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Part 2

Mom & My Friends

Son & friends help her live out fantasy.
Mom & My Friends

The morning after Brad’s graduation started with a slow, lazy fuck between mother and son. Brad would have happily stayed in bed with her all day long if she would have let him. He loved being naked with her and learning how to pleasure her and make her cum.

At one point he reflected on how odd it was that three days ago he probably would have laughed at the idea of being naked with his mom. Sure, he had indulged in some incestuous fantasies about her previously, but he never in a million years would have guessed that anything like this would ever happen. However, now there was nothing that he could imagine feeling better or more “right” than simply being with her. Somehow it seemed their bodies fit perfectly together and what he felt and experienced was far beyond his wildest dreams.

Eventually it was only Lisa’s insistence that they get up that finally got Brad out of bed. He tried to convince her to stay but she just laughed and commented that they had to eat sometime. “Besides,” she added, “your dad should be home in a few hours and this isn’t quite how I want to greet him.”

The mere mention of his dad made Brad upset. He was still pissed that his dad had blown off his graduation ceremony and, the more he reflected on it, he was getting more and more upset about his dad’s continual absence from his life in general for the past year. Now, added to that was the realization that while his dad was around he wouldn’t be able to be with his mom. He felt a mixture of jealousy and anger towards his dad that only seemed to grow stronger when his dad did come home later that day.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Lisa tried to pretend that everything was fine but deep down she knew that something had changed. While her husband was home over the next few days she reflected on things in light of what she had done with Brad. She compared how Brad seemed to dote on her and how she could feel his desire and lust when they were together with her husband’s reactions. He seemed to barely pay any attention to her. It was all she could do to pull his attention from his work, the newspaper, or the TV.

When she did get her husband in bed it seemed like he was just going through the motions. His reaction reminded Lisa of what one would do with some simple task they were completely bored with. The contrast between his lack of interest and Brad’s complete interest was striking and made her reflect on what her marriage had become. The more she thought about it the more she realized that, independent of what had happened with Brad, their marriage had really ended some time ago. They were now more like two acquaintances living in the same house.

Brad’s dad came and went on his normal schedule for the next few weeks. He never gave a detailed reason for leaving other than “a meeting” or “a conference”. Neither Brad nor Lisa really put much effort into caring however, because as soon as he would leave they would resume their intense fucking.

Over this time Lisa could feel Brad becoming more confident and comfortable during sex. They spent many long hours and nights together in her bed fucking, sucking, and teasing each other to orgasm after orgasm. She introduced him to the doggie style position and they eagerly experimented with this new way to fuck. Otherwise, Lisa kept their fucks fairly basic and simple. She didn’t introduce anything kinky or outrageous. She wanted to bring Brad along slowly, allowing him to become very comfortable with sex and being with her first.

Besides, these basic fucks were so wildly exciting for her that Lisa was more than satisfied. His level of lust and desire remained the same or perhaps even grew as he became more comfortable. Simply feeling his lust along with his improving technique was enough to drive Lisa out of her mind with pleasure.

During this time Lisa felt the last remnants of her concerns and hesitations about being with Brad disappear. Before long she completely gave herself over to this new relationship just as she would have with any other new and exciting lover.

Brad slowly worked through his conflicted feelings and reactions to their being together. Being with her was beyond any pleasure he could imagine and, being a perpetually horny 19-year-old, he would never even think of resisting her advances when they were alone. At those moments all he knew was how good it felt and any reservations about whom she was disappeared.

It was the times when his dad was around that Brad began having second thoughts. He beat himself up thinking he must be a pervert for having these feelings for his mom. It was around the July 4th weekend before he had enough courage to bring this up to her.

His dad had again disappeared leaving Lisa and Brad alone over the holiday. After Brad confessed his conflicted emotions he and his mom had a long, honest talk. She validated all of his feelings and even offered to stop the relationship if it made him too uncomfortable. However, she also pointed out that being with him was giving her more pleasure than she ever thought possible. Upon hearing that Brad’s cock twitched and he felt himself swell with pride.

The long talk helped to ease his concerns and before that night was over they ended up fucking again. The rest of that weekend was spent in bed as they fully gave themselves over to each other.

Both during and after that weekend Brad came to the conclusion that if neither he nor his mom minded or were bothered by what was happening then there could be no harm in it. He knew that society would judge them harshly if they were ever discovered but the mere idea of her fucking and pleasuring him far outweighed that possible consequence.

It was near the end of July when Brad heard his parents having the biggest fight they had ever had. He heard them yelling about the upcoming family vacation and heard his mom crying. When she finally came up to his room to tell him what had happened his dad had already left.

She told Brad that she finally had proof of something she had suspected for a long time, that his dad was having an affair. Brad suddenly realized that fact explained a lot of his dad’s mysterious trips. According to his mom, his dad had been living a near double life for almost a year and whenever he was allegedly away on business he was actually living with this other woman.

Brad didn’t ask but he was sure this was the end of his parent’s marriage. As he sat holding his mom in his arms trying to comfort her he wished his dad was still around so he could go yell at him or punch him or do something else to hurt him.

Once the initial shock of that argument wore off, Lisa found herself feeling much better than expected. In her heart she had so strongly suspected the affair that it really hadn’t been that big of a shock when she heard him admit it to her. She knew that their marriage had disconnected long ago and, for all intents and purposes, they really were divorced emotionally and physically long before now.

The divorce proceedings began quickly and moved rapidly. She filed right away and he seemed to have decided to not fight her on many of her demands. Perhaps his guilt was taking on last chance to get the better of him.

It was a couple of weeks after the big fight before Lisa and Brad slept together, despite the fact that his dad had packed up and moved out the very next day. Brad waited until Lisa made the first move wanting to be sure she was ready. That first fuck after such a relatively long time apart was wild and primal. They fucked hard and fast until they came and then resumed fucking much more slowly and deliberately before finally bringing each other to another round of orgasms.

As they basked in the afterglow of that fuck Lisa mentioned the vacation they had planned. Brad had practically forgotten all about it with everything that had happened and had just assumed the trip would be canceled.

Brad and his two best friends, Tom and Gary, would be starting college in the fall. Their school didn’t start until late in September so Brad’s family had planned one last big family vacation over Labor Day weekend. They rented a house at the beach and were planning on spending the long weekend basking in the sun, swimming, and enjoying one last family fling before Brad left home.

With his dad out of the picture it almost seemed silly to Brad to go on the trip with just his mom. Being at the beach would be fun, but they would be able to freely fuck and be together at home now so they might as well save the hassle of the trip to the coast.

When she mentioned the trip he told her he assumed they wouldn’t be going. “I thought that for a while too,” she replied. She then broke into a wide, devilish smile and added, “But then I remembered that the reservations are guaranteed, so we have to pay even if we don’t go. Besides, your dad put the whole thing on his credit card so I think we should go.”

“Just the two of us?” Brad asked.

“Well,” she replied trying to hide her excited grin, “I thought it might be fun if you invited Tom and Gary along. They might enjoy one last summer fling before college studies start.”

Initially Brad was hesitant since he figured having Tom and Gary around meant no sex with her. Only when she assured him that she would find plenty of time both before and after the trip for just him did he start to get excited about the idea. Besides, a coast weekend with his two best buddies would be a hell of a time, even if it was very different from the kind of fun he had initially envisioned.

The next day Brad called his friends and they both immediately agreed. Lisa talked to both sets of parents and assured them that she was going along as a chaperone to keep the boys out of trouble. Before long the plans were set.

As the trip grew near Lisa could feel herself getting more and more excited. She and Brad fucked often and he definitely was willing to satisfy her every urge for sex. However, she often reflecting back excitedly to the night of his graduation party. She remembered the lust and desire she felt from both of his friends and how close she had come to fucking either or both of them that night. She knew that if things had occurred just a little differently she might well have fucked them both before ever seducing her son.

Sometimes she again thought about the time in college when she almost let those two frat guys fuck her at the same time. Her pussy always grew wet as she wondered if she had the courage to let her two wildest fantasies, fucking her son and fucking multiple men, come true on this trip.

They picked up first Tom and then Gary before setting out on the drive to the coast. Along the way the three boys talked excitedly. Lisa had seen little of her son’s friends over the summer and immediately picked up on the lust and interest in their eyes as they greeted her. She wasn’t sure she could go through with what she had planned, but she was sure looking forward to finding out.

They arrived at the rental house late in the afternoon so by the time they looked around, unloaded the car, and unpacked, it was already past dinnertime. They headed to a nearby seafood restaurant and had a nice dinner together before heading back to the house. Lisa was tired after the long drive and so turned in leaving the three boys to stay up and talk while they played cards.

The house was just a few blocks from a popular beach and the next day they decided to walk down and spend the day lounging in the sand. The weather was warm and it seemed that everyone in the state was trying to take advantage of the last weekend of summer. Finally they found a place to spread out their towels. Lisa let the three boys remove their tops and kick off their sandals as she discreetly watched.

They started to walk toward the water when Brad stopped and said, “You coming?” Tom and Gary also looked back at her. When she knew she had their attention she began to remove the wrap covering her body. She had gone shopping a few days earlier and this was the first time she had worn this bikini. Usually she preferred one piece suits but decided this might be the perfect weekend for a revealing little bikini.

The triangles of fabric stretched tightly over her large tits and seemed to be fighting a losing battle to cover them. The bottoms were little more than two small triangles held together by thin straps over her hips. By the time she dropped the wrap and joined the boys on the walk to the water she was getting excited from the look of surprise and desire in all three sets of eyes.

Ultimately she knew this suit wasn’t meant for someone her age and she knew her body wasn’t as sleek or sculpted as the model in the poster at the store. However, she also knew that she looked as good or better than any other women at the beach her age and wearing this overly revealing suit and having three young men so obviously interested in her was making her very horny.

The rest of the day was spent on the beach with only brief trips to get food or drinks pulling them away. Lisa could feel their eyes all over her as she sunbathed. After lunch when it was time to reapply her sunscreen she decided to ask Tom to help her while Gary and Brad were off swimming. Tom eagerly agreed but seemed to grow unsure when his hands actually began working the cream into her skin.

After some initial hesitation he eagerly began rubbing her. He let his fingers run boldly over her and she let his fingertips brush against her in places that normally wouldn’t be a part of the routine for applying sunscreen. All of these touches were quick and nothing that would look out of place to anyone who happened to be watching, but when his fingertips touched the exposed sides of her tits or lightly brushed over her ass she knew it was no accident.

By the time he was done Lisa’s pussy was tingling at the realization that she just Tom feel her up on this very public beach. She glanced at him and saw him quickly pull a towel over his lap to hide his hard cock. She gave him a nasty, knowing grin and returned to her sunbathing.

Playing “mom” for all three of them she later lectured them playfully on the importance of sunscreen and took it upon herself to rub the lotion into each of their backs. Feeling the tight, young, excited skin under her fingers was driving her wild and there was no doubt they were growing horny as hell.

Lisa was the first to leave the beach saying she was going to walk to the nearby grocery store and get some things for dinner. There was a barbecue grill at the house and she told them she’d get something to grill up for them. Even after doing her shopping she still beat the three of them back to the house.

She poured herself a tall drink and took a long shower. By the time she stepped out of the shower the three boys had returned. She dressed in a loose skirt and a tank top. The top was perhaps just a shade too tight but she didn’t mind at all. Besides, the hint of cleavage that it revealed would be perfect to catch the boy’s attention.

She knew right away that she had been successful. All three boys noticed her outfit when she stepped out onto the deck with them. Lisa’s pussy tingled as she felt three sets of eyes roaming wantonly over her body.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Brad said as he lifted the can of beer in his hand. Lisa saw that all three of them had a beer. “We saw the case in there and, after the graduation party, I guess we assumed it would be OK.”

She told them it was fine and turned to refill her drink as Tom got up to take a shower. Gary said he was going to the bedroom to call his parents and check in.

In the kitchen she smiled devilishly to herself since she had bought the beer specifically for them. She figured a little beer would help dissolve any reservations they might have even though she figured they would all be so horny there wouldn’t be any need. For herself she bought some rum to help calm her nerves.

She was in the process of making a new rum and coke when Brad came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her pushing his crotch against her ass. He had followed his mom into the kitchen and, when the others were gone, embraced her.

“You look hot,” he whispered. She could hear the desire in his voice and it was nearly all she could do to not just tell him to take her right there.

Instead she wriggled out of his arms and turned around. “You three didn’t look too bad yourselves,” she teased touching his bare chest and feeling a jolt of excitement. She could feel her nipples getting tight and saw Brad’s eyes move down toward them as they poked through her tight top. Just then they heard someone returning and stepped apart quickly before Gary joined them.

Brad returned to the deck while Lisa turned around to hide her excited nipples. However, when Brad was gone Lisa turned toward Gary just as he was pulling something out of the fridge. It was obvious that he noticed her hard nipples right away as his eyes scanned back and forth between her tits.

“I can’t believe how hot it is,” she commented as she held her glass up to her exposed chest. The glass was covered in sweat and as she dragged the glass over her skin it left a trail of moisture behind. She let the glass run over her exposed cleavage and could feel her nipples getting harder. She could also see the wild lust in Gary’s eyes as he stood silently staring at her.

Gary moved toward her quickly and Lisa expected him to embrace her or perhaps try to kiss her. She remembered feeling his hard cock pressed against her leg at the graduation party and wondered if he would again press it against her leg.

Instead she gasped softly in surprise as his hand came down over her tit. He stood just inches away from her as his hand excitedly, but clumsily, groped at her tit and excited nipple. She was both surprised and excited by how aggressive he was being. Apparently she had underestimated how much he had been thinking about what happened the night of Brad’s graduation party.

Lisa leaned back against the kitchen counter and Gary brought his other hand up and began excitedly fondling both of her tits. His touch was definitely unskilled but his intensity and desire was so obvious that it was driving Lisa crazy.

Quickly her mind started playing visions of her sitting on the counter while Gary fucked her silly. She was just about to give herself up to those visions as Gary’s excited hands continued to grope and explore her tits when she decided that she couldn’t, yet.

She opened her eyes and put her hands on his arms gently pulling them away from her. Gary’s eyes gave her a look that seemed like he was afraid he had done something wrong. She smiled wickedly at him and said, “My, that was unexpected.”

“I’m sorry, I…” he stammered thinking she was upset.

“But not unappreciated,” she continued. Releasing his hands she leaned toward him and met his lips in a short, soft kiss. “Later,” was all she added before she suggested they should go out and join Brad before he wondered what had happened to them.

Gary followed her outside and then took his turn in the shower when Tom was done. After Gary finished it was Brad’s turn for the shower. As soon as Brad left Lisa thought she could feel the lust and desire on the deck rise noticeably. She talked with Tom and Gary and pretended not to notice their lustful stares or the barely concealed flirtations and advances they verbally made to her. It seemed very obvious that they were ready and willing for anything with her, but it seemed like they just didn’t know how to say it or initiate it.

Things calmed down slightly when Brad returned. Lisa told them to relax and went about grilling dinner. She again refilled her drink as she started cooking. After she was done cooking she brought the boys a fresh round of beers and then brought out everyone’s food. Since it was such a beautiful night they sat on the deck as they ate and continued chatting.

At one point during dinner, Lisa went back into the kitchen to get another serving of salad and almost immediately heard footsteps behind her. She just had enough time to turn around and see Tom following her before he wrapped his arms around her back.

She gasped at his forwardness and from the exciting way it felt to have his wanting arms wrapped around her. “You looked so hot today on the beach,” he said. Lisa smiled at the awkwardness of his words.

“Is that really what you came in here to tell me?” she teased.

“No,” Tom replied before pausing as if he was searching for the right words.

“Tell me,” she coaxed. “Besides, you’ll never get anything if you don’t ask for it.”

“I want you,” Tom blurted out. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since Brad’s graduation party. Then, today at the beach, you looked and felt so, so…amazing…” his voice trailed off.

“Kiss me,” she said. He immediately brought his lips against hers in a wanton kiss. She let him lead the kiss for a few moments before she parted her lips and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Tom moaned excitedly and reached behind her bringing both of his hands down on her ass.

Again, Lisa had to struggle to stop herself from letting go completely and fucking this young stud right there on the counter or the floor. When she pulled away from their kiss Tom looked at her with wild, desperate eyes. “Not yet,” she said teasingly before she picked up her plate and returned to the deck leaving Tom standing alone in the kitchen.

For the rest of the night Lisa tried to figure out how exactly to make her fantasy of fucking multiple partners come true. She knew Tom and Gary were ready and willing and she also knew she may never have a better opportunity than right now. The problem was Brad.

How could she involve Brad in this scenario? Lisa couldn’t really stomach the idea of making her relationship with Brad public, even if it was just to Tom and Gary. She was worried that revealing their secret would ruin or maybe even bring to an end the magical relationship with Brad. She couldn’t risk that, but she also knew the time had come to live out her fantasy. Deep down, there was nothing more she craved than to have Brad, Tom, and Gary all fucking her together. For now she settled on trying to figure out a way to get with Tom and Gary.

While she was still trying to plot something, the perfect solution dropped into her lap. It had gotten fairly late as they sat around talking and drinking. Suddenly Brad let out a huge yawn and apologized before saying he was going to bed. He got up and said his goodnights promising not to be such a downer the next night.

After he disappeared into the house Lisa turned and saw the excited, anxious stares of Tom and Gary looking back at her. All night long they had each been casting concealed, wanting glances at her and she could feel her own excitement rising. Now as they watched Brad go inside they all seemed to realize that something exciting might happen.

Immediately after Brad went inside a heavy, anxious silence fell on the trio left on the porch. Lisa was very aware of the excited butterflies in her stomach, the heavy pounding of her heart, and the slightest tingle of lust in her pussy. She knew that something very wild might happen very soon and she couldn’t wait.

As they sat, mostly in an excited silence, Lisa finished the rest of her drink fairly quickly. She excused herself and moved into the kitchen to make another stiff drink. As she moved away from the patio she wondered how to make the next step.

It turned out she didn’t need to worry about making the next step. As soon as she reached the kitchen she heard quick footsteps behind her. She turned to see Tom, just as he had done before, following her into the kitchen. This time, however, he wasn’t coming to talk to her.

He moved to her with the urgency of someone who had waited longer than they had believed possible. With a confidence and authority that surprised Lisa, he immediately instigated a deep, hungry kiss.

Before Lisa had resisted his touch and kiss, but her own lust was too great to do anything but eagerly kiss him back. Their tongues wrestled wildly and their arms wrapped around each other in a wild caress. If there were any doubts left in her mind, the urgency and pure lust in Tom’s kiss and embrace left no doubt that she was going to fuck him.

A small part of her worried that Brad might not be soundly asleep yet. She briefly worried what her son would say if he came out for a bedtime drink and found his mom wildly fucking his best friend. The mere thought of that sent a chill down her spine and very quickly that part of her mind became merely a tiny voice trying to compete with her screaming lust.

Before long Tom began to eagerly grope her tits through her tight tank top. Lisa moaned at the urgency of his touch and their kiss grew more wanton and intense. Lisa reached down and felt the hard bulge of Tom’s cock through his shorts. Tom moaned excitedly as her fingers rubbed him through his shorts.

As exciting as Tom’s touch felt on her tits and as much as she wanted to let him completely have his way with her, she knew right away as she felt his cock straining in his pants that she needed to do something else first. They continued their wild kiss as they frantically groped at each other for a few more long moments before Lisa parted the kiss.

Tom looked at her questioningly until Lisa gave him a wicked, sexy smile and dropped slowly to her knees before him. He let out a wild moan as Lisa quickly unsnapped and then slowly unzipped his shorts. Lisa desperately wanted to touch and feel his cock, and she pushed his shorts and boxers down his legs together before tossing them aside.

She gazed excitedly at Tom’s rock hard cock. Its tip was already heavily coated with pre-cum and Lisa immediately reached out her tongue and began collecting the slippery, clear fluid. Tom’s moan was so loud and excited that Lisa was sure Brad would hear them, but she was so completely engrossed in Tom’s cock that she didn’t bother to try and silence him.

The taste of his pre-cum was a wonderful appetizer and immediately made her want much, much more from him. She gazed up at him and held their eye contact as she let her tongue run the length of this shaft several times before licking on his tip like an erotic lollipop.

Even if Tom was the most experienced of the three of them, not counting Brad’s new experiences with her, the near crazed look of lust in his eyes immediately told Lisa that he still had much to learn. “Clearly nobody has ever taken the time to properly suck his cock,” Lisa thought. “Time to remedy that problem.”

She held their eye contact as she parted her lips and took as much of his length into her mouth as she could. She then broke their gaze and concentrated completely on giving Tom her nastiest, hottest blowjob. She could already feel his cock twitching excitedly with lust and could hear Tom’s heavy, gasping breaths. It was clear he was going to cum soon but Lisa didn’t relent. She wanted his cum and knew this would not be the last time she had his hard cock inside her this night.

“Oh fuck, oh damn,” Tom gasped as Lisa continued sucking and licking his cock. By now his cock was glistening with her saliva and her lips and tongue slipped easily over him with the added lubrication. Lisa bobbed her head back and forth with steady movements leaving just the end of his tip inside her mouth when she pulled back and taking nearly his entire length inside when she moved forward.

“If you think this feels good,” she whispered seductively, “wait until you feel my pussy.” Two excited gasps responded to Lisa’s wicked words. She knew Tom was already on the verge of cumming and she attacked his cock with a wild abandon figuring her words would quickly push him to his end. It was only seconds later when Tom groaned from between gritted teeth. His cock started to pump jet after thick jet of his heavy cum into Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa grasped the base of his cock and began stroking him to urge out all of his cum into her waiting mouth. She gulped at his cum and tried hard to keep it all in her mouth, but the intensity and volume of his cum overwhelmed her and it began dribbling out between her lips. By the time Tom was finished Lisa had swallowed several times and yet she still wore some of his cum on her chin and there were even a few drops that fell onto her shirt.

Tom stared at her with a look of lustful amazement. Lisa gave him a sexy smile and gave his cock a few last licks before she pulled it away from her mouth and used her tongue and fingers to collect his cum from her shirt and chin. As she was teasingly sucking the last of his cum off her fingertips she again heard an excited moan.

She vaguely remembered hearing a second moan when she had teased Tom with her nasty words and turned toward where the moans were coming from. She saw Gary standing near the kitchen table with a look of utter shock and lust on his face. She smiled as she realized that it was the look of someone who just realized that something they had dreamed about, but never expected to actually happen, was about to occur.

She got to her feet and slowly moved to where Gary was standing. His cock was pushing out the front of his shorts very noticeably. “This can’t be comfortable,” Lisa cooed as she reached out and touched the rock hard bulge in his shorts. Gary practically jumped at her touch and Lisa excitedly wondered if this was the first time a woman had ever touched him.

She didn’t even bother to kiss or caress Gary beyond this touch on his cock before she started to remove his shorts. As Lisa removed his shorts and boxers she heard Tom whispering to Gary that he should just relax and enjoy the ride.

Lisa told Gary to sit down and he immediately took a seat in one of the chairs around the kitchen table. Lisa dropped to her knees again and took a moment to admire the hard, virgin cock standing so prominently off Gary’s lap. She teased him for a few moments more by running her hands up and down his thighs as she looked deeply into his eyes.

“Ready?” she asked. Gary merely nodded quickly before Lisa lowered her mouth to the end of his hard cock. She slipped his cock between her lips and repeated the blowjob she had just given Tom. She marveled at how wonderfully different Gary’s cock felt. At first glance it was like Tom’s but in her mouth she noticed that it was perhaps just a bit shorter than Tom’s but also a bit wider.

She felt like the blowjob had only just started when Gary’s cock twitched wildly as he began a long, excited moan. The fury of his cum filling her mouth outdid even Tom and she greedily sucked at and swallowed his cum as quickly as she could. His taste was very different from Tom’s and it drove Lisa wild to think she had now consumed the cum of two different men so quickly.

She lingered over Gary’s lap licking and kissing his cock after he finished cumming. She was amazed that he lost only a little of his hardness as she continued cleaning the last of his cum off his shaft.

By now Lisa’s pussy was burning with the desire for her own release. As much as she loved pleasuring their cocks she knew she needed a hard cock or a tongue in her pussy soon.

She let Gary’s cock pop out of her mouth and stood up in front of him. As soon as she reached the standing position she felt Tom’s hands on her arms spinning her around. Tom met her in a wild, frantic kiss as Tom’s hands immediately moved to the bottom of her shirt. Lisa moaned as Tom began pulling her shirt over her head.

As soon as he had it over her head Lisa gasped when she felt Gary’s hands on her back. It took a bit of fumbling but he soon had her bra open. Tom slipped her bra forward and off her arms exposing her heavy, excited tits to their hungry eyes.

Gary immediately moved around beside her and started to touch and play with her tits and stiff nipples. Tom quickly moved to her skirt and before long Lisa was completely naked and standing between her two new lovers.

Both boys removed their shirts and Lisa began trading long, deep kisses with them. As she moved back and forth enjoying their intense kisses she felt four excited hands roaming all over her body. The boys groped at her tits, her ass, her pussy, and every other possible place on her body as Lisa happily let them. The feeling of their wild lust was incredibly exciting and the only thing that stopped it was the heavy wetness starting to drip down the insides of Lisa’s thighs.

She moved away from them and was about to lead them into the living room. However, before she could take a step Tom grasped her arms and guided her to the kitchen table. He set her on the edge of the table and pushed her thighs apart as he moved in front of her.

This was not what Lisa had planned at all, she had planned on having both cocks in her, but the forceful lust driving Tom was more than she was able to resist. Even if it meant putting off her fantasy a few moments more, she knew she had to feel Tom take control of her and let out his primal desires.

She could barely contain her scream of desire as Tom plunged his cock into her drenched pussy. He held her thighs and began to frantically thrust into her. Lisa leaned back on her elbows and stared down at the young boy fucking her so fast and hard. The look in his eyes was almost animal as he fucked her. Lisa knew the she could easily cum like this but before she had the chance Tom groaned and thrust roughly inside her as he started to cum. The feeling of his cum shooting deeply inside her was almost enough to start Lisa’s orgasm, but she knew she needed a little more and she knew exactly what she wanted.

She happily let Tom finish cumming, but as soon as he relaxed and the last of his jets of cum filled her she sat up and got off the table. She immediately led them both into the dark living room. After a quick glance around the room Lisa decided the couch was to be the spot where she was going to live out her fantasy. She crawled onto the middle of the couch on her hands and knees. “Somebody fuck me,” she gasped.

Gary moved first and knelt on the couch behind her. She was a little surprised Gary was being so forward and eager, but she realized that he had just watched her fuck Tom and that must have sent Gary’s lust almost out of control. He fumbled for a few moments trying to find the right spot, and as soon as he found it Lisa let him know by moaning and pushing back into him burying about half his cock in her dripping wet pussy. Gary gasped at the sensation as he pushed the rest of the way inside her.

Lisa was now halfway there and reached a hand out to Tom. She pulled him over in front of her until his cock was pointing almost directly at her face. When she shoved his cock into her mouth Tom groaned wildly as if the idea that she would want this double penetration had never occurred to him.

The thought that she was doing something so nasty that these young boys hadn’t even dreamt about it thrilled Lisa. She sucked excitedly on Tom’s cock as her mind reeled with the erotic joy of feeling two young, rock hard cocks inside her.

It only took a few seconds for Lisa to realize that she loved this feeling. She felt completely slutty and nasty as she bounced back and forth on their cocks. She also felt horny, alive, and excited like never before. The only thing that surpassed the way this made her feel was the way it felt to fuck her own son. Her mind quickly wondered what it would be like to have Brad as one of the two cocks now filling her.

When she felt her orgasm coming very quickly she didn’t even try to resist it. She had wondered and fantasized about this moment for far too long to deny herself this orgasm. Instead, she let it sweep over her like a wave crashing on a beach.

Only Tom’s cock shoved in her mouth kept her from screaming as her whole body tensed in wild anticipation of her ultimate release. Her orgasm came in waves and grew stronger and stronger until Lisa was afraid she might pass out. Her pussy, and seemingly her whole body, spasmed wildly and trembled as her orgasm took complete control. Her orgasm felt like it lasted forever and she loved the way neither boy stopped stroking their cocks in and out of her.

After she came Lisa simply relaxed and gave herself over to her two lovers. She didn’t try to guide or educate them and really didn’t care if their movements were hesitant or erratic. All she knew and cared about was that she had two hard cocks in her pussy and mouth and she was finally living out her longtime fantasy.

The fact that she could practically feel and taste the lust and desire from the two naked, 18-year-old boys fucking her only added to the moment. Not surprisingly, it was Gary who reached his climax first. He had been wildly pounding into her pussy for several minutes ever since Lisa finished cumming and he got to experience for the first time the feeling of a woman’s pussy quivering around his cock as she came.

He gripped her hips firmly and wildly drove his cock back and forth hell bent on making himself cum. He let out a long groan as he came and pushed himself all the way inside her waiting pussy. Lisa let Tom’s cock slip out of her mouth as she groaned and wriggled her hips against Gary as his cum surged out of his cock and filled her. The volume and force of his jets were impressive and she happily realized that, just as with her son, she was going to love teaching Gary about control and pleasure.

After Gary was finished Lisa returned to Tom’s hard cock with renewed lust. Gary slowly pulled his cock out of her and, much to Lisa’s excitement, he remained behind her. She soon felt his fingers exploring her dripping wet pussy. He ran his fingertips through the heavy wetness left behind by their fuck and her earlier fuck with Tom. Lisa sighed at his curious, exploring touch and realized that this was something that would never happen with her ex-husband, or really any other older man. For them the wonder and pure excitement of sex had long since passed. She could feel in Gary’s touch his giddiness and excitement at being able to touch a pussy and his lust and relief at finally having been able to fuck.

Tom had already cum twice in a relatively short amount of time and that clearly was helping him withstand Lisa’s hot, wanton mouth sucking and licking him. Lisa knew that it might be asking a lot for him to cum again, but she was determined not to stop until she made him cum one more time.

She kept sucking him until her jaws began to ache. She then realized she didn’t want his cum in her mouth but rather she wanted it in her pussy. She straightened up and looked back and forth between Gary and Tom’s excited faces. They seemed as though she hypnotized them and she felt at that moment that they would surely do anything she asked. A tingle shot down her spine as her mind quickly envisioned some things she could ask them to do, but the burning lust in her pussy and the sight of Tom’s hard, wet cock made her decide to go with her original idea.

She took Tom’s hand and pulled him around in front of the couch. She guided him into a sitting position and quickly straddled his lap lowering her pussy over his rock hard cock. Perhaps Tom had fucked before but judging from the wild look in his eyes and his long moan as she started riding him he had never been with a woman who took control and fucked him like this.

Lisa smiled and stared down at his face feeling powerful, horny, and alive like she had only felt before while fucking Brad. The thought of Brad made her more excited and she increased the tempo of their fuck causing Tom to moan and squirm under her. She knew Brad was sleeping in a room not far away and knowing he was so close made her excited.

She continued fucking Tom wildly somehow hoping that his groans and the sounds of their fucking would wake her son and he would come out to see what was happening. In Lisa’s mind, once Brad saw them he would immediately join in and then she would spend the rest of the night fucking and being fucked by all three cocks.

Just then she felt someone move in close behind her and a pair of arms wrapping around her to caress her tits. She opened her eyes in surprise and turned hoping to see Brad but finding Gary. Even Gary’s clumsy, excited caresses were more than enough to drive Lisa wild. As Gary squeezed her hard nipples Lisa exploded into another orgasm. She leaned forward against Tom and Gary followed her so as she rode out the rest of her orgasm she was sandwiched tightly between her two lovers.

Lisa’s orgasm was far more than Tom could take. He cried out loudly as he shoved his hips up roughly and his cock began shooting thick jets of cum into her spasming pussy. Lisa leaned her head back on Gary’s shoulder and let out a long, satisfied sigh as both she and Tom completed their orgasms.

Lisa’s mind wanted this to continue all night but her body was simply exhausted. She had used up so much energy in nervous anticipation of this very act that by the time it actually happened she felt completely spent. Still, as she slipped off Tom and pulled Gary to the couch beside her she couldn’t deny that her pussy ached from being so thoroughly fucked and having cum so much already.

The trio began exchanging long kisses as their hands roamed freely over each other’s naked bodies. Lisa knew right away that Gary, and surprisingly even Tom would easily be ready for another fuck but she decided to wait, for now. The weekend still had one night left and she couldn’t wait to see what might happen. Eventually, she sent both of them off to bed with long, deep kisses and watched them walk away naked and smiling.

After they left she collected all of their clothes from around the house and went to her bedroom. She lay in bed very aware of the well fucked feeling in her pussy and of the fact that she now had the cum from two different boys inside her. After lying awake for a long while replaying the night and anticipating future nights she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning started very late. Much to Lisa’s surprise it seemed like Tom and Gary had been the first ones up. By the time she crawled out of bed, showered, and emerged searching for coffee she found a note from them addressed to her and Brad. It said they were going out to the beach again and would be back soon.

Just as she finished reading the note Lisa heard her son stepping out of the bedroom. They exchanged hellos and sat down to eat breakfast, or judging by the time of day, lunch. Lisa was immediately aware of something just a bit different about Brad’s demeanor but she couldn’t put a finger on it.

Brad removed the mystery near the middle of the meal as he blurted out, “I saw you last night.”

For a moment Lisa looked at him with questioning eyes so Brad continued. “I heard some sounds and looked out of the bedroom. Then, I saw you bring Tom and Gary into the living room…” His voice trailed off.

“What did you see?” Lisa asked still trying to gage his reaction. She hoped he wasn’t upset.

“Everything,” he said. “I watched it all. I could hardly get back to sleep. After they came back to the room I swear I could smell you on them.” Lisa’s pussy tingled at the idea of that.

“Brad,” she began as she took his hand in hers, “I hope you’re not upset with me. What happened last night was something I have wanted for a long time.”

“You’ve wanted Tom and Gary for a long time?” Brad asked.

“No, no,” Lisa replied knowing she was lying a little. “I’ve wanted to be with multiple guys at the same time for a long time. I guess Tom and Gary were just convenient subjects. Besides,” she added changing her tone slightly, “I was hoping they might have the same energy and be as good as you.”

Brad flushed and smiled at the same time. Lisa continued talking. “Brad, I hope that after all we have done that you won’t think poorly of me for living out a fantasy.”

“No,” Brad replied, “I guess I just wanted to know why you didn’t do it with me?” Lisa smiled widely as she looked at her son. That was exactly what she’d hoped he’d say. Brad was clearly not sure what to make of her wide smile.

Lisa squeezed his hand and replied, excitedly, “Oh son, I just wasn’t sure how you would feel about sharing me and our, um, relationship with your friends. I wanted nothing more than to have you there with us.”

Brad’s eyes shot open wide and his mouth opened as if to say something but he seemingly stopped himself. “Go ahead,” Lisa urged, “you can say anything to me.”

“You mean,” he slowly began, “you would do all three of us at the same time?”

“Yes,” Lisa replied slowly and deliberately as she looked him directly in the eyes to make sure he fully understood her desire. Without warning Brad shot out of his chair and in the next moment he and his mom were locked in a wild, excited kiss. They remained like that and surely would have moved directly to the bedroom and wildly fucked if it hadn’t been for the sounds of Gary and Tom returning.

Lisa and Brad quickly pulled apart and tried to make it look like they hadn’t just been on the verge of committing incest as Brad’s two friends entered the house. Lisa quickly disappeared to her bedroom so she could compose herself. As she sat on her bed her heart pounded in her chest and her pussy tingled excitedly at the idea that she was soon going to get to fuck all three of the boys.

For the rest of the day simply being around the three of them was almost too much to bear for Lisa. The three boys quickly decided to go back to the beach and all three tried to convince Lisa to join them. Lisa knew immediately the motives of all three and it made her very excited. Too excited, in fact, for she knew there was no way she could be with the three of them and not indulge her desires. She knew she had to stay away from them until it was time.

She excused herself saying she would run to town and get some more food and drinks and told them to go ahead. She watched them walking away and couldn’t resist adding, “Don’t stay out too late.” All three turned to her and gave her excited, horny looks.

Lisa was sitting on the deck reading when the boys returned. She looked at her watch and smiled thinking they had taken her advice very literally. She had barely just returned herself and she hadn’t been gone very long at all. All three returned with only their wet swim suits on and Lisa wondered if they weren’t trying to show off for her a little bit. The very idea of that made her even more excited.

The boys sat with her on the deck for a while after Gary fetched them all a round of drinks. Lisa had changed into a pair of shorts and a tight T-shirt and she could feel three sets of eyes exploring her body as she pretended to recline behind her dark sunglasses.

“Why don’t you three go in and get changed?” she suggested. She knew that what she was about to do was completely crazy if viewed as a lone act. However, after the events of the past day it somehow seemed the most natural thing to do. In reality she didn’t care about them changing, all she wanted was to get them inside together so she could basically throw herself at them and let them fuck her all night long.

The boys seemed as if they didn’t really understand why she wanted them to change all of a sudden, but none of them questioned her and all three began moving inside. Lisa stood up with them and acted as if she was going inside to get another drink. When the three boys went into the bedroom they were sharing Lisa ducked briefly into the kitchen. Her heart was racing and her stomach was tied in knots from her excited anticipation. She paused only a few seconds and then followed their path.

None of the boys had yet begun to strip when Lisa entered but all three looked at her in complete shock. She opened the door and stood in the doorway simply looking from boy to boy feeling her own excitement grow and her nipples start to harden under her shirt.

“So boys,” she said knowing that she was being a little overdramatic, “I think the time for secrets has come to an end.” She slowly strolled over toward Brad, who stood between Tom and Gary, very aware that all eyes were locked on her. She also knew that those eyes gleamed with lust and curiosity.

She stopped directly in front of Brad and reached out to him letting her fingers run slowly over his chest and shoulders. Without another word she leaned toward Brad and met him in a deep, slow kiss. She let her tongue slide into Brad’s mouth and he responded in kind. Knowing that she was perhaps committing the ultimate taboo with her own son while his two best friends watched was more exciting than Lisa could ever have imagined.

She was already so excited that it was hard for her to pull herself away from Brad after such a short kiss. She easily could have completely given herself to him but instead she forced herself to pull away.

She turned toward first Gary and then Tom looking them directly in the eye. Both boys showed the same expression, a combination of intense lust and absolute shock. After making eye contact with both of them Lisa spoke softly. “You see, it seems that Brad heard us last night and knows what we did, so he knew our secret.” As she said the word “our” she looked back and forth from Tom to Gary. Lisa continued, “Now you know our little secret.” This time she looked back at Brad with a wicked smile.

“Last night fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies,” Lisa continued. “However, I have another fantasy.” She moved closer to Gary and let her fingers run over his shoulders before moving down his chest to his stomach. “All last night all I could think about was how hot it would be to have you two studs and my son.” She looked pointedly at Tom as her hand slipped down and started to caress Gary’s cock through his swimsuit. “Are you game?”

Without a moment’s hesitation Tom stepped toward Lisa and embraced her in a wild, intense kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly against him. Lisa removed her hands from Gary and returned Tom’s embrace. Before she had even finished her kiss with Tom, Lisa learned Gary’s reaction. She felt his hands on her ass as Gary began to excitedly grope and fondle her as she continued kissing Tom.

She was only able to cast a quick glance over to Brad who merely stood in stunned silence as he stared at his mom and his two best friends. Lisa could see his cock straining against his shorts.

Quickly she felt four hands beginning to undress her. Tom pulled back from their kiss just enough to pull off her top. After Tom pulled her top up and over her head he immediately moved to her bra. Gary reached around her and began undoing her shorts. By the time Tom had thrown her bra across the room and started to caress her excited tits Gary was pulling her panties down her thighs.

After Lisa stepped out of her panties she turned to Gary and met him with a long, deep kiss just like she had shared with Tom. As they kissed Gary’s hands roamed freely over her naked body and Lisa reached for his shorts. She easily untied the knot in the drawstring and began to push them off. She paused and leaned back clearly waiting for Gary to finish the job and he immediately obliged. She stared at his hard, excited cock before turning to Tom. Upon seeing that he had already pulled off his shorts and was standing naked Lisa smiled wickedly and whispered, “Very nice, boys.”

For the next several minutes Lisa stood between the two excited 18 year old boys trading long, hot kisses. She allowed her body to rub teasingly against both of them as she moved back and forth between them drinking in their lust and savoring their wild kisses.

This whole time she felt four hands roaming all over her excited body focusing mostly on her tits and ass but also sliding across her back, stomach, and occasionally reaching down to her pussy. When Lisa felt an additional two hands touching her she let out a long moan. She turned her head and looked directly into the eyes of her son who had also stripped naked and had just moved to her side and joined his friends in caressing her.

Lisa immediately turned to him and they met in a kiss that was more wild and desperate than any of the ones she had shared with his two friends. Lisa and Brad moved together to one of the two small beds in the room and fell together on it.

Almost immediately they rolled so Lisa was on her back with her legs spread widely apart. Brad moved between her thighs and began rubbing the tip of his rock hard cock up and down her pussy. He was so horny and pent up from not having been able to fuck her in a few days and from having watched her fuck his two best friends the previous night that he didn’t want any foreplay. Lisa was so aroused that she just wanted a hard cock right now and didn’t care about foreplay either. She knew there would be plenty of time for gentle teasing and explorations later, after their initial lust had been released.

Just before Brad drove his cock inside her Tom knelt on the bed beside Lisa’s head and she immediately sucked his hard cock into her mouth. She released his cock when Brad filled her pussy and let out an excited moan. Immediately Brad started fucking her wildly causing her to bounce on the bed under the power of his thrusts.

She reached up to Tom’s cock and guided it back into her mouth. She lavished her tongue and lips over him wildly. It didn’t take long for Gary to move to her other side and take the same position as Tom. Immediately Lisa reached up and grasped the base of his cock. She then began twisting her head from side to side alternating her sucking and licking between the two hard cocks on either side of her face. Lisa’s head was spinning as she now held two hard cocks while alternating between sucking them as she was frantically fucked by her son.

Brad was the first of the foursome to lose his control and he groaned loudly as he pumped his cock into her and filled her waiting pussy with a huge load of his cum. As soon as Brad was done cumming Lisa looked up at Gary and begged, “Fuck me.”

Gary immediately took Brad’s place between her legs and drove his cock all the way inside her wet pussy. Gary started fucking her just as wildly as Brad had done as Brad moved alongside his mom and lowered his head to her tight nipple.

Lisa cried out and started cumming after only a few minutes of this. Brad’s teasing tongue and lips all over her hard nipple and his hands smoothly fondling her tits while Gary frantically pumped in and out of her with Tom’s hard cock shoved in her mouth was too much for her to take.

She kept Tom’s cock in her mouth but opened her lips to let out a wild cry. Brad, knowing she was ready to cum, increased the pace of his teasing on her sensitive tits. Lisa felt her pussy explode into a frenzy of spasms and convulsions and just as she started to cum Gary let out an excited gasp and roughly pumped into her a couple more times before his cum joined Brad’s inside her pussy.

As soon as her orgasm reached its peak she resumed her sucking on Tom with a wild, frantic energy. She didn’t ask Tom to fuck her and he never moved to leave her teasing mouth. Once Gary pulled out of her Lisa rolled onto her side and focused completely on sucking Tom’s cock. She could sense Tom struggling to control himself and began to wickedly tease and play with his excited shaft and balls.

Before long she felt Tom tense and then felt his cum surging through his cock a split second before it exploded into her mouth. She shoved his cock as deeply into her mouth as she could and let his cum fill her mouth and slide down her throat.

After completely sucking Tom dry, Lisa let his cock slip out of her mouth as she lay back and basked in the moment. Then she broke into a torrent of giggles. She was so happy and excited at what was happening that she couldn’t help but just laugh. “Oh boys, this is going to be fun,” she cooed.

A few moments later Brad resumed teasing her tits. He only had her to himself for a few moments however, as very soon Tom and Gary again crowded onto the small bed. Lisa lay between the three of them as they all knelt or sat around her. The feeling of six hands and three hungry mouths moving over her body and teasing her soon overwhelmed her.

She completely lost track of whose hands were where and it soon felt somehow like she had only one magical lover who could touch her in six places and kiss and lick her in three rather than having three separate lovers. As the boys explored and teased her she alternately fondled, kissed, licked, and sucked their cocks and ran her hands all over their bodies. She also lost track of whose cock was in her mouth, whose was rubbing over her tits, and whose was in her hand, and the very idea of that made her wild with lust.

Brad was the first to eventually slide between her legs and begin kissing her thighs and stomach all around her excited pussy. Lisa knew right away that he intended to suck her pussy, but he seemed willing to draw out her anticipation by softly kissing and licking all around it before finally tasting her. The fact that he was so eager to lick her pussy after he and Gary had already fucked her drove Lisa wild with lust and she marveled at how willing he was to experiment and try new things.

When Brad’s tongue finally found her wet, waiting pussy Lisa moaned excitedly. Very soon Brad was fucking her with his tongue and occasionally stopping to flick her clit with the tip of his tongue. At the same time someone, she thought it might be Tom, was kissing and licking at her tits and sucking her nipples into hard points. The third boy, probably Gary, soon pushed his cock against her lips and Lisa immediately opened her mouth and began sucking and licking at his shaft and balls.

They stayed like this until Gary, she was able to glance up as he moved and confirm it was him, moved and his cock slipped away from her mouth. The next thing Lisa knew she felt Gary’s mouth very near her pussy as Brad continued to lick her. Lisa realized that she was about to have two hungry mouths on her pussy simultaneously, previously something she’d only dared to dream about, and she moaned in wild anticipation.

It took Brad and Gary a few minutes to find a position where they were comfortable, they could both reach her pussy easily with their mouths, and seemingly where they weren’t touching each other too much. Once they settled into this position, however, Lisa’s mind became an absolute tangle of desire and lust. Never in her fantasies did the two tongues and mouths feel this intense or exciting. Also, never had she fantasized about this happening while a third boy sucked her rock hard nipples, and the added stimulation of that was almost more than she could bear.

Lisa resisted her orgasm for as long as she could but finally gave herself over to it completely. She screamed out loudly as her whole body rocked with the intensity of her orgasm. She bucked her hips up and down and could feel Brad and Gary continuing to either lick her or shove their tongues up inside her quivering pussy.

The sensation was incredibly intense and the orgasm lasted longer than any she could previously remember. None of the boys moved even after she finished cumming and Lisa’s mind raced at the feeling and at the realization of what had just happened.

Knowing that the realization of that particular fantasy had been so intense and vibrant, Lisa immediately decided to live out her nastiest, most intense fantasy. She hadn’t intended on going this far tonight, but the mere possibility that it would exceed her dreams as intensely as having two guys sucking her at the same time was more than she could resist.

She slowly sat up and glanced at the excited, horny faces of her three lovers. The sight of her juices all over Brad and Gary’s faces almost was enough to make her lay back down and let them continue to lick her but she knew she needed to feel more.

She quickly left the room and went to her own bedroom. Reaching in the bottom of her bag she pulled out the tube of lubricant. She packed it on a whim thinking that maybe she’d get either Tom or Gary alone and give them their first taste of anal sex, but now she was glad she packed it for a whole new reason.

She hadn’t yet let Brad fuck her ass and she guessed it was something he probably didn’t think about much. Back when her husband was still interested in her, anal sex was a regular part of their play and recently she found that she was craving the feel of a hard cock shoved deeply inside her tight asshole. She had tried relieving her urges with a dildo but found that it was severely lacking to the sensations of a real cock.

She stepped back into the bedroom and found the three boys exactly where she left them as if they were in a trance waiting for her to return. She held the tube behind her as she walked to the bed and said, “Now boys, you’re going to have to be patient for a while, but if you play nice and follow my directions it will be worth it.” The sparkle of lust in their stares made it clear they would do whatever she wanted.

Lisa crawled slowly onto the bed on her hands and knees before opening the tube and squeezing a large amount of the gel onto her fingers. As the three boys watched in shocked amazement she reached behind her and began massaging the gel over her asshole. When she reapplied the lube and worked one of her fingers up her own asshole she could hear a couple of the boys gasp in shock and lust.

She then held the tube out toward her son and said, “Keep doing that.” Brad immediately squeezed a big pile of the gel onto his fingers and reached to her already slippery asshole. He first let his fingers move over and around her asshole repeatedly as if he was nervous about actually penetrating her. “Put it inside,” Lisa moaned as Brad’s fingertip played back and forth over her asshole.

Brad shoved his finger forward, cautiously at first, but then with more force until it finally slipped past the tight outer ring of her asshole. Lisa and Brad both moaned as the first half of Brad’s finger slipped inside her. Lisa groaned in some discomfort and told him to use more lubricant.

Brad applied another heavy load to his fingers and returned his finger to her asshole, this time slipping it inside excitedly with almost no hesitation. “Yes,” Lisa hissed as she now knew she had enough lube inside her. Brad slowly worked his finger back and forth inside her but didn’t go any deeper than half the length of his finger until Lisa pushed herself back quickly just as he was pushing his finger inside her. The next thing Brad knew the full length of his finger was imbedded in his mom’s asshole.

Brad gasped in surprise and desire at the feeling of her tight asshole clenching around his finger. Lisa moaned as Brad began working his finger back and forth inside her. She was wildly excited by the feeling of his finger, the knowledge of whose finger it was, and the realization that his two best friends were watching.

Brad continued using one finger to fuck her asshole until Lisa told him to insert a second. Brad pulled his finger out and reapplied another heavy load of the gel over two of his fingers. He reached out to her waiting asshole and slipped one finger inside her again, this time noticing that it entered her easier than before. Leaving that finger in up to the first knuckle he brought his second fingertip to her asshole and began to apply some pressure.

He was a little tentative at first not sure that both of his fingers would fit up her amazingly tight hole. “Yes,” Lisa gasped, “push it in.” At her encouragement Brad pushed his finger a little harder and soon felt it begin to slip inside her tight outer ring.

When Lisa groaned deeply Brad stopped pushing, but she quickly urged him to continue. “Are you OK?” Brad asked.

“Yes! Fuck me!” she groaned as she pushed herself back into his fingers making it clear she wanted him deeper inside her. The truth was that she had been groaning partly out of discomfort as she felt her asshole getting stretched wider than it had been in a while. However, her discomfort was also part of her excitement as she knew it would soon disappear and be replaced by a deep, nasty satisfaction.

As Brad began fucking her with his two fingers knit together Lisa heard excited gasps and glanced over just long enough to see Gary and Tom staring at her wildly. She turned her face back and buried it in the pillow’s warm softness as her discomfort had already started turning into a wicked satisfaction.

She let Brad continue fucking her with two of his fingers, once telling him to pull out and use more lubrication. Finally, after she was sure she was ready she reached back and picked up the tube of the gel. She squeezed a big pile of the cold gel onto her fingers and then twisted around and looked back at her son.

“Come here,” she ordered. Brad kept his fingers in her asshole as he moved closer to her and let out an excited gasp as the cold gel contacted his hard cock. Lisa began stroking his cock and spreading the gel up and down his shaft. She added a final squeeze of the lube onto the tip of his cock and looked him directly in the eye before she ordered, “Fuck me.”

Brad gasped excitedly and moved behind her. He slipped his fingers out of her tight asshole and grasped his cock positioning his tip at her asshole. He began pushing against her as she moaned in excited anticipation. He thought he was pushing really hard but hadn’t yet penetrated her. He hesitated for a moment thinking perhaps something was wrong. As soon as he paused Lisa groaned, “Push it in me! Hard!”

Brad began pushing again and Lisa pushed back against him. Suddenly Brad felt her asshole open and before he knew it he had pushed his cock inside her. He stopped with just the tip of his cock penetrating her as Lisa let out a long, loud groan. “Wait,” she gasped as Brad started to push again. “Give me a minute.”

Lisa felt her asshole getting stretched wider than it had been in a long, long time. Finally she moaned, “Now, slowly.” Brad followed her instructions and began pushing into her incredibly tight asshole. It squeezed his cock harder and tighter than anything he could have ever imagined and that, combined with the realization that he was currently fucking his mom’s asshole, was driving him wild.

When he had his full length buried inside her he paused to simply savor the amazing tightness. Lisa and Brad let out long, simultaneous moans as they shared what was perhaps the most intimate, nasty act that either could imagine. However, as soon as Lisa again heard the excited gasps from Tom and Gary she realized she could imagine something far more hot and nasty.

She moaned over and over as Brad began fucking her asshole. He moved slowly at first as they both adjusted to the sensations and gradually grew more comfortable. Brad was just beginning to really get into the fuck when Lisa suddenly gasped, “Stop.” It was hard for Lisa to stop him and ultimately it was only her wild anticipation of what she had planned next that prevented her from simply letting Brad fuck her asshole harder and harder until he emptied his load of cum deep inside her.

Lisa moved forward until Brad’s cock popped out of her. He sat with a puzzled look on his face wondering why his mom had stopped him. Lisa looked over to Gary and motioned for him to move closer to her. “Lay down,” she said as he moved to the bed. Lisa guided Gary down onto his back. For a moment she gazed down at his rock hard cock standing up nearly perfectly straight. She could see the heavy wetness of his pre-cum coating his tip.

Gracefully, she straddled him and brought her mouth down onto his. Their tongues met in an excited dance as she lowered her wet pussy down onto his cock. Gary seemed so surprised and excited at feeling her heavy wetness all around his cock as she started to ride up and down on him that he parted their kiss and let out a wild groan. Lisa smiled wickedly at him drinking in his extreme desire.

She kept up her fucking for only a few minutes and then stopped with his cock fully buried inside her. She leaned forward over him and met Gary in another long, deep kiss. This time it was her who parted the kiss and she turned around to look at Brad. “Fuck me,” she said slowly as she stared deeply into his eyes.

Brad’s eyes opened wide in shock and excitement and he looked down at his friend’s cock where it disappeared inside her pussy. Lisa watched Brad come to the realization of what she wanted and smiled wickedly at him as he looked back up at her face. He moved behind her again as Lisa rotated her hips slightly to move her asshole toward him.

Lisa told him to use more lubricant and he quickly smeared more on his cock and over her asshole. He moved behind her and again put the tip of his cock on her asshole. He pushed firmly and this time his cock seemed to enter her a little more easily. Once inside, however, he found her even tighter than before. He quickly realized the increased tightness was from his friend’s cock filling her pussy. As he pushed deeper inside her he could feel his Gary’s hard shaft practically rubbing against his own through the thin membranes separating his mom’s pussy from her asshole.

Lisa cried out at the intense fullness she felt. With Brad still working his cock up her asshole and with Gary’s cock all the way inside her pussy Lisa felt like she might split in two. It was the most amazing, full, erotic thing she could ever have imagined. Her mind was reeling and the next thing she realized Brad had his cock shoved all the way inside her. She screamed a wanton, primal scream at the way she felt so full and stretched like never before.

It had actually taken Brad quite a while to work himself all the way inside her. For him the sensations were also beyond anything he could have imagined. However, for him it was simply the idea of what was happening that he found most exciting. He stared down at his mom’s back and watched it heave as she gasped and moaned softly and excitedly while sandwiched between him and Gary.

After pausing like this for several long moments Lisa groaned, “Fuck me.” Brad immediately began to slowly pull his cock back until just the tip was inside her and then started to push inside her again. Soon he was steadily fucking her ass and causing her to cry out and writhe under him.

Part of Lisa also wanted to feel Gary’s cock sliding firmly back and forth in her pussy while her son fucked her ass, but in this position they weren’t able to move to accommodate that. Instead, Brad’s thrusting caused Lisa’s body to rock and move slightly, which, in turn, caused Gary’s cock to shift and slide some inside her pussy. After only a few minutes Lisa was ready to add the final touch to the scene.

She looked over toward Tom who stood, open mouthed, staring wildly as he slowly stroked his rock hard cock. Lisa didn’t need to say anything as the look of desire in her eyes and her face told him everything he needed.

Tom moved quickly to the side of the bed and Lisa leaned over and immediately engulfed his cock in her mouth. Once she had about half his length in her mouth she paused and relished the idea that she now had three hard cocks filling her at the same time. She soon realized that, because of Brad’s now quickening thrusts, she was already bobbing back and forth on Tom’s cock.

From this point onward Lisa was in a complete trance like state. Her entire world consisted of the three shafts moving back and forth inside her. Gary was trying his best to rock his hips and fuck her as she tried to absolutely devour Tom’s cock. Brad vigorously fucked her asshole and Lisa could sense him reaching the end of his control.

“Try to resist,” she urged Brad after she let Tom’s cock briefly slide out of her mouth, “I want to feel this longer.” Brad groaned wildly and tried to slow his thrusting and keep himself in control. He succeeded in lasting for several more long minutes and in that time Lisa exploded into another of her own wild orgasms. This one swept over Lisa almost unexpectedly as she had been so engrossed in the immediate pleasure and intensity of what she felt that she didn’t realize she had built so close to her orgasm.

She opened her mouth widely and let out a scream as Tom’s cock slipped out of her mouth. Lisa’s body tensed and shook powerfully as she felt an orgasm unlike any she had experienced before. Being so completely full both in her pussy and up her ass intensified every moment and every sensation for her.

Her orgasm was the last straw for Brad. He knew he was going to cum and so began to pump wildly into her spasming asshole. Her tremors caused her to clench tightly around him generating even more friction and pressure. As her orgasm was ending Brad groaned and his cum surged into her asshole with a tremendous force.

Upon feeling his cum Lisa cried out again and held still as she experienced the wild sensation of a man’s cum filling her tight asshole for the first time in many years. Brad fucked her wildly as he came and only stopped when he was completely spent. He was so exhausted that he pulled out of her and practically staggered over to the other bed in the room where he flopped down heavily.

Lisa was so overwhelmed by the moment that she had lost track of Tom. Gary was still pinned under her with his cock buried deeply in her pussy. It was only seconds later when Lisa felt something behind her. She looked to where Tom had been standing and saw that he was gone. Looking behind her she saw Tom had assumed Brad’s spot behind her and was frantically smearing a huge load of the lubricant on his rock hard cock.

Lisa could only watch and then cry out loudly when she felt Tom’s cock pressing firmly against her now stretched asshole. He slipped inside much easier than Brad had done and quickly shoved himself all the way inside. Lisa was thankful that Brad had already stretched and readied her asshole. She would have to teach Tom later how to properly begin a good ass fuck so as not to hurt her.

Tom seemed in a frenzy of lust as he began to roughly fuck her. Lisa leaned down toward Gary and met him in a long kiss, parting it only when Tom’s wild fucking became too intense for her to bear without calling out.

“Dammit, Tom. Fuck me,” she groaned as she looked over at her son sitting on the other bed. Nothing was going to stop Tom from unleashing his own pent up lust and he fucked her in an absolute frenzy until Lisa knew he was ready. She began urging him on telling him she wanted to feel all of his cum inside her and Tom quickly exploded with a long, loud cry.

Lisa couldn’t believe how wet her asshole now felt as Tom deposited a second heavy load of cum inside her. As with Brad, Tom seemed so completely spent that he pulled out of Lisa soon after he finished cumming and flopped down on the bed beside her.

Lisa turned and looked directly down at Gary and, with a wicked, lusty smile on her face she whispered, “Your turn.”

Lisa began fucking him wantonly as she rode his young, excited body with a wild passion. Gary was still inexperienced enough and so wildly excited by what he had seen already that he couldn’t resist her for long. Lisa soon felt his body getting ready for its release and she luridly whispered, “Yes, lover. Fill me. Cum for me!” As if on command Gary’s back arched and his whole body tensed as his cock starting shooting heavy jets of cum deep inside her waiting pussy.

After he finished cumming Lisa merely collapsed on top of him meeting him in a long kiss as she enjoyed the feel of his cock slowly getting soft in her pussy. They kissed for many long minutes before Lisa looked first at Tom and then at Brad and whispered, “You two better go get cleaned up.”

By the time they returned Lisa had moved off Gary and was lying beside him. Lisa and Gary traded long, deep kisses and let their hands caress each other. Gary was clearly the most inexperienced of the three boys and Lisa was enjoying teasing him with her tongue during their slow kisses.

As she kissed and caressed Gary, Lisa was very aware of the sensation in her asshole. It wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable, but the hard fucking she had just received, twice, was far more than anything it had experienced in a long time.

Lisa was also very aware of the incredible wetness around Gary’s cock. She caressed his cock and balls repeatedly growing more and more excited by the idea that she was feeling the combination of her pussy juices and the cum off all three boys.

Lisa had expected when she sent Brad and Tom away that this was the end of the evening. Somehow the intensity of her first triple penetration made that seem like the natural final act of the night. She figured now that the four of them would fall asleep with her looking forward to their next fuck.

As she kissed and held Gary he too seemed content. He eagerly responded to her but never tried to reach for her tits or pussy or tried to make their kisses any wilder. Lisa simply basked in the wonderfully slutty, horny, completely fucked way she felt right now.

It was pretty clear, however, when Brad and Tom returned that they weren’t quite done yet. They immediately moved over to the bed and started running their hands over Lisa’s back and ass. She could feel the lust and intensity in their touch right away and felt a shiver go down her back as she realized just how horny and fuck happy these two were.

Before long Lisa rolled away from Gary and was lying on her back in the middle of the bed. All three boys surrounded her and knelt or lay close to her. Their hands roamed over her naked, satisfied body and Lisa exchanged deep kisses with them whenever one of them leaned in toward her.

Despite her wild anticipation of this moment Lisa was already feeling very worn out and maybe even a little over fucked. However, there was no way she was going to put a stop to this night before it played itself all the way out. She knew she would be sore as hell in the morning but she couldn’t resist the three partially hard cocks surrounding her. Soon she reached out and started caressing the cocks as the three pairs of hands and three mouths continued exploring her.

For what felt like the next few hours, Lisa knew nothing of time at this point, the four of them engaged in wild, teasing foreplay. They traded positions often so there were times when Lisa knelt over her three naked lovers, there were times when she knelt over one or two while the others knelt with her and continued teasing her, and there were times when she lay back and let all three of them explore and pleasure her.

Brad, being the most skilled of the three due to their frequent practice this summer, was the first of them to really start to drive her wild and bring her very close to her next orgasm. She was already very excited from their touches and attention before Brad took her hips and guided her over him.

She had just finished kneeling over him and playfully licking and sucking at his cock alternately with Gary’s as Gary lay right next to Brad. She had held eye contact with them both as she licked and sucked them and enjoyed using every dirty, slutty trick she could think of to tease them. When she finished Brad sat up slightly and took hold of her hips before he started pulling her toward him.

Lisa was surprised and excited when she realized Brad was guiding her over his own face. She straddled his face and slowly lowered her pussy onto his mouth while having intense flashbacks to the very first time they fucked when she did this to him. Unlike that time there was no hesitation as Brad had learned well where to touch her and how to lick her to drive her wild.

Before long Lisa felt a pair of hands fondling her tits and teasing her hard nipples and she let out a long, satisfied groan. Brad fucked her with his tongue and licked all over the folds and heavy wetness of her pussy before his tongue slipped upward and he located her clit. Lisa moaned excitedly as Brad focused on her clit. She leaned forward to give him a better angle and put her hands on the headboard of the bed to support herself.

Brad was wildly sucking on and flicking at her clit and Lisa knew she was going to cum soon. She was aware of a pair of hands massaging her back and another pair on her tits, but nearly all of her attention was consumed by her son expertly teasing her clit and driving her wild.

She started cumming with a long groan and pushed herself down firmly on Brad’s mouth. As she came she starting grinding her hips from side to side on his face. She stayed on his face letting him lick and tease her for many long minutes after she finished cumming. She happily would have lingered there even longer but she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders guiding her off Brad.

As she lifted her leg over him Brad scooted off the bed and Lisa felt herself being gently laid down on her back. She looked up to see Tom moving between her parted thighs and it was clear from the animal look of lust in his eyes that he was ready to fuck.

Tom’s intensity and wantonness surprised Lisa as he quickly moved between her thighs and positioned the tip of his cock at her pussy entrance. Tom didn’t hesitate and thrust his full length inside her in one long stroke causing Lisa to gasp and wriggle excitedly.

Lisa closed her eyes and simply gave herself over completely to Tom. She let him guide and control the fuck. He immediately began thrusting firmly and steadily into her as he pushed himself up with his arms for better leverage.

After a few long moments Lisa groaned wildly when she felt hands on her bouncing tits. She opened her eyes and locked her gaze into Brad’s as he knelt next to her massaging her tits. Brad knew how she liked to be touched and it wasn’t long before Lisa was moaning excitedly from the combination of his fingers on her tits and nipples and Tom’s vigorous fuck.

Lisa again closed her eyes and focused on savoring the sensations she felt. Her mouth parted as she lay with her head turned to the side, and suddenly she felt a cock being pushed against her lips. She groaned and opened her mouth wider taking in Gary’s cock as he knelt beside her head and pushed into her warm mouth.

Lisa couldn’t believe how long Tom was lasting and she remained like this, sucking on Gary’s cock while Brad teased her tits with his hands and mouth, as Tom continued fucking her for a very long time. Lisa’s legs and hips were beginning to ache from being spread so widely for so long, but there was nothing that was going to make her stop what was happening.

Finally, after what felt like an incredible amount of time, Tom began to pump a little harder and it seemed like he was getting ready to cum. Lisa had to struggle against her burning leg muscles to keep them spread apart for him as Tom continued to bring himself even closer to cumming.

With a few last frantic thrusts Tom groaned and started to cum. He filled her as they continued fucking and then finally pulled out only after he started to go soft inside her. Both Gary and Brad briefly continued their teasing after Tom pulled out of her and flopped down, completely exhausted, on the other bed.

Gary was the next to move as he pulled his wet cock out of her mouth and started to move between her legs. The next thing Lisa knew he had parted her thighs and once again she felt an excited cock entering her drenched pussy.

Almost immediately her legs started burning from the strain of holding the position and she started to squirm thinking she would roll over and let him fuck her from behind. “What’s wrong?” Brad asked as she started to stir. Lisa glanced quickly at Gary and saw that he had stopped moving and was trying to figure out why she was moving.

“My legs,” she replied, “I can’t hold them like this any more.” She figured that would be it and she would roll over. Instead, Brad released her tits and took one of her legs in his hands holding it for her, alleviating nearly all the strain on her overtaxed muscles. She was still staring at Brad when suddenly she felt someone at her other leg and turned her head to see Tom cradling her other leg as he stood beside the bed.

With her legs being held open by Brad and Tom, Lisa was able to lie back and relax as Gary quickly resumed fucking her. Gary’s fuck was less smooth and measured than Tom or Brad, but by now Lisa was beyond caring about technique as long as she was at the mercy of these three horny boys.

Tom and Brad began caressing and massaging her legs as Gary continued pumping relentlessly in and out of her exhausted pussy. The feeling of their young, smooth hands sliding across the sensitive skin of her inner thighs as she was getting so firmly fucked was driving her wild. She alternated between looking down and watching the three boys, who now stood nearly side by side pleasuring her, and closing her eyes and simply basking in the moment.

While her eyes were closed she felt Brad’s hand slide even higher on her leg until his fingers left her leg and ran briefly through her pussy hair. Gary never stopped fucking her and only leaned back a little as Brad’s fingers found his mom’s clit.

By now their efforts and body heat had made the room very hot and all four of them were covered with a heavy layer of sweat. As Lisa watched her three lovers she enjoyed the way the sweat made their young bodies glisten and it made her excited to think she had caused all of their sweat.

Lisa didn’t think she was close to cumming again but it only took a few minutes of Brad’s fingers playing with her clit while Gary excitedly fucked her before she felt another orgasm approaching. She had never orgasmed this often in this short a time.

Lisa felt her own desires growing quickly and looked down at Gary as she growled, “Fuck me. Cum for me. I need to feel your cum!” Despite her urgings Lisa started cumming first. She opened her mouth widely and arched her back turning her head to the side and pressing it firmly into the bed. She cried out and felt like she might get ripped in two from the explosion she felt inside her.

Gary’s fuck became more frantic and hard as Lisa’s orgasm continued. When she finished orgasming she looked down excitedly at Gary and cried out, “Cum, dammit! I can’t take anymore!” She didn’t think it was possible, but Gary fucked her even harder and faster for a few more long moments. Lisa cried out in pleasure and, finally, Gary pushed all the way inside her roughly and she felt his cum surging out of his cock and into her already wet pussy.

Gary held still through most of his orgasm and then, as if to coax out the last of his cum, he started thrusting into her again. Lisa watched Gary as he came, and when he finished he looked like a balloon that suddenly had been untied. His whole body seemed to deflate as if every last ounce of his energy was expended.

Gary fell down over her and they lay together for a while breathing heavily as their sweating bodies pressed together. They exchanged several long, slow kisses before Gary finally rolled off her with one last kiss and staggered over to the other bed.

Lisa turned her gaze to Brad and realized he was the only one of the boys who had yet to have her during this round of fucking. She couldn’t think of a better way to cap off this group fuck than by having Brad inside her.

“Roll over,” he whispered immediately. Lisa barely had enough time to focus on the excited expression on his face before she followed his command and rolled over onto her knees and elbows. She could already feel parts of her body aching and knew she was going to be very sore the next day.

As soon as she settled she felt Brad’s hand on her ass. His hand quickly moved not to her pussy but to her asshole. Lisa gasped in surprise as Brad easily slipped a very well lubricated finger inside her asshole. Clearly as she had been kissing Gary Brad had been preparing for this. As worn out and overfucked as her asshole felt it was nothing compared to the way her pussy ached, but she knew that she would give herself over completely to Brad however he wanted her.

Quickly Brad worked another finger inside her asshole and it wasn’t long before Lisa felt her son’s cock pressing against her tightest hole. He hadn’t quite prepared her thoroughly and it was a little uncomfortable as his cock finally slipped inside her, but the discomfort quickly went away and was replaced by a deep and intense satisfaction.

Brad began fucking her asshole slowly as if to savor the sensation completely. Lisa was a little afraid Brad would fuck her asshole as long as Tom had just fucked her pussy but it was soon clear that Brad was already wildly excited. Lisa knew him well enough to know that it wouldn’t be too much longer before he came.

He did surprise her by lasting far longer than she expected. He kept his fuck slow and measured and didn’t resort to the frantic thrusting of his friends. Lisa could only bury her head in the pillow and groan over and over at the amazingly full sensation of his cock inside her. He did begin moving a little faster just before he came and Lisa again felt like she might burst from how full she felt.

With a loud cry and gasp Brad pumped himself deeply inside her and deposited another load of cum deep inside her ass. The feeling of his cum filling her asshole made Lisa’s mind swirl. She had never before felt so completely fucked and it felt wonderful. Brad finally pulled his cock out of her when it started to soften and Lisa flopped on her side completely exhausted. She was worried that if any of the boys wanted to fuck again she might not be able to handle it, but one look around the room showed they were feeling equally spent.

Lisa had planned on moving back to her bedroom with its one, large bed so she could sleep together with all three of her lovers. However, she couldn’t find the energy to move and soon Brad settled down beside her on the tiny bed. Gary stretched out on the other bed and Tom did the same on one of the sleeping bags on the floor. None of them said a word before they fell deeply asleep.

“Mom?” Lisa stirred some as she felt Brad’s hand on her shoulder as he softly spoke. “We’re going to the beach, do you want us to wait for you?” Before she was even fully awake she mumbled no and sent Brad and his friends on their way without her. The bed felt so wonderful and soft that she didn’t want to get up just yet.

As they were leaving the house Lisa began to stir and was immediately aware of her aching, stiff body. All the while growing up Lisa had played sports and been active. She still enjoyed going to the gym regularly, so she was certainly no stranger to physical exertion or sore muscles. However, none of that compared to the way she felt this morning.

She slowly rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling as her body ached and throbbed. She was sore in places she didn’t think she had even felt before. She thought to herself that this must be the way it felt the morning after finishing a ten round boxing match.

She then smiled as she thought that there were a couple of parts of her that certainly no boxer had ever felt aching like this after a fight. Combined with the stiffness and aching of the rest of her Lisa was also very aware of a throbbing from both her asshole and her pussy. If she needed any reminders of why she felt the way she did her aching pussy and asshole did the trick. Even back to the wild days right before her marriage or even back in college she knew she had never felt so utter over-fucked as she felt right now.

She looked at the clock and saw it was already nearly noon. She wondered how long the three boys had been awake and waiting before they finally woke her up. Certainly they would have been exhausted also, but only a fraction of how she felt right now. Part of her was surprised and a little relieved they didn’t try to start another round of fucking with her this morning. Honestly, she didn’t know if she would be able to handle another round with them for a little while.

Certainly, the previous night she would have, and nearly did, absolutely anything they wanted for as long as they wanted. Now, however, after her muscles had a chance to tighten up she knew that she had overdone it. Despite that there was nothing about what happened that she regretted. She would eagerly have tolerated pain and discomfort ten times what she currently felt in exchange for what had happened.

She tried stretching her legs and was very aware of the matted tangle of her own pussy hair and the dried spots of the combined fluids of all four of them all over her thighs, her stomach, and the bed. How many times had they filled her with their cum? She tried to remember but lost count well before the night ended. She tried to remember how many times they made her cum and, other than knowing she hadn’t orgasmed that hard or that often in a long time, possibly ever, she had no idea.

What she did know was that the previous night was deeply intense and hotter than she ever dreamed possible. She had so often dreamed and wondered about having multiple guys, but ultimately having the three wildly horny boys using her so completely was beyond any of her fantasies.

She took a long, hot shower and felt a deep satisfaction while reflecting again on what had happened. However, even after the shower and nearly a whole pot of coffee she was still feeling very sore, stiff, and tired. She was sitting on the deck reading a magazine when she saw her three lovers coming back from the beach.

None of them wanted to leave, but it was time to drive back home. The drive home was relaxed as they talked some and spent some of the ride in silence. Lisa was surprised by how normal things felt between them. She knew that things would never quite be the same between any of them, but on the surface nothing seemed to have changed. She was slightly worried while she showered that what had happened would adversely affect not only her relationship with Brad and his friends but also Brad’s relationship with his own friends.

Her worries seemed for nothing, however as Brad, Tom, and Gary talked and interacted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Lisa was happy to notice that, after they dropped of Tom and Gary, everything seemed exactly the same as before between her and Brad. She couldn’t quite describe their relationship as normal given they had been fucking wildly for the past several months, but in any case what had happened over the weekend with Tom and Gary hadn’t altered their relationship.


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