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My Big Sister the Wrestler : Competition Day

Kayla dominates her brother during nationals as a warm up.
My Big Sister the Wrestler : Competition Day

Valley Gym, Women’s Wrestling Nationals

Kayla sat on a bench in the backstage of the large gym that was holding the wrestling nationals, her heart was pounding with nervous energy. This was her time to shine, to prove herself as a dominant force in the sport. But something was missing. 

Someone was missing.

James, her loyal, submissive little brother, had been an extraordinary help the last couple weeks.

And today, on the most important day of her wrestling career, she needed him again.


James sat in the stands of the large gymnasium, watching the wrestling matches unfold. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the powerful women dominating the mats. He observed the strength, skill, and incredibly hot bodies of the athletes, his mind drifting to memories of his previous practice sessions with Kayla—the wrestling, the submission, the boundless pleasure he had felt.

Lost in his thought, James didn’t realize the girl he was fantasizing about was walking towards him. What the hell was Kayla doing? She should be on the mats, stretching and practicing before her matches. 

 She was wearing a fierce expression, her eyes glittering with determination. The sight of her athletic figure, wrapped tightly in her wrestling singlet, sent a familiar jolt of desire into James’s cock. 

“James,” Kayla called out, her voice loud and demanding.

“I need you.”

James’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was she suggesting what he thought she was? 

Kayla smirked, sensing James’s uncertainty, and took a step closer. 

“I have a match in fifteen minutes, and I need your help to warm up.”

James sat in his seat stunned with conflicting thoughts. And while he sat there dumbfounded, Kayla sauntered up to him, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him down the stands into a large matted wrestling colosseum. 

While she dragged him onto an empty mat off to the side of the concourse, she leaned down and whispered to him.

“You know my body, my strengths and weaknesses, you know which one of my muscles are hardened and which ones are soft. So I need you to help me limber up.”

Kayla’s body started to heat up as she lied to her brother. It was true she needed his help and that she wanted him to massage her muscles, but what she really needed was the adrenaline rush and the confidence boost she got from dominating him like the little bitch he was. 

James was still processing his feelings as Kaylas dragged him into the wrestling mat. Her strong arms alone were sending signals to his manhood. He could feel pleasure starting to rise into his cock. But this wasn’t like their usual training session in the comfort of their basement, this was significantly different, significantly more exposed. The crowd was in the hundreds in the arena cheering and hollering as the wrestlers competed all around them on the blue and red colored mats of the arena. 

He knew she wanted a taste of their usual sensual dynamic filled with teasing and touching and leaking, but they definitely couldn’t do it here.  

Could they? 

She surely wouldn’t tease him in front of everyone in the arena. 

Would she?

A fusion of intense excitement and trepidation surged through him as he stood beside Kayla on the mat.

This was a moment he was proud to be a part of, to be by his incredible big sisters’ side during the pinnacle of her career. He was so proud of her. But still, the risks of their taboo weighed on him. He looked at his big sister again, her incredibly ripped and toned physique was so hot it made his mind circle back to the first thought it had at the situation. Lust.

Summoning newfound courage, James met Kayla’s eyes and nodded with conviction. 

“Okay. I’m here for you. I want you to kill this, you’ve been working so hard. So whatever you need sis.”

A seductive smile curled on kaylas’s lips. Whatever I need huh? With pleasure, little brother.

Kayla wasted no time in taking command. 

“Take off your shirt,” she commanded, her voice permeated with authority.

James swallowed hard, his gaze resolute as it remained fixed on Kayla. He understood what she needed, and his body had taken over his better judgment at this point.

 He shed his shirt. Leaving himself standing in his shorts bare chested to the stadium and onlookers. And his hungry big sister. 

Kayla’s eyes roved over his exposed form, filled with unabashed lust. She circled him like a predator, savoring the moment. Her fingertips danced lightly across his skin, igniting heightened sensations. 

“You are mine, little bro.” she purred, her warm breath grazing his ear.

The words sent another round of pleasure filled waves through his body, making him shiver under her touch. Every nerve ending came alive, attuned to the anticipation of surrendering himself entirely to her in front of the masses. The ultimate humiliation.

Kayla’s voice dropped to a low, sultry tone. 

“Kneel, James,” she commanded.

Without hesitation, James dropped to his knees before her, his stance a symbol of his submission. Standing before him, Kayla embodied power and confidence. Her unwavering gaze bore into his trailing over his skinny physique. Without warning she walked right up to him presenting her strong muscular thighs in front of him, inches away from his face. 

“You like my thighs, my little bitch?

James nodded eagerly. He could smell her body at this distance, it was like an intoxicating perfume. And he could feel her hot body permeate its heat onto his face. He was completely under her spell now. 


“You have to earn my thighs. Kiss my feet.” Kayla instructed, taking a step backwards presenting her foot to James. 

James pressed his lips to her skin, not only as an act of submission but also as an expression of adoration. His kisses worshiped every inch of her strong feet, a testament to his devotion. Some bystanders turned their attention to the display, faces laden with confusion and intrigue. 

Kayla reveled in the control she wielded, witnessing how he willingly surrendered to her desires.

“That’s enough,” Kayla declared, withdrawing her foot

“Prepare my thighs now. I need to loosen them up before the matchup.”

James, still on his knees, looked up at Kayla. He knew what she meant. It wasn’t just about stretching or massaging her muscles anymore. 

Kayla, aware of the subtle growing attention on them, chuckled softly to herself. She could feel the heat rising between her thighs, her pussy getting wet at the display they were showing the world. With a sly grin, she reached down and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her two piece wrestling uniform, slowly pulling it down, exposing her toned abdomen.

James watched, his mouth dry with anticipation, as the fabric descended further, revealing more and more of her body . He couldn’t tear his gaze away from the sight, feeling an intensity in his body like no other. Her shaved pubes, presented her stubble just above her impossibly hot pussy. James’ imagination went wild, and his boner was standing at full attention now pressing against the fabric of his shorts, slowly letting out a drop of precum at a time, staining the gray fabric ever so slightly. 

“Slow down there, eager boy. A boner is natural in this environment, but if you start leaking people might start asking questions.”

“Focus now. My thighs James.”

“Your mouth is my secret weapon today,” Kayla whispered 

“So. Get ready to use it.”

Understanding the nature of his public humiliation, James nodded, his gaze darting around to ensure nobody was paying too close attention. He leaned forward, his lips making contact with the warm skin of Kayla’s thighs, planting soft kisses in strategic places as he feigned helping her stretch them. 

Kayla, her control and pleasure intertwining, grabbed onto James’s hair, subtly guiding his movements. 

As James continued to worship her sculpted but soft thighs with his lips and tongue, a wave of pleasure cascaded through her. Her body quivered with pleasure. With each gentle kiss and tender caress, she felt her arousal building, aching for release.

Kayla’s grip on James’s hair tightened, a silent command for him to intensify his ministrations. He complied, applying more pressure with his lips and letting his tongue trace languid circles along her sensitive skin. Her body responded with small shivers and subtle moans, barely audible over the roar of the crowd.

Now feeling a desire that demanded immediate satisfaction, Kayla decided to take their secret play to another level. She subtly shifted her position, maneuvering James to kneel between her thighs, hidden from view by the surrounding bodies and the perception of innocent stretching.

James, breathing heavily, understood the invitation. His hands trembled, as he grabbed her big, yet tight ass, her now throbbing cunt barely hidden inside her thin wrestling bottoms begging for his attention.

Careful to maintain some semblance of secrecy, James positioned himself closer, his mouth hovering just above her dripping lips. He savored the scent of her pussy, the smell made his mind go blank with need. With a flick of his tongue, he began to explore her lips through he shorts, teasingly brushing against her sensitive folds.

Kayla’s body trembled with pleasure as his expert tongue worked its magic. She bit her lip to stifle any audible response, her eyes closed in euphoria. Waves of need spread throughout her body, making it increasingly difficult to remain composed in the face of such intense pleasure.

Determined to give her the release she craved, James intensified his oral ministrations. His tongue delved deeper into her cameltoe,pushing the fabric deeper into her dripping cunt. 

Kayla’s control slipped as she gasped involuntarily, her hips subtly rocking against James’s mouth. Each stroke of his tongue sent tremors of ecstasy coursing through her, pushing her ever closer to the edge.

Sensing her increasing urgency and the growing attention, James focused on bringing her to the pinnacle of pleasure with every flick and suck of his tongue. 

In an effort to contain her loud moans, Kayla bit down on her lip, tasting blood with the intensity of it. Her muscles tensed, a coil of pleasure winding tighter and tighter within her. With a final surge, she succumbed, her body gently convulsing as her orgasm drenched her bottoms, dripping onto James’s face as he continued to lick, prolonging her euphoria.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, Kayla took a moment to collect herself, her breathing slowly returning to normal. She looked down at James, his face glistening with her juice, and a satisfied smile tugged at her lips.

“Good boy,” she whispered in a hushed tone.

“Now, put yourself back together.”

James got to his feet, shorts tented and stained with precum, as he surveyed his surroundings. He saw a few subtle but real glances at their mat from other close-by female wrestlers, their faces pink with desire, and embarrassment. 

With a subtle glance, Kayla signaled to James to take his place back among the spectators. 

James walked back up to his seat as the few women who had caught a glimpse of their act leered at him hungirly like a bird of prey. As he sat down in his seat, horny and embarrassed, the announcer’s voice boomed through the arena, introducing the next competitors. 

Kayla’s Match.

James couldn’t help but hold his breath as he watched his sister in action. The way she moved with agility and precision, her muscles flexing and glistening with sweat, it was a sight to behold. Each takedown and submission hold executed with flawless precision showcased her undeniable skill and power.

As the final whistle blew, Kayla held her muscled arms up victoriously, acknowledging the roaring crowd. Her eyes locked with James’s for a brief moment, and she sent him a loving wink as a gesture of appreciation for her little fuck doll of a brother. 



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