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Happy Mother’s Day

Sarah walks in on mommy and daddy.
Happy Mother’s Day

Like most students, I took thanksgiving weekend as a chance to come home. Sadly it was only for a long weekend, but despite the brevity, my family really appreciated my visit. I was well into the swing of school and had a ton of work to do for my classes. This didn’t give me much time to see my friends.

After studying all night I decided to give it a rest and get ready for bed. I put on my pyjamas and brushed my teeth. I slipped under my covers and closed my eyes.

I woke up to a dark room. I looked at my alarm clock to see it was one am. My mouth was super dry and I wanted a drink. I got out of bed and left my room headed for the kitchen.

When I stepped out of my room into the upstairs hallway I heard a strange noise. A repetitive bumping I could not identify. This strange noise peaked my curiosity. It was emanating from a room down the hall. I approached the door that hid the noise. I put my ear up to it and could hear muffled moans accompanying the knocking.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I thought now I knew what it was, but at this time of night? I couldn’t decipher whether the moans were in pleasure or pain. I pushed at the door thinking maybe I would save the day. I opened the door to see two bodies moving under the cover of a bed. No day saving tonight, I thought.

The figures had their backs to me and did not notice my presence. The one on top was bouncing on the one under. There sheet fell off and completely exposed them.

Still standing there shocked at the scene, I peered at the two naked figures. I noticed it was a man and a woman. The woman’s huge breasts were bouncing as she slid on the…wow the male figure had a massive cock. I couldn’t correctly assess its length as it was almost always at least halfway inside the woman, but it was super thick.

The figures continued to bounce and moan. My brain continued to adjust to being awake, as my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see the female figure’s blonde hair bounce around revealing a mark on her shoulder when it went to the up-swing. I squinted at the mark to make it out. It was a tattoo of a flower. My mother has a flower tattooed on her shoulder too I thought. Oh god! I’ve been watching my mother and father fucking!

I froze in shock. I must have let out a peep because my parents stopped. My mom reached for the blanket to cover her tits and turned around.

“Oh hi sweetie, need something?” She said calmly.

I couldn’t form words.

“Your mother and I couldn’t sleep, I guess we weren’t the only ones.” My father said.

Still I stood frozen, my face must have been totally white.

“What your father and I were doing was totally natural.” My mother said. “Not to mention it feels awesome.”

“You should give it a try sometime.” My mother added.

Oh god, was she really suggesting I fuck my dad? Before I could fully realize what I had just been offered, my mother dropped the bed sheet covering her, she got up and walked over to me.

My mother was fairly good looking, I mean my apple did fall from her tree after all. She was petite like me. In fact we pretty much looked like sisters, despite the age difference. She had me at a very young age, even though I was 18 now she was still just 36. I had other siblings, but despite this, and father time, my mother’s body was still very tight. Her big tits still retained some perkiness, as did her legs and butt. She did however have a bit of size on me.

I was rather skinny, only packing fat in the right places. For the most part she was too, but she packed a little more in those places. My mother had a booty! I mean one of those ones you see bouncing around in rap videos.

She walked closer to me and stopped extending a hand.

“Come on honey, let me show you how fun this can be.” She said.

Still in shock I couldn’t coax my body to move. My mother took my hand, and pulled me to follow her as she returned to the bed and my father. She sat me down on the bed that housed my naked dad. He was lying there covered with a sheet, but sheet or no sheet you could see he was gently stroking.

“honey, you need to relax.” My mother said.

My mother put her hands on my shoulders.

“You are a big girl now, it’s time you start acting like one.” She told me starring into my green eyes.

She moved her head towards me, and started to touch her lips to mine. I didn’t know what to do. She kept kissing me, when I did not pull away, she made her move. She slithered her tongue between my lips, pushing them apart. Her hands were now around my back as she pulled me close to her naked form and kissed me deeper. All the while my father lay silent in the bed, stroking, enjoying the show his wife and daughter was giving to him. It was his wife running the show, I merely hadn’t run in fear yet.

“Good girl, but we still need to get you out of those pyjamas.” Said my mother.

She then pulled at my top, pulling it off over my head exposing my boobs. She stood me up to show off my chest, but also to continue disrobing my tight teen body. She pulled down my pants to expose my little wet pussy. My body didn’t know what my mind did, it just saw two people fucking and I liked sex.

I stood in front of my father, next to my mother, all three of us naked.

“She has a real tight pussy.” My mother said to my father, he nodded in agreement.

“Now honey, why don’t you give your father a better look.” She said pulling the sheet that used to be covering his dick.

He had a massive prick. Easily much bigger than Fred’s. It was the biggest one I’d ever seen. Probably close to a foot in length. He sat there stroking the big pecker. He reached his free hand out to me. It found my crotch, he began to rub me while he jerked off.

“She is wet baby, I think she likes this.” He said.

My mother’s lips soon replaced my father’s hand. He was rubbing my little pussy while getting head from my mom.

“Why don’t you join her.” My father said.

“Yea cum join me.” Said my mother as she came up for air.

My father guided me down to his crotch. My mother pointed the big pole in my direction, I opened my mouth and my father applied pressure to the back of my head. My father’s cock head slid in and out of my mouth. After while my mouth pulled my head off the cock. She grabbed my father’s big dick from me and said:

“No honey like this, see.”

She plunged the cock into her mouth, when it went half way in she paused. I could see her struggling a bit. Her eyes welled up and she pushed even further. She snaked her lips down the shaft slowly making it disappear. she paused when her lips reached the base. She held her position for a few seconds then spit out the big dick as she came back up for air.

“Now you try.” My Mother said. “Remember try like I did, it will be hard to do, but try your best.”

I leaned down and wrapped my lips around daddy’s dick. I slide them down till about 1/4 of his length was in my mouth.

“Did I do good?” I asked.

My father and mother both looked at me with disappointment and shook their heads.

“I know you can do much better honey, now try again.” Mom said.

I put my lips back in front of him, taking a deep breath I put them on my father’s dick. I pushed and pushed my head but could only get half of his big cock in. I hurriedly came off after admitting failure to gasp for air.

“That was a little better, but I can see your technique still needs a lot of work.” Mommy said.

She kept watching as I kept failing to get daddy’s cock all the way in my throat.

“We can practice this later.” She said. “But for now let’s try something else.”

“What mommy?” I asked.

“Here let me show you.” She responded.

She stood up, got onto the bed, and hovered over his cock.

“Now hold your father’s cock straight up honey.” My mother instructed.

I reached out doing as I was told. She lowered herself and I guided the big dick into her cunt. She slid herself all the length of the big pole before moving up. She slid all the way up exposing the head to me once more. I continued to guide daddy’s dick and guided it back into her on her down stroke. We repeated this process many times.

“Now you know what to do, get up there and give daddy a try.” She said.

We switched positions. As I had before she grabbed his big prick and pointed it at my pussy. She rubbed the tip on me teasing me some. I then took the plunge, allowing myself to fall down on him, My daddy’s big dick was pulsing inside me. I lowered myself as far as I could then started to ride. I went slow at first then much harder after awhile.

I came and came all over the big dick, my mommy looking up at me all the while smiling. She was happy to see her daughter enjoyed her daddy’s big dick as much as she did.

“Shit she is super tight!” My dad screamed. “I can’t hold back.” He said. “I want to shoot in her!” He was still screaming.

I felt the shaft begin twitch. Oh god I thought, I don’t want to get a new sister out of this. He felt so good though, I couldn’t convince my body to get off. He shot thick gobs in me as I bounced. I didn’t stop until he was done. I eventually got off and snuggled up to him in the bed. My mother was now spooning me from behind.

“I’m so glad you came home to visit.” My mother said.


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