind it, I’m afraid that would have been my first choice.

“If you just go to the room on the right at the far end of this hallway, our organizer Helen will be able to set you up with a partner and get you on your way as soon as possible,” she says, “And thanks again for helping out.”

The warm reception has lifted my mood even further, and I’m itching to get started.

Before I’m halfway down the long hallway I can hear the buzz of conversation. It only gets louder as I continue, and it’s almost at party pitch when I round the corner. How many people are here anyway?

Giving the half-open door a knock before slowly entering, an elderly lady walks toward me and extends her hand.

“Hi, I’m Helen,” she says in a squeaky almost frail voice, “I’m so glad you came to help out.”

“Hi Helen, I’m Rita,” I reply, noting the almost imperceptible grasp of her thin hand against mine, “I’m looking forward to it.”

“Come along, I’ll introduce you to the others,” Helen urges, gesturing me toward a group of women and one solitary man gathered around a small table covered with an array of various dainties and a large coffee urn.

I like Helen immediately. With her slightly stooped posture and wizened yet delicate facial features she reminds me so much of my grandmother. The big difference being my grandmother has the blue tinted hair that she thinks suits her so well. Helen wisely goes with the natural snow white that I find much more attractive. Like my grandmother, I get the impression that Helen is a real take-charge woman.

A flurry of introductions ensues as we arrive at the table. Helen introduces me to everyone present, and of course almost insists I have a coffee and a little something to snack on.

All the other women present represent a cross section of the local women. A few are quite elderly, while most are what I would classify as typical soccer mom types. The ones who relish community activities while their children are attending school, and of course gossip. They’re all a flurry of questions as we’re introduced. The usual overly snoopy interrogations these types thrive on. About marriage, kids, where I live and my husbands work. I forget their names as fast as Helen introduces us.

The sole man in the little gathering stands out in stark contrast to the others. Other than being simply a man he’s also rather young, very handsome, and the only black person in the room.

When Helen introduces me to Nathan I’m pleasantly surprised to find him to be very pleasant and a true gentleman. Given my penchant for always being drawn to strays and outsiders, I quickly gravitate toward him and our conversation just seems to take off. He doesn’t pry or question. Instead he seems to want to simply talk. Since I’m always up for a good gab, it’s something I appreciate in a man.

My blabbering is interrupted when Helen announces that she would like us to team up to do the deliveries. We’re to take books that the main library is rotating between the smaller ones and deliver them to the various locations that have made requests. Since most of the others have obviously done this before, the majority of the participants have brought their regular partners. Helen pairs the few of us without partners. I’m almost positive I see her wink as she asks if I will work with Nathan. Has she noticed something I haven’t?

We spend the next half hour loading my van with box upon box of carefully packaged books. Helen oversees the loading and constantly reminds us to be careful. It’s probably a good thing too. The damn things are heavy. I’m actually more than a little relieved when we finally get the last box carefully tucked inside the van. It ceases Helen’s constant nattering and my sweating.

As Helen gives us directions to the hospital library across the city, I finally notice how well built Nathan really is. He’s quite tall and wearing the simple t-shirt and jeans attire that I am. The shirt hugs every curve and ripple of his well defined torso, and as he turns to close the rear door of the van I notice just how well he fills out those Levi’s. Oh his butt is perfection. I’ve never been one to pass up the opportunity to take in the sight of a small tight ass on a man.

Our conversation starts anew the moment the wheels of the van start to roll. By the time we’re halfway across town I’ve found out a lot about my partner. He’s told me all about his work as an engineer, also a newcomer to the city, and of course the fact he’s single. Being that I’m quite new to the city also, it gives us a real platform of commonality to gab about almost any topic. He’s got the greatest sense of humor, and his joking manner has me laughing often. His company is truly enjoyable and he’s easy to like. He’s also easy on the eyes.

As I turn onto the last stretch of freeway to the hospital, I can’t help notice his large hand splayed out across the armrest of the van seat. He has beautiful long fingers, and it’s not long before I start to imagine a few places where I wouldn’t mind those fingers being. I’ve often had rather lurid fantasies about black men, especially when I masturbate, and I sense a hot one starting to creep through my mind this very minute. Less than a mile down the freeway I’m wondering if he can detect any sense of the wicked things I’m imagining us doing. I’m sure he must be able to spot my nipples jutting hard against my bra. At least I’m hoping.

I’m calmed down a little as we pull into the hospital entrance.

Nathan says he’ll check exactly where we are to deliver the books and he hops from the van as I stop in a pick-up turnout just beside the entry doors. My eyes roam his wide shoulders and tight backside as he walks toward the doors. God he’s something, and I feel my nipples tighten again.

A short while later, Nathan exits the hospital entrance and turns toward the side of the building. He waves for me to turn at the far end of the drive.

We’re alone in the room where we stack the boxes of books. As I turn from arranging a box on the growing pile, I catch Nathan’s gaze centered squarely on my ass. The sudden realization that he’s been looking, checking me out, sends a ripple of arousal from pussy to nipples. I’m a little surprised, but extremely pleased that he would look at me that way. His eyes suddenly meet mine, and he knows I’ve caught him looking. He should be grateful I can’t see the blush of embarrassment. I simply smile and carry on like nothings happened. He’s quiet.

As we finish with the last of the boxes and get into the van, Nathan’s still strangely quiet.

“Is something the matter?” I ask as I pull out of the hospital driveway and onto the main street.

“No…nothing’s wrong,” he replies quietly, “I just thought you might be a little upset.”

“Why would I be upset?”

“Well you know…” he says slowly, “About my looking at you.”

I can’t help it. I start to laugh.

“Good heavens Nathan, something as innocent and natural as that would never upset me,” I reply with a laugh, “Besides, I love a good looking guy ogling my butt.” I put a heavy emphasis on the love.

He has an odd look on his face, and I get the distinct impression a woman has never said anything like that to him before. Especially a married white one.

“Wanna know a little secret?” I ask playfully.

“Sure,” he replies hesitantly.

“Women look too you know…and I actually snuck a peek at your butt,” I laugh, adding a nod and a flirty little pat on his hand resting on the armrest.

He starts to laugh, and I know the ice is broken.

“Really?” he asks, still laughing a little.

“Uh huh,” I reply, “And a cute little tush you have too.”

In a heartbeat he’s back to his normal witty and charming persona. I’m glad. I really like this mood of his.

Our conversation takes a more personal tone as we drive. I’m feeling great. Flirty, even a little daring. Ok I’m horny.

As we cross Burrows Avenue, a sudden thought strikes me. It’s almost noon, and a bite to eat would be nice.

“Hey…we’re really close to where I live. Would you like to come for a quick lunch before I drop you off?” I ask.

I can tell Nathan’s a little surprised by the offer, but he readily agrees.

Why the thought of inviting him home for lunch ever hit me I don’t know, but I’m not sorry it did. I’m eager to spend more time with Nathan. He’s very enjoyable to be around, let alone the fact he arouses me so.

The heat from the sun is just starting to get intense as we pull into the driveway. The rush of cool air is pleasant as I open the front door. Since I barely know our neighbors, I give no thought whatsoever as to what they might think about some black guy following me into the house. It’s not like we plan on doing anything immoral. Are we?

Nathan comments on the house as he follows me to the kitchen. His compliments are appreciated, and I wiggle my ass just a bit more than normal. Perhaps he’ll compliment me on that as well. At the very least I hope he notices.

“There’s cold beer in the refrigerator if you’d like one.”

“Are you having one?” he asks.


Nathan opens the refrigerator to get us a beer and I open the pantry to get a can of soup. I plan on something simple like soup and a sandwich. No point in him knowing I can’t cook worth a damn.

Nathan’s still standing beside the refrigerator door as I turn toward it. He steps aside with a beer in each hand as I move to get the butter dish and the cold cuts. My breasts brush hard against his arm as he edges away. The sensation of my nipples touching him sends a spike of sensation through me. Has he noticed how hard they are?

“I just need the butter,” I say, one breast still barely touching against him. I make no attempt to move. He finally does.

“Have a seat. Lunch will be ready in a jiffy,” as I motion him toward the table and take the offered beer from his hand.

Our little lunch turns out to be a very pleasant interlude. We laugh and sip at the beer as we eat. I’m so glad to have met Nathan. He really has a way about him that has me school-girl giddy. Rarely does a man have that effect on me.

“This was a great lunch,” Nathan remarks as he polishes off the last of his sandwich, “Thanks so much for inviting me.”

“I’m happy to have such pleasant company,” I reply, returning the compliment on the simple meal.

My mind wanders as Nathan continues to talk. Listening but not really hearing, I’m wondering instead about the conversation Roger is having right now. Is he chatting with a business associate? Or one of his on-the-road lovers.

I’ve always known Roger sees other women while away on business. He’s so careless. I’ve seen the little signs a hundred times. An odd scratch across his back. The smell of feminine perfume on his soiled shirt. The redness on his knees and elbows that isn’t from crawling around some hotel carpet looking for a contact lens. Once he even had a chafed area of friction burn along the base of his cock. The bitch could have at least shaved a little closer. Yes I know of his frequent encounters. It’s never really mattered though, and I’ve never broached the subject with him. I know he loves me, and why rock a boat that floats so well. The others will never have what I do. It’s just fucking for them, never lovemaking.

The thoughts of Roger have my hormones racing. As I look across the table at Nathan, I wonder. What would it be like to just fuck with him? No thoughts of guilt or misgivings. Just sex. Just wild uninhibited fucking.

I take another sip of beer to settle down. I should be pouring the icy brew down the front of my jeans rather than my throat. I’ve gotten myself worked up to way beyond where I should be in a situation like this.

“Whew, that sure was a hot little job this morning,” Nathan remarks, “I’m still a little sweaty.”

His innocent remark has quite the effect on me in my present state. All manner of explicit and erotic thoughts tear though my mind. My pussy aches with desire. It’s so tempting. Should I? Could I? Would he fuck me?

“Your welcome to take a shower if you like,” I blurt out. I hope he doesn’t notice the quaver in my voice.

“No, I couldn’t impose on you like that,” he replies.

“Nonsense, it’s no imposition at all,” I quickly interject, “Come on and I’ll show you where everything is.”

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Positive…now come on,” I reply, rising and without even thinking about it I reach for his hand.

The sudden touch feel of his skin against mine is stirring. My hand feels small in his grasp, and I don’t let go even as we enter the bedroom and turn the corner to the master bath. It just feels right.

“The towels are fresh and there’s soap and shampoo in the shower,” I say, opening the curtain to the large shower stall.

As I turn toward him our eyes meet. It’s that moment. The very second for decision. Do I simply drop his hand and leave? Do I linger? Am I truly sure?

His kiss is so perfect. Soft, tentative and almost teasing. He pulls me tighter as the resistance of my hands against his chest lessens. He has me and he knows it.

Desire rages through me as our tongues meet and swirl together. My arms wrap his shoulders and I cling to him. Desperate and wanting.

As he slowly moves his hands to pull up on my shirt, I raise my arms to allow him to pull it over my head. He quickly tosses it aside and his fingers reach for the hasp at the front of my bra. Leaning from him slightly, our eyes meet as I feel him opening my bra. My breasts fall gently and slowly from the cups. A crooning moan escapes me as his fingers touch my hard aching nipples. His hands cup my breasts, kneading gently.

His hands drift downward. His fingers pull at the waist of my jeans. The sudden loosening of the button and the purr of zipper has me reeling. Can he know how much I want to be naked with him?

As his hands peel my jeans over the swell of my hips, I kick them away as they drop down my legs. My panties quickly follow.

He’s kissing me again as his hands clench the cheeks of my ass. Our kisses deep and intense.

I reach for his shirt and urgently yank it over his head. I can’t be slow. I want him. I want him naked with me. With shaky fingers I jerk his jeans loose from his narrow waist. He moves away slightly, pulling both jeans and jockey’s downward in one smooth motion. I watch as his cock springs free from constraint.

He kicks away the jeans and underwear as I simply revel in the sight of his half-hard cock. This thing that’s held such fascination during all those fantasies. I’m giddy with desire as my hand reaches to hold his cock, watching intently as the slightly pinkish head slowly protrudes from the dark foreskin. Gripping him with more firmness, I feel the pulse and throb of it stiffening, the large knob flaring and exposed as I push toward his belly. He’s not hung like the monster I’d imagined, but he’s far from a disappointment.

His whispered “See something you like?” breaks the spell of the moment, and I turn to look directly into his eyes.

“Yes,” I whisper, melting into his arms and pressing my belly hard against his erect cock. The sensation of my bared breasts against his chest is so enticing.

Our kisses are deep and ravenous. I tremble with desire. Tremors run through me.

He stands behind me as I lean to turn on the water, his hands moving up and down my ass as I adjust the water. I’m so tempted to spread my legs and just let him take me then and there.

Reaching for his hand, I have him in tow as I step into the enclosure. The moment he closes the curtain I flip on the shower.

He stands behind me as I face the needling jets of water. The sensation of the slight stinging against my breasts is wonderful. Nathan’s fingers circle my nipples as I lean back against his chest.

Reaching back I grip his ass as he soaps a sponge and slowly starts running the slightly rough texture over me from neck to belly. I close my eyes, reveling in the sensations as he washes me gently. The feel of one soap slicked hand teasing a breast, the other swirling the coarse roughness of the sponge over the other is exquisite. My nipples stand fully erect under his touch.

Leaning forward, I let the blast of water charge across my face and hair before leaning to allow the cascade of water to spill down my back. Bracing myself with my hands against the wall, I feel the sponge and Nathan’s hands roam my arched back. Placing a foot on the rim of the enclosure, I expose myself to his exploring fingers.

I mew softly as he presses the sponge between the cheeks of my ass, reveling the sensation of the raspy texture moving across my anus, inching lower to grind against my pussy. His fingers circle and press at the puckered sensitivity of my ass. Teasing as the soap slick almost allows entry.

His fingers lower and cup my pussy. One finger slowly eases between the lips. I’m squirming against his touch as two fingers glide along my inner lips and gently press my clit between them.

He reaches to roll a nipple between his fingers. I’m heaving as his other hand works my pussy and ass. His fingers swirl my clit and a thumb presses against the puckered anus. I’m so close, so fucking close. I’m near wilting as his fingers tease at the gaping opening of my pussy.

I’m teetering when he stops. Hanging and wanting with a fierce urgency.

It’s my turn to arouse as I turn and sink to my knees, practically inhaling his cock.

My tongue swirls his flaring knob, both hands gripping his thick shaft and pulling his foreskin back fully. He moans as I flick my tongue across the little vee at the apex of knob and shaft. I look up through the spray of water and watch as he looks down at me. Desire shows in his eyes as my tongue circles the velvety ridge. My lips move in a slow stroking motion across his knob. He’s throbbing hard, and I can taste the pre-cum oozing from the tip as I swirl the slickness with my tongue tip. He’s dripping with his own wants and desires. He’s ready.

He’s tensing. He’s right on the very edge. His hands drop to clench in my hair. I know he wants me to finish, but I won’t. This cock needs to be savored further, and I have other thoughts of how.

I reach back and snap off the shower. He pulls me tight to him the second I rise, his kisses urgent and deep. My legs almost buckle as his tongue lashes against mine. Plunging a hand between us I cup the large balls I hope are aching for release.

“Fuck me Nathan,” I whisper, pleading, “Please just fuck me.”

He scoops me into his arms as we step from the shower. We continue to kiss as I cling in his embrace. We drip our way to the bed, and he gently sets me down. Tearing away the comforter, I roll onto the cool sheets. He’s beside me in a heartbeat, and the sensation of his hot body against mine is the perfect contrast to the cool sheets.

“Rita I want…”

“Don’t…don’t say anything Nathan,” I whisper, “Just fuck me…use me.”

He looks into my eyes. He kisses me deeply. His mouth moves to my nipples, sucking, biting, and tongue swirling the hard sensitive points. Arching my breasts upward, I pull him tight to me.

I’m burning with desire as he mouths lower, his lips moving across my wet belly in a series of kisses and bites. No whispered endearments, no cuddles, no waste of the moment.

“Tongue me Nathan,” I moan as he moves between my splayed legs, “Tongue me hard. Fuck me.”

I’m raging horny as he kisses my pussy, his breath a hot zephyr against the swollen lips. He places his hands against my thighs and spreads me further. Twisting my hips from the bed, I open myself to him. A low moan escapes me as his tongue dances downward and swirls at my anus. Oh I love that, a man licking there. As he ravishes my ass, I squirm at every lash, swirl and probe of his tongue.

My pussy aches with need as Nathan nibbles at the little patch of sensitivity between my pussy and ass.

As his hands lower from my thighs to rest on either side of my pussy, I pant in anticipation. He presses and spreads me further, and I gasp as I feel the touch of his tongue against the feathery inner lips. He teases, probes and flicks with a practiced ease. He has me soaring with sensation and desire. A brushing flick across my clit, a plunge into my wet center, a flailing of my inner lips, all is driving me onward to the edge. I’m quivering as he blows softly on my erect clit; a finger, no two, slowly slip into me.

I beg wantonly at the slow stroking of his fingers against the roof of my pussy and the relentless tonguing begins anew. Emotion and sensation race through my very core with every lick and plunge. I’m wallowing in pleasure, and sprinting headlong toward the very edge of ecstasy.

My every muscle tenses. Every nerve screaming as I near orgasm. Nathan’s tongue curling slowly around the tip of my engorged clit brings me to the very crest, and beyond.

My legs slam against his shoulders as I succumb to the onslaught of his tongue pressed flat against my clit. My ass clears the bed as I buck and writhe against him. Blinding light flashes behind tightly closes eyes. Screaming out in pure abandon I’m consumed in the wrenching grasp of orgasm. Clawing and tearing at the sheets, my toes cramp in tight curls. My pussy grips his fingers as the waves of rippling contractions tear though me. It’s long, profound and almost overwhelming. I’m left quaking, shivering and crying in the aftermath. My breath comes in deep gasps, struggling for air. It’s like I’m completely drained, shriveling and melting into the sheet. Beyond all expectation or reality. Another plane of existence.

I don’t even remember Nathan moving beside me. As we kiss softly, I taste myself on his lips and tongue. My breathing deep and slow. His hand slowly moves across the blushed flesh of my breasts and gently pulls at a nipple. Recovery is slow as he kisses across my shoulder and downward toward my breasts. Desire returns to me as he touches his tongue to a still wrinkled areola. My hands move to his head, and I run my fingers down his neck and across his broad shoulders. I want him. All of him.

I wriggle from his embrace, and I push him onto his back. Kneeling, I simply look at him. He smiles as my roving eyes meet his. He’s striking. The very embodiment of every lurid fantasy I’ve ever had of men like him. My eyes wander the every curve and bulge of his muscled torso. The well defined abs. The sharp crease of his pectoral mounds. The small scattering of curly black clusters of chest hair. My eyes linger on his beautiful cock, hard and erect as it lays so inviting against the flat belly.

I bend and move to kiss him.

“Do you know how much I want to fuck you?” I whisper as my lips brush his.

“No,” he whispers in reply, “Maybe you could show me.” I can hear the tease in his voice.

“Maybe,” I whisper as I pull away slightly.

His eyes follow as my lips lower to his chest. He’s watching as I make an exaggerated bite on his nipple. His chest rises to me as I nip at the hard little point.

He’s staring intently as I kiss lower. He moans a little and his cock twitches as my lips just touch the half exposed knob. My eyes never leave his. His watching and anticipating my every move stirs me so. He rises to his elbows as I touch the tip of my tongue to his knob. I flick my tongue fully down his shaft, my hand reaching to palm his balls.

His manly scent is so arousing as I suck and mouth his large balls, rolling them with my tongue. His hand grips at a cheek of my ass.

As I lick upward on the shaft of his cock my eyes meet his. I wiggle my eyebrows enticingly as I lick teasingly at the exposed tip. I see his head roll back as my hand grasps his shaft to stroke in a slow twisting motion. I know what he wants.

He moans audibly as I mouth his knob, sucking at the oozing tip. He’s raging hard and trying to thrust deeper into my mouth. I love the control I have of him. Just knowing I could suck him off so easily drives my desires onward. I’d love him spurting in my mouth, but I want it elsewhere. I need it elsewhere.

His head snaps back upright as his cock falls from my hand and I straddle him. Our eyes locked as I reach to guide him. The warm touch of his cock against my pussy has me seething with want. Pressing against the hardness I slowly work him deeper into my wet and ready pussy. My breath ragged as I place my hands on his chest and rock him deep into me. He drops back onto the bed, groaning as I slowly stroke him full length inside me. Oh god it’s so filling. So good.

Fully aroused, aching and craving, I grind my pussy hard against him with every downward plunge. He tries to drive deeper as I rock against him. Arching, I reach back to press my hand against his balls. His hands reach for my breasts, squeezing and pulling. He’s close. His scrotum wrinkling tight to his swelling balls.

I lift off of and roll onto my back beside him. He’s covering me instantly. His legs pushing mine apart, positioning. I reach to guide him into me. He crushes against me, driving his cock balls deep in one long slow stroke. It’s breathtaking.

With legs wrapped tightly around his narrow hips, I lunge to meet his every thrust. My fingers clench and grip at his shoulders. He plows into me.

“Oh sweet Jesus Nathan…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me.”

His lips are everywhere, kissing, at my nape, my breasts. He bites and sucks. I know he’s leaving marks. I don’t care. Mark me. Mark your wanton whore. Just fuck me.

He lunges wildly, impaling me with his cock, driving the entire length deep to my very core. It’s beyond all expectations.

“Fuck me hard Nathan,” I plead, “Cum in me…fuck me…I want your cum in me NOW.”

Near delirious with pleasure I feel his final savage plunge. His weight fully on me, pressing, grinding. His cock trembles, throbs and twitches as he blasts into me. He groans loudly as I feel the hot cum pouring into me, triggering my own orgasm. Screaming and squealing in the throes of primal lust, my pussy clamps to his still squirting cock. I’m fucking, fucking, fucking. Biting and clawing. My fingers rake his back. I’m beyond any hope of restraint and control.

Both our breathing is a series of ragged gasps as Nathan slowly lifts and eases his wilting cock from me. A river of cum pours down my ass.

He falls to his back and we lie side by side, gasping, choked for air. I can’t move. I don’t want to move. I’m as spent and drained as I’ve ever been, maybe more. My thoughts a churning maelstrom of torrid visions and emotion. Can he possibly know what he’s done to me? How he’s touched me?

Nathan barely shifts as I move to him. Wiggling lower, I lie across his belly. My tongue reaches out to touch his cock. I wriggle closer, and push the foreskin back, licking the last remnants of semen from his shrinking knob. I want to taste him.

We kiss soft and quietly as I move back into his arms. Neither speaks or whispers. No lovers whispers in the afterglow. I’m glad. I don’t want a lover. I only wanted to be fucked. There’s a difference.

I blink as I suddenly awake, not remembering even drifting toward sleep. Nathan is asleep, his breathing soft and gentle as my head rises and falls on his chest with every breath. The scent of sex permeates the air. My pussy feels so used, aching and crusted with dried semen.

As I slip from Nathan’s embrace, I’m careful to be quiet. The bathroom door closes behind me with a soft click. I don’t want to wake him. Not yet.

Nathan’s semen still wets me as the swirl of water whisks away the mix of cum and urine. It’s an exciting sensation.

As I stand in front of the full length mirror I hardly recognizing myself. My hair a mat of tangled strands dried in twenty different directions. Lipstick smears along my lips. Mascara trails down both cheeks from tears of pleasure. Bruising marks show on my neck, my breasts, and my thighs. Cupping a breast I run a finger across a tender spot beside the nipple. These marks will never fade before Roger returns. Nathan’s marks. His marks of conquest and possession. Roger will know I’ve been fucked and ravished by another man. He’ll know, just like I’ve known of his dalliances. Will he be jealous? Angry? Could it even excite him? The knowing.

My fingers tease at my nipple. My eyes close and I envision Roger tonguing me, licking at the wet center where Nathan’s cum still seeps from me. Wild desires again begin the surging course through my very being. It’s time to awaken Nathan.


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