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Seeing 2x On Halloween

A Halloween party ends with a bang!
Seeing 2x On Halloween

Mike glanced at the clock impatiently. It was almost nine o’clock. He was sitting on A plush leather couch, waiting on his younger brother Paul and his wife to get ready. They were supposed to leave for the Halloween party half-a-fucking hour ago and Mike was steaming. He had already gotten into an argument with his sister-in-law Kathy, and the night hadn’t even started yet. He didn’t really get along with Kathy anymore. To put it bluntly she was a bitch.

He was getting ready to yell for them to hurry up again when the doorbell rang. He knew who it was. Mike sat for a moment, sighed, and got up to answer the door. Standing on the other side was Krissy, Kathy’s sister. Mike’s jaw dropped as he took in her costume: She had on black and white saddle shoes and frilly white bobby socks. A parody of a 50’s poodle skirt barely came below her crotch and left the soft curve of her ass exposed. Her size-too-small blouse was rolled up to her elbows and unbuttoned almost to her navel, showing the soft creamy curve on the inside of her breasts and the tan expanse of her belly.

Krissy smiled at him and pushed his mouth closed as she walked past him into the house. “You’re getting drool on the floor.” She said playfully as she looked over her shoulder to see him watching her ass sway. She secretly loved to torment Mike with her body.

Mike was blushing deeply. “I-I like your costume.” He stammered as he resumed his seat on the couch.

“Thanks, yours is…different.” She said, looking him up and down. Her head snapped back up when she noticed the center piece of his costume. She laughed aloud.

Mike was wearing a plain white t-shirt, stretched over a fake beer gut. The shirt was tucked into a very tight pair of gym shorts. What caught her eye was a thick bulge running down the inside of Mike’s thigh that ended just above the hem of the shorts. A hat, Oakley sunglasses and a chrome whistle made him look just like her old gym coach in high school, minus the hard-on.

“That’s not…” She couldn’t finish.

“No!” Mike said laughing. “It’s rubber.”

“Good. Cause that thing has to be over a foot long.”

“What? You want his foot long?” Her sister said from behind her, startling both of them.

Mike’s heart rate went through the roof when Kathy stood next to her sister. Her costume was and exact match to Krissy’s. For a minute, he thought he was seeing double. The doubling effect was even more pronounced because the girls were twins. Sure, there were small differences between them as with any set of twins, but to the casual onlooker they were identical. And hot!

The girls were tall and slender, about 5′-9″ and maybe 120 pounds, with mile long legs, flat stomachs and gorgeous C cup tits. Their matching chestnut hair was done up in big drooping curls and their emerald eyes sparked.

“Come on, I need your help.” Kathy told her sister. She shot Mike a dirty look as she pulled her into her room and slammed the door. A few minutes later they emerged again with Paul in tow, dressed like a 50’s greaser in a black leather jacket and jeans with his hair slicked back. It was finally time to go.

The cab ride to the party was pure hell for Mike. The four of them piled into the cramped confines of the back seat, and for the next twenty minutes Mike was pinned between the door and his sister-in-law Kathy with Krissy sitting half on his lap and half on hers. Krissy’s crotch was a hot coal against the skin of his thigh as she sat talking to her sister. Mike closed his eyes and listened to the girls giggle about nothing in particular, praying to whatever God there was that Krissy wouldn’t feel the boner growing below her. He tried once to adjust it, but his fingers brushed against the soft skin of her ass and he quickly pulled his hand away for fear that she would feel it.

Krissy looked at Mike briefly, gave him a quick smile and returned to her conversation with her sister. She could clearly feel a bulge in Mike’s shorts and she knew it wasn’t from the fake dong.

Her sister was droning on and on about her boring job, so Krissy tuned her out and thought about Mike. She knew he had a crush on her; that much was obvious. But he was too shy to make any kind of move. Plus Kathy would probably castrate him if he did. Kathy hated Mike. The reason was unclear, since they had all been friends when Kathy and Paul were dating in high school, but since right before their wedding Kathy had been more and more hostile to him. Krissy had asked once and her sister had blown up on her. She never asked again.

He is cute though… She thought as she sat there, feeling the hard, hot bulge against her ass cheek. Mike was 29, eight years older than she was, with short brown hair and dusty blue eyes. He was just a little taller than her, maybe 6′, and very muscular. She pegged him at about 180, but he was solid, with nicely defined muscles in his arms, legs and torso.

The cab was slowing down, breaking her train of thought. Krissy glanced out the front window and saw that they were pulling up in front of the hotel where the party was. People in outlandish costumes were milling around in front, and making their way inside.

The party room was pandemonium. The space looked like a rundown mental asylum, complete with escaped crazies and mutilated bodies. A live band was set up on stage at the far end of the enormous room, pounding out classic rock tunes. People were everywhere, dancing, talking & drinking. He followed Paul and the girls over to one of the few remaining empty tables that looked like a large, old examination table.

There has to be over 200 people here. Mike thought as he looked around the room.

After they ordered a round of drinks, Kathy and Paul took off for the dance floor, leaving Krissy and Mike alone together. An uncomfortable silence fell between them.

Krissy racked her brain for something, anything to say to break that silence.

“Your fake dong was digging into my ass in the cab.” She blurted out.

Shit! Way to go Kris she admonished mentally Way to sound like a total bitch She fumbled for something else to say as cover.

“That thing feels pretty realistic.” She quickly continued.

Mike was blushing deeply, and wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Sorry about that.” He mumbled, staring at the table.

Just then the waitress returned with their drinks. Mike grabbed his rum and coke, and downed it in one huge gulp before the waitress could finish setting the rest of the drinks out.

“Wow.” Krissy commented. “You okay?”

“I guess.” Mike answered gloomily. “I just don’t care for really large parties like this.”

“Well” Krissy said. “Let’s get your mind off of it.” She pulled him to his feet and drug him out onto the dance floor before he could protest.

Mike was in heaven.

It was hell.

As the music pounded from the loudspeakers, Krissy gyrated against him, swaying and grinding with the music. She smelled incredible, like warm cocoa butter. He skirt rode up high on her ass when she turned her back and leaned into his body, moving with the melody. His hands were on her hips, just above the waist line of her skirt, touching her bare skin. He leaned his head in a little and could smell her hair, like fresh cut flowers.

His cock was hard and aching, a thick ridge running down his thigh alongside the fake dong of his costume. Thankfully he had had the wherewithal to adjust it to that side as Krissy led him out onto the floor. Hopefully it would help conceal his excitement. Krissy turned to face him again and he saw that her nipples were erect, clearly visible beneath the white fabric of her blouse. She wrapped her arms around Mike and hugged him tightly, grinding the hard little buds against his chest as the song ended.

“Let’s go have another drink.” She said, smiling into his eyes.

Back at the table Kathy and Paul had returned. The foursome sat talking and drinking for a while before Mike and Paul excused themselves to the restroom. As soon as they were gone, Kathy leveled a reproachful gaze at her sister.

“What are you doing?” She said flatly.

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing’?” Her sister answered defensively.

“With Mike. You were practically fucking him on the dance floor.” Kathy accused.

“Oh give me a break sis,” Krissy shot back “I’m just trying to have a good time. I like Mike. I can’t help it if you hate him, God only knows why.”

“I don’t hate Mike. I just-“

“Bullshit!” Krissy snapped. “You’re always such a bitch to him. You go out of your way to be cruel to that man. What has he ever done to you to deserve that?”

Kathy sat in stunned silence for a moment. She dropped her eyes to the table cloth, mumbling something.

“What?” Krissy asked. She was getting angry now, leaning on her elbows on the table, staring at her sister.

“I said it’s nothing he’s done to me, it’s what he wouldn’t do to me.” Kathy said quietly. She looked up at her sister and Krissy saw that her eyes were brimming with tears.

“What do you mean?” Krissy probed, softly now. Her anger was extinguished as quickly as it had flared.

Kathy dropped her gaze again and sat in silence. Krissy was about to ask again when she finally spoke.

“Remember when we went bar hopping for my bachelorette party? How drunk we got?”

“Yeah…I remember we rode around in a cab for about an hour because we kept telling the driver wrong directions.” Krissy admitted.

“Well after you finally dropped me off at my building I couldn’t get in. I couldn’t find my keys. Mike lived in the building two blocks down at the time, so I went there. He let me in and told me I could sleep on his couch. Sometime in the middle of the night Mike woke me up. I guess had somehow taken off everything but my panties in my sleep, because he was trying to cover me back up. He said I was moaning and whimpering and he had come to check on my. I was so wet I could feel my panties squish when I moved my legs.”

“I grabbed Mike and pulled him down on top of me and started kissing him. His leg was between mine and I was humping it, rubbing my pussy on it. After a few seconds he pushed me away and stood up. He said he couldn’t take advantage of me when I was so out of it. Especially since I was marrying his brother. His dick was so hard, sticking straight out the slit in his boxers but he wouldn’t touch me. I begged him. I cried and I got on my knees and crawled after him begging him to come back and fuck me but he wouldn’t. After that night he wouldn’t look at me for more that a few seconds, he wouldn’t sit near me if he could help it, like I had some kind of disease. I know it was my fault, but the way he acted made me feel like shit. Like a whore for trying to fuck my fiancés big brother…” She trailed off and sat silently looking at the table again.

Krissy moved to sit next her and put her arm around her shoulder. She was sobbing quietly. “Hey, it’s okay. You had a weak moment when you were drunk. That doesn’t make you a whore. It makes you human.”

“But it wasn’t just that one moment.” Kathy blurted. “In the two years since that night I’ve dreamt about that night I don’t know how many times. Except in my dream he doesn’t push me away. Instead he carries me to his bed and makes love to me for hours and hours. I always wake up from those dreams covered in sweat with a hand in my panties rubbing my clit.” She looked down at the table guiltily before continuing. “I love Paul dearly, but the sex with him is boring to put it bluntly. And Mike is just…Mike. He’s sexy without trying, and doesn’t even know it.”

She looked up at her sister, searching her eyes for any kind of judgment. “I’m horrible aren’t I?”

“No.” Krissy said immediately. “You’re not horrible.”

Silence fell between them again. They looked at each other from across the table.

“Was it big?”

Kathy smiled. “Huge.”

The girls looked at each other for a moment and burst out laughing. They were still laughing when Mike walked back up to the table. They took one look at him and were of into another fit. Finally they got control of themselves.

“W-where’s Paul?” Kathy asked, still chuckling.

“He ran into some guys from his office. They’ve got him over there doing shots at the vodka luge.” Mike said pointing to the far wall of the cavernous room.

“Well.” Krissy said “We’ll just have to do our own shots. After we dance some more.” She stood up and grabbed her sister and Mikes hands and led them out to the floor again.

This can’t be happening. Mike thought as he watched two identical asses sway beneath two identical skirts as the girls led him to the middle of the crowded dance floor. The band was on break and the DJ was starting a loud, fast techno track. The girls turned to Mike and he was awe struck by their sexiness. He had never seen a more beautiful sight. The girls started moving with the beat, circling Mike, running their hands over his body. They moved in close and turned him into a dance pole, swinging around him, grinding against him. A circle of onlookers was starting to form now. People clapped and cheered as the twins danced on Mike like strippers. As the song ended, the girls twirled around in front of him, planting two wet kisses on his cheeks. The crowd cheered.

“Come on.” Krissy yelled as a new song started. “I need a shot.”

The next two hours were a blur of dancing, shots and skin. After a couple of shots the girls started doing body shots off of each other. After a few more Mike was doing body shots also. Every shot was followed by a dance where Kathy and Krissy would drive Mike out of his mind.

As the party started winding down Paul stumbled over to their table.

“Heeygh. Y-you guysh misshed aa-aal of the…fun.” He slurred out. He was clearly trashed. He could barely stand. Mike was almost as drunk himself after doing ten or twelve shots of tequila. The twins didn’t seem quite as drunk, but Mike couldn’t really tell. Hell he couldn’t tell which was which anymore.

They stumbled into the lobby of the hotel. The original plan was to take a cab home, but the area in front of the hotel doors was a bedlam of drunk, costumed people fighting for cabs. Krissy suggested they just get rooms and stay the night. Everyone agreed that was a good idea.

They ended up with three rooms; one room for Kathy and Paul and one each for Mike and Krissy. The rooms were all adjacent. Krissy quickly claimed the center room putting the others on either side of her. They all said their goodnights and disappeared into their rooms.

Movement brought Mike out of the alcohol induced coma he was in. The lights were on for some reason, but he couldn’t remember turning them on when he came in. He tried to sit up but couldn’t move. His hands and feet were bound to the bed. Something was also shoved in his mouth. He could breath, but couldn’t talk. Mike lifted his head as much as he could and looked around the room. Kathy sat in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room, with her sister Krissy sitting primly on her lap. They still had on their costumes, but Krissy was holding the twelve inch double ended dong that had served as Mike’s prosthetic penis for his costume lazily across her lap.

“Welcome back.” Krissy said softly.

“Mrmph” Mike mumbled.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. Krissy got up and walked over to the bed. She sat at the foot and looked at Mike.

“Mike, do you remember the night of my sister’s bachelorette party?” She asked.


She continued. “She showed up at your door, drunk off her ass wanting to sleep on your couch. In the middle of the night she woke you up moaning. Then she begged you to fuck her. Remember that?”

Understanding dawned in Mike’s eyes.

“You told my sister that she was too drunk, that you couldn’t take advantage of her. You’re such a gentleman Mike.”

He looked from Krissy to Kathy sitting across the room. She was watching them with a nervous look on her face. Krissy’s voice drew Mike’s attention again.

“Lucky for you, we’re not that chivalrous Mike.” She said. A wicked little smile played on her plump lips. “Now you’re the one that’s too drunk. But we WILL take advantage of you. Won’t we sis?” She said, looking over her shoulder at her twin sister. She motioned for her sister to join them at the bed.

Krissy put an arm around her waist and pulled Kathy close to her. He other hand still held the dong from Mike’s costume. She traced the head of it up her sister’s thigh, using it to lift the front of her skirt and flash her panties to Mike.

“You see,” Krissy said “first I’m going to show you what you missed out on that night. Then, we’re going to punish you for being such a good boy. After that, if you have learned your lesson we might reward you with a treat. But for now, just relax and enjoy.” She stood as she finished, and moved behind Kathy. Krissy dipped her head to smell her hair, just as Mike had done to her on the dance floor. Her hands moved to the front of Kathy’s blouse and began to slowly release the buttons. When the last button was free, the blouse hung open exposing Kathy’s flat, tan stomach and the soft round globes of her bra-less tits.

Mike watched this happened like a man in a trance. He couldn’t believe it. He was tried to a bed watching two gorgeous women undress, that were twin sisters no less!

Krissy could see the excitement in Mike’s eyes. She could see it in his crotch too. Before tying him up, they had stripped his shorts off. Krissy was amazed by the prize she had found. Kathy was right: it was huge! Mike was completely shaved, and his flaccid prick had been lying against his thigh, long and thick even then. Now it had grown considerably. She intended to make it grow even more. She slid her hands up Kathy’s thighs, and across the flat, tanned expanse of her tummy, stopping for just a moment to trace a finger around the piercing in her sister’s navel. She slid her hands up and cupped Kathy’s breasts, pushing them together, kneading the soft flesh. Kathy was biting her lip, eyes half lidded, clearly enjoying her sister’s attention but obviously uncomfortable just the same. Krissy pinched her nipples, rolled them between her thumb and forefinger causing them to harden instantly.

“See these Mike?” Krissy asked. “Can you believe you missed out on these?” Her hands dropped to Kathy’s skirt. Seconds later the skirt fell to the floor and Kathy was standing there in just her black lace thong. Mike could clearly see her perfectly shaved pussy. The thin fabric glistened in the low light, wet with her juices.

“Mmmm” Krissy cooed “Look at that pussy Mike. I bet she’s sooo wet. How could you resist that?” Her hand slid down and caressed the wet triangle of fabric covering her sister’s cleft. Kathy moaned at her touch.

“Doesn’t she look amazing?” Krissy asked rhetorically. “And the best part is that she looks just like me.”

Krissy turned and faced the bed, She started to move slowly, swaying her hips, moving her body with to an unheard melody as she undressed. Finally she stood beside her sister, identical in her matching lace panties.

“How do we look?” Krissy asked.


“Turn around sis.” Krissy instructed. Kathy spun, revealing her luscious round ass to Mike. Krissy gave her cheek two brisk slaps that made Kathy smile and whimper.

“Look at that ass Mike. Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on those meaty cheeks?” Krissy teased. She continued to squeeze and knead her sister’s tight buns, never taking her eyes off of Mike.

Mike was dying; his cock was so hard it felt like it was going to break off. He had never been this hard in his life. His balls throbbed with a heartbeat of their own, begging for relief.

“Look at that sis, I think he likes what he sees.” Krissy said, grabbing her sister’s head and making her look at Mike’s engorged member.

Kathy blushed deeply. Mike was as big as she remembered: easily ten inches long, and almost as thick as her wrist. Paul was nowhere near as well endowed as his brother. The thought of having that inside of her made Kathy a little uneasy. It also made her pussy ache in blissful anticipation.

“I know what he’ll like even more.” Krissy was saying. She grabbed a straight back chair from the little kitchenette area of the hotel room and put it beside the bed. Abruptly she grabbed her sister’s panties and ripped them free of her body. She pushed her into the chair and then stepped out of her own panties. She leaned over her sister, took her chin in her hand and drew her into a kiss. Kathy’s body went rigid when her sister pushed her lips to hers. They hadn’t discussed doing anything like this. They were just going to get Mike good and worked up, then Krissy would leave and Kathy would have him all to herself.

Krissy was persistent though, probing with her tongue, caressing her head. Reluctantly, Kathy gave in and opened her mouth. It was immediately invaded by her sister’s tongue, swirling around her own, exploring. Kathy felt a shiver run down her spine, ending at the furnace between her thighs. Her sister’s hand rose to cup her breast. Kathy moaned into her mouth when she pinched the erect nipple.

Mike was out of his mind. Watching Krissy and Kathy kiss was one of the most erotic acts he had ever witnessed. Unbelievably, his cock felt harder than it had earlier. It stood proudly at attention, pointing straight at the ceiling. Precum oozed slowly from the tip, making the swollen head glisten. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could stand this torture.

Krissy looked back over her shoulder at Mike. Seeing his massive tool standing there caused something inside of her to snap. Her already wet pussy gushed.

“Remember what I told you Mike?” She said smiling. “Now we have to punish you for not fucking my smoking hot twin sister when you had the chance.”

She sunk slowly to her knees, still looking over her shoulder. She gave him a playful wink before dipping her head between her sister’s thighs. She paused a moment, considering what she was about to do: she had never intended for things to get this out of hand. But now here she was, with her face inches away from her sister’s crotch. Then she thought about how turned on Mike was and her inhibitions fell away. Kathy gasped, her eyes growing as big as dinner plates when she felt her sister’s tongue slide over the smooth puffy skin of her pussy lips. Seconds later her tongue, that incessant explorer, found its way into the moist cavity of her vagina. Krissy probed and licked with her tongue, enjoying the sticky sweet taste of her sister’s juices.

“Mmmm she tastes sooooo good Mike.” Krissy panted, comming up for air.

She immediately fell back to work, licking, sucking, slurping on her sister’s dripping opening. Her tongue found Kathy’s clit, and traced slow circles around it. She sucked hard on the little bud, drawing a long, low moan from her sister. Her own clit was throbbing as well. She let a hand slide between her legs to give it a quick rub, sending shivers up and down her spine.

Despite her initial trepidation, Kathy was really enjoying herself now; pinching and squeezing her tits, writhing and moaning beneath her sister’s adept tongue.

“Ohhhh” She moaned. “Mike, it feels so good. My sister is eating my wet pussy and I love it. You should have fucked me that night. You could’ve ate my pussy just like she is.”

Hearing her sister praise her efforts sent Krissy over the edge. Her right hand furiously rubbed her clit. Within seconds her body was racked with a powerful orgasm. She cried out into her sister’s spread pussy, never pausing as she continued to dine on her juices. Kathy was bucking her hips against her face, moaning louder and louder. Seconds later Krissy’s face was drenched in sweet sticky fluid as her sister came. Kathy grabbed her head, grinding it into her as she shuddered, wave after wave crashing through her body. As the orgasm eased, she relaxed against the back of the chair.

Krissy rose to her feet on legs that felt like jell-o and turned to look at Mike. The twins gazed at their brother-in-law, gagged and bound to the hotel bed. He was moaning softly, his cock twitching with every breath. Krissy moved to stand next to the bed and Kathy follwed, casually draping their arms around each others waist.

“Have you learned your lesson yet Mike?” Krissy asked.

He nodded quickly in agreement.

“So the next time a beautiful woman wants you to fuck her, you will right? No matter who she’s married to?” She continued.

Make again nodded in eager agreement.

“Well. I think we should put that to the test. What do you think sis?” Krissy asked her sister.

“I think that’s a pretty good idea.” Kathy quickly agreed.

Now the girls moved to opposite sides of the large bed, crawling to the middle until they were face to face, with Mikes towering pole between them.

“God Mike,” Krissy cooed “I never imagined you’d have such a big tool.”

She reached out and wrapped one exquisitely warm hand around the base of his shaft. Kathy grabbed him above her sister’s hand and they slowly stroked up and down his hard length. Kathy couldn’t resist anymore. She leaned forward on her elbows and slipped the swollen head into her mouth. Mike moaned softly as she twirled her tongue around the sensitive glans. She slid him deeper into her mouth, his thickness stretching her lips in an exaggerated “o”. Suddenly her sister’s hands were on the back of her head, forcing her to take more.

“Come on sis” She whispered. “You can do better than that.”

Kathy relaxed her jaw as much as she could and Mike slid deeper. She felt him pushing against the opening of her throat and then it was filled with his meat, sliding into the constricted tunnel. Her throat convulsed, squeezing him tight and still her sister was pushing on the back of her head. She thought she was going to suffocate on his cock and then the pressure was gone. Kathy jerked her head up, gagging and retching and let Mike’s penis slide from her mouth. Thick ropes of saliva strung from her mouth to the tip.

“My god Kathy!” Krissy exclaimed. “You almost had the whole thing in your mouth.

Without waiting for a reply, Krissy grabbed Mike’s dick and swallowed it. She quickly had half of his length in her throat and was gaining ground. Within a few seconds her nose was mashed against his pubic bone and his entire ten inches was wedged inside of her. Eons passed in seconds. Finally she released him from the hot, wet oven of her mouth.

Without another word the twins went to work on his cock in earnest. They took turns licking and sucking him, alternating strokes up and down his shaft. Mike could no longer control himself. After only a minute his balls were sending his cum rocketing up and out into Krissy’s waiting mouth. Hot, salty jets of sperm coated her lips, tongue and tonsils. She stroked him furiously, wanting to get every drop he had. She swallowed half the load in one big gulp, then turned to her sister. Kathy looked at her doubtfully for a moment. Then Krissy was pulling her into a kiss, her tongue pushing the rest of Mike’s cum into her mouth, swishing it around, smearing it around her lips. It dripped from their joined lips onto their breasts. They broke the kiss and looked at Mike, who looked utterly wasted and completely dumbfounded. That was without a boudt the hottest sight his eyes had ever seen.

“Did you like that Mikey? Kathy teased, reverting to the name she had used for him when she was in high school and just dating his younger brother.

Krissy answered for him “I think so, look.” She was pointing to Mike’s erection, which seemed thicker and fuller than even before.

“Well, I’ll just have to take care of that.” Kathy stated in a matter-of-fact way. She crawled over to Mike swung her leg across her abdomen and grabbed his hard-on.

“Here, let me help.” Krissy said, taking his dick in her hands and positioning the swollen purple head at her sister’s waiting slit.

Kathy leaned back and took him into her, slowly working his massive girth into her pussy. She was soaking wet, but the going was still slow and somewhat painful due to Mike’s size. Finally she was resting on his pelvis, impaled on his rock hard cock. She sat for a moment, a look a pure ecstasy on her face, relishing the fullness of her abdomen & letting her body adjust to his size. Krissy was now removing the gag from Mike’s mouth.

“You won’t need that anymore.” She told him. “You’re mouth is going to be full of something else for a while.” She swung her leg over his head, straddling his face and facing her sister. Kathy was starting to ride his dick now, slowly lifting herself up, sliding him almost all the way out before plunging back down, burying him to the hilt again. Krissy smiled at her and lowered her dripping pussy onto Mike’s face. She heard him moan her name and then his tongue was on her, in her, spreading her lips, lapping at her clit. Kathy smiled back at her sister, and leaned forward pulling her into a slow, intimate kiss as they each rode one end of their brother-in-law. They moved together slowly for some time, kissing each other, praising Mike for the good boy he was being.

“Untie him.” Kathy said after a while. Krissy looked at her questioningly, but did as her sister bade.

Soon, Mike was free.

Kathy stood up, letting him slide free of her gaping pussy. “Get up, both of you.” She directed.

Krissy and Mike both stood beside the bed. Kathy lay on her back, across the the mattress with her head slightly off the side. Without a word Krissy climbed on top of her sister, straddling her face and lowering her between her legs.

“Now fuck her hard Mike.” Kathy directed.

Mike stood behind Krissy and positioned his pole at her opening. He pushed into her, slowly filling her up until her ass was resting against him. She was just as tight and wet as her sister had been, and Mike was in heaven. He began to fuck Krissy in deep, slow strokes. He could feel Kathy’s tongue darting around her sister’s clit, sliding over his balls and licking his shaft when it slid out of Krissy. Just knowing that she was down there, eating her sister out while he fucked her from behind had Mike close to the edge again. They moved this way, like a synchronized sex team, for perhaps ten more minutes. Mike steadily increased his pace as they went until he was ramming his cock into Krissy, almost angrily. Krissy and Kathy were both moaning loudly, crying out each others names. Suddenly their bodies began to buck and shake as they came together violently. The hot sticky flood out of Krissy’s pussy was all it took for Mike. He could feel the cum rising from his balls and started to pull out. Before he could, Kathy’s hands were on his ass pushing him back inside her sister.

“Cum inside of her Mike. She wants it. Fill her up!” She cried.

He couldn’t stop it. He erupted just inside of Krissy’s plump pussy, pumping a huge load of sperm inside her. Kathy was squeezing his balls and stroking his shaft, trying to milk every last drop out and into her sister. His cum was oozing out around his shaft, but Kathy was there slurping it down as poured out for her sister. She licked and slurped and sucked until there was nothing left.

Mike collapsed onto the bed beside the girls, panting heavily, staring at the ceiling. After a few moments, Kathy and Krissy moved to lie beside of him and the three of them drifted off to sleep that way: Mike in the middle with the twin sisters, naked, with bellies full of his sperm, cuddled up on either side of him.


Muted orange sunlight filtered in through the half opened blinds, glaring into Mikes eyes. His head hurt and his mouth was dry. His balls hurt worse, like someone had kicked him a couple of times. Somewhere, water was running. Someone was giggling. No, not someone. Two someone’s. The water turned off and Mike heard hushed female voices. Suddenly, it all came back to him, like an iceberg appearing from the fog at the last minute. He sat up just as Kathy and Krissy walked back into the room. They were wearing matching hotel robes, hari up in towels. They looked sexy as hell.

“Hey stud.” Kathy said, tipping him a mischievous wink.

The girls sat down at the little table in the room where there was a generous spread of breakfast food.

“You hungry?” Krissy asked. “We got room service.”

“Wh-where’s Paul.” Mike asked groggily.

“Still passed out in our room.” Kathy informed him. “I went and checked on him a little bit ago.”

“Come eat.” Krissy insisted. “You’ve got to be hungry after last night’s workout.”

Mike walked naked to the table and sat in the vacant chair between the sisters. They sat in silence for a few moments.

“Listen,” Mike started.

“Don’t.” Kathy interrupted.

Mike looked at her questioningly.

“Last night was great, so no regrets.” She continued.

“Yeah, and next time will be even better.” Krissy added. She looked at her sister and grinned playfully.

‘Next time’ Mike thought to himself. I like the sound of ‘next time’


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