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Mom’s Weekend Beach Seduction

Josh's parents conspire for his mother to take his virginity.
Mom’s Weekend Beach Seduction

Chapter 1

Allison shivered as she struggled to keep her eyes on the road. The thought of her reason for being here, of taking this trip, was breathtakingly exciting. Over the past few years, she’d developed feelings for someone, someone other than her husband of twenty years.

When she finally tearfully confessed to her husband who the object of her affections was, she had a bag packed, papers prepared to terminate her custody, and a plane ticket to Mexico sitting by the door. Instead, he supported her. They tried everything, counseling, couples therapy, even swinging to get rid of the feelings, but her feelings only grew stronger.

However, they discovered while swinging that her husband, Andrew was ok with her fucking other people. It was just that the person she wanted to fuck was…off limits!

She pulled into the driveway of the bungalow she’d rented through AirBnB for this weekend, trembling with excitement. She turned to the object of her affections and smiled.

“What do you think?”

“I love it, Mom!”

Allison swallowed as she watched her eighteen-year-old son Josh hop out of the convertible, his shorts showing off his toned basketball player’s legs.

She expected confessing her depraved desire would lose her son and her husband, but she couldn’t stand seeing him every day without touching him, really touching him, any longer. She wasn’t prepared for Andrew to hug her close and give her permission to explore her carnal desire for Josh.

She hopped out of the car, laughing as Josh stood, legs akimbo, his hands on his hips, inspecting the exterior of the house.

“What do you think?”

“Fabulous, Mom, just fabulous! Give me the keys.”

“No, young man,” Allison laughed! “YOU get the luggage while I unlock the door!” She intentionally brushed against him as she walked to the door.

“I get the hard work,” Josh said playfully, sticking his tongue out.

“You stick that out again; I’m going to make you use it,” she teased. She knew exactly where she wanted his tongue!

“Raunchy, Mom!” Josh laughed.

“What? It’s a cute tongue!”

” Mom!”

“What? You’re so grown up your mother can’t tease you now?”

She snickered as she watched him struggle to get the luggage from the trunk. She proceeded him up the stairs, staying far enough ahead that he could look up her skirt as she did, very aware that under her indecently short skirt, she wasn’t wearing panties.

Josh’s face turned red as he followed her in with the bags, trying but failing not to stare up his mother’s skirt as she climbed the steps in front of him.

He was briefly speechless after hauling the luggage in and catching glimpses up his mother’s skirt. Josh’s sex life was limited to sweaty groping sessions with his girlfriend in the backseat of his father’s BMW. They had made it to second base, and he was still swinging for the home run.

The architecture of the house amazed him. It was a Cape Cod with a large porch facing the beach and utterly lovely. Josh checked out all the rooms while his mother went into the bedroom.

“There’s only one bedroom,” he said, striding into the bedroom after completing his inspection of the house.

Allison hid a smile as she turned around, her hand on her hip.

“Really? Huh. How silly of me.” She tapped her chin, pretending to think. “Well, I guess we’ll have to share!”

Josh stared at her dumbfounded. At 18, the idea of sharing a bed with his mother was at once offputting and arousing. He entertained the usual teenage boys’ sexual fantasies about his mother.

Allison barely managed to hide her glance down at his shorts. They were tenting slightly, though whether that was from simple riding up or what she said about them sharing a bed, she couldn’t tell.

“I can sleep on the sofa.”

“Josh, you’re 6′ 7″ and over 220 pounds! There’s no way you’ll fit on the sofa! There’s only one bed, so I guess we’ll sleep together!”

“Sleep together,” he repeated, shifting from one foot to the other.

Allison grinned and stepped forward, reaching out to bat his lower lip with a finger, shivering a little at how soft and pink it was.

“What? You don’t want to sleep with your mother?”

Josh was thunderstruck. He always had secret fantasies about his mother. Her double entendre frightened and aroused him.


Allison grinned wider while tracing a finger over his broad chest.

“Mmmm…maybe you should change into swimming clothes?”

“Uh…yeah. Yeah, I…uh…,” Josh said, shivering

“But first, we should let your father know we arrived safely,” Allison said, laughing at his discomfit.

Part of the agreement with her husband for letting her fuck their son was she had to keep him updated on the progress of her seduction.

She took her phone out of her purse and patted the bed next to her.”Sit here, Josh.”

She scooted closer, pressing her breasts into his arm and putting them cheek to cheek for the iPhone call. She flipped the camera around and stealthily gloated at seeing him staring into her exposed cleavage when he thought she was distracted.

She snapped a pic, having turned the shutter sound off before she left the house, of him ogling her, and then quickly angled it down to get a shot of her cleavage and his, now very obvious, tent. Then she turned it back up to their faces.

“Smile for Dad, baby!”

Josh’s head whipped around, thankful that his mother hadn’t caught him staring at her breasts. He grinned wide for the camera, his face red with embarrassment.

Allison lowered the camera, then squeezed his thigh just below his hard-on, making him jump.

“Ok, into your swim clothes while I send your father this picture.”

. “Um, yes. Yeah, I’ll…yeah,” He nodded, shivering at his mother’s intimate touch. “I’ll change in the other room.

Allison watched him walk off, grinning at his awkwardness. She imagined it must be uncomfortable to walk with a hard-on trapped in your very tight shorts.

She waited for the door to close and then whipped her dress over her head, leaving her nude. For a long second, she debated waiting for him to come back, letting him “catch” her getting dressed.

She decided to play with fire, staying naked while sending all three pictures to Andrew, reveling in the knowledge that Josh could walk back in at any minute and catch her in the buff.

Allison shook her head, pushing that thought aside. Teasing was one thing, but she didn’t want to over seduce him. She wanted romance and softness as much as she wanted him to fuck her.

She set her phone aside and pulled out her string bikini. It was little more than three triangles of cloth held together by yarn. The top barely covered her nipples, and the bottom created a pronounced cameltoe.

Allison was tieing the string on the bottoms when the door opened, and she heard Josh yelp.

“OOPS! Sorry, Momma!”

Josh had gotten an eyeful. He couldn’t stop ogling his mother’s heart-shaped ass as he backed out of the bedroom.

“Don’t you know to knock?” she coyly.

With her back turned to her astonished son, Allison carefully finished tying the G-string holding the bottom of the bikini. She bent at the waist, picked up the tiny top, and tied it behind her and over her D cups before turning around.

Josh gaped at his mother, marveling at how tiny the bikini was. It barely covered his mother’s nipples’ leaving most of her luscious melons exposed. The top was thin enough and small enough that her hard nipples made significant dents in it.

He was aware his mother wore such swimsuits when she and his father vacationed in the Caribbean. He saw the swimsuits when she packed. However, he had never seen her wear one. He unsuccessfully tried to hide his rigid pole from his mother.

“You like it,” Allison grinned, pirouetting. The tent in his shorts said her bikini had the desired effect

Josh nodded, his mouth agape.

She blushed like a schoolgirl at his approval. Her seduction was going well!

“Good. I guess you need your suit, huh?”

He managed to close his mouth and swallowed hard.

“Um. Yeah.”

Allison turned and bent at the waist, knowing the string of her bikini would pull between the cheeks of her ass and pussy, giving her son a good look at her ass and her cunt lips. She was being shameless and not caring anymore. He’d gotten one eyeful; let him have another.

She unzipped the suitcase, blushing as she knew her son’s eyes were roaming over her backside and fished out his speedos. As delightful as they were, the tiny garment hadn’t been her doing.

Andrew wore them and insisted that Josh wear them. He suspected his son’s cock was as big or bigger than his, and the speedos would show it off.

Allison also had a Hawaiian print cargo shirt to keep the sun off his back and a pair of flip flops for him to wear. She turned around and held them out to him, blushing harder as his eyes dropped to her barely covered nipples. He stepped forward, eyes locked onto her breasts, took the handful of clothes, and fled without speaking.

She sat down on the edge of the bed hyperventilating, trembling slightly. The good news was, her son was definitely attracted to her, assuaging her fears of rejection. Her husband, Andrew, had assured her that Josh would be attracted to her older, mature body.

In her anxiousness to fuck her son, the bad news was that she was coming on too intense. She didn’t want to scare him off!

She was intensely coming on to Josh. Andrew could attest that she tended to do that when she saw a man she wanted to fuck. She’d come onto him like a ton of bricks when they met twenty years ago.

Allison grabbed the gauzy floral pareo that left little to the imagination and pulled it on, then packed their beach bag.

Allison shuddered when she added the sunscreen to the beach bag. Having Josh apply sunscreen to her body was going to be interesting. She shivered, imagining the scenario with her son’s hands roaming over her body.

Her phone dinged, and she picked it up, opening it to see a message from Andrew.

Going well, I see!

She laughed and quickly tapped back.

God, I’m going nuts. You know how I am.

LOL, let me guess, you barely got into the house before he saw you naked?

She blushed. Her husband knew her so well!

Guilty, but it was an accident, I swear!

Roflmao, you don’t have ‘accidents,’ Allie. You just conveniently forget self-control, self-respect, and moderation when you get the hots for someone.

Allison giggled and sent him a picture of her flipping him off.

Hey, I didn’t hear you complaining last weekend at the barbecue when I dragged you behind the island in Deborah’s kitchen and gave you a blowjob!


Allison sent him a picture of her sticking out her tongue and quickly tucked the phone into her bag. She popped on her sunglasses, pulled her hair into a ponytail, and stepped into her flip-flops again. She walked out into the living room and sat down, waiting for Josh, who was changing in the bathroom.

He came out after a couple of minutes, and she suppressed a sigh of pleasure. The shirt didn’t cover his speedos, giving her a great view of his package nestled in the tight garment. He was wearing his flip flops, putting his cute feet on display, and he’d put on a baseball cap backward along with his mirrored shades. Her eyes slid up and down him, reveling in his buff body, robust from basketball training. She ached to run her hands over him.

“Ready?” she said softly.

He nodded, grinning and blushing in turn. “Yeah. Where are we going?”

“Hmmm, I thought after a long drive, we might get something to eat? The last time I was out here, they had some great food stands on the beach.”

“Oooh, you think they’ll have tacos?”

Allison laughed. “Better than that, they’ll have really good tacos, not the stuff you get at the chain restaurants.”

He cheered, and she stood up, grinning as he ran out and hopped into the car. She followed him out, locking the door behind them.

“I’ll drive,” he said.

“No problem!” Allison thought that would give her a chance to ogle his body without him knowing it.

She couldn’t resist staring at his muscular legs and the significant bulge in his speedos as he drove.

Chapter 02

The beach was full of laughing people, running around, and having fun., Josh found a parking spot after driving around a few minutes. They got out, leaving the umbrella in the trunk for now.

Allison took Josh’s hand, blushing as he accepted the gesture. The feeling of his large hand in hers caused her pussy to flood. She felt weak and vulnerable, and she was smiling like an idiot as he led her to the boardwalk.

Josh oohed and ahhed at all the smells and sights, but he had his heart set on tacos, so tacos they had. Twenty minutes later, they were sitting down to expensive, gourmet tacos. After a selfie with the tacos for Andrew, they settled in to eat.

Josh bit into them and groaned. “Oh My God! These are amazing!”

Allison snorted soda up her nose and wagged a finger at him as she coughed.

“No talking with your mouth full!”

Josh grinned impishly and swallowed before sticking out his tongue again. Allison lowered her sunglasses and gave him a mock stern look.

“What did I say about that tongue, young man?”

He blushed and grabbed her hand. Her breath caught as he pulled it to him and licked her palm.

“Is that what you meant?” he asked, staring into her eyes.

Allison swallowed hard at the sensuousness of the gesture. It was her turn to gape at him.


Josh laughed and went back to eating his taco, leaving her flustered and uncomfortably wet. She covered by digging into her own taco. Where had that come from, she thought. Maybe Josh was more experienced than she and Andrew thought.

After having The Talk with his son, Andrew assured Allison that he believed that Josh’s sexual experience was limited.

Allison desperately hoped he was right! She wanted to be her son’s first fuck. She wanted to see that expression of wonder and lust when his cock penetrated his first pussy, hopefully, her pussy. She was going to fuck her son no matter how many women he had before her. It would just be exceptional if she were his first.

They ate, stealing glances at each other the whole time. When they finished, Josh leaned back a little, patted his belly while sighing contently, then gathered the trash and disposed of it.

“Let’s go swimming!”

“We just ate! We should wait 30 minutes!”

“Mom, you know that’s not real, right?”

“Says who,” Allison said sassily.


“Oh. You learn something every day,” Allison said sarcastically. Well, your mother likes a nice break between eating and swimming, so how about we explore the arcade?”

Josh laughed and nodded. “Let’s go to the arcade.”

“Oh, Josh! Those games are mostly scams.”

“Come on, Momma! Don’t be a party pooper!”

Josh scanned the room, looking at all the games before settling on a basketball free-throw shooting game.

“You want to play this?” she asked, draping an arm across his shoulders.

Josh blushed and looked up at her. “Yeah! You can win prizes!”

“Oh, really? Like what?”

He led her over to the ticket changing booth, and she grinned at the sight of bunches of cheap toys, plushies, and a few tremendous things that would take a lot of luck and a lot of tickets to win.

“Oooh, look at that pink bear!” she gushed, pointing at the massive overstuffed bear that held a heart reading, Yours Forever.

Josh laughed. “Seriously, Mom? A pink stuffed bear?”

She grinned and bounced her hip against his hip.

“Shut up. Your mother is old and allowed to have bad taste.”

“You’re not old, Mom,” Josh said, wrapping his arm around her waist with his hand resting on her upper ass cheeks.

Allison’s heart rate sped up at the intimacy of his touch.

“Well, thank you, Josh. But I thought you would want that for your girlfriend. What’s her name?”

“Sarah! But you’re my girl for this trip!”


She bought him a handful of tokens and then walked over to lean against the machine as he fed it tokens. She smiled at him as the first ball popped out, and he started shooting free throws. At first, he was having trouble focusing with her standing right there, which she enjoyed immensely. But then he got into a groove, and she got excited for him as he sunk free throw after free throw.

The machine went silent and then let out a little fanfare before spitting out a startling number of tickets. Allison cheered while watching him pull them off, counting them rapidly.

“Got enough?” she said with a grin.

He shook his head. “Not yet. I’m going to win that teddy bear for my best girl! I’m going again!”

“Sarah,” Allison asked coyly, hoping he would repeat what he said earlier?

“No, Momma, you! I told you that! You’re my best girl.”

Josh pecked her lightly on her lips and turned back to the machine. Allison’s pussy flooded reacted to what he said and the kiss on the lips, they’re first! The triangle of cloth covering her pussy was drenched and slipped between her vaginal lips. Allison resisted the urge to pull it out with so many people around.

However, if they weren’t there, she would have pulled the bikini from between her swollen labia and let her son see what the real prize would be!

Josh fed the machine more tokens, and this time, he got into his groove on the second shot. She whooped and hollered excitedly as the multiplier climbed up and maxed out, Josh shooting basketballs as fast as he could grab them.

A small crowd gathered to watch him utterly trounce the Free Throw game, and he soon had a whole cheering gallery. The machine ran out again and spat out a truly obscene amount of tickets this time. Josh grinned as he counted them.

“One more,” he said under his breath.

Allison blinked as he fed more tokens into it, to the delight of the watchers, and then proceeded to pick up where he’d left off, pounding perfect shot after perfect shot from start to finish.

The machine made a loud fanfare and flashed the words Perfect Game! Before it vomited out more tickets than Allison could comprehend. Josh punched the air, counting rapidly.

“Got it!” He whooped.

“Got what?” Allison asked, flushing with excitement that Josh did so well.

“You’ll see. Wait here.”

Allison blinked. “Nothing gross.”

“Nothing gross, I promise.”

Allison nodded and then sat at one of the tables, waiting.

“Hey, Mom!”

She turned around, and her jaw dropped. The massive pink bear partially hid the grinning Josh. Her heart pounded as he peeked out from behind it.

“Surprise!” he said with a shy grin.

Allison hugged him and the bear at the same time.

“It’s wonderful, Josh,” she said softly, kissing him on the cheek. “Thank you! I’ll treasure it forever.”

“Awesome. Think we should send Dad a picture?”

Allison snickered as she pulled him close to her, angling the camera so it could see the bear, particularly the romantic message it held.

“He might get jealous!”

Josh blushed as she snapped the picture. She smiled at the sight of his face lit up red right alongside her cheesy smile and blushing face. She sent the photo to Andrew, excited to hear what he said.

“You ready for some swimming?” she said softly, stroking his hip and staring at him, their faces inches apart.


“Well, come on, let’s put this beautiful gift in the car and grab the umbrella.”

She took the bear from him, carrying it in one arm while holding his hand with the other. She was thrilled at the knowledge that people might think there was something between them more than a boy’s love for his mother.

I’m going to fuck him, she wanted to scream at them, I’m going to fuck my son!

They took a selfie with the screen, showing off Josh’s high scores. Allison fought down a shiver as Josh casually put his hand on her hip and gave it a little squeeze. She smiled and pretended not to notice when his hand slipped down the curve of her behind, and Josh got a free feel as she sent the selfie off and pulled up her messages.

Mmm, the way he caresses your ass looks delicious! Almost as delicious as you two look together!

Allison grinned and tapped quickly.

Oh, are you getting turned on by the thought of me fucking our son?

She waited, grinning, and then Andrew sent her a picture of him gripping his impressive erection through his shorts.

This tell you anything?

She grinned wider as she tapped out.

You Dirty old man, wanting your son to fuck your wife!

Well, of course. We want the boy to learn about sex properly, don’t we? And who better to teach him than his slut mom?

Allison snorted, her face turning beet red.

Stop, I’m going to lose it right here on the boardwalk.

LOL, fine, fine, I’ll stop.

She blushed, tapping out her reply.

Got to go, talk later.

Uh-huh. Have fun!

Minutes later, the bear was stashed in the car, and Josh sat the umbrella into a small clear section of the beach. Allison laid out the towels and set the sunscreen where he could see it.

After the romantic gesture of winning the pink bear and their first, albeit accidental kiss, Allion was torn. Should she go for her usual high-powered seduction or take it at his softer, cuter pace? She would fuck him on the beach right now with a crowd watching; She was so hot for him!

Allison felt like they were on a date, and he was trying to impress her. She knew teenage boys did that when they were trying to seduce their girlfriends. That wasn’t necessary for her. Her body ached for him! All he needed to do was push her on her back, and her legs would pop into the air, her pussy ready for his cock!

“Um, Mom?”

She turned and fought back a grin at seeing him holding the sunscreen. He looked like he was trying to get up the courage to step off a cliff.

“Would you, um, help me put this on?”

It took an effort of will for Allison to keep her mouth shut. She’d expected him to look for an excuse to touch her. She hadn’t expected him to offer to let her touch him! She swallowed hard, her mouth dry, her bottoms soaked.

“Of course, baby,” she said softly.

She watched him slip out of his shirt, marveling at the beauty of him. Andrew usually puts sunscreen on him for obvious reasons. Now her heart was pounding out of her chest as she contemplated the prospect of her hands going…everywhere on her son’s body.

Allison had the presence of mind to reach into the bag and fiddle with something, giving her a chance to recover. She glanced out of the corner of her eye as Josh bundled up his shirt and dropped it on his towel.

She swallowed hard when he stepped in front of he, his cock at eye level as she sat in front of him. It took a herculean effort not to kiss his bulge!

She squirted sunscreen on her hands and started at his ankles. Slowly, her hands slid up his toned calves, massaging them gently, her eyes locked to her work, avoiding looking at his crotch. She held her breath as she felt his skin, warm and soft, and his hard athlete’s muscles.

Allison trembled as she ran out of sunscreen just as her hands brushed the point where his legs met, tapping lightly against his butt and groin as she worked the last of the lotion into the top of his leg. His speedos were tenting hard, and she tried not to stare at them as she slowly, worshipfully, did the other leg.

They were breathing a hard as she started on his arms, working from his shoulders down to his hands, watching the smooth, bronzed skin slide under her hands. Then she slowly rubbed sunscreen into his broad chest, teasingly flicking his nipples, her hand brushing the top of his speedos as she got his stomach, her wrists brushing his erection.

She turned him around and got his neck and shoulders and his back, watching the taut muscles twitch under her fingers. She fought the urge just to keep rubbing him, to pull him into her lap and kiss him senseless.

“A-All done,” she said, forcing her voice to be bright and happy instead of lustful.

He turned around, a smile on his face. “Do you need help with the sunscreen?”

“Sure,” Allison said, shivering at the thought of her son’s hands on her body.

And then the sounds of the beach came back, and she realized that if she let him do what she’d just done, someone would take notice, and that could be a problem. She smiled a little regretfully, hoping he could see it.

“Get my back?”

He nodded, and to her shock and delight, he winked at her. WINKED! Does he suspect what’s going on,” she thought?

Allison smiled while pulling off her coverup and grabbing the sunscreen. She squirted a little into his hand and then some onto her own and went to work covering the insane amount of skin she showed in the string bikini.

For most of the afternoon, the men at the resort ogled her near-naked body. Their significant others, on the other hand, frowned, muttering under their breath about the brazenness of that hussy.

Allison briefly regretted her choice, thinking that maybe if she hadn’t gone for such a shock and awe approach, she wouldn’t be groping her breasts in public. Then she looked up and saw Josh watching her with his mouth agape, all but drooling, and she knew it was worth it. Her son wanted her! He wanted her as no man had ever wanted a woman! Unless that man was like Josh and wanted to fuck his mother also!

It was a look only a son would have while contemplating sampling the forbidden fruit of his mother’s pussy. Allison shivered, thinking of teaching her son how to lick her pussy.

She added a couple of extra squeezes before moving onto her stomach and arms. Josh watched with a goofy smile on his face as she stood up and coated her legs, her hands smoothing the lotion onto her skin as she tightened her muscles and pointed her toes to make them look hotter.

She finished and stood up, rubbing some into her neck and shoulders. “Josh? My back?”

He jumped and nodded. “Right. Sorry.”

She turned a little so he could get her back and bit down on her lip to keep her moans in check. His hands felt amazing, strong but soft and wonderful, as they glided over her skin. She’d have to get her butt, just in case someone was watching, but she felt his hands skim her lower back, trailing dangerously close to it. She let him go on as long as she dared and then turned around, catching his hands in hers with a small smile.

“Thank you, baby.”

Allison stood on her tiptoes, intending to kiss him on the nose. At the last second, he tilted his head up, and their lips brushed. She shivered and froze a second, thinking she felt a hint of his tongue on her lips before her self-preservation kicked in, and she pulled back, smiling.

“Ready for some fun in the water?”

He nodded, grinning like the cat that had swallowed the canary.

He doesn’t know, but he suspects, she thought!

Allison tapped him on the nose, winking, and then he took off for the water, whooping as he splashed in.

She blew out a shaky breath and leaned down, stopping the video recording on her phone. She watched the video, just enough to see that the camera had been at a good angle, and then skipped to the end. She blushed, grinning softly, as she rewatched their first kiss, knowing she had it on video forever. She emailed the video to Andrew and then checked her messages, needing a moment to cool down.

Well, look at that teddy bear! Did he win that for you?

Yep! He even shot a perfect game of free throws; it was so incredibly hot to watch.

You know you HAVE to sleep with him now, right? I mean, he got you a bear and everything.

Oh, believe me, we’re getting there! Did you get the video yet?

Hang on; I just got it.

She waited impatiently, knowing the video was four minutes and a few seconds long. It would take a minute to download it, and The phone dinged, and she laughed at the sight of a video from Andrew. It showed him masturbating, stroking himself to the sight of her rubbing lotion on herself and her son.


I’m not the one that had a smoking hot kiss with our eighteen-year-old son!

She shivered, touching her lips, remembering that kiss.

God, it WAS hot, wasn’t it? I think he tongued me!

I nearly blew a load just watching! You’ve almost got him. Get back at it, woman!

She laughed and tapped rapidly.

God, I love you, Andy. Going for a swim, talk to you later.

She tucked her phone into her beach bag and looked out into the water to see Josh waving at her, splashing in the water. She laughed and waved back as she walked towards the water. Allison squealed and laughed harder when her son splashed her the moment she came into range. She splashed him back, and they had a nice water splashing fight before they struck out for a swim.

Allison treaded water, resting when they got out to deeper water. Josh playfully swam around her, mimicking the music from Jaws. Allison watched him, grinning.

Josh had always been at home in the water. She and Andrew enrolled him in swim classes before he could walk. He was an excellent swimmer with a possible college scholarship as a swimmer and/or a basketball player.

He passed behind her, and Allison’s eyes widened when his hand brushed across her butt. In the string bikini, it meant he touched bare skin. The heat rose in her face. Josh had changed her plan; he was seducing her!

Allison grinned at Josh when he swam in front of her. He studied her face for a reaction to his transgression. As he swam past her, she reached out, brushing the top of his thigh, simultaneously winking at him.

He grinned and swam around behind her, still pretending to be a shark circling its prey. His mother shivered when the palm of his hand brushed her ass, lightly cupping it.

Grab a handful, why don’t you, she thought?

Allison brushed his erection when Josh swam in front of her. Tremors shook her body! She ached to wrap her hand around his cock, better yet, her lips!

Allison bit her lip when her son’s hand brushed her breast as he passed around her. This time the expected brush to her ass didn’t come as he swam behind her. She was disappointed. Maybe it had been accidental? Perhaps she was reading too much into this whole thing?

Josh swam around in front of her. He looked her straight in the eye as his fingertips trailed over her pussy.

She gasped, and he grinned wider. He slipped behind her before she could react. He stroked her ass again and then came to a stop in front of her, treading water.


She licked her lips, tasting sea salt.

“Yeah, baby?”

Josh glanced around, checking that they were away from others. He swam closer to her and lowered his voice a little.

“I, um, just…please don’t be mad, but…are you coming onto me? Or am I imagining this?”

Allison took a deep breath, reached out, grabbed his cock in her hand, and squeezed it.

“You’re not imagining things, baby.”

Josh shivered and stared at her with a stunned look on his face.

“You’re really…I mean, really?”

She nodded, trying to suppress her concern that she had gone too far.

“Yeah. Is that bad?”

Josh broke out in a slow smile. “Well…I mean, I’m a little annoyed?”

Allison felt like she’d been punched. “Oh. I…I’m sorry, baby, I-“

Josh shook his head rapidly, reaching up to touch her lips with a finger, quieting her.

“No, Mom. I’m annoyed because when I walked in on you earlier when you were putting on your bikini, I wanted to…do stuff. If I’d known then…well, we might not have made it to the beach.”

The knot in Allison’s stomach unclenched, and warmth flooded her. “Oh. Well. I, for one, wouldn’t have given up our first date for anything.”

Josh shivered and blushed. “Me neither. But, um, Mom?”

“Yeah, baby?”

He took a deep breath. “Can we go back to our place? I…I want to be closer to you, and I can’t with all these people watching.”

Allison shivered and grinned. “On one condition.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What?”

She slipped closer, so their bodies touched, and murmured,

“This is a romantic vacation, young man, and while I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time in our lovely rental, we will not be spending all of our time there, understood?”

“Yes, Mom.,” Josh grinned.

She giggled and struck out for shore, swimming quickly. She groaned when she stood up out of the water, the heaviness of reclaimed weight making her ache.

Josh popped up beside her a moment later, showing no such difficulty, and ran for the towels.

She laughed, slogging along at a leisurely pace. But by the time she got to him, he’d stuffed everything into the beach bag and broken down the umbrella. She grinned and hugged him, enjoying the feeling of skin on skin.

“My, what a gentleman you are!”

He laughed and followed her to the car. They loaded stuff into the trunk, and she retrieved her phone out of the bag, smiling at the sight of the teddy bear in the backseat. She slipped into the car, still clad in just her string bikini and Josh in his speedos. She held up her phone, grinning.

“Mind if we take a selfie for Dad?”

Josh went still, his face falling as though he’d been slapped back to reality.

“Mom…I…I’m not sure…I mean, wouldn’t you be…you know…”

Allison smiled, her heart bursting with love.

“God, you are the perfect gentleman,” she murmured.

She leaned over and kissed him on the lips, then touched their foreheads together.

“Your father knows, Josh. We’ve consensually enjoyed other partners before, and I have his permission to be here with you. The selfies tracked the progress of our first date for your Dad as he cheers from home.”

Josh grinned slowly.

“Dad’s…really ok with us having a closer relationship?”

She nodded. “I made a recording of us putting sunscreen on, and I have video evidence that your father enjoyed that immensely.”

“Oh. Uh,” Josh said, turned bright red.

“Wanna see,” She grinned saucily.

“No! No, uh, not right now. Thanks.” He shook his head to clear it and then grinned at her. “So..this isn’t like, a summer fling? Once and done?”

“I hope not,” Allison said earnestly. “I know you’re going to have girlfriends, and that as it should be. I’d like us to be more than a casual fuck, but…you can end things at any time, ok? No punishment, no wheedling, no guilt, just an amicable parting. Got it?”

Josh grinned hugely. “Mom, I think one of us is going to have to die before I call it off.”

“You are such a sweetheart, baby,” she laughed.”

She sighed dreamily, staring at his handsome face.

“So anyway. Are you ok with pictures and selfies and stuff, sharing this with your father at a distance?”

“Um. He’s not gonna, like…want to have sex with me too, is he?”

“Your dad’s as straight as an arrow. It’s the sharing me, and seeing who I’m sleeping with, that he enjoys.”

Josh expelled a sigh of relief. “Cool! In that case, let’s tease the fuck out of Dad!”

“Language!” she said, laughing.

He grinned. “I’m old enough to have sex, but not old enough to swear?”

She stuck out her tongue, and he grinned. “Didn’t you say we had to use it if we stuck it out?”

She laughed and batted his shoulder before leaning against him. “Stop teasing and smile.”

“You know, if we really want to tease your Dad, we should reach into each other’s swimsuits?”

Josh grinned. “That sounds awesome.”

Allison pulled back, only for Josh to grab her arm and pull it around behind him. He pushed his speedos down and guided her hand to it. He grinned as he pushed aside her bikini bottom and cupped her pussy.

Allison shook with lust as she stared at her hand, holding her son’s cock for the first time. She looked up at him, almost nose to nose.

Allison gasped as her son’s fingers fiddled at the edge of her g-string and pushed under it, sliding down to stroke her cleft. She shuddered and rested her forehead on Josh’s, panting. He grinned and started running his fingertips up and down her slit.

“Wow, Mom, you are…really wet.”

She grinned. “That’s what you do to me, baby.”

He shivered. “Think we could get away with pulling our suits completely off so he can see?”

She grinned wider and looked up and around the parking lot. They were parked out of the way, away from the other cars.

“Yeah. But let’s be quick about it.”

She gently tugged his suit away, tucking it under his balls. She moaned softly as his beautiful male parts came into view, causing her mouth to water with the desire to lean down and have a taste.

She was so focused that she wasn’t watching the hand in her lap, and so she was caught off guard when two fingers slid into her pussy. She pressed the back of the hand holding the phone to her mouth to muffle her guttural moan of desire as her son’s fingers slipped into her pussy.

Allison uncrossed her eyes and looked down at her son’s two middle fingers sunk into her up to the last knuckle.

“You,” she said breathily, “are a horrendous tease.”

He grinned and kissed her cheek, wiggling his fingers, making his mother squeak and gasp.

“Guess I take after my Mom in that regard.”

She huffed out a breath and settled her hand around the base of his cock and balls, gently pulling them away from his body slightly. He groaned and laid his head back, grinning as his face turned red.

“Yup,” he said tightly, wiggling his fingers for emphasis. “Definitely take after my Momma in the teasing department.”

She grinned and found an angle that would show their faces and laps simultaneously, making sure they were touching each other sexually.

“Quick, kiss me.”

Hey pressed their lips together. Allison intended to peck him on the lips, snap the picture and pull back.

She managed to get the picture, but the feeling of her son’s lips against hers, that soft, perfect mouth that she forgot to break it off.

Allison moaned and dropped the phone, reaching up to cup his face, leaning into the kiss. Josh shivered, and his lips parted, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth.

He whimpered, pressing his tongue to hers, and they kissed, slowly and sensuously. She finally managed to pull back, releasing her son’s meat and, with an effort, pushing herself back into her seat. She groaned as his finger slipped out of her. She reached down after a few seconds of panting to grab her phone.

“Sorry,” she said, licking her lips. “I meant for it to be a quick one, but you tasted so good-“

Josh giggled. “I cannot wait until I’m old enough to kiss you in public,” he said with a grin.

She smiled, pushing aside that dreamy thought for the moment, and checked the picture. It was perfect; their lips pressed together, his head just starting to tilt to deepen the kiss, their hand on each other…she thought she might have to frame it and hang it in her bedroom. She sent it to Andrew with the simple caption:

He knows!

She tucked her phone in the console, grinning at him. “Your dad is going to love that.”

“Can I see,” Josh asked, reaching for her iPhone?

Allison hesitated, then unlocked her phone for him, navigating to the folder she’d been storing their pictures.

“Don’t look elsewhere; you might see things you don’t want to.”

“So there’s porn of you in here,” he said, grinning slyly?

She arched an eyebrow as Josh started the car and pulled out. “Me and your Dad, yeah.”

Josh shuddered. “Point taken.”

She laughed as he pulled out into the road. “Your Dad isn’t all that bad to look at, you know.”

He coughed. “Yeah, but..Dad!”

“And I’m your mother!”

He hesitated. “That’s…different.”

She squeezed his thigh as he drove down the road paralleling the beach. “I know, bab-baby! Put your cock away!”

“But Mom, I thought you might…you know!”

“No! If we get pulled over cause someone sees me sucking your cock, that’s going to get me in a lot of trouble, young man. No public sex with an adult until later.”

He groaned and tucked his hard-on back into his speedos. He glared at her phone for a moment, and then his eyes widened.


She stared at her son with a small smile. He was like his father in so many ways.

“And only partners your age other than me for now. I want you to myself for now! At some point, I’ll share you with my friends!”

“You’re going to spoil me for girls my age, Mom.”

“Believe me, girls your age have any number of charms.”

Josh squeezed her breast quickly before pulling his hand back to the steering wheel. “They don’t have your gorgeous tits.”

Allison made an outraged sound. “Young man, what did I just say about now public sex!”

“I know, no public sex!”

She waited for him to finish and then glanced over to see him blushing fiercely. She looked at the phone and saw he was looking at the photo of his hard-on and her boobs.

“Like it? I’m pretty proud of that one.”

He sighed and glared at her. “You are a very sneaky lady, Mom.”

She chuckled as he pulled up to their rental.

“Yes, well. You’ll thank me when you look back years later, and you have photo evidence of our first date, in all its glory.”

Josh hopped out of the car and looked up and down the semi-private beach fronting their rental. He walked around and opened the door for his mother.

“Such a gentleman,” Allison gushed, stepping out of the car.

“OH,” she gasped when Josh embraced her and pushed her bottoms off. “What are you doing? What if someone sees us?”

Josh grasped Allison’s hips and lifted her off the ground. Allison’s legs popped in the air and instinctively wrapped around her son. She groaned when her son’s cock entered her for the first time.

She had so many plans for this seduction. She planned on candles, soft lights, and maybe a bottle of wine. Those were window dressing, and they could do that later this weekend. Right now, she wanted to be her son’s slut. And if someone saw them, so be it!

“Slower, baby, slower! What are you doing,” she gasped as Josh slowed down, taking long deep strokes.

“I’m setting up your iPhone on the hood of the car, so Dad can watch us fuck!”

“Language, Josh, Language!”

Andrew answered the Face time request, expecting to see his wife.

“Oh my fucking god,” he exclaimed.

The angle wasn’t good; the phone was leaning against the windshield. However, it was good enough for him to see his wife lying on the hood of her car with their son fucking her. Andrew recognized the look on his wife’s face. Allison was totally into it!

“Hi Dad,” Josh huffed, stroking into his mother’s pussy. “Say hi to dad, momma!”

“Hi, Dear,” Allison gasped, “our son is an amazing fuck!”

“Dad, mom’s pussy is incredible!”

“I’ve known that for years, son,” Andrew replied, chuckling.

“You two are impossible! Discussing me while my son fucks me!”

“Is she always so mouthy, Dad?”

“Always, son! You have to either spank her to get her to shut up or put something in her mouth!”

“Oh my God,” Allison screeched.

Josh picked her from the hood of the car and began bouncing her on his cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Josh turned so that his father could see his son’s cock in Allison’s cunt from the rear.

“Mmm! Great view, son! I love the way her pussy lips flare and contract as you fuck her. Allison! Talk to our son! Tell him how good his cock is!”

“Andrew, fucking our son is all I fantasized it would be. His cock is touching parts of me that have never been touched.! But we need to go inside! What if someone catches us?”

“Then Josh will get a chance to watch you in action! But she’s right, Josh! You guys had better go inside. I don’t want to have to bail you out of jail for fucking in public!”

Allison gasped as Josh lowered her to the ground. She leaned against his chest, struggling to catch her breath. She squealed when her son smacked her ass.

“That’s right, son,” Andrew said over the iPhone, “she likes being spanked but go inside now

He reached for her immediately, and she let him this time, pulling him close and leaning down to kiss him slowly, moaning into his mouth as their tongue slid over and around each other. His hands came around to cup her ass, and she reached down to grab him, squeezing his perfect butt as they both sighed and gasped into each other’s mouths.

They stood there kissing for a few minutes, running their hands over each other. Allison caught his hands right before they settled on her breasts and pulled back, grinning.

“We need to wash off this salt first.”

Josh sighed. “Fine. You want to go first, or should I?’

Allison grinned slowly and leaned down to kiss him softly before whispering in his ear, “I always share showers with my lovers, baby.”

He froze, and when she pulled back, his face was red.

“Oh,” he whispered. “So…so…oh….”

Allison grinned and took his hand. “I’ll wash you, very thoroughly, and you’ll wash me. Sound good?”

He nodded dazedly. “Uh-huh.”

She led him to the gorgeous stone rain shower, turning the water on to warm. She stepped under the spray and pulled him after her.

He watched her, eyes wide as she soaped up a washcloth and began gently scrubbing him off, her hand touching him everywhere, getting the salt off him.

She smiled as she let the water rinse him and then looked up, smiling. She leaned forward and slowly sucked him into her mouth, listening to the beautiful sound of her baby boy whimpering in ecstasy as she sucked him gently before pulling off.

He groaned, and she winked, turning him around to lean him back against her. She washed out his hair, shampooing it and conditioning it, introducing him to the pleasure of having his scalp massaged. Finally, she rinsed his hair out and turned him around again, leaning down to kiss him deeply.

Josh broke off the kiss this time, pulling back with a shy grin. “My turn?”

Allison nodded, grinning back just as shyly. She watched him soap the washcloth up and start cleaning.

To her surprise, he didn’t go for her breasts right away but started by taking her hand in his, interlacing their fingers, and washing her arms. Then he turned her around and washed her back, lingering on her ass.

As the water sluiced down, rinsing her ass off, she shivered as she felt a mouth plant a line of kisses across her ass cheeks. Then he washed her legs, slowly and reverently, even scrubbing her feet as she lifted them for Josh one at a time.

Only then did he step around in front of her and gently wash her breasts, her stomach, and with perhaps a few more strokes than strictly necessary, her pussy. He looked up at her for a long moment and then knelt and took her into his mouth. She gasped and moaned, moving slightly against his questing tongue, dreamily smiling as he moaned in answer at the taste of her. She rocked gently against his face, panting a little, until he pulled back, licking his lips.

She grinned down at him as he stood up. “You taste amazing, Mom.”

“Thank you,” she said softly. “So do you!”

He blushed. “Um, you’re going to have to come down here so I can wash your hair.”

She laughed and sat down on the floor of the shower, sighing happily as nimble fingers worked shampoo into her scalp. She sighed as he rinsed her hair out, combing it with his fingers, and then conditioned it. He rinsed that out a moment later, and she leaned back, kissing him upside down.

“Better than taking a shower by yourself?” she teased gently, reaching up and back to stroke his sides and shoulders.

He nodded emphatically. “Much. Think Dad will mind if I shower with you sometimes?”

She grinned and squeezed his butt, stretching up to kiss him softly. “As I said, baby boy, I share showers with all my lovers.”

He grinned. “Awesome.”

She rolled to her feet and turned the shower off, leading him out. They toweled off, looking at each other shyly.

She finished drying herself off a minute or two after he did and then held out her hand. He took it, grinning, and she led him out to the huge, comfy bed. She sat down and pulled him to sit next to her, then laid back with him. They laid there, looking into each other’s eyes for a few minutes as she stroked his damp hair, and he ran his hand over her stomach, hip, and thigh.

“You’re so handsome, baby,” she murmured, admiring his cornflower blue eyes. “Are you sure? That you’re ok with this?”

He grinned. “Mom, I am so sure you wouldn’t believe it. I want this. Are you sure?”

She laughed softly and cupped his cheek, leaning in to kiss him softly. “Baby, I’ve wanted you for an embarrassingly long amount of time.”

He giggled. “Um, should we take a pic for Dad? Before we…before?”

She laughed again. “You are just the most considerate little man.”

Leaning over him, she picked up her phone from where she’d dropped it at the edge of the bed. She scooted close to him, taking his hand in hers and lifting them to their shoulders. She angled the camera to show off that they were nude and sent it.

“Do you mind FaceTimimg during, or do you want our first time to just be for us?” she asked softly.

He grinned. “What guy would object to having his first time recorded so he can watch it forever?”

She grinned and kissed his nose before rolling off the bed. She flipped out the kickstand on her phone case. She checked everything and then fetched her Bluetooth smartwatch out of her luggage to control it. She hooked everything up and then walked over to sit on the bed, flicking the camera on with a soft beep.

“Come here, baby boy.”

Josh crawled across the bed on his hands and knees. He knelt next to her, his hard-on pressed against his stomach. She reached around and cupped his ass, then leaned up as he leaned down. They met in the middle and began making out.

She moaned when he began exploring her breast. Josh rubbed his palm over her stiff nipple, feeling it slide against his skin. She sighed, arching her back, hungry for his touch. He obliged, roughly squeezing her breast.

Josh rolled his mother’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently. She moaned again, and he giggled softly, the sound changing to a gasp as she got him back by grasping his large cock, stroking it between her fingertips. He whimpered and started humping his hips.

She let him hump for a minute, doing her best to inhale his mouth first as he clutched at her shoulder now, trembling slightly from the new feelings coursing through him. She gently eased her hand away, grinning she humped her arm now, seeking stimulation.

“Baby,” she said softly, pulling back.

He looked down at her, his eyes empty of anything but lust and need. “Huh?”

“I don’t think either of us is going to last long the first time,” she said softly. “So let’s do it up right, ok?”

He stared at her dully as she pulled back, holding him still. She rotated so that he knelt between her legs, one leg hanging off the side of the bed, so the camera had a clear view of her pussy.

She pulled him down against her, groaning as he humped instinctively, his cock sliding in her cleft. She reached down, grinning softly, and guided him in her mommy hole. Her head snapped back with a groan as he slid in.

His cock was massive, much larger than her other lovers or even his father. But it wasn’t his size but his cock in her pussy she lusted after for so long.

He whimpered and clung to her, his hips rocking softly, fucking her gently. She shuddered and reached down to hold his shoulders, lifting her head to watch the incredible sight of her son’s cock sliding into her, the cock she’d made with her body returning home.

Josh began to pant, and his hips sped up, her arousal soaring as she felt his thrusts grow harder, more erratic. She reached down between them and began teasing and playing with her clit, feeling her orgasm building, easily rising to meet her after so much teasing. She watched her baby’s face, seeing his peak gathering by the look of confusion and amazement and need on his face. The sight did it for her on so many levels, and she smiled as she teased and pinched her clit.

“You’re gonna make Mommy cum, baby,” she whispered to him.

He looked at her, his eyes widening, and that look, that stunned look, took her over the edge. She cried out, clutching his shoulder as she bucked under him, her pussy tightening down on his cock in the throes of her passion.

He groaned and went stiff, his peak slamming through him, having his first orgasm inside his mother. They both gasped and whimpered as they rode their orgasmic high. They slowly went limp, with Josh sighing and collapsing forward onto her stomach.

They breathed together until Allison had the presence of mind to tap her watch, switching off the recording. She pulled Josh up gently to snuggle next to her, smiling down at him.

He looked up at her with wonder and whispered, “Wow.”

She laughed softly and kissed him. “Wow yourself. You made me cum on your first try. That’s super impressive, baby.”

He grinned shyly, his hands wandering over her body. “Thanks,” he said quietly. He looked up at her shyly. “Mom?”

She cocked her head. “Yeah, baby?”

Josh licked his lips. “Can we…can we do that again?”

Allison giggled, mind reveling at the possibilities of a young man’s insatiable sex drive.

“Oh, absolutely, baby. That and so much more.”

Josh grinned and leaned up to kiss her. Allison leaned into it, loving the taste and feel of him. This beautiful boy was all hers, and she could finally have all of him.

Allison spread her legs as Josh rolled on top of her, then wrapped them around his back. Allison had a secret she didn’t share with her husband and Josh. She stopped taking her birth control pills.

She was determined to go home to her husband pregnant with her son’s baby! Like the pink bear, their baby would always be a reminder of her and her son’s first time.

She was going to have all of him as often as she could for as long as she could. And that weekend, despite her protests, they didn’t get out of the rental very much at all.

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