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Mom Get’s Cabin Fever

Love deepens between a mother and son.
Mom Get’s Cabin Fever

My son Robby and I have been reading erotic stories on the web for about six months now. We enjoy the fantasies and we enjoy comparing them with our reality. I love what he does to me after reading them.

Robby thought it would be fun for me to write about us. I’m not a writer but I have written a few stories that I used as lessons in my reading class. I teach people whose second language is English. I’m not sure where this story will end up. (Possibly the round file)

Robby’s driving and we’re on 87 north heading toward Stratton Vermont on a cold March Friday evening. I’ve never even written a diary but I’m just going to write what I think and feel as things happen.

A few hours ago Robby said, “Let’s go to the cabin for the weekend.” I told him I thought it would be too cold but we’re both too excited not to go. We finally bought it last month after saving for two years – so we’re on our way. We’ve only been in it twice to clean it up and this will be our first ‘official’ weekend.

Robby looked over and asked for a kiss. I gave him a few because I’ve got lots. A few minutes later he reached across and held my breast gently massaging my nipple and said, “Hi beautiful.” He’s never touched me in the car before and I smile as I feel the nipple swell against my bra. It’s starting to snow.

The cabin is in the woods on a steep hill. When we arrived the road was so icy we had to park at the bottom and carry our stuff up. We were wet and cold and turned up the heat. We were just getting settled when the wind kicked up and off went the electricity; and with it the heat. The big fireplace was one the reasons we bought the cabin and we got a good fire going. It’s not like we were stranded because town is only a mile away but it felt like it because you can’t see another house from the cabin.

Robby was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch in front of the fire. He said, “Marylyn come sit with me.”

For the last two years he’s called me Marylyn most of the time because when we’re out in public or with friends we don’t ‘advertise’ our relationship. For the most part no one knows we’re mother and son. We’re just a May – November romance. (I refuse to be ‘December’ because I’m still under 40 – by two months)

I sat between his legs and faced the fire. We both love the quiet and there was only the sound of the crackling fire. He reached around and as he began to unbutton my blouse he said, “Would you mind if I…”

I laughed as I do every time he says it. It was what he said the first time he reached for me two years ago. We had gotten into a long conversation about sex and he remarked about my breasts being beautiful and full for my slim shape. I told him I used to be annoyed at the men in my class who always stared at them but as I got older, I started being annoyed that they didn’t. When he first said “Would you mind if I…” I didn’t know if he wanted to undress me or touch me or what but I said, “No baby I wouldn’t mind.”

As it turned out he lifted my sweater and took off my bra. He just looked and told me how wonderful my breasts were and then pulled my sweater back down. By the end of the week my bedroom became our bedroom.

Now he says it to tease me: if we’re out in public he’ll whisper “would you mind if I…” and he’ll say something to turn me on. I always tell him I wouldn’t mind but we never do it. We like the playing but were actually quite a conventional couple – except for the obvious. We just happened to fall in love with each other; and as Robby once said, “Sometimes love chooses you.”

As I write I feel last night all over again. The fire is warming and Robby is gently fondling my bare breasts. I feel the heat on my nipples from his fingers and the fire. His gentle touch always excites me. I’m wet for him. Even after two years I’m always wet when he touches me this way. My wetness says that I love him and I want him. I told him that a long time ago, and now when he slides his hand into my panties and feels the moisture on his fingers, he says, “I love you and I want you too Marylyn.”

Now he knows the things that bring me pleasure; and as his fingers do their work between my legs he whispers in my ear, “Marylyn, Marylyn, Marylyn…” I can feel my juices coating his fingers.

As my son finds my tender places he asks, “What do you tell people about me?”

“I tell them I’ve found someone who takes my love and returns it. I tell them I’ve found someone who fulfills me. I tell them I’m happy.”

We take off the rest of our clothes, the fire is roaring and my son’s stiffness is raging. I love that he’s hard for me; that he still wants me. I love that he thinks I’m beautiful even if I don’t. I make love to him with my mouth. He strokes my skin and brushes my nipples as I begin to taste the sweetness on his tip. He leaves my lips to hold the moment and eats my mouth with kisses. I mold myself to him as his tongue shows me what it will soon do below. I ask him how long he will love me and he says “Only as long as it’s now.”

I wonder at the ache I feel. How can I want him in me so much when I have him in me so much? But I do. I need him to fill me and he does. He moves in me like I like: slow and tortuous, maddeningly tender. He never pumps me as I climb because he knows what I need: his fingers here and then there, his words in my ear, “Marylyn, Marylyn…mom, mom, mom…” I come…and I come. I’m in his arms, the fire is quiet but mesmerizing, the snow is falling and I’m safe.

We got into bed under the heavy covers as the house cooled again. We talked as we held each other for warmth almost as much as for affection. Robby said, “Mom, tell me a fantasy you never told me.”

I laughed and said, “Ok I won’t have to go far back. On the drive up I was thinking about Ginny Marlowe who sold us the cabin. She was in bed with us and all kinds of combinations evolved.” I then had a fit of laughter and told him, “Then while I was fantasizing I got mad at you for having such a good time with her.”

Robby laughed and said, “Sorry mom, I only did it because you wanted to and you’re really much sexier than she is – but tell me what you did with her.”

I got a little shy and said, “You know, she licked me there and I …”

Robby said “Oh you mean like this”? And he dove under the covers and started to lick between my legs.

“Yes like that” I said, “Only not as good.”

As he found the secret places only he knew, I took him into my mouth. We pleasured each other and thrashed around until I was on top with his shaft filling my mouth. The covers fell off and the cool air felt good on my warmed body. He held my breasts in his palms as they hung over his body. I was between his lips as his tongue circled lovingly.

I felt so wet I could almost imagine my honey dripping on him as he took me to another place: the place where I cannot contain my desire to please him, do more for him, love him the way only a heart could describe – the place where there are no words.

I could feel him triggering and that brought me closer. We know each other. I held his throbbing shaft and took my mouth off him only long enough to say, “Come love, Come.” His almost agonized cry of “Oh Marylyn…oh…oh” took me over.

After his first few jets ejaculated into my mouth he retuned hungrily to my engorged swelling. I shuddered into orgasm and the first blissful release led to a second when Robby’s tongue rapidly massaged me again. After a few moments we both laughed in exhaustion.

We got back under the covers and slept until early morning when the returning electricity woke us. My love said, “Would you mind if…” and I loved laughing and saying “No sweetheart, I wouldn’t mind.”

We were starved at breakfast because even we’re not used to being that ‘unconventional’ for so much of the night and morning. We went out into the crisp air and walked down the hill. I almost went down on my well upholstered bottom twice because of the ice under the snow but bobby caught me. We held hands through town feeling content.

We bought some groceries and magazines and headed back to the cabin. When we reached the front door we did “I thought you had the key” and through our great powers of deductive reasoning realized that we’d left it on the kitchen table. We went around back and found a window that wasn’t locked. The problem was that it was painted shut. Bobby banged and pounded and finally got it open a bit. He certainly couldn’t fit but I’m fairly slim and I figured that if I could maneuver my boobs out of the way, I should be able to squeeze in. I went in head first and was pretty much stuck there for about five minutes. I was laughing my head off while Bobby was pushing on my behind, biting it and making comments until my sides hurt and finally made it through.

Before we settled in again and spent the afternoon listening to music and reading, Bobby said, “You know all kidding aside, you really do have a nice butt.” Wheels started to turn.

We’d never had sex that way and I wasn’t even sure what I thought about it. I was too embarrassed to bring it up but I knew that if Bobby wanted me that way I wouldn’t refuse him.

That night after dinner we went to bed early and he undressed me the way he does at home. He usually likes to fondle my breasts for a long time as we stand and kiss but last night he sat on the bed and put his cheek on my belly and lightly stroked my behind. He kissed my belly down to my mound. He said, “Marylyn I love all of you and I want all of you.”

I only said “Yes.”

He must have been thinking about it because he took a tube of lubricant out of the night table drawer. I had seen it in the bathroom in the afternoon. He stood up and put it on himself as he stiffened; then he put some in me. It felt good: his slippery finger, the cool salve, my opened legs as I leaned over the bed balanced on my hands. He kissed my back and I felt my son’s cock pressing between my cheeks. It seemed to swell wide as his hands kneaded my breasts, his breath quickened and he continued placing small kisses on my back. He asked me “Do you want this love”?

I answered “Yes.”

His first entry took my breath. His second took my heart. I felt I was giving him all my love and that could only feel good. He slid up into my tight channel and I became excited by the new sensations: the pressure, the heat, the trepidation and the anticipation of him coming in me there. I was transported and started to hear my moaning as if I was outside myself. Bobby’s rhythm became steady and I joined, meeting his thrusts instinctively. I lost track of time as my head rolled and my arms began to shake. It seemed he slid in and out of me for a minute and an hour. He came in to me to the hilt. Nothing prepared me for the sensation of him touching the absolute depths of me. I gave myself up to it and to him. I heard myself scream as I came and I must have touched myself because I found one of my hands between my legs when the excruciating orgasm subsided. I was wet and dripping from his cum and we were entwined as he kissed me and told me “I love you” over and over and over again.

We spent Sunday in ‘slow motion’ walking, talking and doing nothing until the early afternoon when he made love to me with only tender touches as we sat and watched the fire.

We’re on our way home now and I feel as if this weekend at the cabin was another ‘first time’ for us. It was the warmest time I ever spent in the cold. I’m thinking about our upcoming Easter vacation and my heart is laughing.


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