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Pool Parties Can Be Fun

Mom and sis help guy overcome his shyness.
Pool Parties Can Be Fun

Have you ever wished you were popular in school? Seeing all those incredible looking girls in middle school walking around in their skimpy little slutty outfits. Seeing your sister waltz around the house showing off her incredible body in only her bra and panties? It can drive a nineteen-year old boy to drink, to say the least, but that was the situation I was in.

New boy in school, no friends, no girls, just a new kid that was trying in vein to get over the fact that his mother had just divorced his father. Causing me, my mother and my sister Allison to have to move to a new state because my mother couldn’t stand to see that bastard with one more new girl. Way younger girl of course. He would drive with them in his mid life crisis mobile right past the house and wave and smile at my mother in the most cocky, uncaring way.

It was more than she, and frankly my sister and me could take. My mother finally just got fed up one day and packed us all up, getting ready to move to a new town, getting ready to move to a new school. A new life. My eighteen year old sister was of course the most popular girl in our new school right off because of her gorgeous tanned skin, her 5 ‘8 body, long brown hair, green eyes, long sexy legs and 34/d breasts.

She also had a smile that could melt your dick completely off at the first sight of it, a fact I’m positive she was aware of, making it all the more enjoyable for her. I knew she had been the slut of our last school because of all the stories I had heard from my friends and everyone else in school but I had no idea how low she would go. She was a slut, and loved it, and I loved it. I never realized how turned on I was to her till one night when I had come home early from a night out with my friends and realized that of course I had forgotten my house key. I went to her window to try and climb in, because of the fact that her room was on the first floor and mine was on the second, when I realized that she was home.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

And not home alone either. She was busy giving a blowjob, a very good blowjob, to her new friend’s father. Her new friend’s 36-year-old father to say the least. She looked like a pro doing it. Quickly bobbing her head up and down. Taking it out of her mouth and licking up and down the shaft, sucking on his balls and then moving back up to the head. It was truly a sight to see.

I never told my mom about what I saw because I knew that she would have him arrested, and I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal but I never really thought that my sister would do that, considering she had only met that friend a few days before that, and the large difference in age between her and her friend’s father. I figured she would have to know someone for at least a week before she would fuck him. I hadn’t yet realized what a slut she truly was. I do have to admit the whole time I was watching my unbelievably sexy little sister giving that man the blow job of his life I was wishing that it was me.

Who wouldn’t? Seeing her go up and down his nine inch, or what looked like 9 inch, dick like a mad woman and seeing her jack his cock while he shot cum in her mouth and all over her pretty little face. I thought I’d go crazy. After she blew him and had licked up all the cum that had spilled out of her mouth onto his dick he got up and turned her over and I thought my nuts would explode right then and there. I thought that she must have the best body I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Her tits made me almost jump through the window on her and her thin stomach, hairy pussy. And long legs were definitely a sight to behold. She was lying on the bed and smiling up at him while he sucked on her big firm tits while ramming his fingers into her juicy pussy like a mad man. I was about to have a heart attack. Seeing him licking her all the way down her leg and sucking on those beautiful toes for a while and then licking back up to her pussy and eating her out while she screamed so loud that some of the plaster must have fallen off the ceiling.

Getting her ready for the wild fucking that she would receive next. I thought the bed would break in two before they were done. She had her legs wrapped around him and she was screaming in pleasure while he rammed his long, fat dick in and out of her. Leaning forward and kissing her passionately while fucking her. Finally taking it out after what seemed like a lifetime and shooting cum all over her fantastic tits and in her mouth. It was incredible.

She was incredible. I suddenly realized why my eighteen-year-old sister was the most popular girl in our last school. She fucked, and looked, like a porn star. After they finally got done fucking and both laid down on their backs on the bed they both looked exhausted as hell. She looked so satisfied I thought he would ask him to marry her right then and there but he just got up and left.

Getting up and walking out of her room and leaving her on the bed with a grin that I swear was going from ear to ear. I thought my dick would rip through my jeans as I imagined her, her best friend, and her best friend’s father in a wild threesome, which is definitely something I would pay to see. I don’t think he said anything after she scooped the last bit of cum in her mouth. Wham bam thank you mam and that’s the way she liked it, she always loved a quickie.

As I later found out from a friend at my last school. Telling me about stories he had heard about the way she earned some of her A’s. That was two days ago and I have been giving my sister sly little looks every time I’ve seen her since then. I could have sworn that she saw me looking in the window while she was fucking her father figure and smiled at me but I’m not really sure if she did. She has just been giving me wicked little smiles every time she’s seen me since then. Damn she doesn’t know what she’s doing to me! I think she would have said something but I’m not sure. I just hope I get to see the next one. I’ll bring popcorn.

I guess this is a good spot to tell you about my mother, Jamie. 5 ’10, gorgeous 34/dd tits, long curly black hair, and long skinny legs. She also, just like her daughter, had two gorgeous little feet which she always keeps painted with green toe polish. Gorgeous feet must run in the family. I saw her get out of the shower once but I didn’t see much, she turned too fast, making my jaw drop at the sight of her unbelievably delicious ass. She isn’t really pretty in the face but her body sure as hell makes up for that.

Well to get back to my story, my true story, I was feeling a bit awkward in my new school so I asked my, sickeningly popular sister, how I could get popular and she told me to have a pool party. Which was pretty convenient considering the new house we moved to has a big pool in the back yard. I said yes not only because of the fact that I’d be able to see some of the girls in school in their bathing suits but also because I’d also get to see her. And God help me my mother too.

It was a Saturday afternoon and it was like twelve in the afternoon when everyone started to arrive for the party. Girls in bikinis, guys with bathing suits. Me in speedos. This would be wonderful and my mother had bought a barbecue at the store that day so we would be roasting weenies and hamburgers. This was going to be great. How great I was soon to find out. I stood in the kitchen watching all eight kids file into the house one after another on their ways to the back door outside to the pool when I saw something that almost made my heart stop.

My mother and my sister were walking down the stairs from upstairs in the new bikinis they had bought at the store the day before. Holy Shit! I screamed inside my mind. I had never seen my sister in a bikini and to be honest with you she looked even better than she did naked. Her big tits spilling out from her little white bikini top. Her thin stomach looking smooth as silk. Her gorgeous toes painted red. She was definitely what you would call a heart stopper, and she wasn’t the only one.

My mother was following her down the stairs and the first thought that came into my head was what an idiot my father was. How could he actually cheat on this woman? She was breathtaking. A thirty-six year old woman with the body of a model and the personality of an angel. She was definitely a dream. She was my dream. She looked down at me and must have realized what I was thinking because she smiled at me in a way that I am sure I will never forget. Never as long as I live.

Smiling at me and looking down at my speedos with her eyes bugged out. The look on her face was classic, first noticing that her little boy was hung like King Kong, noticing how her month without sex had affected her. It was wonderful. They both brushed up against me as they were walking bye to go to the back door to go out to the pool when I saw them both look down at my new red speedos.

Both of them looking at them wide-eyed, realizing what puberty had done to my young dong, causing it to grow to a massive ten inches, making me the envy of all the boys in the locker room. I am a very shy person so I never had the balls to go up to a girl in school and just introduce her to my horny friend, which I’m sure would have gotten me a few dates right on the spot. I was shy but slowly breaking out of my shell. And this party would help, I was sure.

After they both looked down at my massive tool they looked at each other, my mother raising her eyebrows. And my sister licking her lips. I saw my mother whisper something to my sister and then they just turned around and went outside. Getting ready for the fantastic pool party that awaited us.

We were all out at the pool, playing loud music, jumping in and out of the pool, talking and laughing amongst each other. Then my sister announced that she had to go inside to give a CD to one of the boys at the party, me and my mother gave each other a, yeah right, look then we walked over to the grill on the opposite side of the pool to cook the hot dogs and hamburgers when I suddenly tripped on some shoes that someone had left sitting out on the grass, causing me to stumble wildly into my mother.

Without realizing what I was doing I reached out and to break my fall and grabbed a hold of her massive melons, knowing that they would break my fall. Knowing that they would have broken an elephant’s fall. I reached out and grabbed her tits and the look on her face was one that looked like it had been painted by Picasso himself. It was a mixture of surprise and shock. A mixture of surprise and relief. I thought she would get mad and slap me across the face but she just looked down at my speedos and then looked up at me and winked while smiling wide. Just turning around to put the hamburgers on the grill. Making me think I was in trouble when she realized that my cock was hard as concrete.

“Jimmy,” my mother said with her back to me, reaching up to fix the top of her suit. “I think I left my headphones up in your sister’s room. Can you go up and get them for me? With all the racket you guys are making out here I’ll never get my work done. Can you do that for mommy?”

The way she said mommy just about made my cock rip through my speedos.

“Yeah,” I quickly answered, hoping my mother wouldn’t notice that my dick was now hard as steel, knowing everyone else would as I walked by. “Hope she doesn’t get pissed at me. Her and that guy might still be up there. Wouldn’t want them to break stride or anything.”

“What guy?” my mother asked in a surprised way. Looking around at all the kids swimming in the pool. Looking for Allison, seeing some of the guys in the pool staring at her incredible body, showing a wicked grin. “Dammit Jimmy. She told me she wouldn’t pull this crap today. I knew I couldn’t trust her.”

Wait a minute, I thought to myself. I knew she was fucking around because I had seen her watch Allison walking into the house with that guy she was with. She had watched them walk inside and then she looked at me and smiled. I knew she wasn’t mad.

“I’ll go with you to see what’s going on Jimmy. I’m not going to have her doing that shit in my house.”

Then my mother flipped over the hamburgers on the grill and took my hand and we walked along the edge of the pool to go into the back door of the house. As we were walking along the edge of the pool my mother turned to the pool and noticed that some of the girls in the pool were eyeing my incredible dong as it was about to burst through my suit and then she looked down at my suit and smiled. Looking at the girls in the pool and winking. Taking in a deep breath of air. “See something you like?” She joked, pointing down to my raging dong.

“Um” I stammered. “Must be all this wind.” She giggled and turned back to walk towards the house. As we reached the back door of the house she opened the screen door, quickly facing me and pulling me into the house. Closing the screen and main doors behind us. “I want you Jimmy,” my mother said, reaching down to grab my tool.

“I think you want me too. Am I right?” After a couple of shocked seconds I was finally able to speak.

“Yes,” I stammered, hardly able to catch my breath, being taken totally by surprise. “That body of yours is making me crazy mom. Seeing you coming down the stairs with Allison in that bikini about made my heart stop. You look like a model.”

“Oh jimmy,” my mother gasped, giving my raging cock a quick squeeze. “I love you so much. I’m going to give you what you want. What both of us want.”

Then my mother took my head in her hands and mashed her lips onto mine, jabbing her tongue in my mouth as far as it would go, taking it out after what seemed like a lifetime. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this Jimmy. This day is going to change our lives.”

“I know,” I said, reaching forward to take off her top, gasping at the sight in front of me. “Oh shit mom, your tits are unbelievable. I knew they were huge but I never realized how firm they are. You look like a porn star.”

“I wish all of me was like that,” my mother said, reaching up to stroke her aging cheek. “So did your father. Guess that’s why he left me.” It was official. My dad was a moron.

“He’s stupid,” I said, reaching forward to caress my mother’s cheek. “He never realized what he had.” My mother stood silent for a second with her head held down. Almost looking like she was going to shed a tear.

“That’s ok Jimmy. You’re going to give me what I’ve needed for so long. What I have wanted from you for so long. Take off your suit. I want to suck on that giant cock of yours.” I must have broken the record for the quickest strip down, pulling my speedos off and looking at the look of joy on my mother’s face as she looked at my giant dick, seeing it stick up like a flag pole and seeing my balls hanging down like two giant weights. She was definitely pleased.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, watching as my mother’s eyes pop wide and quickly take down her bikini bottoms while watching me whack my dong. “Is this what you’re hungry for?”

“Oh yes,” my mother answered, taking my cock in her hand and leading me to the couch against the wall, sitting me down and dropping to her knees and taking my dick in her hand, guiding it to her open mouth, taking the head in and sticking it as far in her mouth as she could, bobbing her head up and down, taking more in with every pass, massaging my balls with her other hand.

Making loud slurping noises as she sucked in vein. She took it out of her mouth and then starting running the edge of her tongue up and down the full length of the shaft and then she looked up at me, kissing my dickhead and rubbing it on her face. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” She asked, rubbing the head of my dick against hear big, hard nipples. Rubbing it all over her big, firm melons.

“Remember when I walked into the bathroom when you were coming out of the shower. You covered yourself quickly and I said I didn’t see anything?”

“Yeah,” I said, short of breath. “I was hoping you saw something, I was kinda returning the favor of you almost letting me see you come out of the shower. I was hoping you’d throw me into the shower and fuck my brains out.”

“Well I did see,” she said, reaching her hand down to finger herself. “I saw that massive trunk between your legs and I’ve been fantasizing about this ever since. Fantasizing about what it would be like to suck your dick until you cum down my throat and having you ram your dick in me till my head explodes. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long.”

Then my mother took me back into her mouth and starting sucking very fast again, sucking me like a Hoover and sticking her finger in my asshole, rubbing my ass cheeks. That was all I could take, I could feel my cum rushing to my dick hole like a geyser at Yellowstone.

“Oh shit!” I screamed, shooting stream after stream of cum down my mother’s throat, watching in disbelief as she swallowed every bit, looking up at me and smiling after she was done. “That was so fucking fantastic mom. I never thought a blowjob would feel that good. I will never forget this as long as I live.”

“Neither will I,” my mother said short of breath, standing up and guiding my still hard dick to her pussy. Squatting down and ramming my entire length into her pussy. “You’ll never forget this either.” Then she started bouncing up and down on my dick like a cowboy on a wild horse. Bouncing up and down and grabbing the back of my neck and stuffing my face against her big firm tits, guiding my mouth to one of her nipples, making loud moaning sounds that I was sure would make everyone from outside run inside. Catching me and my mother fucking like rabbits.

“Oh shit I love you Jimmy! I have never felt this good! You’ve got the nicest cock ever. Please tell me we will always do this. I will be your sex toy forever Jimmy. MMM. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. I’m cummmming Jimmy!” Then I felt her nails on the back of my neck and I felt her orgasm explode against my dick sending a shiver of electricity through my already weakened body. Causing my balls to tighten.

“Oh shit mom!” I screamed, tightly gripping her waist with both hands and slamming her down extra hard on my dick. Thrusting my head back and seeing spots that were every color of the rainbow. “I’m cummmmming too!”

Then my mom quickly jumped off my dick and fell to her knees, quickly guiding my giant tool to her eager, open mouth, sucking me so hard I thought she’d pull my brain right through my dick.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I shot loads of cum in her mouth and down her throat, feeling like I was about to faint. After what seemed like forever she took my dick out of her mouth, slurping up the cum that was dripping out of the side of her mouth. “You cum in quarts Jimmy. Think you’ll have enough left over to fill me up later?”

“This is unbelievable,” I said under my breath, looking down at the pleased look on my mother’s face. “Are you serious? We can do this again?”

“Of course,” my mom answered, quickly whacking my dick while looking up at me. “You didn’t think this was going to be a one time thing did you? This is going to be a whole new life for us Jimmy. We can please each other like this every day if you want.”

“I want,” I quickly answered.

“Having fun?” my sister said from the bottom of the stairs, making my heart almost burst through my skin. “I hope there is some of that left for me Jimmy. I’m feeling horny as hell right now.”

“Mom?” I nervously said, looking down at my mother who was still holding my tool, seeing her looking up at me in a wicked little way, making me wonder why she wasn’t a bit shocked. “What’s going on?”

“Yeah Jimmy,” my mother said, motioning for my sister to come over. “This is all part of our little plan. We planned this whole thing outside after we saw that big dong of yours in your bathing suit. We saw it and we just had to have it. Is that ok Jimmy?”

“Oh fuck yes,” I said, short of breath.

“What happened to that guy you came in with?” I asked Allison, short of breath, seeing that she had stripped completely naked.

“Oh he’s upstairs,” Allison answered nonchalantly, looking at my mother and smiling. “I was just going to talk to him upstairs till you two came in but I got horny just thinking of you ramming your big dick in my pussy so I just had to fuck and suck him. He’s sleeping it off right now.”

“Oh Allison,” I stammered, looking at her un-fucking-believable body with my eyes bugged out. “I have been dreaming about this for so long.”

“Same here,” Allison said, looking at my big dong and licking her lips. “You’ll never want any other girl after we get through with you brother. That’s for sure.”

That was all I could take. Just hearing what this stage of their plan would be. Just hearing that they planned on having a threesome with me. My mother and my sister. I looked down at my mother who was still quickly whacking my dong and closed my eyes. Feeling the cum rushing through my dick. Feeling my mother quickly release my dick, feeling her place my hand on my leg and get up.

Wondering why she had let go I opened my eyes to see my sister running over to me and quickly falling to her knees, grabbing ahold of of rod. Guiding it to her wide-open mouth. Wrapping her warm, wet lips tightly around it. Quickly bobbing up and down to help me along, massaging my nuts.

That was it. Without a warning I exploded into my sister’s warm, wet mouth. Quickly filling her mouth with the cum she loved. The cum she needed. After I had finished she slipped my dick out of her mouth. Quickly running her tongue all over it. Kissing it at the head.

“Your cock is so lovely,” Allison said, still running her tongue along my dick. “Why don’t you stick it inside my pussy where it belongs.”

Then my sister rose to her feet and squated over my dick, slowly lowering herself down onto my dick. Quickly ramming it as far as it would go. Bouncing up and down like a wild woman.

“Ohhhhhh,” my sister yelled, clinching her teeth while looking up at the ceiling, tightly gripping the back of my neck. “I’ve never had something this big inside me Jimmy! Yours is even bigger than Julie’s dad’s! Harder too.”

I looked at my mother, thinking she would be mad to find out the fact that her little girl was fucking her new friend’s father but she just looked at Allison and smiled, smiling like a mother looking at her daughter’s straight A report card.

“Do you like her tits?” my mother asked, reaching forward to squeeze Allison’s tits while I fucked her, rubbing them all over. “They are fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen tits as nice as hers.”

Then Allison turned her head to her side so my mother could kiss her, thrusting her tongue out to meet my mother’s, moaning in her mother’s mouth from the intense fucking.

After another 10 minutes, or so, of intense fucking and ear shrieking screams of pleasure my sister looked at my mother and smiled, ready for the next stage in their plan.

My sister then got up off my dick and fell to her knees, looking over at my mother who had fallen to her knees right next to her in front of me.

“Are you ready for this Jimmy?” Allison asked in a soft way, leaning over to my mother and giving her a long, tongue lancing kiss.

Then my sister put my dick in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and moaning as my mother fingered her pussy. Then my mother joined my sister in sucking on her little boy’s dick, running her tongue along the side of it, following my sister’s bobbing, going to my nuts and sucking on them while my sister sucked me. I looked up at the ceiling and started to feel dizzy, thinking I was about to pass out.

Then I heard the loud slurping, the slurping of the lips I could now see, the lips that I could now feel tightly wrapped around my dick, my sister was bobbing up and down at what seemed like light speed, taking my dick out and running her tongue all over the back of my dick, flicking her tongue right under the head, reaching back and fingering my mom’s wet pussy.

Then my sister took my dick out of her mouth and sat back, pushing my mom down on her back onto the carpet, getting between my mother’s legs and running her tongue up and down in between her pussy lips, taking her clit in her mouth, ramming her tongue in and out. She reached back and grabbed a hold of my dick, pulling me to the floor in back of her, guiding my dick to her pussy from behind.

“Oh shit I can’t believe this!” I yelled, grabbing a hold of my sister’s ass and plunging my dick in her pussy from behind. “Oh sis! Ohhhhhhhh.”

I rammed my dick in and out of her as fast as I could, reaching under her and feeling her big tits, hearing the moans from my mom as my sister sucked her pussy like a pro.

“Oh Jimmy!” my sister yelled, reaching back to feel my ass. “I want this forever! You are my lover now! I’ll never want anyone else!”

Then my dick exploded in her. Causing me to collapse against her back, causing her head to fall into my mother’s cum soaked pussy.

“Oh shit that was unreal!” my sister said, gasping for breath. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had Jimmy. Think we can do it again later brother?”

“You bet we will,” I said, leaning down and licking the bottoms of my sister’s gorgeous feet, turning her over and sucking on her toes.

“You love sucking on your sister’s gorgeous toes don’t you Jimmy?” my mother asked, leaning back on her hands and smiling at her daughter. “How bout giving my toes a work over later.”

“You got it,” I said after taking my sister’s foot from my mouth. “I’m going to fuck you two all night tonight.” “I love you two so much,” my mother said, crying with joy. “This is our family now guys. We are going to be together forever. We’ll never need anyone else.”

We all looked up when we heard clapping from outside, seeing that all the kids from the party had been watching our hour of unbelievable pleasure from outside the window. Somehow knowing that what had happened was right.

Later that week me and my mother were officially married, making my sister our daughter. Moving all our things into one room. Later that month we found out that my sister was pregnant, pregnant with my baby. We were all pleased. We now had quite a family.


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