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Siblings Double Date The Neighbors

A sister and brother date their neighbors, but want more.
Siblings Double Date The Neighbors

My mom and dad have an unusually large sofa, which is how my sister Liz and I ended up making out on it.

We were making out with the Lees from next door. I was making out with Jenny, and Liz was making out with Dan. Our parents were down at the shore for the summer and we had jobs and money and a car and that great big sofa. Seriously, that thing was wide enough to sixty-nine side-by-side on it without fear of falling off. And it was long enough that both Liz and I could lay with our feet at the ends, heads in towards each other, and still have room between us for a tray of beers and popcorn.

We had grown up with the Lees. They had always lived there, and we moved there when Liz was five and I was three. Dan was Liz’s best friend when they were little and Jenny was mine, until we switched some time around middle school. We weren’t quite as tight through high school, and had more or less dropped out of each other’s lives through our first years of college. But this summer, it turned out we were all in town. We had boring jobs, Liz and Jenny at the mall, Dan at a housing development mowing lawns, and me scooping ice cream at an outdoor shack by the lake. Dan was 21 and could buy liquor, and Liz had a good connection to get cannabis edibles. And we were four pretty good-looking kids. If any of us had boyfriends or girlfriends at college, and we all did, they were a long way away.

So that summer night, we all were on the couch, and in the dark while we watched the movie, with no real discussion or plan, I started making out with Jenny, and Liz made out with Dan. Just kissing. Hugging. Stayed sitting up. Just a fun, low-key make-out session. When the movie ended, the Lees went home. Liz said, “Did you like making out on the couch with your sister?”

I gave her a look of total confusion before I figured out how she’d meant it. When the penny dropped, it must have shown right on my face, because Liz cracked up hard.

Another night, a week or so later, it was just Jenny and I alone. We were watching a movie, and Jenny said, “Why don’t you sit a little closer, Art?” When Liz came in from her job about an hour later we were both buck naked and fucking on that big sofa. Jenny had her legs up on my shoulders and I was pounding her, deep as I could get. I didn’t have a condom that night so I pulled out and shot cum all over her stomach and up on her tits. I looked over and there was Liz, leaning on the door frame and watching. She wasn’t masturbating or anything, but she wasn’t looking away either. She winked and walked by the couch, into the kitchen.

A couple of nights later, Liz came into the living room late and said that she’d been fucking Dan over at his place while Jenny was working a shift at the department store. She told me all about it. It got me kind of hot to think about it, and it took conscious effort not to jerk off right in front of her. As it was I rearranged myself a few times. Liz saw, and teased me that I was getting too aroused and she would have to stop telling the story. She had dropped her bra and panties on the couch next to her, and I could see her nipples getting hard through her t-shirt as she described how easy and fun it was to seduce Dan. When she told me that he’d cum in her mouth while she blew him, that was enough for me, and I excused myself to jack off.

The next night, I went for a moonlight walk with Jenny, and ended up pulling her shorts to her knees and eating her out from behind, up against a tree by the local golf course. When I got home around two o’clock in the morning, Liz was watching TV and I told her all about it. She told me about how Dan had fucked her in the back seat of Mom’s car, and mall security had almost caught them. While we listened to each other’s stories, we sort of idly touched ourselves through our clothes. Eventually I excused myself to jerk off and collapse in bed.

This sort of two-stage evening became the summer thing for us. We’d have sex with Jenny and Dan off separately, then come back and compare notes. It was really nice. Sometimes we would all eat dinner together and then separate into couples at the two houses. After a couple of hours of making out and fucking, we would walk back home across the adjoining back yards.

If it was Dan and I and we happened to cross at the same time, we would high five without speaking, then crack up. I remember leaving Jenny naked on her couch, and then Dan passing me right at the Lee’s sliding door. Jenny got no chance to get decent. It probably gave Dan a good thrill, I thought, and the next night I hustled home a little early to try and catch Liz before she got her shirt back on. No luck.

One night Liz’s pants and underwear were on the floor, and she had a blanket over her lap. She told me about how she’d done something or other with ice cubes to Dan, and I hardly listened, because of where she had her hand moving under the blanket while she told me. I got so excited that night, that I accidentally on purpose let my cock stick straight out through the fly of my boxers. And I gave it a few strokes there, gentle and light, but right out there in the open. Liz excused herself and went off to bed, wrapping the blanket around her. I sat silently outside the door of her room and listened to her cum. Then I went to bed. I had so much lust that I couldn’t even cum, and I slept fitfully that night.

One very hot night in July, we all played strip poker together. But once the girls were down to their bras and panties, Jenny pulled me back to her house to fuck her. Literally. She grabbed my arm and pulled me up off the carpet and out the door. After we finished fucking, settled down and were just kind of glowing and stroking each other, I asked, “Does it turn you on to be doing sexy stuff in front of your brother?”

“Don’t be gross,” she said.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about it,” I said. “I totally got turned on watching Liz unbuttoning her blouse, and sliding that skirt off. And you can’t fool me, either. You were really hot and bothered tonight. You’re dripping.”

“Uh… I guess it kind of does rev my motor,” said Jenny.

“Why don’t we just all stay in the same room sometime instead of going to separate places? I’d love to see Liz fuck Dan while I fuck you.”

“That might be a little too real,” said Jenny.

“Pretend this is Dan’s cock,” I said. “Pretend your brother has his cock out, and he’s with you in bed, and he’s all hard for you. Imagine it’s Dan’s cock, and suck it,” I said.

“Ew,” said Jenny.

“Come on, it’s really me. What harm is there in pretend?”

“No,” she said, at first anyway. But I could tell she was intrigued by the idea and she ended up doing it. “Dan,” she said, closing her eyes, “Dan’s cock,” and started to lick around the head, little licks. Soon she had me in her mouth so deep she was gagging, but she kept her eyes closed and kept going. I could see between her legs she rubbing herself off. It was hot to see her doing it. I closed my eyes and pretended it was my sister on me. Liz’s mouth on my cock, Liz’s hands on my thighs, Liz frigging her clit like she was trying to get out a stain. Before too long, I choked out, “Liz”, and came in Jenny’s mouth. She swallowed it. She’d never done that before.

I didn’t tell Liz about that one. Not that night anyway.

But one night soon thereafter she was on the couch in a tank top and underpants. Her nipples were very visible through the thin material of the tank top, and her idle, gentle fingers had gradually through much repetition driven her little pink panties into the groove of her vulva. And I said, “It would be fun to all stay in the room. You know, here on the couch together? And not have one set go to the other house. So we could watch each other. I’d like that.” Liz said nothing for a moment, then went on with her story. But as she told it, she let her fingers slip under the leg of her panties, and soon I was watching two fingers going in and out of her pussy through the barest of pink curtains. I circled my cock through my boxers and began to pump, sliding the cotton weave up and down the head. When she slipped a third finger into herself, I felt myself starting to lose it, but instead of excusing myself, I came hard right in my boxers, a big soaking wet blob of cum. That set Liz off. As we said our good nights, she said, almost to herself, “… it could be fun…”

I was pretty sure what she was talking about.

In August, we were once again all four on the couch. There was a thunderstorm off in the distance somewhere, and we could see the sky flicker a long way off, and hear the rumble. We had on very serious foreign film that Dan had from the library. It was late, around midnight. Liz and I had worked late, and hadn’t changed out of our work clothes. My t-shirt was covered with ice cream and hot fudge drips, so rather than go up to my room, I just took it off. Jenny was idly running her hand up and down my chest as we watched the movie.

It was something about a Spanish priest who was burning with lust for a married woman, only in between the sex scenes there was a lot of staring moodily into candles. I don’t speak Spanish, either, and I kept losing the thread of the plot. Jenny rubbing her hand up and down my chest was really distracting. I started running my hand up and down her arm to her bare shoulder. Jenny was wearing a little halter top with straps, and I was running my fingers under the straps. She turned her body into me and with guiltless abandon we started ignoring the movie completely, locking lips and making out.

While we were making out and feeling each other up, Liz was watching us across Dan. Dan was trying to watch the movie… I think he was trying to soldier on since he’d brought it. He was wearing these long, loose, shorts. Liz started to slide her hand up inside, touching his bare thigh. Before long, they were making out too, Liz straddling him, with her lips and hands very busy.

We all made out on the couch, in our separate couples, for a pretty long time when Liz stood up. We all looked at her. Liz stood, caught in indecision, for a long moment.

“These jeans are too tight and hot for this,” she finally said. She unbuttoned them and pushed them down to her ankles, then stepped out of them, a little awkwardly. Then she took off her bra under her t-shirt and dropped it next to her jeans. “Okay,” she said, and then, “that’s better,” with a little more confidence. Dan stroked Liz’s legs as she stood, facing him. Jenny watched breathlessly, and as Dan’s hands started to cup and rub my sister’s ass, I took advantage of her excitement and pulled Jenny’s halter straps down to her elbows, exposing her pointy little tits. I saw Dan peeking at them for a second, but then I was sucking them and lost track of what Dan and Liz were up to.

Soon, Jenny was on all fours on the couch, sucking my cock. Her top was down around her waist, and her skirt was pushed up, so Dan got an eyeful of the little black panties wrapping Jenny’s ass like a present. Liz was on her knees with her mouth full too, so Daniel had a free path to touch Jenny’s ass. I could see him reach up toward it, then let his hand drop, several times. Eventually his hand settled on his sister’s calf. Jenny didn’t gasp or moan as he touched her, but she redoubled her cocksucking, and a minute later she slid her black panties to her knees so her brother could get a good look at her bare ass.

I kicked my shorts all the way off, and paused to put on a condom. As I busied myself with the tearing and unrolling, Jenny sat up, clothes all bunched up around her waist, and looked into her brother’s eyes. I pulled Jenny over, and laid her on her back so that her head was next her brother’s thigh.. Her cunt felt hot and slick to my fingers so I slipped my dick right in and started fucking. She drummed her heels on my ass and raked my back with her fingernails. It felt great, but I knew it was for her brother’s benefit.

Meanwhile Liz pulled off her t-shirt and, climbing into Dan’s lap, pressed her long hanging tits into his face. He pushed her panties to the side and began to finger her as he sucked. The angle I was fucking Jenny at gave me a perfect view of Dan’s fingers running in and out of Liz. They went in and out as easily as if it was her mouth. Liz was obviously wet as hell. I thrust extra deep into Jenny, and as she moaned, kissed Liz on the mouth. As I leaned back, her eyes opened wide, and I could see Liz cum hard.

Dan held her as she recovered a bit. Jenny and I switched positions so that she was again on all fours, but this time facing Dan. I started to fuck her doggy style. Dan was closely following all the pleasure on Jenny’s face, while in front of him, Liz stripped off her panties and put a condom on him. Soon they were fucking next to us on that giant couch. Jenny came loudly, moaning and giving high little shrieks, her hips jerking. As soon as she did, Dan let his load go deep into my sister, who moaned with pleasure. That set me off, and I blasted hard into Jenny’s pussy.

Well, as we recovered, we retreated to the sides, back in our original couples… me and Jenny on the right, Dan and Liz on the left. We each pulled a blanket over us. We kissed a little and talked, and eventually started watching the movie again. Soon, Jenny was rubbing my bare cock. I started to finger her. I looked over, and while the blanket was up to Dan and Liz’s necks, it was easy to see that their hands were busy underneath. I had a notion. I didn’t know how it would go, but I had to try it.

“This might wreck everything,” I said, “but I have an idea.” I pulled the blanket off of us and holding Jenny’s hand, sat her on the couch next to Dan. I pulled the blanket of Dan and Liz and moved it so it covered Dan and Jenny. Then I took Liz’s hand and pulled her up. We sat down on the couch a little ways away and put the blanket over ourselves.

Then, nothing happened. We sat there for a while. Dan and Jenny just sat there. Right at that point I was pretty sure I had ruined sex forever. I looked over at Liz, and she was looking down at the pattern on the blanket. Well, I thought to myself, she isn’t walking away either, so see what happens. I reached over and touched the nape of her neck. She still didn’t look up, so I began to run my fingertips over the nape of her neck, feeling the soft skin and the long wispy hairs. I spread out my hand, and ran my fingers through her soft hair, then down the side of her face and across the top of her chest. Liz leaned back and closed her eyes.

“I know you’ve been thinking about this,” I whispered. “And I’ve been thinking about it too. I don’t want to just watch or hear about your sex. I know it’s greedy but I want you.”

Liz let out a long breath that was just short of being a sigh. I reached for her under the blanket, and started to make little circles over her tummy.

“You’ve been teasing me all summer. And you’ve been teasing yourself, too. Getting yourself all worked up, telling me about what your pussy likes. And hearing about what I like. What Jenny likes to do to me. Thinking about me doing those things, thinking about you doing those things. Now we got us both thinking about me doing those things to you.

“Jenny and I played brother and sister once, and when I was feeling her real mouth on my dick and imagining it was yours, I came so hard I saw stars.

“I don’t just want to see your face when your titties get grabbed and pulled,” I said, “I want to grab your titties and pull them and I want to feel your breath on me when I’m doing it. I want to feel your hips buck into my face, Liz, you cumming while I eat you out. I want the wettest, hottest, dirtiest fuck I ever have in my life to be with my sister.”

I slid my hand down between her legs, feeling the wet lips in her hairy bush. She was soaking, and she moaned as my fingertips slipped just inside. In my peripheral vision, I saw Dan and Jenny were watching, rapt, as I played with her pussy under the blanket. Without turning away, Jenny backed up until she was sitting right on Dan’s bare lap.

“Kiss me,” I said. Liz didn’t move. “Kiss me,” I said again. Liz held still, then slowly turned her face up to me. I have never seen eyes like that in my life, just filmy with desire. We kissed, softly, and then we kissed hard, and Liz moaned up into my mouth like, “OOOOOAAAAAAOOOHHHH!” Our naked chests were pressed right together, her skin on my skin, and she lay back and pulled me down with her, pulling me between her thighs held wide on that way, way too big couch.

The head of my dick slipped right into her. Neither one of us used a hand to guide it, it just sheathed itself right in her cunt like it had just come out of it. Liz moaned, rolled her hip, and then started and pushed me off. I was shocked. Clearly, I had gone too far. I sat right up and backed off.

“Condom,” Liz said, jumping up and scrabbling at the box. She tore open the little package, sat the condom right on the purple, engorged head of my cock. Then she spat in her hand, rubbed it all over the cock head until it was slippery, and rolled the condom down it as quickly and efficiently as her nervous and excited hands could manage.

“In me,” Liz said, laying back and spreading her legs. “Fuck me with your brother dick.”

We fucked under the blanket. In the cool air, Liz felt fucking amazing. We kept switching positions. I felt like I wanted to fuck my sister in every way possible, like I had to do it every way because it might never happen again. She told me later she felt the same way. Soon, Jenny and Dan had lost their blanket too, and the two brother-sister couples were fucking right in front of each other. I liked watching Jenny getting so excited. I had a little jealousy, too, because it was never that intense between us. Mostly, though, watching Jenny writhe on her brother’s dick got me super hard. My final orgasm was so deep and intense that I went lightheaded and had to sit up, gripping the couch to recover. At the end of the night, Dan and Jenny fell asleep on the couch, while Liz and I slept in our mom and dad’s bed.

For the rest of the summer, we went from being two couples to a big dirty polyamorous foursome. I’ve never had so much sex that was all so great. It was like a long, non-stop party. It was rare, after that first night, to all be fucking at the same time, but we would take turns between fucking and watching each other. We took little breaks, but we kept going back. Like, Jenny and I would fuck, then Liz and Dan would fuck, then Jenny would suck Dan, then they’d fuck, then Liz would fuck me, just one thing at a time, going for hours. One time, I even jacked Dan off while Jenny and Liz watched. It was pretty fucking hot and super weird. I wanted to fuck Dan in the ass, but I didn’t say anything and he didn’t offer so it didn’t happen.

One sunset, at the end of the summer, Jenny made us all waffles and announced that it would have to be over because she had a boyfriend. The rest of us all agreed that it was no way to treat our college girlfriends and boyfriends, and while we had a couple more very guilty fucks that night, there were no more orgies.

Mom and Dad came back for Labor Day. Liz and I had a heart to heart. We agreed it had to end. Somehow we managed to stay out of each other’s way for the next couple of nights, sneaking upstairs and only seeing each other in front of our parents.

A couple of days later Liz dropped me at college. We hugged, like a brother and a sister. And she drove away. I face-timed her that night.

“Thanks for dropping me off,” I said. “I ran into Mona and went back to her room with her. Her roommate was away. Hey, do you want to hear about it?”

“Hey, yeah I do,” Liz said. “But we don’t have a ton of time. I’m meeting Erik at his place in about half an hour and I’ve already started to take my little panties off. They’re only mostly off. I left them around mid-thigh because I was hoping you’d call.”

It hadn’t ended, not by a long shot, and right at that moment I couldn’t have been happier.


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