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Son’s Christmas Wish

Mom grants son's wish on Christmas.
Son’s Christmas Wish

John Miller walked into their bedroom after taking a shower. His wife Marie was sitting on the bed looking at a piece of paper, shaking her head.

He asked, “What’s up, honey? What’s on your mind?”

“Can you believe the audacity of our son, Brian? I really can’t believe this,” she answered.

John was intrigued. His son just turned eighteen this past summer, having graduated from high school and was growing into a strapping, verile man. He knew that his son was smart, but how smart he was, he was about to find out.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“C’mon Marie, out with it!”

She looked up at her husband of twenty years in bewilderment as she responded, “I always ask our son to give me a list of what he wants for Christmas. It’s always so hard to buy for him, so this makes it easier. But this year, he asked for something…,well, I don’t know how to tell you. Here, read his list.”

John snatched the paper from his wife’s hand, and began scanning the list. The usual video games, designer clothes, and tools were on his list this year. But what caught his eye was the last item on the list. Simply, it stated, “A blowjob.”

“Can you really believe he asked his own mother to suck his cock? The nerve of him,” she stated after seeing her husband’s eyes get real wide.

Then he laughed out loud, saying, “I don’t know honey, it’s what every guy wants for a gift. I know I did at his age. I lost my virginity to my mother’s best friend when I was your son’s age. It was my birthday present. I don’t see anything wrong about his Christmas list.”

“Dammit John! Are you condoning this behavior? My son wants a blowjob, and you think it’s funny?”

He was still laughing as he went over to her, and began rubbing her shoulders. He definitely was surprised by Brian’s request, but he also knew he wasn’t a prude. He wanted to ease her mind, but on the same token, it excited him to imagine his wife giving their son his first blowjob. Maybe even fucking him by the Christmas tree. And what better Christmas present is there than a mother-son affair. Maybe even they could get into a three-way. Their sex life was always good, but had become dull lately. Maybe this was the spark that would turn three people on to the point of ecstacy. He had thought about suggesting that they swing with other couples, but this scenario seemed even better.

Her husband told her soothingly, “I really don’t see anything wrong with it. Be honest, honey. Haven’t you ever thought about having sex with your son? I know I have dreamed about it.”

“Honestly John, you can’t really be serious! The incest, I mean. Yeah, it has crossed my mind a time or two in the past, but he is our son. I can’t just go down there on Christmas morning, hand him his gifts, then go down on him too! I know he wouldn’t regret it, but still…,” she said while her mind was a whirl of imagining being on her knees sucking off her son’s hefty cock.

Marie had caught her son a time or two running naked to the shower. She never told Brian about it, but it did turn her on seeing his manhood. He was built just like his father, and John had a large cock that satisfied her every hole fully. And she wasn’t a prude, she was known as “Head Queen” in her younger days, which finally landed her husband with her oral talents. But as she snapped out of her daydreaming, the incest idea brought her back to her senses.

Her hubby replied, “Marie, you are the best damn cocksucker I had ever met. You were the best long before I met you. What guy in his right mind would not want your hot lips wrapped around his dick? The thought of this is turning me on, I think I could use one of your world-class blowjobs right now.”

His wife looked at him with a stunned look, when he parted his robe, freeing the beauty that she craved all of the time. She was hot-blooded and horny often, and the sight of his cock, or any cock for that matter, made her mouth water. She loved to fuck, but her favorite turn-on was sucking a guy off and swallowing that delicious cum. And as she reached for John’s cock, she couldn’t help wishing it was her son’s instead.

As she stroked him, she whispered, “The thought of sucking Brian’s cock has crossed my mind, but it’s wrong. It is wrong, isn’t it?”

Then she swooped down, and took that oozing cockhead of her husband’s large penis into her mouth. She was in her element, sucking a wonderful cock. She wrapped her arms around his thighs, drawing him nearer as she took in inch after inch. The blood to his veins drew his cock to extreme hardness in her mouth. The cocksucking thrill was for her husband, but her mind was on her son.”

“All I am saying, Marie, is give him a blowjob for Christmas. It has me so hot I am about to blow a load down your throat. That hot mouth of yours has driven me nuts for years, so now maybe, it’s time to treat our son to the same pleasures,” he grunted as her mouth was working wonders on his dick.

She pulled off gasping and breathlessly said, “Well, if you think it’s okay, then I guess I’ll give my son a blowjob for Christmas. But you do understand John, that he’ll probably want to fuck me as well. Are you okay with all of this?”

As his sexy wife once again took his cock down her throat this time, he mumbled out, “It’s fine with me. Hell, I might just want to video it for posterity. Then I want to fuck that ass of yours while my son fucks you too. Doesn’t that sound hot?”

She just moaned loudly as he began to fuck her face now with his rampant dick. And she craved it. Cum always tasted wonderful to her, and she needed it more than ever right now. Problem was, she wished it was her son’s also.

Marie felt the ever expanding length of her hubby’s cock rising, and she knew the sign. He was about to blow, sending her into delirium over the idea of taking just another cumload from her sweet man.

John groaned out, “I’m going to shoot. Take my cum, honey!”

She pulled harder on his ass now, forcing him down her throat completely as his balls slammed her chin. Then he jerked, and her throat was coated with his sweet-tasting sperm once again, as she pulled back slowly to taste it for the thousandth time. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth, oozing down her throat. She was like an animal in heat as she worked all of his cumload out of that blasting dick of his.

Finally, after she heard John’s breaths begin to calm, she pulled off, and licked the vestiges that remained on the cockhead and her lips. She licked her lips seductively while grinning up at her wonderful husband. She knew that her man was a flirt, and even at times she wondered it he got laid on the side, but he was not going anywhere as long as she sucked him off whenever he needed it. And in turn, she got the pleasures that she enjoyed as she moved her hand down and felt the wet panties from the orgasm she just experienced.

“So it’s settled then, Marie? Brian get’s his present on Christmas?”

As her husband closed his robe, she answered, “Yeah, if you are okay with it, I am looking forward to it. Of course, you know this will change our lives quite a bit.”

“I know, honey. Having movies of a mother sucking and fucking our son, and also all the sex we could possibly have together, I only can see a win-win situation,” he said as he headed out the bedroom door.

As Marie laid back on the bed, she was still turned on and began to masturbate. She couldn’t wait to show her son what a wonderful cocksucker his mother was. The only problem was Christmas was still a week away!

Several days later, Marie was sitting at the kitchen table having a muffin and coffee, when her son Brian came into the kitchen. She always felt flushed at the thought of what she was soon going to give her son for his Christmas gift. And, even worse, she had to pretend as if nothing was going to happen. She definitely hoped the request on the Christmas list wouldn’t come up between them until then.

“Good morning, mom. Did you get my Christmas list? I know you can’t get me everything, so please do your best. I know one item won’t cost you anything to get,” he said with a wink.

Blushing bright red now, his mother replied, “Ummm, I’ll do my best, son. Some things are hard to get at the last minute. You did ask for an awful lot. I guess you will just have to wait until Christmas morning to see what Santa brings you.”

“I know mom that you will do your best. Did I tell you how beautiful and how all aglow you look this morning?”

“Well, thanks Brian. I wonder if you are trying to butter up your mom for something. Some things you tell me are very hard to swallow,” she said, once again blushing at the double meaning of what she had just said to him.

“Oh, don’t worry mom. Word has it, you can handle almost anything,” Brian told her before heading out the back door while grinning from ear to ear.

Marie hadn’t missed the huge bulge in her son’s pants as he passed her by while leaving. The thought of what she was going to do with her son had kept her in orgasmic bliss since the other night after the discussion between John and her. Besides, her hubby would constantly remind her of her duties for Christmas day. And she didn’t know how she was going to handle four more days of this expectation of incest she was about to fall into.

Marie was rushing around shopping two days before Christmas. Trying to find things for her husband and son was difficult on this next-to-last shopping day before the big holiday. She knew her son wanted a special video game, but when she looked on the shelf at the store, it was empty. She was desperate to find it. Yeah, Brian would be getting something very special, but she was still a mom who wanted her son to have the best of everything.

She walked up to the counter with a younger guy behind it, not much older than her son. She had worn her skirt and low-cut top, which showed plenty of her cleavage, and in turn, the clerk’s eyes were drawn to her breasts like a magnet. She smiled at him, knowing it was her intention to get his attention.

Marie said while holding out a picture of the needed item from a newspaper ad, “Excuse me, sir. Do you have this video game? My son wants it very badly, and every place I’ve been, they are out of it. Do you have any more left?”

“Well, no ma’am. We have one left, but someone asked if we’d hold it until they went to get some money. I’m sorry,” he told her while still surveying her half-naked breasts.

“Damn! I’d do almost anything to get that video game. Do you know anyone who can get one for me. I can pay anything, or do whatever they want,” she begged.

The male clerk smiled to himself. Here was an opportunity to get his hands on those wonderful tits for the first time. Maybe he could bribe her, she looked like someone who would be willing to show them to him.

“Maybe we could talk, ma’am. Come with me.”

Marie followed the young clerk back to the storeroom, as she watched him close the door. She studied the young man, and when he faced her, she took notice to the nice package in his jeans. She tried to look at his face, but her eyes constantly flickered down to see the bulge getting bigger. Now it began to dawn on her what he had in mind.

“I see I guess I’m going to have to persuade you, sir. What would I have to do to get that last video game. I kind of would do just about anything,” she said as she ran her hands over her breasts.

He groaned at watching her hands travel over her large breasts and between her cleavage, as he asked, “If you show me your naked tits, I’d be glad to sell you the game, ma’am.”

“I’ll tell you what. First, call me Marie. How about I show you my breasts, and if I give you a blowjob, you give me the video game for free?”

The young man’s expression went from lust to nervousness, as he replied, “I don’t know. It’s the last game. I’m sorry that I asked you to see your tits.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere. I really am a great cocksucker, and also love to have my breasts played with when I have a young man’s dick down my throat. And the taste of cum, ohhhh, it’s so yummy! I’m sorry you would pass up on a proposition like that,” Marie said as she pretended to reach for the doorknob.

“Errr, miss, ummmm I mean Marie, yes! I want a blowjob and to play with your tits. The video is yours,” he told her.

She giggled and told him, “You hold the game in one hand. You can play with my tits with the other. I am going to suck you off, and after I have swallowed all of your tasty cream, you can hand it to me then. A deal is a deal, and I do want to fulfill my end of the bargain.

Then she began to pull the top over her head, as she got down on her knees before the stunned clerk. As he watched her reaching for the clasp on her lacy bra, she could see his hardening cock all but burst the seams of his jeans in anticipation of her expert mouth. As her breasts flopped free, swinging before him, she reached up for his free hand, and guided it to her naked breasts. His eyes never left her wonderful mounds, her turgid nipples begging to be felt.

“Go ahead, touch them all you want. Now it’s my turn. I am awful hungry for this…, ummm sausage, in your pants,” she told him with a wink.

Then Marie reached for the zipper, teasingly pulling the tab down. She watched as his fingers on his right hand began to tease and tickle her nipples, while still grasping the much sought-after video game in the other. She worked the jeans down, noticing the wet spot developing on the front of his undershorts. She could also feel her own panties were quite soaked in anticipation of giving this young man a thrill that he wasn’t prepared for.

She felt the bulge, and the stickiness of the crotch. Then she stuck her tongue out, and licked the cockhead that was outlined in front of her in the cotton prison. She sucked and nibbled it, all the while feeling his frantic hand caressing and toying with her hot breasts. She felt it was time to get to the main course, as she still had plenty of shopping to do.

His undershorts soon joined the jeans around his ankles, as she looked into his eyes staring at her in awe. His cock stood at attention, and even though it was average in size, she knew it would have an above average amount of cum for her to enjoy. She knelt closer, her tongue moving to his balls while her right hand began to stroke his very hard penis. She heard him moan as her tongue connected with first one nut, and then the other. When she heard his steady whimpers of approval, she sucked his bloated balls into her mouth, while working his hardon to a frenzy.

“Shit Marie, you are good! Please suck my cock, I need to cum,” he pleaded while tweaking her hardened nips.

Marie was suffering through one orgasm after another as she finished laving his balls with her saliva. Now, the main course awaited her, and she wished she could tease him longer, but knew he would be missed back here by his boss if she kept him too long. Plus, she still needed to get her son’s gifts bought and wrapped, in anticipation of Christmas and his ultimate gift. Sucking off this young man was just practice for her, and it was time to be a good little cocksucker.

She held his balls, as she leaned over and kissed the moistened tip of his manhood. It bobbed as she made love to it with her lips and tongue, before finally sucking the head into her mouth. But she needed one more thing before sucking him off.

She pulled away from his glistening manhood to tell him, “Talk to me. Tell me how good it feels. Talk dirty. It drives me crazy and I suck even harder. And don’t hold back, I want to taste every drop. Has any woman ever swallowed your cum?”

“No ma’am. Hell, no woman ever sucked my cock before. But you will now, right slut?”

She giggled as she dove onto his cock, still caressing his sperm-swollen balls. She was the best at getting that cum quickly to her stomach. Now she set to the task, and her lips slid down his rock-hard cock, taking inch after thick inch until she slowed, to breathe. His hand mauled her tits as she then took the rest of his penis all the way down, tickling her tonsils. She was always proud of being such an accomplished deep-throater, and this cock was easy to swallow compared to some she had met in the past.

The young man was cursing now and telling her how great a cocksucker she was, how she was a cock-hungry whore, and that she could blow his dick anytime she wanted. She in turn kept sucking up and down his rod as her hands jiggled his smooth nuts. The clerk began to take over and was feeding her his manhood, watching her continually taking it right down to his pubes. But the pleasure of his first blowjob would be short lived, as he reached the threshold rather quickly. Her lips were just too tight and too good, and the excitement overwhelmed him.

“Marie, I’m gonna cum down your fuckin’ throat. Ahhhhh, yes!”

She loved to hear those words that warned her of their submission to her wonderful cocksucking. She knew she had any guy in her power with her skill at sucking them off. And as his cock jerked in her mouth, she felt the first jet of sperm slam into her throat. She pulled back just enough to soon swallow that first spurt as well as the ones that were quickly shooting against the roof of her mouth. Another success story was met as she quickly gulped down all of the cum this young man had to offer for his first blowjob.

Soon, she felt the last few dribbles landing on her flicking tongue, as she pulled off to watch his look of contentment. He had since stopped playing with her breasts, being too occupied in the massive orgasm he just had. Her own multiple orgasms flooded her so much the juices were dripping through her panties onto the floor. Finally, with one last flick of her tongue on one last drop bubbling from the cocktip, she pulled up his shorts and pants, and then looked up at him.

The clerk handed her the video game, and told her, ‘Thanks, ma’am. You are great at sucking cock. You can suck mine anytime you need anything.”

As Marie dressed putting her bra and top back on, she teasingly said, “I will have to remember that. I’m having a New Year’s Eve party. Why don’t you join us, I’ll give you the address. Party is at six.”

“Want me to bring anything, Marie?”

As she handed him the slip of paper she just wrote her address on, she told him, “Just bring your cock. We are going to bring the new year in right.”

Then she turned, and left him with a wave. She still had lots to do, and Christmas was coming…

Christmas Day finally arrived. Nervously, Marie reached over and shook her husband John awake. She couldn’t wait for this day to arrive, but yet wasn’t sure if she was ready. She had been sucking cock for years, but today, it would be the one person she never thought it would ever happen too. And her worry was that she hoped it was good, so she could please him as well as she always did with John. Plus, she wanted to get fucked, and the excitement that she was going to be the present for her son and hubby, had made her pussy constantly wet.

“Hi honey. It’s the big day, huh? Are you ready?”

She smiled at him, “Yeah, I’m ready. You go downstairs and get the video camera ready, and I’m going to get prepared and then wake Brian up. Just wear your robe, there is no use to get dressed. I need cock.”

He laughed and told her, “Your wish is my command. I’ll see you soon.”

He kissed his wife, and then he was out the door. She quickly headed to the shower, and pampered herself. Finally, she had bought large bows and ribbon, and began wrapping the satin ribbons around her waist and breasts. Then she strategically placed three large bows over her nipples and pussy. Last, she pulled on her long silky robe, tying the sash tightly. Her son’s Christmas present was now wrapped, it was time to wake her handsome son up and give him his presents. But most of all, she couldn’t wait for his gift to her, his wonderful sperm in her belly.

Knocking on the door, she said, “C’mon son. Shower and throw on a robe, I have your presents for you.”

“Coming, mom.”

As she walked away and headed down to make some coffee, she giggled at the reply from her son. Yep, he would be cumming soon and often.

She met her husband in the kitchen, as he was pulling some muffins out of the oven. She quickly brewed the coffee, as they quietly headed to the living room. Their son awaited them sitting on the sofa next to the live Christmas tree. It was a beautiful setting to Marie, the bright lights on the tree twinkling as she would soon be on her knees sucking her son’s cock in front of it. She smiled at the thought of how sexy the video will look, and she would soon feel like a whore for her favorite two guys.

Soon, they were chatting and offering best holiday wishes, while having their breakfast. It gave Marie time to relax a bit, while John wished it would happen already. Finally, it was time to open the presents.

Brian said, “Here dad, I got this for you for Christmas. And mom, this package is for you. You both are the best parents any son can ask for.”

John opened his present first, and saw it was a digital camera. As he looked at it, his only thoughts was of the porn pictures he could take of his wife. At 42, she was still very sexy and beautiful, and the best damn cocksucker a man could ask for.

He told his son, “Thanks, Brian. This will definitely come in handy.”

Then it was Marie opening hers, and her son had gotten her intimate lingerie and a new robe. She was amazed and figured her husband must have gave their son her sizes. They were very skimpy outfits, and only could imagine that they would want to see her wearing them. And as she looked at each item, after today, it wouldn’t matter, because her son would have seen her naked anyways.

“Thank you, son. These are very sexy.”

Brian replied, “I have the sexiest mom around. Dad helped me pick them out for you.”

She said, “I thought so. Now go open your presents. I hope I got you everything on your list, Brian.”

Both parents watched their son ripping open the presents. When he got to the video game that was hard to find, Brian thanked his mom profusely.

His mother answered, “You can’t imagine what I had to go through to get you that game. It was the last one, and I had to bribe the clerk!’

Both father and son looked at her in wonder. But she brushed them off by urging her son to finish opening his gifts. When he was finished, he was smiling, but still didn’t seem happy.”

His dad asked him, “So son, did you get everything on your list? Did mom give you everything?”

Both mother and son were blushing, before Brian mumbled, “Yeah dad, I got everything that I expected. You were both good to me this year.”

Then Marie couldn’t stand the tension as she spoke up and said, “Are you sure you got everything on your list, son? I seem to remember there was one more thing.”

“Yeah son, what else did you ask for?, ” his father asked him slyly.

There were a few moments of silence, then he whispered, I…ummm..asked for a blowjob. I’m sorry mother, I guess it wasn’t nice of me to ask for that. It’s just that you are so sexy, and dad must be a lucky guy to have you. Forget that I wrote that on the list, please?”

John reached for the camcorder, as his mother stood up and walked over in front of the tree. Father started videoing as their son looked at them strangely.

“Brian, you wanted a blowjob, if I remember correctly. Come over here, and open your present before I give you your last wish,” his mother told him.

“Mom? You are going to give me a blowjob?”

His father urged, “C’mon son, Santa always delivers. Now I talked to your mom, and we both agreed that there would be nothing wrong with this. But this is to be kept between just us, as others might not understand this arrangement. And I am going to video this momentous occasion, so we all can have memories of our son’s first blowjob from his mother. I can’t think of anything sexier.”

Brian got up, and as his mother stood with her arms out, he nervously reached for the sash on her robe. She just nodded as he untied the knot, and quickly the material parted and her sexy body was displayed, adorned with the bows and ribbons.

“Damn mom! Your tits are beautiful. And you shave your pussy too,” her son told her after pulling off the bows and ribbon.

His dad said, “Turn around for him, Marie. Show him that fuckable ass of yours. Son, go ahead and touch her.’

Marie did as her husband wished, turning slowly, then bending over showing Brian a glimpse of her pussy from behind. She felt him reach out and caress her ass, making her moan. Secretly, she had always desired this from her son, but until John suggested this, she never thought it would ever actually happen. But she was nervous, and decided that she needed to suck his cock now, to take the edge off of him so she could fuck him longer, shortly.

As she got onto her knees before her son, looking up she told him, “Brian, I want to suck your cock so bad. I want you to enjoy this first blowjob from me.”

She reached up, and parted his robe, and his wonderful cock appeared. It was quite stiff and looked so beautiful, as well as he was well-endowed. Knowing both father and son had plenty to fill her, she would be happy for a very long time now. But, her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her son’s cock and sperm for the first time.

Taking his cock in her hand, she leaned forward to kiss it on the head. A sigh escaped the mouth of both father and son. As she heard the whirl of the camcorder behind her, she began to lick and nibble the purplish cockhead. Brian stood there very tense.

“She’s damn good, son. You will find out there is not a better cocksucker that you will ever meet than your mom. I’m so fuckin’ hard just watching the two of you. Suck his cock, Marie,” he urged.

Brian couldn’t believe the pleasure that his mother was giving him as she was now running her lips and tongue along the long shaft, getting ever nearer to his sperm-laden balls. He had asked for this on his Christmas wish list to just shock his mother, never expecting it to ever happen. And to have his father agree to this, made him hope to have this wonderful woman doing this to him often.

Marie loved the taste of his cock. He had obviously showered before coming down this morning, and he smelled of lust and cologne. His cock oozed precum against her face as her lips and tongue teased his swollen balls. She wanted to tease him until he couldn’t take it anymore and would shove that beauty down her throat. She had always loved when a man took control, and she basically would get face-fucked. Actually, she loved to be handled roughly during any type of sex. But her knowing husband spoke up, and her desire would come true quickly.

John quipped, “Son, stick your dick in her mouth. Grab hold of her head, and give it to her good. Your mom loves to be forced to suck cock.

Brian couldn’t believe what his father just told him. He had never had a blowjob before, but often viewed movies and pictures on the internet where a woman was forced to please a man. Obviously, he guessed it must run in the family, like father, like son.

Marie was ready, and pulled off. She reached up and pulled her son’s hands to her big breasts, urging him to tease them. Then she opened her mouth, giving him the signal that it was okay to shove that beauty into her mouth.

Brian didn’t know what he wanted more, to feel those tits, or to hold her head. So he compromised, and putting his left hand behind his sexy mom’s head, he pulled her to his cock. His right hand tweaked a nipple, causing his mother to moan as his cock entered her lips. He was so horny, he didn’t know how long he’d actually last. So, urgency was of the utmost importance as he fed her his straining manhood.

“Man, that looks so hot. Go ahead son, fuck her mouth. And be sure to give her a big load, she loves eating cum,” John said from behind the camera.

Brian forced his hardon deeper into his mom’s mouth, now hitting her tonsils and the entrance to her throat. She looked up at his face, smiling a she urged him to go deeper. She wrapped her arms around his legs, pulling him tighter to her. As John watched his son’s cock making an impression in his wifes throat, yet another inch slipped deeper.

“Wow mom, I can’t believe you are sucking my cock. Take it all mother. Suck it all!”

With one last push, his balls slapped his mother’s chin, and she had taken every inch of his large cock. She continued to look up at him, and she seemed to have no trouble handling the amount of cock forcing it’s way down her throat. Then she looked up at him pleading to begin to use her mouth like a pussy. Brian saw the lust in her eyes and began to slide his dick in and out now. His mother took deep breaths every time he pulled out to the cockhead, before he plunged fully back down her throat. They soon had a perfect rhythm going as John now had his cock out, stroking it as he continued to video this erotic sight.

Brian loved the tightness of his mother’s mouth, and he needed to cum badly. The excitement of his first blowjob was just too much to handle.

Marie could feel the cock in her mouth enlarging even more, and she prepared herself for the cumload her son would give her. For days she had waited for this moment, and now it was finally happening. With one final push, the first jet of sperm shot forth from her son’s wonderful cock, and she gulped it down before it was followed by another and another.

“Shucks, mom. You are like a damn vacuum cleaner! I never felt anything this good in my life!”

She had now just the head of his dick in her moth, tasting the delicious offering from her son. As she milked her son of every drop, she couldn’t wait to feel more of his cum in her pussy. Finally, her son spent, she reluctantly let his deflating manhood drop from her mouth. She looked over at the camera and licked the last few drops from her lips, before her husband put the camera down.

Now John moved over to her as Brian sat back on the couch. Marie quickly took her husband’s cock into her mouth, and he too began to feed her every inch. Their son watched this erotic scene, as he slowly stroked his cock, bringing it back to full erection.

After watching his mother sucking dad for a while, he got behind his mother, and got on his knees. He had licked a girl’s pussy before, but now, this was his own mother. He wanted to show her how much he enjoyed what she did for him, and wanted to return the favor.

Marie was getting a thorough face-fucking from John when she was surprised to feel a tongue licking her pussylips from behind. She moaned around the cock down her throat as she wiggled her ass with each lashing from Brian’s tongue. She was surprised to know that her son must have eaten pussy before, as he seemed to know his way around her clit and cunt. After a while, John pulled out of her mouth, and she figured it was time for the main event.

“Okay guys, time to fuck your mother. John, get down here, I want to sit on your cock. Son, you get to fuck my ass for the first time. I expect both of you to screw me good, and fill me with your hot cum. I need it real bad,” she urged them both.

John was grinning from ear to ear, as he laid on his back. His wife quickly climbed aboard, and she guided his magnificent cock deep into her cunt. Then Marie bent over, her asshole available for her son to fuck.

She looked back at her happy son and told him, “Use some oil that I have by the tree. Grease up your cock and my ass, and stick it in. Hurry!”

Brian watched the beautiful scene of his dad’s cock sliding in and out of his mom’s glistening pussy. He quickly oiled up his mom’s anus, and then stroked some on his cock. He was ready, and admired his mom’s sexy asshole as he got on his knees behind her. Then, he pushed his stiff dick through the sphincter of her ass, which in turn made his mom fuck his dad’s cock harder.

Marie loved the feel of that big cock stretching her ass. She had been fucked anally by her husband from time to time, and enjoyed the feel of a cock filling her asshole. But, this was the first time she ever did two cocks at once, and she relished the fact it was the two men she loved the most. She soon could feel their powerful thrusts as each screwed her thoroughly.

John was the first to cum, and his cock spewed copious amounts of his sperm inside of her . She came with him, as she continued to push back and forth on Brian’s pistoning rod. He obviously was able to last longer, as he kept up the constant pounding of her now sore ass. But it was a wonderful pain, and she hoped to feel his sperm filling her bowels soon.

While her husband sucked her nipples, Brian finally moaned out, “I’m cumming mom! Your asshole is pulling on my cock and I can’t hold back any longer. Oh man!”

Then her ass was filled by spurts of warm cum. Shot after shot entered her bowels, as she enjoyed yet another intense orgasm. She had never felt anything quite as good as this before, and soon both her pussy and ass were leaking sperm as both men pulled out. Worn out, all three laid on the floor caressing and kissing each other.

John asked, “So son, did you enjoy your Christmas gift?”

“I sure did, dad. I don’t know what to ask for on next year’s list.”

Finally Marie caught her breath and replied with a wink, “Son, you’ll have everything you could wish for long before then. Maybe next year, you will have a girlfriend and think of the wishes that could be fulfilled between all of us then.”

“You got that right,” both son and dad said in unison. But for now after a brief rest, Brian needed to experience his mom’s pussy. And maybe another blowjob. And, and….


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