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Seducing Jessica

Jessica is sucked into an erotic web of family seduction.
Seducing Jessica

This story is copyright of Tori Hamlin and Erotikinks. For more novels and novellas, visit me at

Summary: When Jessica learns that her father is hiring escorts that look like her, she’s sucked into an erotic web of seduction and power play.

Chapter One: Jessica’s Job

Jessica pulled her old, well-worn car into the driveway of her father’s home with a sense of nervousness. The large house, so unlike her mother’s, stood well-kept and neat in an upper-class suburban neighborhood. Jessica didn’t mind coming to stay at her father’s home. Normally, she would spend a weekend here each month.

This visit, though, was going to be more permanent. Jessica had turned eighteen just a few months ago, and by the terms of the custody agreement, she was no longer her mother’s primary responsibility. Not only that, but her mother had seen fit to remarry, and now that she was able to be rid of Jessica and focus on her “new future,” their prior arrangement had suddenly been reversed.

Now, Jessica would spend one weekend a month with her mother. Today, though, her mother and the husband-to-be had jetted off for a tropical summer vacation. Brandon, the new husband, was eager to show off his wealth to his attractive new fiance. Jessica felt glad, somewhat, that her mother’s fortunes were turning around.

Jessica had mixed feelings about living with her father, though. On the one hand, she liked her father’s home. It was only across the city from her mother’s, meaning she could stay in the same school and finish her coming senior year. Her older brother lived here, full-time with her father, and he was great. Her father, too, wasn’t a bad sort. He was just a bit stern.

Jessica’s father was a self-made man, having built his own company and succeeded, despite his poor upbringing. He had tremendous respect for hard work and valued it. This was evidenced by the fact that her brother was required to work, from the day he’d turned eighteen, and was further made to cover a portion of his living expenses.

“No matter what happens,” her father had said, “you need to be able to rely on yourself. Life’s going to throw everything it can at you, and if you’re not able to stand on your own two feet, you’ll be vulnerable.”

It was true, Jessica knew. Still, she was not looking forward to it. Jessica had never worked and wasn’t even sure what sort of work she could do. The thought of going out to some burger hut or taco joint, working for minimum wage, having to wear a dumb uniform, and then being mocked by people at school for it, was not something that she wanted to do.

Entering the house, Jessica tossed her bag on her bed and then padded down the hall to her brother’s room. She knocked on the closed door, lightly, and Eric opened it a moment later.

“Hey, Jess!” he said, grabbing her in a welcoming embrace, “You just get in?”

“Yeah,” Jessica said and stepped back.

“You need a hand with any bags?” he asked.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Eric helped her to carry her large suitcase and bags of belongings up to her room, setting them to the side of the bed for later unpacking.

“I’m off work today,” Eric said, “Got any plans?”

Jessica shook her head, saying, “Just to unpack. Why?”

“I opened up the pool this morning,” Eric said, “Seems like a good day to make use of it. You wanna come?”

“Sure. Let me get changed!” Jessica agreed.


Jessica met her brother out back by the pool, wearing a new bikini she’d picked up with some birthday money from Brandon. This bikini was a little sexier than she’d worn before, a cute black set that cut through the cheeks of her round and brown bubble butt. While Jessica had always been a bit embarrassed about her small breasts, her mother’s Latin heritage had given her an ass that made everyone give it a second look, no matter what she wore. Combined with her natural tan and long, black hair, she thought the new bikini made her look a touch naughty, more grown-up, and sexy even.

After some swimming and horsing around in the pool, she joined Eric on the lounge chairs to soak in the sun. While Jessica, herself, didn’t need any sun to tan, she did enjoy the warmth and leisure time with her brother.

“Have you thought about a job, yet?” Eric asked as they lay in the sun.

“No. I guess I’ll go start putting in applications or sending some online. I just don’t know what to do.”

“I’d put in a word for you at the hardware store, but I don’t know how much you’d like selling tools and lawnmowers,” Eric said with a shrug.

Jessica didn’t think she’d like that at all. It sounded very boring.

“On the other hand,” Eric said, “all those old guys coming in and getting a look at a cutie like you would probably put you way up on the sales charts!”

“Funny,” Jessica said, blushing.

“Well, I’m sure dad will give you some time to figure it out,” Eric said, “You know how he is, though. You’ll have to find something pretty quick or he’ll start coming up with ways to ‘motivate’ you.”

“What did he do to you?”

“Oh, I was quick to get something. I papered every place in town and took the first thing. Honestly, it’s not so bad. I learn a lot from the older guys, and it’s easy. Throw in going to school and dad pretty much stays out of my way. I just pay a bit of rent, my phone, my car, insurance, that kind of thing.”

Jessica wasn’t sure. Up until now, her mother had paid for her phone, her old beat-up car, and her expenses. She’d made it clear, though, that she was in agreement about doing things for herself. If Jessica didn’t find work and start earning a paycheck, she could kiss her phone goodbye after this month.


Jessica’s father, Owen, sat with his two children at dinner that evening. To get in his good graces about finding a job, Jessica had put in a lot of effort to make dinner. This, she’d picked up from her mother and it was something she even enjoyed to an extent.

“Fine work, Jess,” Owen said, digging into the pasta dinner, “You get your stuff unpacked yet?”

“I’ll work on it tonight,” she said.

Owen, not exactly the most talkative man, nodded and continued his dinner. Once Jess and Eric had cleared the dishes away, though, Owen sat her down with him at the table.

“Honey,” he said, “I know this is a big change for all of us. I’m happy to see your mom doing well, and Brandon seems like a good guy. I just want you to know that I’m glad you’re here. It’s going to be an adjustment for you, but just like every time, you know what the expectations are. I like a tidy house. I do expect that you’ll go out and look for work until you find it. We’ll talk later about your expenses and arrange things. I know that it’s probably going to take some time, and I’m okay with that. I just expect to see you putting forth a regular effort and following up. You’ll land something. It won’t be your dream job, but as long as you put forth the effort to get something and you stick with it, that’s what matters.”

“Alright,” Jessica agreed, “What if I don’t find something, though?”

“Don’t go into it with a mindset of defeat,” Owen counseled, “You go at everything in life with the knowledge that you are going to succeed at it. There’s going to be failure. That’s okay. It’s expected. What’s important is that you keep at it, that you don’t give up, and you keep coming back to it with a renewed willingness to learn, to get better.”

Owen stood and kissed her on the top of her head.

“Now, get settled in. By the end of this week, I expect that you’ll have put in no less than two applications per day, starting tomorrow. Alright?”

“Okay, dad,” Jessica agreed.

Chapter Two: Mirror

To conserve her limited birthday funds, Jessica began her job search online. Through various job posting sites, she perused the available positions. The exercise proved frustrating. Most of the ads posted required some kind of prior experience or were not suited for a girl seeking a summer job that could be flexible once her school year started.

Even though she knew that she didn’t have much chance of success, Jessica still filled out a dozen applications for small offices and also placed a mediocre resume with some of the job placement agencies she found in her search. Fast food and retail positions, she decided, could wait until the other prospects hadn’t panned out. A bit disheartened, she spent the rest of the afternoon texting with friends while watching TV.

Hoping to win further approval, Jessica set about tidying up the house and making dinner once more. This pleased Owen when he arrived home that evening and earned her an approving thanks from Eric when he returned from work, as well. Knowing that he’d want proof of her efforts, Jessica showed her father a spreadsheet she’d done of her job searches. Owen looked it over approvingly, giving her praise for her detailed record-keeping.

“Keep it up, honey,” Owen said, “Sometimes it’s a matter of quantity. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it’ll be.”

Bored, Jessica returned to the living room for more TV, after cleaning away the dishes. It was soon after, that life took a new and strange turn. With her father and brother both on the second floor, Jessica went to answer a ring at the front door.

The girl at the door, Jessica thought, could have nearly been her identical twin. They shared the same petite frame and natural tan, as well as long, black hair. Even their features were strikingly similar. The girl, though, was dressed far sexier than Jessica herself would have ever considered. Her long, bare legs ran from a pair of black heels to a pink miniskirt, above which her tummy was bare and she wore a tight, pink top that molded to her small, braless breasts.

“Um, hello?” Jessica said, blinking, taken aback.

“Oh, hi!” the girl said, peppily and with the hint of an accent that reminded Jessica of her mother’s, “Owen here?”

Jessica, nearly too stunned to speak, simply nodded her head. When she turned to allow the girl to step inside, Owen was already coming down the hall.

“I’ve got this, honey,” he said to Jessica.

The girl at the door brightened even more at the sight of him and allowed herself in. Jessica’s mouth fell open as the girl put her arms around Owen’s waist, leaned up, and kissed him on the mouth. The kiss was not a chaste one, either. Jessica stood by, her eyes bugged as the girl put her tongue into Owen’s mouth, and her father’s hand crept around to cup her bottom. The kiss lasted for several seconds, before the girl, blushing, broke it.

“I missed you, daddy,” she said, shyly.

“Get in here,” Owen replied, grinning, then to Jessica, “I’ll be busy for a while.”

With no further explanation, Owen took the girl upstairs, leaving Jessica, her mouth still agape, standing by the open door. What the hell had just happened? Did she have some sister she’d never met? Why had her near-twin just tongue kissed her father? Why did she call him, “daddy?”

Jessica slowly shut the door, her face flushed as she considered the implications of Owen’s parting comment, and the things she’d just seen. Though it had not been explicit, it had been implied that her father was going to have sex with the girl. He was going to have sex with a girl that looked just like Jessica. Stunned, Jessica shut off the TV and climbed the steps to her room. Pausing at her door, she glanced toward the end of the hall, where her father’s door was shut. She heard a girlish giggle from within and hastily entered her own room, putting in her earbuds.


Jessica hadn’t slept well the previous night. The image of the girl kissing Owen, his hand on her ass, and the implication that he was going to fuck her, all swirled in her head. After Owen left in the morning, Jessica had to ask her brother about the girl. She found Eric, in his room.

“Hey, Jess. What’s up?” he asked, opening the door.

“Can I… can I ask you about something?”

“Yeah. Shoot.”

“Can I come in?” she asked.

Eric stood aside and let his sister in. Jess flitted about the room, nervously poking about, looking at things, and fidgeting.

“What is it?” Eric asked, amused.


“What did you want to ask me?”

“Oh, well, I… Last night there was… there was a girl,” Jessica stammered, “Dad. He… there was a girl,” she said again.

“Maria?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know her name. She was… she looked like me.”

“Yeah, that would be Maria. She’s an escort,” Eric stated.

“An escort?”

“Yeah. Escort, hooker, sex worker, whatever term you want to use. Dad pays her for her ‘company’.”

“He what?”

“There’s a few of them. Maria, Lindsey, and Layla,” Eric said.

“Dad pays girls to… to have sex?” Jessica asked, flummoxed.

Eric laughed and said, “Yeah. He’s a busy guy and he doesn’t date. A man’s got needs, though,” Eric said, shrugging, as though this were no issue.

“She looked like me!” Jessica said again.

“They all do,” Eric said,’ or maybe they just look like mom when she was your age.”

Jessica paled a bit and asked, “Why?”

Eric grinned and said, “I guess he likes cute, younger girls. I don’t know. Everyone has a type.”

Jessica wrung her hands.

“It’s weird,” she said.

“Why? People like sex and people like money. It’s the world’s oldest profession,” Eric said.

“I guess. Thanks,” she said.


Jessica left the room and returned to her own, setting about checking her applications and submitting new ones. She couldn’t stop thinking about the girl, though. Nervously, she looked at her door, then went and locked it. Her fingers shaking she did a new search for “escorts” and clicked on the first result.

The page showed her hundreds of women ranging from her own age to much more mature, all of them with a profile, photos, usually a nickname, and a description. Jessica clicked a few at random and read them. Many of them alluded to “company” or “quality time” which she figured was a thinly veiled reference to sex. Others, though, made no allusion to sex, but rather purely to companionship, dates, “arm candy” or sugar daddies.

She filtered the results to show only the girls that were local, and then further by ethnicity and age until she came across the girl that she’d met at the door. Maria. Maria was, according to her profile, eighteen years old. She billed herself as a petite and sexy playmate, who loved the attention of mature men. Her “daddy” fetish was in every reference, where she referred to herself as, “your little girl,” or “daddy’s princess,” or other cutesy terms.

Jessica clicked through the girl’s photos, then watched a little video she’d made of herself dancing very sluttily to a dirty rap song, shaking her petite booty in a set of skimpy, pink lingerie. The girl’s similarity to her own appearance made Jessica imagine that it was herself, and the imagined image made her feel strangely hot and aroused. Then, the imaginary Jessica began shaking her ass in the pink lingerie, but her father’s hand groped her panty-covered ass. She quickly closed the browser, blushing.

For several minutes, she stared at the blank screen. Why had she looked at it? What was she hoping to learn? She didn’t know. A moment later, she found herself knocking on Eric’s door again.

He opened it, raising a brow in question. Jessica let herself in.

“How much does he pay them for, you know?” she asked.


“Yeah. How much does he pay them for… for doing things.”

Eric shrugged, “I don’t know, exactly. I don’t really have the extra cash for escorts, but from my, um, research, a girl like that might make around $200 or $300 for a meetup. Maybe more, depending on what happens.”

“And people pay that? Dad pays that?”

“Sure. At least a few times a week,” Eric said, “One of them comes by at least three times a week, maybe more. Sometimes one of them stays the weekend with him. They go out and do things, too. It’s not always sex.”

Jessica was silent, considering that.

“You thinking of getting into the escort business for your summer job?” Eric said, jokingly.

“What? No! I wouldn’t… that’s gross!”

Eric shrugged and said, “I’m kidding, you dope. You’ve just got an awful lot of questions about it.”

“Sorry,” Jessica said, “It’s just. It felt weird that she looked like me. That’s all.”

Eric shook his head, “Yeah, I get that,” he said, “You could make good money at it, though.”

“Ew! No!”

“Whatever,” he said, shrugging, “I’d pay you $50 right now, if you wore that bikini from yesterday around the house for the rest of the day.”


“Yeah. Just to show you that it really happens and that people will pay for it. You wear the bikini for the rest of the day, and I’ll give you $50.”

“No! That’s weird, too!” Jessica argued.

“Why? You wore it to the pool yesterday, for free.”

“That’s… but we were just swimming. I wasn’t doing it to show off!” Jessica said, blushing.

“So, if you do it for free, that’s alright. If you do it for $50 then you’re a hooker?” Eric asked.

“No! It’s… you’re my brother. I wore it to swim, not so you could look at me and get a boner!”

“Who says I didn’t get a free boner out of it anyway?” Eric said, grinning, teasing.

“You’re gross. Stop that,” Jessica said, looking away, and shuffling her feet.

“Whatever. I’m going out to the pool.”

He motioned toward the door and Jessica took the hint, walking back to her room with her cheeks burning. Her own brother had just offered her money to wear a sexy bikini and she felt dirty. Jessica flopped down on the bed and tried to take a nap, tried not to think about the girl in pink lingerie, shaking her ass to a trashy rap song. It didn’t work. She tossed about, then glanced across the room, where the bikini hung on the closet door handle.


Eric was already in the pool, when Jessica came out to the backyard, wrapped in a long black robe. He swam to the edge when she appeared.

“Gonna swim?” he asked.

Jessica dithered, her hands playing with the tie on the robe.

“$50?” she asked.


“$50,” she said again, “to wear the bikini for the rest of the day?”

“Jess, I was kidding.”

“Oh,” she said, her face falling into an adorable look of disappointment.

She turned to go back inside, her head hanging with shame and embarrassment.

“Hey,” Eric called.

She stopped and turned.

“$50,” he said, “I don’t have my wallet on me, but when we go in, I’ll get it for you.”

Jessica walked back.

“Really?” she asked.

Eric nodded and said, “Don’t make it weird. You’re cute and guys like to look at cute girls in bikinis. It’s no different from looking at a swimsuit model. Do you think swimsuit models get all fidgety when their brothers see them in a bikini?”

Jessica did not think that was the case. She shook her head. Yesterday, she’d worn the sexy bikini without a second thought. Why, then, did it feel different to do it now? If she’d never asked Eric the questions, never thought about the girl in the pink lingerie, she’d have worn it again today without even thinking about it.

It was the reason behind wearing it, she thought, the fact that she was going to wear it for money, and that she was going to do it so a man could look at her and think sexy thoughts about her body. Had Eric thought she was sexy yesterday? Did her brother really get hard looking at her in the small bikini? Still, she did want $50 and she couldn’t deny the strange, hot feeling she was getting as she thought about doing it.

If she took off the robe, and she took it off for money, she’d be like the girl at the door. She’d be like an escort, a hooker, a sex worker, taking off her clothes so a man could look at her and think about fucking her. She’d be like a stripper. She toyed with the tie again and unlooped the first knot.

Eric was watching her from the pool, looking up at her expectantly, waiting. Jessica felt flushed and hot as she unlooped the other end of the knot, trying to convince herself that she was just wearing her swimsuit at the pool. It was nothing different from yesterday. She was not stripping for her brother.

She let the tie loose and it hung, swinging, while her hands held the robe closed. Biting her lip, unconsciously making the entire thing sexier with her hesitancy, she pulled one half of the robe open. She could practically see Eric’s eyes pleading with her. She bared one bikini-clad breast, shrugging off that side of the robe to reveal her exposed side, the band of the bikini bottom, and one naked leg.

She slipped the other side off and let the robe fall to the ground, covering the V of her sex with her hands and blushing. It was silly, she thought. She hadn’t been concerned for her modesty yesterday. Now, though, Eric’s eyes fell on the covered treasure of her shaven pussy, hidden beneath the bikini bottom, and Jessica could tell that her brother was thinking about it. Her brother was thinking about her naked pussy and her petite breasts, imagining what they’d look like if she’d just take the two pieces of cloth off. Maybe, he was even thinking about how much he could pay her to do it.

A hot surge of wetness flooded her pussy and made her flush at the thought. It was such a filthy thing to even think about, but she had thought it, and she’d also wondered how much was enough to make her do it, too.

Eric gave a low whistle of approval and said, “Jess, you’re beautiful. Come on. Dive in. It’s just another day in the pool.”

To emphasize how normal it was, Eric back-paddled across the pool and pretended to be finished ogling her body. In truth, he watched her slide into the water, took in the sight of her nipples hardening at the cold, her dark hair floating behind her on the surface of the water. He got hard at the sight of the beads of water on her tanned skin, the blush of embarrassment in her cheeks, and the sense of confused arousal he saw in her eyes.

 Chapter Three: Showoff

When she was out of the pool, Jessica was acutely aware of just how much the bikini was showing off. The water made the fabric hug tightly to her every curve. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed it yesterday. Stupid. Yesterday her perception of life had been different. That was why.

It was not as though Jessica did not notice the looks she got from men. She understood that men thought she was cute. Jessica, herself, knew that she was cute. Her petite body and wide eyes, framed by the long, black hair, leant her a look of adorable innocence, like some kind of dark little pixie, she thought. She understood it well enough to have used those wide eyes and sweet smile to get her way in the past. She’d never really considered it sexual, though. It was just a little flirty.

As she dried herself, though, her eyes wandered over Eric’s swim trunks, particularly his crotch. Was that a bit of a bulge she saw? She thought it was. Eric was never the type of brother that roughhoused with her. She was small, after all. He’d always been more the type to tease her or play the odd joke. Thus, he’d never tried to dunk her in the pool. Before today.

Today, she’d gotten some more splashing and a couple of dunks in the water. Eric had put his arms around her waist and pulled her under with a laugh. She hadn’t imagined it. He had been touching her body. As she put the towel around herself and picked up the robe, Eric gave her a look, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” she asked.

“Let’s go get your money. But you can’t cover up. That’s not what you’re getting paid for.”

There was a silly grin on his face that made Jessica blush.

“I’m wet,” she explained, “I’m going to freeze if I don’t dry off.”

He nodded and said, “Lay in the sun. Dry off and warm up. I’ll go get the money.”

Jessica agreed and lay on one of the deck chairs, spreading the towel beneath her and soaking in the sun. Eric was gone for a few minutes, and then came back holding his wallet and his phone. He went through the wallet and pulled out two twenties and a ten, holding them out.

“Now, you can have this, as we agreed, and wear the bikini for the rest of the day. That means the whole day until we go to bed. Or…”

Jessica reached for the money, stopped, and asked, “Or, what?”

“Or, you can make twice as much being a swimsuit model,” Eric finished.

“What do you mean?” Jessica asked, narrowing her eyes.

“I mean, if you let me take five photos of you in the swimsuit, posing as I choose, I’ll give you ten dollars for each photo. That’s another fifty dollars.”

“Why?” Jessica asked.

“Why, what?”

“Why do you want to take pictures of me?” she asked, blushing.

“Because, if you decide you’re going to be an escort, you’ll need to take pictures. Also, you’re cute and I want to have pictures of a cute girl in a bikini.”

“To do what with?” she probed, “Why do you want, specifically, pictures of me in a bikini? You can go look up pictures of girls in bikinis for free. And I’m not going to be an escort, so the first answer is a moot point.”

Now it was Eric’s turn to blush, though it was hardly noticeable against his tanned skin.

“Does it matter? Do you want the money or not?” he asked, finally.

Jessica considered it. Fifty dollars was a lot of money, and she did need it. By Eric’s answer, though, it was obvious what he was going to do with the pictures. He was going to jerk off to pictures of her in her bikini. Jessica may not have known much about penises, but she did know that guys jerked off, and she knew her brother would do it.

Did she want to think about her brother jerking off to her pictures? She couldn’t puzzle out, exactly, how she felt about that. Common knowledge said that she should be disgusted by it and, perhaps if their lives had been a little different, if they hadn’t spent much of the last three years apart, she might have. It wasn’t disgust she felt, though. It was… something else, like the feeling she’d gotten when she looked at the escort girl in the pink lingerie, the feeling she’d had when she’d imagined her dad fucking the escort.

“Five pictures?” she asked.

“Five pictures,” Eric agreed, his grin spreading.

He pulled more money out and handed it to her.

“Nothing gross, right?”

“Nothing gross,” he said, “Nothing that you couldn’t post on Facebook.”

“Okay,” she said, hesitantly.

Having nowhere to put the money, Jessica held it in her hand. Eric reached down and took it from her.

“Hey!” she cried.

“Like this,” he instructed and lifted the band of her bikini bottom.

He tucked the bills through it and let it snap back.

“That’s not funny,” she said.

“Do you have a better place?”

Jessica did not have a better place, so she left the bills tucked into her bottoms, which made her feel cheap. Eric took her picture.

“Now, turn over,” he instructed.

Jessica glared at him and rolled over onto her belly.

“Oh, keep that look and turn back toward me,” he said.

Jessica had no trouble keeping the glare as she looked over her shoulder at the camera, her dark hair frizzy and damp.

“Spread your legs, just a bit,” Eric ordered.


“Because it will look cuter.”

Jessica sighed and parted her legs, showing her brother the mound of her pussy, covered by the bottoms. He took the second picture and whistled.

“That is something,” he said, looking at the photo, “It’s a good look.”

“Let me see,” she said.

Eric sat on the edge of the lounger and showed her the photo. In it, her brown eyes were dark in the sunlight and she looked more pouty than annoyed, which was not the intent. Her round bottom was cut by the thin strip of cloth that barely covered her pussy. The remaining dampness of the pool water from the towel she laid on made her ass glisten in the sun.

“It looks too sexy. You can’t keep that one,” she said.

“The deal was that you pose how I choose, right?”

“Yeah, but… Eric. Come on,” she whined, giving him her sweet smile and wide-eyed look.

It didn’t move him.

“Do you have heels?” he asked.


Eric reached for the wallet and extracted another twenty.

“If you’ll wear them for the last three, I’ll throw in another twenty,” he said.


“Because I think heels are sexy,” he said.

“I’m not doing this to be sexy. Stop being weird.”

He produced another twenty.

“Seriously?” she asked.

He nodded.

“You don’t think this is, like, just a little bit wrong?” she asked.


“So, if dad walked in here and saw you taking photos of me in a bikini and heels, you don’t think he’d have something to say about it?” she asked.

“He might ask if he could have a copy,” Eric answered, grinning.

“Gross! He would not!”

Eric only raised an eyebrow. Jessica blushed, wondering if her dad would, in fact, ask for a copy of the photos. It was gross and it was weird, wrong to contemplate, but the thought was there. It had been there all night and all day. Did her dad fuck the escort girl and imagine his ex-wife, younger and petite, like when they’d met? Or did he fuck Maria and think about her? The question wouldn’t go away.

Jessica looked away from Eric’s face and then said, “I’ll be right back.”

She took the money from his hand, pulled the rest out of her bikini band, and went up the steps. In her room, she felt hot as she fumbled in the closet for her heels. She had two pairs, one red and one black. She took the black pair to match the suit, slipped them on, and then looked in the mirror. Turning side to side, she could see that the arch of the heels gave her ass a little lift, making it even more prominent than it already was.

She took the stairs carefully, holding the banister as she descended, and found Eric in the living room. His face was impassive as she walked in. If he was looking at her in a less than familial way, he didn’t show it. Jessica blinked. His swim trunks showed it. She could see a bit of a rise in the fabric. Her brother’s cock was hard.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” she said.

“Why not?” he asked, phone in hand, prepared for his pictures.

“It’s… it’s just not.”

“Just three pictures, Jess. What’s wrong with that?” he asked, grinning.

Jessica dithered, wringing her hands, covering her pussy with them.

“Okay,” she acquiesced. “Just three more.”

“Good. First, get on the couch, on your knees, with your back to me,” Eric instructed.

Jessica did it, climbing on the couch and setting her palms on the back of the couch, on her knees.

“Lean forward and stick your butt out just a bit.”


“It looks so cute, Jess. Go ahead.”

Jessica sighed and stuck her bottom out, leaning forward over the couch a bit, resting her elbows on the back.

“Now, legs a little wider, like outside.”

“Eric, that’s… that’s too sexy,” she objected.

“You are sexy, Jess. It doesn’t matter if your legs are closed or spread. You’re going to be sexy.”

“Don’t say that,” she said.

“It’s true,” he shot back, “Now, legs apart. Just a little more. Good.”

Eric raised the phone and took the picture.

“Stay like that,” he said, “and look back over your shoulder, just like outside.”

She did it, working on making her glare more menacing than before, which only resulted in her looking even cuter. Eric took the photo.

“Just one more,” he said, “This time, I want you to sit on the couch and spread your legs again.”

Jessica turned and, blushing, sat back on the couch. She parted her legs a little bit.

“A bit more, Jess. That’s so cute. Just give me a little more, alright?”

Jessica parted her legs wider, showing him her bikini-covered pussy. The embarrassed and confused look on her face was adorable, he thought.

“Just one more thing,” he said, “I want you to slip your hand into the bikini bottoms and touch yourself.”

“What? No!”

“Last one, Jess. You said you’d do it however I chose, right?”

“But… you said nothing I couldn’t put on Facebook,” she countered, “I’m not doing that.”

Eric produced his wallet and withdrew another twenty. $160 for wearing a bikini and taking five pictures, and all she had to do was reach into the bottoms and touch her pussy. In front of Eric.

“Eric… No. It’s…”

Eric added another twenty. $180.

“Please, don’t…” Jessica whispered, blushing.

He took out another twenty and said, “I could probably get one of dad’s girls to do a lot more for me for this much, but I’m not. I’m asking for a couple pictures of you, aren’t I?”

“Eric, I…”

Eric approached her, the money in his hand. He folded the bills, lifted the band of her bottoms, like she was a stripper, and tucked the bills into it. Then, he took her hand, lifted the band again, and put her hand into it. He let it go. Jessica did not know why she’d allowed him to do it. She hadn’t agreed to it. He’d just done it.

“It’s okay, Jess,” he said, stepping back, “It’s alright. Go on.”

Blushing, Jessica moved her hand and slowly pushed it further down, into her bottoms, and touched her pussy. It was very wet. Was she actually turned on by this? Eric took the picture.

“That’s it,” he said, “Thanks, Jess. Those will be really cute.”

He did not remark on the fact that she hadn’t removed her hand from her bottoms. She was still touching her pussy. A moment passed and she realized it too, as he stood there, watching his sister touch herself with a faraway look. She quickly pulled her hand out and blushed, snapping her legs shut and kicking off the heels.

“Why don’t we get the house cleaned up before dad gets home, and then we can just hang out. Cool?”

“Alright,” Jessica agreed.


Jessica and Eric set about cleaning up, which wasn’t much of a chore as they kept things tidy. There was dusting to do, which Jessica did while Eric vacuumed. Then Jessica did dishes and Eric wiped down counters. Jessica handled cleaning the floor in the kitchen, while Eric busied himself with laundry.

The chores out of the way, Jessica retrieved her computer and took a seat on the couch. Eric joined her and began flipping through channels. She checked on her applications, archived a number of rejections for them and then combed through the listings for more to send her application into. She felt disheartened, though. Nothing seemed to fit.

“How much do you make at your job?” Jessica asked.

“$18 an hour,” Eric answered, “but I’ve been there for three years. I started at $12. I get some bonuses for sales, too.”

“Do you make a lot of money?”

“Not really,” Eric said, sighing, “I make enough to keep dad happy with some left over. I save a bit, but not much. I suppose it’ll get better after I graduate in a couple years and find a real job.”

“I thought you didn’t have enough to pay escorts,” Jessica joked.

“You’re not an escort,” Eric said, “and I don’t, really. If it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t have spent it.”

“What do you mean?” Jessica asked.

Eric was quiet, then said, “I mean, I wouldn’t put out that money for sex with some girl, who I know is just putting on a show just to take my cash. I gave it to you because you’re my sister and I love you. You need it, while you’re looking, and I don’t mind giving it to you, because I know you’re not putting on some act just to get my money. It’s different.”

Jessica was quiet as she considered that.

“Thanks,” she said at last.

Eric nodded. Jessica continued browsing the job pages, turning in a few applications, and copying the information to her spreadsheet to track them. It was boring work. She caught Eric, several times, giving her little glances that made her flush as she tried to ignore them.

Bored by the applications she turned her attention back to the website with the escort girls, clicking the bookmark and bringing up the page. She scrolled the results of the search again, past Maria, until she found Lindsey, and then Layla. She opened the two profiles in separate tabs. Just like Maria, the other two girls’ profiles made numerous references to their love of older men, calling them daddy, Papi, and referring to themselves as “daddy’s girl,” or “princess,” while making allusions to sex.

“Eric?” Jessica asked.


“Will you… will you send me the photos you took?”

Eric shrugged, pulled out his phone, and sent the photos. A moment later Jessica had them. She opened the first one, showing her laying on her back on the deck chair. She held it up next to the picture of Lindsey, then Layla. The girls were a close match, but not as close as Maria. She flicked to the next photo, taking a long moment to look at the cute, pouty expression on her own face. It was similar to one of Layla’s, in which the girl was dressed in a navy bra and panties.

The third photo made her blush, showing her bottom out and the bikini wedged into the crack of her ass. All three of the girls had a similar photo, but theirs were in lingerie, not a swimsuit. The fourth picture was like the last, but there was that look again, cute, pouty, enticing. It was like the girls on the website.

Finally, there was the fifth photo, the very naughty one. Jessica took a long time examining this one and comparing it to the escort girls. They all had a similar photo, their lean legs spread temptingly, a hand on their pussy. Jessica, though, looked embarrassed in hers, while the other girls were confident and sexy, inviting.

“I look stupid,” Jessica said, suddenly.


“Stupid. In the picture… the last one. I look stupid.”

Eric pulled up the picture on his phone and said, “What do you mean? You don’t look stupid.”

“Yes, I do,” she argued, “It doesn’t look sexy. It looks like I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Eric cocked his head, “I thought you weren’t trying to be sexy. And anyway, it looks cute.”

“I’m not… I wasn’t trying to be sexy. I wasn’t trying to be cute, either. I wasn’t trying to do anything,” she said.


“They all look sexy,” she said, still looking at the screen.

“I thought you just said that it didn’t look sexy? Eric asked, confused.

“Not mine. Theirs. Dad’s escorts,” she explained.

“Dad’s escorts?” Eric asked, chuckling, “like they belong to him or something?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Are you seriously looking at that site?” Eric asked.

Jessica turned the computer toward him.

“Theirs look sexy and mine looks stupid,” she said again.

Eric examined the photos and shook his head.

“No. Stupid isn’t the right word, Jess. You don’t look stupid. Look again. They look like they’re professional sluts. You’re not, and you don’t want to be. Yours looks embarrassed and innocent because it’s real. Theirs are fakes.”

“It’s still not sexy,” she argued.

Eric shook his head again and said, “That’s exactly why it is sexy.”

“Will you… would you take another one?”

“You took all my money,” he said, shaking his head.

“Not for money. I want to try another one.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Seriously? You were the one perving over it before and now I actually want to do it and you’ve got questions?”

“Alright,” he agreed.

Eric stood up and pointed the phone, saying, “Just like before. Spread your legs.”

“I need my heels,” she said, pointing.

Eric retrieved them. Heels on, Jessica leaned back into the couch and spread her legs again. She put her hand over her pussy, like the girls in the pictures. Eric shook his head.


He took a step forward and pushed one side of her hair behind her shoulder. The other he left dangling, just to the side of her eye. Then, he took her hand, which trembled. He took in the sight of her chest rising and falling, the flush in her cheeks. He lifted the band of her bikini bottom again and she watched him put her hand inside it, swallowed, and then he gently put the band back over her hand.

“They’re slutty,” he said, “You’re sexy. Remember?”


“Touch your pussy,” he said softly and raised the phone.

Jessica’s fingers slid lower, touched her slit, and found it wet and warm.

“Look at me and touch your pussy, Jess,” he instructed, “Feel it. It’s wet, isn’t it?”

Jessica nodded, her tummy fluttering.

“You’re not like them,” he said, “You’re not touching it like a slut, are you?”

Jessica touched it some more, easing a finger through her slit, feeling the wetness. It was different, with someone watching, humiliating in a way but… exciting?

“You’re touching your pussy because you like it, aren’t you?” Eric asked, his voice low and even.

Jessica’s finger slid into her pussy and Eric could see it happening under the thin suit. She nodded her head, looking at the camera. He took a photo, then another.

“That’s so sexy,” he said, “You can keep going. It’s alright to touch it, Jess. Go ahead. Show me how much you like to touch your pussy.”

The words were like a little zap of electricity. Show me. Touch your pussy. Show me how much you like to touch it. She did like to touch it, and she did want to show him how much. Where had that feeling come from? He took another photo of her open mouth. Eric took a step toward her, slow like he was stalking a frightened animal.

He took her other hand, which was resting on the couch, and he placed it on her breast. He stepped back.

“Like that,” he said, “That’s good, Jess. Good girl. Touch it just like that.”

Jessica could see that his cock was hard in his shorts as he watched her touch her pussy and her breast. He took another photo, then another.

“Does your pussy feel good, Jess?” he asked, voice husky and low.

“Yeah,” she said and slid her finger back into it.

Snap went the camera. In and out went the finger. Faster now, deeper, a wave of heat coating her.

“You’re so sexy,” Eric said, “Can you show me how you cum, Jess?”

“Eric…” she hissed, but she didn’t stop.

The soft, wet squish of her fingers in her pussy became the only sound in the room as Eric held his breath. He flicked the volume off on the phone and snapped, snapped. Jessica gave a soft moan as she looked at the camera, unable to stop herself from rubbing her pussy. She thought about the girls in the pictures, their legs spread, their sexy faces, so like hers, the inviting smiles.

She pictured Maria, in her naughty skirt and pink top, molded to her small breasts as she leaned up and put her tongue into Owen’s mouth, his hand gripping her bottom, the giggle as he took her upstairs. Had they done it? Had her father fucked the girl’s petite body? Did she spread her legs, like in the photo, and call him daddy as he pushed his cock into her? Did Maria like it because it felt naughty, or was it just for money?

Jessica’s back arched off the couch as Eric clicked the camera, clicked again as she unwittingly showed him her bare pussy, pulling the bikini bottoms to the side, her eyes closed as her imagination played the dirty fantasy in her head. Her hand sped up, the second one leaving her breast to hold the bottom to the side so that she could get off. Jessica gave a little gasp, her legs shaking, and she orgasmed for the camera. The girl in her mind came, too, came on Owen’s cock as it spread her pussy open and pushed inside.

Jessica made little whimpers, biting her lip as the pleasure of it all took over. She knew the camera was still there, still clicking, giving her brother more photos. Eric would look at the photos and think she was sexy, and he’d do it while he stroked his cock and thought about her. It wasn’t disgusting. It was dirty and it was exciting, and that was so confusing.

Jessica slowly let the bikini bottom snap back into place, removing her hands and looking at them, as though it was their fault for masturbating in front of her brother. Masturbating. In front of Eric. Oh, no! She felt paralyzed, looking at her brother, holding the camera. he lowered it, and blinked as if coming out from under a spell. It was a spell, she realized, a spell she’d put on him with nothing more than her actions. Her slutty actions. She was a slut, like the girls in the pictures, a slut that touched herself in front of her brother.

Blushing, Jessica quickly ran from the room and closed her door, Eric’s voice calling behind her, “Jess?” but she didn’t reply. She couldn’t. What was there to say? The hot, dirty feeling, imagining herself as one of those girls on the website, had just caused her to do something terrible and whorish. Eric knocked on the door and asked, “Jess? Can I come in, please?”

She pulled the blanket over her body, shivered, then said, “Okay.”

Eric opened the door and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey. Are you alright?” he asked with genuine concern.

“I… I don’t know. I shouldn’t have done that,” she said.

“All you did was take some pictures,” he said, shaking his head, “Everyone takes pictures.”

“Not those kind,” she said, “and not… not with their brother. I’m a slut.”

Eric laughed and countered, “You’re not a slut. Don’t be silly. You did something sexy and it got you excited. Big deal. Everyone gets excited by different things. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Do you think those girls you were looking at are ashamed by the things that excite them?”

Jessica shook her head, then said, “But you said they were sluts, and now I’m a slut.”

“They’re slutty because they’re fake, remember? You aren’t. You’re sexy and cute. You know that people have kinks, right?”

“Sort of,” she agreed.

Eric nodded and continued, “Kinks are perfectly normal to have. Everyone likes different things. Go online and look up just about anything, and you’re going to find people that get excited by it. The majority of them are just regular people that work their jobs and don’t bother anyone. If what you like doesn’t hurt other people, is it wrong?”

“I guess not,” she acquiesced.

“Maybe you like being looked at and watched. Maybe that’s your kink,” he suggested, “You don’t have to tell me but think about something. Was it exciting because of the camera and knowing I was watching? Or was it exciting because of who was watching? Was it both? Only you can decide that, and whatever the answer is, there’s nothing wrong with it. If the answer you come up with doesn’t hurt anyone else, then it’s a perfectly acceptable answer. For my part, it was not hurtful.

I’m going back downstairs. If you need anything, I’m here, alright? Oh, and consider yourself off the hook. You don’t have to wear the bikini anymore today. It wasn’t right for me to ask you to, and I’m sorry if it embarrassed you. We all get excited and if what I did hurt you, I apologize. I love you.”

“It didn’t hurt me,” she said.


Eric got up, gave her a last glance, smiled, then shut her door. Jessica curled into the blanket and tried to think it through. Was Eric right? She didn’t really know much about kinks or what excited people. It had never seemed like a question she needed to ask. A great deal of things had never seemed important to ask before Maria had shown up at the door. That single incident, though, had suddenly brought a whole host of questions and new feelings to the surface, confusing things that made her aroused, curious, and scared.

They felt dirty, but they also made her pussy hot when she thought about them. It was hot now, thinking about them. She touched it again and found that it was still wet.


The alarm on Jessica’s phone awoke her after an hour. She stared, groggily, at the ceiling for a few minutes and let her brain wake up. Tossing back the covers, she swung her legs out of bed and rubbed tiredly at her eyes, then padded down the hall to the shower.

She tried not to think about what she’d done, instead focusing on just getting clean of the pool water and brushing out her hair. Then, she put the bikini back on and went downstairs. She found Eric in the living room, laying on the couch with the TV on. He did not say anything about her choice to continue wearing the bikini.

“Good nap?” he asked, instead.

Jessica nodded, then slipped the heels back on, just to see how it felt. It felt sexy. Experimentally, she bent over and rubbed an imaginary itch on her ankle, glancing sidelong at Eric for a reaction. He looked but pretended that he wasn’t. It, too, felt sexy.

“I’m going to start on dinner,” she said, “Any special requests?”

“No. Whatever you like,” he answered.

Jessica went to the kitchen and set about making dinner. She put ground beef on the stove and, while she worked at laying out biscuits, she thought about what Eric had said. What had excited her? Was it being watched? Was it who was watching? Was it the fantasy she’d constructed in her head about being one of the escort girls? She didn’t have a solid answer. She thought it might be all three, but the situation had been so new and beyond her experience, that she couldn’t be certain. The only thing she did know, for sure, was that replaying it made her stomach flutter and gave her a feeling like she was floating.

The meat cooked and biscuits ready, she combined the two for a ground beef casserole and set it to cook. While she waited, she retrieved the laptop and brought it back to the kitchen. To take her mind off the weird feelings, she went back to her applications, checking for any new results. Again, nothing but rejections. She was putting in more when Owen came home.

Her father came through the garage and into the kitchen, sniffing at the air.

“Smells good, Jess,” he remarked and crossed the kitchen to give her a kiss on the head.

“Thanks,” she said, then, just to see what would happen, added, “daddy.”

Owen’s eyes widened just slightly and his lip twitched, curling up into a little smirk. He looked pleased.

“You did some swimming?” he asked, his eyes raking over her.

The look, she thought, was like the one Eric had given her. Excitement.

“Just for a bit. I wanted to get more applications in, though.”

He looked down her legs, his eyes lingering.

“Swimming in heels?” he asked, amused.

“No. I just… I thought it looked kind of cute,” she said, blushing adorably, purposefully.

“It does,” he agreed, then looked at the laptop and asked, “How’s the hunt going?”

“Still nothing,” she said, sadly, “I’m trying, though.”

“Keep at it, honey,” he said, gently squeezing her shoulder, before leaving the room.


Over dinner, Jess told her father about her applications and showed him the spreadsheet, while Owen nodded approvingly.

“If you keep up this kind of cooking,” he said, “I might just hire you as our personal chef.”

“Really?” she asked, a note of hope in her voice.

Owen laughed and said, “That’s not exactly a full-time job, but I do appreciate it.”

“Hell yeah. This is great, Jess,” Eric agreed.

“If you’re still struggling to find work,” Owen added, “We can make concessions for you doing things around the house. That stuff is just as necessary, you know.”

“Oh, I don’t mind that,” Jess said, “I’d be like, your maid and your cook!”

“And you’d look good doing it,” Eric added, grinning.

Owen just laughed at the comment and agreed, adding, “That’s the truth. You might just have your own business venture. Bikini maid service. I’d pay for it.”

Jessica blushed and thought about what she’d asked her brother. Maybe her dad would ask for a copy of the photos.

“I could add a premium package,” she suggested, jokingly, “and let the client take bikini photos!”

Eric choked on his drink. Owen sat back in his chair, chewing. After a moment he said, “You know… It’s not the worst idea.”

Jessica blinked and asked, “It isn’t?”

“Just a thought,” he said, then, “forget it.”

“He’s just a sucker for a cutie,” Eric said, elbowing Owen.

Owen shrugged and continued eating, but he grinned and his eyes looked her over across the table. Jessica pretended not to notice. Minutes passed in silence.

“What if… what if I try it… around here?” she asked.

Owen, chewing, raised a brow.

“I’ll wait until evening to clean the house and you guys can watch. If it’s a real business idea, maybe that can be my job?”

“I don’t know,” Owen said, “going to strange people’s houses dressed in bikinis isn’t the safest line of work.”

“Well, if it’s not something people would pay for anyway, then that doesn’t matter. I won’t really know until I try it, right?”

Owen considered and then said, “Okay. Tell you what. I’ll pay you $20 for each day of cleaning. If you’re doing it every day, it’s not as if there will be a lot of work to do. Just to see if this is a viable venture, you’ll do it in something cute, like the swimsuit. Your brother and I can, objectively, give our opinion on whether it’s something that we would be willing to pay for under other circumstances.”

Jessica felt hot as she thought about the idea. She’d already done it today, for Eric, but this was taking it another step. What if they wanted to take pictures of her? What if the pictures got her excited again?

“Okay,” she agreed, “But I don’t have much to wear that’s cute.”

Owen reached into his wallet and handed her a card.

“Don’t go crazy,” he said, “but you can get seven outfits, one for each day of the week.”

Jessica took the card and asked, “Really?”

Owen nodded and added, “It’s good to think outside the box, Jess. Independent businesses are what built this country. Some of them succeed, and some fail. Whatever you decide to do, I just want you to love it and I want you to give it your best effort. I’ll support whatever idea you have, as long as it has some merit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone, man or woman, using their god-given assets to get ahead a little bit. You take every advantage you have in life and put it to use for your own success. Your looks are as much an advantage as anything else you have. It’s a tough world out there and every advantage is a good one.”

“Thanks, Daddy,” she said, again, and watched him smile.

 Chapter Four: Lindsey

Jessica sat in the armchair in the living room with the laptop in her lap, atop a lap desk. Eric watched TV nearby, but Jessica couldn’t help but be aware that his attention was half on the show, while the rest of it was on her bikini-clad body. The website, showing the escort girls, was once more on her screen. She couldn’t stop looking at it.

It wasn’t showing her anything new. After looking at the three girls, over and over, she knew every photo and each description. Still, there sat the question, in the back of her mind as she looked at them. What was her father thinking of when he brought the girls over? The question nagged at her, ate at her, begged to be answered. How would she answer it, though? It wasn’t as though she could just ask him. Then, what would she do with the answer? That, too, she didn’t have her own answer for.

A knock sounded at the door. Eric sat up but Jessica was faster, saying, “I’ll get it.”

She set the laptop aside and hurried for the door, her heart thudding. What if it was one of the girls? She opened the door and, just like the previous night, she looked into the face of a girl who could have been her sister. The girl wore a spaghetti strap top and denim shorts, cut high and very short, frayed at the legs. The girl looked equally as surprised to see her.

“Oh, hey,” she said, “Are… are you new? I didn’t know we were doubling up tonight.”

“I… I’m Jessica,” she stammered, though it was not an answer to the question.

“Lindsey,” the girl said, and let herself in, then asked again, “are you new?”

“New?” Jessica asked

“You know, to the business? To Daddy? Either? Both?” she asked, laughing.

“Um, no. I’m… I’m not in the… what business, exactly?” Jessica asked, nervous, probing.

Lindsey gave her a suspicious, narrow-eyed look. Owen came down the hall.

“I’ll take it from here, honey,” he said, “Thanks.”

Just like the night before, the girl called Owen daddy, leaned up on her toes, and kissed him on the mouth. His hand palmed her bottom through the shorts as Jessica blushed and watched it happen. Owen gave her ass a little squeeze, making the girl giggle, and for just an instant his eyes landed on Jessica. She blinked and then the two of them were walking toward the stairs.

Jessica shut the door and locked it, then drifted slowly back to the living room. She sat back in the armchair, staring through the TV. She had to know the answer, but at the same time, she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. It was so confusing.

“You alright?” Eric asked, his brows furrowed.


“Are you okay? Who was it?” he asked.

“It was… one of them,” she said.

Eric laughed, “One of them? You act like they’re lizard people or some secret organization. They’re just people, Jess. It’s their job. That doesn’t make them lizard people.”

“How would you feel, if mom was bringing home guys half her age, and all of them looked like you?” Jessica shot back, a little angry.

“I never really thought about it,” Eric admitted, “I guess I’d take it as a kind of compliment.”

“You don’t think dad… that he like, wants to… do things with me?” she asked.

“Jess, I don’t know. I see the girls. Sometimes, I answer the door, we say hello. Dad takes them upstairs or they go out. I don’t make it a point to ask him about his sexual fantasies.”

Jessica got up and started toward the stairs.

“Where are you going?” Eric asked.

She looked back, said nothing, and climbed the steps. The draw of the curiosity was too strong. She found herself creeping down the hall until she was outside the bedroom door. She pressed her ear carefully to the door. There was music playing, but she couldn’t hear anything else.

She waited, body tense, listening intently. There was something, a hum? A purr? The sound of something wet and then a whisper, too quiet to make out. Then, a deep rumble, maybe an agreement. Wet again, yes, wet like smacking. Was it a kiss?

Jessica shut her eyes, trying to block out other stimuli, straining her ears. She wished Eric would turn the fucking TV off. Quiet from inside, then a creak as of weight on the bed, more quiet, a masculine growl. The girl squeaked, giggled softly, and moaned. Wet sounds again, followed by a sigh and a word that may have been, “daddy,” but Jessica couldn’t be sure. The door was thick, the sound muffled.

The wet sounds went on for several minutes and Jessica’s imagination tried to paint the picture from the sounds, but she couldn’t. She just lacked the experience to put the picture with the noises. She’d seen a couple of dirty videos, but more out of a sense of curiosity. She really wasn’t sure how it was all done, or what sounds people made when they were doing things, sex things.

The girl moaned again, a little louder, and then there was a slap of flesh on flesh, like a slap or a spanking. The girl gasped and her father’s voice rumbled, deep, masculine, not quite angry, but authoritative. There followed what sounded like, “Yes, daddy,” followed by more of the wet sounds. The sounds continued, as did the rumbling growl from her father.

Jessica conjured images of the girl sucking on her father’s cock, or maybe he was licking her between the legs, licking her pussy. It could have just been kissing, though. Jessica touched her own pussy through the bikini bottoms, an unconscious thing, but she became aware of it when she felt the heat of her pussy under the cloth. She quickly pulled her hand away and looked at it, as though it had just molested her.

“Pst!” came from down the hall, and when Jessica looked back, she saw Eric peeking around the corner of the stairway, a frown on his face. He nodded her away from the door. Jessica looked at the door again, then seemed to realize what she was doing. She was standing outside her father’s door listening to him fooling around. Oh, God!

She was the pervert! She was the slut! In one day she’d masturbated and orgasmed in front of her own brother, and now she was listening to her dad have sex. She panicked and backed away from the door. Taking the steps two at a time she blew past Eric and into the living room.

“Jess?” Eric asked, following her in, “What do you think you were doing?”

“I… I don’t know,” she said, looking around the room as if she’d find the answer somewhere in the curtains, the TV, the couch.

They didn’t offer any help. She snapped the laptop closed and tucked it under her arm.

“I’m going to bed,” she said.

“Alright. Just… if you need anything, or just want to talk…” Eric said.

“Thanks. Night.”


Wrapped in her robe, Jessica spent a long time looking at the escort page. She couldn’t quite work out what the pull of it was. There was something about the pictures of the sexy girls, in their cute outfits or lingerie, all of them advertising themselves. While she’d looked at many different profiles, she kept returning to the same three, looking at the photos, reading over the reviews.

That was something else that she found fascinating. None of the reviews had names, but rather user handles for the site. Maria, Lindsey, and Layla, all had solid five-star reviews and there were many of them. The reviews didn’t specifically mention sex or any sexual act, but they alluded to it. Jessica wondered if any of those were from her father. Likely, his was in there, somewhere. Owen’s enthusiasm for hard work, particularly for people that ran their own businesses, was an essential part of his character. She couldn’t imagine him using a service of any kind or buying a product, without adding his opinion of it.

Still, she hadn’t been able to discern which of them was his. Many of the same handles appeared on all three of the girl’s pages, and they were some of the top-rated girls on the entire site, in her area. Clearly a lot of men, and some women, very much enjoyed spending time with them.

Jessica picked up her phone and sent a message to Eric, asking for the other photos. They arrived a minute later. Jessica shut the laptop with a sigh and got under the covers, then looked at the photos. Eric was right, she thought. They did look… sexy. They weren’t like the first one, where she’d been embarrassed and silly. These ones looked cute and as she studied them, she mentally compared them to the other girls. Eric’s assessment was, again, correct. The new photos didn’t look staged, like the other girls. Hers were honest, real. She looked at her own face, eyes half-lidded, her hand in the bikini bottoms, and she remembered the feeling of being watched as she masturbated on the couch.

She recalled the knot of hot throbbing in her tummy as the feeling of stroking her pussy in front of Eric had enveloped her in that warm cocoon of pleasure. That humiliating but arousing blanket of sensation had seemed to radiate from the feel of her fingers, probing her inner wetness, to encase her whole body in a kind of weird, vibrating warmth. As she flicked through the photos, then back, her hand snaked downward again and she touched it, touched herself, felt the warmth and the slick honey coating her smooth lips.

She wiggled the bottoms down and then touched it again, wondering if Eric was doing this, too. Was her brother looking at the pictures and touching his cock? Was he stroking it and thinking about her pussy, about her fingers inside it and the way she’d orgasmed? She rubbed it some more, the gentle stroking spreading the wetness, making her fingers slick as the pleasure grew. The girl on her screen had her back arched and her bikini bottoms pulled to the side. Jessica moaned to herself as she saw what Eric had seen.

Her brother had looked at her pussy, spread open and naked before him. His cock had been hard as he took the photos, excited. Was it because she was just a cute girl and biology just made his cock get hard around a cute girl? Or was it her, specifically, the knowledge that he was looking at his little sister’s wet and aroused pussy, while she played with it, that made him hard?

Did he imagine pushing his hard penis into her, the way her fingers were inside it, right now? Did her dad imagine it, while he fucked the escort girls? Why was it so intoxicating a thought? Jessica had no answers and, as she fingered her pussy more vigorously, even the questions began to fade. Then, everything went away, as she quietly moaned and felt more wetness when she came.

 Chapter Five: Maria

Jessica was alone in the house the next morning but awoke with a nervous energy. Today she’d go shopping for cute outfits, in order to do some cleaning while her father and brother watched her parade about in whatever she chose. The idea for a bikini cleaning business wasn’t exactly something she truly wanted. It had been more of a joke than anything else. The truth of it was that she wanted to see what kind of reaction she’d get from the two of them, hoping to find some answer to the question she’d been asking herself for nearly two days. Why did the escort girls look like her?

As she showered, Jessica mulled the question over and thought about the answer. Why had this question become such an obsession? Why did the looks from her father and brother make her pussy wet? Why couldn’t she stop looking at the escort girls? So many questions, most of them internal, with answers she couldn’t seem to find within herself.

She drove her beat-up old car to the mall and, card in her purse began to peruse various shops with no clear idea in mind what she was looking for. The only item that she thought was a must-have for this kind of thing was one of those sexy maid outfits. For this, she stopped into a novelty store that sold gag gifts, graphic tees, and silly costumes. She located the outfit fairly easily. Apparently that kind of thing was quite popular.

Taking some time to browse the other costumes, she also picked up a little cat ear headband and a skimpy black outfit to go with it. The pairing, she thought, would look terribly cute together. It was also a little different than just wearing a swimsuit, and she like the idea of having some variety. Five outfits to go. Nothing else in the novelty shop stood out, so she headed back out and stopped in at a more traditional clothing store.

This place carried a variety of summer clothing, all of it geared toward teen girls. This summer’s fashion, apparently, was “slut in training,” because all of the tops were tiny, skin-baring, and tight. The shorts and skirts were equally provocative, short, hip and ass-hugging. Never having really tried to dress provocatively, Jessica took some time playing with the choices, finally leaving the store with two skirts, four tops, and two pairs of shorts. All of them made her blush thinking of wearing them, which she thought was a good sign.

Her final stop was at a lingerie store, where she wanted to find something truly sexy, something that she’d never have considered wearing before. She wanted something like the escort girls wore. Here, she perused the many pairs of small panties, lacy and enticing bras, and sets that ranged from revealing to downright slutty. When she rounded a display of two-piece sets, partnered with sheer gowns, she came face-to-face with Maria.

The escort girl blinked, her face impassive, and for a moment they just stared at each other. Again, Jessica had that odd sense of looking into a mirror. The girl really was nearly identical. They could have actually been sisters, and she could see as Maria’s expression changed and the slight shake of the head, that the girl was thinking the same thing.

“Um, hi,” Jessica said, breaking the silence.

“Hey,” Maria said back, the slight accent in her voice becoming the most distinguishing characteristic between them.

“I’m… I’m out shopping,” Jessica said, and then felt stupid.

Maria smiled, though, saying, “Yes. I see. Well, this is… awkward.”

“I’m sorry,” Jessica apologized.

Maria cocked her head and asked, “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Jessica admitted.

Maria shrugged, added, “No need to be. Man, this is kind of crazy. You really do look… like me.”

“You look like me,” Jessica said, then stuck out her hand, “I’m Jessica. I don’t think I told you when we… met.”

“I know,” Maria said, shaking her hand, “Maria. Well, you have fun shopping.”

Maria turned to walk away, but Jessica stopped her.

“Maria, wait,” she said.

The other girl stopped, turned back.

“Could I, maybe, ask you a little bit about… what you do? Maybe we can have lunch? I’ll pay.”

Maria took a long moment to look her over silently, then said, “Alright. But if your questions have anything to do with what I do, you know, for your dad, then no. I don’t talk about anything I do for or with clients. That’s strictly between us and it’s one of the biggest rules in this business.”

“Yes, that’s alright,” Jessica agreed, feeling slightly disappointed and frustrated at having her chance for an answer blocked.

“Okay, then. Let me finish up here. You looking for anything in particular?” Maria asked.

“No, not really. Just something… kind of sexy? I want to try to wear something that I normally wouldn’t,” Jessica explained.

“Hmm. Hot date coming up?”

“What? No… nothing like that.”

Maria shrugged and nodded toward a wall display.

“This is what I’m getting,” she said and indicated a lavishly embroidered thong set that paired with a shelf bra.

The display model was petite, similar in form to both Maria and herself. The sight of it made Jessica blush. It was absolutely something that she wouldn’t normally wear. The set came in red, pink, or black. Maria took down a black set in her size, then handed a pink one to Jessica.

“Now we can match,” she said, winking.

“It’s… really small,” Jessica said.

“It’s hot,” Maria said.

After paying for the sets, Maria took Jessica to the mall’s food court, where Jessica paid for lunch using the cash she’d earned from her photos. They took a seat at one of the tables and Jessica couldn’t help but notice the glances the pair of them got from nearby men.

“So,” Maria said, “What did you want to know?”

Despite having all the questions floating around in her head, Jessica wasn’t sure what to ask, now that she had the chance.

“How does it work?” she asked.

“Are you thinking of getting into it?” Maria asked back.

“No!” Jessica said, then felt that it was a bit too forceful, “No. I’m… I just never thought about it before, but after seeing you and then another girl at the house… I guess I’m just curious.”

Maria nodded, asking “Which one was it?”


“Which girl?” Maria asked.

“Oh. Her name is Lindsey.”

“Oh, I like her,” Maria said, “Fun girl. I guess, to answer your question, you set up your profile and you go on dates. I like to date the older guys. They’re more fun to talk to and usually more interesting. The money’s better, too, and a lot of them like to get things for you.”

“Just dates? Like going out to places?” Jessica asked.

“Not always,” Maria said, smirking, “It’s okay. I know you want to ask, and the answer is yes. Sometimes. A lot of the older guys like a girl that’s young and petite, like us.”

Jessica shivered a bit at being included in the statement like she was one of those girls.

“Do they ever, you know, have you ever had a bad… date?” Jessica asked.

Maria shrugged, “There are degrees of bad, I guess. Some are a little boring, others there’s just no chemistry. I’ve never gotten hurt by someone, but I do a pretty thorough job of vetting someone before I agree to meet for the first time. Like, I never do dates with someone from the site that’s new or has no history. When I do take a new one, I always check who they’ve been with, see what kinds of things they’ve posted for the girl, and we all kind of help each other out. No one wants to end up with a weirdo, so the other girls are pretty quick to let you know if they’ve had a bad experience.”

“Do you… make a lot of money?” Jessica asked.

“I do pretty good,” Maria said, “It’s another thing about the older guys. They’re usually better off and willing to pay more for some companionship.”

“Do you do other things? Besides this?” Jessica asked.

“No. This is what I do. Some girls are part-timers for extra cash, but I love it. I’d never do anything else,” Maria said.

“How many… dates… do you do?” Jessica asked.

“Depends on how I feel. three to five a week, most of the time. I’ve done as many as ten in a week, but usually only when I’m looking to put money away for retirement.”

Jessica cocked her head, “Retirement?” she asked.

“Yeah. I mean, I like it, but you can’t do it forever. I’m gonna get older and I might lose interest or want to do something different. Gotta have a nest egg, right?”

“You sound like my dad,” Jessica said, then smacked herself on the forehead, embarrassed.

Maria laughed, adding, “Who do you think told me to start saving for retirement?”

There was a twinkle of mirth in her eye as she said it and it made Jessica blush, remembering all the times that Owen had reminded her how important it was to save money. She imagined her father, nude after fucking Maria, talking to her about a retirement plan. It seemed absurd.

“I’m sorry for all the questions,” Jessica said, “Thanks.”

“No problem. Are you going to try it?” Maria asked again.

“I… No. I shouldn’t. I don’t know… I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.”

“No one is born knowing,” Maria said, “It’s too bad. You’d make a killing. I think it would be fun to do some doubles with you, too.”

She sipped at her drink and gave Jessica a meaningful, sultry look that made Jessica squirm and look away.

“I have to find a job, but I don’t know how to do anything,” Jessica said, “and since I saw you… at the house… I just…”

“Can’t stop thinking about it, huh?”

Jessica nodded.

“I get it. I didn’t plan on this, either,” Maria said, “I had a friend that was into it and when I was old enough, I got really curious. I tried it, then I loved it, and now I don’t want to do anything else. Why don’t I give you my number? If you have more questions, just text me.”


“Sure,” Maria said and recited her number.

Jessica typed it into her phone.

“I’m gonna run, but it was fun, baby,” Maria said, “Maybe you’ll change your mind.”

The other girl stood up, then leaned in and kissed Jessica on the mouth. Jessica froze, unable to process what was happening. She gripped the table and squeaked as Maria’s soft lips pressed against her own, the other girl’s tongue snaking out to lick them softly. Then, she drew back and winked at Jessica before walking away, her heels clicking on the floor and several sets of eyes watching her ass depart. Jessica, flushed, quickly gathered her bags and hurried out of the cafeteria.

 Chapter Six: Maid to Please

Jessica could not decide whether the little maid outfit made her feel foolish or slutty. Perhaps it was a bit of both. After checking in on her applications, archiving the rejections, and then submitting a few more, she turned her attention to making dinner. Since arriving to stay a few days ago, she’d started dinner before her father was due home. Today, she waited a bit longer.

Wearing the outfit, she sat in the living room with the laptop, looking through the profiles of other escort girls. Eric was the first to arrive home and when he entered the living room and saw her in the outfit, he let out a little whistle of approval.

“Nice choice,” he said, making Jessica blush, “Really. It’s sexy.”

“You don’t think it looks silly?” Jessica asked, setting the computer aside and standing up, smoothing the short skirt.

Eric shook his head, “It fits the theme and it looks cute.”

He pulled out his wallet.


“Fifty dollars,” he said, “for five more photos.”

“Like yesterday?” she asked.


Jessica took the money and tucked it into the band of the fishnet stockings she wore.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“First,” Eric said, “Just put one foot up on the couch and stand like you are now.”

Jessica placed a heeled foot on the couch, which lifted the small skirt a bit, exposing her panties. She put one hand on her knee but wasn’t sure what to do with the other.

“Put the hand on your hip,” Eric suggested, “and then lean toward the camera just a bit.”

She followed his instruction. Leaning forward dropped the front of the skirt enough to hide the flash of panties, but now Eric could see the tightly packed valley of her small cleavage. He took the photo.

“Now, knees on the couch, like yesterday, looking over your shoulder.”

“Like this,” Jessica asked, putting her elbows on the back of the couch and sticking her bottom out.

The skirt rode up again, showing a bit of her panties. Already knowing what he’d want, she spread her legs.

“Good,” he said and took the photo.

For the third shot, she put her palms against the wall and stuck her ass out once more, legs parted, and Eric took this photo from a lower angle, which clearly captured her pussy mound under the panties.

“Why did you do it up my skirt?” Jessica asked, turning around.

“Because it looks sexy, Jess. You can see the outline of your pussy in the photo,” he explained.

“I know,” she said, “Why do you want to see that?”

Her eyes flicked down to his pants, where his cock was hard.

“Because it’s a pretty pussy,” he said, grinning, “and I already saw it yesterday, didn’t I?”

“Don’t say things like that,” she said, looking down and shuffling her feet, “It makes me feel… weird.”

“Two more,” Eric said, refusing to comment, “I want you to lay on the floor and spread your legs.”


Her brother took a step closer and rested his hand on her shoulder, then gave a gentle push. Jessica, obediently, her tummy knotted with that hot feeling, sank to her knees.

“Lay back, Jess,” he said, “Lay back and spread your legs for me.”

Jessica lay back, looking away, her face hot, and she parted her legs.

“Good girl,” Eric said, and Jessica closed her eyes.

Something about the words made her shiver, made the dirty action of parting her legs in front of her brother seem like something that she wanted. She wondered again if it was from being looked at, or was it because it was Eric? She’d felt the same warm and exciting feeling when Maria had kissed her in the mall, when she knew that people were looking at them, watching them with desire. Here, alone with Eric, it was like a secret, something naughty, but thrilling in a way that being kissed in public was not.

“Lift your skirt and show me your panties, Jess,” Eric commanded, his tone soft but authoritative.

Jessica’s hand teased the hem of the skirt and pulled it up to expose her black panties to the camera. He took the photo.

“I want you to touch your pussy for me, Jess,” Eric said, in the same commanding tone, “Show me how you like to touch it.”

Jessica snaked her hand, slowly, over the crotch of the panties, until her hand covered it.

“Is that how you like to touch it, Jess?” Eric asked, with almost a hint of warning in his tone, “Is that how you touched your pussy for me yesterday?”

Jessica gasped and said, “No.”

For him? Had she touched it for him, specifically? She’d touched it and she’d played with it until she’d cum, because that hot and dirty feeling, the secret, had urged her to continue. But had she done it for Eric and the camera, or had she done it for the feeling of being naughty, like the girls on the website?

“Touch it the way you like, Jess,” he said again.

Jessica moved her hand, slid it inside the panties, and touched her pussy. The heat of it was intense and it was wet again, wet in front of her brother and wet for the camera. Only, the camera couldn’t see that it was wet, and neither could Eric. She knew, though, that Eric knew it was wet.

“It’s wet, isn’t it?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” Jessica whispered.

“You like to touch it when it’s wet, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“Touch it for me some more, Jess. It feels good to touch it for me, doesn’t it?”

Jessica’s hand rubbed it, spreading the wetness, a small moan coming from her mouth.

“I like to watch you touch it, Jess,” Eric said, “Your pussy is so pretty.”

Jessica gasped again and pushed her finger into it, eyes shut as Eric took the photo.

“Good girl,” he said again, “That’s the last one. Do you want to stop now?”

Jessica continued easing her finger in and out of her pussy. There was no camera now, only Eric watching, only her brother, telling her that her pussy was pretty and that he liked to watch her touch it. That was slutty, wasn’t it? Or was it sexy? Was it her kink? If she didn’t like him watching, why had she done it again? Why was her pussy so wet and hot? There was no more money coming, but she wasn’t stopping.

She continued to rub it and finger it, her other hand snaking downward, joining the first, pulling the panties to the side. Eric could see her pretty pussy now, wet as she played with it, the heat of the arousal and the dirty secret seeming more important, in this moment, than the fact that she was masturbating in front of her brother. The secret made her head light and her nipples hard. No one else knew the secret, knew that her brother had seen her pussy and he thought it was pretty.

She heard the click of the camera again, a sixth photo. Her brother had another photo of her bare, wet pussy on his phone and that was dirty. Her brother would look at her pussy and he’d stroke his cock at night, in his room, just down the hall from where she slept. He might have done it already and that was a secret, too, just as dirty as the fact that she’d let him take the photo, with full knowledge of what he’d do with it.

The camera did not click again, but she knew he was still watching. Was he recording it now? The thought sent a wave of warm pleasure rocketing up her body, stiffening her nipples, bringing a gasp. He might be. Eric might be recording a video of her touching her pussy, and now there were more than some photos for him to masturbate with. He’d play the video and he’d watch her fingers move in and out, watch her rub her clit.

He’d be able to hear the wet, squishing sounds that her pussy made as she lay in front of him and touched her pretty pussy. For him. She was touching it for him because the secret made her hot. Then, she came, thinking about the secret and of Eric watching her, in his room, his cock in his hand as he listened to the sounds that her pussy made as she touched it. He’d be thinking of her pussy, his sister’s pussy, how pretty it was and he’d stroke his cock as he imagined putting it into her.

“Huh!” Jessica squeaked and pushed her fingers into her pussy, cumming on them.

The shivering, quaking feeling and the heat of it seemed to last for minutes, though it was likely only seconds. With a hot haze in her head, Jessica withdrew her fingers and let the panties fall back into place, breathing heavily. She sat up, slowly, dazed, as Eric lowered the camera. He had a wide-eyed look of arousal and confusion on his own face, and a bulging cock in his pants.

Jessica staggered back to her feet, blushing, unable to meet his eye. Eric pocketed the phone and stepped forward, wrapped her in his arms, and kissed her hair.

“That was really sexy, Jess,” he said, “Thank you for letting me watch it.”

“I… I shouldn’t have done that,” she said, “I don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry.”

He shushed her and stroked her hair. She could feel his erection against her leg.

“It’s alright. If it feels good and it didn’t hurt anyone, it’s okay. Remember?”

She nodded then said, “Dad’s going to be home soon. I should go start dinner.”

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“I think so… I just… will you send me the pictures?”

He chuckled and said, “Of course.”

Jessica broke away and shuffled toward the kitchen, confused.


Jessica felt flushed, and it wasn’t just the heat of the stove and the bustling about the kitchen. Tacos were an easy thing to make, a staple at her mother’s house. She could have made them in her sleep. Thus, her thoughts were once again on her slutty behavior. That’s what it had been, she decided. Slutty.

For the second day in a row, she’d let her brother take sexy photos of her with hardly any argument. As soon as that camera was out and she knew that Eric was looking at her, watching her, his voice husky and saying the things that a brother should never say, it was like a switch in her head flipped. She’d gone from reluctant to masturbating slut in the span of a minute, her imagination conjuring up images of what Eric might do with the photos.

The imagined scenario had fueled the behavior, made the things she’d done feel good, despite the taboo. Hearing Eric talk so casually about her pussy, the way he’d told her what to do, the desire in his voice, all of it had made her feel… lusted after, desired. It was erotic in a way that was impossible to put into words, only feelings, and those feelings were a confused mess of guilt and shame, combined with a strange want. It was a secret. A sexy secret.

She turned toward the sound of the door opening and Owen walking in from work. His eyes fell on her, drank in the sexy little costume, and his lips curled up into a smile like Eric’s. The smile and the look brought a fresh wave of heat.

“Wow,” Owen remarked, “You really got into the spirit of it, didn’t you?”

Jessica nodded, blushing under his appraising gaze. He strode forward and Jessica met him, leaning up on her toes, planting a little kiss on his cheek, and whispering, “Hi, daddy.”

His arm encircled her, rested in the small of her back. She could feel his fingers twitch an inch lower, then stop. It was almost, but not quite, like one of the escort girls.

“Hey, honey,” he said, and held her a moment, then he broke away and took a seat at the table.

They chatted, idly, discussing Jessica’s application search, while she finished dinner. She was aware of his eyes on her, watching, looking. It wasn’t quite the same feeling, she thought, as Eric taking the pictures. Maybe it was because of the situation? Perhaps if her father had been taking pictures of her in the costume, instructing her how to pose for him, commanding her, it would have felt the same. He didn’t, though. He just watched, which was a different sort of excitement, a cooler one, like a slow tease, rather than the hot flash that had made her touch herself in front of Eric.

“What’s that in your stocking?” Owen asked.

Jessica froze. She’d forgotten about the money.

“Eric… paid for the premium package,” she admitted.

Owen raised a brow and smirked, saying, “I guess that little idea had some merit, then. Good job, honey.”

Jessica was silent, finishing dinner, glad that he didn’t ask to see the photos. Was she glad, though? There was a feeling of relief, but a feeling of something else, too. It was a hot flush of anxious disappointment. He could have asked to see them, could have called Eric in to show him. He’d look at the photos and he’d see her showing her brother her panties, see her pretty pussy and the way she’d touched it. It might give her the answer, but it could also result in disaster.

“I’ll go get Eric,” she said, leaving the food on the counter, ready to serve.

She hurried to the living room, where Eric sat on the couch.

“Dad asked me about the money,” she whispered.


“I told him you paid for photos,” she said, blushing, “He might ask to see them. You should… hide them or something.”

Hide them? He should delete them, she thought. Why hadn’t she said that? Why did she want him to keep them?

Eric grinned and stood up, very close to her.

“You don’t want him to see?” he whispered, his breath hot in her ear, “You don’t want dad to see the pretty pussy you showed me?”

Jessica gasped and looked up into his eyes, her own pleading. The hot flush covered her again and she could feel that sense of losing control, of wanting to touch herself. The words, those dirty words about the secret, that someone might find out were making her pussy feel wet again.

“No,” she whispered.

“No, what?” Eric asked, smiling wickedly.

“No, I don’t want dad to see.”

“See what, Jess?” Eric asked, quietly, in her ear.

“My… my pussy,” she said, swallowing, looking away.

Then, Eric crossed a boundary, and took the secret further, in a way that made Jessica squeak quietly and shiver. Eric cupped her pussy through her panties, his hand hot against her sex through the thin fabric.

“This pretty pussy?” he asked.

“Eric…” she hissed, but she made no move to push his hand away or stop him.

Eric rubbed her pussy softly, making her gasp.

“You don’t think he’d like it?” Eric asked.

“We… we should go,” Jessica said, but she didn’t move.

Eric continued to rub her pussy. Jessica put her hand around his wrist, holding it, but she still didn’t stop him. Eric, at last, stopped himself, pulling his hand away.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Jessica smoothed the skirt down again, and followed, her face hot, wondering what she’d just done. She hadn’t done anything, that’s what she’d done. Her brother had touched her pussy, her panties, rubbed it, and she’d done nothing. She’d let him.

Eric took his seat across from his father at the table, while Jessica served them both, just like a maid. Both of them watched her, making her blush, as she set out two plates for them and laid out tacos.

“Can I get you drinks?” she asked.

“Just water for me, honey,” Owen said.

“The same,” Eric added.

Jessica retrieved glasses, standing on her toes to reach a pair on a higher shelf, which was unnecessary. She could feel them watching her, looking at her bottom as the skirt rode up and gave them a view of her panties. She filled the glasses and brought them back, before taking her own seat.

“Excellent, as always, Jess,” Owen commented, “I think dinner alone is worth the price for the service.”

“The view isn’t a bad one, either,” Eric added.

Owen grinned and nodded, giving Jess a sideways glance.

“Thank you,” she said.

Eric tapped at his phone and Jessica paused, her taco halfway to her mouth. He wouldn’t? Would he? Would he just offer to share the pictures with their father? A moment later he set the phone down and Jessica let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.

“I hear that you bought an upgrade for the maid service?” Owen asked, and Jessica’s breath caught again.

“Yeah,” Eric admitted, “Money well spent.”

“I’ll bet,” Owen remarked, but he didn’t ask to see the pictures.

The two of them began talking about Eric’s classes, allowing Jessica’s racing heart to calm, but the warm feeling in her pussy refused to cool. Once they’d finished, Jessica cleared away the table and cleaned the dishes, while Owen and Eric retired to the living room. Having done all the dusting and cleaning the day prior, Jessica wondered what exactly she was going to do in the living room. There were other parts of the house to clean, but she couldn’t imagine the two of them following her around and watching her clean bathtubs or scrub toilets.

She brought a duster with her anyway, then stood cutely in the middle of the living room.

“Would you like me to tidy up?” she asked.

“Everything in here looks good,” Owen said, “Why don’t you just put the duster to work, and then you’ll be finished. Dinner was quite enough tonight. Thank you, honey.”

Jessica nodded and flitted about the room, dusting, though there was no real need to. Still, she hit all the shelves and the back of the TV, the windowsills, and then returned to the middle of the room. Owen had his wallet out. The sight of it gave her that hot rush of pleasure again, not at the thought of the money, but at the memory of what she’d done for Eric.

Owen withdrew some cash and beckoned her over. He showed her the twenty, then another, and held them up. Jessica reached out to take them, but he shook his head and smiled. His eyes flicked downward, to the stockings, and Jessica blushed. Carefully, she raised one leg and put her foot on his chair, offering it to him, but also showing her panties under the little skirt. Owen put the bills into the band of the stockings, his hand seeming to linger a little longer than was necessary.

“That was more than we talked about,” Jessica said softly, leaving her leg on the chair.

“You deserved a tip,” he said, then patted his knee.

Jessica let her leg down and then sat on his. How long had it been since she’d sat like this? Years. Why now? Simple fatherly affection? Something more? She rested her bottom on his leg and noted Eric’s eyes watching her. Owen’s hand rested lightly on her back, his attention on the TV once more.

Jessica sat on his knee as he said nothing, lightly stroking her back as they watched the show. She shifted, uncomfortable, and then Owen took her legs and put them across his lap and over the arm of the chair. Jessica was practically cradled in his lap. His free hand rested on her leg, just above the stockings. If he slid it up a few inches, it would be under her skirt. She wondered if he could feel the heat of her pussy, because it certainly felt very warm.

She glanced down at the hand, resting casually, wondering if he wanted to push it further. His face didn’t betray anything and her position didn’t allow her to look at his cock or to feel if it was hard. The thought made her insides knot. She shouldn’t be thinking about her father’s cock, wondering if it was hard and if it was hard because of her. She shouldn’t have let her brother take pictures of her pussy or touch it either, but she’d done it and it had felt good. Glancing at the hand, she noted, too, that in this position Eric could see up her skirt from the couch. She glanced his way and, sure enough, his eyes were on her panties.

“Are you alright, honey,” Owen whispered into her ear, “You feel very hot.”

His hand eased an inch up her bare skin. Jessica nodded.

“I’m… it’s just warm,” she said, “Could I go to my room?”

Owen’s hand slid another inch up her leg. If he pushed just a little further, his fingertips would be touching her panties, touching her pussy, as Eric had done.

“Go ahead,” Owen said, “It is very warm.”

Jessica didn’t move. Her brain told her that it was time to move, that what she was doing was wrong, in the same way that showing Eric her pussy had been wrong. And that made it sexy, a sexy secret. Instead of moving, getting up, and leaving, she parted her legs slightly. Owen’s fingers gained another inch.

“I should go,” she said again, quietly.

“No one is stopping you, Jess,” Owen said, and Jessica could hear the growl in his tone, the sound like she’d heard through the door, the deep and masculine growl that had come just before the escort girl had moaned.

His fingers moved again and lightly touched the crotch of her panties. She knew what he was feeling. Her pussy was hot and her panties were damp. The finger traced the length of her slit softly. Jessica gasped, shivered, and then managed to get control. She kissed her father’s cheek lightly and said, “Good night, daddy.”

Owen’s hand withdrew and Jessica quickly swung her legs off of his lap and wobbled to her feet. She looked at Eric, who gave her a knowing wink. She quickly left the room, flushed, swaying on her heels and retreating into her bedroom. She stripped off the costume and put on a sleep shirt and shorts, then burrowed in the covers.

This was wrong, all of it. What was she doing? Not knowing much of anything about how arousal worked, it was hard to come up with an answer. She only knew that the whole thing was dangerous and exciting. The way that Eric and her father looked at her, the things she could see in their primal glances, the desire, and the want, encouraged her to fulfill those desires in some way. She felt like she was powerless against the urge, some deep, animal feeling craving the sense of control they wielded.

Something about that felt right, made her pussy throb. Control. It was something about them, specifically. They were figures of authority, Eric older and her father in control of her life, to a degree. It wasn’t just about Eric looking at her, or the things that he said. It was the way he said them like he was not asking her to show him, but telling her, commanding her, as if it was an expectation that she obey. When she’d been reluctant, been unsure, Eric had simply posed her as he wanted her, like he had every right.

The hot feeling, the sexy feeling, the sense of losing control had been the same when she’d been in her father’s lap. He hadn’t asked her, hadn’t even made a pretense of it. He had ordered her to sit on his leg, then posed her the way he wanted her, putting her legs over his lap. He’d put his hand on her bare skin, as if it belonged to him, and just because he’d given her money. Then, he’d taken liberties, as though her position on his lap entitled him to do as he pleased with her. He’d tested the boundaries of his control, gauged her reaction, and found her willing to be pushed until she’d found the will to stop him.

Had she stopped him, though? Or had she stopped herself? Was there a difference? She felt certain, somehow, that if she’d done nothing, said nothing, stayed there, that he would have continued exploring and pushing the limits, taking all he could until she’d been pinned under his body and his cock had been in her. The image made her body jerk and her hand slid into her shorts. That was the answer. His fingers, the light brush, and then the way they’d traced down the wet crease of her slit, had provided the answer.

The escorts looked like her because he wanted to fuck her. He was skirting the line, indulging in his own fantasy in the only way he could, by finding surrogate pussy that was as close to hers as possible. They called him daddy and kissed him on the mouth, while his hands groped their little, round bottoms. They wetly sucked on his cock while he growled. Jessica stroked herself, feeling the wetness, the confused arousal hot from her slick little sheath.

Did he spread their legs and take them, holding their petite bodies against his chest, his tongue in their mouths, and his hard cock buried in their bodies? Did he call them her name as he did it? Did he call them Jess, honey, baby, princess and roughly, dominantly fuck them? Did they push their warm little pussies back against him, surrendering to him in the way that he wanted her to? The image was filthy but she orgasmed from it.

 Chapter Seven: Maria’s Instruction

Jessica was alone at home in the morning, with her brother off to class and her father at work. She felt guilty and silly about having masturbated to the idea of her father fucking the escort girls, while he fantasized about fucking her. The guilt of it, though, couldn’t drive away the nagging, exciting feeling that kept making her pussy hot when she continued to think about it as she showered, as she dressed, and even as she worked at her applications.

Eventually, just as she’d done in the previous days, she turned back to the escort page. She looked at the photos of Maria, Lindsey, and Layla, each of them so much like her. The number of likes and reviews on their pages surpassed many of the older women and even those that were young but with bigger boobs. What she should do, she thought, was to go out and physically visit locations and apply for jobs. Her internet search was yielding no results. She supposed that she was impatient, but there was also the need to find work.

The stupid maid service was a dumb idea, she knew. She’d never go clean people’s houses wearing sexy outfits. Her father knew it, too. He’d agreed to let her try it around the house, she supposed, because it would give him a way to look at her in sexy clothes and to… to do what he’d done the night before. No, not what he’d done, precisely. To do what she had allowed him to do because she was horny and confused by the weird feelings that got her hot when people told her what to do.

She was hot now, just thinking about it, with only the memory of Owen’s fingers brushing her panties and the remembered sound of Eric’s voice as he instructed her to touch herself for him. It was because of that feeling that, instead of getting in the car, she clicked the button on the site that read, “Create an Account,” and typed in her email address. Then, she began filling out the profile form. The field in front of her asked for a name. She didn’t have one to give it. Certainly not her real name. She wondered if Maria’s name was even Maria.

The next field asked her for a bio, something that would tell users what she was here for. Again, she didn’t know what to type. It wasn’t going well. She skipped down the page, meandering, but there was one thing that she did know how to fill out. She connected her phone and uploaded some of the photos. In a few minutes, the page was still blank, but the photos were there. She felt flushed looking at them.

The page wasn’t published and no one else would see them, but the photos were no longer just on her phone or on Erics. They were on a server somewhere in the world and they were now on the page. There were photos of her in a sexy bikini and photos of her wearing the maid costume. There were photos showing her spreading her legs and touching her pussy through her panties, photos of her ass in the sun, and the little peach of her pussy prominent under the little bikini bottoms.

She previewed the page and put it in a line with the other three girls. For several minutes her eyes scanned back and forth between them, soaking in the pictures, all of them so much like her. If she filled in those fields and she clicked the button, the rest of the world would be able to see the photos. Men would send her messages and ask her for dates. She touched her pussy through her terrycloth shorts. Owen might go to the page and he would see the photos. Her father would send her a message and ask her for a date.

Jessica began to rub her pussy as the fantasy began to spiral out of her imagination. She wouldn’t even need to come to the door. She would walk down the hall and knock on her father’s door. He would open it and she’d lean up on her toes, like Maria or Lindsey, and he’d kiss her on the mouth. His hand would move down her back and grip her bottom possessively, like he owned it, and his tongue would part her lips.

“I missed you, daddy,” she’d say, breathily, and then he’d take her inside. Here, the fantasy broke apart, because she was not sure what he’d do to her from there. She didn’t know how to do things for a man, didn’t even know how to kiss one, let alone anything else. She just imagined the deep voice, commanding, expectant, bringing that hot and sexy feeling of submission out of her.

On her screen, a little red icon on Maria’s profile turned to green, and the words, “Online Now,” appeared on her page. Jessica paused, her unraveling fantasy coming apart as she looked at the words. Uncertain why she was doing it, Jess moved the mouse to the message button, typed, “Hi,” and waited.

“Hello, baby,” came the reply a minute later, “It looks like you’re new here. Thanks for stopping by to check me out.”

Jessica’s fingers hovered over the keys. What was she supposed to say? What did she want to say? Why had she even typed the message?”

“It’s Jessica,” she wrote, “I just wanted to say hello.”

“Oh, hey, girl!” Maria wrote, attaching a little kissy face, “You decided to try it? You won’t have a lot of success with a name like NewUser79u7625. Not real sexy.😄”

“I just opened a profile to look. I don’t know what to put anywhere. I just uploaded some photos, but I’m not actually going to do it.”

“You didn’t upload photos to look, honey. You uploaded photos to be looked at. 😈” Maria wrote back.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m sorry I bothered you,” Jess wrote, feeling silly.

It was stupid. The whole thing was stupid. She was stupid and horny.

“Do you want some help?” Maria offered and Jess stopped.

No. She didn’t want help. She shouldn’t want help. If Maria helped her, then the fields would have a name and a bio. Then, she’d have an escort page and she might click the “Publish” button. Men would send her messages and ask her for dates. Then… then what?

“I shouldn’t,” she wrote back, lamely.

“Hell yes, you should,” Maria replied, “It would be super hot. Can you imagine how much money we could make doing doubles? Guys would be out of their minds to do dates with a pair of girls that look like twins!”

“I don’t know what that means,” Jess admitted, “This is all really new. I’m sorry.”

“I’ll come over and help you if you want. It would be really sexy.😘” Maria wrote.

Jessica knew that she should say no. If she let Maria come over, then she’d have a page, like hers. She’d… she’d have a job. She paused, fingers over the keys. Could she? How would she possibly explain that to her father, when he asked her if she had a job? Was it a job? She wouldn’t make actual money from it without going on dates and she had no idea how any of that worked. It was all so confusing. Maria knew, though, and Maria had answers. She could let Maria help and then she’d have a page. It didn’t mean she had to publish it, right?

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes. I’d love to!” Maria answered.

“Alright. Just to fill it out,” Jess replied.

“I’m on my way!” came the response and the light turned red.

Maria was offline. Maria was coming here. Maria would be in her home, in her bedroom, guiding her through filling out the fields to launch an escort page. What had she just done?


How could one be simultaneously reluctant and excited to open a door, Jessica wondered, but that was how she felt when the doorbell rang. She’d been standing and looking at the door, with her stomach in knots, for half an hour. Maria stood on the other side in tight jeans and a frilly top. She let herself in and put her arms around Jessica, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“This will be so much fun,” the girl said, “Let’s go do it!”

Jessica showed her up to her bedroom, where Maria helped herself to a blanket from Jessica’s closet and sat on her bed, putting the blanket over her lap and patting the bed next to her. Jessica wondered how she’d known where the spare blanket was. Had Maria been in here before? The thought made her shiver. Had her father fucked Maria in her room? On her bed? Her head buzzed and her pussy felt hot as she imagined it. Maria’s face gave nothing away. Jessica brought the laptop to the bed, where she sat next to Maria and showed her the page.

“Nice pics,” Maria said, “We should touch them up a bit and blur the background, though. You don’t want to show people where you live.”

Maria loaded another program in a browser window and uploaded the photos into it, then set about adding a filter to them and using a blur tool to mar the background. When she finished, she uploaded the edited photos to the profile.

“Who took the pictures?” Maria asked, a sly smile on her face.

“It… well…” Jessica stammered.

“That hunky brother of yours?” Maria asked, the smile widening.

Jessica’s cheeks reddened and she felt hot. Someone else knew the secret. She nodded, hesitantly.

“That is so fucking hot,” Maria hissed, “You are a bad girl!”

“I’m… I’m not, really,” Jessica denied it, “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

“It’s a great idea,” Maria argued, then asked, “What are we going to call you?”

“Is your name even Maria?” Jessica asked.

“It’s the only name that matters right now,” Maria said.

“I don’t know what to write for any of it,” Jessica said, dropping the inquiry, “I feel so dumb.”

“Everyone starts with nothing,” Maria assured her, “Don’t feel dumb. I’m still learning things, too. It’s not like I’m some kind of huge slut or something.”

“I didn’t think that,” Jessica said, apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

Maria shrugged and looked her over, silently, studying her.

“What?” Jessica asked.

“Just trying to think of what fits you,” Maria said, “Where was your mother from?”


“Mine, too.”

She appraised Jessica for a moment longer and then said, “Maricela? No. Mariela? Hmm. Luna?”

“That’s pretty,” Jessica said.


“I like that.”

“Luna it is,” Maria said, and typed the name in, then continued, “Okay. Now, your bio. What are you looking for? What kind of dates?”

“I’m… I’m not looking for dates. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just… I don’t know.”

Maria grinned and set the laptop aside.

“Are you a virgin, Luna?” she asked.

Jessica colored again.

“It’s alright,” Maria said, and touched her hand, “We all were. So, you don’t really know what you like, right?”

Jessica shook her head.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Maria continued and lowered her voice.

Something in her eyes seemed to change, in her whole manner, really. It was like she became someone else. The girl was replaced, in an instant, with something sexy. Her eyes became hotter and narrowed. The quirk of her lips shifted from amused to teasing, a slight bite of the lip hinting at a desire of some kind. The set of her shoulders and her entire posture changed from taut to playful. Jessica blinked at the sudden transition, which triggered a change in herself.

Whatever Maria had just done made Jessica gulp and her skin flush. The look of the girl next to her made her feel that strange heat, that naughty buzz, like when Eric took her pictures. She felt desired, somehow, like Maria was looking at her lustfully. The girl raised her arm, her wrist limp, and then she flicked it to stroke Jessica’s hair back behind her ear.

“You can be safe with me, baby,” she cooed softly, “Everything we talk about is just for us, alright? No one will ever know.”

Maria slowly leaned toward her and kissed her cheek, her hand gliding to the back of Jessica’s neck, where her nails raked the skin lightly. The girl’s cheek was warm against her own as she moved to press her lips against Jessica’s neck, making her gasp. Low and hot in her ear, Maria whispered, “Everything that happens here is just for us. Me and you, alright? You don’t have to be afraid of anything with me.”

Jessica felt herself nodding, agreeing, though to what she wasn’t sure. The soft skin of Maria’s cheek slid across her own, the girl’s lips brushed her skin, and then those lips touched Jessica’s. Jessica trembled, but she didn’t pull away. Maria’s hand on her neck caressed lightly, delicately, the touch of her nails sending a shiver down Jessica’s back. Maria’s tongue snaked out and gently teased Jessica’s lips.

Jessica moaned in response and Maria did it again, this time pushing her lips harder. The feeling was electric, making Jessica gasp and part her own lips, the hazy, warm feeling growing in her head. It was like when Eric took her pictures, told her to do things, or the way Owen had inched his hand up her leg to touch her panties. Maria wanted it, wanted Jessica to surrender her lips. Maria was the one in charge, the experienced one, and this is what she wanted Jessica to do.

The thought of submitting to Maria’s desire, of giving her what she wanted, made Jessica’s pussy warm. It felt like it was, at the same time, the wrong thing and the right thing to do. Maria had authority and Maria wanted to kiss her. She should submit to that. Maria was another girl and kissing another girl was naughty, but if she was being naughty for someone that was in charge, then it wasn’t really her fault. She could release the guilt, not blame herself for wanting to do it, too, because it wasn’t wholly her choice.

She opened her mouth and let Maria push her tongue into it, to mold her lips against her own. They were hot and they were slick and they felt… good. Jessica exhaled into her mouth in arousal and surprise. Maria’s other hand touched her cheek softly, reassuringly, telling her that this was alright, that it wasn’t just Maria that wanted it, but that Jessica wanted it, as well. She did, she realized. The contact and the heat of the other girl, the things that the feeling of her lips and tongue were doing inside of Jessica’s body, were all things she wanted.

Maria broke away slowly, but one hand remained on Jessica’s cheek, stroking it. Her dark eyes were warm and full of excitement, her lips quivering pleasantly. Jessica looked at those lips and thought of kissing them again, but she didn’t.

“That was so sexy,” Maria hissed, “Did you like it?”

Jessica couldn’t say the word, but she nodded, dreamily.

“Never kissed a girl?” Maria asked.

“No… No one,” she said.

“Do you want to kiss me again?” Maria asked.

Jessica nodded, slowly.

Maria guided her down onto her side and lay next to her, pulling the blanket over the two of them. The other girl, her face nearly a mirror, grinned back at her. Wrapped in the blanket, with the heat of Maria’s body so close, her hand resting on Jessica’s hip now, it felt to Jessica that the two of them were in their own little universe. It was like when Eric had made blanket forts with her as a child, and they’d sit inside with flashlights, as though the little space were their own pocket of existence and they could be anything.

Eric had read her stories and she’d brought her dolls along to “camp” in the tent with them. Today, there were no dolls and no stories. Today there was Maria and her hot hand on Jessica’s hip, her fingertips sliding under the hem of her top to tickle her skin. But it was still their own little world, another secret, like the one she had with Eric. A sexy secret.

Maria kissed her again, brushing her lips lightly at first, and then pressing. Jessica responded in kind, a little squeak of pleasure escaping her mouth. She could feel Maria smile at the sound and then the girl’s tongue tickled the tip of her own, toying with it in a delicate and sensuous way that made Jessica feel hotter. She moved her hand and put it on Maria’s hip, and then moved it up her side, where her smaller top left her skin exposed.

Jessica could feel the clammy sweat on her palm against the warmth of the girl’s flesh, betraying her nervousness, her anxiousness. Her hand rested. Maria guided her, and Jessica felt that was right. Maria was the one in charge. Jessica gave in to it, let the girl kiss her and touch her lightly, for long minutes. Eventually, though, Maria pulled away again.

“Do you like this, baby?” she asked.

“Yes,” Jessica said, in a low breath.

“You’re so sexy,” Maria said.

“So are you,” Jessica admitted, and it was true.

Maria giggled suddenly, and Jessica echoed her.

“It’s weird, right?” Maria asked, “Like doing it with yourself.”

“Are we… are we doing it?” Jessica asked.

Maria smiled again, in that erotic way, and asked, “Would you like to?”

Jessica was silent, looking back into her eyes, then said, “I… I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it, you know, with another girl.”

“We won’t do anything that you don’t want,” Maria said.

As Maria’s hand traced little circles on her skin, Jessica tried to sort out how she felt about it. It wasn’t easy to gauge her true thoughts, because she was terribly aroused. Her pussy felt wet and she wanted to touch it, but it was a different kind of arousal from when she’d allowed Eric to take pictures of her, and different again from the way the people in the mall had watched Maria kiss her. How many different ways was there for a person to feel turned on?

“What do… what do you want?” Jessica asked.

Maria moved closer to her, nuzzled her cheek, and whispered into her ear, “I want to eat your pussy.”

Jessica shivered. The words made her pussy hurt in a good way. How would it feel? What would it be like? Would it be different from touching herself? All of those thoughts and feelings hit her in a rush, a second of indecision, which only ended in a gasp, rather than a response.

“Would you like me to do that to you?” Maria asked, and kissed her neck.

Jessica nodded. She did want to feel that. Here, in the little secret pocket, that was okay. No one would know. Maria wanted it, and Maria was in charge, so Maria could have it. The girl’s hand slid from Jessica’s hip, under the band of her shorts, and Jessica instinctively parted her legs to let Maria touch her.

For the first time, another person’s hand touched her pussy, even though her panties were still in the way. Jessica bucked her hips in pleasurable surprise. It was different, so different. When she did it herself, she knew it was coming, her own mind drove her actions. This time, she had the awareness that someone was going to touch her, but when it happened it was like a shock. She breathed hotly and Maria kissed her again.

The escort girl sucked in Jessica’s hot breath, her tongue playing in her mouth, and then she withdrew and pressed her forehead against Jessica’s. Their skin touching, lips a breath apart, Maria began to rub Jessica’s pussy through the thin panties, letting out little gasps, as though just the act of touching her sex were exciting.

Jessica found herself tugging at her shorts, trying to get them off to give Maria better access, even as they stayed pressed together, their lips so close. Maria’s breath came in little puffs, almost panting, while her nimble fingers rubbed Jessica’s pussy. Her panties were wet with her honey, the stickiness of it making Jessica feel slutty and hot, but that was alright in this secret place. She could be slutty and hot because Maria was making her, just like Eric had made her.

Maria’s fingers pushed her panties aside, and then they were touching her bare flesh, coating themselves in the wetness, making Jessica jerk at the incredible feeling. Maria kissed her again and Jessica put her arms around the girl’s neck and melted into her kiss. She whimpered needily into her mouth, her tongue aggressively probing, while she explored Maria’s back with her hands. It was nothing like touching herself, not even comparable. The indescribable feeling of having another person touch her, want her, the heat of Maria’s body against her own, had taken over her mind. It didn’t feel like a want. It felt like a need.

Maria pushed two of her finger’s inside of Jessica and she ground her pussy against them, pleading for her to continue, to go deeper, to draw forth more of her arousal and push her up her peak. The girl’s skillful fingers worked her pussy in ways that Jessica didn’t understand, like Maria knew her pussy better than she did.

“You’re so wet, baby,” Maria said, “I think you like girls.”

Jessica nodded, panting.

“I’m going to lick you. I’m going to lick your cunt and make you cum.”

Jessica moaned. Maria extracted her sticky fingers and peeled Jessica’s panties down as she sank beneath the blanket, trailing her tongue over her mound and then sliding the length of it between her wet folds. Jessica shivered, placing her hands in Maria’s dark hair and opening herself wider, craving more of that feeling. Maria reversed her tongue, swiping it back up her slit and gathering up the pussy nectar on her tongue, pushing it inside of her, while her upper lip quivered against Jessica’s aroused little button.

“Oh my God,” Jessica hissed.

Maria hummed happily and continued, fucking Jessica’s pussy with her tongue, spearing it in and out in quick little darts, that made her grind herself on the girl’s face. Maria switched from her entrance to seal her lips around Jessica’s clit, flicking it repetitively with her tongue, while her fingers teased her pussy gash and her entrance. Jessica’s mind seemed to melt, overwhelmed with the intense pleasure and the erotic feeling of having another woman between her legs, intent on pleasing her.

It felt naughty, but it didn’t feel dirty. It felt right, like there were nothing more natural in the world at this moment than having Maria bring her off. It felt incredibly sexy, and it felt beautiful. The girl kept up her rhythm like a clock, unwavering in her precise movements, as though she understood exactly what needed to be done to get Jessica to give in to the pleasure. Jessica didn’t fight it. She wanted to give in, wanted to feel it, needed it. She arched her back and felt a silly smile on her face as she gasped and then came.

Maria hummed into her pussy excitedly, the little vibrations from her mouth sending an extra jolt of pleasure up Jessica’s body, adding another layer of incredible, powerful intensity to her first orgasm at the hands of another person. Her legs shook but Maria didn’t relent. She continued, coaxing another one out of her over the course of minutes until Jessica lay back and giggled stupidly to herself.

Maria moved back up her body, kissing her again, making her taste herself. That felt dirty but hot, Jessica thought. She liked the way it tasted and loved, even more, the slow and sexy way that Maria devoured her lips and played with her tongue. The other girl’s breasts rubbed against Jessica through their tops, as Maria lay on top of her. The position gave Jessica another thrill. It felt as if Maria owned her, the way she pressed her weight on her like she was dominant and Jessica belonged to her. It made her want to give more, to submit to whatever the girl’s desires were.

In the afterglow of her orgasms, the pleasure that Maria had given her, that felt even more right. She wanted to give the girl anything, wanted to be controlled, to be told what to do, and to provide her the kind of pleasure she’d just received. Maria didn’t offer any instruction, though. She seemed to just want to kiss her and touch her, which was perfect. Inside the pocket, where no one would know, it seemed as if there were nothing but the two of them, the moment, the feeling between them.

Jessica felt a tear roll down her cheek, hot, and then another. Maria broke her kiss and brushed it away, smiling kindly. She didn’t say anything, just held Jessica’s gaze, and in her eyes, Jessica could see that she understood.

“I know,” Maria whispered, after giving her a long look, and then she kissed her again, once, softly.

She rolled off of her and held her, stroking her hair as Jessica tried to process the feelings, the intensity of the pleasure, and the conflict of emotion.

“I didn’t know,” Jessica said at last, barely above a whisper, “That it could be like that.”

“It can be,” Maria acknowledged, “It won’t, every time, but it can be. Thank you.”

“For what? You did everything,” Jessica said.

“For letting me be the first,” Maria said, “I loved it.”

“Me, too,” Jessica added.

Maria kissed her lightly and said, “The way you move, when you’re feeling it, is really hot. Men and women will both like that. It’s like you’re surrendering and that’s hot.”

“That’s what it feels like,” Jessica agreed, “Like giving in. It’s kind of like I want it, but I don’t want it. That probably sounds dumb.”

Maria shook her head and asked, “Does it excite you when people tell you what to do?”

Jessica blushed and nodded, but added, “Not everyone. And not when they just ask me to do things. Certain people, when they tell me to do things that I already, kind of want, it feels exciting.”

“You have a submissive streak,” Maria said with certainty.

“I do?”


Jessica’s face fell.

“It’s not a bad thing,” Maria said, “In fact, it’s a powerful thing. It actually gives you more control than you think, more than you’re giving away. Can I ask you some questions?”

“Okay,” Jessica agreed.

“Who is it that makes you excited when they tell you what to do? Is it your brother? Your dad?”

Jessica nodded, her cheeks red, but it was okay to tell Maria those things in their secret place. Nothing that happened here would ever get out. Maria was safe.

“Is it because you perceive them as figures of authority? You feel the need to obey them?” Maria asked.

“I guess so,” Jessica said, shrugging, “But not just that. It’s that… something about them makes me feel like I’m safe. Like if I let them tell me to do things it will be okay because they aren’t going to really hurt me. And if I tell them to stop, they will.”

“You have it exactly,” Maria said, “Even though you might not know it. You feel safe with me, too, right?”

Jessica nodded and Maria kissed her again.

“Having a submissive streak or a sexually submissive personality isn’t you losing control. It’s you surrendering control in a way that allows someone else to push your boundaries, but it shows that you’re trusting them to give you only what you really want, not to take what they want from you,” Maria explained.

“I feel like that,” Jessica said, “Like I’m losing control.”

“It’s because you don’t know what your boundaries are. Hell, I don’t know what mine are, exactly. You don’t have experience, but you have curiosity, and you want to explore it with people that you feel safe with. That’s good. It’s the responsible way to do it. When you feel like that, you aren’t losing control. You’re letting that curiosity indulge itself, and you’re handing your control over to someone that you trust.”

“Are you… like me?” Jessica asked.

“I can be both. I like both. Sometimes I want to be controlled and pushed, and other times I like being the one doing the pushing. Both roles have different kinds of excitement. What you have to keep in mind, no matter what you choose to do, is that you have a lot of power. When people are excited and horny, they start to care more about that feeling than other things. If they desire you, if they have to have you, then you have power over them. Even when you’re giving up your control, you’re seducing them with that surrender, and that makes you powerful.”

“I don’t feel like I’m seducing anyone,” Jessica said, “I just… I get excited by doing things that I know I shouldn’t.”

“Everyone has that,” Maria assured her, “That in-built sense of danger and pushing your limits, or the limits of what’s acceptable, are exciting. You shouldn’t be afraid of it. It isn’t wrong.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica said, uncertainly, “I think some of what I did… in the pictures, could be wrong.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong about them,” Maria said, then asked, “Are there more pictures?”

Her mouth spread into a naughty grin. Jessica nodded.

“Will you show me?”

Jessica disentangled herself from the blanket and found her phone, brought it back, and got back in. She pulled up the photos and looked at them with Maria. She scrolled quickly through those Maria had seen, but stopped on the first photo that showed her touching her pussy, masturbating for Eric on the couch.

“Oh!” Maria exclaimed, “Now, that is naughty. I like it!”

“You do?”

“It’s really hot,” Maria said, “I’ll bet he was so hard.”

Jessica allowed her to see the others, and then they watched the video.

“This is so sexy,” Maria said, watching Jessica on her back, rubbing her pussy for her brother, “I get what you’re saying. He’s got that tone, like your dad. It makes you just want to do anything he says. It’s really hot.”

“So, my dad makes you… do things like this?” Jessica asked.

“Oh,” Maria said, realizing she’d slipped.

She looked embarrassed, then thoughtful.

“Look,” she said, “I don’t talk about things I do for clients. It’s part of the whole gig. They’re trusting you with their secrets and that’s important. This is a little different, though. I’ve never been friends with a client’s daughter.”

“Are we friends?” Jessica asked.

“I wouldn’t lick just anyone,” Maria said, winking, “I think we’re going to be.”

Jessica blushed.

“I won’t tell you details,” she went on, “but yes, there are things I do for your dad. I act out fantasies he has. Is that enough? I feel like you deserve to know that.”

“Thank you,” Jessica said.

“Now you can ask me your other question,” Maria said.

“Other question?”

“About whether you can do what I do, and how your dad will feel about it.”

“How did you know that?” Jessica asked.

Maria shrugged and said, “I’m your evil twin.”

It made Jessica laugh and she replied, “I don’t know if I want to do what you do, but I was thinking that. I just need a job. My dad demands that I have one. The whole hard work is good for you thing, but I’m not having any luck.”

“And a normal job doesn’t sound like fun, does it?” Maria asked, stroking Jessica’s side.

“No,” she agreed.

“Well, what I do is a lot of fun. It could be more fun with you, I think.”

“What if people want to have sex with me?” Jessica asked.

“They will definitely want to have sex with you,” Maria said.

“I don’t know how.”

Maria grinned and said, “I guess you’ll just have to have a lot of sex with me first!”

Jessica blushed and then Maria sank beneath the covers and made her squeal.

 Chapter Eight: Evil Twin

Jessica knew that she smelled like sex. How could she not? She’d spent the better part of an hour with Maria kissing, sucking, licking, and touching every part of her. It wasn’t like masturbating, even a little bit. It was the most incredible feeling of pleasure she’d ever experienced, and the single most amazing closeness she’d ever shared with another person. Now, laying next to Maria, with the other girl still stroking and touching her naked body, Jessica drifted in a post-orgasmic haze of relaxation.

“I’ve always liked girls,” Maria whispered, “but there’s something about doing it with someone that looks like you, that makes it fucking wild.”

Jessica only nodded, not sure what to say. She tingled all over. Now that everything was quiet, and the sexy noises that they’d been making had trailed off into a comfortable silence, Jessica wanted nothing more than to simply lay here with Maria’s hands on her for the rest of the day. Through the quiet, though, she heard the slam of the front door. The sound broke the quiet of the secret place, snapping her back into the real world.

“Your dad?” Maria asked, seemingly unconcerned.

“Too early,” Jessica said. “My brother, probably.”

“Oh? The hunky brother that likes taking dirty pictures of his hot sister?” Maria teased.

“That’s the one,” Jessica said.

Maria’s hand trailed casually down Jessica’s tummy, then slipped between her legs, where it began to slowly stroke her wet pussy. Jessica gasped and parted her legs once more, allowing Maria free reign to do what she wanted with her.

“Tell me more about the pictures, Luna,” Maria said hotly into her ear. “Tell me about how the pictures made you feel. I want you to let your imagination run wild. There’s nothing wrong with imagining what could be. When your hot brother had you on that couch, wearing so little, touching your pussy for him, what did you want?”

Jessica quaked as Maria rubbed her wet lips and kissed her behind the ear. She closed her eyes and let the feeling overwhelm her.

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“Yes, you do,” Maria whispered. “Let your imagination tell you what you wanted to happen, what you wanted to experience. There are no repercussions for imagining it, so tell me what you thought about. How did it happen, after the photos were taken, while you rubbed this warm little cunt in the dark and looked at them.”

Jessica gasped and said, “How did you—“

“Of course, you did,” Maria said, “How could you not? You were so naughty, letting your brother see your pussy. You touched it for him, put your fingers in it, and you even came for him. It was so hot and so exciting to do it, wasn’t it?”

Maria pushed two of her fingers into Jessica’s gripping tunnel, sawing them slowly in and out as she kissed her neck and pressed her own naked body against her.

“Yes,” Jessica admitted. “It was hot.”

“What did he want from you, baby?” Maria asked.

“He wanted to… to touch me. I think.”

“How did he do it?” Maria asked, and pressed her fingers deep into Jessica’s cunt, making her jerk.

“He… he put down the camera,” Jessica said, letting the fantasy play out. Maria was right. She had touched herself and looked at the photos, in the dark, alone, imagining what Eric would have done. “He got on his knees in front of me, and he spread my legs. He pulled my bikini bottoms off, without even asking, like it was his right.”

“That’s so sexy,” Maria said. “You gave in because you wanted your big brother to touch you. You let him take off your bottoms and look at your wet, naked pussy.”

“Yeah,” Jessica breathed, as Maria increased the pace of her fingers.

Even under the blanket, she could hear the wetness of her own cunt, squishing around Maria’s extended digits.

“He told me that my pussy was pretty,” Jessica said, swallowing, her hand coming up to squeeze her breast. “He told me that he was going to lick it, and that I was going to let him.”

“You wanted him to, didn’t you? You wanted your brother to put his hands on your legs and spread them, then push his tongue into this pretty pussy and lick it, huh?”

Jessica trembled at the dirty image in her head, Maria’s fingers working expertly on her pussy.

“He just… did it,” Jessica said, “without asking me. He told me and I… I just nodded and let him do it.”

“It felt so good, didn’t it?” Maria asked. “It was like when you let me lick it. Only, it was even hotter because it was your brother. Your brother shouldn’t have his tongue in your pretty pussy, should he?”

“N… no!” Jessica agreed, grinding her pussy against Maria’s fingers.

“He got your pretty pussy so wet with his tongue,” Maria hissed in her ear. “He sucked it and licked it, just like you let me do to you. You acted like a slut, and it made you feel sexy, didn’t it?”

“I… fuck…” Jessica squeaked and her body twitched as Maria’s fingers hit the right spot, sending a spark of hot pleasure through her.

“You were so wet and so hot from it,” Maria said. “Tell me what he did next.”

“He… his… cock… was hard and he pulled it out. He took my hand off my tummy and… and he put it around his cock,” Jessica said.

“Your brother’s home right now,” Maria said, and stroked her fingers in and out more quickly, pushing Jessica toward another orgasm. “If he comes in, he’ll see you naked in bed with another girl. Do you think he’ll want to take your picture?”

“Oh! Yes,” Jessica hissed.

“He’ll want pictures of my fingers in your pretty pussy, won’t he?”


“He’ll look at you, naked, horny, and wet,” Maria whispered, “and his cock will be hard again.”

Jessica gasped and shook, her imagination running wild. She could picture Eric with his phone in his hand, taking photos of her spread legs as Maria touched her, directing her in that commanding tone.

“Lick her cunt, Maria,” he’d say. “Get her pretty pussy nice and wet for me.”

Then, he’d take more pictures, and he’d do it while he touched his cock. He’d pull it out, and then her brother’s naked dick would be in his hand while he watched Maria lick her. Maria would be getting her wet, wet for him. Wet so that he could… so that he could take her place!

“That’s it, Luna,” Maria said. “Just let it go. It’s your fantasy. It’s what you want. Let your brother fuck you. That’s what you imagined, wasn’t it?”

“I… I wanted…” Jessica panted, so close.

“Say it. Tell me that you wanted your brother to fuck you.”

The words did it and Jessica blurted, in a rush, “I wanted my brother to fuck me!”

Saying it out loud pushed her past the peak and she arched her back, pushing her cunt against Maria’s fingers. Her evil twin fucked her faster, harder, the grip of Jessica’s pussy sucking at her fingers as she plunged them wetly into her.

“I’m going to make that happen for you,” Maria hissed. “Give me another good cum and think about how hot that will be. Your brother is going to fuck you.”

“Oh! Oh, fuck!” Jessica hissed.

“Do it, slut,” Maria hissed and pushed her over again.

Jessica spasmed and jerked, her hand clinging tightly to Maria’s wrist as she came. The fantasy ran wild in her head, Eric pushing her legs apart, pushing his cock against her pretty, wet pussy. Maria was there, whispering those dirty things in her ear, telling her to give in, to let him have her, that she was powerful because he couldn’t resist. She was sexy, so sexy and hot that her own brother had to have her. It was wrong, but Eric didn’t care. He’d been seduced by her so wholly that he didn’t care about right or wrong. He just had to be inside her.

Maria quickly jerked her fingers out of Jessica’s pussy and kissed her hotly. Jessica groaned because she felt like she could have cum again, but the sudden lack of stimulation denied her the chance. Still, she burned hot as Maria sucked at her tongue and cupped her breast. The other girl’s heat and arousal were like a drug, flooding her mind with more images of passion. The fantasy continued to play, but now Maria was kissing her and touching her, while her brother pushed the full length of his hardness into her.

Finally, Maria pulled away and Jessica could see the wild lust in her. Maria had given her several powerful orgasms today, but she hadn’t gotten off herself. Had all the sex play driven her mad with lust? It must have because she was flushed and hot, panting, and… yes, she was touching herself!

“Fuck, that was so hot!” Maria hissed. “We need to keep this going. I’m so fucking keyed up!”

“Keep it going?” Jessica asked, entranced by Maria’s need.

“You have the set we got at the mall? The matching one?” she asked.

Jessica nodded.

“Get it on. I brought mine. I’m going to push your boundaries.”

Jessica nodded and obeyed.

Chapter Nine: Boundaries

Jessica visibly shook as she stood next to Maria, wearing the sexy lingerie set. The bra hugged her petite breasts and made them look so round and firm. Split straps on the thong molded to her hips and below that, an embroidered patch of cloth covered her pussy. She’d never worn something so sexy, a thing that was purely designed to enflame desire. Maria’s own set was the same and as they stood in front of Jessica’s mirror, the resemblance between the two of them was uncanny.

“I don’t know about this,” Jessica said uneasily.

Maria stood behind her and put her arms around Jessica’s waist. She kissed her neck and looked at her in the mirror so that Jessica could watch it happening. One of her hands strayed downward and gently stroked her pussy through the thin cloth.

“Every new experience is frightening,” Maria said. “But it’s also exciting. I can feel how hot your pussy is. Can you feel it?”

Jessica trembled as the other girl’s lips brushed her neck again. She nodded, her stomach knotting with anxiety, but Maria was right. The idea of flaunting herself openly, with the goal of showing off her body for Eric gave her that dirty feeling. This was different from wearing the maid costume. She’d done that to be sexy, yes, but she hadn’t done it with seduction in mind. That had been more curiosity, a way to test her supposition that Eric and Owen were lusting after her.

This time, she was actively seeking to entice. It was frightening and it was taboo. Good girls didn’t go about the house in skimpy clothes, solely for the purpose of making their brother’s dick hard. Good girls didn’t spend an entire morning naked in bed with another girl, allowing her to lick and suck her pussy, or to finger her while admitting her most sinful fantasies. Today, she had left behind being a good girl and was flirting with becoming a slut.

Sluts did these kinds of things, she thought, as Maria rubbed her pussy and kissed her neck, making her body flush. Girls with horny pussies let their pussy talk them into doing things that were this filthy. If she listened to Maria, and took this step, she’d be that much closer to being a slut. The hot desire, though, that ingrained want to obey, seemed to shout in her head. Listen. Obey. Do as you’re told, the feeling said. Whether it was her father, her brother, or Maria, that desire to submit was nearly overpowering.

“I want you to lay on your bed for me,” Maria said.

Jessica nodded and Maria released her. She went to her bed, lay on her back, and looked at Maria for instruction. It was what Maria wanted. She was doing it for Maria.

“Text Eric,” Maria ordered, “and ask him to come up here.”

Jessica sent the message.

“Could you please come upstairs?”

A moment later she received a thumbs-up. A moment after that, there was a knock on the door.

“Jess?” Eric said.

Maria went to the door and cracked it open.

“Hey,” Eric said, “What’s up?”

Maria grinned wickedly at him. Eric blinked and said, “Maria?”

“Couldn’t quite fool you, huh?” Maria asked.

“Only for a second,” Eric admitted, then asked, “Where’s Jess?”

“I’m going to let you in,” Maria said, ignoring the question, “but If I do, you’re going to do exactly as I say.”

“Um, alright?” Eric said.

Maria opened the door a little wider and gave Eric a view of her body in the lingerie. His eyes widened.

“Wow!” he said, his cheeks reddening.

“Are you sure you can follow instructions?” she asked.

“Without a doubt,” Eric agreed.

“Shut your eyes,” Maria instructed.

Eric did and Maria took his hand and led him inside. She shut the door.

“Don’t you fucking peek, or I’m going to kick you in the nuts,” she said, giggling.

“Promise,” Eric agreed.

Maria maneuvered him until he was standing at the foot of the bed, her hand over his eyes. Her other hand went around his chest, and she could feel his heart thudding rapidly.

“Tell me the truth, Eric,” Maria said and slid her hand from his chest, downward until it rested on his cock. “You took some sexy photos of your sister, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Eric agreed.

“What did you make her do in those photos?” Maria asked, rubbing his cock, feeling it come to life.

“She touched herself,” Eric said.

“You loved it, didn’t you? Watching your sister touching her pretty pussy for you?”

“Yes,” Eric said, his voice dropping.

“Don’t move,” Maria ordered. “I want you to open your eyes and just look. Don’t say a word, unless I ask you to. Alright?”

Eric nodded. Maria moved her hand and Eric opened his eyes. He gave a small groan at the sight of Jess, laying on the bed in a matching set of lingerie. Even through her tanned skin, he could see the embarrassed tint. Maria kissed his neck, one hand slowly rubbing his chest, while the other continued to tease his cock.

“Look at how fucking sexy she is,” Maria hissed.

Eric nodded, and gulped, his cock hardening under her touch.

“You couldn’t help but look at her, could you?” Maria asked. “You saw those perfect, round little breasts and you thought about how easily they’d fit into one of your hands.”

Eric groaned as she squeezed his cock through his shorts.

“That’s right, isn’t it? You can tell me,” she said.

“Yes,” Eric whispered.

“Is it making your dick hard, looking at her?” Maria asked though she was holding it in her hand.

“Yes,” Eric admitted.

“That wasn’t enough, though, was it? You thought about that warm little pussy and you had to see it, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he said.

Maria slid her hand into his shorts and teased his naked cock with her nails.

“Tell her what you want her to do for you, Eric,” Maria said and kissed his neck. “Just like the pictures. Tell your sexy sister to touch that pretty pussy for you.”

“I want… Jess, will you touch it for me?” Eric asked.

Jessica immediately felt the difference. There was no power, no authority. It was a request, and while it felt naughty, it didn’t give her that feeling of abandonment.

“Not like that,” Maria said. “Don’t ask her. Tell her what you want from her.”

Eric breathed and gathered his wits as Maria’s hand encircled his length and squeezed it.

“Spread your legs for me, Jess,” Eric said, his tone changing.

That was it. Just the change in his voice, his bearing, tripped the switch and Jessica felt that hot thrill. She parted her legs and watched his eyes slide from her face, down to her pussy.

“Good,” Maria praised him and pumped his cock with her hand. “That’s what she needs. She doesn’t need to be asked. She needs to be told what you want. Tell her, baby.”

She kissed his neck again, her hand gently stroking his length inside of his shorts.

“No pictures this time, Jess,” Eric said, “Today you’re going to touch yourself for me, because you liked it. Touch your pretty pussy for me.”

Jessica felt hot at the words, and she followed the instruction, watching his face, Maria’s hand in his shorts, as she slid her hand inside the panties and touched her pussy.

“It’s wet, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes…” Jessica admitted.

“Is it wet for me, Jess?” he asked, falling into the role. “Is your pretty pussy wet for your brother?”

Jessica jerked, visibly, like she’d been shocked. She was wet. Wet for her brother.

“Yes…” she whispered.

“Touch it for me, like you did before. I want you to touch it for me and show me how you cum,” he instructed.

Jessica pushed a finger into her pussy and played with it as Maria stroked his cock.

“Tell her what you did with her photos, Eric,” Maria said hotly.

“I looked at your pictures and stroked my cock, Jess,” Eric said, his eyes darting from her pussy to her face. “I watched the video you made for me. I watched you touching your pussy, just like this, and I jerked my cock to it.”

Jessica moaned and pushed a second finger into her pussy. He’d admitted it. Her brother had jerked off to the pictures, just like she’d thought. Her fantasy began to spin, imagining him looking at her photo, the way he was looking at her now. His cock was in his hand and there was lust in his eyes as he imagined doing things to her.

“What are you going to do with her, Eric?” Maria asked, her fingers teasing his cockhead. “Tell her what’s going to happen.”

She said it as though it weren’t a fantasy, as if it were real. It was an instruction, and that was the difference. Jessica gasped and fingered her cunt, the sloppy wetness audible. Then, Maria used her other hand to push his shorts down and Eric’s cock was out in the open, the escort girl’s hand wrapped around its hard length as she jerked it. Jessica’s eyes fell on it, watching the rhythmic stroking.

“I’m going to take off your panties and spread you open, Jess,” Eric said, his voice quavering just slightly at the shock of having his cock exposed to his sister.

“Fuck!” Maria hissed. “That’s so hot! Look at it, Luna. Look at your big brother’s cock and touch yourself.”

Jessica did. She couldn’t have pulled her eyes off it if she’d wanted to. Her first real cock and it was her brother’s. A hot flush crept up her body. This was so weirdly exciting, being separated from Eric by only a few feet, like watching herself jerk him off, even as she masturbated for him. Maria was like the sexy goddess version of herself, in control, the seductress, bending him to her will. She could see the power in her, controlling her brother with nothing but a hand and a few words.

“Take off your panties,” Eric ordered. “I want you to show me your pussy.”

Jessica used her other hand to tug the panties down, losing her rhythm, but she didn’t want to stop touching herself. She couldn’t stop touching it. It felt so hot to do it as the two of them watched. Eric groaned as Maria stroked him faster.

His sister’s pussy came into view, fully for the first time. The little, light brown box so full of warmth and pleasure was compact and perfect. Eric licked his lips, and she could see his expression change from pure desire to a deep hunger. The shift was visible in his face and his body. He wanted it, needed it. She felt so vulnerable showing it to him and seeing that look.

Maria moved, and sat on the edge of the bed, turning Eric just slightly. She caressed his cock with one hand and rubbed her flat palm against his chest.

“Tell her what’s going to happen, Eric,” she said softly, almost pleading.

She put her lips around his cock and gently began to suck on the throbbing head of it, making Eric gasp.

“This is what’s going to happen, Jess. You’re going to be right here, putting your lips around my cock and learning how to suck it,” Eric said, placing his hand on Maria’s head.

The escort swallowed his length and rubbed her own pussy through her panties.

“You’re going to get my cock wet and hard,” Eric said, “and then I’m going to teach you how to be a good girl for your big brother.”

Jessica jerked as she smeared her wetness around her pussy, playing with it openly as he watched and imagined it.

“You’re going to learn how to take it inside you, and I’m going to fuck you.”

Jessica moaned loudly and kicked her legs. Maria stopped touching herself and tugged at her panties, finally kicking them off.

She pulled her mouth from Eric’s cock and said, “Show her!”

Eric looked down in a moment of confusion, and then Maria backed away across the bed and beckoned for him. He understood. Jessica gasped as she realized what was happening, too. Eric hesitated only a second, and then he was on the bed and holding Maria’s legs apart. His hard penis in position, and with Maria spreading her pussy in invitation, Jessica watched her brother push his cock into the escort’s pussy with a groan of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” Maria gasped. “Oh, fuck, Eric! You’re going to fuck your little sister!”

Eric gasped loudly and pushed deeper, sinking his entire length into Maria’s warm and gripping little hole. Jessica, only inches away, watched her open up for him, the sweet little lips parting and then sucking tightly at the girth of her brother’s cock. Maria reached for her and put her hand on Jessica’s neck, pulling her toward her. Jessica allowed the girl to draw her in, and then their lips met as Eric pulled his cock back out. She could hear how wet the girl was, after the long morning of fuckplay, and now the girl had claimed another of their family.

She pushed her tongue into Jessica’s mouth, and they kissed again. Eric pushed his dick back into her and Maria gasped into Jessica’s mouth, then again as he repeated the motion, harder, the wet smack of his flesh against hers so sexy. Jessica continued to work her fingers in her sex, unable to stop, but she had to break away and see it. Maria’s eyes were glassy as she looked into Jessica’s and then, together, they looked down. Eric’s strokes were long and deep, the length of his cock coming all the way out to the head, before sinking back into her.

“You’re so tight, Jess,” Eric breathed.

Jessica gasped and nearly came as Eric looked into her eyes. Maria’s legs wrapped around him, drawing him in, and then he was on top of her, pushing his tongue into her mouth and putting his arm around her neck, holding tightly to her as he fucked his cock into her clinging sheath. Maria gave hot, hard little pants of pleasure into his mouth as Jessica watched their tongues play. The feeling was so surreal, like watching herself with Eric, safe and at a distance, but still so close.

Her brother broke away and before Jessica knew what was happening, he was kissing her too. She squeaked into his mouth and then Maria cried out and came on his cock. The quick kiss broke as the escort orgasmed and took Eric’s attention. Their foreheads pressed together, lips barely an inch apart, Eric fucked her in even, measured strokes, holding his cock deep, withdrawing just a bare inch and then slapping back into the girl.

“Right there…” Maria hissed. “Fuck me… fuck me…”

Their eyes locked, Jessica watched the two of them lose themselves in the moment. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. What would it be like, she wondered, to be swept up in that feeling? Maria gasped again and Eric groaned, and then they kissed. Eric went still, his body tense and throbbing, and Jessica realized that he must be cumming in the girl. Her brother was cumming into Maria and he was thinking about her. Fuck!

They stayed locked together for moments, kissing as Eric slowly pumped his cock and his cum into her. Finally, Eric released his grip on her and Maria smiled wickedly.

“I think your sister needs to cum,” she said.

The two of them looked at Jess and she blushed under the gaze. Did she mean it? Eric looked almost as surprised.

“You should go,” Maria said to him. “I want to take care of her. Think about it,” she stroked his cheek. “Go think about me licking her cunt while I’m full of your cum.”

Eric almost looked like he was going to argue, but Maria hadn’t relinquished her power. He was still in her control and his cock wanted another chance to experience something like this again.

“Don’t say anything,” Maria commanded. “Go.”

Eric pulled his wilted cock from her with a wet suck and Jessica watched it, enrapt, as it swung. He picked up his shorts and left with a further glance but not a word. Maria turned back to her and kissed her again, slowly, her hand touching Jessica’s wet pussy.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked, stroking her gently. “You’re so fucking wet.”

Jessica only nodded as Maria slid downward, between her legs, and began to lick her.

 Chapter Ten: Daddy’s Home

Jessica knew that she had orgasmed at least a dozen times today at Maria’s hands, and now she was exhausted and confused. With the escort’s nude body pressed against her under a blanket, she half-napped in a haze of relaxed warmth. Since Maria’s arrival that morning, it had seemed like her pussy had been so excited and eager to be played with. All the things that Maria had done, the things she’d said, the ideas she’d put in Jessica’s head were all a swirling mess of erotic confusion.

She wondered at how swiftly life could change. In only a few days, her entire perception of her family had been altered. She’d moved in, expecting nothing more than to have to find a part-time job and enjoy the summer. Now, she felt caught up in an erotic web of seduction, a whirlwind of insanely dirty thoughts and feelings. Her father was actively fucking women that looked like her. Her brother had managed to, unwittingly, uncover a repressed desire for sexual submission in her. She’d let an escort seduce her, give her a new name, and convince her to masturbate, while Jessica watched her fuck her brother. Maria had now seduced her whole, immediate family.

Even now, tired as she was, Maria’s hand was between her legs, continuing to slowly rub the cunt honey around her hot little slit. The girl seemed insatiable, and she was making Jessica feel the same way. It was difficult to think it all through, with her head floating in the warm fog of arousal and the constant pleasurable feelings. Finally, she did manage to nap, only to awaken a short time later to the feeling of Maria sucking her pussy once more.


Having spent the entire morning naked with Maria, joining her in the shower did not seem like such a big deal. Jessica found it rather sexy, in fact, to have the other girl washing her body in the shower as they kissed. Up until now, Jessica herself had only touched Maria a bit, while the other girl had been licking and sucking every part of her.

Outside of the secret cave of the blankets, the feeling of being touched and touching another girl was even more arousing. That time spent in her room was like a private and intimate thing, one in which they’d been secreted away. In the shower, Jessica felt exposed. Even though no one was watching, just the fact that they were in an open space altered the feeling that accompanied it. The exposure brought on that rush of embarrassment, like the kiss in the mall.

Once Maria decided they were clean, she led Jessica back to her room and they dressed in the lingerie once more. Maria found the black, cat ear headband hanging on a hook, and added it to Jessica’s head.

“That’s adorable!” she cried and kissed her again.

“I don’t know if I should wear this,” Jessica said. “My dad will be coming home, and I need to make dinner.”

“You’re supposed to be looking cute, right? The whole testing out the sexy cleaner thing?” Maria argued.

Jessica shook her head and said, “That’s stupid. It was never a real idea. He just went along with it to… to look at me.”

“Well, I think I want you to keep wearing it,” Maria said and put her arm around Jessica’s waist.

Jessica gasped hotly as her other hand slid between her legs and felt the heat of her pussy through the panties. Maria put her lips close to Jessica’s, so close that she could feel the girl’s breath.

“Just let daddy look,” she whispered. “Let daddy see how sexy we are. You want him to let you do your new job, don’t you Luna?”

“I… I don’t know,” Jessica squeaked.

Maria licked Jessica’s lips lightly and continued to touch her, rubbing her pussy as she pressed her body against Jessica’s.

“Of course, you know,” she said. “I can feel how hot it makes you. I can feel it in your pussy, baby.”

She kissed Jessica softly and pulled her closer. Jessica gave in, her legs feeling like jelly and the hot flush creeping back up her body.

“You know I’ll keep you safe,” Maria said. “I’ll only push you as far as you want to go. We haven’t found that limit yet, have we?”

Jessica slowly shook her head. She did want that. She wanted to give in and surrender to those feelings, to see what those experiences would be like. It was a frightening thing, but an intoxicating, almost addictive thing. Being with Maria, having the girl push her to explore these strange new feelings, and giving her the power to make those decisions, was heady.

When she met Maria’s eye, though, she saw something else there. She saw desire as she’d seen in Eric’s. Maria wanted her, wanted this experience, and wanted the control. She wanted it so badly that her body was vibrating with need. Whatever game the girl was playing, she had been right. That desire for it was influencing her, and Maria’s lust for it gave Jessica power over her.

Jessica could refuse. She could put on normal clothes and end this game now. She could stop this whole idea of joining Maria, delete the escort profile, and even tell Eric that nothing more would ever happen. She could do it before it went any further, and she could crush their desire. Only, that would mean veering away from the hot feelings and the incredible pleasure that she, herself, was deriving from the game.

Was all sex like this, she wondered? Did every game of seduction have these plays on power? Jessica, too, had her desires and her wants. She wanted to feel these things, to experience the pleasures from the physical and mental stimulation that the game was creating inside her. To do that, she needed these people, people she trusted to surrender to. Because, in those moments of surrender to them, she felt the full weight of the arousal, which made the physical pleasure so potent when it came. Without that, without them exercising their power over her, it would be as tepid an experience as masturbating alone, in the dark, while staring at the ceiling.

“Tell me… tell me it’s what you want me to do,” Jessica breathed.

Maria smiled, a wicked thing, but not with malice.

“I want you to show off your hot body for me,” Maria said breathily and kissed Jessica’s neck.

Her hand moved from Jessica’s pussy and softly gripped her neck, possessively, pushing her head back as she kissed her throat.

“Show your daddy how fucking sexy you are. Show him what he’s been dreaming of when he fucks me,” Maria hissed, and her hand slid to the back of Jessica’s mouth, pulling her in, and kissing her hotly.

Jessica quivered as the girl took charge of her, every feeling of her hand like a subtle show of dominance. Maria’s experience made her sexy and gave her a feeling of power that Jessica felt herself giving in to. She felt like Maria’s toy, something that the other girl had just decided could delight her, and that feeling was a ridiculous rush of conflict that made Jessica hot. That was the feeling, the thing she desired.

Unwittingly, Maria had also just made an admission, one that she’d declined to make earlier. Maria, swept up in the game and hot, herself, had given Jessica the answer to the question she’d been asking for days. She’d admitted that her father was fantasizing about fucking her.

That aspect of the game, Jessica thought, as Maria kissed her, must be part of the appeal for the girl. How often did anyone get this opportunity? To have the object of a lover’s fantasy at their mercy, seduced and willing to play into an erotic fantasy? Jessica didn’t know much about sex, but she figured that this sort of thing was not common. For a girl like Maria, to have this chance was obviously highly arousing.


By the time the two girls made it down to the kitchen, the house was quiet. Jessica found a message from Eric on her phone when she opened it to find her recipe book.

“Had to go to work. We should talk later. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

Jessica thought it odd that he’d say such a thing, but she appreciated it.

“You didn’t. We can talk later. 😘” she wrote back.

Maria helped Jessica to make dinner, though “help” was not always the best way to describe it. Throughout the whole affair, Maria kept her highly aroused. The girl couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of Jessica, rubbing her pussy, kissing her neck, and touching her lightly. All of it was sexy and she did it as though she had every right. When Maria wanted to grope her, she did. When she wanted to push Jessica against a cabinet and make out with her, she did it. When Maria bent her over the counter, pulled aside her panties, and tongued her pussy to an orgasm, Jessica let her do it.

Maria treated her like a plaything, feeding Jessica’s desire while also feeding her own. By the time dinner was actually in the oven, Jessica’s panties were soaked with her own slut honey and Maria’s saliva. She felt hot and she was sure that her father was going to be able to tell that her pussy was highly, sluttily aroused, the moment he walked in the door.

However, when Owen did walk in the door and saw the two of them in matching lingerie, it was the first time that Jessica could recall seeing him utterly dumbfounded. He stood, stock still in the doorway, his mouth open in total surprise. For just a moment, it seemed as though he was going to turn around and walk back out.

Maria, though, didn’t give him the opportunity. She took Jessica’s hand and closed the distance between them. Leaning up on her toes, just as Jessica had seen her do on their first meeting, she said, “Hello, daddy,” and kissed him on the mouth. Owen half-kissed her, but he still seemed too shocked to fully respond, as though his brain’s software was trying to reboot.

Jessica, then, leaned up on her toes in the same way and kissed his cheek, saying, “Hello, daddy.”

Owen’s eyes flicked from Maria to Jessica, and there they rested, as though really seeing her for the first time.

“Aren’t you going to say hello, daddy?” Maria whined.

She sounded hurt.

“Hi… hello,” Owen croaked, then shook off his surprise and asked, “What are you doing here, Maria? Jessica? What are you wearing?”

“You don’t like it, daddy?” Maria asked, standing behind Jessica and putting her arm around her possessively.

Owen visibly gulped and his cheeks were red as he said, “It’s… you look…” the words failed him.

“Isn’t she sexy, daddy?” Maria asked and kissed Jessica’s neck. “I know we didn’t have a date tonight, but Jessie here said I could stay for dinner. Is that alright, daddy?”

Owen’s brain seemed to have malfunctioned, his speech centers refusing to make words. He nodded.

“Go put on something more comfortable, so you can come back and have dinner,” Maria said, smiling wickedly. “I know how hungry you get, daddy, and we’ve been so hard at work to give you something good to eat.”

Owen nearly tripped over his shoes on his way out of the kitchen. The moment he was out the door, Maria spun Jessica around and kissed her again.

“Fuck me!” she hissed. “I’ve never been so fucking hot in my life. This is the most twisted goddamn thing I’ve never imagined would happen. Feel me,“ Maria ordered and pulled her panties to the side. She put Jessica’s hand between her legs and Jessica touched her first pussy. “I’m fucking soaked!” Maria hissed.

Jessica could feel the girl’s body thrumming with barely contained arousal. She trembled, her entire body quivering lightly with excitement. Curious, Jessica rubbed her fingers between Maria’s slit. It felt like her own, but touching someone else gave her the hot rush that she was coming to love. Doing it so brazenly in the kitchen just added another dirty thrill to it, in the same way being in the shower with her had. Her father could walk back in at any moment and see it.

“What… what are you going to do?” Jessica asked, pulling her hand away and examining the wetness coating her finger.

Maria took her hand and, looking into Jessica’s eyes, put her fingers into her own mouth and licked her honey from them.

“We’re just going to play a little bit,” she said. “If daddy’s going to approve of your new job, then we’ll have to convince him that it’s something that he wants to happen.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica said uncertainly.

She was still unsure about this escort business, but Maria seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion that it was going to happen. More than that, she already seemed to be planning how it was going to happen and what kind of role Jessica was going to play.

“Tell me that you don’t find it exciting,” Maria said and pulled Jessica close. She whispered in her ear, “You’ve got a hot little slut inside of you, baby. She wants to get out. You touched your pussy for your brother. You let your daddy touch your panties and you loved it. It’s alright,” and she rubbed Jessica’s pussy again, saying, “It’s alright to want it. It’s who you are. Let me show you.”

She let Jessica go and stepped back, her body glowing with her arousal. The sound of the steps creaking drew their attention. A moment later, Owen walked back in. Maria intercepted him and pressed her body against him.

“Okay, Maria,” Owen said, regaining some composure, “what’s going on?”

“Well, I made a new friend, daddy,” Maria said cutely. “She wanted to come over and play with me, so I showed her one of my favorite games.”

Her hand drifted down to his crotch, and she leaned up to whisper in his ear, “Now that you’re here, maybe I can show her my real favorite game.”

Jessica, blushing, removed dinner from the oven and started setting the table. She watched Maria work as she did it, and saw Owen visibly struggle to disentangle himself from Maria.

“I think we… should talk,” he said.

“Was I naughty, daddy?” Maria asked. “Are you going to spank me again?”

“Just… come with me, please,” Owen said, glanced at Jessica, and then he withdrew with Maria in tow.

Jessica snuck to the doorway, unable to help herself. She watched the two of them disappear into the living room, then she followed and listened, her body quaking. It was like when she’d spied on her dad through the door, only this time she could hear it clearly.

“Drop the act, Maria,” her father hissed. “What are you doing with Jess?”

“I’m only helping her see how sexy she is,” Maria said, and Jessica could tell that she was touching him, somehow. “Don’t you want this? Don’t you want her?”

“What happened to client privilege?” Owen said, his tone annoyed, bordering on anger.

“I think you put that at risk yourself when you started inviting us over while she was in the house. Don’t you? It’s like you wanted her to know.”

Owen didn’t seem to have an answer for that.

“Is that why? You did, didn’t you?” Maria asked.

Jessica heard the sound of kissing, wet and hot, and then Maria said, “Don’t be afraid, daddy. Your little girl is curious. I won’t do anything that she doesn’t want. Alright? Just be a good daddy and play my game. You might even win.”

More kissing followed, the sound of Owen groaning into Maria’s mouth. Jessica fled back to the kitchen and sat at the table, her pussy hot. That single sound from her father told her that Maria was right. There was power in her, control over a man like her father, and leveraging that power was as simple as knowing how to use her own gifts. Could she really have that kind of power, too? She heard them returning and then they were back, seating themselves at the table.

Jessica watched Maria’s hand move into her father’s lap and he swallowed. He wouldn’t meet her eyes. Maria grinned at her. Jessica, timidly, stood up and watched her father’s eyes take in the sight of her. She could see the desire there, just like Eric’s. Even though the secret he’d been keeping was practically out in the open, he couldn’t act on it. Not yet. Jessica took up a big spoon.

“May I serve you, Mr. Owen?” she asked.

Maria grinned again. Apparently, it had been the right thing to say. It wasn’t a sexual question. There was no hint in her voice of a double meaning, but it was there, nonetheless.

“Please, honey,” Owen croaked. “Thank you.”

Jessica spooned some of the food onto his plate. She could see Maria’s hand moving in his lap, likely rubbing his cock. She didn’t know if she could even eat dinner. Her stomach felt like it was doing flips from the tension around the table.

“We worked so hard to make you happy today, daddy,” Maria said. “My new friend loved learning all the things I’ve been teaching her. Didn’t you, Luna?”

Jessica nodded and said, “Jessie and I had so much fun, Mr. Owen. I hope you’ll let me come back and play with her again.”

Even as she said it, it felt a little foolish, but also a little exciting. She thought she understood what Maria was doing, and she had to admit that the weirdness of it was fueling the hot rush. Owen was having a little trouble getting into the game, though, pretending that Maria was his daughter outside of the bedroom. Jessica understood, she thought.

It was like being with Maria outside of her own bedroom. In there, it had been intimate and secret. She could say and do anything, and it was safe. Out here, there were no secrets. Out here, his dark secret had been exposed and he was both humiliated by it, and simultaneously turned on by the realization that the fantasy was bleeding into reality.

Jessica served Maria, too, spooning food onto her plate.

“Luna really likes doing things for others,” Maria said. “I think it makes her feel really good when people tell her to do things. Isn’t that right, Luna?”

Jessica sat back down, blushing, and nodded her head. Maria withdrew her hand from Owen’s lap and took up her utensils.

“Go ahead and eat, daddy,” she said. “You don’t want Luna to think you don’t want to eat what she’s offering you, right?”

Owen choked a bit at the words and the image they conjured in his aroused mind.

“Thank… thank you, Luna,” he said, his face red. “Everything looks so good.”

“Do you think it will taste as good as it looks, daddy?” Maria asked, taking a bite.

Owen nodded and did the same. Maria swallowed and said, “Mmm! Yes, it does. It tastes every bit as good as it looks. I can’t wait to try it again.”

Owen choked again and looked from Maria to Jessica.

“Be careful, daddy,” Maria said. “There’s a time and place for choking, but it’s not at the table.”

Owen took a drink and another bite.

“Would you mind if Luna and I play some more after dinner?” Maria asked.

“Um, no. I suppose that’s fine,” Owen said.

“Can we play in the living room, so we can watch TV, too?” she asked.

“Yes,” Owen agreed.

“Thanks, daddy,” Maria said sweetly and put a light kiss on his lips. “You can hang out, too. Maybe Luna will want to see my favorite game. You know the one, right?”

“I… I don’t know if we should play that one,” Owen said.

“But, daddy,” Maria pouted, “she’s so curious about that one. I’m sure if she gets to play, she’ll keep wanting to do it again, and again.”

Maria’s hand slid back into his lap and rubbed his crotch teasingly. Jessica looked down at her hand and found it shaking, holding her fork. Watching Maria seducing her dad, as though she were doing it herself, was giving her that weird, out-of-body feeling. She felt lightheaded as it happened, as if there was something in her that needed to get out or she was going to go crazy.

Owen abruptly stood up and said, “Why don’t I get the dishes cleaned up tonight? You two can go… play, and I’ll be in soon.”

Maria, smirking, said, “Alright. Just don’t keep us waiting too long.”

She stood up and took Jessica’s hand, leading her away. Jessica could feel her father’s eyes on her backside as they left the room. In the living room, Maria flipped on the TV and patted the sofa. Jessica joined her.

“I thought we were going to… you know,” Jessica whispered.

“Maybe we will,” Maria said. “The anticipation is part of the fun, isn’t it? Are you feeling a little naughty, Luna?”

“You’re so bad,” Jessica giggled.

“That’s because I’m you,” Maria said. “I’m sexy, naughty Jessie. Why don’t you pull that blanket over us?”

Jessica grabbed the blanket and put it over the two of them.

“Find us something stupid to watch. The girlier, the better,” Maria instructed.

Jessica flipped the channel guide but felt distracted. Her little panties were soaked and sticking to her pussy, imagining Maria seducing her in front of her father. Any moment he’d be in here, sitting in his chair, pretending to watch the TV, but actually watching another girl pretending to be her. It was a wicked and wild game, but one that she felt compelled to play. She found an inane reality show about teenage drama on TV.

In the brief silence before the show came on, she heard Owen’s footsteps. Maria heard it too. Her hand slipped between Jessica’s legs and rubbed her warm cunt through the panties. The girl rested her chin on Jessica’s shoulder and said, “I can feel how hot you are. Your pussy is loving this, isn’t it?”

Jessica nodded and pretended to watch the TV, but Maria’s hand rubbing her pussy, as well as her father’s presence in the room, became her true focus. Nothing but a blanket stood between her father and Maria’s busy hand touching her.

“Is there something you’d rather watch, daddy?” Maria asked slyly, offering him the remote.

Owen took a seat in his chair and said, “I think I’ll just watch this.”

His eyes were in no way fixed on the TV. He watched Jessica, her lips quivering, slightly parted in a breath of pleasure. Did he know what was happening? Could he tell that Maria was touching her? Maria, her head still resting on Jessica’s shoulder asked, “Do you want to see how good Luna is at the game I taught her, daddy?”

Owen swallowed and nodded. Maria tilted her head up and put her lips an inch from Jessica’s.

“Show daddy what we practiced this morning,” she said. “He loves this game.”

Jessica licked her lips and closed the gap, gently pressing her lips against Maria’s. The kiss was slow and sexy, Jessica closing her eyes and letting the other girl lead her into it, deepening the connection. Maria’s lips were soft and wet, so pliable against her own. She slipped her tongue into Jessica’s mouth and the slow, wet smacking of the kiss sent shivers of delight throughout her. She could feel her father’s eyes on them and heard his quiet groan.

Maria continued her teasing of Jessica’s pussy, but now she slipped the panties to the side and put her fingers between Jessica’s lips, sliding a finger into her warm channel. Jessica moaned into her mouth, and she heard a sharp intake of breath from Owen. He suspected, surely, but did he know? What could he be thinking? How far was Maria going to take this?

Maria broke the kiss, leaving Jessica breathless for more. The escort stroked her cheek and whispered, “Tell me to stop and I will.”

“Don’t,” Jessica answered.

“Daddy, you should get comfortable,” Maria said, still looking at Jessica. “Luna really likes this next part.”

Jessica nearly came at what she was suggesting. She could stop it, right here, before it went any further. If she let Maria do what she knew was coming, then another boundary would be pushed aside. Nothing could ever be the same. Her father’s perception of her would forever change, and his lust would only grow. If she continued down this path, it would ultimately have only one conclusion. She did not stop it.

Maria slid from the couch and got on her knees. Jessica watched with a feeling of detachment as the girl ducked underneath the blanket. Maria’s hands slid up her legs and grasped the band of the panties, slid them down, and Jessica let her remove them. Maria tossed them out, and they landed in the middle of the floor. Owen’s eyes darted to them, and then back to Jessica. They shared a look of disbelief, neither of them saying a word, but both were aware of the fact that they were in dangerous and forbidden territory.

While they both had the power to stop it, neither of them did. Instead, Owen rubbed his crotch, his eyes glassy, and he watched. Maria’s bottom stuck out from the blanket, purposefully, Jessica thought. Her father’s eyes flicked back and forth between Maria’s ass and Jessica’s face, but when Jessica gasped, his attention was all on her. Maria licked up the length of Jessica’s slit, and she shivered. Her hands rested in Maria’s hair, beneath the blanket, and the girl loudly sucked and licked at her pussy.

Owen touched his cock, which Jessica could see bulging in his pants. They watched each other, both of them speechless as Maria licked her. This was a feeling like nothing else, Jessica thought. Even being watched by her brother hadn’t felt like this. That had been dirty and naughty, but this moment was something else entirely. Both of them knew exactly what was happening, and neither of them said a thing. They simply watched each other, Owen stroking his hardness through his pants, while his paid lover pleasured his daughter’s pussy only a few feet away.

Jessica’s mind exploded in a sudden burst of pleasure at the perversity and sexiness.

“Oh, god!” she exclaimed and tightened her grip on Maria’s hair.

Owen croaked something unintelligible as he touched himself, watching his daughter cum. Maria continued to lick her, making little purrs into her pussy that were muffled, but audible, beneath the blanket. The escort worked her to another, her rapidly flicking tongue on Jessica’s clit making her hump Maria’s face. Maria continued to lick her through it, teasing her with her tongue tip as the wave caused Jessica to continue jerking pleasurably.

When it was over, Maria slid from beneath the blanket and, for a moment, Jessica thought she might kiss her again. Instead, she turned around and crawled across the floor to Owen. Jessica watched her ass wiggle as she crossed the floor. Her father’s eyes flicked back and forth between the two girls, then settled on Maria as she approached. Jessica could imagine the sight. Maria’s face was wet with her honey, and she wore that mischievous smirk.

The girl put her hands on Owen’s knees, and then climbed into his lap, straddling him. Jessica watched her slowly rock her ass and hips against his erection and then she kissed him. Jessica gasped and rubbed her pussy. Maria was kissing her father, feeding him his own daughter’s sexy juices. Owen groaned and his hands cupped the girl’s bottom as she rocked against his cock. For the second time today, Jessica watched as this girl, so like her, seduced one of her family members.

Maria broke the kiss and said, “Does my new friend taste good, daddy?”

“Yes…” Owen hissed and his hands tightened their grip.

Jessica pushed her fingers into her cunt. It was so sexy and perverse, something that was unimaginable just days ago. Yet, she was consumed by it now.

“Can I show her my favorite game, daddy?” Maria asked cutely. “She can watch me play it, so she can learn the rules.”

“I… Mar—“

Maria interrupted him with another kiss, then pulled back. Without waiting for his consent, she slid from his lap and fished his cock out of his lounge pants. From Jessica’s vantage, rubbing her pussy, she couldn’t see it. She could only see the back of Maria, and her father’s face as he looked from the escort to her, and then back. His face was flushed as she’d never seen it and his hands on the arms of the chair were white with the tightness of his grip. He wanted so badly to give in, but he didn’t want to say it.

Maria put her lips over his cock and slowly sucked it. One of Owen’s hands left the chair and came to rest on Maria’s head, and then it began to guide her movements. He wasn’t watching Maria, though. He was watching his daughter. Her father was watching her, knowing she was masturbating under the blanket, while this surrogate faux daughter sucked his cock.

He wants it to be me. He wants me on my knees, with his cock in my mouth.

The pull of that gaze was like the power of a command. It wasn’t Owen’s command, though, it was her own. Watching him, watching her, triggered that sense of taboo desire, like when she’d kissed Maria or let Eric watch her. The sense that it was wrong felt right, creating that same overwhelming sense of excitement.

Without thinking, Jessica pushed the blanket aside and, just as Maria had done, she got down and crawled across the floor. Owen’s eyes never left her, following her slow progress as she approached. She sat up on her knees next to Maria and watched her mouth glide up and down her father’s cock. She rested her head on the arm of the chair, and felt Owen’s hand rest on it, stroking her hair.

“That’s so good, Jess,” Owen said, but Jessica couldn’t tell if he was speaking to her or to the girl sucking his cock.

Maria purred as she wet the length of his dick with her tongue, her lips tightly sealed around the thick shaft. She took it deep, her hands caressing his legs as she held his cock in her throat and moaned around it. Back up she went, slowly, revealing the full, glistening length of his erection. Her lips worked at its head, massaging up and down, a look of total pleasure on her face.

One of Maria’s hands joined Owen’s stroking Jessica’s hair as she continued to suck, making slow, deliberate love to his cock with her mouth. Jessica’s lips parted as she watched, a low whimper escaping her throat. It was entrancing, so incredibly hot to watch this girl that looked so much like her, lovingly pleasing her father’s cock. Jessica touched her pussy again.

“You’re so good for daddy, Jess,” Owen said, now lost in the fantasy. “Daddy loves the way you suck his cock.”

Jessica trembled at the words. Maria wrapped her fist around the base and stroked it as her lips suckled his head, then her lips left it and they found Jessica’s. Owen groaned as the two girls kissed, gently, passionately, even as Maria continued to stroke his wet length.

When Maria broke the kiss, Jessica saw in her eyes that she was utterly lost in the kinky moment, just as they all were. She angled his cock toward Jessica, and then guided her toward it with the hand on her head. Jessica didn’t fight, didn’t resist. She opened her mouth, just as she’d watched Maria do. The tip of his shiny cock touched her lips, then her tongue, and then it was in her mouth.

An intense jolt of… something made her pussy gush on her fingers and her body jerked. Maria guided her further, the gentle pressure on Jessica’s head easing her mouth down around her father’s cock.

“Good girl, Jess,” Maria said, the fantasy forgotten. “Daddy needs your mouth.”

Jessica followed the motions she’d seen Maria do, creating a tight O around her father’s cock and taking it deeper by inches, then sliding back. She didn’t feel silly or stupid, as she’d initially thought she might. She felt a rush of power, even as it mingled with the feeling of submission to the hand guiding her actions. Then, the hand was gone and Maria slid to the floor. She wiggled underneath Jessica and then her tongue was on her pussy, licking it while she sucked her first cock.

Jessica moaned, sending little vibrations along his cock length, her tongue licking the soft flesh. Owen’s hand replaced Maria’s, and then it was her own father guiding her. His grip tightened, firm and controlling, but not rough. Jessica quaked at the feeling of it and then again as Maria worked on her pussy.

“Daddy’s going to cum, Jess,” Owen growled.

The power of the fantasy coming true was too much for him, Jessica knew. It certainly wasn’t her amazing blowjob skills. The words and Maria’s tongue pushed her peak, too. She didn’t stop. She increased her pace, sliding faster up and down his cock. She wanted to feel this, to push that boundary, follow that dirty urge to truly do something slutty. She was going to let her father cum in her mouth.

Owen gasped and his grip tightened on her hair. He held her in place and the first jet of hot sperm bathed Jessica’s mouth. She flinched at the power of it, and then the realization that her father was feeding her his cum, the same seed that had created her, made her groan and orgasm on Maria’s tongue. The second shot hit her tongue and she gasped, moaning as she came, the thick cream from his cock pouring out of her mouth to coat his cock.

Jessica shook and pulled his mouth off his jerking cock, letting the final spurts hit her lips. Maria’s hands gripped her ass as she continued to tongue her. Jessica looked into her father’s face as she orgasmed, her cum-smeared mouth open in surprise and abandon, gasping out her pleasure as she held his cock in her hand.

“That’s it, baby,” Owen said. “That’s so sexy. You’re so sexy, Jess.”

“Daddy…” she gasped through the shocks of pleasure.

Then, Maria was there and kissing her again, her tongue licking the inside of Jessica’s mouth, sharing the reward, while Jessica continued to grip her father’s cock. They broke the kiss and looked at Owen’s cock, which Jessica was still stroking. It was stiffening again. She could feel it recovering as her hand slid up and down the length of it. He stopped her, putting his hand gently on her wrist.

“Jess,” he said, “I… you should stop. We should… we should talk.”

Jessica stared at his cock, then at Maria, who was still panting excitedly. The command had gone out of Owen but Maria’s excitement was amped up. She was the only one that hadn’t cum. Jessica could see in her the desire for more. She was enrapt, spellbound by the entire scenario. She couldn’t stop watching Jessica stroking her daddy’s cock. Was this what Maria had meant? Was this the power? She thought it was.

Maria couldn’t get enough of the taboo act, and Jessica held sway over going further. She had power over the other girl. She had power over her father, too. Turning her shiny, wet face up to meet his eyes she nodded.

“We should talk,” she said. “We should talk about my job.”

Maria moaned like a hungry slut.

 Chapter Eleven: Control

What was going through her father’s mind? His daughter was on her knees, her face wet with his cum and another girl’s kiss spit. Her hand was wrapped around his cock and slowly stroking it to hardness once more. As Jessica looked up at him, his expression was something akin to worship, mashed together with a grimace of anxiety.

Maria, by pushing Jessica’s sexual boundaries and curiosity, had awakened something in her that she’d never known existed. It was curiosity and it was power, but it was also a profound sense of desire and a wicked excitement that even now was making her feel drunk on it. That wonderful cocktail of feelings, she could also see reflected in Maria’s vibrant excitement. The other girl was sweaty and flushed, her entire body shaking. Her nipples were hard points under the small bra, and she looked as though she was about to orgasm from whatever dirty thoughts were running through her head.

Both Jessica and Owen had found release, but Maria was still keyed up, touching herself and watching the two of them. The eagerness for this erotic adventure to continue, to deepen into even darker territory was evident in every part of her. That excitement, that need to keep pushing, was also bleeding into Jessica as she held her father’s dick and felt a level of control that she hadn’t in days. Since moving in, she’d felt lost, swept up, as though her newfound curiosity about sex were a thing to be feared, but too powerful to deny. Now, though, she felt calm. Both her father and Maria were spellbound, because their desire to push further hinged on what Jessica would do next.

“I want to talk about my job,” Jessica said again.

She rubbed Owen’s cock against her cheek and felt his body stiffen. Maria whimpered.

“What… what about it?” Owen croaked, watching his stiff erection rub against her skin.

“First, I need an answer,” Jessica said. “Why did you go along with the dumb sexy cleaning idea? Did you really expect that I could do something with it? Or was it just a way for you to look at me?”

She put her lips against the head of his cock and kissed it. It jerked in her hand and a rush of power shot through her.

“I wanted to look,” Owen admitted.

Jessica flicked her eyes up and kissed his cock.

“Because you’ve been having dirty thoughts about me, daddy?” she asked and kissed his cock again.

He nodded, and gulped, his arms tightening on his chair.

“I found a job,” she said, and then slipped her lips over the head of his cock and suckled it lovingly, as she’d watched Maria do.

Owen shook, his cock sensitive but unable to resist. He wouldn’t turn down his fantasy, not when it was willingly giving him the pleasure he’d dreamed about. Maria moaned, a low, pained sound, as though watching the scene play out was more than she could stand. Jessica resumed stroking his cock.

“I want to do what Maria does. She’s going to teach me how to do it safely, and I’m going to learn things about myself. Will you be a good daddy and let me have that job?” Jessica asked, and then put his cock back in her mouth.

“Jess… I…” he sputtered.

Jessica sucked him faster and took him deeper, her inexperience no barrier to his pleasure. The simple fact that his daughter was eagerly trying to throat his cock was pleasure enough.

“Fuck…” he groaned, “Don’t stop…”

Jessica stopped and stroked him again.

“I don’t want you to see those other two girls anymore,” she stated. “Only Maria. And me.”

“I… what?”

“You’re going to help me with my job,” she said. “I want you to approve of it. You said that you’d approve of any job I chose, as long as it was sustainable and I worked at it, right?”

She offered his cock to Maria, and she swallowed it. Owen nodded.

“This is the job I want. If you’re going to pay girls that look like me, then what are you willing to do for the real thing?” she asked.

Jessica stood up and let him take in the sight of her petite body in the sexy lingerie, the thing he’d been lusting after. He soaked her in, everything about her exuding excitement. Like Maria, her nipples were hard under the bra. Her pussy was bare and wet, just inches from his fingers. Where, before, there had been a timid girl with no clear direction and a million questions, now he saw a sexually charged woman who had gotten a taste of the power her sexuality gave her. There was uncertainty, yes, but also an emerging confidence.

Jessica leaned over and slid her hand under his shirt, caressing his chest as Maria sucked his cock. She pressed her lips against his ear and kissed it, then flicked her tongue against it.

“Do you want to teach me about all the dirty things I’ve been thinking about lately, daddy?” she whispered. “Do you want to teach me about sucking cock? About… fucking?”

Owen gasped and his body jerked. She could feel his heart rate shoot up under her hand.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Maria was right. I like being told what to do. It makes me wet and hot when you tell me what to do. When you act like my sexy, dominant daddy, it makes my pussy get so wet.”

She removed her hand from his chest and put it on his wrist, then pulled it from the arm of the chair and pressed his hand against her pussy.

“You tried to touch me here last night, didn’t you? You wanted to feel it and see if it was hot. It was. Can you feel how wet it is now?” Jessica teased.

The feeling of control was nearly as hot as the feeling of losing control. Despite the orgasms, she was wet and excited. It was difficult to let go of the feeling. She heard Maria whimpering as she sucked his cock, listening to the words. Owen tentatively extended his fingers and felt her pussy, coating his fingers in the slick girl cum dripping from her sex. Jessica gasped into his ear.

“I’m going to make a profile like Maria’s, and you’re going to ask me for dates,” Jessica commanded as Owen stroked her pussy. “But since you were such a bad daddy, and you were fucking other girls in my bed, you’re going to have to pay for my time, just like theirs. Are you going to pay for my time, to help your little girl start her career?”

Maria moaned around his cock and came on her fingers, making Owen groan loudly as he nodded and put his free hand in Maria’s hair.

“Do you want to start being a good daddy for me?” Jessica asked again and pressed his fingers harder into her pussy. “Think about what a good daddy could have.”

“Yes!” he exclaimed.

“Daddy, can my new friend stay the night with me? Can we play in my room?” she asked, taking on her role.

“Yes! Please, don’t stop!” Owen blurted.

Jessica wasn’t sure if it was directed toward her teasing or Maria sucking his cock. His fingers in her pussy were pushing her toward her peak, so she gently withdrew his hand and moved it upward to cup her breast.

“Thank you, daddy,” she whispered.

Jessica put her hand on his cheek and turned his face, then lightly kissed his lips. Then, she got down with Maria and said, “Kiss me.”

Maria pulled her mouth from Owen’s cock and obeyed. For a long moment, they made out as Jessica stroked his cock. Finally, she released it.

“Let’s go play in my room,” she said, and Maria nodded.

“Think about what being a bad daddy got you,” Jessica said, leaving his blowjob unfinished. “And think about what being a good daddy will get you.”

The two of them stood up and left him there, his hard cock wet and ready to cum.

 Chapter Twelve: Sleepover

Jessica felt as if she were spiraling out of control as soon as the door closed. Maria dragged her to the bed and threw her down. The feeling of power was washed away in an instant, replaced by the surrender as Maria crawled on top of her. She parted Jessica’s lips with her tongue and mauled her breast with one hand, making Jessica squeak with excitement, but a moment later she pulled away.

“Jesus! What the fuck was that?” Maria asked, her eyes wild as she sat up, straddling Jessica and unsnapping her bra.

Her bare tits came free, and she shook her hair.

“I don’t know,” Jessica admitted. “I just felt… in control.”

“It was so hot!” Maria gasped. “Fuck, I came just from listening to it. Did you mean it? You want to do this?”

Jessica nodded and said, “I want to do more.”

“More?” Maria grinned.

Jessica put her hands on Maria’s hips and tugged at her panties, looking into her eyes.

“More,” she said again.

“Do you want me to make you lick cunt, Luna?” she asked.

Her hand fell to Jessica’s cheek and stroked it as she leaned down, her lips close.

“I’m going to teach you how to lick cunt,” she said. “You want that, don’t you? You want me to make you be a bad girl?”

She pushed her finger into her cunt and then pushed it between Jessica’s lips.

“Uh huh,” she agreed.

Maria unseated herself and lay on the bed, tugging off her panties and tossing them aside. She spread her legs and motioned Jessica downward. She crawled between Maria’s legs and examined the slick, compact lips of her pussy. The puffy lips were slick, and the scent of the girl’s arousal was like a drug, making the already overwhelming need in Jessica all the stronger.

“Do what comes naturally,” Maria instructed. “Just pay attention to my body and how I react. Use your hands and touch me while you do it. I’m so hot for it, it won’t take long.”

Jessica closed her eyes and put her mouth on the other girl, licking along the length of her slit and moaning as she had her first taste. Having it second hand, from Maria’s fingers, was nothing like tasting her from the source. Maria was so hot, and tangy but not at all unpleasant. When her tongue made contact, Maria shook and her pussy humped against Jessica’s mouth.

“Fuck…” she gasped. “Goddamn, that’s so fucking good!”

Her hand rested in Jessica’s hair, and she ground her warm, wet box against her face.

“Lick it you sexy bitch,” Maria said, and Jessica felt her face grow hot as she moaned into the girl’s cunt.

“Mmm,” Maria purred. “You liked that?”

“Mmm hmm,” Jessica mumbled and pushed her tongue into Maria, licking and coating her tongue in the girl’s honey.

“I’m going to make you so good at sucking cunt, baby,” Maria went on, gently rocking her hips against Jessica’s face. “We’re going to play lots of games from now on.”

Jessica shivered and then found Maria’s clit, engorged and happy. She flicked her tongue against it and Maria gasped, said, “Right there, slut,” and Jessica continued.

Maria’s breathing became faster, her grip tightening, and then she jerked, gasped, and Jessica felt more of the wetness coat her face as she continued licking her into her orgasm. The girl spasmed and shook, making sexy little whimpers as she came until she pushed Jessica away and released her grip.

“Fuck I needed that!” she said, breathing hard.

She pulled Jessica up and flipped her onto her back, pressing her hand against Jessica’s excited cunt and rubbing her fingers through the wetness. She licked at her face, tasting herself as Jessica moaned.

“I need scarves,” Maria said.


“Trust me.”


Maria left the bed and went to Jessica’s drawers, opened one, and pulled out three scarves. Jessica knew, right away, that Maria had done this before. She’d been in Jessica’s drawers, probably worn her clothes, and then been fucked in her bed. The thought made her touch herself.

Maria returned to the bed and took one of Jessica’s wrists. She wrapped the scarf around it, and then to the bedpost. She repeated this with her other arm. The feeling of helplessness was immediate. Uncertainty and a twinge of fear made her heart pound and her pussy warm. Maria tied the third scarf over her eyes and then Jessica was blind.

She felt Maria lay next to her and then the girl’s lips brushed hers lightly. She trailed them across Jessica’s, then down to her throat, where she kissed her, licked her, and ran her tongue back up Jessica’s chin until their lips met again. This time it was in a kiss that lasted only a second. The entire sequence made Jessica squirm with need.

Having her sight taken and her movement restrained, she could only rely on her hearing and her feeling. That lack of input, being unable to tell what was coming, added to the sense of surrender. She was at the girl’s mercy and couldn’t have stopped her if she’d wanted to. She didn’t want to.

Maria’s body pressed against her side and then her finger trailed from Jessica’s breasts, down her tummy, which made her wiggle until it found her pussy again. She breathed hotly into Jessica’s ear and kissed her neck as her finger pushed between her pussy lips, and then inside.

“Do you like this game, baby?” she whispered, her fingers manipulating Jessica’s sex so wonderfully.

“Yeah,” Jessica breathed.

“Do you want me to play with your pussy?”


Maria’s hand withdrew and Jessica felt confused, then Maria’s body followed, and Jessica’s confusion deepened. She could hear the girl digging through her purse, and then she returned. Her body pressed against Jessica again, and then a new sound filled the room. The noise was a soft electric hum, loud next to her ear, then the sound moved, and Jessica inhaled sharply. The vibrating toy sent waves of incredible pleasure through her cunt, making her arch her back and push her pussy against it.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” Maria whispered in her ear.

“Oh, God…” Jessica hissed.

“I’m going to make your pussy feel so good,” Maria said, and kissed her, sucking Jessica’s tongue as the vibrator pleasured her cunt.

“I’m going to do things to you that you never imagined,” Maria whispered. “I’m going to turn you into a family-fucking slut that makes her dad pay for her pussy.”

“Fuck!” Jessica hissed and ground her pussy against the toy.

“I just texted your brother,” Maria said. “I did it from your phone. Do you want to know what I told him?”

“Y… yes!” Jessica stammered, her mind overloading with sensation.

“I’m not going to tell you,” Maria said. “I’m going to tease your pussy until you’re begging me to let you cum. If you do what I say, I might even let you.”

Jessica whined and humped the vibrator.

“You want that, don’t you?” Maria asked playfully. “You want me to make it last? To torture your little pussy until you can’t stand it?”


Maria kissed her again, running the vibrator up and down the length of her slit, and then pressing it against her clit. Jessica shrieked into her mouth and bucked her hips the feeling of an orgasm building. It died away as Maria moved the vibrator away and ran it lightly over her wet pussy as they kissed. Jessica huffed, her stomach tightening as she shook. Maria pulled away.

“You’re a slut, baby,” Maria whispered. “You sucked your dad’s cock like a little slut, didn’t you?”


“You let daddy pump his cum right into your mouth, while another girl ate your cunt. What kind of girl does that?”

“A… a slut!” Jessica hissed.

Maria pushed the vibrator against her clit again and held it there as Jessica trembled, the need to cum rising.

“You want your daddy to fuck this pussy, don’t you, slut?” Maria hissed.

“Y… yes!”

“He’s been fucking me in your bed for months,” Maria teased. “He calls me your name and pushes his big dick into me in your bed. I call him daddy and do all the nasty things that he wants. Do you want me to tell you?”

“I… Oh, fuck!” Jessica stammered, the orgasm so close.

Maria denied her again, pulling the vibrator away completely. She moved, and then she was licking and sucking at Jessica’s pussy, making her squirm. Then, the vibrator was back, and Maria was feeding Jessica her own honey from her tongue.


Jessica was a heaving, sweating, quivering mess by the time a light knock came at the door. Maria had poured so much filth into her ears that Jessica’s fantasies were running wild with imagined perversity.

“That’s your brother,” Maria whispered.

She set the vibrator down, against Jessica’s pussy, where it hummed away teasingly against her slit. She heard the door open and then Eric gasped. Maria shushed him and shut the door. The lock clicked. Maria returned and picked up the vibrator again, pushing it hard against Jessica’s clit and making her buck once more.

“You have such a sexy brother,” Maria whispered. “Do you think Eric wants to play with us?”

Jessica nodded.

“He has his cock out and it’s so hard,” Maria whispered.

“Oh, God…” Jessica hissed.

“Do you want to cum?” Maria asked. “Does your pussy need to cum?”


“Are you going to be good for me?” Maria asked.

Jessica nodded.

“Are you going to be good for Eric?”

Jessica nodded again.

“Tell Eric what I’m going to turn you into,” Maria asked.

“A… a family-fucking slut,” Jessica breathed.

Eric groaned out loud and hissed, “Fuck!”

A second passed as Maria teased her with the vibrator, then she felt Eric straddling her chest, his legs brushing the sides of her breasts. Jessica squirmed in her restraints. The tip of Eric’s cock touched her lips and Jessica parted them, allowing Eric to press the head of his penis between them. She heard Maria moan and Eric sigh with pleasure.

First, her father, and now her brother. In the span of a few hours, she’d gone from never having been touched to having sex with a girl and sucking two cocks. The dark feeling of excitement and danger was a rush. Bound as she was, blind and at their mercy, would they have stopped if she’d wanted them to? The uncertainty and the helpless feeling only made the situation more dangerous and desirable.

Eric’s hand cradled the back of his sister’s head, and he pushed his stiff cock into her open mouth. Jessica let it slide along her tongue, the jerking head of it spilling beads of precum into her mouth. With her lips tight around it, she played her tongue over it, tasting her brother, whimpering with her repressed orgasm. Maria set the vibrator, once more, against her pussy, and then her voice was hot and low in Jessica’s ear.

“That’s your brother’s mouth, now,” she whispered. “Every day, he’s going to remember how his little sister let another girl tie her up and offer him this mouth. He’s going to start thinking of you as his personal blowjob slut, baby. Whenever his dick is hard, he’s going to think about how you sucked it for him.”

Jessica moaned.

“Every time his balls are full, he’ll want to push his cock into you and empty them,” Maria teased. “You’re not just his hot little sister anymore. You’re his blowjob bitch, a submissive cocksucker that he’s going to want to keep using. You’re going to love that, aren’t you?”

Jessica jerked against the vibrator and squeaked as Eric pushed his cock further into her mouth.

“Mm hm,” she hummed.

“How long do you think it will be before he starts fucking you, too?” Maria asked and kissed her neck. “Do you think he’ll like tying you up like this and making you squeal with his cock? I don’t think it will be long.”

“Fuck…” Eric gasped.

“Why don’t you taste her, Eric?” Maria said. “Will you eat your little sister’s pussy for her? She’s been so good.”

Eric’s cock pulled out of Jessica’s mouth, and she felt him move. A second later, the vibrator was gone and then Eric’s tongue was hungrily lapping at her cunt, his hands gripping her hips. Jessica shivered, and then made small noises of pleasure until Maria began to kiss her. Within a minute, her body jerked, her pussy bucked, and then she came. Maria swallowed her screams of passion and pleasure as Eric pushed her over her peak, holding her down as she kicked and wiggled.

Everything Maria had done to her today just got better and better, each orgasm more thrilling and longer than the last. Each dirty step and boundary pushed was a new level of confused pleasure, and Jessica couldn’t stop. It was like Maria knew exactly how to keep adding one more enticing layer of depravity to her fantasies, sucking her deeper down this path of exploration. With every act, every new game, there came another unearthed desire that she never knew she’d been hiding. It was intense and it was addictive, and even in her exhausted, tired state, her body sore and her pussy throbbing, she couldn’t wait for the next one.

Maria yelped and Jessica heard the girl fall to her back next to her. A moment later she gasped, and Eric growled, then Maria was panting and moaning. The slick, wet sound of Eric’s cock hammering the girl’s splayed cunt became a rhythmic thing as the bed rocked. They left Jessica tied to the bed as they fucked, with the vibrator against her pussy.

“Yeah, fuck your little sister, Eric,” Maria hissed. “Give me that dick. It’s so good!”

“You’re so tight, Jess,” Eric groaned. “Your pussy is so hot.”

Jessica squirmed against the vibrator, listening to the two of them going at it, hard and fast, Maria gasping and panting as Eric grunted and growled. They kissed just as hard and then they were filling her ears with more filthy talk.

“I’m a fucktoy for my big brother,” Maria gasped. “I want you to fuck me like this every day!”

“I’m going to make you be a dirty bitch for me, Jess. I’m going to be fucking you all the time. Is that what you want, you little slut?”

“Fuck me, Eric… make me a family-fucking slut…”

“Gonna cum… in you… Jess!” Eric hissed.

“Cum in me!” Maria begged. “Cum in your little sister!”

Eric growled and then the pounding of Maria’s pussy stopped as, presumably, he pushed his cock deep into the girl and began to pump her full of cum. Jessica whimpered as the two of them moaned together, and her brother filled the girl while thinking of her.

 Chapter Thirteen: Bad Daddy

Jessica lay in bed, naked, with Maria stroking her hair. She couldn’t recall ever having slept so soundly. From the time Maria had come over, it had been one orgasm after another, one insanely kinky idea followed by the next. The escort girl had taken control of her, seduced her, and broken down some kind of barrier that Jessica had never realized she’d had.

The entire day, she’d kept Jessica horny and confused, pouring honeyed poison into her ear as she manipulated her body and mind. She’d shown Jessica what sex was, what real pleasure could be like, and she’d tapped into Jessica’s hidden fantasies and desires. Those things, taboo and twisted as they were, Jessica found more exciting than anything in her life.

Before this week, she’d never thought of her father or her brother as sexual beings or something to be desired and lusted after. All of that had begun to change on the day she’d opened the door to find Maria on the other side. The simple act of having this girl, who looked so like her, kiss her father in front of her had awakened something inside of Jessica that she still couldn’t quite understand. Since seeing that kiss, and the way her father had groped the girl’s ass, every curiosity Jessica had ever felt about sex had kicked into overdrive.

Now, she thought of it constantly. She’d masturbated more this week than in her entire life. It should have made her sick, to imagine her father groping her bottom and pushing his tongue into her mouth. She should have felt revolted at having her brother taking sexy pictures of her, knowing he’d jerk off to them. Everything she understood to be the way she should feel about those things was, however, the complete opposite of what she actually felt about them.

The fact that the world outside her home was disgusted by those things made them undeniably, frighteningly, overwhelmingly arousing. As Maria touched her and kissed her skin, Jessica played back the memory of sucking on her father’s cock. Her memory brought with it the feeling of submission, being on her knees in front of the man that had power over her life, using her mouth to pleasure him. She relived the way that power had been taken from him by her submission, and how she’d used that power to bend him to her own will.

Maria slipped her hand between Jessica’s legs, and Jessica recalled being bound to her bed, deprived of her sight, helpless as her brother had fed her his cock. She’d never felt so vulnerable. Yet, even when she was vulnerable, when Eric could have taken any pleasure he’d wanted from her, the power had been there. Eric, even though he could physically overpower her, had been utterly enslaved to his desire for her. At that moment, she was sure that she could have asked him for anything, commanded him to do her bidding, and he’d have given in. He’d have submitted to her, just so that he could have her.

“I sucked off my dad,” Jessica whispered, as Maria touched her.

“Mmm hmm.”

“I sucked my brother’s dick.”

“Fuck yeah,” Maria whispered.

“Why don’t I feel bad?” Jessica asked.

Maria stopped stroking her pussy and leaned up on her elbow, brushing back her hair.

“Why should you feel bad?” she asked.

“I sucked off my dad. I sucked my brother’s dick,” Jessica repeated. “That’s… not normal.”

Maria shrugged and said, “There’s no such thing as normal. Do what I do for a while and normal just becomes a word. A word with no meaning.”

“If anyone found out, I don’t think they’d agree,” Jessica said.

“No one needs to find out. We’re all safe here, remember?”

“Did you mean… what you said last night? About making me do more things with them?” Jessica asked.

“I can’t make you do anything,” Maria said, shaking her head. “That’s kinky talk. The only one that can make you do anything is yourself. If you like it, when I make you do things, when I bring out that surrender in you, then I’ll keep helping you explore it. I like it, too. But I won’t make you do anything you don’t want.”

“I did. I liked it. A lot,” Jessica admitted. “It was different from being told what to do by Eric, or by my dad.”

Maria nodded and said, “It’s a gender thing, I think. Being ordered around and played with by another girl adds an extra taboo factor to it.”

Jessica reached out and touched her, running her hand up Maria’s hip and her side, feeling the smooth skin and making the girl purr.

“It did,” she agreed. “It did something to me when I let you have control. It made it feel hotter. Like I didn’t have any choice because you were in charge of me.”

“You always have a choice. Don’t ever forget that,” Maria said and pressed Jessica’s hand to her breast. “Did you feel it? The power? Over me?”


“Good. We’re going to use it today,” Maria said.

“We are?”

“You had your dad under your spell,” Maria said, grinning. “You still do. Don’t give that up. Today we’re going to get to work on the business.”


“Just follow my lead, like yesterday. You did great,” Maria said.

“That was fun. Pretending,” Jessica said.

“Not everyone likes role play, but I love it. First, though, let’s clean up.”


Following a hot shower, Maria went through Jessica’s clothes and picked from two of the new tops recently purchased from the mall. Maria had them forego bottoms, though, and each of them wore only panties.

“Did my dad… make you dress up in my clothes?” Jessica asked as she pulled the panties snugly against her pussy.

“Sometimes,” Maria answered. “I thought it was kind of hot. Do you?”

Jessica nodded.

“Now, we’ll have to have a serious conversation about last night,” Maria said. “There’s going to be guilt on your dad’s part. You’re his dirty fantasy, and last night he crossed the line into making it real. That’s going to do something to him. You’re going to have the chance to put a stop to all of this right here, or it’s going to go further. How you feel about that is up to you.”

“I know,” Jessica said. “I… I want more.”

There was an embarrassed flush, even through her tan. Maria held her hand and together they left the room. It was Saturday morning, and they found Owen in the living room, staring blankly at the TV, which was turned off. How long had he been up, Jessica wondered. He looked up at the two of them sadly as they entered.

“Why don’t I make something for breakfast?” Maria said, squeezed Jessica’s hand, and left them alone.

“Dad? Are you alright?” Jessica asked, taking a tentative step.

Owen nodded, his hands on his chair, and said, “Jess… I… I’m so sorry.”

Jessica closed the gap and sat in his lap, draping her legs over the chair and putting her arms around his neck. She kissed his neck and clung to him, letting her love fill the silence until she felt him relax. Then she pulled away and lightly kissed his lips.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” she said. “Dad, I love you. What happened, happened because I wanted it to. No more secrets. Alright?”

Owen nodded, relief written all over his face.

“You don’t think I’m… messed up?” he asked. “That I’m some kind of pervert?”

She shook her head and said, “No. A week ago I might have thought differently, but I’m starting to discover that there are a lot of things about… desire that I don’t understand. When I first realized what you were up to, I didn’t feel grossed out. It was weird, but only because I had never thought about it before. Then, I did think about it and I wasn’t disgusted.”

She reached out and put her hand on the back of his neck, then drew herself up and straddled his lap. Owen flinched as she leaned in and kissed his neck.

“I got excited,” she whispered.

Owen’s hands left the arms of the chair and rested on her hips.

“Maybe it’s a family thing, this attraction to things that are taboo,” she said, nuzzling her cheek against his.

Owen harumphed and said, “I guess it skipped your brother.”

“No more secrets, right?” Jessica whispered.

Owen nodded.

“Last night… I… sucked Eric’s dick,” she said and ground her pussy against his lap.

Owen’s cock jerked under her and he gasped.

“Jess!” he hissed.

“Do you want me to tell you about it?” she asked, her arms encircling his neck.

“I think you do,” she said. “Your dick is really hard, daddy.”

Owen’s hands tightened on her hips and he rocked her back and forth, as though he was using her to masturbate through his pants. It made Jessica’s pussy hot thinking about it.

“I let Maria tie me to the bed,” Jessica said. “And when Eric came home I was tied up and blindfolded, like a toy.”

“Oh, God…” Owen groaned.

“Eric put his cock in my mouth and made me suck it for him. My big brother made me suck his cock, while he told me about how he’s going to fuck me.”

“Oh my God…”

Jessica lightly kissed his lips again as she rocked on his lap. Her daddy’s cock was hard and pressing against her panties now, aching to get free. His hands moved, sliding from her hips to her bottom.

“Is that what you want, too, daddy? Did you call Maria my name when you made her wear my clothes and you fucked her in my bed?”


“I want you to say it,” Jessica whispered. “I came really hard when Eric licked my pussy, and I wanted him to fuck me. If he’d done it, last night, I wouldn’t have stopped him. I’d have let Eric take my cherry.”

Owen growled and the sound made Jessica tremble.

“No? You don’t like that idea, daddy?” she teased.

“No,” Owen said.

“No? How come?” she asked and kissed his neck.

“Because… I…” he stammered.

“Say it for me,” Jessica urged. “If you don’t say it, I’m going to let him fuck me today.”

“Because I want it,” Owen blurted. “I… need it.”

Jessica moaned softly into his ear and said, “That’s my bad daddy.”

She trembled at the power, the feeling of control. Her father, the man that had only days ago had a controlling interest in her destiny, was now hers. He was a slave to his own fantasy. He needed it. He needed her. He’d tasted the taboo. Maria and the other girls would never be enough for him again. Only the real thing would do, and he wouldn’t give it up now.

“You’re going to have to share,” she said. “I’m going to do what Maria does. She’s going to teach me and I’m going to be a girl on a dating site. Are you going to be my first client, daddy?”

“Oh, fuck…” Owen said and his prick jerked against her.

“I think you like that idea,” she teased. “Do you like the idea of your little girl being slutty?”

“Yes…” he hissed.

“Is that what you did with Maria? Did you pay for her pussy in your games?”

Owen’s hands tightened on her ass and he rocked her back and forth roughly on his cock.

“Daddy, that’s so dirty!” Jessica hissed.

It was dirty and it made her wet. She could feel her panties sticking to her cunt as her daddy rubbed her against his erection. Her own father had fantasized about paying her for sex, hiring her as an escort. Had that fantasy been one from the start? Had it formed because he was paying a girl that looked like her for sex? There was still so much that she didn’t understand, but discovering it was provoking so many feelings.

“What will we do if I let you have me?” she asked. “Will you make me do naughty things for you? Will you tie me up and force me to cum for you, daddy?”

“Yeah…” Owen agreed, his eyes half closed, lost in his fantasy.

Maria walked back into the room and stood near the chair, watching Owen grind his daughter against his cock. Jessica spared a look for her and that look betrayed her excitement. Her glassy eyes fixed on the girl, then moved down her body, settling on the hidden treasure beneath her panties. Jessica’s panties. Jessica shivered.

Maria’s nipples were hard points under the small top and she bit her lip as she watched, her hand straying between her legs. Jessica felt the power again, stronger. Just the sight of her on Owen’s lap and the way she controlled him, inexperienced as she was, had Maria in heat. Watching the two of them together, submitting to her, was equally as exciting as submitting to them had been. Was she like Maria, she wondered, able to play both roles and derive pleasure from them? Exploration of the feeling seemed to be the only way to know.

“Tell me you were a bad daddy,” Jessica said, drawing his face into her chest and rubbing her breasts against it. “Tell me that you’re sorry and that you’re going to be a good daddy for me, from now on.”

“Oh my God,” Maria hissed and rubbed her pussy.

“I’m sorry… Jess,” Owen croaked. “I was a bad daddy.”

Maria quickly jumped in, moving behind Jessica and sliding her hands under Jessica’s top, cupping her breasts.

“Tell Jess that you’ll be a good daddy,” she said, “and I’ll let you see her gorgeous tits.”

“I’ll be a good daddy,” Owen agreed.

Maria slowly peeled up Jessica’s top, revealing the bottom of her breasts, then paused.

“Please…” Owen groaned.

Maria smiled wickedly and pulled the shirt over Jessica’s head, revealing her naked tits. Owen’s eyes fixed on them, perfect, handful-sized globes with small, erect nipples. His hands moved up her sides toward them. Maria caught his hands and held his wrists.

“Those are for paying clients,” she said.

“And daddy’s that have proven they can be good,” Jessica added.

Maria leaned in and kissed her, tilting her head back and smacking lips with her wetly as Owen’s hands trembled on Jessica’s sides.

“Please…” Owen said again.

Jessica drew him in again and pressed his mouth to her breast. Owen sucked at her nipple, making her buck in his lap.

“Only Maria and Eric get to have me for free,” Jessica said and Owen groaned, his grip on her sides tightening. “If you hadn’t fucked other girls in my bed, I might have let you have me, but you made Maria wear my panties, and you fucked her in my room. Now I’m really jealous that you didn’t just fuck me instead. Bad, bad daddy.”

Owen’s cock jumped against her pussy and he gave her nipple a small nip. Jessica pulled back, denying him. Maria leaned in and whispered something into Jessica’s ear that made her giggle. Jessica shifted, turning around in her daddy’s lap and straddling him again. Maria knelt and pulled his hard length through the slit in his lounge pants. Jessica leaned back into his chest and reached back, putting her arm around his neck and pulling him in to kiss him.

This was no light peck, like the previous teasing kisses. This time, she kissed him like Maria and felt a jolt of hot, perverse excitement. Owen growled in his throat as Maria fisted his cock and Jessica’s tongue darted into his mouth. Then, he groaned when Maria put her mouth around his head. His hands moved up and cupped Jessica’s breasts, but she batted them away teasingly and broke the kiss.

“You’re not doing well being a good daddy,” she said. “Who gets me for free?”

“Maria,” Owen groaned.

“And?” Jessica asked, pushing her ass back against him as Maria sucked his cock faster.

“Eric!” Owen exclaimed.

“Not you?” Jessica asked, mocking pity in her voice.


“How come, daddy? Tell me what you did. It makes my pussy so hot,” Jessica hissed, her lips teasingly close to his.

“I… I fucked girls in your bed,” Owen said.

“Bad daddy…”

“I made them wear your clothes and… pretend they were you… and I fucked them in your bed! Oh, fuck!”

Maria whimpered around his cock, her hand between her legs, getting off to the hot and dirty tease.

“Tell me you’re going to start fucking me instead,” Jessica whispered. “Tell me that you’ll be my first man and that you’ll start fucking me in my bed.”

“I… I’m going to… fuck… fuck…” he stammered, and Jessica could hear the wet sounds of Maria’s vigorous sucking, her sexy whines, as she pushed him toward cumming. “I’m going to fuck you!” he finished in a rush.

Maria pulled off of his cock with a wet slurp.

“Good daddy,” Jessica said and kissed him once, lightly. “Maria and I are hungry. Do you want to have breakfast with us before we go work on my profile page?”

Owen groaned in frustration, his cock jumping with need.

“Don’t worry, daddy,” Jessica whispered. “As soon as it’s done, you can invite me on a date.”

She bounced off of the chair and snatched up her top, wriggling it back on as she flashed him a devilish smirk. Maria squeezed her ass and led her toward the kitchen, leaving Owen panting and horny.


Hello, daddy! Are you a little lonely tonight? How about a little romantic moonlight to brighten up that darkness? I’m Luna, and I’m your little sliver of sexy. I just love spending time with sweet daddies that know how to pamper their little girls. Sometimes I’m a little bratty, while others I’m as sweet as the honey that you love to lick. I get asked out by lots of boys, but that just doesn’t interest me. I like a strong, hard daddy that knows how to treat me right, the kind of man that loves the affection of a petite princess like me.

Right now, I’m new to this exciting world of passion and pleasure. Maybe there are things you’d like to teach me? I just love a smart and sexy daddy that will help me experience all the things the world has to offer. Bring me roses and you’ve got a road into my warm little heart. For only the most generous daddies, you can also spend your time with my twin sister, Maria. She’s been such a good sister, teaching me all the special things a good girl needs to know to make her daddy happy. What are you waiting for? Say hello!

*Outcalls only

*Screening required

*Discretion guaranteed

*100% Independent and all photos are up to date

*Made for teasing and built for pleasing

Jessica read over the words again as Maria grinned, sitting on the bed next to her. The profile was now filled out. They’d attached a burner app phone number for messages and calls, though Maria advised chatting through the website first, in order to keep a log of activity for reference and personal safety. The doctored photos were up. She had a new screenname, Lovely Luna, and a cold, anxious feeling in her gut. It was mingled with a hot and exciting feeling in her pussy.

“Maria,” she said, “I’m scared.”

Maria put her arm around her shoulder and kissed her neck.

“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be right here with you. Remember, you’re in control of this. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and you never have to take one.”

“I can always just turn it off, right?”

Maria nodded.

Jessica moved her mouse to the button and clicked.


The profile changed from draft to active and nothing happened. Jessica let out a nervous giggle.

“I know, right?” Maria said. “You expect that there’s going to be this sudden flurry of messages. Like they’re all out there just waiting for you.”

“Yeah, I kind of did.”

“There is one that’s waiting for you,” Maria said and kissed her neck again.

“I… I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jessica said, pushing the laptop aside.

“We’re doing it,” Maria said. “Together. You’re not alone. I’m right here, baby.”

The girl drew her in and kissed her. Jessica’s nerves had her shaking in Maria’s embrace. The whole idea was warped but so seductively thrilling and dirty that it was hard to tell where the shivers of fear stopped and the quaking of anticipation began. All she had to do was send her father a link and he’d be her first client. She’d be a sexy escort girl, and she’d take money from her father. Her father would be paying to fuck her. God, she really was becoming a slut! It was real and it was dirty. Her pussy was so wet.

“Not yet,” Maria said. “First, we should go shopping for a few things.”


Maria pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. She pulled Jessica’s panties to the side and flicked her tongue along her whorishly wet slit.

“We need something really sexy for you to wear for your first date,” she said and licked again. “You need to look super cute for your daddy.”

Jessica moaned as Maria licked her again.

“What’s going to happen tonight?” Maria asked teasingly, rubbing her thumb against Jessica’s clit.

“My… my dad’s going to… to fuck me,” Jessica said.

“Good girl,” Maria whispered. “Keep saying it until I make you cum. I want you to think about it and imagine it. Let that dirty fantasy sink in. It’s about to be real. Say it again, baby.”

Maria licked and sucked her as Jessica repeated, breathily, almost in a whisper, “My dad’s going to fuck me… My dad’s going to… to fuck me…”

 Chapter Fourteen: Good Daddy

Jessica set her profile status to away at Maria’s insistence. She had messages now, men asking to talk to her, men sending her photos. There was only one message that mattered at the moment, though. That message was from user Spoiler and she already knew the man behind it.

The game was mildly ridiculous but heady and hot. She was being driven to the mall to purchase sexy lingerie, by an escort girl who had been fucking her father, while they pretended it was her. Her father was now messaging her over a dating website and attempting to seduce her, and she was about to give him a rate for an hour of her time. What had happened to her, to drive her to the point of offering her own father the opportunity to buy her virgin pussy for himself?

“Go big,” Maria prompted.

The girl was practically bouncing in her seat, hanging on every word, guiding and coaxing Jessica in her role.

“What do you charge?” Jessica asked.

“Irrelevant in this case,” Maria answered. “I didn’t sell my virginity to my dad. This is, like, the kinkiest thing in the history of kinky things. If it were me, I’d record it and fucking sell it! I’d title it Daddy Bought my Cherry and become internet famous!”

Jessica touched her pussy, her hands trembling on the phone, imagining a video of her father giving her her first fuck being sold to incest-loving perverts across the world. Why was she so sluttily wet at the idea? Was she really that kind of pervert, herself?

“$1,000?” she asked.

“You realize that your dad is so obsessed with your pussy, that he hired not one, but three different girls to play out his dirty games? Don’t lowball yourself.”

“Well, he is giving me a place to stay, so that has to count for something, right?” Jessica asked.

“Not this time. You only get to lose that cherry once,” Maria urged. “And he’s got money. If he can cough up $1,500 a week on three other girls, he can afford you. Fuck, if it were me I’d make him take a second mortgage for that shit.”

“I don’t want to be unfair,” Jessica said. “He is my dad.”

“It’s your pussy,” Maria said, shrugging.

“$2,500 and it’s yours,” Jessica wrote.

The reply was almost instantaneous, “Done.”

“Oh my God…” Jessica hissed. “I just sold my pussy to my dad. What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Maria pulled the car off the road and plunged her tongue into Jessica’s mouth. She pushed her legs apart and slid her fingers up Jessica’s cunt. As cars flew by, honking, Maria sucked on her tongue and molested her pussy, making Jessica squeal and wriggle in her seat.

When she broke the kiss, leaving Jessica breathless and flushed, she hissed, “You’re fucking soaked through your panties, you little slut!”

She looked Jessica in the eyes, holding her gaze as she fingered her cunt, until Jessica was gripping her arm and cumming in her seat.

“Do it, slut,” Maria hissed, “Fucking cum for me!”

“Fuck… fuck… don’t… stop!” Jessica hissed, squeezing her eyes shut as she humped Maria’s fingers.

“Family fucking slut,” Maria hissed. “Sell daddy your pussy. Make him pay for your cherry! Your daddy’s going to be fucking this pussy non-stop from now on. Go on. Cum for me, you little incest-loving slut!”

Jessica tossed her head back and orgasmed for Maria, her thoughts a muddled mess of imagined sensations, pleasure, terror, things that she couldn’t begin to describe. She imagined opening her legs, watching her father’s cock spread her pussy. Would it hurt? She envisioned Maria’s tongue in her mouth and her daddy’s hand squeezing her breast as she took the length of his hard prick into her. How would it feel to have an orgasm with his cock inside her? Would it be different with Eric?

As she came for Maria, that out-of-control feeling rushed back, like she was in a spiral that she couldn’t stop. The filthier the thoughts became, the more depraved the acts she committed, the hotter she became. Would there come a day when they shared her? Would they fuck her together, blindfolding her like Maria had done and then using her like a toy to satisfy themselves? Would she go about the house, dressed in sexy clothes, teasing and exciting them until they gave in to their base desires and commanded her to submit to them?

So many thoughts, flashed through her imagination, all of them exciting and scary. Her pussy gushed on Maria’s fingers. Her grip on the girl’s arm felt like she might break it, but she couldn’t let go. The intensity of the pleasure had her practically drooling as her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy and she shook in her seat. Only a few days ago, she’d let Eric take a sexy picture, now she was about to let her daddy have her pussy. Maria was right. She was an incest-loving slut.


Maria’s apartment was a quaint little place, which was elegantly decorated with a minimalist but modern taste. It reflected well the nature of the girl, everything about it being simultaneously designed as a safe place for adult clients, as well as a reflection of the sexy, young girl image she put forward for their benefit. It was here that they unloaded their recent shopping haul and Maria went to work making Jessica up.

Before they started, Maria set the tone for how the evening would go by slowly making out with her on the couch. She peeled away Jessica’s clothes as she did it, tossing them aside a piece at a time, leaving her naked and vulnerable while leaving herself dressed. This put Jessica into the mindset of submission, something in her mind viewing this experienced and dominant woman as someone to be obeyed and whose whims were those to be catered to. The fact that Maria was allowed clothes, while Jessica was not made her feel as if she were something that belonged to Maria, like a doll to be stripped and played with as it suited her.

Once she had Jessica nude and flushed on the couch, she reinforced her position by toying with every part of her. She stroked and sucked on her breasts, ran her fingers through Jessica’s wet cunt, and even coated one of her digits in Jessica’s honey and worked it into her ass as she kissed her. Having her invade that forbidden spot left Jessica feeling as though there was no part of her that was off limits to Maria’s desires.

Her pussy dripping and hot, Jessica spread herself open for Maria and moaned as the girl pushed a vibrating egg into her pussy and switched it on. The low hum of the toy was another new sensation and one that Jessica immediately loved. The vibrations seemed to hum inside her head as well as her cunt, doing the work of keeping her stimulated and horny, without allowing her a release. That buzzing inside of her kept her thinking about her pussy, distracting her from everything else. Within minutes, the majority of her attention was focused on her cunt.

Maria kept her naked as she washed and straightened her hair, keeping her hands wandering over Jessica’s body and planting soft kisses on her lips. Throughout the process, she referred to Jessica only as, “slut,” “kitten,” or, “princess.” By the time Maria dressed her, Jessica’s pussy was visibly leaking girl cum, which Maria licked before putting on her panties. The lingerie set she’d chosen was mint-colored and comprised a padded balconette bra and lace panties. The panties were wet within seconds, which Maria made sure to call attention to.

“You can’t wait to have daddy fuck this pussy, can you?” Maria teased as she pushed the crotch of the panties into Jessica’s cunt with her finger. “You’re the wettest little slut I’ve ever felt.”

Jessica could only manage a moan in agreement. The vibrating in her cunt had become so insistent that it was hard to think about anything else. Everything just felt so fucking good. Every touch or lick of her breasts, the rubbing of Maria’s fingers between her legs. Her every nerve seemed to be hypersensitive, delivering tingles of intense pleasure through her with the slightest touch.

Finally, Maria turned Jessica to the mirror, where she saw her smoky eyes and quivering, flushed skin. She added a final piece to the outfit as Jessica watched, a thin black collar that she fastened around her neck. Once she had it secured, Maria put her arms around her and cupped one of her breasts, then ran the flat of her other hand over Jessica’s bare tummy as she kissed her neck. Holding her like this, she put her lips to Jessica’s ear.

“Do you want to belong to me tonight, slut?” she asked and flicked her tongue against Jessica’s ear.

“Yes…” Jessica hissed, watching her own lips move in the mirror, her eyes following the sensual, graceful movement of Maria’s hand across her flesh.

The slow caress was both loving and sexy, but it was firm and dominant. She looked at the collar and took in her own sexy outfit, a contrast to Maria’s normal clothes. It made her feel like a pet. Like a toy. Maria had made her up in a way that pleased her, appealed to her, and excited her. She’d dressed her in this way for her pleasure, as though it were the natural order of the world for her to take control, and for Jessica to bend to her will. The entire process had been that way.

There had been no questions asked, no solicitation of Jessica’s opinion. Maria had simply done with her as she pleased and Jessica had never felt more excited and alive. It was different now, though. She didn’t feel out of control, despite how unbelievably turned on she was. She felt safe in her surrender, like a beloved pet that Maria would protect and reward for her obedience. Giving in and allowing Maria to direct her pleasure, ultimately, provided her with more pleasure.

It was not a single moment of pleasure, either, like having an orgasm. This was like a high, a pleasant buzz that had been increasing in intensity with every touch and dirty word. Maria knew just how to touch her, exactly what to say, to build her anticipation and excitement toward the main event of the evening. The ultimate pleasure that had been promised.

“Let me have you, and I’ll give you pleasure like you’ve never known,” Maria said. “I’ll torture you with it, push you toward it, pull it away, and then…” she slid her hand from Jessica’s tummy to her pussy and Jessica heard something click in her other hand. The vibrator in Jessica’s cunt switched to an intermittent pattern, the pulses coming a second apart and increasing in intensity with each one. Jessica gasped and trembled as Maria held her, one hand cupping her pussy, the other on her breast, holding her tightly. The pulses of pleasure quickly became more frequent and Jessica felt her legs shaking.

“And then I’ll give it to you and wreck your fucking mind!” Maria hissed and Jessica let out a grunt as she came and jerked in Maria’s arms.

“Good girl,” Maria whispered as she held her. “Let that pussy cum for me. That’s my little slut. Let your pussy control you. Listen to your sexy little cunt. That’s all you are, baby. You’re Maria’s little cunt tonight. Say it.”

“I…” Jessica stammered as her mind melted with the long-teased orgasm. “I’m… your… cunt!”

Maria clicked the remote again and the vibrator wound down, sucking away the intensity of the orgasm, even as the feeling of that high resonated throughout Jessica’s body. Maria turned her and kissed her, her hands gripping Jessica’s ass through the little panties. Jessica melted into her, every nerve and every thought consumed by the promise of more pleasure. This thing, this feeling, whatever it was that Maria was able to bring out in her, had Jessica hooked. She needed to feel more of it, to reach the next peak. Tonight, even when she gave herself to her father, she knew that she would be submitting to Maria.


Knocking on the door to her own home felt strange and exciting, but it was all part of the fantasy, the game. Jessica waited on the porch with Maria until the door opened and Eric stood on the other side.

“Jess?” he said, his eyes widening at the sight of the collar on her neck and the slutty skirt and top she wore.

“I’ve got this,” Owen said, appearing behind him.

This time, it was Eric’s turn to stand by, dumbfounded, as Jessica leaned up, said, “Hi, daddy,” and kissed Owen on the mouth. His hand fell to her ass and squeezed it. Maria flashed Eric a devious grin.

“What the fuck is happening?” Eric asked.

“Close your mouth and go do something for a while,” Maria instructed. “Your turn will come.”

Jessica turned and winked at her brother, took Owen’s hand, and Maria followed them down the hall. Eric looked as if he wanted to say more, but he couldn’t make any words come out. Flushed and shaking, Jessica followed her father upstairs, to her room, where Maria shut and locked the door. Owen, already lusty, reached for Jess but Maria intercepted and twirled her away. Jessica yelped but Maria muffled the sound with her tongue, pulling Jessica in and groping her breast through her top as they kissed.

She broke away, smirking, turned Jessica toward her father, and put her arms around her. Her lips brushed Jessica’s neck, one of her hands stroking the collar on her neck. Her eyes met Owen’s and he watched with fascination as Maria touched and stroked his daughter.

“Pay me for my slut,” Maria said and Jessica groaned as Maria reached under her skirt and lifted it to show Owen a glimpse of the lace panties.

Owen nodded, swallowing, his cheeks flushed. He fumbled with his phone, tapped at it, and a moment later they heard Jessica’s phone ping in her purse.

“Give it to me,” Maria instructed, holding out her hand for Owen’s phone.

He handed it over. Maria released Jessica and took her phone from her purse. She tugged Jessica with her to the other side of the bed, where she propped Owen’s phone against a table lamp, recording. She rounded the other side, positioned Jessica’s on the second table, and then took out her own. Hers, she tossed on the bed. Then, she returned to Jessica and kissed her again.

The vibrating egg in Jessica’s cunt kicked up a notch as Maria clicked the remote, causing Jessica to moan into her mouth as her arousal spiked. Owen stood, fidgeting, on the other side of the bed. Maria tugged Jessica’s shirt up and over her head, tossing it in Owen’s direction. She spun Jessica around, showing her bra-clad breasts to her father as she kissed her neck. Maria beckoned Owen to join them. Looking drunk, he rounded the bed and Maria shoved his chest, seating him.

“Do you like my new toy?” Maria asked. “It’s okay. You paid me to play with it, so why don’t you touch it. Maybe you should pull down that slutty little skirt.”

Owen, his hand shaking, reached up and put his hands on Jessica’s hips. He’d touched her before, but this time it felt electric as his fingertips touched her hips and then hooked inside her skirt. They locked eyes and Jessica nodded. Another barrier crossed. Owen eased the skirt down over her hips and let it fall down her legs. His eyes followed it, stopping to linger on her pussy.

“Your daughter’s pussy belongs to me,” Maria hissed. “Do you want to play with it tonight?”

Owen nodded, his breathing ragged.

“Tell daddy what you are tonight, Jessica,” Maria ordered, snaking her hand between Jessica’s legs and stroking her pussy.

Not Luna. Jessica. Tonight, she would be herself and her daddy would fuck her.

“I’m… your cunt,” Jessica hissed.

“Good girl,” Maria said and turned her around, presenting her bottom to Owen as they kissed.

Maria looked over Jessica’s shoulder, where Owen’s eyes were fixated on Jessica’s ass.

“Touch it,” Maria instructed. “Touch your little girl.”

Owen reached out and caressed Jessica’s bottom with one hand, and then the other. He groaned with need as he cupped her round cheeks in his hands and Jessica wiggled her backside at him. His hands traced the lace of the panties where they covered her ass, followed the edges up to her waist, toyed with the band. Jessica moaned into Maria’s mouth as he explored her. His touch was hot and trembling, his nervousness warring with his need for her.

“Tell your daddy what you want, baby,” Maria said and turned her around to face him. “Just like you told me when I licked your cunt last night.”

“I… I want you to… fuck me, daddy,” Jessica breathed.

“That’s so good, baby,” Maria praised her and kissed her neck. “Now, tell daddy what I’m turning you into.”

There was a click from the remote and Jessica jerked, gasped, and said, “A… a family-fucking slut!”

“Oh my God,” Owen hissed.

“Did you hear that, daddy?” Maria asked. “Is that what you wanted? Did you want your little princess to be a dirty girl for you?”

“Yes,” Owen hissed and laid his palm flat on her bare tummy.

“Feel her,” Maria ordered and moved his hand between Jessica’s legs.

He rubbed her pussy through the panties, feeling the vibrations from the toy and the wet patch of cloth.

“Is her pretty pussy wet for you?” Maria asked.

“Yeah…” Owen said, enrapt, his fingers tracing her sex.

“Tell him, slut,” Maria whispered in Jessica’s ear. “Tell daddy that your pussy is wet for him.”

“Oh, daddy,” Jessica moaned. “My pussy is… it’s so wet for you.”

Maria’s hand joined Owen’s, where she pulled Jessica’s panties aside. Owen’s finger slipped through her wetness, making Jessica buck, and then it pushed easily into her soaking channel. His finger pushed against the egg, forcing it to press against her tight walls and making her tremble as Maria held her.

“She’s so ready for some big daddy cock,” Maria said. “I’ve had that little toy teasing her pussy for hours. Can you feel how ready she is?”

Owen pulled his finger from her and sucked it. Maria guided Jessica to her knees in front of her daddy and placed her hands on Owen’s cock.

“Get your daddy’s cock out,” Maria whispered. “Take off his pants and get his naked cock out.”

Jessica looked up at her father’s lust-addled face and watched his eyes glaze over as her hands tugged at the band of his pants. He raised up, allowed her to pull them down, sat, and then she slid them down his legs. His hard, erect cock bobbed in her face.

Maria reached out and took it in her hand, stroking the length of it delicately as Jessica watched. The feeling was incredible, Jessica thought. She’d had it in her mouth already, and started down the road toward incestuous passion, but now there was a feeling of total submission. Maria’s words, her every action, elicited a desire to please the girl.

In the way that Maria manipulated both her father and her, the girl had made the experience one of her pleasure, as well as theirs. The two of them were like her toys, performing for her, acting out Maria’s fantasy. The two of them watched Maria’s hand move up and down his cock, making it grow and lengthen.

“Open your mouth,” Maria whispered, looking up at Owen. “Open your mouth, look up, and show daddy that you’re ready to be a good girl.”

Jessica parted her lips and looked up at her father. Maria guided her mouth to his cock and Jessica moaned as his pulsing head pressed between her soft, warm lips. Owen sighed with relief and pleasure as his daughter took him in. He made to put his hand on her head, but Maria took it and put it on Jessica’s breast. He squeezed it softly as Jessica took his length deeper.

“That’s it, slut,” Maria whispered. “Keep looking at him. Show daddy how much you need his cock. Show him how good you are at getting it wet and hard for your little pussy.”

Jessica trembled and Owen groaned. His cock jerked in her mouth and Jessica thought he was going to cum. Maria giggled.

“Be careful,” she said. “You don’t want that big daddy dick to cum in your mouth, do you? Daddy’s cum should go in your pussy, right?”

Jessica mumbled around his cock.

“Is that what you want, daddy?” Maria asked.

Owen nodded, entranced at the sight of Jessica’s lips spread around his dick. Maria pulled Jessica’s mouth from it by her hair.

“Tell daddy you need him to cum in you,” she hissed into Jessica’s ear.

“I need you… to cum in my… my pussy, daddy,” Jessica said.

Maria gently eased her mouth back over his cock and used her hand to masturbate his penis with her face.

“That’s so good, baby,” she cooed in Jessica’s ear. “First, you need to learn how to please daddy with your mouth. Daddy needs a special cocksucker to keep him hard and wet, so he can always be ready to push that dick in you. Do you want to learn how to be daddy’s special cocksucker?”

“Hmm!” Jessica mumbled.

“Daddy’s hard cock needs princess pussy to fuck, so you need to keep it hard and wet for your cunny, okay?”

“Fuck…” Owen gasped and squeezed Jessica’s breast.

Maria grinned wickedly at him.

“Don’t worry, daddy,” Maria said. “I’ll teach her to be just the kind of slut you like.”

She stroked Jessica’s hair as Jessica licked and sucked her daddy’s aching cock.

“I know all the nasty things that daddy wants to make you do,” Maria whispered as Jessica sucked. “I’m going to make you do them all for him. We’ll make you like daddy’s little fuck pet, Jess. Only, I’ll only let him have you when he pays to use my slut. I’m going to whore you out to your own daddy.”

Jessica shook at the words, her pussy wet and throbbing. The little egg was maddening, making her cunt clench needily as it dripped panty nectar. Owen gasped and pulled his cock out of Jessica’s mouth, breathing hard as he fought for control.

“Jesus!” he hissed.

Maria laughed and kissed Jessica, mauling her tits through the bra. Pulling back, she said, “I think daddy likes that idea. Why don’t you get on the bed and let daddy return the favor? Would you like to see how good daddy sucks pussy, baby?”

Jessica nodded, caught in Maria’s gaze, spellbound. Even if she’d wanted to, she didn’t think her body would allow her to stop. Maria stripped off her own skirt and panties and she stood, while Jessica climbed onto the bed. Maria retrieved the vibrator from her purse, then crawled after her, unsnapping Jessica’s bra and pulling it away. She tossed it onto the floor.

She guided Jessica onto her back and sucked at her nipple, while her hand slipped into her panties as Owen watched, stroking his cock, equally entranced at the way Maria controlled his daughter. Maria tugged the egg from Jessica’s cunt and clicked it off. The feeling of emptiness and the lack of vibration was jarring after having the thing in her for so long.

“Take off the little slut’s panties, daddy,” Maria said and kissed Jessica hotly.

Jessica moaned into the kiss as her daddy tugged at the panties, pulling them away roughly, his desire overwhelming. Maria clicked on the vibrator and pushed it against Jessica’s clit, making her yelp as their tongues played. Then, she felt her daddy’s tongue trace the length of her slit and Maria pulled the vibrator away.

Jessica whined needily and sucked at Maria’s tongue, her arms around her neck, pulling her in as her daddy stuffed his tongue into her overheated fuckbox. She ground her pussy against the feeling, trying to get it deeper, the feeling of losing control rising. The vibrator touched her nipple, sending a spark of pleasure through her, and then Owen’s lips sealed around her clit and his tongue flicked it back and forth.

Jessica’s vision dimmed as her mind exploded with pleasure. She squealed into Maria’s mouth, holding her tightly as the pent-up orgasm hit her. Maria pulled away, then pushed at Owen’s head. He released Jessica’s engorged fuck button reluctantly, a questioning look on his cum-coated face.

“Do it!” Maria hissed. “Push that big incest dick up your girl. She needs it.”

She covered Jessica’s mouth again and trailed the vibrator down to her pussy, sliding it through her slit, and then back up. It rested on Jessica’s clit, lightly, teasingly, threatening to push her over again. Maria broke away, removed the vibrator, and said, “Watch.”

Jessica’s glassy eyes turned downward, where her daddy’s hard cock rested in position to fuck her. His hands gripped her legs and their eyes met. His look was pleading but it also held a question.

“Do you want it?” Maria asked for him, holding her phone trained between Jessica’s legs.

Jessica swallowed and trembled. The head of his cock slid down the wet length of her gash.

“Fuck me, daddy,” she whispered.

Owen pressed his cock against her tight little sheath and Jessica shook as it opened her. It was like the egg, and like Maria’s fingers, but so different. It was the feeling of it, but also the knowledge that she was spreading herself open for her father’s taboo lust, as well as her own. She was offering her daddy her virgin pussy. No. Not offering. She’d let Maria pimp her virginity to her own father.

His cockhead pushed inside of her and she felt her pussy swallow it, close around it, grip it tightly and suck it in. Maria groped her breast, toyed with her nipple, and kissed her neck.

“That’s so good, baby,” Maria whispered. “Give daddy your pussy. Just let daddy fuck you and it will feel so good.”

Jessica squirmed as his cock slowly inched deeper. Maria pressed the vibrator to her clit again as Owen fed her his length. Jessica gasped as the pleasure shot through her, her body shaking. His cock met the resistance that Jessica knew would soon be gone. She humped her pussy against the vibrator, against her daddy’s cock, the intensity from the toy pushing her over her peak.

Then it all happened at once. The orgasm came, pushing her over. Her back arched and Owen’s hands on her legs tightened. He hissed, “fuck, baby,” and then he was through, his cock sliding deep, so deep. Maria kissed her, muffling her cries of pleasure, pressing the vibrator tightly against her button, drawing the pleasure out.

Her daddy’s cock was in her. He was all the way in her pussy and it was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt. Owen gathered her up, locking his arm around her neck as he settled on top of her, then drew his hips back and gave her the full length of his prick once more. Jessica shook and moaned as the pleasure of it rippled up her body.

He took her that way, slowly, making her feel every throbbing inch of his cock as it filled her, withdrew, then filled her again. The feeling of taboo faded against the pleasure in her pussy. This didn’t feel dirty. It felt wonderful.

“Oh, God, daddy…” she whispered, and then he kissed her.

Maria moaned in her ear and said, “That’s your daddy’s pussy, now. From now on, every time you fuck, you’re going to think about the day your daddy fucked you first.”

Jessica humped against his cock at the words, the heat rising again.

“Tell him, Jessica,” Maria urged.

“It’s… it’s your pussy, daddy,” Jessica hissed. “Oh, fuck! It’s your pussy!”

Owen growled and his pace quickened. Dimly, Jessica could hear Maria pressing the vibrator against her own cunt. The awareness faded as the carnal pleasure took hold again, though. She remembered the way Eric had fucked Maria, in this same spot, the way they’d been lost in that moment. She’d wondered, then, what that would be like. Now, she knew. It was pure bliss, impossible to describe.

She clung to her daddy’s neck as he fucked her, their bodies moving together, finding a rhythm that continued to build that pleasure up toward another release. Then it came. His cock filled her and she felt her pussy tighten, gripping his hot length as she groaned and came. He held her through it, his cock jerking wildly inside her, and then he growled. Hot bursts of cum splattered her insides, the force of them shocking.

Maria jerked and came next to them, the vibrator against her clit.

“So fucking hot,” she hissed. “Oh, fuck! Cum in your slut, daddy!”

Owen held his spasming cock deep inside her, clinging to her as he unloaded his cum into his daughter. Jessica felt lightheaded as the hot, sticky goo filled her up, squishing wetly as he gave her sharp little thrusts that sent small waves of pleasure up her body. The feeling seemed to last for minutes but, finally, Owen relaxed and so did she.

Jessica continued to tremble as he released his death grip on her, sitting up on his knees. The two of them looked downward, where his cock was lodged inside of her, both of them wet and breathing hard.

“Oh my God,” Owen whispered. “Jess…”

Jessica dipped her fingers between her legs and gathered up their sex juices, then pushed them into her mouth as she met his eyes.

“Maybe,” she said, “I’ll let you have the next one for free.”

Maria cursed and came again.

 Chapter Fifteen: House of Sin

Jessica lay under a blanket, her naked ass spooned against her equally naked daddy. His hand groped her breast. The sounds of Maria’s muffled screams from down the hall drifted through the door as Eric fucked her madly. Despite her daddy having fucked her, there was no awkwardness. In fact, she felt a warm glow as he held her, while they lay in silence, listening to Maria being vigorously pounded.

“Dad?” she said, breaking the silence.


“I love you.”

Owen sat up on his elbow and kissed her neck.

“I love you, too, baby. Are we… going to be okay?”

Jessica nodded and laughed, saying, “A little late to be asking that now, but yes. We’re going to be fine. No, I’m not traumatized, and I don’t think you’re a daughter-raping pervert.”

She could feel the tension drain from him.

“At least, not any more than I’m a daddy-fucking pervert,” she added.

He relaxed and held her again.

“How long… how long have you felt like this?” she asked.

Owen was quiet a moment, then said, “When we came to your birthday, I watched you standing next to your mother. You reminded me so much of her when we were younger, and… I don’t know. Something just happened to me right then. Maybe that wasn’t the exact moment. It’s hard to tell. I just know that, when we went home that night, that was the first time I can remember thinking about it.”

“And the next logical step was to hire girls that looked like me to fuck?” Jessica teased.

“Not exactly,” Owen said. “I’ve kind of had a… taboo… fetish for a long time. I developed that thanks to your mom, but I won’t say anything else on that front. It’s not my place.”

“Are you fucking shitting me?” Jessica blurted. “Mom?”

“Like I said. It isn’t my place. If she ever wants to talk about it, she will. I don’t think it would be wise to bring it up in conversation.”

“Yeah. I don’t see that happening. How was your summer, honey? Oh, great. Dad’s been fucking me. So, tell me about your incest experience, mom.”

“I imagine that would not go over well,” Owen chuckled.

“Dad? Do you… what do you really think about me doing, you know, what Maria does?” she asked.

Owen sighed and then said, “Are you serious about that?”

“I think so,” Jessica said. “It’s just… I really like this. I like her. I like the way I feel when I do… things. I want to do more, and I want to explore it.”

“Honey, if that will make you happy, then I’m not against it. I just want you to be safe.”

“Maria seems to know what she’s doing,” Jessica said.

“Yeah. Maria certainly knows what she’s doing,” he said.

Maria orgasmed loudly from down the hall.

“She makes me feel so hot,” Jessica whispered, the sound of the girl’s moans making her wet again.

Owen’s cock jerked against her ass, growing hard again.

“Did we make your fantasy come true?” Jessica asked, reaching around and finding his dick.

“Oh my God, yes,” Owen hissed. “You liked it?”

Jessica wiggled her ass and put his cock between her legs.

“That’s your pussy, daddy,” she said breathily. “And this one’s on me.”

Owen squeezed her breast tightly in his hand and pushed his cock into her wet pussy once more, groaning as her tight sheath enveloped his length. Jessica shook, pressing back against him. This time it was different, without Maria. Now, it was just the two of them.

Without Maria’s dirty, seductive prattle, there were just the two of them slowly moving together. Owen held her and touched her softly, slowly fucking his cock into his daughter’s inviting pussy. Jessica made small gasps of pleasure, rocking back against him, the warmth and safety of his arms around her as perfect as the feel of his cock.

 Chapter Sixteen: Cum Toilet

Following her second night of sleeping naked with Maria and being made to tongue Eric’s sperm from her pussy, Jessica marveled at how swiftly life could change. It seemed as though, when they weren’t sleeping, Maria was intent on keeping Jessica on a sexual high, never giving her a moment to think clearly. She’d awoken to the girl sucking her pussy, but Maria had only gotten her wet and horny.

In the shower, she’d groped and touched her, kissed her, and licked her as she poured more seductive poison into her ear. Now, wearing her collar and stripped naked, Jessica lay between Maria’s legs as the girl stroked her hair and further tutored her in licking cunt. The vibrating egg was back inside of her, keeping her horny and confused as she pushed her tongue into Maria’s fuckhole and listened to the girl recount what a slut Jessica had been lately.

“You’re getting so hungry for cunt, pet,” Maria said, stroking Jessica’s hair. “I can’t wait to watch you service some other girls. They’re going to love how obedient you are. We have some more fun things to do first, though, don’t we?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jessica agreed, sucking Maria’s clit.

“Now that we’ve started you on being a proper little daddy fucker, I think we need to let Eric have his turn. Don’t you?”

“Hmm!” Jessica agreed again.

“Your big brother really hammered me good last night. He couldn’t get enough,” Maria said. “He called me Jessica while he shoved that big, angry dick into me over and over. Your dad’s a good fuck, but that brother of yours can really go to town on a girl. We’ll probably need to let your pussy rest a bit, or he’s going to break you.”

Jessica moaned sluttily into Maria’s cunt, imagining her brother pounding his cock into her so hard that she screamed as Maria had done.

“I’m going to need to go pick up a few things, but I have something really fun planned for while I’m away. You liked being tied up, didn’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jessica mumbled.

“You can stop licking cunt now,” Maria instructed and Jessica stopped, looking up at the girl with her face wet from girl cum.

Maria got up from the bed and returned with the scarves. Jessica trembled, wondering what she had planned, but hot and wet at the idea of being restrained again. Maria positioned her, with her back against the headboard, then bound her wrists with the scarves. She tied each of them to a bedpost and then went to Jessica’s desk.

Jessica watched, horny and curious, as Maria scribbled something on some post-it notes, stuck tape to them, and then returned. Grinning wickedly, she showed the first note to Jessica. In big letters, it read “NO!”

She took the note and stuck it on Jessica’s pussy, applying the tape across her skin. Jessica’s curiosity increased. She showed her the second note, which read, “Family Cum Toilet.”

Jessica groaned. Maria stuck the note to Jessica’s bare tummy. That done, she took Jessica’s phone from her nightstand, opened it, and clicked out the stand. She tapped at the screen, put a book on the bed, then rested the phone on top of it. Jessica could see the screen with a group call that included her father and her brother. The call was on a timer, the phone set to dial in fifteen minutes.

“What?” Jessica asked.

Maria shushed her and put the third scarf over her eyes, cinching it in place. Jessica heard the remote click and the egg in her cunt kicked up to a higher setting, making Jessica shake as her pussy throbbed.

“I’ll be back with some new supplies soon, alright? Be good for whoever stops by to use the cum toilet,” Maria whispered in her ear.

“Oh, God!” Jessica exclaimed, wiggling in her bonds.

“No pussy. Mouth only,” Maria instructed. “If you get any visitors, be sure you thank them for feeding you, okay?”

Jessica heard her sling her purse over her shoulder and leave, but the door did not close. She tried to remember how much time was left on the timer, to count it down, but it was too difficult without being able to see and with the egg vibrating her pussy. She didn’t even know what time it was. Being a Sunday, both her father and brother were home, but she didn’t know if they were awake. When the call went through, would they accept the invitation? Would they both come at once? The anticipation, the uncertainty, the feeling of helplessness had her head in a lusty whirl.

“Jess?” came a voice through the phone, and then another said, “Oh, shit!”

The call had gone through and both of them were now looking through the video chat at her naked, bound body, an invitation for use clearly taped to her chest. With no real sense of time, she couldn’t tell how long it was before she heard footsteps at the door, but she felt certain that less than a minute had passed. She could feel them both in the room with her now.

“Seems like a clear invitation,” Eric said.

“That is one twisted bitch,” Owen added.

Jessica thought he was referring to Maria, but she couldn’t be sure.

“Jess, are you alright?” Eric asked.

Jessica nodded. And then she opened her mouth, a hot flush in her cheeks.

The two of them were silent and Jessica imagined them looking at one another, father and son, embarrassed at the idea of pulling their dicks out together.

“You know,” Eric said, “This is probably a weird time to tell you this, but I’m kind of a perv.”

Owen laughed and said, “Most dads take their kids on fucking camping trips. I suppose the cat’s out of the bag on this one.”

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Eric suggested.

“Fuck you. I pay the mortgage,” Owen said, chuckling.

Jessica heard a rustling of clothes and then the bed rocked. Someone, her daddy she presumed, straddled her chest. His hand groped her breast and tugged on her nipple, making Jessica yelp with excitement.

“Are you daddy’s special cocksucker, Jess?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” Jessica replied dazedly, her mouth open.

The tip of his cock touched her tongue and Jessica groaned as more of his length followed. She closed her lips around it and let him push it in, creating a tight seal for him to use.

“That’s daddy’s girl,” Owen growled and Jessica nearly orgasmed at the sound of it, so hot, so dirty. “Is that bitch making you behave like a slut, baby?”

“Mm hm,” Jessica mumbled around his prick.

He groaned and pulled back, then eased it slowly back into her mouth, until his cockhead bumped the back of her throat, and she made a little gluk. Owen growled at the sound of it and put his hand on her head.

“This will be a great watch later,” she heard Eric say and she imagined him filming it, recording the sight of her daddy using her mouth, while she wore a sign indicating her as nothing but a hole for incestuous cum.

She heard him set the phone on her nightstand, where it could easily record the perfect angle of her cock-stuffed face. Her daddy’s hand on her head guided her mouth back and forth along the length of his prick, wetly fucking her face with it. His rhythm was insistent and relentless. Soon, she felt drool leaking from the sides of her mouth and dripping down her chin, where it fell to her chest.

“You wanna give it a go?” Owen asked.

“Love to,” Eric said.

Owen’s cock pulled out of her mouth, and he released his grip. Jessica gasped and coughed, spitting up saliva as they traded places. A second later, her brother pushed his dick into her mouth and followed his father’s example.

“It’s too bad about that no pussy rule,” Eric said to his father. “I’ll bet it’s wet as fuck right now. Is your pussy wet, Jess?”

“Mmm hmm!” Jessica mumbled.

“It’s so fucking good,” Owen said wistfully.

Jessica felt so hot as they spoke about her like she was the family fucktoy, a mouth and a wet cunt for them to play with, but something that truly belonged to Maria. It was as if she were being loaned out, borrowed, and once they’d had their fun they’d return her to Maria, cum-filled and ready to be cleaned for later use. It was wicked and depraved, and she couldn’t understand why simply thinking about it had her on the verge of cumming.

Eric slid his cock into her mouth faster now, pumping wetly between her lips and causing little spurts of saliva to squelch from the corners of her mouth on each inward thrust. She could hear his breathing increasing, getting heavier and deeper as he held back his need to cum. His legs shook from the effort. Jessica made little squeaks around his cock, encouraging him, her cunt wanting that taboo ejaculation. When it came, it wasn’t in her mouth. Her brother whipped his prick from her and Jessica gasped as a hot jet of cum struck her on the nose, coating the blindfold. Another hit her lips and then a third plastered her cheek.

Eric grunted and cursed as he sprayed her face with his brotherly load, as Jessica wiggled in the bonds and held her mouth open like some kind of cum junkie. She pushed her tongue out and tried to taste it, to collect some of the sexy reward. Even as her tongue searched, though, her daddy plugged her mouth and gripped the back of her head.

Jessica swallowed quickly as his prick invaded her, his hand firmly pressing her down his length. She sputtered, spit, and then his whole cock was in her and she could feel his balls slap her chin.

“Fuck,” Owen hissed. “That’s daddy’s little mouth hole.”

Jessica jerked and coughed, her daddy’s full-length pulsing in her throat. She’s swallowed his entire cock, she suddenly realized, and then she orgasmed. He held her in place as his cock pulsed and she jerked, her body shaking. Eric exclaimed, but Jessica could hardly hear it over the blood pounding in her ears. Her daddy’s cock began to pour cum into her throat and she swallowed on reflex, while her body twitched and her arms tugged against the headboard.

Owen pulled his cock from her windpipe and Jessica heaved in air, her chest rising and falling, her breasts coated with saliva and dripping sperm.

“Oh my God,” she whispered.

“You alright, honey?” Owen asked, dropping the game.

She felt his hands on the ties at her wrists.

“Don’t,” she said and coughed.

He stopped.

“Don’t… undo them,” she said. “You… you might get… hard again.”

“Fuck,” Eric hissed.

Owen kissed her forehead, and she could feel him smiling as he said, “Good slut.”


Jessica had no way of telling how long Maria was away. She remained tied to the bed, while Eric and Owen watched TV in her room, chatting amiably about a baseball game. Occasionally, one of them would mount her and push their dick into her mouth, pumping away at it for a while to keep it hard. She could feel the bed under her, soaked from her vibrating cunt, while they spent the morning treating her like a decoration that just so happened to have a wet hole that they could use to pleasure their cocks.

Between suck sessions, one or the other of them would idly finger her pussy or rub her clit, which made her moan and squeal, but they never allowed her to cum. By the time Maria did return, she was a desperate and soaking mess, wholly focused on her need to cum.

“Hey, boys,” came Maria’s voice from the doorway. “Looks like you found my gift. Did she behave well for you?”

“Very well,” Owen said.

“Hell, yes,” Eric agreed.

Maria rounded the bed and kissed Jessica slowly on the mouth. Jessica wiggled with need and moaned passionately into the kiss, her arms sore and her pussy burning.

“Just let me take care of the boys,” Maria said, “and then we can have some girl time, alright?”

“Please…” Jessica pleaded. “So wet…”

“I know baby,” Maria said sweetly. “I can see the little cummy puddle your pussy made on the bed. This won’t take long.”

That statement proved to be untrue, though Jessica had no way to tell how long her father and brother fucked Maria on her bed as she listened and whimpered. The two of them went at her hard and hot, stuffing the escort’s mouth and pussy. They railed her together, or one at a time as she played the game, pretending she was Jessica.

“Oh, fuck, daddy,” she moaned. “You’re going to split my little pussy in half!”

“Fuck your little sister, Eric. Oh, God! Stuff that pussy and make it cum!”

“Cum in your little girl, daddy! Oh, I need your cum!”

“Push that dick deep, Eric! Push it up your sister and make me take it!”

As this went on, Maria kept changing the vibration of the egg. The patterns switched, creating new waves of pleasure that drove Jessica crazy. The vibrations would increase, then decrease, then alternate, keeping her needy and desperate, but never allowing her a release. Maria’s words from the previous evening ran, over and over, in Jessica’s head.

“I’ll torture you with it, push you toward it, pull it away, and then… I’ll give it to you and wreck your fucking mind.”

 Chapter Seventeen: Brotherly Love

After a hot shower, in which she was further teased and denied, Jessica now lay over Maria’s lap on her bed. She watched the replay of her on her phone of her father fucking her, while Maria’s lubed finger slowly pushed deeper into her ass.

“Look at you go,” Maria said. “You really loved that daddy cock, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Jessica agreed.

With Maria’s finger probing her ass and the egg vibrating her cunt, it was difficult to think of much else. She’d been kept on edge the entire day, managing only one orgasm purely from having cum shot into her throat. The memory of it was incredibly slutty.

Maria extracted her finger, spilled a few drops of lube onto Jessica’s anus, and then worked it in, making Jessica jerk as she watched her homemade porno. On the screen, her daddy was fucking her, holding her legs apart, and feeding his cock into her. Maria lay next to her, phone in hand, vibrator on her cunt, whispering filth in her ear.

Watching it, with Maria’s finger in her ass, only made Jessica feel more like Maria’s toy. Just in the last day, though, everything had changed. The safe space in her bedroom had grown to encompass the house. Everyone inside was playing the game, sharing the secret. Even now, Jessica’s door was wide open. Her father or her brother could walk by at any moment, look in, and look at Jessica’s bare, wet cunt and upturned ass. They’d see her laying across Maria’s lap, as the girl fingered her anus, while they watched real-life incest porn.

She had become that kind of slut, and the humiliating truth of that made her pussy wet. Since leaving the house with Maria to shop for lingerie, Jessica had surrendered her power, allowing Maria to make every decision for her regarding her body and pleasure. Stopping it at any time was within her power, she knew. But the feeling of having Maria push her, to see how far she herself would go in this journey of depraved discovery, was an aphrodisiac like no other.

Some rational part of Jessica’s mind understood that living in a constant state of arousal was influencing her judgment, but that same part also wanted to indulge her curiosity, to see how far her submission would take her before she stopped. The same thing was happening to Maria. Being a sex worker was her career. For over two days, though, she’d ignored that. She’d fucked for free with Eric and Owen, more than once. She’d become so engrossed in toying with Jessica’s submission to her, that she seemed to have forgotten everything else.

Maria extracted her finger again and began rubbing Jessica’s cunt. With her other hand, she pressed one of her new purchases against Jessica’s asshole. The small pink dildo slipped easily into Jessica’s anus, widening it and making her groan as it slowly made its way into her. Maria was gentle with it, holding it still with the first two inches in her backdoor. Her other hand made slow circles on Jessica’s clit. Jessica wriggled and the motion caused the dildo to push deeper.

“Oh… God…” Jessica hissed.

“That’s it, baby,” Maria cooed. “Let’s get that sexy ass ready for your brother.”

“Oh!” Jessica exclaimed as Maria gave the toy an insistent push that sent it another few inches into her butt.

“Since you sold your first pussy fuck to your dad, I think it’s only fair that Eric gets to take this one,” Maria said. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Uh huh,” Jessica agreed.

It was true. Jessica hadn’t considered giving her ass up to anyone, but for Maria, it was just one more sexy passage for pleasure. There was pleasure in it, too. Maria had been slow and gentle, pushing the slick lube into her hole for some time, before finally adding the toy. Now, she pulled it back and slowly fucked Jessica’s ass with it as she watched her father bury his cock in her and unleash a torrent of the sperm that had made her.

As Maria fucked the toy in and out of her ass, she could feel it rubbing across the egg in her cunt. The vibrations from the thing traveled through the thin wall inside of her, vibrating the dildo as well. On her screen, she now saw herself bound to the bed and blindfolded, looking horny and confused. Some odd connection in her mind compared that image to her yearbook photo and when she imagined this image appearing in the yearbook, all of her classmates looking at her naked tits and dripping cunt, she came with the toy in her ass.

“Fuck!” she hissed and gripped the sheets, her eyes watering as Maria rubbed her cunt and held the dildo in her asshole.

“There you go, slut,” Maria said calmly. “That’s what we needed. Good girl.”

Jessica panted with need. The orgasm hadn’t been enough. Her pussy wanted more. It needed a big one.


Maria fed Jessica lunch at the table, while she had her ass stuffed with a vibrating butt plug. Jessica’s hands were bound behind her back and she was nude but for a pair of panties, which were soaked through. Eric and Owen watched the escort spoon-feed a blushing Jessica, their cocks hard, as Maria grinned wickedly and enjoyed her power. The dual sensation of vibrations in her cunt and ass at the same time made eating and thinking nearly impossible. It was only hunger that made Jessica able to get the food down.

After lunch, Maria took her back upstairs and removed the bindings and panties. She lay Jessica face down on the bed. Her ass propped up with a pillow, Maria idly twisted the butt plug with one hand, while texting with the other. Jessica moaned and gripped the sheets in her fists as the twisting of the vibrating toy sent pleasurable waves through her ass and cunt.

“Are you still having fun?” Maria asked, breaking character.

“Yes!” Jessica admitted, wiggling her bottom.

There was a light rap on the open door. Jessica looked up and saw Eric, naked, his cock hard, standing in the doorway. Maria gently pushed her head back down to the bed.

“No peeking, ass slut,” she hissed.

Jessica whined needily. Maria beckoned for Eric to enter and said, “Shut the door. Daddy doesn’t get to sneak up and peep without paying for the privilege,” then to Jessica, she said, “Maybe you can charge him for a sexy blowjob while he watches the video later. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Oh, fuck…” Jessica whispered, imagining herself sucking her daddy’s cock as he watched her brother fuck her ass.

Eric sat on the bed.

“Eric,” Maria said, “Your little sister really wants to cum. Do you want to be a helpful brother and let her have it? If you don’t, I’m going to keep her cunt and ass stuffed with vibrators until tomorrow, and she’ll spend the rest of the day making everyone else cum with her mouth. I think that would be almost as much fun as watching you take her anal cherry.”

Jessica whined again and begged, “Please… Let me cum!”

Maria ignored the plea and asked, “Do you want to torture my slut with pleasure for the rest of the day? Or would you rather push your cock up this delicious little bottom?”

She ran her hands over Jessica’s ass and groped one of her cheeks.

“She’s been very good today,” Eric mused. “I think I’d like to be a good brother and help her cum.”

Jessica sighed with relief. She heard Eric shift and then Maria’s wet mouth around his cock. Her brother groaned and his hand groped her ass, squeezed it, then he gripped the plug and twisted it. Jessica bucked and yelped. He released it. The sucking stopped. Maria pushed her legs apart.

The escort guided Eric’s cock to his sister’s pussy.

“Push it in and feel how warm and wet she is,” Maria ordered.

Jessica gasped as her brother’s cock pushed into her dripping entrance, spreading her pussy around his cockhead. Maria recorded the taboo penetration on her phone, maneuvering the camera to get a great shot of Eric’s wet cock parting his sister’s tight little fuckbox. His dick burrowed deeper until it bumped against the vibrating egg and Jessica let out a long, drawn-out moan as the toy pressed against her insides.

“God…” Eric whispered. “You’re so hot, Jess.”

“Pull that plug out,” Maria instructed. “Nice and easy.”

Eric slowly worked the plug out of his sister’s stretched asshole, until it came free. He set it aside and took both cheeks in his hands, spreading them apart. Maria spit into her open ass as Eric gave her a gentle thrust of his cock, making Jessica spasm. Her brother slid his cock from her cunt and slapped it against her anus, then rubbed the head of it between her cheeks, coating his shaft in the excess lube and wetness.

Jessica braced for it, her head spinning with the built-up need from the day’s denial.

“Please…” she whispered. “Please fuck me…”

Eric eased his cock into her ass, groaning as his spongy head pushed through her ring until his entire crown vanished into her depths.

“Oh my God…” he whispered.

“Fuck…” Maria hissed, her excitement clear.

None of them could say any more. Eric pushed his length deeper, and Jessica trembled, the vibrations in her cunt became more intense as her brother’s cock pressed the egg tighter against her pussy walls. The excited breathing from the three of them became the only sound in the room as Eric worked his cock back out, and then sank back in. Jessica’s legs kicked in pleasure as her brother spread her backdoor open until half his cock was lodged into her.

He pulled back again, and Jessica felt a trickle of lube coat her ass, followed by more of her brother’s quivering penis. The little dildo had been nothing compared to the feeling of Eric’s hot and twitching cock. Maria’s hours of ass play had prepared her nicely and Jessica’s virgin hole accepted the full length of her brother’s dick easily enough. Finally, she felt his pelvis touch her and she knew that he’d put the entirety of his cock into her. He let out a breath and stayed still, his cock jerking inside her, the vibrations of the egg running through the length of it.

“Fuck…” Maria whispered. “That is so kinky!”

Eric leaned over her, his weight pressing down on her until she felt his chest on her back. His knees shifted, giving him support and leverage. One of his arms went around her throat, and then he was holding tight to her as she trembled, the orgasm so close that she could feel it coming.

“Do you want more?” he hissed in her ear.

“Yes!” she whimpered without hesitation.

Eric rocked his hips back an inch and fed her his cock, then again, the movement slow and careful. His lubricated cock slid easily out, then in, his head pressing against something inside of her that made her buck back against him. She could feel the girl cum running from her cunt, soaking her bed as she trembled. Her legs shook with the need for release.

Eric pulled back again, further, and pushed. A few more strokes and he was withdrawing half of his cock and giving it to her as she gripped the sheets in her fists and drooled on the mattress. Maria’s phone captured the sexy view of her bottom taking her brother’s cock, her anus stretched lewdly around its girth, and cunt honey dripping from her excited lips.

“Oh, God… Oh, fuck… Eric… Fuck… Oh, God…” Jessica chanted, her mind erased by the pleasure of his cock and vibrations in her cunt.

“Give me that tight little ass, Jess. Good girl. Cum on my cock for me,” Eric whispered.

For once, Maria seemed to be speechless, but Jessica could hear her panting as she filmed the incestuous violation. The day’s teasing and the realization that she’d given her brother and father every part of her, the insane, slutty truth of it made Jessica cum violently. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she made little animal noises, grunting as she humped herself back against Eric’s cock. She spasmed and jerked, kicking her legs against the bed as the pent-up pleasure erupted.

“Good girl,” Eric whispered. “That’s our family-fucking slut. Get your cum, Jess. Good girl.”

Eric continued pumping his cock into her as she groaned and wiggled, then she felt Maria’s tongue against her clit, and she screamed something unintelligible. Her pussy clenched around the egg, her ass clamped onto Eric’s cock. Hot bursts of cum pasted her asshole, filling her rectum as Eric growled into her ear. She felt tears on her cheeks as she lay prone, tears of intense pleasure. The words rang in her head as she experienced the filthiest, most intense orgasm of her life.

“Family-fucking slut…”

 Chapter Eighteen: Family Fucking Slut

Despite having sold her virginity to her father, and then allowing her brother to take her ass, the oddest part of it all, Jessica thought, was laying on her tummy while Maria licked her cum-filled asshole. She orgasmed again while it happened. In the past few days, she’d pushed every boundary that she’d believed she had. Rather than feel reluctance or disgust at what she’d done, though, there was only perverse excitement and anticipation.

Perhaps, she mused as the escort tongued her ass, she didn’t really have any boundaries. She only had those things that society had told her were gross and wrong. Every one of those things, though, had been more exciting to break through than the last. Each experience, once crossed, only fueled her need for something else. Was this what being a slut was? Would she spend the rest of her life chasing the next kinky thing, the next experience, her perverse need to one-up her last slutty act like a drug?

Twitching in the afterglow of her incredible orgasms, and still on a sexual high, she thought that it might be the case. The idea was frightening and intriguing. A thousand filthy thoughts swirled in her imagination. What would it be like to submit herself to more than one woman at once? How would it feel to service the needs of three men? Four? More? How much pleasure could she derive from being toyed with in public, breaking that taboo as well?

When Maria was finished licking her, they showered once more, and then the girl took her to bed and held her in the dark, kissing her neck and stroking her hair.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” Maria ordered. “You need to talk about it.”

“It’s hard to know,” Jessica admitted.

Now that the egg was no longer vibrating her cunt, and her need had been satisfied, she was tired, but thinking more with her head than her pussy.

“It’s fun, I know,” Maria said, “giving in. Don’t get lost in it, though. We’ll play for a bit longer if you want, but then it’s time to dial back. Do you understand?”

“I… I think so,” Jessica said.

“Are you ready to start taking it easy?” Maria asked. “The last few days have been a lot. Not just on your body. Your head.”

“I… I think I want a little more,” Jessica whispered. “I want to learn who I am, what I can do.”

“Alright,” Maria said, and Jessica could feel her smiling. “Just remember. You’re in charge.”

“I know. I trust you,” Jessica said.

Maria kissed her neck again and said, “Then get some rest.”


Jessica awoke to the feeling of someone pushing her onto her back. Before she was fully awake, her legs were spread, and a cock was halfway up her fuckhole. She gasped, her eyes fluttering open in the dark of the room, and then her daddy groaned and bottomed out inside of her. Maria’s hand brushed the hair from her eyes and she whispered, “While you were asleep, daddy paid you $300 to fuck your cunt.”

Jessica groaned again, as Owen gathered her in his arms and pushed his dick into her again. She moaned and whimpered in the dark as he held her and fucked her like a sex doll, panting in her ear. Jessica humped back against him, locking her legs around his waist and taking the punishing thrusts of her daddy’s cock.

“He can’t get enough of his little girl’s pussy,” Maria whispered in her ear. “You better be careful, or daddy’s going to go broke buying that warm little hole every day.”

“Fuck… daddy…” Jessica hissed.

“Tell daddy you’re his whore,” Maria whispered. “Tell him how much you love selling him pussy.”

Jessica quaked and clung to him, saying, “I’m your… whore. Please keep… buying my… pussy, daddy.”

Owen growled and stuffed his cock as deeply as he could get it, flooding her pussy with his ejaculation as Jessica humped him. Slowly, his grip eased but he left his cock in her and kissed her in the dark. Eventually, he withdrew, and then Maria was licking her cumhole under the blanket.


Jessica sat on her knees, under the table, licking Maria’s cunt as the rest of the household ate breakfast. Soon after, her father left for work. Once Jessica had gotten Maria’s pussy off for her, she was allowed to eat her breakfast from a plate on the floor before Maria took her back upstairs.

While the escort sucked Jessica’s pussy, Eric sat on her chest and fed Jessica his cock. He seemed to be in no hurry, slowly fucking his sister’s mouth as Maria worked her up. Then, they traded places. Maria mounted Jessica’s face and rode her, while Jessica gave her brother his first feel of her pussy. Jessica moaned into Maria’s cunt as her brother held her legs apart and fucked her.

His long, deep strokes had Jessica creaming the sheets and clinging tightly to Maria’s ass as she came. Together, the three of them lay in Jessica’s bed, kissing and touching, until her brother’s cock hardened again. He spooned her, fucking her slowly from behind as Maria kissed her.

“I told you it wouldn’t be long before he was fucking you,” Maria said, stroking her hair as Jessica’s body jolted under her brother’s cock thrusts.

Her cum-filled pussy made wet, squishing sounds as her brother gripped her breast and hammered his length into her for the second time that day. After having cum, Eric kept her in a constant fuck lust, resting periodically, before he shoved his cock back into her again. He couldn’t get enough, it seemed, taking her from behind, spreading her legs, rocking her up and down on his cock.

Jessica was sweaty and sore by the time he finished with her. She rested, recovered, and after making dinner with Maria, she licked the escort in the living room until Owen arrived home. Within minutes, her mouth was full of his cock as he rested in his armchair. She ate dinner with her belly full of her daddy’s spunk.

That evening, Maria masturbated with the vibrator in one hand and her phone in the other, filming Jessica’s first double penetration. Laying on her side, Owen kissed her and groped her breasts, pushing the length of his cock into her pussy, her leg draped over his. Eric, behind her, guided his cock to her ass and gently opened her up. Jessica shook and moaned with her father’s cock pushed to the balls inside her pussy, as Eric spread her ass apart and eased himself up her backdoor.

The incredible feeling of fullness outdid the intense orgasm she’d experienced from her first ass fucking. Once Eric had managed to embed his whole cock in her anus, the two of them awkwardly pumped her holes until they devised a rhythm. Then, Jessica clung tightly to her father and grunted loudly as they sandwiched her, stuffing her ass and pussy until she felt like she was going to break. When the two of them pushed into her at once and began to cum, they had to hold her in place as she twitched and writhed.

The next few days became a free-for-all, in which Jessica finally reached the point of exhaustion. For nearly five straight days the three of them had constantly used her for sex. When there wasn’t one dick in her, there were two, or one, and a cunt in her mouth. Finally, after taking her daddy’s cock up her pussy, while sucking Eric’s, and Maria eating her ass, Jessica found her limit.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered, sweating and coated in cum. “Okay. I think I need a day to sleep.”

“Get out,” Maria ordered the two men.

Each of them kissed Jessica’s sweaty head on the way out.

“This has, without a doubt, been the hottest week of my life,” Maria said, holding her. “Thank you for trusting me.”

Jessica held her hand and nodded.

“I just need a nap. Then, I think you need to teach me about doing the actual job,” she said.

“Take as long as you need,” Maria said. “Those dates aren’t going anywhere.”

As they held each other and drifted off, Jessica tried to process all the warring feelings. She’d given up full control of her life to Maria for nearly a week. She’d been treated like nothing more than a sex toy, but even in her surrender, she’d felt safe and in control. Maria had been right. Discovering these things about herself had been an intense, erotic, and fulfilling experience. She wanted more of it, feeling as if there were so much more to learn.

She fingered the collar on her neck, the symbol of her submission to the other girl. Even in submitting, she’d felt that power over the three of them. She’d become their drug, just as much as the feelings had become hers. All of them had submitted to their base desires, their need for her. She’d gotten a small taste of the other side, too, the power that Maria felt. What would it be like to really experience it for herself?

She unsnapped the collar and put it around Maria’s neck, snapping it in place with a tired, wicked smile. Maria’s eyes widened and then narrowed as a grin spread across her face.

“You kinky little bitch,” Maria said.

“Hush, slut,” Jessica whispered and pushed her fingers between Maria’s legs. “You should get some rest. Daddy and Eric are going to wear this hot little cunt out.”

She slipped her tongue into Maria’s mouth and her fingers up her cunt as her evil twin squealed.


The End

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