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Hiking With Our Mothers

A family hike turns into a mom/son swap
Hiking With Our Mothers

Page 01

It was a hot day in June when Sarah and her friend Jennifer, Jen for short, drove through the back roads leading to the cabin. The cabin was Jen’s. She had gotten the it as part of her divorce while Mark, her ex-husband, got the house. Out of the two of them, she had always been the only one interested in hiking and exercise, and that was pretty much all you could do in the remote location it lay.

They had both brought their sons with them. Rick was Sarah’s and Matt was Jen’s. Ever since Jen and Sarah became friends they had made it a kind of a tradition to visit the cabin and spend time away from civilization for at least a weekend or two each year.

Though they were both 18 now, the guys never complained and actually seemed to enjoy spending time with their mothers. It also helped that they were friends from school.

Jen and Sarah were both single mothers, divorced, though Rick’s father was completely out of the picture while Jen had had to share custody of her son. Even though he didn’t need to now that he was technically an adult, Matt still spent every other week with each of his parents.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“It will be good to finally get away from the city,” Jen commented.

“Oh, god yes. If I have to sit through traffic another minute in this heat I’m going to fucking loose it,” Sarah responded.

Jen shot her friend a disapproving look for her language, but she didn’t seem to notice. She glanced at the rear-view mirror to watch for a reaction from their sons but they seemed absorbed in their discussion about some kind of video game. She knew her boy was 18 now, but she still had a hard time letting go of things like watching her language around him. Sarah was much more outspoken, and had a pretty brazen personality in general.

“But seriously, I’ve been looking forward to getting out here. I’ve been so stressed at work lately,” Sarah frowned to herself. They had both taken Thursday and Friday off for their long planned trip, and so had a good few days ahead of them to relax.

“Yea, I get that. I’ve been looking forward to this myself. Spending time away from everything, just us and our kids,” Jen said.

“Hardly kids anymore…” Sarah commented, her voice lowered.

“They will always be our kids,” Jen countered. Yet she had noticed the same things Sarah had. Her son, and Sarah’s, had grown into fine young men.

Jen’s son, Matt, had curly brown hair just like his father and a jawline to kill for. Rick had straight jet black hair, just like his mother, and looked like a real lady-killer himself. She was sure it wouldn’t be long until they had to deal with girls lining up in hopes of dating them. Luckily they were both a bit on the shy side when it came to such things, which was probably the only reason she had avoided dealing with those problems so far.

She and Sarah were pretty damn good looking themselves, at age 38 and 39 respectively. They should be, with the effort they both put into keeping themselves in shape. But work got in the way for them. It was one of the things that had brought them together, along with their divorces, kids and shared interests. They had hit it off immediately, and had been great support for each other. Sharing stories and difficulties as two single mothers had made their friendship strong.

They came to the end of a small dirt road and pulled up to the cabin. It lay just by a small lake, which had a couple of other cabins and vacation homes built around it, but the house itself was secluded. Jen stopped the car and got out to breathe in the fresh air.

“Aaah… Do you smell that Sarah? Freedom.” She smiled.

“Hah, yea I think I do,” Sarah replied.

They walked up to the front door to unlock it and inspect the inside. Matt and Rick went to the back of the car and popped the trunk to retrieve their bags.

“Back again huh?” Rick commented and looked at the old cabin.

“Yea. It’s been a while,” Matt responded.

“I’ve been working out since last time though,” Rick bragged. “You better not drag me down on the trail.”

“Suuure, we’ll see who drags who down,” Matt laughed and punched his friend playfully in the shoulder.

“Hah. Yea, fuck you too,” Rick retorted, not sounding like he meant it.

After picking out their bags they followed their mothers inside. The cabin only had one floor, but was big. The main attraction was the spacious lounge, complete with a fireplace, two couches, an old TV that hardly got any reception and a dinner table. The kitchen was in a open area connected to the rest of the room, with a counter between it and the sitting area. Other than that there was a bathroom with a shower and two bedrooms, which each had 2 beds in them. Naturally, the moms slept in one, while the boys occupied the other.

It also had a small porch in front and a patio in the back with a hot tub. They used the hot tub often, as it was great for loosening up stiff muscles after a long day of hiking on the surrounding trails.

Matt and Rick strolled into their room and began unpacking. They made sure to plug in their phones in the power socket, and Matt checked that he had brought the extra battery for his. You never knew when you were gonna run out of power when hiking in the middle of nowhere. Especially if you liked to listen to music while doing it.

They eventually walked back out to the living room. Their mothers had already changed and were ready to go.

Matt snuck in a peek at his mother in her outfit. She was wearing a sleeveless purple shirt that stuck tightly to her form, showing off her generous bosom. With that she had some sort of black leggings which, again, left little to the imagination. Only the fact that they were black obscured the form of her firm ass enough not to be inappropriate.

Holy fuck, she looks hot, Matt thought before he could stop himself. He had been sneaking in looks at his mom for a while now. Since around the time he turned 18 he had started to notice what everyone else already knew. She was fucking hot. She was probably the hottest woman he had ever met, with Rick’s mom a close second.

Rick, unbeknownst to his friend, was doing much the same thing. As his mother turned to pick something out of one of her bags he carefully turned to look. She was wearing a white tank top similar to Jen’s and beige, quite short, shorts. Her ass strained against the material as she bent over. Rick regretfully tore his eyes away before anyone could catch him. His attraction to his mother was his deepest secret, and a big part in why he didn’t mind going on these trips.

“You guys ready to get going?” Jen asked the boys.

“Sure mom,” Matt replied.

“Ready, miss J,” Rick said.

“Just Jen, Rick. I’ve told you before,” she admonished, but smiled.

“Okay then. Jen,” he answered, smiling back. Matt shot him a suspicious look.

Jen laughed off the flirty youth and got an amused look from her friend. They all made their last preparations, including stocking up on water, and left the cabin. It was still only around noon. They had plenty of daylight left and not a cloud in the sky.

Page 02

They took the dusty gravel road, surrounded by bushes and high grass, to the less traveled path that lead toward the mountains and hills. The area was covered in signs and information for prospective hikers. Information they were already familiar with.

The sandy path was littered with rocks and wound over hills covered in mostly yellow grass and groves of trees. They walked for a long time, working up a sweat in the midday sun. Matt and Rick walked up in front, a bit ahead of their mothers, jumping up rocks and bursting into competitive sprints every now and then. Jen and Sarah easily kept up, but paced themselves and enjoyed being able to converse between just the two of them.

“So how’s your love life?” Jen asked. “Find anyone who isn’t a complete loser?” she wondered, with a smile on her face.

“Ugh, no.” Sarah frowned. She thought for a bit. “My love life is like this trail,” she explained. “Barren, dusty and with only the rare occasional visitor.”

“Hah! Yea, same here…” Jen laughed, but her friends description explained her own situation a bit too perfectly. God, she really needed to get laid.

“The only single men I meet are the ones at work, and you know what I think about those guys,” Sarah said.

“Mmm… same here. Maybe we should just sign up on one of those dating sites?”

“And comb through a hundred more losers like the guys at work? Count me out.” Sarah got out her water bottle and took a drink before she continued. “I’d rather pick up one of those young guys in the city who gives me looks when I walk by.”

Jen gave her friend a doubtful look.

“Oh, come on. I know you get them too. Remember when we were out shopping last time, and that cashier was all but drooling over you?”

“Jeesh, I’m not even sure that guy was legal,” Jen replied.

“Yea, but that’s my point. If we can still attract guys that young we could have anyone. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about just picking up some young hunk from the bus stop and bringing him home with you.”

“Um, not exactly that. No. But I see your point,” Jen conceded. “But it’s not that easy in reality. Besides, I prefer to at least know the person I’m going to have sex with,” she countered. She knew her friend saw it the same way, whatever she said.

“Well, then maybe we should pick up the two hunks we do know,” Sarah said and looked ahead of them, smiling mischievously.

Jen gasped. “Jesus, Sarah. Those are our sons.”

“Obviously we would ‘swap’ sons. You can’t tell me you’re not impressed with how good looking they’ve become.” She got a distant look to her eyes, already imagining how they would accomplish it.

“That might be the craziest thing you’ve ever said. And that’s saying a lot,” Jen interrupted her friends daydreaming.

“Tell me you don’t think they look hot,” Sarah challenged. When Jen didn’t respond she continued.

“See, you do. I would give you my blessing if we swapped, I trust you.”

“God, you’re such a perv. Besides they would never go for it, even if you tried,” Jen said. Sarah looked at her expectantly. “Okay, okay. Yes, I trust you. I would give you my blessing, but it’s never going to happened.”

And I wouldn’t want to swap anyway, a voice whispered in the back of Jen’s mind.

Page 03

They arrived at their destination after almost 2 hours of walking. Surrounded by trees and green grass, a small waterfall flowed down into a basin of water that ran out into a stream. It was one of their favorite locations, and surprisingly not as popular a destination as some other places. Predictably, it was a Thursday after all, they had the place to themselves.

The guys immediately ran down to the stony edge of the pond to gauge the temperature of the water. Jen and Sarah set out to find a place to lay their picnic blanket and fished their bathing suits out of the backpacks. They used their towels to change in.

As soon as they were done they ran down to the water. Jen smiled at the way Matt and his friend ogled them in their bikinis. She knew she looked good, but it felt good to get some confirmation every now and then. They splashed around in the cold water while their sons left to change.

“Can you believe those are our moms?” Rick asked, looking at the two beautiful women playing in the water.

“No. Could you imagine if girls our age looked like that?” Matt said. Rick nodded his approval. “It seems kind of unfair,” Matt said, mostly to himself.

“Yea… If she-” Rick stopped himself. “If they weren’t our moms we might have had a shot.” He looked at Matt, but he hadn’t reacted to his Freudian slip.

“I don’t know. I think they want older men. All women do,” Matt said, dejected. At least, all the girls their age seemed to want to date older guys.

“Yea I guess…” Rick answered.

“Come over here you two!” Sarah yelled. “It’s great!”

The two youths walked down and joined their mothers in the cool water, which felt great against their skin after walking in the summer heat.

“Hey honey,” Jen greeted her son, strands of her brown flowing hair pointing to her cleavage. “Doesn’t the water feel wonderful?”

She watched her son’s eyes roam over her wet body. He looked as if he couldn’t help it, just reacting on his hormonal instincts and shyly looked away as he caught himself. She smiled to herself. It really did feel good to be appreciated, she had spent a lot of time picking out a sexy bikini for herself after all. There was no harm in getting to show off a little.

On an impulse, she waded over to Matt and pulled him in for a hug. He stammered his surprise as she wrapped her arms around him and mashed her breasts against his chest. She was a bit taller than him and she noticed he was staring down at her considerable cleavage protruding just below his face. To add to that, she thought she could feel something hard inside his trunks rubbing against her leg. She should probably have been bothered by that, but it only made her happier.

“Um, what was that for, mom?” Matt asked as soon as she let him go.

“Oh, nothing baby. Just happy to be here with you.” She smiled widely at him. “I’ve so been looking forward to this trip.”

Jen looked carefully through the clear water down at her son’s swimming trunks, but she couldn’t quite make anything out. She knew it was wrong, but she really wanted to see just how excited she had gotten him. God, I really do need to get laid, she thought, a little embarrassed but nonetheless curious.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get in here so I can hug you too,” Sarah ordered her son.

Always having to one-up her, Sarah stood up further as she pulled him in and wedged her son’s face between her breasts.

“Jesus, mom! What the hell?” he exclaimed, but didn’t pull back. Sarah laughed at his reaction.

“Come on sweetie, I’m just messing with you. Or don’t you like mommy’s tits? Are they too big?” she asked and leaned forward to give him a better view.

“Of course not! They’re fine… um, I mean they’re okay,” Rick stumbled over his words, bright red in the face.

She really is shameless… Jen thought. More impressed than anything else.

Matt cursed his friend for his luck. Rick looked embarrassed, but he would have given anything for his mom to do that to him. Their mothers had very similar bodies, and though he didn’t know exactly how cup size was measured he thought their mothers had D, or even double D sized breasts. Either way they were pretty big, without looking too big. He had fantasized more than once about having his face mashed into them like that, among other things.

He was suddenly splashed in the face with water and turned to find his giggling mother. Before he knew it they were all wrestling each other in teams, the mothers on top of their son’s shoulders. Both the guys were secretly happy they could keep their lower half’s under water. Being between their attractive mothers thighs while they wrestled each other was having the expected effect.

After swimming and enjoying the water in more wholesome ways for a while, they all got up to dry off. They lay in the sun, spread out on their towels. The guys were listening to music while Jen and Sarah talked.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Jen whispered to her friend once she was sure their sons weren’t going to hear.

“What do you mean?” Sarah smiled and feigned innocence.

“You know what I mean. You can’t push your boobs in your son’s face like that.”

“Oh, come on. That was just some harmless fun,” she defended. “I saw that ‘hug’ of yours you know. Are you going to tell me you didn’t enjoy that more than you should have?”

Jen felt her face heat up. She hadn’t thought she had noticed that. Sometimes she knew her too well.

“I just haven’t gotten laid in a while, okay?” Jen said in a hushed voice. “It just feels nice to be appreciated, even if that’s as far as it goes.” She held her friends eyes with a don’t-you-judge-me look.

“I knew it!” Sarah said and smiled gleefully. “Don’t worry though.” Her expression got serious. “I know exactly how you feel. I love it when Rick gets all hot and bothered around me. Makes me feel less like an old lady…”

Jen’s eyes widened at her friends confession.

“You mean you’ve, uh, made him ‘hot and bothered’ before?” she asked, suddenly curious.

“Well,” Sarah’s mouth took on a mischievous expression, “lets just say I’m of the opinion that I should be able to clean my own home wearing whatever clothes I like.”

“Oh my god Sarah! You slut!” Jen chided. She still smiled though, and couldn’t help but imagining herself doing the same thing. Perhaps bending over in her yoga pants at home, giving her son a full view of the ass she worked so hard to keep in shape. The idea of teasing him like that sent a tingle between her legs.

Sarah laughed at the way Jen subconsciously bit her lip and got a far away look to her eyes. She knew her friend all too well, she could be as wild as her if pushed into it.

They spent the day at the waterfall. Enjoying their packed lunch and using the rest of their time to swim in the clear water and enjoying the sun. By late afternoon they decided to call it a day, and made the long trip back with plenty of daylight to go.

Page 04

By the time they made it back they were all feeling the effects of walking in the heat. They took turns showering and then collectively decided to spend their time resting on the furniture in the lounge.

The atmosphere in the cabin was very relaxed, as it should be after a day of walking. Everyone was spent, and they naturally kept their voices low to suit the mood. Matt and Rick decided to stretch their legs on the couches and mess around with their phones while their mothers walked outside to the patio to talk.

Jen and Sarah made dinner with the boys help, carrying out whatever task their mothers gave them. They had a lovely meal outside, served with white wine for the ladies and one glass each for the eager 18-year-olds. The sun was still up by the time they were done eating and after drinking some more wine Jen and Sarah decided they should start up the hot tub before it got dark.

It wasn’t long until they were relaxing in the steaming outdoor hot tub, feeling the soothing effect of the warmth on their tense muscles.

“This always feels amazing mom,” Matt mumbled blissfully as his mother walked up behind him to climb into the warm water.

“I bet it does honey,” she said and climbed into the warm water before carefully sitting down. “Oh, yea! Just what you need after a day out.” She sighed happily as the warm water embraced her.

Matt opened one eye to look at his mother’s bikini clad body as she lowered herself. He fought back an impulse to reach out and touch her. He almost groaned in disappointment though, she looked so damn sexy.

He tore his gaze from her and found Sarah watching him, smiling. God damn it. She didn’t notice that, did she? he thought, cringing.

Jen and Sarah were still finishing their wine out of glasses standing on the sides of the tub. Jen could feel her the alcohol getting to her a little. That would have to be enough if she wanted to avoid a hangover tomorrow. Together with the bubbling water it had a very relaxing effect on her though. She met Sarah’s understanding eyes as they both lowered themselves further into the inviting liquid.

“Mmm… this feels nice…” Jen whispered to herself in the steam of warm water meeting colder air. She moved her hands over her stomach and legs, feeling all her muscles relax. As she moved her hands back up her legs she stopped at her inner thighs. She rubbed slowly, feeling a familiar tingling come to life between her legs as she did.

Thoughtless, she kept her eyes closed and moved her hand to her groin. She rubbed herself carefully through the plastic material, making sure to keep her facial features neutral. That only served to make her more excited and she itched to calm the urge growing between her thighs. She slipped her fingers under her bikini bottom and twitched at the sudden sensation.

“Aahh…” she moaned. Jen startled awake at the sound escaping her lips. She hadn’t meant to do that.

Sarah was sitting opposite her, looking at her and hiding a smile behind her hand. That wasn’t the worst part though. She noticed both her son and Rick carefully averting their eyes as she turned to face them.

Oh, no… She felt her hearth drop. Oh god no. Her face instantly turned a few degrees warmer and she felt like she would die from embarrassment. She couldn’t believe she had let herself get carried away like that. In front of her son of all people. She was frozen in place by the shame, unable to move.

Page 05

Matt saw his own feelings reflected in his friends face as they sat opposite each other in the warm hot tub. Sitting this close to their almost naked mothers felt different. It felt intimate. Both moms were sitting with their heads leaned against the sides, their sexy bodies hidden only by the distortion of the water. Their heavy breathing, specifically his mother’s heavy breathing, was getting to him.

He felt himself start to get hard just by looking at her. Matt closed his eyes and tried desperately to think of something else. It didn’t work. His mother’s breathing still reached him, found its way into the hidden corners of his mind. For some reason it sounded incredibly sexual to him. He cursed his twisted mind silently but his erection was not going down.

When his mother suddenly let out a short, relieved sound of pleasure he couldn’t take it anymore. He opened his eyes to see her. He was fully erect when his mother turned to look at him. He hoped his erection wouldn’t be visible through the water, but she looked like she already knew as she turned to face him.

Matt turned away in shame as his mother’s eyes fell on him and noticed, to his surprise, that Rick did the same when she looked at him.

Just when he didn’t think things could get any worse he noticed Sarah moving, sliding towards him in the tub.

“Now, what is this?” she said, sitting right next to him and keeping one hand on his shoulder while the other slid up his leg.

Fuck! Matt thought. She had noticed him. Noticed it. She would call him out on being a perv. He knew it. If only he could have controlled his sick mind a little better, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Mmm… such a big boy you’ve become,” the beautiful woman next to him purred.

Wait. What? he thought.

As her hand found his raging boner through the swimming trunks his mind went blank. He couldn’t wrap his head around what was going on. Wasn’t she going to call him out on it? Suddenly he was aware of Sarah’s heavy breath in his ear.

“You don’t mind if I take care of you, do you?” Sarah whispered into his ear and kissed his neck.

He didn’t mind. Of course not. He loved her sexy, mature body and couldn’t hope for a better woman to lose his virginity to. Well, maybe he could. Matt turned away from her inviting bosom and looked toward his mother. She wasn’t protesting, and neither did he hear Rick object to his mother’s behavior.

In fact, his mother didn’t look upset at all. She just watched silently and moved one arm in a motion that Matt interpreted as rubbing between her legs. But that couldn’t be it, could it? Was she getting turned on? Those eyes, gentle as they watched him but with a fire smoldering behind them certainly made it look that way.

That turned him on immensely. He could feel all caution leave him as the idea took root in his brain. He was making his mother horny.

Page 06

Jen watched as Sarah suddenly moved over to her son’s side in the warm water. It startled her when she moved her hand down towards his crotch and spoke to him seductively.

“Now, what is this?”

What is she doing? She looked closer and could make out her son’s erection under the surface of the water. A thought struck her that perhaps it hadn’t been shame for her indecent display that she had seen in his eyes, but rather shame for his own reaction to it.

She felt her incestual lust flare to life again. She tried to ignore it, but as Matt reacted to Sarah’s touch beneath the surface all such defenses dispersed. Without thought she moved her hand back under her bikini bottom and gave in to her desire.

She watched her son carefully as she rubbed her clitoris and stuck a single finger inside her pussy. She held in her moans, not wanting to interrupt but breathed heavily as pleasure overtook her.

Sarah was obviously a little drunk, and quickly got more intimate in her touching of him. Jen found herself feeling jealous, and more than a little horny. She desperately needed someone to touch her, or better yet, fill her.

That’s when she noticed Rick, sitting on the opposite end of his mother and her son. He was watching the same thing she was, sitting in silence. He was a very good looking boy, and as his eyes turned to meet hers she found he looked as aroused as she was. Not wasting any time, Jen moved over to the youth. It was only fair after all.

He didn’t object as she reached down and found the same thing Sarah had. Jen felt a tingle of anticipation as she closed her hand around the young man’s rigid cock. God, she really needed this.

“J-” He took a few ragged breaths. “Jen.” Was all he said. It seemed he had finally gotten over calling her “Miss J”.

“Do you want this?” Jen asked. “Is it okay if I…” She didn’t know how to finish that sentence, she just knew she needed his cock.

“Y-yes, please,” he stammered. “This is amazing. You’re so hot…”

At his approval she reached in under his trunks and found his naked erection. She closed her hand once again and reveled in the feeling of its firm resistance. She eagerly pulled his shorts down to his knees to gain better access and rubbed him slowly along his shaft. His size felt good in her hand. Not huge, but she had certainly seen many smaller. She idly wondered how it compared to her son’s.

She leaned in to kiss the inexperienced youth. As ger tongue found its way into his mouth she could feel his surprise at her sudden forwardness. Hands trailed over her breasts as she kept her mouth locked on his and jerked him off in the water.

Jen could hear moans and muffled voices coming from behind her. That only served to fuel her own desire. She tore her mouth off Rick’s and took one of his hands off her now exposed breasts to guide it toward her pulsing groin.

Page 07

“Does it feel good baby? Do I make you feel good?” Sarah whispered in his ear.

Matt just nodded as she moved her hand over his aching cock. Her glistening wet tits bounced slowly just in front of him as she moved her crotch on his leg in pace with her hand. He focused on them. He wanted to rip off the skimpy bikini and taste the nipples he knew were hidden beneath.

“Mmm… you like my tits, huh baby?” she purred as she noticed his gaze. She leaned back and unhinged the strap on her back in one smooth move. Sarah giggled as Matt’s eyes widened at the amazing sight.

“Taste them,” she whispered encouragingly.

Matt leaned forward and stuck out his tongue to lick at her breast roughly, dragging over her dark nipple and making the tit bounce a little as it fell back down.

“Mmm…” Sarah moaned in response and pulled his head in to encourage him suck on her hard nipples.

The feeling of his attention to her breasts and the wet sucking sounds seemed to make her even more aroused. She forced his hand down between her legs and pushed the material of the bikini bottom aside. Sarah sighed as his fingers found their way inside her longing pussy and started grinding herself on his hand eagerly. She moved her hand faster over his member as her own pleasure grew.

Matt could feel himself quickly getting close to orgasm, his fingers feeling the embrace of a warm pussy for the first time and the taste of magnificent breasts in his mouth. Both were incredible sensations. He tried giving both her hard nipples equal attention, switching between them while her hand jerked him off.

He finally took his mouth off her tit as he felt himself cum. He convulsed and felt like he should be shooting sperm several feet into the air, but it only floated away in little clouds in the warm water. Sarah noticed his orgasm and leaned over him, moaning faster, moving up and down on his fingers as if fucking him.

Her breasts rocked back and forth just above him as he lay exhausted, with his head against the side. Matt placed his free hand behind her back and pulled her breasts into his waiting mouth once again, helping her along.

She finished not long after. She groaned and her muscles tightened inside her as she experienced what Matt figured must be a female orgasm. He watched intently as she went through waves of pleasure and finally collapsed on top of him.

Sarah rested her body heavily on top of his. They were both exhausted. Matt heard the sounds of his mother’s orgasm as if through a thick fog and smiled tiredly to himself.

Page 08

Jen came with an intensity she had not experienced in years. The feeling of a young cock in her hands and the excitement of an inexperienced but virile man had filled a need she had not fully known she had.

She slumped the the side, laying her head down on his shoulder as they broke their long kiss. They were panting heavily, completely worn out. She didn’t hear anything from her son and friend anymore and one look confirmed they must have climaxed as well, though she was still laying on top of him.

She smiled. Not for her own pleasure, but for her son’s. He must have enjoyed that. They should have done this sooner, she thought. Why had she been so hesitant to Sarah’s suggestion?

They sat in blissful silence for a long while. The sun was setting, spreading its soft orange glow across the horizon. For a blessed moment they were all able to relax and enjoy the warm summer night together.

When Jen finally met Sarah’s eyes it was not shame she felt over what they had done, but a deep sense of contentment.

“That was nice,” she said, to no one in particular.

“Mmm… sure was.” Sarah smiled and winked at Matt. He looked a bit ashamed, but smiled back.

“That was amazing!” Rick said, excitement in his voice.

Sarah looked at her son, which made him look unsure, but gave him a warm smile as well.

“It’s good that you both enjoyed it. But I’m not sure a handjob is much to brag about,” she lectured her son. “How about we continue this inside? I can tell you are still as horny as we are,” she said and tugged at Matt’s, once again, hard penis.

Jen couldn’t help feeling impressed, and a little proud, at that. She turned to Rick to confirm that he too, was indeed growing stiff again.

“Off you go then,” Sarah commanded. “Wait for us in your beds and we will come by shortly.”

The boys obeyed without a word, leaving the two mothers alone in the bath.

“God, we are so naughty,” Jen said after the backdoor to the cabin closed, giggling.

“So very naughty.” Sarah grinned. “It felt so good to finally let loose. I feel like I’ve been in a dry spell for years.”

“Mmm, I know what you mean. And when you do get laid it’s with some other divorcee that can’t even keep an erection.” Jen laughed together with her friend.

“I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds,” Sarah asked, her tone more serious.

“Of course not. I mean, I believe I made sure we are even.” They both burst into another fit of laughter. “But seriously. He looked like he was enjoying himself. How could I be against anything that brings my son pleasure?” Jen said.

“Yea… of course,” Sarah said slowly, her face taking on an uncertain look that didn’t suit her.

“What?” Jen asked, sensing she wanted to say something.

“Well, um. I was thinking. When we go inside, could you let me… uh, have- I mean go, to Rick?” Her eyes went to her hands, which she were rubbing together just under the surface, as she spoke.

“It’s just… I haven’t told anyone this but, um, I really want to know how it would feel to… you know,” Sarah murmured, her eyes pleading.

Jen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was shocked at her friends words, but at the same time she understood her. She understood a lot better than she knew.

“This might be my only chance, while they are still, you know, horny,” Sarah explained. “Sorry, I shouldn’t-“

“No, don’t be sorry,” Jen interrupted. “I… Well I’ve been thinking about the same thing, but with Matt,” she confessed.

“Really?” Sarah’s eyes widened.

“Heh, well, yea. I thought I was the only one thinking such dirty thoughts. I mean, you can be pretty bold, but I thought you would be disgusted if I ever told you.”

“Wow…” Sarah said. “We really are alike.”

They both burst into yet another fit of laughter at that, feeling relieved.

“God, Jen,” Sarah said. “That’s what I love about you. I can share anything with you and you won’t bat an eye.”

“I know. I’m pretty great, huh?” she replied with a smile.

A long moment passed before Jen spoke again.

“But just walking up to them in their beds? How do you figure we would get them to agree to this?” Jen asked, hopeful her friend could provide an answer.

“I admit it’s not much of a plan but… You saw how they were looking at us didn’t you? Matt wasn’t just watching me. I could feel his excitement at watching his mother.” Jen gasped at that, and a pleasant feeling spread in her chest. “I guess I’m hoping Rick felt the same… But I could be wrong,” Sarah said, the uncertainty torture to her.

“You might be right,” Jen assured her. “I think I felt something similar from Rick. But still.”

“It’s a gamble, I know,” Sarah conceded. “But you know as well as I do that this might be the best chance we get. If they reject us, well, we can just blame it on the wine and switch places.” She looked at Jen expectantly.

“Okay,” Jen said, feeling nervous. “Let’s do it. I really want this.”

Page 09

Matt and Rick walked in silence to their room. They got out of their wet swimming trunks and both wrapped towels around themselves instead. Finally they turned to each other and grinned.

“Wow,” Rick said. Matt knew exactly what he meant.

“Yea, wow.”

“Hey, it’s okay, right? If me and your mom, um…” Rick asked.

“Yea, if you are okay with me and your mom,” Matt said.

“Yea, sure,” Rick answered. “I’ve always said our moms are such MILFS!”

Matt chuckled at the bad joke. They might actually get to fuck them tonight though. He was having a hard time believing it was actually happening. Secretly he wished it could have been with his mom instead though, even if having sex with Sarah was also a huge fantasy of his. Still, if his mom was going to have sex with anyone, he figured it might as well be Rick. At least he knew he was a nice guy, and he had long since given up on that particular dream.

A long time seemed to pass. They didn’t really speak further. It was not like they could talk about football or video games right at that moment. The silence got uncomfortable as it dragged on, but they stayed where they were, laying on top of their beds.

After a long wait the door opened. The two women stepped inside, standing side by side and also wearing towels. They stood in the door for a while, looked at each other and then leaned in to whisper something. They both smiled nervously, and turned to one bed each.

Matt didn’t notice at first. He looked toward the ceiling as they drew closer, trying to psych himself up. Not until she reached his bed and he heard Rick’s voice did he notice something was off.

“Um, Mom?” Rick said, sounding unsure.

Matt lay perfectly still, watching his mother climb into bed with him, straddling him over his towel. Her own fell to the side as she brushed it off, revealing her perfect body.

“Mom?” Matt echoed his friend.

She leaned forward on top of him, bringing her breasts closer in the process. He marveled at how firm they were, even without the support of a bra.

“Tell me if you want me to stop sweetie…” his mother whispered as she lay down on top of him, nibbling his ear and kissing his cheek.

Matt was dumbfounded. The room was well lit, they had decided not to turn the lights off. So then why, if she hadn’t mistaken him for Rick? He turned to his friend and found the same scene playing out in the other bed. His mother was laying on top of him, already making out with her son and seeming to enjoy it.

His own mother took hold of his chin and turned him back toward her. There was a different look to his mother’s face than he was used to. He thought she looked hungry, and she looked at him as if he was the piece of meat she wanted.

“Son,” she said slowly. “I want you to know we can stop anytime you want, or… or you could kiss me now.”

She looked at him with pain in her eyes as she waited for his answer. Matt made up his mind.

He placed his arms around his mother’s back, pushed her toward him and met her lips to taste her sweet flavor. She moaned imminently as their lips met, communicating her satisfaction at his choice.

Matt enjoyed the feeling of her on top of him immensely. The sensation of her breasts mashed against him and the movements of her body as they let loose their lust for each other was intoxicating. He was suddenly aware of his aching erection, uncomfortably trapped inside the bath towel wrapped around his waist.

“Mmm-mom! Wait.” He pushed her off him for a moment, to her great disappointment. She smiled however, when she saw her son fight to remove the restrictive cloth she was sitting on.

“Let me help you with that honey,” she said sweetly and climbed off to give him a hand.

Page 10

Jen unwrapped the towel as eagerly as if it was a present, and in a way it was. Her long awaited present. She marveled at the hard manhood that sprung free. Nothing would have stopped her now, but she was pleased to find it an impressive sight. She wasn’t sure exactly how it compared to Rick’s but it certainly seemed more beautiful to her.

She gave in to her urge to taste it. Her son’s moaning as she closed her saliva drenched lips around his shaft sent a thrill of excitement through her. Jen moved her lips up around his engorged head, licking and tasting him greedily.

“Fuck that feels good mom,” he groaned.

“Mmm… baby. You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed of this.” She gave his shaft another appreciative lick. “Your cock is just as wonderful as I had hoped,” she purred.

“God, you’re amazing mom… you’re so fucking hot. I can’t believe you’re doing this…” He paused. “I love you mom.” He spoke through heavy breathing.

Jen felt ecstatic at her son’s appreciation. To have him return her feelings and profess his love as she was sucking his magnificent cock was driving her wild. She let loose completely, moved her tongue over him and moaned intensely around his member as it lay inside her mouth, being caressed inside a wet vortex.

Page 11

Matt held on desperately to the sheets of the bed. The way his mother moved her lips and tongue over him felt heavenly. It was like nothing he had ever experienced. The warmth and wetness of it and how she expertly applied pressure all over his cock threatened to drive him insane. He closed his eyes and knew that if he looked down at how his dick disappeared into her beautiful face again he wouldn’t be able to hold back from filling her mouth with his semen.

Finally she let go. With one last stroke of her tongue along the length of his shaft she let his cock fall back on his stomach. Matt felt like he had run a marathon as he tried to speak.

“I’m going to cum if you keep that up mom,” he informed her. She smiled warmly as she moved her head up toward him over his stomach, kissing him along the way.

“Mmm… We can’t have that, can we? I want you to cum inside me after all,” she purred.

Matt cursed under his breath at his mother’s shocking forwardness. She moved her hips up on him, and rested her well shaved pussy on top of his slick cock. He almost recoiled at the wonderful contact with his mother’s wet folds.

As she held his gaze with eyes brimming with lust she took his rod and pushed it upward between her swollen pussy lips. His mother moaned loudly with the pleasure it gave her as she rubbed herself along his shaft, drenching it further.

Matt heard himself join in her moans of pleasure and grabbed her head to pull her in for another kiss. She let herself get dragged in, and sloppily tongued him as she kept rocking her hips.

When she couldn’t take it anymore she sat up, and guided her son’s erection toward her opening. She took her time in inserting him, slowly parting her walls for her son’s willing cock. It was torture for Matt, wonderful torture, to watch his cockhead slowly sink into his mother’s pussy.

She followed through, keeping the same slow pace, and took her son all the way down to the base of his cock, letting her walls stretch as he filled her up.

“Hnnnnng… ah, son. You feel soooo good inside me. Your wonderful cock feels so nice inside mommy,” she reiterated.

“Jesus, mom… This is too hot. Is it really okay for me to fuck you?” he asked.

“Of course it is. Anything for my darling son…” She bit her lip and smiled mischievously. “Take mommy baby. Fuck her.”

Matt didn’t waste time in thrusting his hips, though she actually did most of the work as his erection slid in and out of her warm embrace. Their bodies slammed against each other and her tits bounced hypnotically up and down as he finally got fulfill his dream to fuck his hot mother.

Their breaths increased in pace with the intensity of their moans, promising to lead to an amazing climax. “Fuck me son. Cum inside mommy,” she repeated as he pounded her. It didn’t take very long for the stimulation to become unbearable and his dick began to twitch with his impending orgasm.

He shot jets of warm semen into her without warning. In waves of pleasure he came inside his mother, groaning and convulsing.

Page 12

Her son’s cock felt amazing, continually forcing its way through her tightly clenching walls, pushing inside her until she felt his whole wonderful length inside her. She had lost all pretense of decency and urged her son to fuck her, to fuck his own mother. God, this turned her on like nothing else. She had never felt this powerful a feeling of pure lust before.

Jen was feeling close to cumming when another familiar feeling spread through her insides. Matt had beat her to it, and was unloading bursts of sperm into her, just like she had told him to. She let a long loud moan escape her lips as she noticed, and felt her body react to the realization that her son’s semen now flowed inside her.

She came while he was still going, gripping her ass hard and thrusting as his cum spilled into her. She came violently, her whole body convulsing in intense pleasure from the knowledge of who she had between her legs. They groaned together as they shared their first orgasm.

When she opened her eyes Jen was laying on top of her son, panting with him as their sweaty bodies lay connected. She felt like she had almost blacked out, letting herself fall as the intense orgasm left her.

His smell was comforting to her, and she drew of it deeply as she felt exhaustion set it. She was tired, but whispered into her son’s ear before she fell asleep.

“That was lovely, son. Mommy thinks you’re amazing…”

She let herself relax, and soon fell asleep.

Page 13

“Mommy thinks you’re amazing…” she whispered.

Matt smiled ear to ear. She didn’t explain whether she meant that as a lover or as a son. Perhaps both. He turned to see Sarah and Rick still going at it, his face buried in her bosom as she rocked on top of him.

It didn’t take much longer for her to cry out in orgasm, and him to grunt while still sucking on her impressive tits, a few moments after her. She fell on top of him and kissed him deeply. They whispered lovingly to each other before they fell still and silent.

He caught his friends eye and he smiled as widely as he himself had, his naked mother resting her head on his chest. Matt turned back to his own mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek before pulling the bed sheet over them.

He drifted of to sleep with the smile still on his lips.

Page 14

Jen woke up in bed with her son. They must have slept through the night, as she could see light shining in through the windows. She noted that Sarah and Rick were absent from the bed next to theirs.

She traced a finger through her son’s wavy hair, pushing it out of her view of his face. Jen decided to peek under the sheet, admiring her son’s lean muscles and defined chest. Feeling naughty she rolled on top of him, pushing her body against his naked flesh, and put her impressive bosom in front of him.

Carefully, she rubbed and coaxed her pink nipple into his sleeping mouth, waking him up.

“Mff… mom?” Matt greeted drowsily.

“Morning sweetie. Here’s your breakfast,” Jen spoke with a snicker, and held his head towards her nipple.

She sighed happily as he obeyed and closed his lips on her areola and started sucking. Obviously, she wasn’t producing any milk but that was not the point. The feeling of her son latching on to her tit really got her juices flowing beneath the cover. She had also wanted to confirm that yesterday wasn’t just a one time thing. His eager reaction, even while just having awoken, eased her fears.

He sucked on her breasts to the melody of her soft moans until he was fully awake, and then greeted her with a kiss on the lips.

“Good morning mom,” he said with a smile. “What a way to wake up.”

“Mmm… I’ll wake you up like that every morning if you’ll let me, darling,” she promised with another kiss.

They stayed in bed and enjoyed each others company, and naked bodies, until they felt like it was time to get up. After Matt had put on some clothes they walked out into the living room. There they found Sarah and Rick, her sitting on the couch and him laying with his head in her lap. Their clothes and hair looked ruffled, and their demeanor had an air of contentment about it.

“Hi there lovebirds,” Sarah greeted.

“Hello to you too. I see someone’s been busy this morning,” Jen commented at their disheveled display.

“You’re one to talk,” Sarah pointed out, laughing.

Jen realized that she was standing there naked. Well, all her clothes was in the other room so it couldn’t be helped. She didn’t feel uncomfortable being naked in front of them however and just stood there with her arm around her son’s waist, letting them inspect her impressive body. Rick, especially, took a good long look.

“Hey!” Sarah objected and pushed him off her lap. “Don’t you try. You’re mine, get it?”

“Sorry mom.” Rick smiled mischievously.

“I’m not saying it won’t ever happened, but you should put your mother’s needs first, okay?” she grumbled.

“Of course mom. You know I will,” the young man flattered and leaned in to kiss her.

The two seemed to forget all about Jen and Matt as their playful wrestling turned hot and heavy on the furniture. Jen pulled her son with her as she walked toward her own bedroom.

“I think we should give those two some space sweetie. Why don’t you help mommy dress?” She smiled, not intending to put on a scrap of clothing anytime soon.

Page 15

The weekend went by quickly, and Matt got to enjoy a lot of new experiences with his mother.

On a certain large flat rock, off the beaten path, he and Rick got their first lesson in eating out a woman. Their mothers lay up on the rock, holding hands with their sons between their legs, enjoying how their tongues played over their wet mounds and calling out instructions. Matt licked and sucked happily as his mother arched her back, pressing her breasts against the shirt toward the open blue sky in pleasure, her moans traveling on the wind.

They didn’t have sex all the time however and kept making daily excursions to different locations. The relished in the fresh summer air and ate packed lunches while enjoying amazing views of the landscape.

Before Matt knew it, it was Sunday. They were packing for the trip back, feeling a little sad at seeing the end to their vacation together.

After they got in the car, Sarah turned to get his attention from the front seat.

“Hey, Matt?” she asked.


“You’re going to stay at your father’s this week, aren’t you?”

Matt had planned to do that, he remembered. He would have to follow through on that promise, staying with his dad and his new wife for the full week. He felt a sting of jealousy for his friend, who could spend as much time as he wanted with his sexy mother.

“Yea…” he answered, not attempting to hide his disappointment.

“I was thinking,” she started. “If you feel like it you could always come over to visit Rick, couldn’t you? You guys are friends from school after all. We could even organize a sleep over, and if your mom happens to be visiting me at the time… Well, she and I are friends too.” She winked at him.

Matt understood what she was getting at. That could work. He began to feel better. He wouldn’t have to be away from her so long after all. He touched his mother’s shoulder in the driver seat in front of him.

“What do you say, mom?” he asked.

“That sounds like a fine idea.” She reached back to lay her hand on top of his. “I think we are all going to be very close friends from now on.”

“That’s okay with me. Come over any time man,” Rick agreed.

All four of them were making plans and bubbling with joy as they drove away from the cabin, looking forward to returning one day.


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