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My Son Ravishes Me

My son, who has a monster in his pants, takes his mother by force.
My Son Ravishes Me

My son had grown into a handsome, strong young man. His body was well sculpted with muscles and he had an air of power around him that made his peers naturally gravitate towards him, making him their leader. I was proud of him for earning the respect he had garnered from the other students but there was still that underlying fear of what was in his genes.

I worried that the blood of my father flowed strongly through the veins of my son and that at any moment those animalistic instincts would rear their ugly head, forcing him to seek out a woman by subterfuge to satisfy the urges inside him.

You see, his father had been dashing and charming, but he also took what he wanted.  From me…and from other women.

Well, now Nathan’s father was out of the picture, running from the cops with a woman he had impregnated who wasn’t me. So my only mission in life is to keep my son away from the temptation to act on that beast inside him. And the way he looks at me… his mother… sometimes scares me to death.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Scared might not be the right word – excited, perhaps. Yes, I get extremely aroused when I look back at those occasions when he would undress me with his eyes, the hardness beneath his shorts giving away what was on his mind.

This all began when Nathan returned from the doctor’s office a couple years ago with some news about our genetics. He’d asked if we could meet privately to talk as what he was going to reveal was sensitive in nature. So there we were, the two of us sitting awkwardly at the kitchen table waiting for one of us to break the ice and start this difficult conversation.

“You know how I’m… above average, in size, right?” His voice trembled slightly as he spoke.

I nodded my head. The sight of my son’s manhood had been seared into my brain for years ever since that unfortunate incident. I could never stop thinking about the way he had forced my hand onto his hot flesh, wrapping my fingers around him as he erupted all over me, and the look in his eye telling me just how much he enjoyed the pleasure he received from his own mother.

It wasn’t his fault. That monster between his legs was like an animal that acted without control. I’ve never mentioned it to him – no reason to make things uncomfortable around the house. However, after the initial shock of witnessing his size wore off, I’ll admit, I wondered… would he be better than his father?

“Yeah,” I murmured. “Your father was also very big, so… I understand why you are.”

Nathan leaned in close. I could smell his musk; a scent that always drove me crazy but was made stronger today because of the intensity of the situation.

“That’s not all,” he said with an edge to his voice. “Doctors say I have bigger balls, too. Not by much… but they’re just a bit thicker.”

I felt my pussy pulse in my pants. I couldn’t help but wonder what this would feel like pounding into me like his father had done for years – though, with much less enthusiasm in the later ones.

Nathan continued. “But we do share something in common.” He took my hand in his and looked into my eyes. My heart beat faster at this show of affection. Maybe there is some genuine care in his soul, I thought to myself.

He swallowed. “Mom, we both want… what we don’t have. It seems the men in our family need to breed with others who can match their sexual appetite, to put it mildly.”

My jaw dropped at hearing this revelation. I couldn’t believe it. How could my own son talk to me this way? And what…

“Nathan, we shouldn’t be having this conversation! You know it isn’t proper for us to talk like this!” I pulled my hand back, leaving his alone on the table.

He leaned in closer still, his warm breath dancing across my cheek. “But this is exactly what we should be talking about.” He stared right through me, forcing me to feel like nothing more than an object, a thing, like I was in the thrall of a hunter who was intent on bagging his next prize. “You crave the touch of a man; not any man, but a strong male, who can show you how it feels to be taken.”

His words had the effect of turning on the heat inside me, warming up my sex with thoughts of the forbidden. I imagined what it would be like to experience the kind of pleasure I hadn’t felt for years. With my legs pressed together, I couldn’t hide the rush of moisture that pooled between my thighs from his pheromones assaulting my senses. I tried my best to maintain some semblance of control over this situation but it was futile against the power my son exuded from deep inside him.

“Nathan… how… how dare you accuse your mother of such things!” I was mortified by his accusation that I wanted to feel my son’s big, thick cock filling my tight pussy! I would never stoop so low. The shameful wetness in my panties made the lie so easy to discern.

“You and I are going to spend time together, Mom. Time where we talk about this attraction we have to each other. We’re going to explore it and let it grow until the tension between us can no longer be contained.” Nathan looked at me with a sternness that brooked no argument.

My entire body flushed crimson at his statement, knowing that I was helpless in this situation and there would be no escaping the coming storm. I wanted to protest, to stand up and assert my place as head of this house; but I felt utterly defenseless. Like prey…

“So this is why I brought you here today, Mother. To let you know we have no choice but to explore our desires – whether you want it to happen or not.” Nathan grinned with satisfaction that he was getting everything he wanted without even trying. I sat quietly, stunned by my lack of any will to fight back, my body trembling with both fear and excitement.

“So now that we understand each other… we can begin.” He stood up and grabbed the top of my shirt, unbuttoning it as he continued. “Your breasts look amazing in this bra, Mom. Did you wear this special outfit just for me?” His fingers worked quickly, releasing every button until my ample cleavage was exposed before his hungry eyes. My hands moved automatically, pulling at the front of the garment to cover my nudity in front of my son.

“No,” he said, gripping my wrists tightly in his strong grip. “Don’t you dare hide your body from me.” Nathan used enough force that it sent another rush of fluid from my pussy into the soft material of my panties.

I felt so humiliated by this situation but all I could do was whimper pitifully. There was no chance for me to escape, either; as if something outside my mind controlled me like I was nothing more than an object to be manipulated to suit his needs. But that wasn’t quite true: I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay and see where this path took us.

The bulge in Nathan’s pants became prominent as he looked at my exposed chest. He licked his lips, staring at my tits, then reached up with both hands to open up the material completely. With the clasp now undone, my heavy globes fell forward, bouncing against each other as they settled into place.

“I thought you’d be bigger,” he scoffed, cupping them both in his palms as if comparing their size to others he had held before. Then his thumbs started moving over my hard nipples, eliciting tiny moans of pleasure from within me. His expert touch caused heat waves to wash over me and I felt a wet trickle run down the inside of my thigh.

“Now we’ll find out exactly how you taste.” My son leaned forward and sucked a puffy areola into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the raised surface of the flesh. Then his teeth bit down on the sensitive tip, causing me to gasp loudly; but he kept teasing my tit mercilessly.

Meanwhile, his hand slipped down under my skirt to caress along the wet spot in my underwear, rubbing against me through the fabric. Soon he hooked his fingers underneath it and pulled it aside to gain access to my slick folds. He ran them up and down, collecting some of my juice onto his fingertips, which he pressed against the swollen bud of my clit.

“That’s right,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “I knew you liked it…” He kissed across the tops of my breasts while his hand continued its work on my sex until I felt the familiar pressure building within. “Come for me,” he purred. “Give me what I want and I’ll reward you with the same.”

His words were followed by his cock springing free from its confines, hard and dripping precum. It was much thicker than even I would have guessed by the outline I saw previously and it was long enough to make my jaw drop at its imposing size.

“Oh my god… Nathan… you’re…” My mind reeled with anticipation at his length stretching me open, filling me so deeply with each stroke that it took my breath away.

He continued working his fingers over my engorged bundle of nerves while his teeth bit down hard into my shoulder, marking me. A flood of moisture flowed over his fingers as my orgasm crashed through me, causing my pussy to contract uncontrollably against him. He growled with approval at the feeling of my walls squeezing around him.

But that wasn’t enough for Nathan; he wanted more from me. He slid his hand from between us and pulled my head back, exposing my throat. Then his teeth left behind painful bite marks on the sensitive skin around my neck and shoulders. He bit hard enough to leave bruises but I welcomed the pain – it heightened the sensations coursing through my body like an electrical current. I didn’t want this to stop and I had no intention of doing so, even after all was said and done.

The sound of our panting breaths filled the room until finally he took pity on me by removing his hands from my quivering pussy, leaving a sticky trail over the soft material of my underwear as evidence of my arousal.

“Take them off,” he demanded. The authority in his voice made my insides tighten even further with excitement. He was in control now and I would do anything he asked, however dirty or embarrassing it might be.

I quickly unzipped my skirt, letting it fall around my ankles while stepping out of it. Then I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the panties, pulling them over my thighs and down until they hit the floor. I shivered slightly in anticipation of what Nathan would command next, waiting for him to speak again.

“Now turn around and lean over the table so I can inspect your beautiful ass.” His hand gripped my jaw tightly, holding my face at an angle while his mouth captured mine in a deep, passionate kiss. Then he spun me around by grabbing hold of my hips and pushing against my shoulders so I bent forward in compliance. My cheek lay flat on the cool surface of the table while my legs spread apart on instinct to allow him access.

“Mm, yeah… that’s better… let me see how wet you are for me.” I felt his rough fingers slide across the slick skin of my inner thigh, coming close enough that they tickled lightly against me before moving down to caress my other leg. Then his touch traveled between them once more, rubbing around my swollen labia and spreading the sticky wetness all over. My breath caught in my lungs as he dipped inside my entrance for a few seconds.

“God, Mom, you’re soaking!” Nathan moaned as he slid a finger along the length of my slit. “Are you this turned on by having sex with your son? Or is it just the idea of my big cock plowing you?”

The question seemed rhetorical so I didn’t respond verbally. Instead, I closed my eyes tight and braced myself against the table when I sensed him positioning his erection directly above my hot little hole. I waited in agony to feel his thickness splitting me wide open and filling my tight pussy.

But he never penetrated me fully.

“No, I don’t think that’s it,” he growled. His fingers dug deep into my cheeks, pulling them apart and exposing my anus to the cool air of the kitchen. “You just love taking cock. And I’m going to give you all that you deserve.”

Nathan rubbed the tip of his penis along my puckered sphincter, lubricating it with my own natural fluids. He was breathing heavily as he teased my most forbidden area, pressing harder until it breached my opening to slip inside just an inch or two. This caused another moan to escape from between my clenched teeth, though not exactly from pleasure.

His thumb continued to play with my soaked pussy as he sank slowly deeper into my ass until finally he couldn’t hold back anymore and rammed forward with an intensity that caught me by surprise. Pain flared up along with the heat between us as his thick shaft stretched me so wide it felt like he might tear me apart if he kept this up.

And that’s when it started; his powerful thrusts rocked me back and forth against the hard surface beneath us, scraping my tender skin raw on its rough surface. My moans became louder – almost animal-like – the more he filled my body with himself. I felt totally helpless against such power and completely out of control as my climax surged through every nerve ending.

“Come for me, Mom.” He reached under me to roll my clit between his thumb and index finger while still pumping away at my rectum with everything he had in him. I couldn’t stop the flow of my juices as they gushed out onto the floor. Then I cried out in ecstasy as a violent orgasm tore through my body. I was being torn in half by this monster invading me… but I fucking loved it.

“Fuck yes!” Nathan screamed when he finally gave up holding off and released his load deep into my bowels. The feeling of his hot sperm hitting against my insides sent me over the edge again until I lay panting in exhaustion on top of him.

He pulled his softening length from between my buttocks with a quiet pop as it left my hole gaping open. I could hear sticky drips falling to the tiled floor as our combined fluids poured from me. But even though he had achieved his goal, Nathan wasn’t done yet.

He spun me around once more to face him. His hands cupped my ass while he stood upright and looked deeply into my eyes. In that moment, something changed inside me forever – like we shared a secret no one else could know. It felt as though something had awoken inside him that couldn’t be put back into hibernation. Something powerful. Something possessive. He smiled down at me, making me blush involuntarily because of the way he stared into my soul.

I didn’t realize it then, but what lay behind those blue orbs would change me forever too.

His hand stroked softly through my hair as he continued to watch my reaction closely. “Your body is perfect,” he whispered huskily. “Every curve and line of it has been designed specifically to entice and pleasure me. That’s what your creator wanted – you’re nothing but an instrument to satisfy a man. And that’s why you have no choice in the matter.”

Nathan grabbed a handful of my tresses, tilting my head back so I faced him directly. His eyes flashed with something unrecognizable. “You’ll do anything to please me now… won’t you?” His tone had turned cold and commanding like someone possessed by an evil spirit.

“Yes…my son…”

“Then get on your knees and suck it.” He pulled harder at my hair so that my mouth opened automatically. Then I felt his cock brush across my lips before pressing firmly inside until it slipped past my tongue into the wet cavern beyond. Nathan grunted as his full length stretched my jaw apart painfully.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft, jerking up and down while his hips rocked forward with each stroke. My teeth scraped along his smooth skin and over its bulbous head as his cock hardened quickly, throbbing with every heartbeat until it grew larger than before.

“Yeah, take it all Mom,” he groaned above me. My tongue lashed back and forth against his member with frantic strokes until finally it slid down my throat and buried itself deep inside my hot core. Nathan thrust wildly into my face with no regard for how it hurt me physically. He was lost in the blissful feeling of having his mother on her knees servicing his big dick… because he commanded it.

I gagged around him while trying to catch my breath through the thick meat filling every inch of me. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” he panted. Then he pulled himself from between my swollen lips just enough that his release spewed onto my tongue. “Swallow it,” he growled as ropes of fluid hit against my taste buds. I swallowed everything he gave me greedily, like it was the only thing keeping me alive. It felt good to do this for him; it felt right. I moaned with satisfaction when the last drop landed on my tongue.

His cock was still twitching from the stimulation, spurting the occasional droplets of cum onto my cheek or chin. I eagerly lapped at his shaft, cleaning it off before licking around his heavy balls to collect anything remaining there too. Then I sat back on my heels to await further instructions from my master.

But instead, he surprised me by kneeling beside me. His hand cupped my chin while he leaned forward to kiss me passionately again. Our tongues entwined together, exchanging fluids between us as we devoured one another hungrily.

When at last the need for air broke our lip-lock, he smiled widely at me.

“Spread your legs.  Time for me to fuck that hot pussy.”

I lay back onto the cool tile floor with my legs raised and knees bent. Then he placed himself between them before shoving his hard cock forcefully into my tight cunt without warning.

I cried out in pleasure and pain at the sudden intrusion into my body but quickly adjusted to accommodate his size as he began pounding away at my pussy mercilessly. “Fuck yes!” I yelled, “Fuck me, Nathan. Use me like a whore!” The words shocked me at first – like someone else was speaking through my voice – but then I accepted the shame I felt for saying such things and gave myself over completely to the feeling of him violating me so violently.

Inch after inch disappeared between my labia, stretching me wider than any other man had managed before. And once he buried himself to the hilt inside my aching depths, Nathan held perfectly still for several seconds while his muscles tensed under the strain of fighting back his orgasm. When he finally did resume his frenzied movements, they became even more furious than before; faster, harder, rougher… it sent jolts of electricity coursing through every nerve ending in my body, causing waves of ecstasy to wash over me again and again until finally I screamed out in pleasure, bucking wildly against his groin like a bucking bronco beneath him.

And with my pussy walls clamping tight around him, I came hard and fast. My juices flooded his lap as my orgasm crashed through me uncontrollably – until it became more intense than anything I’d ever experienced before.

“Fuck YES, Mom,” he groaned, burying himself deep inside my gushing tunnel while letting go of his seed into my womb. “Take all my cum inside you… I’m going to make you my pregnant little whore tonight…”

He filled every ounce of my pussy until there wasn’t a single drop left within me and even then he continued grinding against me in order to prolong our combined pleasure for as long as possible. And when it seemed like we had finally reached our peak, his lips crashed against mine in another fiery kiss that caused sparks of pleasure throughout my entire body as our tongues fought for dominance.

We kissed deeply and passionately while our bodies relaxed from their exertions and I felt completely consumed by love and lust simultaneously. He broke from our embrace, smiling down at me like an animal about to pounce on its prey. And without warning, he slammed back into my swollen slit, making me moan loudly while grabbing onto his broad shoulders for support.

“Fuck you’re tight, mom…” he hissed, ramming himself between my slick folds again and again without mercy. “You feel amazing wrapped around my cock. I could stay like this forever.” His words excited me further. They sounded possessive and dangerous as if he planned to keep me forever. I moaned at the thought.

He pulled his length from between my legs suddenly, dragging it across my hypersensitive clit and causing my legs to quiver uncontrollably. Then his tongue licked slowly over my soaked petals, sending shivers down my spine when it flicked teasingly at the engorged tip of my bundle of nerves.

I cried out again, trying desperately not to come right then. I didn’t want it to stop so soon! But my efforts only lasted moments before he sucked it hungrily between his teeth, sucking away every ounce of my control over my body’s responses. I writhed helplessly beneath him, unable to stop what followed after… I screamed out louder than ever before as my orgasm tore through me uncontrollably! It went on for hours and hours while he continued playing with my swollen nub, alternating between licking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh until finally my release started to subside…

“There… now your cunt is nice and sore so you’ll know exactly where the line is between pleasure and pain,” Nathan declared smugly. He grabbed hold of my knees roughly, forcing them apart to reveal my dripping pussy. The sight caused his cock to pulse eagerly; precum leaking out its head. I gasped loudly at his rough treatment, but secretly enjoyed the rough handling. My mind was clouded with arousal, desire and need to be used by him… anything he wanted, I would do if it meant satisfying this insatiable hunger that had grown inside me.

The thought terrified me as much as it enthralled me – how could I ever go back? I didn’t care anymore that we were mother and son – I couldn’t deny that this felt too fucking good to stop now. This would never end; this bond between us grew deeper and stronger as I gave myself over completely to whatever he desired because he held my heart in his hands.


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