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Rainy Day Blues

My sister and I were stuck home and bored on a cold wet day.
Rainy Day Blues

We were sitting together at the desktop computer surfing the net, not much interested in anything, not looking for anything special. It was raining and cold outside, our friends had other things to do that afternoon, our parents were gone somewhere. It was as gloomy inside the house as it was outside, my sister and I were bored. No – Way beyond bored, it was so bad we were actually socializing. She had ventured onto a celebrity gossip site which didn’t thrill me but some of the girls and women that kept the paparazzi and columnists busy were hot. I mean totally hot and while my sister babbled avidly about some young divas new shoes I was eyeballing the short skirts and low necklines.

Susan clicked on one article about a young movie heartthrob she was madly in love with and a series of pictures came up on the screen. The caption underneath one photo screamed in outrage “His Sister!” The picture was of the hot hunk lip locked to a super hot girl on a beach, both were wearing just inches of cloth that were supposed to be swimwear but didn’t cover much of anything. Sue clicked on the series of pictures obviously taken without the couple knowing as they clutched and necked on a blanket behind a sand dune on what they thought was a patch of sand hidden from public view. The brief paragraph below the picture gallery was an explosion of outrage that the super hunk was discovered seducing his twenty year old step-sister at a lonely beach while on a family vacation on some undisclosed Caribbean island. My own sister clicked through those photos maybe eight or nine times the entire time obsessing over the guy’s eyes and his body in the scant, body clinging briefs but blasting her own outrage at the series of incriminating pictures.

Sue sat back from the computer and looked at me “He fucked his own sister?”

“I didn’t read anything about them getting it on, just making out. And it says step-sister, maybe that’s not so bad.”

She turned her head and looked at me “She is his sister and they did it” she said with conviction, “that’s like totally revolting, I’m glad you never made a pass at me, I’d puke right in your face.”

“Come on Sue, give me a break. I mean like you’re totally hot but not like that, not to me anyway.”

Her eyes locked onto mine, a brief flare of intrigue blossomed then faded in her hazel eyes. Maybe two or three seconds passed before she asked “You think I’m hot?”

“Well duh!! You might be my sister but that doesn’t disqualify you from being a scorcher. You have an angels face, awesome ass, legs that go forever and mind boggling tits; you are hot and I kind of like you that way. It’s cool watching my friends drool all over their shirts when you come around. I should keep a supply of baby bibs for them.”

She came back “Did you ever think of me like that?” her eyes shifted back to the amorous pair on the computer screen.

“You mean, uh, what is the word for relatives getting it on, inset, interest?”

She shook her head, her long blonde pony tail swished slightly “incest; it’s called incest and people go to jail for crap like that.”

My curiosity was up “Go to Wikipedia, check it out.”

Sue put her fingers on the keyboard, brought up Wikipedia then did a search for ‘incest’, immediately about a dozen categories and variations of the word popped up. She selected the general definition of incest then my sister and I got busy reading and discussing.

While the cold rain fell outside Susan and I read and learned about an aspect of life and living that neither ever gave any thought too. It seems that incest started with Cain when he supposedly married his own sister, (since they were the first ever kids born there weren’t any other women around) and was not an uncommon practice throughout the Old Testament. It was even a more common phenomena in many cultures and societies, the Egyptians, Aztecs, and European Royalty were some of the better known practitioners of loving and marrying relatives. One old Roman guy, Caligula, was playing around with three of his sisters. We read that even in modern times incest is common even though it is supposed to be illegal and immoral all over the world. The last thing we read was that siblings getting it on was the most frequent bonding between related persons, followed closely by cousins (but not all cultures think cousins screwing is wrong).

“Why do you think brothers and sisters get it on more than others?” I asked Sue.

“I don’t know, maybe because its easy to be alone, it’s normal for kids to be by themselves when their parents are gone. Like right now, mom and dad have been gone two hours and wont’ be back for two more. That’s enough time to get nasty two or three times.”

I left the computer desk and headed to the kitchen for a drink, Sue followed me. We quietly sipped from our energy drinks thinking private thoughts for a minute then I asked her “How many guys have you screwed?”

She shot me a look of caution then asked “What the hell makes you think I’ll tell you that?”

I ignored her question and pressed with another “What do you let them do with you? How do you like it?”

“What the fuck? Are we playing 20 Sex Questions now? Those aren’t questions you’re supposed to ask a girl, that’s like totally off the Okay Scale.”

“You aren’t a girl your my sister and since we sat in there and learned something new about sex, I thought I might learn more about how a girl thinks, what she likes. I could use some advice.”

“Write a letter to Dear Abby, I’m not going to tell you what will get my panties off.”

I looked at Susan for a few moments running facts through my mind. She is seventeen, 5’8′ about 124 pounds. She keeps her straight sun yellow hair half way down her back, many times in a pony tail like just then. Susan has a rack of tits that magnetize male eyes, her body flows from her shoulders to a narrow waist then flares softly over the curve of very shapely hips and a tight round ass. She was wearing snug jeans but I knew that under the white denim her long legs were flawless, smooth and athletic. My sister was hot.

She let me ogle her for a few moments then smiled and said as if she could read my mind “You’re kind of hot too.” Her eyes strayed to my crotch “That’s a real nice looking bulge you have there.” She turned around and walked away and I swear her hips were rocking a little more than usual.

It was only after she was gone from sight that I had a completely unplanned impulse and called out “Hey, you want to fuck?”

Maybe five seconds later she came back into the kitchen and walked directly up to me, the tip of her tits were almost touching my chest. I couldn’t read her eyes, couldn’t tell what she was thinking, whether I was about to get slugged or kissed. She stood quite for a couple of moments staring into my eyes then gave me her answer “Yeah, okay, why not?” She turned and walked away again, I followed her.

My prick transformed instantaneously from slack to plaything. By the time we got to Sues room it was strong enough to rip a hole in my dockers. When I stopped beside her bed Sue looked at the telltale tent in my crotch and said “Wow, that was really easy” then started to open her blouse. My younger sister and I didn’t say anything to each other, we didn’t throw ourselves at the other; we weren’t in a real hurry while we pulled our clothes off . I watched her strip and she focused on my erection while I dropped my pants and underwear. Even though this was the first time we’d ever been together with nothing on, neither of us acted embarrassed. Once we were nude Sue sat on the edge of her bed, fell to her back, opened her legs and invited me with bottomless hazel eyes to stick my boner right into her cunt. I crawled up over her and lowered my hips between her thighs and just before I put the end of my erection in her I asked “Do we have to be careful?”

She licked her lips, crinkled her eyes in fun and replied “not today” then rolled her hips, pressing her soft warm pussy on to the head of my cock. We were a little dry so I hawked a gob of spit on my hand, rubbed it over the bulb of my erection then pushed into Sue while she held the folds of her body apart, opening her hole until the helmet of my hard-on slipped into her. I slowly stroked in and out of her three or four times, each time inching a little deeper before our natural lubes began to flow and she started moving with me. As the connection between us got juicier and we started warming up Sue moved her hands and laced her fingers around my neck. After about a minute of fucking we were both getting turned on for sex. What started as a casual ‘okay, why not’ encounter to fight off boredom was quickly becoming a heated, lusty bed thumping adventure.

Susan and I rocked and rolled all over her bed, not only were we fucking,we were having fun. By that I mean we weren’t so madly in love that we got lost in some deep emotional world, we could concentrate more on what our bodies were doing, the thrill and pleasure of pure sex with no emotional entanglement. I didn’t need to know she was my one and only, she wasn’t demanding that I murmur faked endearments in her ear to make her heart happy. What we were doing to each other was driven by pure, unemotional, nerve tingling, animalistic lust. Fucking for the sake of fucking. I could screw her without the risk of crippling the sex act by offending her sensibilities or causing her to doubt my devotion to her. If I wanted to fuck her left ear I knew I could ask and she would let me or not without being afraid that I would walk away if she rejected me. If she wanted to shove a dildo up my butt then lick it clean I wouldn’t break off our relationship the next day. We were not afraid of offending the other which made for a wild exciting ride on her bed.

I marveled at how it felt to slide in and out of my sister’s soft slippery hole, her cunt lips felt like tender pillows that cradled my balls when I pushed deep into her. Sue was watching me with bright, clear eyes, smiling up as I pummeled her body “This feels good Mac, why didn’t we do this before?”

“I donno, maybe cause I never asked before?” I pulled my prick completely from her then slammed back down and into her cunt.

Sue’s eyes flew wide open and she gasped softly “Mmmmm! Damn, do that again!” So I did. I plunged into her then pulled back slowly, enjoying the feeling of her body getting hotter, more receptive. My sister closed her eyes, put her hands on my ass and helped me fuck her. Our bodies were slapping together, her tits were bouncing, she was beginning to whimper her pleasure from hard ball banging fuck. Sue lifted her legs then held them high and wide with her hands under her knees while my balls slapped her ass. She began to gasp for air through her open mouth, wheezing pleasure as her tits rose and fell rapidly.

She said we were okay so when the end of my cock started to cramp I didn’t hold back, I just let it go. I pushed into my sister’s hot body and started groaning as muscle contractions forced both cum and air from me. I shot her full with long strong surges of rushing cum while she humped her hips under me. When she felt me relax against her she dropped her legs to the bed, shook her head as if to clear her mind then, “Wow, I just let my brother screw me.”

I pulled my unyielding erection out of her and fell to her side, Sue put a hand over her pussy and smeared my discharge over her fingers then inspected my cum. She wiped a large blob of the thick milky fluid across her left nipple then ordered “kiss my tits, lick them clean, I can get off that way.” I may have just unloaded my nuts into her but I was still running on a high charge of lust so her perverse demand spurred me to action again. I rolled over her until I was between her spread legs, my chest was pressing on her pubis then I started licking the effluence of my balls off her breast. I fondled, suckled and nibbled on both nipples while Sue squirmed and undulated under me. She pressed her tits together so the nipples were touching so I delightedly abused both at the same time. After a couple of minutes of erotic mouthing on her breasts she suddenly arched her back and sucked in a long gasp of air then moaned deep in her throat as she orgasmed, my sister tried to rip the hair off my head while she cramped. I managed to get free of her grip, pushed up far enough that my cock again pierced her hot, wet cunt.

She didn’t get a chance to relax from her climax before I started pumping in and out of her, bringing her quickly to a second orgasmic peak. Sue started crying short bursts of rapture as she quaked and I again gushed several rounds of incest into her hot hungry hole.

We were sated, temporarily. I was on my side looking at her gorgeous form, the long curves, shapely tits and thighs, pretty face and I knew I would fuck her again, not just then, but soon. She turned her head to me, gave me a ‘that was awesome’ kiss and smiled “Maybe we should get dressed, mom might not like seeing us naked together, she might get the wrong idea.”

“No, not the wrong one, the right one, you just laid an awesome ball bounce on me.”

“Yeah, that was better than watching rain drip down the windows.” We got off the bed and put our clothes back on, completely at ease with the other as if we did it every day of our lives. When I opened the door to leave Sue nuzzled my ear with her lips and whispered “Now we know how to fight off the rainy day blues.”

Man, right now I’m glad we live in Seattle.



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