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Mom’s Birthday Gift

Mom gives her son a couple of unforgettable gifts for his 19th birthday
Mom’s Birthday Gift

Part 1

Linda once again lay awake unsatisfied listening to the soft snore of her husband.

Tom was a good provider, a hard worker and a dedicated father. One thing he was not, was a Casanova. This had become routine for them. Linda still loved Tom, but it was more like the love of two really good friends. The spark had faded. The sex non-existent. Tom just didn’t have the drive he did when they were younger. The drive that blessed them both with a son and daughter.

Jessie was was the oldest. She came along first when Linda was still quite young. Jess, as they usually called her, had just turned twenty-one this past June. Linda thought about how fast they seemed to grow up. That was only two months ago now. Jess was attending the local university and still lived at home. With an outdoor pool and hot tub, she was not in a big hurry to move on to her own lodgings, deciding instead that she would live at home rent free, enjoying the aforementioned luxuries, while attending school.

Linda’s mind then wandered to her eighteen year old son. Eighteen and three hundred and sixty four day old son. He would be celebrating his nineteenth tomorrow and despite his age, she knew he was still innocent in pretty every sense of the word. This, normally happy occasion, gave Linda pause. She was nervous about her Alex’s approaching birthday. Not because of presents, or the future or anything like that. No, Alex was cause for a much bigger issue in her heart and head…and somewhere else. Linda had started to catch on over the past few months that Alex seemed to be exhibiting some subtle signs of a bit a crush on her.

‘I can hardly blame him.’ She thought to herself. He was a shy kid, not outgoing enough to approach any of the girls during school. And she kept herself in pretty good shape with a regular running and swimming regime that she put herself though. The crush Alex had on her wasn’t even the cause for alarm. The cause for alarm came a few weeks ago when she realized that she was reciprocating the feeling.

It all started when she was laying out sunbathing by the pool. She had some dark sunglasses over her face when Alex came out for a swim.

“Hey Mom,” Alex said as he came through the sliding patio door.

“Hmmm..?” Linda almost managed to say in her sleepy reverie. It was not uncommon for her to drift off in the warmth of the sun.

At the time she was sporting her usual yellow two piece. Alex had loved that one. The way it held her tits, how it showed her flat stomach and how it let so much of her skin be available for him to watch. He usually found himself suddenly deciding he’d like a swim when his mother was out in the sun. He knew that she liked to drift off in the heat and he often used that time to gaze at her. Alex didn’t know what size her breasts were, just that on her body, they looked perfect. He looked at her soft face and the way her blond, shoulder length hair seemed to reflect the suns rays out from her head like a halo.

“She really is an angel,” He murmured to himself. He was mesmerized in his gaze as a tent started to form in his swimming trunks.

Unlike his usual peeping sessions, this time Linda happened to be awake. There is no way that Alex could know with the sunglasses on and her habit of sleeping by the pool. The slight sigh that escape her lips when he greeted her was enough to wake her, but the vocalization was so quiet that he didn’t hear her stir. She peered back at him and noticed the tent in his shorts growing bigger. ‘Why was he just standing there looking at her’ she tried to figure out. It was then that she saw as Alex’s hand slowly moved to the front of his shorts, gave one firm rub of the bulge and pulled away. Alex then quickly slipped down the ladder into the pool to cool off, in more ways then one. He slipped in quietly, so as to not disturb the sleeping beauty nearby. This would ensure that he could keep glancing up whenever he liked for a little peek.

Linda felt flushed at the obvious display she had just witnessed. She knew that he must have thought her to be asleep, but it was so blatant there could be no mistaking what was on his mind. Through her dark glasses she watched the young man do some laps of the pool, enjoying his physique much the same way as he enjoyed hers moments before. She suddenly shook her head and snapped out of it realizing that she shouldn’t be thinking about her son that way. Though that naughty thought did cause a little tingle in a place a mother should never tingle for her son.

Fast forward a few months. Alex’s eyes were on her whenever they got the chance. She would often catch him nowadays, now that she new what to look for. But she never let on that she caught him. She liked the attention. She thought it was pretty harmless, even enjoyed it a little. But enjoying it a little, turned into enjoying it a lot. She wouldn’t let herself think of him that way, not at first. But the closer he got to his birthday, the more she let those feelings take hold of her. As the days ticked away, she felt her resolve leaving her like sand through an hourglass. It drained with time until this very evening. The evening that she was unsatisfied, laying next to her sleeping husband. The evening that she decided, if Tom wasn’t going to be able to scratch the itch, she could probably find someone not to far away that would. Not to far away at all. She thought of Alex lying in bed, excited for the birthday ahead of him. He had no idea what was coming.

She gasped. Interrupting her train of thought as the slow build up of pleasure she had been feeling hit her with sudden intensity. ‘When did I start rubbing myself?’ she thought with the sudden realization that she was soaking wet and her fingers were hard at work. Not one to take things half way, she continued to rub herself to a pleasant however subdued orgasm. She quivered next to the sleeping lump beside her and let herself down slowly.

“Well, I guess that will have to hold me off for now,” She sighed as she let herself drift to sleep with the anticipation of the day to follow.


“Morning mom,” Alex called out as he came down the stairs entering the kitchen.

“Hello sweetie, how’s my little birthday boy?” She said looking back to him from the breakfast she was making. He was dressed in a blue sleeveless shirt and some running shorts, a typical “lazy day” outfit for him.

Alex stood in the doorway, forgetting to answer. He was stunned to see that his mom was dressed in a tight white T-shirt and jean shorts that were much tighter, and shorter then he ever remembered seeing her in before. Linda had a slight bend to her, just enough to really make her ass the center of attention as she looked over her shoulder and watched him stand there frozen.

“Earth to Alex?” She giggled

“What? Yes?…or no….good?” He stammered looking for an answer to a question he didn’t remember hearing.

Linda giggled softly again, loving the effect she was having.

“Have a seat and try not to hurt yourself, breakfast is served.”

They sat and ate together while talking about the days plans.

“So I know that Jess had her biking trip this weekend so she’s gonna miss out my ‘birthday festivities’, but wheres dad at?” Alex asked. “I didn’t think he had to work today.”

He emphasized the words “birthday” and “festivities” for comedic effect, knowing that his wild and crazy nineteenth birthday would include a lazy day around the house and dinner with his parents.

“Oh, yeah. I was hoping to chat with you about a couple things,” She replied, “So got him to run out and grab a few steaks for tonight. I told him I had do hang around the house and make sure you get fed a hearty birthday breakfast if you were ever to get out of bed.”

Just then they heard the garage door opening and the car pulled in as Linda got up to clear the table.

“But you went ahead and slept in so late that I barely have enough time to tell you about your birthday present, let alone give it to you now,” She added.

“Well we should probably wait for dad to be around before I open any presents shouldn’t we?” Alex asked.

They heard the keys jingle in the garage door.

“I don’t know that your dad would like this particular birthday surprise,” Linda said as she bent low to pick up the plate in front of Alex.

“What do you have to give me that dad wouldn’t like?” Alex asked with growing curiosity.

The front door to the garage swung open down the hall as Linda grabbed the plate, but continued bending lower and lower until her lips were right next to Alex’s ear.

“A blowjob from your mother,” She whispered with a slight hint of a smile in her voice.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Came bellowing from down that hall as Tom came jaunting through the doorway to the kitchen. Grocery bags in hand.

Alex was in a daze. He hadn’t moved since his mom whispered in his ear. He was trying to process what he had heard. Obviously he had misheard her, but what had she really said. He was going through his mental data banks searching for a word that sounded like blowjob but was coming up short. He sat a full two minutes without saying anything, or moving. At least it seemed like two minutes, when in reality it had only been a few seconds. Still a few seconds was long enough for his dad to approach and, getting no response from his jovial bellow, poke a little fun at Alex’s expense.

“Getting a little hard of hearing in your old age there son?” Tom jibed.

“Oh, I’m sure a lot of things are hard for a young man like Alex, but I doubt that hearing is one of them,” Linda giggled quietly. “I’m sure he just has a lot on his mind. I mean, he never has trouble hearing the things I tell him.”

She was now at the sink washing dishes. But at the looked back to Alex emphasizing the last phrase with a grin, just in case he was doubting what she said.

“Hey Tom?” Linda called out, not looking back to her husband. “Be a dear and go turn the temperature down a little on the hot tub. I’d like to relax a while after the dishes are done, but it’s way too hot outside for full heat.”

Tom, who was in just about to sit at the kitchen table with a coffee tried to deflect the request, but only got half way into telling Alex to do it before his wife cut in.

“No, No, No…Alex doesn’t have to lift a finger today. Today is all about him,” Linda said staring right at Alex “Our job is to make sure he gets whatever his heart desires on his birthday, even if he doesn’t even realize that he wants it yet.”

Tom stood back up from his half seated position.

“Well, can’t argue with that.”

And with that, Tom left out the patio door to make the adjustments Linda had asked for.

“Well, you’re awfully quiet, I didn’t knock you off balance did I?” Linda spoke softly to Alex while approaching the far side of the table.

She leaned forward to place her elbows on the table across from Alex, yet wasn’t moving to sit down. Her positioning would have looked awkward, or even uncomfortable to some, but she could tell by the way Alex’s eyes were focused just below her neck that the desired effect had taken place.

“I….what did you say before dad came in?”

“What do you think I said?” She spoke quietly.

“I…I’d rather not say. I’m pretty sure I misheard you anyway.”

“Oh…Well, that’s not good….because I can’t remember what I said,” Linda lied with a mischievous tone. “My memory can be a little spotty you know. Anyway, whatever it was, I’m sure the only way you’ll get it is if you remind me what I offered. Oh well.”

Now Alex was stuck. How could he respond to that? She was just watching him. Her breasts hung down with her arms folded on the table. Alex was on overload. Here he was, his mother basically throwing herself at him. But what if he was wrong? What if he had misheard. He couldn’t very well ask his own mother for a blowjob.

Linda saw the conflict in the eyes she loved so much. She knew exactly what she was doing and loved it.

She had always loved being in control. She learned very fast in life that if you want something from a man, seduction and a good body will get you pretty far. If you really want to control him though?, gotta take the wind from his sails. Catch him off balance. It’s like a race, and your both running for the finish line. Her trick was to dig a pit right at the beginning that her “prey” had to dig themselves out of before they had a chance to start on equal ground. That all but guaranteed the race for control would come out in her favor. That way she could stay one step ahead the whole time. If they start to catch up? She’d use her lead time to set another trap. A trap that hey have to work through once again. Was it fair? No, probably not. But all is fair in lust and war. Besides…..the prey never complained in the end.

” I…uh….” Alex started “It’s sounded like…uh….I don’t really…remember now…..”

Linda stood up straight and started to circle around the table, running her fingers along the hard wooden surface lightly. As she approached Alex, her fingers transferred from the table to his outstretched arms. Gingerly sliding across his inner elbow, gently moving up to his shoulder as she walked behind him. Again, she bent down behind him, just inches from his ear. She blew a hot, soft breath across his ear and whispered, “See you in the hot tub”.

And with that, she was up the stairs and in her room to change.

“You feeling ok? You haven’t said much and you look a little flushed,” Tom said, re-entering the kitchen from the patio.

“Uh….yeah…good… are you?” Alex said in a weak imitation of self control.

His dad favored him a skeptical look “Well, alright. Take it easy just in case. How about you go for a soak in the hot tub too? Probably make ya feel better,” His dad said. “Temperature should be about right for the heat. Like a luke warm bath.”

“Uh…yeah, sounds good,” Alex began. As he pulled the chair away from the table, it was then he noticed the throbbing erection that was not longer hidden and pushed himself back in. “Maybe in a few minutes.”

Alex was still confused about what was going on this morning. He thought he’d better pinch himself, just to be sure that he actually woke up and wasn’t pleasantly dreaming away. It didn’t work. All it did was give him a sore spot on his arm to contrast the throbbing down below.

Tom sat back in his chair at the table and rejoined his coffee. Alex had no escape, he couldn’t see things sorting themselves out naturally with all the stimulation he had this morning. Yet with his dad across the table he couldn’t very well run upstairs with a flag pool tenting his shorts. He wished with all his being that he could sneak upstairs to have a quick wank and regain some control of his morning. He couldn’t make his brain work with all the blood being used elsewhere. After a few moments, he heard his mother approaching from up the stairs.

“Brought ya down a towel,” She said as she dropped in directly in his lap. There was a jolt of pleasure that shot through Alex with the sudden contact to his erection, but more importantly he had his escape. He held the towel in from of him and stood, turning to go upstairs.

“I brought the towel down for you so you wouldn’t have to go upstairs, silly,” Linda said. “You’re already in shorts, just come on out.”

Alex couldn’t think of a convincing reason that he had to go upstairs. He didn’t know that Linda had planned it that way. He looked at her for help but was only met with a wry smile.

“Shall we?” She prodded.

Alex turned back around, defeated and walked towards his mother and the patio door.

“All be out in a minute,” Tom called as they were leaving.


Linda kept a little ahead of Alex and throwing her towel to the towel rack, quickly slid into the hot tub wearing the same bikini that Alex had appreciated so much a few months ago. Linda immediately turned around to watch the show. She smiled in appreciation of the next trap she laid that would keep her in the lead.

Alex trailed behind and approached the towel rack. He was about to hang the towel when in dawned on him that if he hung his towel, he had nothing to hold in front of him. He looked and his mom and back at the rack.

“You better hurry up and hop in before your dad comes out, unless you got nothing to hide.”

Alex sighed knowing he that she was right. He hung his towel and striped off his shirt before quickly moving to the hot tub. His engorged penis bouncing embarrassingly with each step. He slide into the tub while his mom looked on with satisfaction and approval.

As soon as Alex found a comfortable place to sit, his mom moved across to sit next to him on his left. She started to feel a little guilty about all the fun she was having at her son’s expense and thought a quick heart to heart was in order.

“Look,” She began. “I know that you haven’t had much experience with girls during school…”

Alex started to interrupt “I have…”

Linda cut him off. “Oh please, A mother knows more about her kids then they know about themselves, just let me finish before your dad comes out. I know you haven’t had a lot of experience in that area. I love you and want you to be happy.” The twinkle returned to her eyes, “I feel like I know a couple things that might make you happy but your going to have to trust me. Trust that I do in fact know you better then you know yourself. Trust that I would never do anything that hurts you and most importantly, trust that if you ever want me to stop….or go, all you have to do is say so. And if your happiness isn’t reason enough, then trust that nothing will make me happier, more fulfilled and more satisfied then the time we could have together.”

Alex was again lost for words. While in the house it all seemed like some cruel prank that had been set up, but this was different. She wasn’t having fun at his expense, she was just having fun and now she wanted him to join in having fun too. He looked up and smiled at her. He did love her and he did trust her. Linda leaned in closer, her eyes never leaving his as she did. She searched his eyes for anything that said that he wanted her to stop, but there was nothing. At the last moment she closed her eyes as their lips met. It started as a quick peck, followed by another peck. Linda parted her lips a little and her tongue searched out his lips. Giving a quick lick from his bottom lip to his top she pulled back and looked at his face again. This time she went in for a softer, more sensual kiss. She sat back once again. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed the sensations of her mouth on his and he looked completely at ease. She stayed back and did not move in for another kiss. He opened his eyes to figure out why she stopped and was saw she had tears starting to well up.

“I’m sorry mom, I…I don’t know what I did wrong.”

She just smiled and replied “Nothing, you’re perfect in every way and I’m just so happy you have decided to trust me.”

Alex pursed his lips for another kiss, but just before he started to move in Linda’s hand came out of the water holding one finger up as if to say ‘hang on’. He looked at her and waited, wondering what the issue was.

As if on cue, Tom came walking out of the house to join them. Alex sat back immediately. He was so wrapped up that he forgot his dad was even home, not to mention on his way out. Linda lowered her hand and patted her son’s left thigh twice before taking her hand back. Alex looked down through the water to check on his status. He could still feel the throb through the water, in fact the tiny movements of the water made everything feel fantastic. Luckily, the water kept everything underneath distorted enough that no one would be able to tell he had a massive hard-on.

As Tom lowered himself into the hot tub, Alex again felt trapped. Alex felt like he could shoot off any minute just from the caress of water. He had undergone such a mind fuck inside and if that hadn’t brought him close enough, now he was inches away from a beautiful woman. A woman that had been taunting him since he came downstairs. A woman he loved more then anything in the world.

The water was pushing and pulling at him every time someone moved. He thought back to when his mom said to trust her. ‘Yeah, a lot of good that was doing now. Gonna have a deadly case of blue balls by the time I get out of here,’ He thought.

“Hun, would you turn on the bubbles? My back is killing me,” Linda said with a stretch to emphasize her point.

“Oh sure,” Tom said from across the tub from where his wife and son sat. He turned around to fiddle with the control buttons.

Just before the bubbles kicked on, Linda reached into her bathing suit and pulled out something that Alex couldn’t quite see. She quickly brought her hand and the mystery object below the waterline where the jets had now fully obscured any vision. Bubbles were starting to form above the surface and the currents started their work against everyone’s muscles as Tom settled back in.

Alex couldn’t stand how the stronger currents were now messing with his dick. He brought his hand to the front of his shorts to undo the button fly and pull his cock out to give in a couple rubs. He was no longer thinking with the proper head and knew the bubbles would hide his activities from the others.

Just as he pulled his erection from of the shorts, he felt another hand knock his hand away. His mother was the only person close enough to interfere, so he knew it was her. She must have caught some hint of what he was about to do and stopped him before he could take it too far and make a mess in the tub. He searched her face for some kind of sign, but looked up to see her leaning back with her eyes closed enjoying the jets. He looked across the tub to see his father in much the same position.

As Alex began to ponder the likelihood of making a break for it. Both of them had their eyes closed. He could get himself back in his shorts, use the noise of the jets as cover until he had gotten out of the water and by then, his back could be to everyone where they wouldn’t see his situation. Take care of business and come back out. It would seem like a standard bathroom break. Easy.

Just as he was about to put his plan into action, he felt something at the tip of his cock. He couldn’t tell what it was, but there was some sort of pressure pushing down on it. Above the water added no hints as everyone still sat like they were sleeping.

He felt it again.

Then he pressure released as he felt gentle fingers in the shape of an ‘O’ stroke down his cock. They didn’t go back up, but instead released their hold and reappeared at the top, stroking down again. Something about the head of his dick felt different. Then it finally clicked. Someone was rolling a condom down his penis.

‘What the fuck’ Alex though. ‘I know we’ve crossed some boundaries here, but I’m not sure I’m ready to fuck anyone in front of my dad.’

Regardless of his feelings on the matter, the stroking felt fantastic and his took all his willpower to start pulling back from the hand just as it finished rolling down to the base of his cock.

“Trust me,” she said, almost to quiet to hear.

Alex froze unsure what to do. His mother was so happy about having his trust, he couldn’t take that away from her. He cautiously returned to his original position.

“What’s that?” Said Tom, opening his eyes.

“Oh I just said I’m thirsty,” Linda said quickly. “Should have brought a drink out.”

“Ahh…yeah I forgot to think of that too,” Tom said.

Alex settled back down and felt a hand that he couldn’t see surround his dick with a tight squeeze. He didn’t know what to do so he just sat there. He had to trust her. Linda’s hand started moving up very slowly and then back down. Alex was having troubles keeping his composure.

“So, steaks for dinner sound good to you Alex?” Tom asked

“Ye…yeah….That’s sooounnds..good,” Alex did his best to reply.

He couldn’t believe how brazen his mom was being. Jacking him off under the water with his dad, her husband, less then six feet away and looking right at them. He looked to his mom who still had the sleepy relaxed look to her. Alex then looked down at her right arm, which was closest to him, for any signs of movement and saw nothing. Linda’s shoulder was completely still, save for movements that would seem natural if one was being pushed around by jets in the water. Alex surmised that she must have bent her arm at the elbow to be able to jerk up and down without the motion transferring above the water.

She continued to jerk him, but never increased her pace. ‘Maybe that was to risky.’ Alex thought. He just sat there, talking to his father about dinner plans while his mom slowly ran her hand up and down.

“Good with you too, babe?”

“Oh I love a good piece of red meat,” she said without opening her eyes. Alex felt a hard squeeze as she said it.

“Good, there should be plenty. I forgot Jess wasn’t here so I got an extra.”

“Oh, I’ll only need the one I think. Seemed plenty big enough for me. In fact, I think it’s probably going to be the biggest one I’ve ever eaten from what little I saw of it so far. Maybe the birthday boy can have the extra though. Keep his energy up,” Linda said, still showing no reaction above the water.

Alex couldn’t tell if his mom was just stroking playfully or if she was trying to get him off. Either way, it wouldn’t take long. He started to feel a tingle in his balls as he got closer. She just kept stroking the same slow speed. Alex started to get a little carried away with himself and tried to thrust to meet her fist.

“I think I’ll be in charge of the meat station,” Linda spoke, holding her hand against his penis denying movement any time Alex tried to thrust. She would move in perfect time with him, keeping her hand still, only allowing her hand to move when he was still. “Tom, you’ll be in charge of a side dish.”

“Is….there anything….I can help…with?” Alex stammered out as his left hand slowly drifted across his moms thigh and lowered between her legs.

Without skipping a beat to her stroking, Linda brought her other hand across and held Alex’s against her leg. “Absolutely not,” She said “you are strictly hands off today, remember? Today is all about you.”

Alex understood and let his hand go limp, but she continued to hold it. The intimacy she felt in that moment, holding his hand as she was able to give him the ultimate feeling of love filled her heart.

Alex was starting to breath a little heavier now. He was trying to hide it.

As Alex struggled, Tom finally fell back into relax mode with his eyes closed. The stroking suddenly sped up. There was definitely movement to her shoulder now. In fact, if Tom opened his eyes again, there would be very little question that something was going on beneath the surface. Alex started to feel the orgasm approach again. He thrust once and again, his mom held still. He looked towards his mom and was met with her eyes staring right into his. She shook her head with a playful smile when he tried to thrust, her hand was still and their eyes stayed locked.

He gave up and just let it be “all about him”.

She wanted to see the pleasure in his eyes at the moment he came, so she continued to look right at him. His breathing quickened, as he returned her gaze. She pumped harder and faster, the sound covered but the sound of the jets. He was almost there. Alex took another worried looked to his father to make sure his eyes were closed. He felt his mothers hand leave his. She brought it from the water and put her fingers on his chin and turned his head from his father to again face her and again met her eyes. Her smile faded and a look of concentration took over. Her eyes were daring him to cum.

Finally, Alex could hold no longer. Their staring only broken when it became to much, Alex closed his eyes like they were clenching fists. His orgasm hit hard. They only stayed closed for a second though, he forced them open again to look at his mother. She watched him and the smile came back to her face, she kept pumping, filling the rubber tip with his seed. She felt as the tip became more rigid, filling and filling. When she was certain that he had ridden the wave through to completion, she slowed down. She didn’t stop completely though. She didn’t want to. She continued to lovingly rub his tool as she watched him. She felt Alex shudder a few more times in her hand.

Finally the post-climax sensitivity caught up with Alex and he had to place his hand on hers so she would stop.

They both jumped and turned their heads to Tom as a light snore left him. He had fallen asleep. They turned back to each other and shared one more kiss. Alex stuff himself back in his pants leaving the condom on and the mess contained.

Linda woke Tom and suggested he go inside to get some proper rest at the risk of drowning. Tom agreed and made his way back to the house.

Once they were alone again, Linda rested her head on Alex’s shoulder.

“Happy Birthday son.”

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too.”

“Hey mom?” Alex finally spoke. “That isn’t the birthday present you offered inside….”

“Oh good, your memory has returned. Well, I wouldn’t worry about that. Your birthday is not over yet.”

Part 2

Alex sat in the hot tub alone, still a little bewildered at what had just happened. He had so many questions to ask his mom. They sat together, her head resting on his shoulder for about 5 wonderful minutes while he caught his breath. As soon as his heart-rate had returned to normal, his mom announced that she was heading inside.

“See ya later,” She said with a wink and was gone, her smile never leaving her face.

He pondered over the the last two hours and watched her ass sway into the house.


Linda had a lot on her mind as well. She looked down at Alex from the window in her bedroom and breathed a sigh of contentment. Tom’s gentle snoring on the bed beside her hardly registered. She was in love all over again, each time she looked at Alex. She was disappointed when he got out of the tub, stretched and grabbed his towel. He walked toward the house.

No longer having Alex to gaze upon, she stepped back from the window and sat in the bedside chair. She glanced over at the book she had been working through and almost picked it up before deciding that she was way too scatter brained to focus on reading. Instead she just sat back, closed her eyes and let her thoughts go.

There were so many feelings stirring in her right now. What surprised her the most though, was that guilt and regret were nowhere to be found.

Her heart fluttered.

How could she describe the feeling in any way that would do it justice? It’s like that moment in high school. That moment, when your crush hands you a note that says they like you right back. Little fireworks go off in your heart every time you think the persons name or see their face. Nothing in the world can duplicate that feeling. She remembered that feeling well, but hadn’t felt it for some time before today.

Without even realizing it, she was thinking back to her past romance with Tom. They had been into each other for months before either of them realized how easy it would be to get together. She would watch him on the sports field after school. He would sneak peeks at her in art classes. It wasn’t until Tom finally worked up the courage to act on a little tip that his friend Bobby gave him that they got together.

Linda’s mind then wandered back to graduation. That was the first time they had gone past fooling around. In fact, Linda was pretty sure that it was that night that was responsible for Jess. She wasn’t certain because as soon as that wall was torn down, there was no keeping their hands off each other. For the next month they were insatiable.

Well, Linda was.

Tom was your average young man. He loved sex as much as a person would expect a testosterone filled youth would, but he was hesitant to take risks. He could show restraint, unlike Linda who lived for risks of a sexual nature. Not serious risks mind you, like sleeping around, but the risk of being caught drove her over the edge. Once she got those thoughts in her head, there was very little that could stop her. One of her favorite games was seeing just how much she could get away with when they couldn’t be alone. She would quietly ride his cock in the back of a bus, or give him a hand job under the table at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. She loved that her lover would be forced to keep his composure while the people around them were oblivious.

Linda giggled to herself as she remembered the lecture he had given her that night. She could never understand the issue, it’s not like they got caught. They never got caught. She was too careful for that and Tom had always been able to play it off, but the thrill is what got her.

Linda kept the fun and games alive until Tom entered the world of big business. That was about a year after Alex was born. The income that sustained them in the past didn’t seem like enough anymore and Tom started working his way up the corporate ladder. He was frequently putting in extra hours to impress this person or that. Promotions and pay raises seemed to take the place of fun and games.

Linda was fine though. At least, that’s what she told herself. During the play dates she took the kids on, she often heard her friends complain about their husbands. “They don’t understand how exhausting it is raising children,” They’d all say. “He gets home and is all over me. I’ve spent the day cooking, cleaning, hardly have time for a shower and he wants to jump my bones, two steps into the door. I swear, I’ve used the old headache excuse so many times he’s gonna buy stocks in Tylenol.”

“If only,” Linda spoke, waking herself up back in the present. She sighed again, the excitement of earlier that day forgotten.

It wasn’t until she heard Alex’s footsteps pass by on the way to his room that her heart skipped a beat and she was brought right back to her previous state of mind.

She stood up from the chair to get dressed. Noticing the wet spot left in her chair. No, it wasn’t from the sweet memories and forgotten romance of her past. It wasn’t even from the illicit thoughts of Alex and her newly discovered relationship. It was simply that she was still wearing her towel wrapped tightly around her and the wet bathing suit had soaked through, leaving its mark. She removed the towel and her bathing suit and went to the dresser in search of a light, summer dress. She caught a glimpse of her naked self in the mirror and stopped just long enough to give an approving nod.


Alex was back downstairs on the couch aimlessly flipping through the channels when his mom came down the stairs, dressed in a one of her many summer dresses. It was a dress that Alex had seen before and was unremarkable in every ways. Well, it used to be. Alex looked at his mom like he was seeing a brand new person. He had noticed her beauty before, of course. It fueled many ‘evening sessions’ when he was spending some alone time in his room. But now, now it was like she was real. Before this morning, she was just a figment of his imagination. A fantasy. Perfection. Not something that could ever be experienced or touched, but now…now she was really there.

He watched her glide from the stairs, around the sofa like he was watching a movie in slow motion. The sun dress seemed to be blowing in a breeze that didn’t exist. She slowly moved towards him like she was floating on a cloud and…flopped unceremoniously on the sofa beside him, snapping him out of the illusion.

“Watchya watching?” She asked, just as if it was any average day.

“I’m sorry?” He replied.

“Just wondering what your watching is all,” She repeated.

“Uh..nothing, just flipping,” He said, a little bit disconnected from the conversation. He focused back onto the television.

Linda could tell that something was not right. ‘A mother knows more about her son then he knows about himself’ she silently thought to herself, repeating what she had said that morning. She thought it would be a good idea for them to clear the air a little.

“There something you wanna talk about…or ask?” She pulled his chin with the same gentle maneuver that she had used in the hot tub, again locking eyes.

Alex immediately broke eye contact and looked down.

“Hey babe, you doing OK?” Linda asked again, genuinely concerned that she pushed things to far. Her heart sank a little.

“Yeah…” Alex finally said, still not looking up return her gaze.

“Hey babe?” Linda said softly, with sadness in her voice. “I really need you to talk to me OK? I’m sorry, I thought you would enjoy that. I never would have done that if I had any reason to think you wouldn’t.” She sniffed, eyes welling up.

Alex looked up at her when he heard the sniff and immediately embraced her. “Oh mom…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean…,” He paused briefly, “I loved it, I really did. I was just trying to think of what question to ask first. It was the best present I could ask for, honestly. Please don’t be upset.”

Relief washed over Linda as she heard her son speak to her. She really thought she had screwed things up. “Are your sure?” she said quietly, “I could never forgive mysel…”

Alex cut her off, “Absolutely.”

Alex pulled back from the hug and looking her in the eyes.

“Are you really, really su…” Linda began.

Alex cut her off again. “Mom, remember when you said that you wanted me to trust you? Remember the three things you said I had to trust? You love me, you would never do anything to hurt me and that if I ever wanted you to stop…all I had to do was say so. I heard every word of what you said and I trust everything you said, but you’re gonna have to trust me too. I don’t have a prepared speech on the subject or anything. I just woke up this morning, maybe expecting a new video game or something, I’m still putting some pieces together, but I love you and trust you,” He paused a moment. “Can you agree to trust me too?”

This time it was Linda’s turn to start the embrace. She hugged Alex tight, maybe tighter then she ever had in the past and never wanted to let go.

“Gonna need some air here mom,” Alex joked in an intentionally, and comically, labored voice.

Linda released her grasp and let him breath again. She looked at him with tear tracks down her face and moved back in for a much more tender and gentle hug.

“I’ll be right back,” She said “I gotta clean myself up and then we can talk, maybe put some of those pieces together.”

After a quick trip to the kitchen to wash her face and grab a couple Cokes from the fridge, she returned.

“So, where should we start?” She asked.

“Well,” Alex replied “When do I get the other birthday present?”

They both laughed at the contrast from the tender moment they just shared, not five minutes ago.

When the laugh reduced to a giggle, Linda replied, “Here I thought you were psychologically damaged and you start with a question like that. You’ll just leave that up to me, I’ll find a way before the day is out. It is your birthday after all and that means it’s all about you. Anything else you wanna ask? I don’t know how long your dad will be snoozing for and this isn’t exactly a discussion we can have around the dinner table.”

“Oh right..” He thought briefly about his dad. He tried to phrase the next question properly. “I don’t want this question to upset you but, are we…or you…cheating on dad. I mean, with what we are doing, is this cheating?”

“Oh hun, to be cheating…you have to be in the game. Your father hasn’t been in the game for a long time now. We still love each other, just not ‘in love with each other’, does that make sense?”

She waited through a few seconds of silence. She glanced at the TV in the silence and noticed he had left on a hockey game.

“Think of it like hockey,” she said, realizing that Alex wasn’t quite convinced. “If one team holds the other teams goalie down and scores, that’s not fair right? That would be cheating. Now if that same team pulled their goalie out and got scored on, that would be fair right? Because they didn’t want the goalie there in the first place.” She continued.

Alex just stared at her. He finally couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst out laughing.

“Your first explanation was better,” He laughed even harder. “What does hockey have to do with anything? That was the worst example I’ve ever heard.”

“Shut up,” Linda said over his laughing and punched him playfully on the shoulder, laughing her sweet little giggle. “What I’m trying to say is, he isn’t missing out on anything that he would like to have. He lives in a world of business and finance and that’s were his head is now. You know sometimes people just lose interest in what they used to have.”

“I don’t see how anyone could lose interest in you.” Alex said. It was an honest statement. He didn’t mean it as a compliment when he said it, but the way her face glowed when he said it made him happy he chose to.

“Thanks baby,” She said, rubbing his head and messing up his hair.

She snuggled in to his arm and watched the last three minutes of the hockey game. The home team was down by a point and pulled their goalie. The other team scored. Linda smiled to herself wickedly.

The hockey game came to a close as the two snuggled on the couch. “Well,” Linda began, “Your father is still asleep upstairs, what do you say we get to the main event?”

“I…uh…yeah..okay,” Alex replied nervously, trying to contain his excitement.

“You just relax,” Linda said as she put her hand down on the lump in his lap and gently massaged it. “Let mommy take care of you.”

Linda slowly rubbed her left hand up and down his swelling cock, through his shorts. She could feel that her hand had to travel just a little further down it’s length with each pass as he grew under the thin fabric. She loved the feeling of it. Hard as rock and at the same time soft as a feather. It had been swelling down alongside his left leg and now tented obscenely. She could clearly make out the mushroom tip as she ran her fingers down the length again, then she held down the fabric of the shorts to really make the outline show.

“Wow, I can’t wait to get my first look at this beast,” She said softly, right next to his ear, “How long is it?”

“Uh, never really measured before” Alex replied.

Linda stopped stroking, pulled back and looked at his skeptically.

“Oh alright,” Alex surrendered, with a smile “Eight and a half inches.”

“Mmmmm” Linda moaned as she went back to tracing her fingers around the swollen shape. “Looks like that’s gonna get uncomfortable positioned like that, you wanna get some layers out of the way?”

Linda wasn’t waiting for an answer and slid her fingers to hook the hip of his shorts. She grasped the left side and started to pull the material down. Alex pressed his back into the sofa to lift his hips and used his right hand to help the other side of his shorts down. Working together, they slowly revealed the object of Linda’s interest. As soon as the shorts had worked their way low enough down his legs, his cock sprang back up and hit him in the stomach.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to get a little taste of this,” Linda said, as she let her fingers curl around his dick. Her fingers couldn’t quite meet with her thumb as she began to stroke up and down, slowly and without purpose like in the hot tub. His cock felt like a brick wrapped in silk. So smooth, yet so hard. She slid her hand down and gripped harder, she could just barely get her thumb to reach her middle finger when she squeezed. She stroked up, memorized at the sight in front of her as she lost sight of the mushroom head under the foreskin. Then without releasing the tightened grip, she moved all the way down the length, exposing the head again and pressing firmly into his body at the base of his cock.

“Uuuugghhhh,” The sensation of her driving hand made Alex’s head fall back onto the back of the couch and he closed his eyes.

Linda held her hand at the base of his dick and kept the pressure on while she slid off the couch and knelt between his knees in from of him. She loosened her grip switched to her dominant hand before she stroked back up. She pulled his dick towards her and held it inches from her lips while she continued to stroke. She looked up his body and saw him relaxed on the couch, enjoying the sensations with his eyes closed. Linda let out a hot breath, like she was trying to steam up a window and let it crawl along his length, but made no contact with her lips. She continued to lightly breath on his dick and stroke up and down, all while looking at his face.

Alex could feel her breath on himself, how it warmed his dick. Her hand felt amazing and he couldn’t wait for what was to come next. He started to wonder what was taking so long. Why hadn’t she taken him in her mouth yet? He began to think she must be having second thoughts about the whole thing and opened his eyes to look down at her.

That was Linda’s cue, that’s what she was waiting for.

As soon as she captured his beautiful, brown eyes with her own, she drove her mouth down onto his cock. She looked him in the eyes and push until his cock hit the back of her throat. Alex could see the corners of her mouth curl up into a smile around his girth. She held his cock and didn’t move her mouth. If Alex hadn’t already cum earlier, he was sure that would be enough to send him over the edge.

Though she was not moving, Alex could feel her tongue working he underside of his shaft. It snaked around what little room it had as she held her head down on him, still looking in his eyes.

Suddenly, Alex’s head broke eye contact and shot behind him to look at the stairs as a loud creak warned them that Tom was getting out of bed. He panicked and started to stand, inadvertently thrusting harder into Linda’s mouth. Linda didn’t relent. Using both hands she grabbed his hips as they rose off the sofa and pushed them, forcing Alex back down. Alex fell back to sitting. He moved his hands to Linda’s face to push her head away as he heard his dad walking around the upstairs bedroom.

Linda again, knocked his hands away and kept her mouth right where it was.

Alex couldn’t believe what was happening, was she trying to get them both killed?

“Dad’s awake,” Alex said in a panicked voice, though it was impossible that hadn’t heard him stirring. “What are you doing?”

Linda finally started to work her mouth back off of him, much slower then he would have liked considering their state. As she pulled back, she maintained that vacuum in her mouth and sucked her way back along the length until she finally released him with a pop.

“Trust me,” She said with a wink and sank back down.

‘Trust her? What the hell is she talking about, Trust her…I am going to die on my nineteenth birthday.’ Alex thought, trying to ignore the pleasure in his dick as she consumed him again. This time she didn’t hold him though, she immediately retreated and settled into a rhythm bobbing up and down on his tool.

“Ughh” Alex grunted.

Alex’s eyes again diverted as he heard the door to his parent’s bedroom open. Again he looked behind him and over the back of the couch. His breathing was deep and uncontrolled as he look at the stairs that went from the kitchen to the second floor. He listened for his dads decent, but it never came. Instead the footsteps traveled down the hallway to the upstairs bathroom and he heard that door close.

Linda lifted her head off of the worried boy’s cock “Be a dear and hand me my cell?” She asked, nodding towards the table before driving back down on her son.

Alex glanced at the phone. Lost in delirious pleasure and panic his body went on auto-pilot and reached for the phone and handed it to her outstretched hand as she continued to suck him. He didn’t realize what a strange request it was until he had given it to her. It didn’t matter any more, he could feel the build up coming. Even the orgasm he had earlier in the day wasn’t enough to numb the urge he was feeling now. He was getting close.

Linda sensed he was close…and slowed down.

She was having fun with her little game and wanted to torture Alex just a little bit longer before he got release.

Linda sucked back again until just the head of his dick was in her mouth and licked at the tip, savoring the pre-cum that had become pretty steady.

Alex felt her pace slow as his orgasm slowly retreated again. He couldn’t understand why she would stop when they had so little time left. He was concerned that she would push him to the edge until there was no time, he wouldn’t get enough time to cum and he’d probably die of blue balls before dinner was served. ‘What kind of cruel women was she,’ he thought as his imagination carried on.

Alex heard toilet flush and the bathroom door open. ‘He wasn’t going to let her do that to him’ he thought, as he grabbed for the based of his cock so he could finish things off himself. His hand barely got there when Linda knocked it away.

“You’re hands off today, remember?” She said, lifting mouth off his tip, uncharacteristically stern.

“Yeah, but…”

Linda’s sweet smile returned. “Trust me?” She said. As the footsteps reached the top of the stairs. She bobbed down on him again.

Alex counted each step down the stairs like it was the executioner coming to collect the prisoner from his cell.

‘One…two…three…four…five. He’d be about half way down by now,’ Alex thought. He closed his eyes and waited for the ax to fall. His mother had apparently lost her mind and he was trapped. Even if she let him get up, there was no way he could get himself together before his dad came down. ‘Six…seven…’

All of a sudden, the phone in his parents bedroom rang. It was a separate line from the rest of the house that served as an office phone for Tom. They didn’t have enough rooms in the house for a proper office so Tom had set up a desk upstairs in the bedroom. Goes with the workaholic territory.

The footsteps on the stairs paused briefly and started to climb the stairs again.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief, figuring now he could try to reason with his mother again. As fear momentarily left him, he opened his eyes. Her lips still around his cock, her hands were on his thighs and she was looking up at him. Beside him, his mothers phone was lit up.

‘Calling Tom Office…’ Was displayed on the screen.

She pulled off her son’s cock again. “He’d never miss a call on the bat-phone” She said with a smile. Then ran her tongue from his balls all the way to the tip and flicked the sensitive part just below the tip a couple times before reaching for her phone again. She hit the speaker phone button and adjusted to volume so it couldn’t be heard upstairs.

“Hello?” They could hear Tom say from upstairs.

“Hey hun, are you awake yet?” Linda asked as she pumped Alex’s cock with her free hand. She grinned at Alex.

“Ha, yeah. I was almost downstairs when my phone rang, so I came back up to answer it.”

“Oh,” Linda kissed the tip of Alex’s throbbing cock and licked more pre-cum off before continuing to speak “silly me. I just stepped outside to make this call so I wouldn’t wake Alex. He fell asleep sitting up on the couch.”

“Oh, OK. Well. I’ll let ya go and I’ll be right down.” Tom said.

“Sure, do me a favor though?” As soon as she was done speaking she returned her tongue to swirl around the head of Alex’s cock.

“Yeah, what do ya need?”

“I need a hand with his birthday present. Can you sneak through the kitchen and out the patio to the garage. I left it there. I’ll walk around the house from the front porch, where I am now, and meet you there.”

“Yeah…alright,” Tom replied.

“Oh and Tom, make sure you don’t go into the living room, I don’t want to wake Alex until we have his gift inside on the kitchen table.” She said as she winked to Alex.

“Sounds good, see you in the garage.”

With that, the phone went quite and Linda resumed her full focus on the appetizing sight in front of her.

As they heard the footsteps again reach top of the stairs and start their decent, Linda locked eyes with her son.

“Now remember, you’re asleep on the couch,” She smiled. “Sweet dreams…”

Linda grabbed Alex’s cock and embraced it one more time with her lips. She pumped with her hand as her head bobbed, this time with no holding back.

Alex’s head fell back to the back of the couch, as the pleasure engulfed him. He wanted to warn his mom that he was about to explode, but the footsteps reached the bottom step and he couldn’t say anything for fear of being heard.

He grabbed her left hand and squeezed tightly as his orgasm ripped through him. He squeezed and bit down on his bottom lip to stop from calling out. He exploded in his mothers wanting mouth. She moved her hand from his cock to take hold of his free hand. They held each others hands while they facing each other, like newlyweds would at the alter. Her head steadied it’s bobbing as she drank back his cum.

“Uuuuugh…” Alex accidentally let slip, as his mom made sure she got every last drop.

Tom, having heard a noise looked from the kitchen into the living room. All he saw was the back of the couch and the back of Alex’s head as he “slept”. He chuckled to himself as he turned back towards the patio do to sneak out. “Must be a good dream,” he said as he left and slid the door closed behind him.

Alex was completely spend. He lay on the couch and watched as his mother finally released his cock. She looked up at him to see the bliss on his face.

“Well, you better get yourself sorted. I’ll run out and stall your father” Linda said, sweetly.

“Uh huh…” Alex replied, still a little dazed.

“You know this only lasts for your birthday right? This isn’t going to be happening after today.” She said as she stood.

That snapped Alex right out of his daze. He hadn’t really thought about after. He was disappointed and there was no way to hide it. Still he did his best.

“Oh…yeah…obviously, just for my birthday..” He trailed off in a low, obviously disappointed voice. Looking down at her feet.

For the third time that day, Linda put her fingers to his chin and directed his face to meet her eyes.

She smiled slyly.

“What I mean is, this ‘It’s all about you’ nonsense stops after today, I’m still horny as hell and you’re going to have to put some effort in starting tomorrow.”

With that she turned and walked out the front door leaving him stunned on the couch, pants around his ankles. His cock stirred again.

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