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Mom Swap

2 Moms Decide To Teach Their Sons Everything About Sex

Chapter 1

Recently, I was reminiscing with my mother about “That Summer.”

“What do you remember most?” I asked her.

“Only everything!” she replied.

“Yeah,” I said. ” It’s hard to forget those things.”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“As I recall,” mom said with raised eyebrows, “those ‘things’ were ‘hard’ a lot!”

I get hard just thinking of that incredible summer; when I lost my virginity with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin.

When I was a teenager, my uncle rented a big cabin in the mountains north of Los Angeles, for a week’s vacation for both families. My father naturally stayed home, claiming he couldn’t take the week off from work, and besides, he was never the outdoors type. This bothered no one. My mom and dad’s marriage was hardly affectionate anymore, and my uncle never liked him anyway.

So that Monday morning my Uncle Floyd, Aunt Barbara, and Cousin Robert, pulled up our driveway to pick us up. We threw our bags into the back of the station wagon (Yes, this was quite a few years ago!) for the two hour drive north up to Big Bear Lake. Floyd, a thinning-haired, forty-three year-old chatterbox, drove while forty-three year-old Barbara sat beside him. Barbara was a rather spacy Native American; well-built with short brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and a beaming smile. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but Barbara was really hot back then. My cousin Robert, also dark, like his mom, sat with me in the backseat, along with my mom, Susan, a thirty-eight year-old, petite, blue-eyed blond, with a radiating smile of her own, and as fair-skinned as can be. Years of ballet had made her athletic legs strong and firm. No cellulite could ever do battle with her. I look just like her, only with a tan.

When we got to the cabin, we were all tired but excited. The house was two stories, with three bedrooms; two upstairs and the other downstairs near the kitchen. Robert and I took one room, my mom got one to herself, and my aunt and uncle, the downstairs room. We unpacked and settled in, determined to enjoy the week, especially since we’d left an oppressive heatwave back home and the cool mountain air was perfect.

The first few days nothing special happened. My uncle busied himself about the house, while my mom and aunt spent most of their time talking about this or that. Robert and I tried our best to get into trouble, but never did.

Then came “that morning” of that summer, when my uncle received a call from work. He worked for the big utility company and they were desperate to find him because the heatwave was playing havoc with power, since everyone was using their air conditioners. They really needed his assistance for the day, and of course, he had to return. I assumed we’d all have to go home early, but he said he’d try and make it back after sundown. He never did. My mom and aunt grew concerned but about eight o’clock the phone rang. It was my uncle. He said he would have to spend the night at home, that it took longer than expected work-wise, but he’d be up the next day. We were on our own for the night: two horny, middle-aged women and two virile teenaged boys.

Only with hindsight do I know how explosive a combination this can be!

By mid-evening, Robert and I were in our room talking about music and girls, although neither of us had ever been with one. I remember mentioning Wendy Braeger, an already buxom brunette that I had been hot for. I’d previously made, at least in the immediate, the mistake of mentioning her to mom who grew enraged with maternal jealousy over my interest.

“I don’t want you getting involved with those little sluts from school!” she barked.

“They’re not sluts!” I countered.

Well maybe they were, I don’t know, but I never found out. My mom’s next line shocked me: “If I could afford it, I’d pay an older, experienced woman to teach you.” Middle-class financial stress saved me from the clutches of Heidi Fleiss! Fortunately for me, I temporarily forgot the conversation with mom, finished the school year, and was now up in our mountain cabin bedroom talking with my cousin about Aerosmith and Wendy.

Meanwhile, my mom and aunt were downstairs talking in the living room. If we only knew what they were talking about! It was mom who initiated the conversation about their precious young sons, and how my mom, naturally, didn’t want me having sex with those “little sluts” at school. My aunt was also concerned about us. Then mom mentioned her desire to find an “older woman” to teach me, but of course, hadn’t as yet. After a brief pause, mom looked at Barbara and nervously said “Why don’t WE do it.”

“Do what?” replied my flighty aunt.

“Teach the boys.”

“About SEX?” Barbara replied in an exasperated whisper. Mom just looked away and there was another pause.

“Susan…that’s incest.”

Mom sighed and said “Barbara, don’t moralize with me! You of all people.”

After another anxious pause, mom grew bold.

“Fine, I’LL do it!” she said. “I’ll go up there right now and fuck not only my kid but yours, too!”

Barbara’s eyes widened, her mouth dropped, and she motioned to speak but no words came out.

“What?” mom asked.

Waving her arms, shaking her head, my aunt replied, “I don’t know, I mean – I just – I don’t know!”

“What the hell are you afraid of?” mom asked. “That it’s WRONG?” Barbara remained silent.

“Do you want to switch?” mom asked.


“Yeah. You know. You can do my son and I’ll do yours.”

Barbara stared at my mom in disbelief for the longest time, until finally she spoke up. “You really want to do this don’t you?”

My mom nodded. “I’ve been thinking for several months now, and I’ve been trying to summon the courage. Look, Floyd’s gone for tonight. And it’s not like you haven’t been with other men. I’ve cheated, too, you know that.”

“Yes, but this is different.”

Lowering her voice mom said “Barbara, there are two young men upstairs. Not boys, but young men, who have never had sex before. Why don’t we teach them so that they don’t feel peer pressure, or get involved with the wrong crowd at school, or get a disease. Besides,” she said with a smile, “I’m sure there will be lots of pleasure in this for everybody.”

Still smiling at my aunt, mom added “They’re good looking guys you know?”

My aunt finally smiled, then let out a little laugh and shook her head.

“But, would they even want us?” Barbara asked.

“Let’s find out.”

Chapter 2

“Knock, knock,” came my mother’s voice. When we turned around towards the doorway both Robert and I were floored.

“Would you guys like to come down and watch TV with us?” my mom asked. We didn’t answer. How could we? Both mom and Barbara were wearing only their pajama tops that barely covered their panties. Why they were half-naked we had no idea. Robert and I couldn’t get enough of my mom’s, athletic, creamy white thighs and calves, and his mother’s long, lean, darker legs, but they were quite a contrast, and an appealing one, too. Our mom’s stood their encouraging us to come downstairs, and as Robert and I walked past them, we were both very quiet as our moms followed us down. We all settled in the living room; Robert and I on the chairs and our moms on the couch, silently watching the tube. Occasionally, though, Robert and I glanced at both women’s legs, not tucked under them but showing in all their glory; we could even see their panties! In only shorts and tee shirts, Robert and I had to constantly move in our seats so as not to expose our embarrassingly hard cocks. There was so much tension in the room.

“Robert!” my mom snapped, and we both nearly jumped with fear that someone had spoken up.

“Do you have any girlfriends?” He seemed shocked, laughed a nervous laugh, glanced at Barbara, and said no. After a little pause mom asked “Have either of you boys ever seen a naked woman – outside of a magazine?”

Looking down, nervously we said no. Mom then picked up the remote, turned off the set, turned to Barbara and said “I think it’s time these two saw a real naked woman. Don’t you Barbara?”

Equally nervous, a wide-eyed Barbara looked at my mom and replied, “Oh! Yes! Of, course.” We didn’t know who was more scared, us or Barbara.

Mom then stood up and slowly unbuttoned her top, all the while smiling as her eyes darted from me to my cousin and back. She was growing more confident as she knew she was in charge. Mom then removed the top letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on us, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then giving us a shit-eating grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle. God, what a sexy ass she had! This blond was all booty! Robert and I were breathing heavily, devouring her with our eyes, a little less nervous now.

“Go on Barbara,” mom said. My aunt was far more hesitant and couldn’t even look at us as she stood up and unbuttoned her top, slowly, painfully so, finally letting it fall to the floor. It was sure worth the wait!

“Wow!” Robert said. Barbara was shocked that her own son responded in this way to her breasts. She needn’t have. My aunt’s tits were much larger than mom’s, sagging just a little but really nice, with big round, brown, acorn-like nipples. Jesus, and to think my uncle had cheated first! My aunt’s hands were slowly moving towards her panties and her eyes seemed to say “How can I get out of this?” Too late. She pulled down her panties slowly, exposing her dark bush to us. As her panties hit the floor, I was breathing heavily and looking at my cousin, he was licking his lips!

Standing next to Barbara, mom turned her around showing us her ass. Those mocha cheeks looked good! Then turning her around again Robert and I stared at our naked moms. Barbara was trying to smile but was having such mixed emotions. My mom was smiling alright and I noticed something else, too; her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet!

Then she and Barbara sat down on the couch and mom said “Okay, your turn!” My cousin let out a nervous laugh while I just looked away. I was scared. Mom then looked me in the eye and said “Take your shirt off. You too, Robert.” I slowly did as did my cousin. As we stood up to remove our shorts, Mom looked at our crotches which were bulging with huge wet spots. Mom’s eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.

“Now your shorts,” she said.

Then we quietly removed our shorts. Our young pricks were obscenely making a tent of our jockey shorts. Mom didn’t have to say anything as both she and Barbara were all wide-eyed with excitement at what we were covering up. Without anything being said, Robert and I pried apart the waistbands and slid down our shorts, letting our young, hard teenage cocks bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down freed from their confinement. There we stood, two giggling, nervous adolescents with our cocks raised high in the air. At the time I was only about five inches while Robert was an inch longer and thicker.

My mom’s eyes bulged, as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over our hard, young pricks. I even noticed my aunt checking out our tools with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.

“You boys have really grown up,” mom said with a smile.

“And out,” my aunt added.

The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at our naked moms, my cousin could barely contain himself and began tugging on his dick, which was getting harder as precum oozed out even more. Mom broke away her stare, looked at me and said “Go on.” I, too, started playing with my cock, and as Robert and I fisted our cocks rock solid and slick with precum, mom couldn’t control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning us. Even my aunt was licking her lips as she watched us pump our hard pricks. She was kneading her breasts with one hand, while the other found her own wet, hairy cunt. Me and my cousin were breathing heavily while we masturbated to the sight of our moms sitting there rubbing their clits; and they, too, were panting and moaning at the sight of their own sons fisting their young cocks. Two horny and attractive middle-aged women and two young, ripe, teenaged boys were about to make history and fuck each other silly!

“Oh, my, Barbara. They sure are big,” mom moaned while frigging her cunt.

“Um, hmm,” Barbara moaned in reply.

Mom then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up surprising us all.

“Come sit down here on the couch,” she told us. Barbara stopped rubbing herself, too, as she stood up for us. God, her fingers were so wet! As we sat down mom gently said, “We’re all going to have sex. You’re both going to become men now.” Then with a smile she asked “You ready?”

“Um, yeah, okay,” we replied, a little uncertain. Mom then knelt down between Robert and I and took my cock in her cunt juice-slicked hand and stroked it a few times.

“My own son’s hard-on,” she said smiling at me, tugging my dick. “Wow!”

She then lowered her head and took me in her mouth. I was shocked at first and I thought Robert’s eyes would bulge out of his head as he watched open-mouthed as my cock disappeared down mom’s throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again. I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it, but then she took me out of her mouth and turned her attention to Robert. With her left hand fondling my wet cock, her right hand took hold of Robert’s cock and she then lowered her head and took his brown cock into her mouth.

Meanwhile, my aunt was just standing there naked, watching her sister-in-law suck her own son’s cock.

“Barbara, come here,” mom snapped at her. “Look how big he is,” she said holding Robert’s cock up. Mom then moved over and motioned for Barbara to kneel down. She did and stared at the large, thick organ. She then took her son’s cock in hand and gently began pumping it.

“Do you like that?” my aunt asked softly.

“Yeah mom. Suck on it, like Aunt Susan did,” Robert replied.

Then Barbara gave her son a rather slow, insecure blowjob. She licked and sucked slowly, but Robert enjoyed it anyway. Meanwhile, my mom had taken my cock back into her mouth and was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and fisting until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed mom’s head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, mom let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick, joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blowjob, and from a real pro!

Just then, Robert started unloading into Barbara’s mouth. Her eyes got really big as she felt her son’s cum go shooting into her mouth. She then closed them and started swallowing her own son’s juice, sucking and fisting every last drop down her throat.

After being sucked dry by our moms, the four of us were all smiles.

“You boys taste good,” mom said. Robert and I were in heaven. I’d already experienced an orgasm through masturbation, but nothing like this! Just then, mom stood up and told us to follow her upstairs to her room. That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind mom’s ass! I’d never seen anything quite like it, and glancing at Robert he was literally drooling at the sight of those creamy cheeks. Too bad Barbara brought up the rear, so to speak.

Chapter 3

When we entered mom’s room, she fell on her bed and motioned for Barbara to join her while we young guys just stared at them.

“What now?” Robert asked.

“The best is soon to CUM,” mom said with beady eyes. Barbara giggled at the suggestion. Then mom spread her legs to flash us her wet cunt. Looking at me she said “You’re going to put your cock in HERE. It’s gonna feel soooooo good!”

“We’re gonna fuck?” Robert asked rather matter-of-factly.

“Yep,” my mom replied. “We’re gonna make men of you.”

Barbara turned her head over to mom and whispered “I’d really like to be eaten first.”

Robert and I had no idea what she meant. Eaten? Why did she want to eat now?

“Maybe later,” mom replied. “Let’s just do this and get it over with. Besides, I’m drenched by the thought!”

I guess anticipating your own son fucking you, while you took his virginity was foreplay enough! Then noticing my newly-erect cock, mom told me to come on the bed and get on top of her. As I did she held out her arms and hugged me as my cock nestled near her pussy. As I held her, she then reached down and took hold of my erection with one hand, while trying to maneuver my body to insert it inside her. Once I was at the entrance to her cunt, mom said “Okay, push forward.” I did.

If I thought her mouth was incredible, this was sexual Disneyland. All of a sudden, wet heat blanketed my teenage prick as I pushed further inward, inch by inch, until I was in as far as I could go. At that point instinct took over as I pulled back a few inches and thrust forward again. I repeated the action until I began developing a rhythm and started thrusting in and out, in and out; faster and faster, harder and a little harder. It felt soooooo good and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Mom was moaning with each thrust of my cock and while I grunted and groaned, she got vocal.

“Oh, yes honey! Ooooooohhh, yeeeaaahh! That’s it, that’s IT! Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Oh yes, baby, fuck me! Fuck mommy! Ooooohh god, fuck mommy! Fuck your mommy GOOD!”

Meanwhile, right next to us was my cousin, atop his own mom banging away at her cunt even harder than I was. Robert was moaning and saying “Yeah! Yeah!” over and over while my aunt cried out with each powerful thrust of his cock. Barbara said not a word except this loud, incredible cry with each stroke of his hefty cock. The room was filled with the sounds of fantastic sex! The big bed really shook as Robert and I grunted and groaned with each thrust, in and out of our moms’ cunts, while they cried out in pleasure over this fabulous act of deflowering incest! My cousin and I lasted a lot longer this time, giving our moms’ cunts a good workout. I was getting near to shooting and could feel the tension building up in my cock. Frantically, I hammered my prick in and out of mom until I lost it and crying out I began shooting my seed into her.

“Oh yes baby!” mom cried out. “Give mommy your cum! Oh yeah! Cum in me!”

I just laid on top of her feeling my twitching cock shoot more and more sperm into her hot, wet cunt. I felt hot and wet myself as perspiration covered me; my body heat meshed with mom’s, and my hot cock shooting hot cum inside her even hotter cunt! Mom just held me and stroked my blond hair. Her baby had just made a man of himself in the same hole he came out of all those years before!

Meanwhile I heard Robert literally growling and Barbara whimpering, as he came inside her.

“Oh yeah, Robert,” mom moaned in my ear. “Fuck your mom! Give her your sperm! You’re mommy’s STUD now!” Hearing those words, I noticed that my own cock was getting hard again, while still inside her cunt!

Mom motioned for me to get off her and I pulled out, newly hard but happy and satisfied. I then collapsed by her feet as Robert got off of Barbara and sat on the corner of the bed catching his breath.

“You’re men now!” mom proclaimed. “How was it Barbara?”

“Mmmm, nice,” she moaned.

“I’ll bet,” mom replied staring at Robert’s still-hard cock. I didn’t fully realize it then, but my own mom was a size-queen! Wishing to take advantage of the moment, mom asked Robert if he’d like to fuck her. I was a little surprised but Robert said “Yeah!” and jumped to his feet. As I moved out of the way, my cousin got between mom’s legs, and now knowing what to do, aimed his larger cock at mom’s very wet cunt. As he entered, they both moaned in unison. Barbara and I watched as her son fucked my mother. And they were both loving it! I had a hard cock of my own and seeing that I was just standing there with nothing to do but watch, I glanced at my aunt who smiled, spread her legs, and crooked her finger beckoning me over. All of a sudden I felt a whole lot better! Two could play at that game! Time to fuck your mom, too!

I got in-between my aunt’s legs and lowered my body down on top of her. She didn’t need to guide me home as I now knew what to do. I smiled at Barbara who smiled back. I then slid my dick into her well-soaked snatch as Barbara held me. I then fucked my aunt with wild-abandon, loving this pussy-go-round in mom’s bedroom. As I thrust away in Barbara’s cunt, I could hear mom crying out as Robert pounded his ample cock in and out of her cunt. As my aunt held me, she lifted her body up to meet my thrusts, giving back what I gave her. With each thrust of my cock, Barbara cooed in my ear. I started kissing her cheek, and uncontrollably I moved my lips to hers and began kissing my aunt. She seemed surprised but responded to my kisses with her tongue. It must have seemed weird; a teenage boy passionately kissing his forty-three year-old aunt, while his young cock pounded in and out of her mature cunt, but we were exchanging all sorts of fluids, from our tongues and saliva, to my precum leaking into her cunt. While we were lost in our own ecstasy, mom and Robert were really fucking up a storm.

“Harder, Robert! Harder!” Mom screamed as my cousin grunted like an animal as he fucked mom. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” mom cried, as she came.

Meanwhile, as I thrust away, nearing orgasm, my aunt dropped her hands to my asscheeks and turning away from our kisses, began moaning loudly. She was pulling me into her as if using my body to fuck herself as she, too, neared orgasm. As I groaned loudly, wildly, I couldn’t hold out any longer and unloaded deep into my aunt’s cunt. As I continued to thrust away, Barbara gasped that she was cumming and continued gasping as my thrusting cock gave her the last drop I had.

After a moment of trying to catch our breath, my cousin and I removed out sweaty bodies from our sweaty aunts. Robert collapsed in-between our moms while I fell at everyone’s feet.

“You boys are good, aren’t they Barbara?” mom said.

“Definitely,” my aunt replied as she felt her cum-soaked pussy.

“Well, how do you guys like the world of sex?” mom asked us.

Robert and I laughed. “Pretty good,” he said. I agreed. As we rested a bit, we talked about little things, but with two teenaged boys in the same room with two naked women lying in one bed, little things soon became big things!

“You want more, huh?” mom snickered. We laughed. Emboldened, Robert and I took hold of our cocks and started pumping them. Yeah, we wanted more! Our moms laughed with dancing eyes. They wanted more, too.

“Let’s try this,” mom said. She then told me to step forward and sitting up, she took hold of my cock and brought it to her mouth. She got it all slick, and then removing my cock from her mouth, got up on the bed, on all fours, turned to me and said “Get behind me and inch your way up my rear end.”

WHAT? Robert and I were shocked. Could you do that? Even Barbara seemed surprised.

“Go on,” mom told me. “Work it up my ass. Just go slowly.” As I got behind mom, I spread her luscious asscheeks and saw that tiny, pink, puckered hole. It was quite a contrast compared with her gaping, used cunt. As I placed my cockhead at her opening, I almost dreaded putting it in because I was afraid I’d hurt her. But as I pushed in, I got the cockhead in and slowly I inched my way inside her anus. It was hot but tight, real tight, compared with her cunt. I liked it!

Realizing all was well, Robert turned to his mom and asked if he could put his cock up her ass, too. Barbara didn’t seem too willing, but mom said “Let’s teach them everything!” Barbara relented and moved herself next to mom and got on all fours for her son to fuck her ass.

“Easy Robert, easy!” she admonished him, fearing his excitement would be anything but for her!

Meanwhile, I was now banging away in mom’s ass, holding her by the waist and hips, grinding my cock as deep up her anal tract as I could go.

“Oh yeah!” mom moaned. “Mmmm, yeah!” I was actually surprised. She really liked this! But so did I, so I kept on fucking, grunting my own pleasure. Mom reached down under her and started playing with her clit, rubbing it hard, and moaning harder while I continued to thrust my cock in and out. At the same time, Barbara had relaxed and was starting to enjoy the ass fuck she was getting from my cousin’s large cock. Both Robert and I began to time our thrusts so that we fucked in and out in unison. It was like a game but it was fun, causing us to giggle as we slid our cocks in and out of our moms’ assholes.

“Stop! Both of you!” mom said, breaking our rhythm. She then told us to switch places. Wow! My cousin and I thought. Mom sure was kinky! Barbara said nothing as Robert pulled out of her. As I pulled my dick out of mom’s ass, I was really intrigued by the sight of her anal opening spread wide apart from my cock. Robert and I, with our soiled, hard cocks bobbing in the air, scampered to change places. When I got behind my aunt’s up-turned tail,

I noticed her anal opening spread really wide thanks to my cousin’s girth. I also became aware of the contrast between my mom’s full, fleshy asscheeks and pink opening, with that of my aunt’s darker, slimmer cheeks, and even darker, brown opening, and brown yet dripping clit. Barbara had been enjoying her anal fuck after all.

A little afraid of disapproval by my aunt, I touched her tentatively as I placed my not-so pink anymore cockhead against the brown opening. I entered slowly feeling her heat. She didn’t mind any of this at all, I figured, so I shoved in to the root. Then I started fucking, building up my own rhythm. I held her waist as I thrust in and out faster and faster, really beginning to love the feeling of my cock in her ass. At that moment I knew that anal sex was to become my favorite. As I continued fucking Barbara, I noticed her right cheek was laying flat on the bed, and I saw a glazed look in her left eye, as her mouth was open, licking her lips while cooing again, with each thrust of my cock, just like when I fucked her cunt. This gave me more confidence as I banged her harder and faster, trying to get as much pleasure as I could and happy that I was giving my aunt pleasure, too. So much so that Barbara began playing with her clit while I fucked her brown hole, her cooing growing louder along with my groaning, both of us nearing orgasm.

While Barbara only moaned, my mom was a bit more vocal.

“Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!” she cried out to Robert. “Oooohhhh, I love your big cock up my ass! Make me cum!” Robert was frantically pounding mom’s butt, and the sight of his long, thick brown dick, going in and out of her pink anus was quite a sight. Her clit was distended and dripping as she was cumming yet again. It turned me on so much that I grabbed Barbara’s hips and really started putting it to her, thrusting harder and faster, determined to fuck her ass off. Barbara began crying out and then let out a yelp and a gasp.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh!” she cried. “Oohh! Oohh! Oooohhhh!” Barbara shook a little as she came, and feeling on the verge of cumming again, I wildly thrust in and out a few more times before letting out a yell and shooting my sperm as deep up my aunt’s ass as it would go. I then noticed Robert, holding my mom’s waist real tight to him and he just stood there not humping at all but with his dick buried all the way up her ass. I saw his sweaty face, flushed with ecstasy and I knew then that he was unloading everything he had up mom’s ass.

Totally drained, Robert and I pulled our cocks out of our aunts’ assholes, and again I was intrigued by the sight of a wide-open asshole. Barbara’s was a fabulous sight! As mom and Barbara collapsed on the bed, mom told us to go in the bathroom and clean up. When we reentered the room, mom said “You boys learned real fast, tonight!”

“You’re not kidding!” Barbara replied.

It was getting late and our mom’s were tired, wanting only to take a nice, hot bath and go to sleep. Robert and I were rather disappointed.

“Can we do it again tomorrow?” I asked. Barbara just looked away like I had to be kidding.

“Your uncle will be up tomorrow. Remember?” mom snapped. Oh well, I thought. We hugged our moms goodnight, all of us saying “Thank you,” and “I love you.” At that moment we really did.

Later in our room, Robert and I replayed the highlights of the evening: “I loved getting my cock sucked on; What did you like better, fucking a cunt or asshole?; Your mom’s cunt was SO WET!; I know, and your mom’s asshole was GREAT!” We slept real good!

Chapter 4

The next morning Robert and I awoke early and with raging hard-ons. As we tugged them under our blankets, we fretted about not getting anymore sex.

“Hey, let’s go find our moms before my dad gets here,” he said.

“Great,” I replied.

When we tried sneaking into my mom’s room, she wasn’t there. We figured they were downstairs so, very naked with cocks high and hard, we headed downstairs hoping for an early morning fuck. But just as we got downstairs we heard my uncle’s voice coming from the kitchen. Fuck! we thought. He was already here! In a panic, we quickly flew upstairs to get dressed. When we came downstairs, Floyd greeted us warmly while our mom’s looked a little concerned. There eyes were almost begging we wouldn’t say or do anything stupid. If they’d only known we almost did! We soon all went about our business for the day. I’ve often wondered what might have happened had Robert and I actually come into the kitchen naked and hard. What would Floyd’s reaction have been if he’d seen us and known that in his absence, his own wife and sister had fucked their teenaged sons the night before! We would have all been lynched!

During our last couple of days at the cabin, I kept pestering mom in private. “Can’t we get away from Uncle Floyd?” She’d just let out a sigh and look away. She had really opened a can of something or other. Two teenage boys with raging hormones, and raging cocks, looking for some maternal comfort. On our last full day there, mom tried to work something out. With my uncle fidgeting around the house, mom took Barbara to one side and they began whispering.

A few minutes later I heard my aunt say “Come on Robert!”, and mom then informed Floyd “We’re all going to go out for awhile.”

“Where?” he asked.

“For a walk,” she replied.

“Not inviting me?” he replied.

“Well, it’s just that you’re busy and -“

“Okay, okay,” he said and then laughed.

Once out the door and heading into the woods, I asked mom where we were going.

“To a secluded spot I remember seeing the other day,” she answered.

“Why?” Robert asked.

“Well, we thought you might like to have your cocks sucked on again,” she replied.

Robert and I got all bug-eyed excited, while mom smiled and shook her head, and my aunt giggled. A few minutes later mom pointed out an area that had a big fallen tree. There was no way we could fuck out there with all the sticks and dirt but in the warm air, both Robert and I undressed, stripping out of our shorts and underwear to the approving eyes and smiles of our moms.

We were young but athletic and in good shape, and as we stripped for mom and Barbara, our cocks rapidly grew hard.

We placed our shorts on the tree and sat down on them to try and get a little comfortable. Both our mom’s were in jeans, and simply knelt down on their knees in front of us; mom in front of me, and Barbara in front of Robert. Mom took my hard cock in hand, caressing it and playing with my balls.

“My son has become such a MAN,” mom moaned while feeling my cock. “A man. A STUD! They’re BOTH studs, huh Barbara.”

“Mmm hmm,” Barbara replied despite a mouthful of her son’s cock. Mom then took my cock in her mouth, sucking the head, licking the shaft, licking my balls, and even taking them into her mouth. Mom left a trail of saliva dripping from the cockhead down to my sparsely-pubed root. Both Robert and I loved every minute of receiving our maternal head, but then mom took her mouth off of my cock and nudged Barbara who was busy licking and kissing her son’s cockhead.

“Let’s switch,” mom said.

Mom crawled in front of Robert to get at his cock while Barbara flashed me a smile and dropped to her knees, took my cock in hand and began licking mom’s saliva off of it. She nibbled on my cock, licking the shaft, kissing the cockhead, taking it in her warm mouth, sucking me like a lollipop as her hand pumped the glistening shaft.

Meanwhile, mom was really going to town on Robert’s prick. Her mouth was stretched wide thanks to his girth, as she deep throated him, frantically working her mouth up and down the dark shaft like the pro she was. Neither Robert nor I could hold out much longer and began moaning our approval over these wonderful blowjobs. Finally Mom took her mouth off of Robert’s cock, and with it aimed at her face, began to fist him rapidly.

“Ooooh, yeah!” mom moaned. “Come on, Robert! Cum for Auntie Susan! Cum!

Cuuuumm! Give me all your sperm from your BIG COCK!”

He was groaning loudly nearing orgasm, as was I since Barbara was fisting me while moaning around my cockhead in her mouth. As I moaned louder, holding Barbara’s head, she moaned with me, as I was about to cum down her throat.

Finally, Robert and I screamed as the intensity of our orgasms hit us. Robert shot a gallon of cum up into mom’s face. She let out a laugh as his hot sticky cum splashed on her cheeks, her nose, her lips and dripped off her chin. Just then I shot my load into my aunt’s hungry mouth and down her throat as she gulped down my hot cum like it was water. Barbara took each and every last drop I had to offer, squeezing it out of me and into her mouth. Meanwhile, mom was scooping up Robert’s cum to feed to herself.

“Mmm,” mom moaned. “”You taste SO GOOD!” Here Barbara,” she said giving her sister-in-law a finger to lick her own son’s cum off of.

“Mmm,” Barbara moaned. “My boy DOES taste good!”

“How did your nephew taste?” mom asked her.

“Oh, he tasted GREAT! They both do!”

“So, what do you say to your moms and aunts for this nice surprise this afternoon?” mom asked us.

“Thank you.” “Yeah, thanks.” We happily replied.

“Can we do it again?” Robert asked.

“Not now,” mom replied.

“Yes, we have to get back,” Barbara said. “You know your father. He’ll start getting worried.”

With that, both Robert and I dressed and fifteen minutes later were back at the cabin.

“Did you have a nice walk?” my uncle asked, as we entered.

“Very nice,” Barbara replied. If he only knew that just a few minutes earlier his wife had given their nephew a blowjob!

We all left for home the next day. Midway through our drive, my uncle stopped to get gas and with the rest of us in the car, mom turned to Barbara and said, “Maybe we can all get together before school starts up again.”

Barbara’s eyes lit up: “Ooooo! Okay,” she said in that spacy-little girl way of hers. Robert and I smiled. “When?” he asked.

“Well, we’ll see,” mom replied. “Hopefully soon.”

When they dropped us off at our house, we all said our goodbyes with a round of hugs and kisses. Hugging Barbara, as she kissed my cheek, I licked hers! Pulling away she seemed shocked but she looked at me with a little smile and big, dancing brown eyes that seemed to say “I liked that, you evil young man, you!” It was all I could do to keep from giggling and attracting attention, but it was also my way of thanking her. I got to fuck my dark, sexy aunt not only in her cunt, but also her ass, AND she sucked my cock! I got to cum in ALL her holes!

Chapter 5

After that week in the mountains, I thought we were at the beginning of some real hot times together. It sure started out that way. Our very first day home, once my dad went to work, mom and I had the house to ourselves all day. When she wasn’t shopping or cleaning, or I wasn’t with this friend or that, we would fuck for hours. She taught me to eat pussy, and I learned the value of foreplay, although with mom it wasn’t that necessary since she would get hot and ready just at the thought of doing it with her son.

Mom quickly found that she and I were totally compatible when it came to sex. She had always wanted more than my dad could give, and her infidelities were infrequent. Now, right under her own roof, she could get it everyday if she wanted. And often did! And since I was so young and virile, I would fuck her in all her hot holes and come back for more. Mom quickly realized that I really enjoyed anal sex, and she always made sure that I got my chance to get behind her upturned tail, spread her fleshy asscheeks, admire her pink, puckered hole, finger it and play with her asshole, and then lube up with the stuff she bought for us, and then insert my dick up that hot anus of hers. There were days when all I wanted to do was fuck her ass and shoot my cum deep up her bowels, but mom made sure that I made her pussy my number one priority.

“Mmmm, god, I love your teenage cock!” mom moaned one time after I shot my load down her throat, only to remain rock hard. I quickly got between her legs to insert my dick up her cunt. She started calling me her young stud, even superman, a reference to my cock which was always hard for her, making me her “Man of Steel.” We fucked in my parent’s bed, something mom found particularly nasty, but also in my bed. Using our imaginations, we came up with little games. I wanted to fuck in every room in the house; on every piece of furniture; the shower; even in the backseat of the car. Unfortunately, mom was a little frightened to take me for a drive to a secluded spot in case someone was nearby. So we reached a compromise: we did it in the car while parked in the garage. The smell of pussy and exhaust fumes! We never did that again!

Shortly before school started, mom called Barbara about us all getting together again. I knew mom liked Robert’s bigger cock but I could hardly complain since I was getting her all the time and I would also get to fuck my aunt again. Things on their side were not going as well, as Barbara was having second thoughts. At first she and Robert fucked every day since he never left her alone, and often when my uncle had to be out of the house really early, Robert would wait for his car to pull out of the driveway, get out of bed stark naked with his raging erection, crawl into bed with my giggling aunt, spread her legs and thrust right in. She would finger herself in anticipation of her son’s arrival so her cunt was ready for him. My aunt liked foreplay but Robert wasn’t into it. He was simply Wham, bam, thank you mom!

Robert and Barbara usually fucked in Robert’s bed, and she also had to get used to his anal intrusions. She wasn’t into it like my mom, and besides, Robert’s bigger cock was more painful. She did love to suck his cock, though, and I had already learned how good she was at that. But now, three weeks later, Barbara was having second thoughts about everything.

“Why?” mom asked one day over the phone with me sitting just a few feet away munching on potato chips. “I thought you were enjoying this. You said so just the other day?”

“Well, things have gotten out of hand,” Barbara lamented.

“Such as?” Mom asked.

“Well, you know his cock’s too big for me back there…”

“Well, make it a point to say no. When we get together, I’ll take care of his needs. Tell him he can fuck ME in the ass! Is that the problem?”

Then the conversation turned totally one-sided with Barbara doing all the talking. Then I saw mom’s eyes get real wide, and she let out an exasperated breath, acting real excited. “Really? He really wants you to do that?”

“Yes,” Barbara replied sadly. “I mean, I want to continue teaching him and get both our needs met but he’s so stubborn! I’ve told him, ‘Robert, I’m not your sex-toy to do with as you please! I’m not going to fuck your friends!’ He keeps saying how much fun it will be, but I don’t want anyone else knowing that I fuck my own son! He acts like everybody does this. What should I do? I don’t know how to handle this!”

“Well, maybe the both of you should cool it for awhile,” mom replied. Robert and Barbara really did cool it. They had a falling out over my cousin’s kinky desires, and Barbara refused him any more sex. If anything, she began feeling guilty about all we had done. Needless to say, the four of us didn’t get together again.

After getting off the phone with Barbara, mom said that Barbara should have taken up Robert’s offer. As long as the other boys knew the ground rules, meaning discretion, they could have had some really wild times! I could tell mom was a little jealous. I had a few friends, none very appealing, and here was my aunt turning down a chance to fuck maybe four or five horny teen studs. What my mom really wanted was to fulfill a fantasy of having all her holes filled at one time.

“I regret we didn’t try that up in Big Bear,” she said. “But you guys were just too inexperienced. I would have loved to take you and your cousin in my cunt and ass at the same time. You boys could have done Barbara, too. Your cousin is too big for her but she told me last time I talked with her that she really enjoyed YOUR cock up her ass.” Damn! I thought. Oh well…

While sex between Robert and Barbara fell off, not so with me and mom. I was her regular lay, and she was mine. It wasn’t until recently, while reminiscing about “that summer,” that I asked her about some of her infidelities while married to dad. None sounded too exciting.

“You didn’t fuck other men after you and I started, did you?” I asked.

“Umm, no,” mom replied, her eyes saying something different.

“You did, didn’t you!” I challenged.

“Well, a few times,” she said apologetically. “Listen, we weren’t married you know. I didn’t stop YOU from dating.”

“When?” I asked really curious. “I don’t remember anything suspicious about your behavior.”

“That’s because you were at your dad’s those weekends after the divorce.”

“Anyone I know?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“That’s enough, okay?” mom snapped. “It was a long time ago.”

“C’mon,” I said. “I can take it.”

“I’m not sure you can,” she replied matter-of-factly. “If I tell you, it’ll be your problem, okay? I don’t want to know about your sex life, but if I tell you some of my past, don’t get angry with ME! You have your chance.”

“My god,” I thought. “What did she do? Whom did she do?”

Seeing that I was sitting there quietly trying to sort this out, but not stopping her she said, “Okay. You asked for it!”

Then mom had me spellbound for the next half hour describing how one day she called Barbara to say hello and asked to say hi to my cousin. Over the phone she told him of her plan and was he interested. Of course! So on those weekends when I visited my dad, she filled the void left by her uptight sister-in-law, and began driving down to their town to fuck my cousin and his “huge cock.” She sucked him, fucked him, even taking him up her ass. Obviously they couldn’t do it in Floyd’s house, so on a “good” weekend, when I was away and when one of Robert’s friends’ parents were out of town, in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or Las Vegas, she’d drive down at night, pick up Robert outside his house, and drive to the friend’s house to fuck Robert and however many of his friends would be there! She’d dress in whatever slutty way they wanted: short, tight skirts, sometimes cut-offs, and always heels. For the next three years, mom became their “weekend whore,” fulfilling their youthful needs as well as her own nastiest fantasies! One night she “played the dozens”; a gangbang with twelve teen studs. My horny, forty-something mom; their “slutty Aunt Susan,” gave them all the cunt and ass they could handle. She also initiated siblings.

“I even got pregnant!” she said staring me in the eye. “I don’t know which kid it was, though. I think it was probably the black kid. He shot the most cum.” Flashing a wicked smile, she said “His cock was TEN inches! If Robert’s friends only knew the secret he shared with me: He was fucking THEIR mom’s, too!”

My head was spinning! And no wonder when I’d get back from my dad’s, mom always needed a few of days off! Despite my horniness being away from home for a night or two, she always claimed she was just too tired from house-cleaning on the weekends or gardening out back. The slutty liar! Just hearing mom’s story was almost intoxicating. Instead of feeling anger or jealousy, it was actually exciting.

“My god, are you hard?” she asked, noticing my bulge after telling me her story. Mom smiled that big grin of hers, and unzipped my pants, freeing my hard cock.

“Let’s get you undressed,” she said. Once naked, I sat back down on the couch as mom knelt to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it, nibbled, licked the length of my shaft, even sucked my balls.

“You want to hear more?” mom asked in a lusty deep voice. “I want to make you CUM while telling you about my conquests. Can you handle details?” she said slurping on my cock. With my cock in her hand, in between licks, and looking me straight in the eye, she asked “Do you want to hear more about “Slutty Aunt Susan”; what kind of WHORE your mom was? Hmm?” More licking and sucking on my cock. “You want more?” (Suck!) “I know you do!” (Lick!) Tell me how much you do!” I then let out a scream and shot my load!

“Mmmm,” mom moaned, licking my cock clean. “I guess I’ll have to share ALL my stories now that the cat’s out of the bag. Would you like that? Hmmm?”


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