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Sisters To Lovers

Curious sisters give in to their urges and discover something new about themselves
Sisters To Lovers

I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself, my name is…, well I won’t tell you my real name, but there’s this girl I like, and I’m sure she won’t mind lending me hers, so think of me as Jane. I’ve been attracted to women since the first time I saw Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, although I’m sure I was born to be with girls. It’s ironic that the title of the movie was almost my reason for convincing myself that I was a lesbian, because to me, being with women was my basic instinct. I was only about fifteen at the time, but simply by comparing myself to other girls my age, I knew I was different. I just didn’t fit into the norm. I discovered my body one-day when I was riding my bike home from the shop. I took a small track home along the river and it was covered in small pebbles and rocks. The vibration sent shivers through me, and a warmth rose from my inner thighs. My nipples tingled and I remembered other times when I had felt this way. Strangely enough, it was during the scene when Sharon kisses that other girl in the nightclub. As soon as I got home, I ran up into my room, locked the door behind me and stripped of my clothes. I drew the curtains to feel a little more secure, then I lay face down on my bed with a pillow between my legs, nestled neatly into my clit. I rocked my hips back and forth to recreate the sensation from my bike seat, and began to picture Sharon in my mind, only this time she was kissing me. Soon enough my body was on the verge of my first sweet climax, and the damp pillow became Sharon beneath me, and I moaned softly as I ground my first orgasm into her womanly body.

That’s where it all began, coupled with being transferred to an all girls high school for my last two years, you can see how my sexual development was keenly focussed on members of my own sex. I brought myself off on pillows until the end of year eleven, where (at an end of year get together) I saw a porn film with a girl masturbating with her hand. It made me so wet that I left the party early so I could go home and try it. I noticed immediately how much more sensitive the touch of my own hand was on my body, and I could use my free hand to rub other areas, particularly my breasts. My fingers glided over my wet pussy like it was silk, and the experience was so electric that my whole body jolted and I had to squeal into my pillow as yet another milestone in my sexuality was reached. As I calmed down, and my body relaxed I brought my hand to my face. It was still slick with my girly juice, and smelt sweet and musky. I didn’t have a tissue to wipe it, but I wouldn’t have anyway, I wanted to lick it. My first taste of my sex was exhilarating, when traces of my come were gone from my hand, I couldn’t help but re-coat my fingers and lick them clean again. Before I fell asleep, I came once again.

I never really had a girlfriend in highschool, in my last year, I did fool around with the odd one or two at a party or something, but I always wound up in my bed, making love to my pillow or fingers. Not that it bothered me, because I knew that after graduating, I would go to university and be able to meet plenty of girls just like me. Or so the pamphlets would have you believe, but six months into my Uni. life, and the closest I got to a lesbian relationship was bumping into a sexy tutor and hitting my lips on hers, it turned me on, but I never saw her again, except at night when my fingers quenched my growing need to see if I really was gay, or just kidding myself.

My first full on sexual experience came from so far out of left field I would never in my wildest dreams have expected it.. Here’s where I introduce Nikki, (Nicole actually, but ever since then she’s been Nikki). Nikki was just about eighteen when I first made love to her, she has a perfect athletic build, blonde hair just longer than her shoulders, a creamy complexion with baby smooth skin and greenish blue eyes. She has a warm smile and soft gentle touch, with a voice of soft tenderness. Any true lesbian would die to fuck her, oh and she’s my sister.

I know, years ago I would have thought the same thing, you can’t have a relationship with your own sister, but as Nikki puts it, we already have a relationship, now we can fuck as well. It was two nights after my parents had left for overseas, a Saturday when neither of us had anything to do so we sat up watching T.V. shared a bottle of Chardonnay, and talked. With a lowered sense of awareness brought on by the wine we began to talk about sex. Nikki kept asking me about what it was like, and how many times I’d had it. With a sheepish feeling I confided that I hadn’t had sex with anyone yet. At first she didn’t believe me, but then she began to question me as to why. I wasn’t really ready to defend my self so I searched desperately for a lie to divert attention from my inner truth. As usual the lie compounded with each of her questions until she could see I was visibly nervous and anxious to deal with her next piercing question. That’s when she took a more subtle and gentle approach. “Jane, you know you can trust me, I promise whatever you say is between us -K…” The sound of her innocent voice was what broke me, I managed to stumble out the words “Nicole, I think, I I’m gay…”

She didn’t even budge, although I was convinced she didn’t expect that response. “Go on” she offered. So I told her every detail about how I was just drawn to girls, how there bodies turned me on, how being with one just seemed natural. “Are you drawn to all girls?” she probed further.

“Not every girl, but I am definitely attracted to more girls than would suggest I’m just in a phase.” I confessed.

“So, are you drawn to me?”…Her head tilted forward and she wore a cute grin, but I could see she was afraid of rejection. My head raced at how to answer her. I knew it wasn’t normal to be attracted to your own sister, but neither was it ‘normal’ to be attracted to members of your own sex. Plus I thought if I said no, it would be that much harder to convince her that I was gay, or myself for that matter. Nor did I want to hurt her feelings. My mind chattered away, then this feeling swept over me, ‘what does your instinct tell you’. My mind was silent, and I had enough time to notice that I was the most turned on I’d ever been in my life, and in a five second instant that seemed to last forever, my life changed.

“Yes…” I whispered, letting the s trail off into the deadly still atmosphere. She smiled, then took my hand in hers.

“Remember, what we do tonight is between us” she confirmed. Then our lips met, and as flawless as a kiss can be, her mouth opened and welcomed my tongue in. Our mouths danced around each other and our tongues swirled, sending our saliva back and forth, and we kissed for a while. I re adjusted my position, temporarily breaking our first kiss, long enough to look at her as a sexual creature for the first time, then I placed my hands on the side of her face and combed my fingers through her hair, pulling her mouth to mine once more. We met each other seamlessly again, and our fluid exchange had me tingling all over.

Nikki was also intensely aroused, although she had been since I first raised the gay issue. She drew comfort in the fact that she knew she could trust me, and that it was a safe place for her to enjoy herself completely. As she danced her tongue around mine, she let her mind wander into a wilderness of feminine lust and sexuality, a place were she always wanted to go, but was scared of what she might find there. Now that it was happening though, she would let nothing make it stop. The fact that she was so turned on by her sister, only added to the anxiety she felt (about possibly being gay), which is what made the whole experience feel so unique. Finally, after a while, we stopped kissing, I pulled my back again and looked at her, I thought about how sexy she looked, with her face a little flustered, and it only made me wetter thinking that she felt this way about me. I sat up and opened my legs to her, letting my dress fall down to my waist, and showing her the dark damp patch she was causing at the crotch of my red silk panties. She sat up similarly to me, except she had black leggings so she exposed nothing, except the sexy mound of her womanhood. We wriggled along the floor next to each other, bringing our legs together in an interlocking position, and as I leaned in to kiss her once more, we pushed our hips into one another. I had to sit to one side so our groins would touch, but as soon as I felt her touch my most private place with hers we both sighed loudly.

The mood changed from gentle exploration, to pure sex. We kissed like passionate lovers, and we ground our covered pussies into each other. I loved feeling her against me, but I wanted more. The anxiety we were both feeling was still rampant, but the need to have sex together proved to be a stronger force. As we kissed I pulled her shirt off and reached back for the clasp of her pink bra. I noticed how natural it felt for me to be undressing another woman like this, only confirming in my mind that this was normal for me. While I was taking off Nikki’s bra, she took the hem of my dress and together we removed our chosen garments simultaneously. The temporary break in our embrace gave us enough time to look at each other. Nikki was smiling and her eyes twinkled, but my eyes were fixed on her sexy breasts. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back into some pillows. “You are so sexy”, I told her and knelt with my legs straddling hers. I leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck, breathing in the scent of her perfume, and loving the softness of her shin on my lips. My passion for her as a sexual creature drove my mouth down to her right breast, where I first kissed around it, then finally took her hard nipple between my lips. Her body quivered and she moaned loudly. As I devoured her breast, she placed her right hand on her mound and began to rub herself hard and fast. I switched over and began to enjoy her left breast in the same way, and she sighed and panted. My intuition told me if I wasn’t careful my gorgeous sister would come beneath me. So as I kissed her nipple, I reached down and took her hand away from her pussy. She moaned with disappointment, and pleaded with me to let her come. I stopped sucking her, and lay down next to her beautiful body. My pussy was as soaked as hers, and she could see my juices gathering in my panties. I leaned across her and pulled of her leggings and her sheer pink panties, and my body fluttered when I saw how wet her pussy was. Her scent slapped me gently in the face, and I shuddered as she took advantage of my position and ran her fingers up the insides of my thighs, right up into my wetness. I placed my hand down on her leg and she sighed again. Then I slid it up until I felt Nikki’s moist pussy at my finger tips, she cried out loudly and responded by yanking my panties down my thighs, and quickly replacing her hand on my naked sex. We fumbled around like the inexperienced girls we were, but the passion and emotion of the experience made up for our lack of physical prowess. We began to fuck each other for the first time. It was such an innocent and sexy experience, and soon our fingers found rhythm and our hands and bodies became one. We circled each others vaginas to a melody of cries moans and sighs, and as I started to feel my legs and thighs tingle in that all to familiar way, I glanced at my sisters face and saw her climax coming. Her furrowed brow and the sweat on her forehead sent me over, and I cried out loudly as her soft hand brought me to my first real lesbian orgasm. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t even notice Nikki thrashing around next to me, deep in the throes of her climax. It was wonderful to come together like that.

As the heat of the moment past and the after sex tingling set in, we sat up and looked at each other with huge satisfying smiles. Her hand was still between my legs, and mine in hers. As I felt her slick juice on my fingers, I pulled my hand away and held it to my nose. When she saw what I was doing she did the same. The I held my hand out for her to inhale her own sex, and her for me, even though the scent of women making love filled the room, and finally we both licked each others hands, tasting our own girl cum, and watching each other as we did it. I loved how a woman tastes just after she comes, and as I sucked Nikkis hand I cast my eyes down at her vagina. It looked extremely sexy in the dim light, soft and wet. I started to get turned on thinking about putting my mouth on her. Just as I was losing myself in my sister’s pussy, she shifted around and brought me back to the moment. I looked up at her face, her big eyes filled with lust, and I took my hand from her face. We leaned forwards and kissed each other again, this time savoring the taste of girl that was on our lips. I placed my hands on her breasts and rubbed her nipples gently, as she ran her hand down the soft inside of my thigh to my clit. She started to love me with her hand, and although I would give anything to come on her fingers again, there was another part of her I had in mind. As she tickled my womanhood, I pushed her back to our lounge. “Get up on the edge honey.” I whispered into her ear as I kissed and licked it.

She did as she was told and positioned herself on the edge of one of the leather sofas. I gave her mouth one last kiss, and pushed her legs as wide as they would go. I could see the arousal on her face, and her juicy scent slapped me again. My mouth was automatically drawn to her, and as soon as I made contact with her wetness she cried out with joy. I put my hands on her thighs and squeezed them hard as my tongue gathered Nikkis feminine nectar. Of course I wasn’t the greatest pussy sucker yet, but I am a girl so at least I knew where to lick, if not how. That was enough for my cute sister, and as I gave her pussy it’s first ever tongue fuck, she screamed out how nice it felt. I flicked my tongue across her clit, then gathered some of her juice and swallowed then back to her clit. It wasn’t long before I had her bucking her hips against me, and her body tightened then finally a long hard orgasm sot through her, causing her whole body to shake. I kept my face on her the whole time, letting her come on me. As soon as she had finished she was on her knees kissing me and licking her come off my lips. Without a word we swapped our positions, and I sat on the lounge in a wet patch caused by my sisters sex. She repeated the process and sucked me to my first oral climax. What felt so good was looking at how much she enjoyed doing it. We spent the rest of the evening turning each other into lesbians.

I woke up in the morning and Nikki was gone. At least to her bed. When I got up stairs she was up and coming out of the toilet. That’s when it got awkward. Our bodies where still sticky with each others wet, but I felt like she was a one-night stand that hung around too long. I would have liked to kiss her again to break the tension, but suddenly the idea that we would never, not see each other dawned on both of us. It was like you’d done something you shouldn’t have with your best friend, but you knew you still had or wanted to be friends. I went and had a shower, trying not to think about it. The whole morning was tense, and we didn’t say a word to each other, and it was starting to worry me, ’cause if our parents came back they’d know something was wrong. I asked Nikki if we could talk and we went into the lounge room. We sat on the same sofa that only a few hours ago we shared our most private experiences together. “Did you not like what happened last night?” I began.

“No, I loved every second of it.” She reassured me.

“So what’s up?”

“Well,… you know we will have to live together, and I don’t know, I don’t want things to change.”

“I’m not sure I understand?” I really didn’t know what she meant.

“Look Jane, I’m probably gay, right, I mean I’ve always liked girls, so I know that if I bring a girl home you’ll get jealous, especially as your the one who helped me realise I was gay.”

“How do you know I won’t have a girlfriend?” I asked admitting my own same sex orientation.

“You might, but I know I’d be jealous.”

“Look,” I started, “we should worry about that bridge when we come to it, if we both enjoyed what we did last night, that doesn’t have to change, ever. I mean even if I start seeing someone else do you think I’d ever forget about you and last night?”

“So does that mean we just go back to being normal sister now?” She asked, sounding a little deflated.

“Of course not,” I put my arm around her, “It means we will always be sisters, and we’ll always be lovers.” I started to kiss her and she moved her hand under my skirt. We spent the rest of the week like girlfriends, walking holding hands, kissing and making love. We were even called dykes by some guys in a car, but that just made us smile. When our parents got back we kept our affair secret. But we still managed to have sex a couple of times a week, and even when we both had girlfriends we would tell each other all about them and what we did. That got us both wet and we’d always end up fucking. That was seven years ago, and as soon as I finished writing this, I gave it to Nikki to read while I suck on her pussy, and her girlfriend sucked mine.

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