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Mom & My Friends

She lusts for her son & his friends.
Mom & My Friends

“Why the fancy get up, mom?” Brad asked when he noticed the sleek red dress hanging on the doorframe of her bedroom door.

She poked her head out of her bathroom and called, “My baby boy only graduates from high school once and I want to make sure everyone knows how proud I am of you.” Brad smiled to himself and went off to his own room to finish his preparations for his high school graduation party.

Lisa knew that what she had said was true but it was only part of the reason she choose that dress for tonight. She knew the red dress clung teasingly to her stomach and ass before hanging down and stopping just a few inches above her knee. She also knew the light fabric had a way of perfectly framing her tits that made them look very appealing while having just enough of a loose neckline that someone could see down her top and catch glimpses of her tits if they wanted to whenever she leaned over. Previously the dress had been reserved for special occasions with her husband when she knew that a good fuck would wait at the end of the night.

The truth was that she was extremely proud of her son Brad. He was her only child and she knew that his time growing up had been hard. Before they had finally settled in their current location almost two years ago Brad’s dad had been in the military and had been forced to move around a lot. Moving became an almost yearly occurrence for the family and each time Brad had to leave behind his friends and start new someplace else.

One of the moves even caused him to be held out of school for a year for reasons he never fully understood. It had been something about the timing of his transfer and the transcripts from his old school not arriving until too late. The end result is that when he was about 11 he didn’t go to school for the last two thirds of the school year and then had to repeat the grade he had started before the move. All this meant that he was now 19 for his high school graduation at a time when most of the others in his class were 18.

Lisa smiled at her reflection and knew that the real reason she had selected that particular red dress was something that she had never told anyone else, she had a crush on her son. She first noticed him in that way not too long after his 18th birthday over a year earlier. Her husband was gone on one of his many long business trips and she was feeling very lonely and particularly horny.

She had given Brad and some of his friends a ride to the local community pool. Usually she just dropped them off and left since the pool was so hot and crowded, but this time she decided to stay. She stayed away from Brad and his friends as she didn’t want him to be embarrassed by his mom hanging around. She was swimming a few laps in the slow lane when she stopped to take a break. She looked over and was immediately drawn to the figure of a young man climbing out of the other side of the pool.

She watched his muscles flex and ripple as he easily pushed himself out of the pool and onto the deck. She stared at his ass as his wet suit clung to him closely. It was only after the object of her gaze turned around that she immediately recognized it was her own son. She quickly looked away in shame and disbelief.

After a while she began to look discreetly around the pool deck and she began to notice the hordes of high school aged boys lounging around or flirting shamelessly with the girls their own age. In particular, Lisa watched Brad’s friends and felt her pussy tingling at the sight of their young, wet, hard bodies.

Lisa had long been drawn to younger men in her fantasies. She loved seeing herself in the role of the older, wiser teacher taking her young “student” in and teaching him how to be an accomplished lover. After that day at the pool she found herself regularly fantasizing about Brad’s friends, the other young men she had seen at the pool, or sometimes about younger men she would see during the day. It seemed that being at the pool that day among all the 18 and 19 year olds in their wet bathing suits had enflamed her desires to new levels.

With her husband often out of town Lisa spent a lot of time taking care of her own pleasures. She had never cheated on her husband and didn’t think she was the kind of woman that ever would, but she did have to admit that there were times when she wanted little more than the sexual attention of a man. There was only so much satisfaction she could get from her own fingers and her small array of sex toys.

A few weeks after the incident at the pool Lisa found that her fantasies began to change slightly. The first time her son’s face popped into her fantasy she quickly fingered herself to a wild orgasm. Afterward she felt her stomach turn in a mixture of confusion and embarrassment over having even had the thought. Still, she did have to admit to herself that the day she eyed him wantonly at the pool before she knew it was him still stuck in her head.

For the rest of the summer Lisa made sure to stay with her son and his friends at the pool. She always stayed discreetly out of view but watched her son and his friends closely. More and more he reappeared in her fantasies despite Lisa telling herself over and over that it was perverted and wrong to feel that way. Over the next few visits to the pool she noticed that Brad had developed into a handsome and fit young man and, almost in spite of herself, her mind began envisioning her with him in decidedly unmotherly ways.

Lisa had always been quite horny and when her husband was home they used to fuck like newlyweds. When they were first married she dealt better with their time apart than she had been over the past several years. If anything she found herself growing more and more horny with him away and she knew that her feelings toward Brad were certainly the result of so much pent up lust.

Through his senior year in school she continued to fantasize secretly about him and his friends. Some of her wilder dreams involved Brad and two or three of his friends unleashing their natural 18 and 19 year old lust and curiosity on her willing body.

Aside from her deviant desires, Lisa was very proud of Brad and the man he had become. He was courteous and thoughtful and did very well in his classes. He kept himself quite busy with sports and his friends and Lisa enjoyed hanging out with him when she had the chance. One day it hit her that he was exactly the kind of guy that she would be instantly attracted to sexually if he wasn’t her son.

As the months passed her secret affair that she had with her son only in her own mind blossomed and intensified. She no longer felt ashamed or odd at having these thoughts and would easily allow herself to contemplate all sorts of situations and varieties of ways to be with Brad.

That is the way things stayed for a while until the one night Brad invited a couple of his friends to sleep over at his house. Lisa’s husband, again, was away and she didn’t have any problems with sharing the house with a few rowdy boys for the night. For the most part she stayed out of sight and it was around midnight when she decided to go down to the kitchen and get herself something to drink. She had passed the night up in her own room reading or watching the small TV there and hadn’t heard the boys in quite a while. She assumed they had gone out of the house and so didn’t bother to put on a robe.

As she walked down the hall she wore an old pair of shorts that she knew was a little too small for her. They were still comfortable so she kept wearing them despite the fact they stopped just below her ass and she knew that whenever she bent over or leaned down her ass would hang out. Other than the shorts she wore only one of her husband’s big, old tank tops. The yellow top easily covered her ample tits but the large armholes left quite a lot of her tits exposed. When it was only her and Brad she was careful to wear a robe over her sleep clothes.

She went into the kitchen and had already filled a glass with ice cubes from the freezer when she noticed the pulsing light from the TV coming from the living room through the other side of the kitchen. She smiled to herself and thought that it was typical of Brad to leave the house with the TV on. She walked over to the living room and stepped inside the dark room without thinking.

“Hi mom!” Brad said as she stepped into the room. Lisa had been so sure that the boys had left that Brad’s words startled her. She gasped in surprise and visibly started. She dropped the glass she was carrying and although the glass itself didn’t break the ice cubes scattered all over the floor.

“You OK?” Brad asked, “we didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, I’m OK,” she began with a twinge of suspicion in her voice. “What’s up? I thought you had gone out. You’ve been so quiet I didn’t think you were here.”

“No,” Brad answered, “we’ve just been watching movies. I guess we got pretty caught up and so haven’t been talking.”

“Let me help you with the ice,” Brad said as he moved off the couch and picked up her glass before handing it to her.

“No, no,” Lisa protested, “you guys go back to your movie and I’ll clean up after myself.” She was feeling embarrassed at having been so surprised that she dropped the glass and just wanted to quickly clean up and leave. She bent over and began to pick up the melting cubes dropping them back into her glass as she went. Brad continued to help her until there were only a couple of cubes left right at her feet. After picking them up Lisa stood up and, for the first time, looked at the chair directly in front of her at Brad’s best friend Tom.

As soon as she looked at Tom she could plainly see his hard on tenting out against his sweatpants. It was only then that she realized she had just given Tom a fabulous view down her top when she bent over. “Holy fuck,” she thought to herself, “he’s got a hard on for me!” She immediately felt very embarrassed at having accidentally exposed herself but she also felt her pussy tingle in excitement almost in spite of herself.

Her tank top was big enough on her that she knew it had gapped and hung down when she bent over. She was still so flustered at having been surprised and dropping the glass that she never realized she was giving Tom a great view of her naked tits.

It was only at that point that she remembered Gary, another of Brad’s friends whom she didn’t know very well. She realized that she didn’t know where he was at the moment and turned to see him sitting behind her and slightly off to the side. She immediately noticed that Gary was staring right at her but wasn’t looking at her face. She had had enough guys in her life staring at her tits to know by the angle of his sight that Gary was helping himself to the view of her tits as their sides mostly hung exposed out of the tank top.

She couldn’t see his crotch, but based on the lust filled expression on his face she guessed that he too was sporting a healthy boner for her. She then realized that when she bent over she had practically pointed her ass right at him. He must have enjoyed the view of her ass peaking out of her shorts at the same time Tom had been greedily staring down her shirt.

She felt another wave of embarrassment flush over her, but this time the wave was smaller and was followed by a much stronger wave of excitement and exhilaration. Two young studs had each just received an eye full of her and it clearly had a big effect on them. Lisa felt simultaneously slutty and sexy.

“Well, I think I’ll leave you boys to your movie,” she said as she realized the room had just been filled by an oddly long silence. Before she left she turned her sight back to Brad and immediately noticed that he too was now staring at her tits. He was still standing in the same place as he was when he finished helping her pick up the ice and seemed to be frozen in place. She quickly glanced down and noticed the bulge in his pants caused by his own hard on as he stared at her intently.

Clearly, after Brad stood back up and she stayed bent over picking up the last of the ice he had been treated to nearly the same view down her top as Tom. Lisa felt like she had been kicked in the stomach when the idea struck her that she had just given her son a hard on. Unexpectedly, she felt a deep, forbidden thrill pass through her at knowing her son desired her. She could feel her pussy growing wetter and hotter by the moment and was afraid her nipples would grow hard, so she quickly said goodnight again and disappeared back into the kitchen.

She set her glass down on the counter and headed straight back to her room without getting the drink that she initially sought. Back in her room she shut the door behind her and stood with her heart pounding and her head spinning. What had just happened? Had she really just flashed her tits to her son and his best friend? Clearly, she had. Also as clear was the fact that they undeniably were excited by her. Their growing cocks gave that away.

Part of her wanted to chalk the incident up to a silly accident on her part, something that would be embarrassing for now but that she would one day look back on and laugh. However, another part of her couldn’t deny what she felt at seeing the young, hard cocks pushing out against the boy’s pants, particularly that of her own son. Despite her rational mind saying what she was feeling was wrong and perverted, she felt immensely sexy, alive, and aroused like she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She tried to lie in bed and go to sleep but she was far too excited for that. Her mind kept playing the scene over and over and she began to focus on the lustful gleam in the boy’s eyes as they each had stared at her. Almost by itself her hand moved under the band on her shorts and she started playing with her pussy. In her mind she saw herself stepping to Tom, helping him up, and then meeting him in a slow, deep tongue kiss as the other two boys looked on. That was all it took in her excited state to make herself cum and when her orgasm finally peaked she was surprised by its strength and intensity.

She was still so excited even after she came that it took her a long while to fall asleep. As she slept that night her dreams were filled with images of fucking her son or of allowing all three boys downstairs to take turns having their way with her. By the time she woke up in the morning she was so horny that she immediately reached between her legs and played with herself until she came once again.

The boys were still asleep after Lisa showered and went down to get herself some breakfast. She felt a jolt of excitement when she stepped into the living room and again stood at the spot where she had been the previous night. Going into the kitchen she felt another charge of excitement when she saw her glass on the counter still sitting with the melted ice cubes inside.

It was a few hours later before the boys made their way down. They didn’t stay for long once they got up as they had plans with other friends. Lisa immediately noticed, however, when they did come downstairs that both Tom and Gary seemed to have a different look in their eyes today than she had seen them with before. Before they had seemed to view her as simply “a mom” but now there was an interest and curiosity behind their looks that told Lisa they now viewed her as something much more desirable and sexy.

Despite part of her thinking she shouldn’t promote this behavior, she played along with them and made sure to make eye contact with them as they spoke. In short, she began to subtly flirt with her son’s friends and loved every minute of the attention.

Brad also seemed to be acting a little different this morning, however for him it was the opposite of his two friends. Instead of his usual amount of eye contact he seemed to be spending much more time looking at the floor, the table, or anywhere other than at Lisa. She wondered if he was doing this to hide that same look in his own eyes that she saw in Gary and Tom’s.

Maybe he was aroused by her and now somehow saw her as something sexy and desirable? Maybe he looked away because he felt these things and didn’t know what they meant or how he should deal with the feelings? In her own lust Lisa hoped this was true even as she waved goodbye to the boys sending them off for the rest of the day and probably well into the night.

Almost in spite of herself, Lisa felt herself begin to change slightly after this incident. She knew that she was wildly excited by the idea that the boys had been so aroused by her. It made her pussy ache to think of the multitude of ways she could tease and pleasure them if given the chance. The fact that her own son was excited by her only fanned her desires to all new levels.

Before her secret desire for him had been relatively easy to conceal because she had been sure that there was no way he would ever reciprocate the feelings. Somehow, knowing that something like that was only possible in the dark, lusty parts of her own mind kept it safe and detached from reality. There was never any danger or real problem with it because it never really existed.

Now, however, she knew that, at least for that one moment, her son had felt the same way about her. She often wondered if he now fantasized about her like she did about him. However, just the knowledge that he could see her as something other than just “mom” was enough to break down the security of her taboo fantasies.

In the weeks after the sleep over she began to flirt more openly with Brad’s friends. She never did anything too obvious or that would seem awkward, but she had been quite a flirt in her younger days and used every subtle trick she knew to get their interest and keep them off balance. She loved the attention and the way it felt to be so desired and lusted after by the young men.

Whenever his friends were around Lisa would never do any flirting at all with Brad. She didn’t want to put him in any sort of awkward position or start any rumors amongst his friends about either her or him. When there were witnesses she was nothing but appropriate with him. However, when they were alone she did let herself indulge in some mild flirting and teasing.

At first she did it largely out of curiosity to see how he might react. When his reaction showed her that he was definitely noticing she became a little more bold. She began to sometimes not wear a bra when it was just the two of them around the house. She watched him out of the corner of her eye as he stared at her wobbling tits. Other times she would wear a low cut top and would purposely bend over in front of him giving him a great view down her shirt at her tits.

She also did a number of much more subtle things like touching him more often than perhaps was necessary as they talked or hung out. She would often touch his arm as they talked or put her hand on his lower back as she walked by him. No single thing she did was ever inappropriate by itself, but the sum total of her efforts was clear that she was flirting with her own son.

She first offered to host a graduation party for Brad several months before his graduation. He immediately agreed to her offer and so the plans were set.

As Lisa continued to flirt with Brad and his friends her own lust and horniness seemed to rise to unbelievable levels. She seemed to be in a near constant state of arousal and was wearing out her collection of sex toys. Whenever her husband was in town, which was growing more and more infrequent, all she wanted to do was fuck. Previously they fucked like rabbits whenever he was home, but somehow he seemed less interested in sex lately. On the days when she would get him to fuck she would barely let him leave the bed in between their sessions.

Her fantasies now usually starred Brad or his friends in some combination. She had long past the point of feeling bad or guilty about having these feelings and willingly indulged her incestuous mind.

As the graduation party grew near Lisa began to excitedly think more and more about the flirting possibilities that it would present. Partly because of this she made the decision to serve alcohol at the party even though she knew that they were all underage. She rationalized it by saying that she knew they had all probably had alcohol before, so at least this way she could monitor them and make sure they didn’t do anything stupid or get too drunk.

However, she also knew that the idea of mingling with a room full of slightly drunk, perpetually horny 18 and 19 year olds made her pussy wet. She began to fantasize about taking one or more of Brad’s friends upstairs during the party and fucking them silly. One time she even thought about letting Brad and about 8 of his friends gang bang her at the end of the night. By the time she finished using her vibrator after that fantasy she had cum wildly twice.

Things seemed to change again for Lisa only a couple of weeks before Brad’s graduation party. She had gone out with some friends on a Saturday night and, for the first time in a long time, she ended up sleeping later than Brad the next morning. As she slept she vaguely thought she heard the phone ringing but dismissed it as a dream.

The next thing she felt was Brad’s hand on her bare shoulder and his voice stammering, “M-m-mom, dad’s on the phone.” Barely opening her eyes she took the phone and talked to her husband as Brad waited next to the bed. He was calling, of course, to say he was delayed and that he wasn’t coming home until the day afternoon tomorrow instead of today as originally scheduled.

Lisa finished talking to him and handed the phone back to Brad. She thanked him and he slowly backed out of the room. She lay still for a few more minutes as the cobwebs slowly cleared from her mind. It seemed odd that Brad had waited by the bed to take the phone back, but she guessed he was just being nice.

It wasn’t until she opened her eyes fully and glanced down at her chest that she realized that her tank top had been pulled sideways under her and one of her tits had spilled out through the big armhole. “Why that horny little devil,” she thought to herself with a big smile. He wasn’t being nice at all. He was blatantly staring at his mom’s tit.

Lisa smiled and felt her pussy growing noticeably wetter almost immediately. Before she got out of bed she slipped one hand down to her pussy and began teasing her exposed nipple with her other hand. She thought about Brad lowering his mouth to her nipple while she slept and softly sucking on it until she woke up. Then she imagined him stripping her naked and fucking her wantonly before filling her with a huge load of cum.

She was now sure of the fact that he lusted after her on some level. Why else would he stand and openly stare at her exposed tit when she could have very easily noticed it and busted him? Maybe he wanted to get caught? Maybe he wanted her to know that he wanted to fuck his mommy? That very idea made Lisa’s pussy quiver and her knees weak.

It was after that morning that Lisa threw nearly all caution to the wind. She began to walk around the house with very little clothing when it was just the two of them home alone. She began leaving off her robe and walking around before bed in her tank top and tight shorts. Then before she climbed into bed she made sure to leave her door wide open and she stripped naked. The thought that Brad might walk by her room late at night and stop to stare at her naked body made her horny as hell. She also began leaving the bathroom door and bedroom door open when she showered in the master bathroom.

Her husband came and left again a few days later. It seemed he was spending less and less time at home, but somehow Lisa didn’t mind as much now that she was so focused on teasing and flirting with Brad.

One morning about a week before the graduation party she was lying in bed awake, but still enjoying just lying still. She heard Brad’s slow footsteps coming down the hall and then heard them stop abruptly outside her door. She pretended to be asleep but could feel her pussy getting instantly wet under the thin sheet. During the night she had pushed the sheet down to her waist so her pussy was covered but as she lay on her back she knew that Brad must be staring at her naked tits.

He stood silently for about a minute as Lisa pretended to be asleep. If he had waited any longer she was afraid she would be forced to move and deal with the burning in her pussy. Fortunately for her she heard his footsteps moving quickly back down the hallway to his room.

After a little while longer she got up, showered, and dressed, but not before she played with her pussy and brought herself off. Brad left shortly after breakfast and she went about finishing some of the chores around the house. She picked up a laundry basket and went into Brad’s room to try and fish out the dirty laundry from the various places he usually dropped it.

She went around the room picking up his laundry and was just about to leave when she saw a yellow shirt crumpled up on the bed near his pillow. On her way out she reached down and picked up the shirt only to drop it again when her fingers felt something wet and sticky. She dropped the laundry basket and, without thinking, sniffed her finger to see what she had on it.

The musky scent of cum unmistakably filled her nostrils and she felt her stomach knot and her pussy ache. She unwadded the shirt and could easily see the remains of a heavy load of cum that had very recently been deposited in it. She smiled wickedly and realized that Brad must have run back to his room to jerk off after seeing her tits this morning.

“My horny, horny boy,” she said out loud to herself. “Your momma knows just what you need.” With that she reached down and scooped up the biggest drop of cum from the shirt. She brought her fingers to her mouth and slowly licked her son’s cum off them. She held his seed in her mouth letting its heavy, salty taste fill her mouth before she swallowed it down.

It was soon after that when she decided that it was time for the flirting and games to end. She knew she wanted Brad very badly and it was now obvious that he wanted her too. As soon as she looked at the calendar and saw that his high school graduation party was only a few days away she immediately knew that would be the perfect time. After all, what better present to give than the one thing he wants most but thinks he could never have?

Lisa loved feeling like one of the centers of attention during the party. The keg was definitely a popular attraction as were the two high school girls who had been flirting and teasing many of the boys throughout the night.

However, Lisa quickly noticed that she seemed to have her own “harem” of horny 18 year old boys who always seemed to magically appear next to her or be starting up conversations with her. She excitedly noticed that Tom and Gary were usually part of this group. She playfully teased and flirted with all the boys but would focus on Tom and Gary specifically when they were around.

All through the night she kept one eye on Brad and saw him circulating around the party. As the night wore on, however, she thought she noticed him ending up around her more and more.

As her own excitement and drunkenness grew she grew bolder with her flirting. At one point she asked Tom to help her get more ice and followed him into the kitchen where they found themselves alone. She thanked him profusely and made sure to touch his arm and back often as they spoke. After he got out the ice she leaned forward over the counter facing him as she began crushing it and putting it in the bowl. She knew the top of her dress had gapped open and that Tom could easily see down her top if he noticed.

One glance at him told her he had absolutely noticed as he openly stared at her tits. Her bra was a push up style and so its cups only held the bottom halves of her tits. From his angle Tom could see her entire tits completely down to her nipples. She lingered in this position for longer than necessary as she grew more and more excited from his stare.

“I think I need another bowl,” she said as she moved around the counter next to Tom. “Excuse me,” she added in a soft, sweet tone as she touched his arm again. Just as she straightened up with the bowl she felt his hand on her lower back. She stayed next to him pretending to fuss with the ice in the bowls as she felt his hand move downward. She inhaled sharply and Tom let out a soft moan when his hand started fondling her ass. Her pussy was now soaked as she let her son’s friend feel her ass.

Lisa slowly turned to him and felt her knees weaken as she saw the look of complete lust and desire in his eyes. His hand stayed on her ass as she spoke. “Did you like what you saw earlier?” she teased as she glanced down at her own tits.

“Yes,” he excitedly gasped.

She moved almost imperceptibly closer to him and moved her right hand down toward his crotch. His eyes widened and he gasped in shock when her hand touched the hard bulge his cock was making in his pants. She savored the feel of his excited cock through his pants before she spoke again. “Well,” she whispered softly, “if you’re a good boy you might get to see much more than that.”

She leaned closer to him and fully intended on kissing him but stopped suddenly when someone else entered the kitchen. Lisa pulled away quickly and yanked her hand away from his crotch. He also pulled his hand off her ass but let it linger a little longer than she would have liked. Clearly, getting caught like this didn’t bother him as much as her.

The people that had interrupted them seemed to take no immediate notice of Lisa or Tom. After they left she told Tom to go back to the party. He clearly wanted to resume their preempted kiss but she needed a moment to think.

After he left Lisa stood alone trying to understand what she had almost done. It was true that she had intended to tease and flirt with Tom but she never expected to take things as far as they went. She wondered what she might have done if they hadn’t been interrupted and felt her pussy ache as she briefly pictured herself sucking his hard cock or fucking him right there in the kitchen.

If she hadn’t been slightly drunk and incredibly horny she would probably have known she was wrong, but feeling his rock hard cock, seeing the lust and wanting in his eyes, and feeling his excited hand on her ass had pushed her to a place where she didn’t think of right and wrong. She only thought of wants and needs.

She returned to the party and soon saw Tom and Gary talking excitedly in the corner. She imagined them talking about her and what had just happened and, as if on cue, they turned and looked over at her excitedly.

As much as her interrupted encounter with Tom had excited her she resisted the thought of trying to get him alone again. She knew it would be pretty easy to get him alone up in her bedroom and fuck him, but instead she channeled her lust and desire at the one person she had started the day thinking about, her son.

Later, after she refilled her drink again, she slipped out the back door onto the patio for a breath of fresh air. The party was starting to wind down and she had begun planning what might happen next. She was slightly surprised when she heard Gary say, “Uh, hi Mrs. Smith. I just wanted to thank you for the great party.”

She hadn’t heard him follow her outside and turned to see him standing a little closer to her than normal. His face and eyes betrayed that he had more on his mind than thanking her.

Lisa smiled to herself and thought that he must have been waiting for his chance to get some of what Tom had earlier. The thought of him watching and wanting her turned Lisa on.

“My pleasure,” she replied in a sexy tone. “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“How about Tom? Do you think he is enjoying himself tonight?” she asked. She wanted to see how bold Gary was willing to be. He mumbled an answer clearly not sure what to say as she turned her back partially to him to look out at the night sky.

It was only seconds later when she felt his hand on her lower back as his crotch pressed against her thigh. She could already feel his rock hard cock on her leg as his hand slipped down to her ass.

She didn’t move and could feel her own lust growing and good judgment leaving as she turned to look at him. “Pretty bold, don’t you think?” she teased.

He seemed surprised but didn’t remove his hand or crotch. “Well, um, I, I don’t know, after what Tom said…” he stammered.

“Do you and Tom share everything?” she teased.

“Uh, yeah, pretty much,” he replied still clearly off guard.

“Mmmm, interesting,” she hummed seductively, “I’ll have to remember that.” She touched his flushed cheek with her fingers as she added, “That might be fun, but not tonight.” She gave him a quick, soft kiss on his lips before saying they should go back inside.

“Jesus,” she thought to herself a bit later when she had calmed down some. “Did I really tell Gary that fucking him and Tom together would be fun?” She hadn’t explicitly said this but there was no doubt that is what she had meant. She couldn’t be certain, but she guessed Gary had also interpreted her comments the same way.

At first she was embarrassed at what she had said. She watched Tom and Gary talking excitedly and looking over at her lustfully. It was only a short while later when a devilish little voice in the back of her mind said that maybe it would be fun to have them together.

She had come very close to doing that once after a party in college. She and two guys had gone up to a bedroom and started fooling around, but for whatever reason she grew cold feet and left both guys standing with their hard cocks pushing out the front of their boxers. To this day she sometimes reflected on that night and wondered what it would have been like if she hadn’t left. It remained as one of her raunchiest, nastiest fantasies and never failed to make her wet or make her cum wildly.

The party was clearly winding down now as Brad talked in a small circle with his remaining close friends. Lisa stayed away not wanting to be an unwanted nuisance. From across the room she started to slowly clean up as she discreetly watched Brad. Looking at Tom and Gary and thinking back to what had happened with each really excited her, but she was constantly drawn back to Brad. Her pussy ached in anticipation.

She arranged cab rides for a couple of Brad’s friends who were unable to drive. When the cab arrived for Tom and Gary, Lisa walked them to the street and thanked them both for coming. They clearly wanted to say something to her but couldn’t find the words. After they got in the cab she leaned down to say goodnight one more time before shutting the door. She smiled wickedly to herself knowing she had just flashed them both a great view of her tits as she returned to the house.

She locked the door behind her and said, “Alone at last.” She looked around at the trashed living room and wondered where Brad might be. For a moment she wondered if she really could go through with her plan. Would this make her the worst mom ever?

Before she had any more time to talk herself out of it Brad appeared in the doorway holding two fresh beers. As he walked over to her he said, “Mom, thanks for the party. It was so cool. Everyone said they had a great time. Tom and Gary said it was the best party ever.”

Upon seeing him her own lust and desires immediately took control of any doubts she might have had. She took the beer and listened to him speak. At the mention of Tom and Gary she wondered if they had told Brad what had happened. Her mind wandered to a vision of them telling Brad everything. In her mind Brad wished it had been him.

“You OK, mom?” Brad asked. Lisa realized she had been staring off blankly into the distance.

“Sorry,” she said with a sly smile, “so Tom and Gary really said that?”

“Absolutely,” he replied, “they were both really excited about the party and were already saying I should throw another one.”

“Did they say why they had so much fun?” Lisa asked as she held her breath waiting for his reply.

“No,” he answered, “but Tom kept talking about a really hot girl who let him fondle her ass.” He stopped and looked at her with an expression that let her know he was afraid he’d said too much. He hadn’t been drinking too much, but he had a nice buzz going and had clearly let that affect him some.

“Oh really?” Lisa asked feeling a new flash of excitement. “Did he say who she was?”

“No,” Brad replied. “I kept trying to get him to tell me but all he would say is that I’d never believe him. It was probably Lynn,” he said thinking of this really hot girl from school who’d been at the party.

By now they had sat down, Brad on the couch and Lisa in one of the chairs near the couch. “Lynn, eh?” Lisa asked. “Do I sense by your voice that Lynn is good looking? Have you dated her?”

Brad laughed and said that there wasn’t much chance of that. Lisa decided to push this topic and hope the alcohol would keep him talking. “Do you want to, you know, ‘be’ with her?” she asked. She stressed the word “be” and it was clear to Brad right away what she meant.

“Mom!” he said in surprise.

“Come on,” she softly replied, “surely you’ve been with a girl before. You can tell me, our secret.”

For a while Brad didn’t speak and stared at the floor. Finally, in a voice Lisa could barely hear, he whispered, “Yeah, sort of, once.”

This only partially surprised her. He had dated some but never seemed to get really serious. Besides, he didn’t seem like the kind of guy who fooled around with loose girls.

The room was silent for a moment as they each took a drink of beer. Her natural mothering curiosity perked up and she was tempted to ask him more questions about who he had been with. However, Lisa knew there wouldn’t be a better time and decided it was now or never if she was going to go through with this. “Brad”, she started, “I think it is time for your graduation present.” She stood up and looked down at him with warm eyes.

“The party was enough,” Brad answered.

“No, I really want to give you this,” she said. She very deliberately walked over directly in front of him letting the heels of her shoes sway her hips erotically. She took a breath for courage and leaned down at the waist putting one hand on each of his knees. “Besides,” she softly added, “I know this is what you want most in the whole world.”

He stared at her in stunned silence for a moment until Lisa recognized the instant he realized he could see down her top. Lisa knew that her dress would gap widely on her chest with her leaning like this and that he would easily be able to see her tits.

In spite of himself Brad glanced down at his mom’s tits and Lisa smiled slightly. He fought to pull his gaze away from her tits and made eye contact with her to find her looking back at him knowingly but still doing nothing to obscure his view.

“What?” he finally asked wondering what she had gotten for him.

“First I have a confession,” she said as she slowly knelt to the floor before him. She kept her hands on his knees and even pushed them slightly higher once she was on the floor.

If he were naked she would easily be able to lean forward and take his hard cock into her mouth. As the thought flashed out of her mind she knew she couldn’t wait to try it.

She spoke her words softly. “That morning you stopped outside my bedroom and watched me sleep. When I wasn’t wearing a top. Well, I was awake and knew you were there.”

“What?!?” Brad gasped in horror. “Shit, mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…I just did it…I don’t know…”

She interrupted him by putting her hand on his chest. She could feel his heart beating rapidly. “Shhh,” she comforted, “it’s OK. I know it is natural for you to be curious.” She paused and let him calm down before she continued. “Besides, I didn’t mind. In fact, I have another confession. After you left that day I went into your room and I found the shirt.” She paused looking for the right words. “The shirt you ‘cleaned up’ with.” His expression let her know he understood which shirt she meant.

She slowly let her hand move down his chest and over his stomach. He sat completely still staring at her with wild eyes full of confusion and excitement.

“Your cum tasted good,” she whispered in a soft, sultry voice.

Brad let out a long gasp and then groaned, “Oh God!” when he felt her hand come in contact with his growing cock through his pants. She fondled his rapidly growing cock silently for a few moments before she asked, “Do you want this?”

“Yes,” Brad exclaimed. In truth his mind was reeling with a flood of conflicting thoughts and emotions. What was she doing? Was this some wicked punishment for his watching her and would she soon stop and scold him? “Shit, this is my mom!” his mind screamed.

It was true he had jerked off to her image after he saw her bare tits that morning. Actually, ever since the night Tom and Gary slept over and she accidentally flashed him her tits he had been fantasizing about her. Reluctantly at first, as his forbidden excitement was always followed by a wave of guilt and shame. Eventually he convinced himself that fantasies were OK and continued to indulge his incestuous thoughts. He never seriously thought about making them a reality.

Now, despite his conflicting thoughts there was one thing he knew. A woman was fondling his hard cock. In his lust the fact that she was his mom was secondary to the pleasure he felt.

He felt her reach for his belt and she quickly and smoothly opened it and then his pants. She grasped the waistband of his pants and pulled on them as Brad lifted his ass off the couch. His boxers came off at the same time and the next thing Brad knew he was sitting naked from the waist down with his mom kneeling in front of him. His hard cock stood straight from his lap like a steel rod as he stared in shock at the scene and waited for her next move.

She first reached below his shaft and softly caressed his balls drawing a gasp and an excited sigh from Brad. When she finally touched his cock and wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft Brad gasped, “Oh fuck!”

She started stroking his length, slowly at first but soon increasing the pace. She loved feeling his rock hard shaft in her hand but she had many more plans for him later that she couldn’t wait to get to. As she guessed, it only took a couple of minutes of her stroking before he groaned loudly and started cumming.

His first jet of cum arched through the air before landing on her dress right over her right tit. She marveled at the volume of his cum as it continued to spray all over his legs, the couch, and finally onto her hand.

Brad’s eyes grew as wide as saucers as he watched her bring her cum coated fingers to her mouth. She sucked the cum off each finger and then let him see his cum on her tongue before she swallowed it. “Hmmm,” she hummed happily to further tease and excite him.

She stood up and looked down at his confused yet excited expression. Holding out her hand she said, “Stand up.” Brad stood and Lisa immediately removed his top leaving him standing naked before her.

Brad was still standing as if in shock when Lisa led him down the hall to her room. Once at the side of the bed she stood in front of him and brought her lips to his. They kissed not as mother and son but as lovers.

At first Brad didn’t respond very much to the kiss as Lisa explored his mouth with her tongue and fondled his bare ass. Suddenly, as if hit by a frenzy of lust, Brad let out a low moan and began to wildly kiss her back. He reached behind her and started to frantically fondle her ass which only further excited her.

It was at that point that Brad decided that he didn’t care what was happening, why it was happening, who it was happening with, or what the consequences would be. A clearly horny woman was wantonly kissing him and had him naked. All he wanted was to fuck her and have her fuck him and he would sort out the meaning later.

He clumsily started to remove her clothes in his frenzied excitement. She stopped him and instructed, “Sit down.” As Brad sat on the edge of the bed Lisa moved close to him and stopped when his knees were between hers as she stood directly in front of him.

She smiled widely at him and watched his reaction when she reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She rolled her shoulders and easily slipped the dress off. She stood still and let his eyes roll over her nearly naked body. Her tiny bra and thong left little to the imagination and Brad’s gaze soon settled on her tits. She slowly reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She pulled it away freeing her heavy tits and letting them sag some under their own weight.

Brad groaned at the sight of them and gasped when she removed the thong and exposed her pussy to him. She let her son stare wildly at her as she marveled at how exciting this was for her.

When Brad tried to reach out for her tits she stopped his hands halfway and held them in her own. They stayed like this briefly just staring excitedly at each other with Brad trying to figure out what she was doing and Lisa loving the excitement in his face and the feeling of control.

She pushed him back until he was lying flat and crawled onto the bed finally stopping when she was straddling his stomach. She still held his hands in hers and he let out a groan when he felt her pussy against his stomach. He could feel its heat and wetness immediately as she leaned forward pinning his hands to the bed on either side of his head.

She lowered her excited tits toward his face and stopped when they were hanging just inches over him. She shook them softly to further tease him but also to prolong her own exquisite excitement. Finally she bent down the last few inches and began to drag her tits and hard nipples back and forth over his face and mouth.

At first Brad parted his lips slightly but then he remained still just relishing the sensation. She continued sweeping her tits back and forth until she couldn’t take any more. She put one of her tight nipples between his parted lips and said, “Kiss me.”

Brad immediately began kissing and exploring with his lips eagerly as if he had been waiting for her signal. She moaned excitedly when he began using his tongue to hungrily lick her. Now as she swept her tits back and forth he continued wildly kissing and sucking her tits driving her mad with lust.

Eventually she sat up over him and immediately began crawling slowly upward over his body. She stopped only when she was kneeling over his face. She lowered her soaking wet pussy onto his mouth as Brad immediately began exploring her with his lips and tongue. His touch was clumsy and erratic but Lisa was so excited that it didn’t matter. Aside from what she was feeling the mere knowledge that it was her son under her was driving her wild.

When she started to cum she pushed down on his mouth and cried out loudly. Her pussy spasmed wildly as she orgasmed harder than she could ever remember.

With her sitting so firmly on his face as she came Brad felt like he might suffocate in her sweet pussy. He never stopped licking at her and was so wildly excited by feeling her tremble as she came he didn’t care if he did suffocate.

Lisa didn’t linger when she finished cumming and crawled off Brad momentarily. She gazed down at his rock hard cock and moaned, “Oh Brad, you are amazing.”

Brad swelled with pride at her comment and stared intently as she straddled him again, this time over his waist. He gasped when his hard cock brushed the wetness seeping from her pussy. His gasp turned into a wild groan when she shifted her position and smoothly drove his length up her pussy with one long movement. She stopped and sat still with him fully in her smiling down at him.

His eyes were closed tightly and his face was a mask of lust and joy. Leaning down over him she again pinned his hands under hers just before she pushed her lips against his and started a frantic kiss. The kiss lingered for a while until she felt him trying to buck his hips up and down under her.

“Hmmm,” she hummed to herself, “little Brad wants to fuck.” She parted the kiss and began to slowly ride his hard cock.

Brad burst out into a torrent of gasps and moans as Lisa easily and confidently fucked him. She rode him slowly to prolong the fuck even though he had just cum a short while earlier. She knew that his control and stamina wouldn’t be great.

The fuck lasted for many glorious minutes and Lisa had fully intended to continue but she felt Brad building to his orgasm. When she knew he wouldn’t last any longer she altered her pace and began fucking him a little faster and deeper.

Brad immediately groaned and pushed his hips up as he arched his back under her from the power of his orgasm. She gasped at the intensity of the jets of his cum and at the sheer volume of it. “What would his first load of cum have felt like?” she wondered.

Lisa had been keeping a close control on her own excitement but having Brad cum so wildly and completely under her and feeling the intensity of his cum filling her was more than she expected. When his orgasm was ending she cried out as her second orgasm started suddenly.

She threw her head back and was lost in the waves of her pleasure as she came. Brad stared up at her excitedly and couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her pussy dancing all around his cock. When she finished cumming she collapsed onto the bed next to him regaining her breath and composure.

She had planned to only take a short break and return to their fucking, but she almost immediately heard Brad snoring softly. The alcohol and the exertions of the fucking had clearly exhausted him. She briefly considered waking him for another fuck but decided to wait. As she lay there she marveled at how aroused she still was even after cumming twice already. “This is going to be a great summer,” she thought just before she too drifted off to sleep.

“Wake up Brad,” he heard through the fog of his sleepy mind. “We overslept and have to hurry so we’re not late,” Lisa said.

As his eyes cracked open he immediately recognized he wasn’t in his bed or his room. He rubbed more sleep out of his eyes and suddenly the flood of memories of the past night hit him and he remembered where he was and how he got there.

“Morning,” Lisa said softly as she stood next to the bed looking down at him. Much to his disappointment she had already showered and gotten dressed. “You’d better hurry,” she said, “I’ll go get your clothes out for you.” Brad looked at the clock and remembered that they had lunch reservations with the extended family to celebrate before his graduation ceremony.

He quickly shaved and showered still with his mind reeling about the previous night. After he got dressed he found his mom sitting in the living room waiting for him. “If all goes right dad should meet us at the restaurant,” she said.

“Great,” Brad thought somewhat sarcastically. At that time all he wanted was to be with her and not his dad. They arrived at the restaurant and started greeting his relatives.

It was about halfway through the meal when Lisa’s cell phone rang and she left the table to answer it. Brad could see her in the foyer of the restaurant and it was clear she wasn’t happy. Finally she returned and said, “It’s your dad,” as she handed the phone to Brad. He went out to the foyer and listened as his dad explained that he’d been delayed and wouldn’t make it.

Part of Brad was excited as now he would be alone again with his mom, but part of him was disappointed yet again. It seemed that more and more frequently his dad had been absent. Brad had never been particularly close to his dad growing up, but before his dad always made efforts to be there for Brad at big moments. He seemed to have stopped even that almost a year ago. When they were done talking Brad realized he wasn’t too surprised at the news.

Back at the table Lisa could see her son’s disappointment. She looked over and tried to console him. At one point she said that she was sure his dad had done all he could, but deep down she wondered if that was true.

After lunch Lisa and Brad walked to their car and drove to the graduation ceremony. Brad put on the gown in the parking lot and they walked toward the entrance. Just before they got there Lisa had a wicked idea and pulled Brad aside and away from the other people arriving.

“Brad, I know you’re disappointed that dad isn’t here,” Lisa said.

“It’s OK,” he said in a small lie.

“Well,” she said with a hint of a smile, “I have something that will make you feel better.” She paused to make sure she had his attention and continued in a soft whisper. “I’m not wearing any panties.”

Brad’s eyes widened and he instinctively glanced down to her waist as if somehow knowing she was naked under her dress would make it look any different. “And,” she added as she leaned in very close to his ear, “after we go in I’m going to take off my bra in the bathroom before I sit down.”

Almost as he thought the same words Lisa said, “I’ll be naked under my dress as I watch you. I had planned to surprise dad, but I guess his loss is your gain.”

She stepped back and looked at his shocked face with an amused smile as one of the teachers saw them and yelled, “Hey, Brad! Come here. You need to be over here.” Before Brad had time to think a classmate took his arm and whisked him away.

Brad was in a stupor for the rest of the ceremony. The whole thing seemed like a blur as he only paid a little attention to what was going on. The rest of the time his mind was busy thinking about what his mom had said and trying to unravel his own feelings. He was glad for the gown as he had virtually no control over his hard cock. It strained against his pants and he couldn’t believe how turned on he was. At the same time he was conflicted with guilt. How could he feel like this about his mom? He ultimately reasoned that since it was her initiating everything there couldn’t be any blame in his going alone.

Besides, fucking her the previous night felt better than he could ever have dreamed. His one previous fuck had been a short, hurried, clumsy encounter in his car with his girlfriend at the time. They had fucked but it didn’t seem to be very satisfying for either of them and they never had a chance to try again before she started dating another guy. By the time the ceremony ended he knew that he absolutely wanted that feeling again, mom or no.

Lisa’s own experience during the ceremony was conflicted. When Brad walked across the stage to get his diploma she felt the odd combination of motherly pride and deep lust. Knowing the lust was wrong only made it stronger and, as Brad took his seat again, she had to struggle to think of other things to keep her nipples from growing any harder and being any more obvious through her dress.

After she removed her bra in the bathroom and stuffed it in her purse she initially felt like everyone was staring at her. She could feel her tits swaying freely under the dress and the very idea of what she was doing made her tingle with excitement. Her tits were large enough that there was very little she could do to hide their movements under her dress. She knew that anyone who was paying attention would easily know she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She did catch a couple of men looking at her tits but somehow that only served to turn her on more. She smiled wickedly when she thought that none of them would ever guess for whom she had dressed like this. She thought about how they would assume she had done it for her husband when she had actually done it for the one person she never should have. Slowly, she grew less and less self conscious as she mingled with some of Brad’s teachers, the parents of some of his friends, and their relatives. She could feel the wetness on her inner thighs already by the time the ceremony started.

Afterwards they mingled and talked with their friends, classmates, and relatives. Lisa was very aware that Tom and Gary had been watching her and particularly staring at her tits. She gave each of them long congratulatory hugs and pressed her tits into them. She could practically feel their desire and it turned her on wildly.

When they finally left the ceremony it was well into the evening. Lisa pulled into a restaurant’s parking lot and could immediately sense Brad’s disappointment. “We’ve got to eat, son,” she teased as she parked the car.

Brad’s lust grew to almost uncontrollable levels during dinner. It seemed everything she did made him horny. He watched the way she held her utensils, the way she took her bites, the way she smiled, and the way her tits swayed and moved free of her bra. It all drove him wild and kept his cock rock hard under the table.

Lisa’s lust was peaked also, but she was enjoying teasing him and prolonging their anticipation. She was very aware of him watching her and it wasn’t long before her nipples started pressing against her dress. When Brad noticed them he became so distracted that he could barely continue their conversation.

Before they left Lisa went to the bathroom and stayed there for several minutes until she had calmed down. She didn’t want to risk being seen leaving with her son with her nipples hard and his cock pushing out the front of his pants. Fortunately, they both relaxed enough to make a quick exit when she returned.

She drove home quickly and pulled into the garage as the door shut automatically behind them. She immediately opened her seatbelt and reached down to Brad’s crotch drawing a long, excited moan as she caressed his cock through his pants. She quickly leaned over the wide seat as she deftly unsnapped his pants. Reaching one hand inside the zipper she pulled his cock through the opening in his boxers and out into her gaze. She wrapped her lips around it and began wildly sucking his cock.

Brad let out a series of gasps and groans as he sat completely in awe and surprise. He was already so excited that it only took a couple of minutes for her to suck his cum out. It happened so suddenly he couldn’t say anything before the first jets of cum filled her mouth.

Lisa hungrily took all of his cum and swallowed it after letting herself savor the taste of her son. As soon as she swallowed it all she moved her lips all the way down on his cock until they were pressed into his pubic hair. She had wanted to have all of him in her mouth and throat, but he had been so excited and came so quickly she wasn’t able to until now. She was immediately struck by how hard his cock still was. By now her husband’s cock would already be soft and shrinking.

Brad stared wildly and gasped as he watched her deep throat him. She lifted her head and released him before sitting up and whispering, “Let’s go inside.” Brad climbed out and followed her inside with his wet cock still hanging out of his pants.

She led him to her bedroom where they started a deep, long kiss standing next to the bed. He groped her ass and fondled the softness of her tits through her dress. She played with his hair and ran her fingers over his neck and chest before finally reaching down and feeling his cock. They had been kissing like this for a few minutes but Lisa was still surprised by how hard his cock already was. Her pussy ached as she realized how quickly he had recovered since cumming in her mouth.

She hungrily began to strip him with his help until he was completely naked with his hard cock pointing at her. She stepped back from him and began to slowly remove her dress. As she teasingly stripped for him it was hard for her to control her own lust.

She finally stepped out of the dress and stood naked before her son. She was so excited she could barely think. She stepped forward and kissed him roughly as she held his hard cock. He had just started feeling her tits when she pulled away from him and gasped, “Fuck me.”

For a moment Brad remained completely still until Lisa pulled him down onto the bed on top of her. The next thing Brad knew he was lying over her between her spread thighs. “Just take me,” she urged, “don’t think about anything. Just fuck me.”

As she spoke she reached between them and guided the tip of his cock to the dripping wet entrance of her pussy. Brad’s lust became too much to control and he thrust his cock into her with a wild desire. He moaned loudly at the sensation and she cried out, “Yessss!” Acting on his primal instincts he began fucking her. She constantly urged him on and encouraged him wildly as he started fucking her rapidly.

Time stopped for Brad as everything became a blur. The feeling of her pussy, the exciting “control” he felt from fucking on top, hearing her words urging him on, watching her body and especially her tits reacting under him as she wriggled in her desire, and everything else he felt and experienced all became a long tangled mix of sensations.

He had no idea how long this continued before he knew he had to cum. He let out a series of grunts as he tried to contain himself. Lisa sensed his situation and pushed him over the edge when she cried out, “Do it! Cum! Fuck me until you cum!”

With a loud cry Brad drove roughly all the way inside her and started to cum. Lisa came at almost the same moment. The fuck had been a little clumsy and short, but the animal intensity with which he moved more than made up for that. Lisa could easily have cum earlier but forced herself to wait so she could cum together with her son.

Brad’s eyes shot open at the unbelievable feeling of their simultaneous orgasms. As her pussy clenched and spasmed around him it was almost like she was milking his cock. He groaned over and over as he continued to fill her with cum. Lisa was completely lost in her pleasure and had her eyes closed tightly and seemed oblivious to him as her body rocked with her orgasm.

After their intense orgasms they collapsed together and softly caressed each other. Brad tried to roll off her but she held him in place and whispered, “Stay here. I love feeling my lover’s cock get soft inside me.”

It was slowly going soft but it still jumped at her words. “I’m her lover,” he thought excitedly to himself. They lay together for a long time even after Brad’s soft cock eventually slipped out of her.

Lisa then whispered, “You know, Brad, nothing makes a woman hotter than a man who isn’t done when he cums.”

He gave her a kiss and replied, “It might take a few more minutes.”

Lisa laughed and reached down to fondle his cock. It was still soft but even as she played with it she could feel some firmness returning. “I doubt it would take much time at all,” she purred, “but that isn’t what I had in mind.” As if to demonstrate what she wanted she released his cock and brought her fingers to his lips. She played with his lips softly before guiding his head down to her pussy.

“I’m not sure what to do,” Brad said softly as he stared at her wet, matted pussy hair.

“You didn’t have any problems last night,” she reminded. “Just explore.” She had barely said the last word before she felt his tongue on her pussy. She groaned and spread her legs even wider.

Brad was cautious at first and was very aware he had just filled her pussy with cum. He and his friends had always assumed it was “gay” to taste cum, so initially he licked at where he thought her clit was and all around her pussy. It didn’t take long, however, for Brad to become so excited that he no longer cared about tasting his cum.

The first time his tongue entered her was by accident as she shifted her hips while he moved. Feeling and hearing her excitement over this brief action was all he needed before he pushed his tongue firmly up her pussy.

She gasped and moaned and he could feel the extra, heavy wetness of their fuck. The taste was also very different as he began licking and sucking his cum from her pussy.

In all her years of marriage her husband had never done this to her. She couldn’t believe that Brad so willingly sucked at her and was immediately driven into a frenzy of lust. Brad could feel her lust growing and continued to wildly lick and suck at her no longer caring about his cum. In fact, feeling how she reacted to it almost made the taste and knowledge of his cum exciting.

When she came it was with a loud cry and a wild spasm of her pussy. For a moment her whole body tensed and froze before she exploded into a full orgasm with Brad licking at her wantonly. Lisa wrapped her thighs around his head squeezing him and trying to pull his magic tongue even further into her.

She relaxed again only when she finished but Brad never stopped licking and sucking her . She groaned deeply as he fucked her slowly with his tongue. He also licked and kissed the lips and folds of her pussy over and over as he eagerly explored her. He continued for a surprisingly long time until she guided his mouth to her clit.

Once he found it he relentlessly pleasured it until Lisa was again ready to cum. He sucked it and licked it over and over as she gasped and cried out.

“Suck it!” she called.

He sucked her clit firmly as she again came under his mouth. This orgasm was less wild but was equally satisfying as she moaned softly and caressed his head and shoulders.

She pulled him up to her and started a long kiss when she finished cumming. Immediately she felt his rock hard cock pressing into her thigh and she sighed at the sensation. She had forgotten how quickly young boys could recover. Recently her husband was good for one fuck per night before he was completely spent, and those were on the good nights when she could actually get him interested in sex.

Lisa rolled Brad onto his back and climbed over him easily guiding his cock into her pussy as she lowered herself onto him. He groaned deeply as she began fucking him. His eyes gleamed with lust and he stared at her excitedly as she expertly rode his cock. Having already cum twice Lisa completely focused on pleasuring her new lover. She teasingly fucked him and occasionally squeezed her pussy muscles to further his sensation. She drove him into a wild frenzy of lust and easily kept him just on the edge of cumming for a long time. When he did finally cum he cried out and she moaned as his cock shuttered deep inside her as it deposited another load of cum.

When he was spent she fell over him and they kissed and held each other. They dozed off for a while until Lisa was happily awakened by Brad fondling her tits. She looked at him and smiled as he lowered his head and began kissing and licking her tits. She let him explore and occasionally helped guide him as he lingered over her tits for a long time. Despite his clumsiness her nipples were soon drawn into stiff points and he focused his kissing and licking on them.

“Oh son, fuck me,” she gasped when she couldn’t take any more teasing. Brad moved between her spread thighs and she guided his hard cock to her wet hole. They groaned together as they started fucking. Lisa wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down onto her. She also wrapped her legs around his lower back and was wildly excited by the intense closeness as they slowly fucked. Quickly their hips found a matching rhythm and they continued their very satisfying fuck. They shared several intense kisses as they fucked and it was during one of them that Lisa knew she was going to cum.

She parted the kiss as she pulled him even tighter and cried out. Her whole body rocked with her orgasm and she could feel her pussy wildly massaging his cock.

Her spasming pussy was more than Brad could take and, just as she was almost done cumming, he dropped his head to her bare shoulder and felt her soft skin on his cheek. He groaned softly and held his cock all the way inside her still spasming pussy as he came again.

Neither moved for several long minutes after Brad emptied his load of cum inside her. Both loved the intimacy and closeness they felt and neither wanted the moment to end. It was only when Brad started to fall asleep that he slipped off her.

He had never slept so soundly and Lisa couldn’t remember ever feeling so content or satisfied. The last thought that crossed her mind before falling asleep was that he would be all hers for the next few months.


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