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Sisters Share After Wedding

Two sisters enjoy a night of shared sex after a wedding.
Sisters Share After Wedding

The wedding had been a blast! Our friends looked so happy, so in love as they exchanged their vows. Then it was off to the reception where the real fun began. The food was wonderful, the alcohol was free, and everyone was having a good time.

My own wife looked great. I loved her in this black and white dress. She doesn’t dress provocatively very often, so anytime she wears a dress that is low cut and shows off her wonderful cleavage is welcomed by me! It also went down to just above her knees, showing off her long, slender legs that just looked great in a pair of high heels. The more we danced together, the more I had to stop myself from trying to take her back into the coat room for a little alone time.

The more I drank, the harder that temptation was to resist. My wife, Jane, always says I am at my horniest when I’m drinking and/or hung over. Tonight was proving to be no exception. It had been just over a week since we had last had sex, the pitfalls of both of us working long hours and keeping up with the house had left us both too tired to try to seduce the other over the course of the busy week. Tonight, however, I was definitely not feeling too tired for sex!

Unfortunately, we were sharing a hotel room with her sister and her husband in an effort to save a little money for both couples. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jenna and Joe, but I wanted to get laid and their presence in the room would all but crush any chances I had at that tonight. Oh well, what’s a guy to do? Off to the bar for me again!

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

We continued to dance and party the night away. Knowing that I had virtually no shot at sex tonight did nothing to ease how horny I was. Rational thought has no effect on those feelings, especially after alcohol has begun to sink in. As we danced, I kept pulling Jane closer to my body, grabbing her ass any chance I got.

Right at midnight, the lights in the room turned on signaling the end of the reception. We all said our good byes to the bride and groom and headed outside to grab a can back to our hotel. When we got back to our room, we cracked open one last beer and began getting ready for bed as we talked and recapped the fun night we had; telling stories about everything that had just happened as if we all hadn’t just witnessed it!

An hour later, we were turning off the lights and crawling into bed. I was still wide awake and would have stayed up talking and drinking all night, but everyone else was tired and agreed it was time to sleep. On top of not being tired myself, I was still horny as hell!

“Screw it!” I thought to myself after about 20 minutes of lying there dead awake, “I might as well try to get lucky.” I looked over at my wife who was laying on her side, her back to me and her face in the direction of the other bed. I rolled over onto my side and spooned her. I placed my hand on her flat stomach – the wonderful product of hours spent in the gym and outside running – and slowly slid my hand under her shirt and up her stomach to her breasts.

Jane didn’t move at all, I often spooned her like this, breast-in-hand, so she thought nothing of it. She rarely wore a bra to bed and tonight was no exception. I then started caressing her left breast with my hand, giving it gentle squeezes and tweaking her nipples. Now she took notice.

“Stop that,” she said in a hushed voice, trying not to wake her sister and brother-in-law.

“Come on,” I pleaded, “you know I get horny when I’ve been drinking.”

“Seriously, stop,” she whispered back. “Jenna and Joe are in the bed right next to us. You’ll have to wait until we get home in the morning.”

I kept my hand manipulating her breast and moved my body in closer to hers until my now hard cock was pressing against her ass through the material of both of our shorts. I slowly started grinding into her ass. Jane wasn’t saying anything more and she wasn’t pulling away or stopping me. Her nipples were rock hard and standing at attention. Could it be? Did I have a chance at pulling this off? If there was no chance in hell, she would have made more of an attempt to stop me.

“I’m going to finish what I’ve started here one way or another, babe,” I whispered back in her ear. “You can either lay there and let me dry hump you until I shoot in my shorts or you can enjoy it, too.”

I squeezed her breast, pulled my hard on against her with emphasis and sucked on her ear lobe all at the same time to emphasize my point. Again, there was no protest and she actually moaned through her teeth a little, trying to stay quiet.

“I have a shot at actually pulling this off!” I again thought to myself.

I moved my hand from under Jane’s shirt, slid it down her side, around behind her and slid two fingers against her pussy through her shorts. I gave a few short strokes to her mound and again she moaned through clenched teeth.

A minute later and my hand reached up to the waist band of her shorts. I hooked my thumb under the waist band and held it there, testing the waters if you will. To my great surprise, Jane lifted her hips ever so slightly off the bed, a clear indication that I could proceed. I moved my other hand to her shorts, as well, and slowly slid them down and off of her long legs. As soon as her shorts were off, I made the same move and removed mine. I returned to my previous position, only this time my bare cock was pressed against her bare ass, slightly enveloped between her cheeks.

“Be quiet and move slowly so we don’t wake anyone up,” she directed me. “Christ, I can’t believe I’m letting you do this right now.”

Was I mistaken, or was the idea of other people being in the room, her own sister being one of them, making her hotter? Jane shifted her hips upward ever so slightly to give me better access to her pussy. I slid my left arm under her left leg to raise it up just enough to give me more room to maneuver my cock without drawing too much attention to how high her leg was raised.

Jane reached behind her and took my cock in her hand. She squeezed it, gave it a few strokes and then began to guide it to her waiting lips. I felt my head hit her slit and she was soaking wet. She was definitely getting a little extra turned on by the chance of being caught by someone else in the room!

I pushed my hips forward and slowly slid inside her tunnel. I made a slight “uuuhh” sound as I felt her canal take in my cock. Once inside, I removed my arm from between her legs and moved my hand back to her breasts. Jane reached behind us both with her left arm and grabbed my ass, moving back and forth between my ass and my thigh to pull me into her more. She loved grabbing my thigh while we had sex; it was the most muscular part of my body.

I was thrusting into Jane slow and deep. It felt so amazing. I looked at her and she had her eyes closed, trying to focus on our actions and paying no attention to the bed next to use. However, I looked over that way and was surprised to see two sets of eyes staring at our bed. Jenna and Joe were watching us!

Joe was spooning behind Jenna who was closest to our bed. They caught my eye and both smiled at me. I noticed movements underneath their sheets and Joe was feeling up Jenna. I leaned in and kissed Jane’s neck and kept playing with her nipples and thrusting into her pussy. I also kept an eye on the other bed.

Jenna rolled onto her side and now had her back to me. Her and Joe were making out.

“Too bad,” I thought to myself, “it was kind of a turn on being watched!”

The show was over, or at least so I thought. All of a sudden, I saw their sheets moved to the bottom of the bed and Jenna moved and straddled Joe. Their pants were now missing and based on the movements, Joe was inside of her. Jenna sat straight up, put her hands at the bottom of her shirt and lifted it above her head and threw it on the ground. While Jane and I were still clothed from the waist up, Jenna and Joe were now completely naked and fucking right in front of us!

This was great! I moved my hand from Jane’s breasts and put it on her stomach so I had better leverage and could pull her into my body more. I began thrusting faster. Jane rolled her head to face me and finally opened her eyes to look at me.

“Slow down!” she whispered in an exasperated tone. “I told you I don’t want to wake up my sister!”

I thrust fully into her and kissed her deeply on the mouth. When I ended the kiss, I looked right into her eyes and simply said, “Too late.” I then looked over at the bed next to us, prompting Jane to do the same.

Jane froze as she suddenly saw her sister riding Joe, and I stopped moving, too. Jenna was bent over slightly with her breasts dangling down from her body, her right tit being sucked on by Joe’s eager mouth. Jane’s mouth was agape as she tried to comprehend the situation playing out before us.

“Jane,” I said to her, “everyone is just having some fun here. Let’s just keep going.”

I moved my hand back up to her breast. She turned her head back to me as if looking for reassurance that this was all OK. She then leaned in and kissed me again and I resumed my previous rhythm, taking long, slow strokes into my wife. Jane’s hand was still on my hip and I felt her pull me into her again, a sure sign that she was fine with moving forward with the action.

As I thrust deeply into my wife’s pussy, I watched my sister-in-law bounce up and down on her husband’s cock. I looked down at Jane and noticed that she was also watching the couple next to us. I returned my gaze to Jenna and Joe and began fucking Jane a little harder. A minute later Jane stopped pulling me into her and turned to face me again.

“I want to be on top, too!”

Of course she did! Jane’s favorite position was riding on top of me. And I liked it that way too, so who was I to say no? I slid out of Jane and rolled onto my back. She threw the sheets to the end of the bed, rolled over and threw her right leg over my waist and was now positioned above me. She reached back and again grabbed and guided my dick into her wet pussy. She slid all the way down my pole until her hips were firmly against mine and then began bouncing up and down herself.

I looked over to the next bed and saw my in-laws watching us again. I reached up and pulled off Jane’s shirt, freeing her beautiful breasts and giving Jenna and Joe their first glimpse of them. As Jane rode my cock, her tits bounced along with her body and I looked up to watch it. I then rose my head and sucked on her right breast, leaving a clear view of her left for Joe to be able to look at if he chose to. I reached around my wife and grabbed her ass hard, something she always liked.

I had lost focus of the other couple in the room for a moment as I soaked in my own wife, but was quickly reminded of their presence by Jenna’s voice.

“Fuck me, Joe!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me harder! Oh fuck yeah, I love it from behind!”

I returned my attention to the other bed and, sure enough, Jenna was on her hands and knees with Joe positioned behind her, his hands on her hips, fucking her doggy style with everything he had. And they hadn’t just changed positions, but also directions … Instead of being position length-wise on the bed as before, they were now positioned ACROSS the bed facing our bed. I looked briefly in Jenna’s eyes and before shifting my gaze ever-so-slightly downward and watched her breasts sway back and forth each time Joe slammed into her backside.

Jane was looking at that direction, too, and they were looking in ours. We were all watching each other fuck. I was thrusting into Jane from beneath her and Joe was slamming into Jenna from behind. Our hotel room was simply filled with lust!

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum babe,” yelled Jane from above me. “I’m so close! So, so close babe. Make me cum! Use your dick and your finger and make me cum!”

For most women, that would have meant for me to finger their clit, but not for Jane. While she refused to let me fuck her ass, she loved having me rub her hole right before she came. I knew what she wanted and I moved my ring finger to her brown hole and rubbed circles around it.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it! Rub my asshole baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cuuuuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggggg!”

Just as Jane started her orgasm, I pushed my finger into her butt, just past the first knuckle. I did this often, hoping that if she got used to that, she would eventually let me give her anal. As she came, her pussy clamped down on my cock.

“Oh fuck! Here I cum, too, baby!” And I shot my seed deep inside my wife. At least five large shots fired inside of her, coating her insides.

Just then I heard Joe make an “Uhhh, uhhh, ahhhhhhhh” sound and knew he was blasting deep inside of Jenna.

Everyone collapsed and lay there recovering from our collective orgasms. The room was silent, save for the sound of people gasping to catch their breath. For a moment it was a little awkward in the room for the first time since I had began trying to get Jane in the mood. Then Jenna spoke up to lighten the mood.

“That was fun! Who’s up for another round?”

“I’m game,” Joe responded.

“I think I’m going to need a minute or two here until I can go again,” I responded.

“Why?” Jenna asked sincerely, “Just have Jane blow you until you are back at full mast!”

There was a silence in the room for a moment.

“Oh yeah, I forgot, my little sister doesn’t like to suck dick.”

Jenna leaned over to Joe and whispered something in his ear.

We only heard his response, “Sure, I don’t care. Have fun!”

Jenna then stood up. For the first time ever, she stood before me in her naked glory. I had always had the hots for Jenna. I love Jane’s body, but Jenna’s legs are a little more muscular, something I have always liked after growing up around athletic girls, and slightly fuller breasts.

To my surprise, my sister-in-law walked a step or two and climbed into our bed. Without saying a word, she faced me, crouched over and took my flaccid cock into her mouth!

Like Jenna said, my wife is not a fan of going blow jobs and this was the first time in nearly a year that a set of lips had been around my tool. Jenna played with my limp cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue all around it. In no time her manipulations had my cock growing again and she was soon sliding her lips up and down my fully engorged member.

I leaned my head back and just enjoyed the feeling. “Oh, my God, that feels soooooo good!”

I looked over at my wife and she had a look of disbelief on her face. She was just watching wide-eyed as her sister sucked new life into my cock. I was amazed that she wasn’t trying to stop this. I was amazed that Joe was letting this happen, too. Almost as if he could read my mind, Joe spoke.

“Obviously you guys didn’t know this, but Jenna and I are swingers. Well, kind of,” he clarified, “we’ve only done this with our friends Byron and Angela before. But we’ve done it several times recently.”

We looked over as he was saying this and Joe was laying nonchalantly on one side and was stroking his cock as he watched the action on our bed.

I looked at Jane again who was still looking stunned, but not doing anything to stop her sister. I looked back at Jenna and watched as her head bobbed in my lap – I always loved watching a girl suck my cock. I put my hand on the back of Jenna’s head and enjoyed her mouth sucking me off. Jenna looked up while she sucked and we looked into each other’s eyes. She then began to take more of my cock into her mouth. She was trying to deep throat me, but couldn’t force herself to take the entire length. I took that as an invitation and applied pressure to the back of her head. I also push upwards with my hips. I was rewarded as my entire cock slid down her throat.

I began slowly fucking my sister-in-law’s throat. You could hear slight chocking sounds coming from her mouth. Fuck was that hot! After a few strokes down her tight throat, Jenna pulled off of my cock to catch her breath.

“Jane, get your ass down here and suck your husband’s cock!” she commanded her sister. “That cock is too damn nice not to enjoy sucking.”

Slowly, in a trance as if she had been brainwashed, my wife moved to the foot of the bed next to her older sister. Jenna was stroking my cock slowly.

“OK, Jane, go to work.”

Jenna removed her hand. Slowly, Jane moved her head down, wrapped her hand around my shaft and then her lips around my head. My wife started sucking my cock for what felt like the first time in ages! She sucked cock so well, I had always wished she would do it more often. She wouldn’t take nearly as much into her mouth as her sister just had, but she worked her lips and tongue expertly.

“That’s it,” Jenna whispered encouragingly, “suck his cock. You should do this for him all the time!”

Jenna moved my leg to the side and put her head next to her sisters and began licking my balls. Now THAT was something I hadn’t felt in a long time! She took my left ball into her mouth and sucked it and moved it around her mouth with her tongue. I simply watched in awe as I had both sisters between my legs. This was simply amazing!

But as with all good things, it came to an end. After a few minutes of being the lucky guy getting all of the attention, Jenna sat up and told her sister to stop sucking my cock.

“Lay down on your back, Jane,” Jenna told her. As if they were still little kids, Jane followed her big sister’s orders and lay down.

“Wow!” Jenna exclaimed. “That is one beautiful, fit body you have there.”

Jenna then leaned over her sister and kissed her on the lips. I was shocked! So was Jane, who you could tell was not kissing back; she just lay there with her sister’s lips pressed against her own. Jenna reached her left hand out and put it on her sister’s right breast and caressed it. Jane began to just let the pleasure over take her and you could tell she finally kissed Jenna back. The two sisters were soon making out, tongues and all!

Jenna broke the kiss and then moved her head a bit lower and took my wife’s breast in her mouth.

“Oooooohhhh,” came the sound from Jane’s mouth.

As Jenna sucked on her sister’s breasts, she moved her hand down between her legs. Jane’s legs parted slightly and Jenna slid her finger into her slit. Jenna stopped sucking and lower her chest so her tits were dangling above Jane’s mouth. Jane responded appropriately and sucked her sister’s tit into her mouth.

This was so hot! I had always wanted to see my wife with another woman, but never thought it would actually happen. And never in a million years did I think it would happen with her sister, who I also lusted after!

As Jane continued to suck Jenna’s breasts, Jenna moved so that she was positioned between Jane’s legs. She then removed her breasts from my wife’s face and kissed her way down her body until she was eating out her sister!

This was too much and I nearly shot my load right there! I leaned in and kissed my wife who gave me the most passionate kiss ever!

“How does that feel babe?” I asked.

“So good,” was her reply. I laid down next to my wife and we watched as her sister ate her pussy, thrusting first one, then two fingers into her cunt at the same time. I played with my wife’s boobs, increasing her pleasure as I enjoyed the show.

Jenna stopped licking Jane’s pussy ever so briefly, looked me in the eyes and said, “Fuck me! Now!”

I looked over at Joe who simply nodded his head that it was fine with him if I fucked his wife. I looked at Jane for her approval.

“Go for it,” she gasped, “you may never get this chance again!”

I got up and positioned myself behind Jenna. I lined my cock head up to her pussy and pushed forward a little. She was dripping with excitement. Her own juices, coupled with Joe’s sperm from their earlier fuck session, allowed me to easily slip inside of her. I grabbed Jenna’s hips and began fucking her hard from behind. The sound of my balls slapping against her quickly filled the room. Jenna was moaning into my wife’s pussy as my thrusts forced her mouth against her more forcefully. I leaned over Jenna’s body and took her supple breasts into my hands as I fucked her for all I was worth.

“OK, Jenna, please stop!” Jane pleaded. “I need to be fucked now.”

Jane wasn’t the biggest fan of receiving oral sex, either, always preferring penetration to oral. I slid out of Jenna’s pussy and she rolled onto her back, laying next to her sister. Joe finally got off of the other bed and made his way over to ours.

“Do you want to switch back to our own wives, or do you want to swap?” Joe asked me. “I will only do what you guys are comfortable with.”

“Well, it’s your call, Joe,” I answered. “I can’t really tell you that you can’t fuck my wife after I was fucking yours!”

“You can if you aren’t comfortable with it, but I wouldn’t mind to give Jane a whirl here.”

“OK, I said,” and positioned myself above Jenna.

Joe climbed onto the bed between Jane’s still spread legs. I watched as he put his cock at Jane’s entrance and then pushed into her.

“Oh, God, yes!” Jane exclaimed. “I love being fucked!”

Joe began slowly thrusting in and out of my wife. I watched for a moment and then was brought back to life by Jenna.

“You had better get that cock back inside me!” she said, matter-of-factly.

“I lifted Jenna’s legs up and rested them on my shoulders. She reached beneath her and grabbed my cock, guiding it back to her waiting pussy. Again, I pushed easily into her to the hilt!

The room was filled with the sounds of sex! I was in a push up position thrusting forward into Jenna and Joe was laying on Jane pumping into her. As we fucked the girls, they turned their heads to each other and made out again, tongues probing each other’s mouth.

Jenna lowered her legs from my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist, pulling me deeper into her pussy. I lowered myself and put all of my weight onto my right forearm and reached my left hand around to run her strong legs that I loved so much!

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jennna kept yelling as I pistoned into her.

Joe was thrusting shallowly into my wife next to me with his head lowered, sucking on her chest.

I finally hit the point of no return. The blow jobs I had received; the sight of the two beautiful sisters kissing; watching Jenna eat out her sister’s pussy; the sight of Joe fucking my wife; the feeling of Jenna’s pussy wrapped tightly around my cock; it was finally all too much!

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

I pulled out of Jenna, gave my cock a few strokes and blasted all over my sister-in-law. I came forcefully! The first spurt landed on her face and lips and I watched Jenna stick her tongue out to taste my cum. The next two shots landed on her tits and then I dripped the rest onto her stomach.

Apparently, seeing me shoot on his wife was too much for Joe, too. He pulled out of Jane and shot his load all over her tits and flat stomach, as well. Both girls were coated in our cum and we both collapsed next to them, panting, trying to catch our breath.

“That was fun!” Jenna said between labored breaths. “You boys let us know when you’re ready to go again!”


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