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Grad Present

Grad Present

Mother and aunt give college grad special award.

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The Codys was outwardly wasn’t an unusual family. There was the three of them Paula, the young mother, her son Carl, Janet the sister. They were social and very active in sports and community events.

What no one knew was the lifestyle the sisters shared behind close doors. A way of life that soon the recently college graduate son would be part of. They were a trio of forbidden desires and lust.

Paula and Janet were lovers. They had been since the early teens. This was due to an alcoholic and abusive father and an alcoholic and neglectful mother.

Their father sexually and physically abused both. He had no daddy in him. The two young blondes were his playthings. Their mother hid in a bottle to ignore her husband’s treatment of the daughter.

The girls knew they could trust only each other. They comforted, confided and eventfully loved each other. This developed due to the lack of contact with anyone not associated with the all-controlling father.

At twelve, Paula got pregnant by one of her father’s ‘friends’. It was that act where the authorities became involved. The girls were eventually removed from the home.

At first the child protective people wanted to place Paula’s child up for adoption. The girls didn’t want that. It was a desire to keep the baby with them. He was family.

The welfare was resolve in the fact the young teenage girls couldn’t raise the baby. It was fortunate that the Codys came into the scene. The childless couple accepted the pregnant teenager and her sister into their home.

The adopted parents were wonderful to the girls. They even allowed Paula to raise the newborn Carl as the mother. Of course, lots of trials and mistakes made along the way but they did grow into a loving family.

Growing up they participated in athletic events and working out on a regular basis. It was a way to vent the still uncontrolled distrust for outsiders. Paula and Janet loved only their adopted parents, Carl and each other.

The two sisters grew into tall, sexy blondes. Both were 5’10, slender, blue eyed and identical. Only their bust size was different. Paula had a set of 36C’s and Janet was 38C’s. They were stunning.

The sisters remained secret lovers. They could never relax enough to trust anyone else. It was the one bond no one could ever interfere with.

The adopted parents died in an automobile accident when the girls were in their early twenties. It was a heart breaking loss. It drove the siblings to become even closer.

The three of them lived together. The sisters shared a room with two beds but slept in only one. The fact they were lovers was hidden from Carl.

As with all things family, this secret was revealed. One night the teenager accidentally saw the two as lovers. He never told his mother or aunt of the knowledge. It was a family secret kept because of his love for them.

The sisters did date men, and women. They had sexual relations and even got involved in some swinging. Still the only true love was for each other and Carl.

Paula began to notice her son’s body. The boy had their genes. He was tall, blonde and square-jawed. Like his older relatives, Carl was involved in athletics.

It was just before he had left for college, that Paula realized her love for Carl had become more. She wanted him as much as she did Janet. It was wrong but she wanted him as a lover.

It was a relief he had gone off to college. The lusting mother hoped the boy would find a lover and perhaps a wife. That didn’t happen. He dated but never became serious about any girl.

Now, Carl was returning from college. The boy was a strapping twenty-one year old man now. He was a handsome sight to see.

Being a thirty-four year old mother made the attraction to her son even harder. The maturity and experience needed to fend off such urges wasn’t there. She had to accept she was in love with her son in an unnatural way.

That morning Carl return home as a graduate student, would be the day everything would change for the three of them. Paula decided to confess her love for her son with Janet. She hoped her sister could deter the incestuous desires.

Paula woke up first that morning. She looked over at Janet. The woman was even beautiful sound asleep. How much love did she have for her sibling?

She sit up on one elbow and stares at the sexy platinum blonde closer. Janet had recently had the honey blonde tress lightened to where it could be called ‘platinum’. It was an effort to prevent them from being mistaken as twins. The younger sister was too much of an individual to the identification.

“Janet,” she softy calls, “Janet, baby, please wake up.”

“Mmmmmmmmh!” the sexy sister stirs refusing to wake up.

“Come on, girl,” Paula shakes a rounded shoulder, “Git you lazy ass up.”

“It’s early,” she growls, “Why are you fuckin’ with me?”

“I’ve gotta tell ya a secret,” the older sister reveals.

“Okay! Okay!” Janet concedes, “I’ll listen!”

When a set of blue eyes opens, a pair of scantily covered nicely rounded breasts was inches away. The younger sister automatically smiles at the sight.

“You might what to put those things away if you want my attention,” she quips.

Paula sits back, smiling at the sibling’s irrelevant attitude. That was one of the things that made the platinum blonde so lovable. The smile then disappears when remembering why she woke the younger sister.

“Baby, stay with me,” Paula request seriously. “I have something I really hav’ta tell you.”

The tone of her older sister’s voice tells Janet something heavy was on her mind. She sits up in the bed. The loose nightshirt opens showing off a nice cleavage.

“I’m sorry, baby,” she says, “Go tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s about Carl,” Paula speaks slowly, “It’s something about him that I’ve been hidin’.”

“Whatcha mean, sis?” the younger sister puzzles.

“I have feelings about him that I shouldn’t,” the young mother confesses.

“What do’ya mean ‘feelings that I shouldn’t’?” Janet again puzzles.

“I mean I love ‘im just too much,” Paula blurts out.

“You can never love your son too much.” The younger sister adds, “Besides, I also love my nephew with all my heart.”

“No! You don’t understand!” the older sister struggles to explain, “I love ‘im in the wrong way!”

“How can you love your son in the wrong way?” the clueless sister wonders.

“Goddamnit!” the frustrated young mother admits in almost a shout, “I want my son to fuck me!”

A wide-eyed Paula places three fingers over a set of ruby lips. She was stunned that the admission of lust was actually spoken! A feeling of embarrassment comes over the young mother’s body.

At first Janet shows an expression of surprise. Then a set of blue eyes sparkles. The young sister explodes in a merry laugh.

“Is that all?” she chuckles, “I’ve wanted his dickie between my legs since he was sixteen!”

“I’m serious, Janet!” the shamefaced Paula insists.

“So am I!” The sexy younger sister specifies, “You handsome son has the one cock I’ve wished to experience over an’ over!”

“Janet!” the surprise Paula yaps, “Are you tellin’ me you mean what you just said?

“Did you mean what you just said?” she asks back, still chuckling.

“You really, really mean that?” Paula again asked to assure the seriousness of her sibling.

“Yes,” Janet stops laughing, admitting, “Yes I’m very serious. I wouldn’t shit you on something like this, sis.”

“I love Carl so much,” the young mother confesses in a more sober tone, “I dream of feelin’ his body on mine.” She rues, “I feel so dirty.”

“Why?” Janet asks slowly stroking her sister’s honey blonde mane, “Why should lovin’ your son be so bad?” She reminds, “You make love to her sister just about every night.”

“True.” She tells, “But when I think of havin’ sex with my son, I can only think of our father.”

“Forget that old bastard!” Janet snarls, “What he did to us wasn’t love! It was rape an’ we never had a chance to say no!” In a less hostile voice, she notes, “Carl is a man now an’ you haven’t done anything but fantasized.”

“So, you think I should follow my feeling?” the older sister asks to solicit support, “Do’ya think such an act would be beautiful?”

“Omi, baby,” Janet sighs, still stroking her sister’s hair, “I think the sight of your son’s hard body on you would be extremely hot.” She adds unashamedly, “In fact the vision that has my pussy already wet.”

“You really mean that?” the young mother anxiously asks.

“Check my cunny,” she offers. “See how wet I am.”

Paula runs her hand up a curvy leg to a bald pussy. It was hot and wet. Her sister was extremely hot.

“Sweet jezzus,” she amazes, “You really mean it when you say you’re turned on.”

“Yes I am,” Janet confesses, “I’ve thought about givin’ Carl my horny pussy for a graduation present.”

“Think he might like two pussies for graduation?” Paula hotly queries.

“Don’t tease, sissy,” the younger sibling admits, “I’m really wantin’ a chance to fuck your son.”

“You can fuck my son,” Paula happily states, “Only after I have his hard cock first.”

“I can’t wait to see your gorgeous body being plummeted by your son,” the sexy sister huskily says, “I don’t care if it’s soggy seconds, just as long as I get the young dickie hard an’ deep.”

Paula grins. This was more then expected. She pulls Janet into loving arms. A hot tongue slides into the sister’s mouth. They French kissed deeply and quickly.

Janet reaches behind her back. Experienced fingers slips the catch on the too small pastel bra. Rounded, firm breasts jiggles free. A pair of pink, erect buds had grown harder.

Without hesitation, a hot mouth slid over one of the orbs. It covers just enough to lick aureole flicking the nipple fully. The teasing tongue washes it gently.

Thoughts of her nephew’s cock up her cunt while she sucks on Paula comes to Janet’s mind. It makes her wet between the legs. She wants more now.

The two women lay in the bed caressing lovingly. Paula runs fingers through Janet’s soft mane. Her sister’s body as exquisite as ever.

A set of small fingers goes into the pastel, lace panties. One quick jerk slips them down over slender thighs. Janet sees her sister’s shinny pink pussy as a beautiful instrument of love. The vision always makes her hot.

It was covered with a thin blonde bush. A full protruding clit was glistening with moisture. The pale pink cunt was delicious looking.

“Don’t just look, baby,” Paula opens wider, “That’s a playground for ya.”

Janet smiles. A loving finger starts rubbing the wet pussy. It feels wonderful.

“Our talk has gotten me really hot, sis.” She hotly states, “I’m in control this mornin’.”

“Yes,” the older sister whimpers, enjoying her sibling’s touch.

Paula knows she could control Janet. But this was her sister’s wish this day. The older girl was more than willing to be submissive. She did get her younger sibling all hot and bothered with the talk of fucking Carl.

Janet stops. She sits up smiling. The nightshirt goes flying. Of course there were no underclothes on. She is naked.

“It’s time to rock an’ roll, baby,” she hotly states.

Janet moves sexily to Paula. She pushes the older sibling back. A set of long, curvy legs widens.

“What—, what are’ya doin’?” she asks, surprised at the younger sibling’s aggressive nature.

The hot sister reached underneath the smooth thighs gripping hands onto a rounded ass. Cradling each cheek she pulls closer to the pretty cunt.

Paula stares lovingly as Janet presses soft lips against the wet pussy. A probing tongue drops between the glistening lips. Her whole body shakes as a warm tongue begins long, slow strokes.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Paula moans as her sister slowly explore the quavering vagina flesh, “Ohmygod! Ooooooooooh!”

Paula’s head falls back. The lusting sister focuses on the sensation of having Janet eat her cunt. The tall blonde is always surprised how wonderful it feels to have the younger sibling lick her.

Paula was unable to say anything. Her body shimmers with excitement with each stroke of the forbidden tongue. Her flesh ripples with goose pimples.

It is an indescribable feeling. It was like nothing she had ever done before.

It was nothing Paula had ever felt before. She had no idea how horny Janet had gotten.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, baby,” Paula groans, “Carl’s gonna love that mouth over his ragin’ cock!”

Hearing the erotic words, Janet quickens the pace. Soon a hot nervous tongue flutters and circles all over an engorged clit. It moves up and down furiously licking up the leaking warm fluids.

Paula’s cunt is streaming with juices. Janet devours the quavering pussy. An excited tongue licks quickly. It feverishly tastes and washes the honey box. It was a tongue in continuous motion.

Paula just had no idea that it would feel this good. Janet was always an excellent cunt lover. But this session was really fantastic. Her younger sister was making love to an oversensitive pussy.

Paula’s hips are hunching. A pair of curvy legs is shaking. The climax is rising in the young mother’s body.

The hot honey blonde haired woman hears a soft whimpering sound beneath the constant lapping. Janet is enjoying this as well. She lustfully decides it was time to make love to the hot sister’s cunt.

“It’s you’re turn, you little bitch,” Paula hisses quickly spinning around on Janet’s pleasuring making tongue, “Your little cunt needs some lovin’ as well,”

Paula’s head slips between a set of slender legs. A flickering and darting tongue pierces a set of bald pussy lips. She sucks and drinks the sweet nectar.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Paula moans, “Yes, baby, yessssss!” the girl pants.

“Ooooooooo,” Janet’s muffled voice sounds, “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

The sisters were soon shaking and humping. The mattress creaks with the gyrations. Janet struggles to hold on as her tongue slurps between quavering vaginal lips. Paula pushes deep into the wet naked pussy.

“Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!” the older sister moans with each stroke of the pleasure making tongue.

It had only been a few minutes since Janet’s tongue first touched the vibrating clit. Paula could not believe this! Her sister was greedily eating her alive!

Paula had struggled to tell her sister of the forbidden desires for Carl. She hoped that despite their taboo affair, Janet would accept the hidden lust. Instead of being repulse, the admission had turned the younger sibling into bitch in heat! The older sister relished at the thought of how good a threesome with her son was going to be!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Janet moans softly licking on Paula’s cunt.

The taste of the forbidden cunt was stimulating. The sexy platinum blonde couldn’t believe how hot she was. It was no wonder why men loved eating pussy so much.

The sexy vixen licks harder and faster on the juicy cunt. A pair of fingers captures an engorged clit and twists it hard. Taboo lust is rising even quicker.

“Oh damn you!” Paula squeals at the sudden ripple of pleasure.

The older sister thrust a flat mid-section forward. Legs tighten around her sister’s head. Hips humps in rhythm to the hot tongue.

The undulation of pleasure punctuated the building lust in Janet. She sucks even harder on the pussy. She presses the protruding nub downward and in a circular motion.

“Oh gawd! Oh my gawd!” Paula groans louder, Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!”

A powerful climax is rising. The thrill waves radiating from between her legs were growing with each lick of excited tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” the sexy sister gives out a low groan, “Ummmmmmmmh!”

Paula was astounded by her sister’s new passion. Her tongue incessantly licks and washes Janet’s pussy. Her arms tighten around the small waist.

The younger sibling’s legs stiffen as Paula continues to speedily lick across the quavering pussy. The turned on woman moves a mouth over the sensitive clit sucking and biting it.

Simultaneously the sisters had climaxes take over their lusting bodies. Each begins to hump and contort on the other’s mouths. Squeals and shrieks fills the room as they responds to the waves of pleasure racing thorough the young bodies.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Paula wails, “I’m cummmmmmin’!”

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” Janet screams, “God! I’m explodin’!”

The blonde nymphs buried their mouths on the other’s cunt. They suck and drink the other’s love fluids. Their bodies twists and coils controllably as the climaxes capture them.

With a final tonic flex both go flaccid. Janet melts into the sheets as Paula collapses to her left side. Panting and exhausting takes the sweat cover bodies.

“I think,” Paula suggests in a panting voice, “we should get up an’ get dressed.” She adds in a huff, “Carl will be home soon.”

“You mean he shouldn’t see us all hot, naked an’ sweaty?” Janet quips in a wheezing voice, “It would awful if he just wanted to fuck us then an’ there.”

“You silly bitch!” Paula responds elbowing the younger sister.

They quickly rise up and go into the shower. The older sister suggests they make it a quick one. Despite what Paula said, the still hot Janet extended the shower by eating her out again.

The two sisters continue the discussion about how they were going to seduce the handsome son/nephew into bed. It was decide to go at him one at a time. Paula, being the mother, would get the young athletic body first. Janet, the aunt got ‘sloppy seconds’.

Carl arrives home in the early evening. To Paula, her son was even more of a hunk than ever. A mature pussy wets with the idea that forebidden body would be hers.

“Where’s Aunt Janet?” he asks, giving a peck on the cheek.

“She had to complete some paperwork,” Paula lies, “She’ll be home later.”

The plan was that the younger sister would be waiting at their favorite tavern shooting pool until the time was right. Then the older sister would use the beeper number to signal it was time to come home. Janet would take up her position in the swimming pool to give her ‘present’.

“Do I still have my room?” Carl asked carrying a set of luggage inside the house.

“Baby,” Paula answers, still checking out her son’s muscular body, “It’s always there for you.”

The young mother was in heat. She wanted him so much. Still, the need to be patience was the foremost thought. She didn’t want to lose his love.

The plan was for her to seduce Carl as soon as possible. Both she and Janet truly felt that the handsome son would accept the taboo desires. They didn’t know why. The scheming sisters just knew he would ‘come around’.

“I’m gonna take a shower an’ then we can go to dinner,” Carl states moving into the old bedroom.

“That sounds good to me, Son,” Paula responds thinking of the plan.

The hot young mother go to her room and strips naked. Her sexy tall body is exam in the mirror. She was proud of her appearance.

Although thirty-four, she could be mistaken for ten years younger. Of course that trait ran in the family. Janet was often thought younger than her thirty-three years.

A set of pink nipples hardens. The blonde tuff was glistening with moisture. All this due to the unleash lust for the unsuspecting son.

She hears the shower turn off. The sex-driven mother knows this was the time. It was the moment where the taboo desires had to be face now.

Paula walks down the hallway naked. She waits at his door until it was sure he left the shower. One last deep breath was taken.

The lusting mother opens the door and brazenly enters the room nude. Carl was drying his hair. The lad was completely naked.

The sound had him turn around quickly. A set of dark blue eyes widen at what they saw. A young mouth formed an “O” of surprise.

“It’s time for us to get to know each other better,” she announces in a huff.

His body was hot. Carl’s cock was at least eight inches long and wide. Paula couldn’t remember the last time she had seen such a magnificent tool.

“Mother,” the son gasp, not bothering to cover up, “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you, baby,” Paula answers in a subdued voice.

The sexy mother moves closer, revealing, “I can’t hold my desires back any longer, my handsome boy.”

Still motionless and not bother to cover up, Carl awes, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a fantastic body.” Then realizing who it was, he asks, “Should we be standin’ here naked?”

Ignoring the question, Paula informs, “I have a special graduation present for you, baby.”

“Omigod,” the thunderstruck son groans, “You can’t possibility mean what I think.”

“I’ve always wanted you,” Paula confesses hurriedly, “Ever since you was little, I knew that I felt different about you than other women did about their sons.” The sexy mother tells, “I knew if I was to ever attempt anythin’, you needed to be an adult first.” In almost a moan, she admits, “Gawd! It’s been so damn temptin’ all these years!”

Carl didn’t know what to say to that. He secretly watched his mother and aunt in different stages of dress. Many times, as a hormone driven teenager, he would masturbate to their images in bed. He had deep desire for his mother but never revealed it for fear of being branded ‘perverted’.

Now it seems his desires were identical to his parent’s. She was beautiful and had a hotter body than most of the girls he had slept with. The thought his parent wanted him now had a young rod rising.

“I’m in love you like a woman loves a man, son,” she confesses quickly moving closer, “An’ I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.”

Carl smiles dropping the towel. He likes what his mother just said. In fact all those times he had fantasized about the sexy parent, those words where the ones imagined.

“I have had the same feelin’ for you too,” Carl admits moving closer to his mother, “I was just afraid to tell you.”

They kissed deeply. He her body trembles as their tongues met. They caress in a tight embraced.

“Son,” she reminds breaking the kiss, “this is really so wrong.”

“Do you love me, Mother?” He asks in a soft voice.


“Can anyone love me in a more purer way than you?”


“Then how can it be wrong,” the sexy son challenges, “if two healthy adults wish to share their bodies?”

Someone who had been thinking of this encounter for a long time posed the questions. Paula realizes her son must have been lusting after her and never let on of the taboo desires. Suddenly it all seems so right.

“Are’ya ready to give me my present now, mother?” Carl asks kissing a slender neck.

“Just lay back on the bed, baby,” Paula says hotly, “Momma will make this graduation day about more than speeches.”

Carl did as requested. Paula lies down next to her handsome offspring. He rolls onto his back. A hard eight-inch cock stood proud.

She gazes the taboo naked body lustfully. He was the man she had wanted for years. This man, her son, was the only male she had ever desired for so much that it hurt.

Now it was apparent that he had the same desires and feelings all these years. This was meant to be. This was their destiny.

“I’ve gotta have a taste of that,” she huskily said placing a hand around the base of the shaft.

Feathery fingers fondles the head. The gentle digits move down the sensitive underside. Gentle kisses cover the top of the taboo erection.

The intensely pleasurable touches made Carl feel as if he was going to pass out. She was an expert at stimulating a dick. He thinks all the body’s blood was rushing to the steel hard cock.

It was the hardest he had ever gotten so quickly. Of course, no one had ever excited him like this. Being his mother, only adds to the erotica of the act.

“Please suck it!” Carl orders in a sigh, “Suck it all down. I wanna see my hard cock in my mother’s mouth.”

She licks from the bottom of the balls all the way up to the sensitive swollen head of the cock. The hot son had never felt so full of lust. He was wild and ready for anything.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of seenin’ this beautiful cock,” Paula coos, “It is so magnificent!”

A pink tongue licks from top to bottom. The hot mother plants kisses all over her son’s crotch and big genitals.

“Oh sweet jezzus,” Carl utters a low moan, “That feels so awesome.”

Paula opens her mouth wide. A blonde head lowers it onto the erection. She inhales to the root.

“God!” Carl groans huskily, “That’s so fuckin’ incredible!”

She sucks on it hard. Her head bobs up and down. Slurping sounds echo into the room. A mother’s mouth and fingers work the son’s dick expertly.

“I’m gonna cum, Momma!” Carl warns arching his hips.

Paula hears the words and increases loving the forbidden cock. She licks the stiff rod up and down. The young stiff cock slips in and out of the experienced mouth faster.

The sex driven woman moves up to place the firm soft breasts around the throbbing cock. She holds it there while licking the sensitive underside of the head. The sensation is making him delirious with unrefined need.

Carl looks at Paula. He had never seen such an expression of pure sexual badness, abandon and delight in a woman’s eyes before. She was beaming with lust.

Finally Carl feels the sperm boiling up through the hard shaft. The cum races down the stiff rod. It makes the cock vibrate with pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Carl screams, “Oh my god! I’m cummin’ like forever!”

The orgasm is hard. Strings of sperm explode out. It spews all over her face, breasts and in a greedy mouth.

She inhales the stiff organ to the root. Paula moves up and down the entire shaft sucking hard as possible. The golden mane flails wildly with the head movement.

“Damn you!” He screams lifting hips off the sheets, “I’m commin’ again!”

This load completely goes into her mouth. She lustfully drinks every drop of the man juice. Her mouth remains pasted around the trembling rod.

Carl just lies there in a pleasure haze. He pants deeply to regain breath. He couldn’t believe how great a cocksucker she was.

Paula continues loving the erect rod. She slowly licks and sucks the softening cock. The retracted ball sac is gently stroked. This was causing more thrills of ecstasy to shoot through his body.

Paula then moved sexuality up the big torso. They are face to face. They kiss deeply and then continue it into a French kiss.

“I’ve said it before, an’ I’ll say it again,” Carl whispers between kisses, “Mom, you’re a great cocksucker.”

Paula looks over at her lover. His handsome rod was fully stiff. It was standing tall and wavering hotly. The sight made a mature pussy sopping wet.

“I’ve gotta do this again, Honey,” said hotly confesses moving back onto his body.

She gives a passionate kiss that almost taken away Carl’s breath! A hot tongue trails down a toned body. A wet tongue runs along the hard long hard shaft. Involuntarily moans emit.

Carl watches his cock disappear inside Paula’s mouth again. Her tongue runs over the throbbing meat. His hands go to her hair threading the long mane.

Carl starts mouth fucking softly. She makes love to the erect dick. Her hands pats his balls and tenderly rubs them.

Large veins throbbing in the shaft could be felt in her mouth. A pair of masculine hands goes to her head as the rhythm of the mouth fuck increases. Paula had never so wanted to give a continuous blowjob, as she was this day.

“Ummmmmmmh!” Paula moans while sucking harder.

The large cock filling a very hot mouth muffles the sounds. The moans grow ever so slightly louder as he twist around as so that his head was between her thighs. A young tongue is ready to go to work on the glistening pussy.

Carl devours Paula’s cunt. She sucks harder feeling her son touch an oversensitive clit. A skilled tongue meticulously runs along the throbbing pussy/

Taking time, the pleasure making tongue works over the leaking love hole.

While nibbling on the engorged clit, a pair of rounded asscheeks is grab in a set of strong hands. He anxiously works over the mature pussy. He feels her push down as his tongue drags along the pulsating pussy.

Paula’s tongue brushes against her son’s cock as Carl’s tongue licks his mother’s pussy. His hands grasp the rounded asscheeks tighter. Firm hands squeeze it as his attention increases on the throbbing clit.

Paula feels her son’s cock throb inside her mouth. He was on the verge of cumming. At the same time, Carl could feel his mother’s pussy quiver. She was about to do the same.

“Damn you!” Carl yells, “You’re makin’ me cum again!” He shouts feeling the hot juices washing over his mouth, “Oh sweet fucccccccckkkkkkk!

“Ummmmmmmmmmh!” Paula muffled moans are heard as the taboo sperm shoot down her throat.

The two lovers drink and suck all of the forebidden fluids. Their bodies twist and turn as another series of thrill waves wash over a set of sweat-covered bodies.

“Now, baby!” Paula huskily orders staying on her back and spreading a set of curvy legs wide, “You’ll mount this pussy an’ fuck it for all it’s worth!”

“Damn straight I’ll fuck it!” Carl hotly responds crawling onto the sexy, mature body. “I’m gonna fuck you raw, dear mother!” Positioning the hard forebidden dick at the ready cunt, he adds, “I don’t want ya to be able to set comfortable for a week!”

The head of the young dick slides into the glistening pussy lips. It goes all the way into her body. Paula eyes widen. A ruby lipped mouth forms a silent moan.

Carl mounts higher. A pair of long legs is placed over his shoulders. A hard, young cock slides deeper inside the sweet wet pussy.

“That feels so good,” she said, squeezing her cunt around the invading shaft. “How’s it for you, baby?”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt,” Carl moans, moving in and out of the taboo pussy very gently.

The sex driven mother increases her rhythm. The hormone driven son speeds up. Soon they were fucking at a good pace.

He watches his mother’s angelic face while pounding into her. The gorgeous honey blonde’s expression is one of total love. It made a young cock grow harder.

“Cum with me, my son,” she coos huskily, “Cum inside my pussy.”

“Yes, mother,” he responds in a soft voice, “I’ll fill your precious pussy with my love juices.”

“Omigod. Oh sweet jezzus!” Paula moans with pleasure,

Carl’s cock thrust hard and deep. The taboo rod slides past every last inch inside before pulling back and re-inserting. The pattern continues as the pace quickens.

Paula clenches onto the broad shoulders. Slender legs wraps around a corded neck. A mother’s ass lifts with each plunge to ensure full penetration.

“Oh yes, my darlin’ son!” she moans louder, “Yes enjoy my cunny as your graduation present!”

“It’s a wonderful present, mom!” Carl groans humping into her harder.

A set of curvy legs is pulled back so that a pair of knees is in the air. Blue eyes rolls back in ecstasy.

“That’s it, baby!” she groans louder, “Ram your mommy’s cunny deeper!”

Carl fucks even harder. A young cock goes in as deep as possible with every thrust. His cock balls slap against his mother’s ass. A shiver radiates down his spine as the pleasure waves roll up it.

“Oh gawd! Oh gawdddddd!” she moans lustfully, “Yes! Yessssss! Yesssssss! Fuck me deep!”

The sex hazed son pounds the taboo pussy for all it was worth. Paula’s cunt is open for her son’s cock. Carl takes a rigid rod and slams it deeper into her. A set of large balls slaps against a firm, rounded ass faster and louder.

Paula reaches down to cup and squeezes the wonderful balls. Tender fingers play with the sack. She licks a set of red lips looking lovingly at her son.

A mature body quivers. Slender hips twitch. A flat stomach tenses up and legs wrap tighter around youthful back. Paula convulses underneath him. Writhing about while they fucked.

“I love you so much, my handsome son,” She moans softly, “I can’t ever imagine ever havin’ such a wonderful fuck.”

“I can’t believe you are such’a magnificent piece o’ ass, mother,” he groans just as soft, “I love you even more, mother.”

“Ahhhhhhh, yes, Carl!” Paula grunts feeling a strong pleasure wave radiate up her body, “Fuck me! Oh please fuck me! Fuck your mother hard!” she moans loudly.

A full chest heaves as a powerful orgasm rose. A virginal wall tightens around the plunging rod. Young balls throbs in the mature hand.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes Carl! Fuck yes!” A lusting mother says thrusting back against the taboo meat, “Your cock feels so good!”

Paula’s left hand quickly reaches under her pillow. It grabs a pager. A button is pushed.

“Oh my, baby,” Paula groans louder, “This is one of the finest fucks I’ve ever gotten!”

“An’ you’ve got the finest cunt I’ve ever been in, mom!” he responds lustfully pumping harder.

Paula’s cunt squeezes her son’s cock. The organism is rising in intensity. Her mouth forms another silent moan.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groans with eyes clenched shut, “Oh god! I’ve never felt such’a intense pleasure from a pussy!

Paula keeps the curvy legs tight around her son. She could feel his cock pulsate with a rising climax. A tight ass lifts and falls with the plunging rod.

“I’m gonna cum!” Carl grunts aimlessly, “I’m gonna cum very hard!”

“Fill me up baby!” Paula shouts back, “Fill your momma cunny completely!”

A river of hot sperm rushes deep inside of her. Grabbing ahold of her thighs Carl rams with abandoned lust. A second river unloads inside the taboo hot wet pussy.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!” Paula’s wails, “Fuck! Oh gawd! Fuck me raw, the sex-hazed mother breathes. “Ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she blindly shrieks into the room.

A mother’s hot juices flow over a son’s stiff cock. Their love juices fill a pulsating virginal cavern fully. The lovers’ bodies involuntarily twist and contort as the pleasure waves intensify.

Finally one last climax paralysis their muscles. This is followed with two sweat-covered bodies collapsing onto the damp sheets.

Carl pulls out and rolls to his mother’s side. She places a blonde head on the muscular chest. A set of retracted balls is petted with a gentle hand.

“That was a marvelous graduation present, mother,” he panted.

“This is just the begin’ of your present,” Paula softly told, “The rest is waitin’ outside with your aunt.”

“Outside?” Carl puzzles in a wheeze, “Where?”

“In the pool, baby,” she answers sitting up.

“The second part of our present is waitin’ for ya in the pool,” she stood up slowly.

A beautiful, mature body reflects in the moonlight. Carl couldn’t believe this totality gorgeous woman had just become his lover. It was even more difficult to believe he had never gotten a hard on looking at it before!

With an offering hand, Paula said, “Come on, baby. You need to enjoy all of our present.”

“Our?” he puzzles standing up. “What do you mean “our present’?”

“The answer to that is in the pool, honey,” the sexy mother responded leading him out of the big double glass doors.

They walk out to the patio and the evening air. It was a warm and bright night. The pool looks surrealistic as it shimmers with the night breeze.

Carl’s eyes widened at the sight in the pool. There was his aunt Janet standing in the shallow end naked. Her athletic body shines with the coating of water.

The platinum blonde haired vixen stands proudly. Blue eyes sparkle enticingly. Pink nipples erect on a set of 38C’s. She was gorgeous sight!

“Go ahead son,” Paula encourages in a hot voice, “Go get you aunt’s cunny.”

“My god, mother,” the awe struck son mutters, “I get you beautiful pussy an’ now aunt Janet’s!”

“We are your graduation present, baby,” the hot mother reveals, then urges, “Go get the slutty cunt now.”

“Come here, nephew,” Janet calls with arms out, “Come here an’ let me take care of that magnificent tool.”

Carl moves slowly across the lawn and onto the steps into the pool. An eight-inch hard dick bounces with each step. The sexy lad’s muscles tense with anticipation of having a second hot, taboo body this night.

Without a word, nephew and aunt lock into a deep French kiss. Carl’s hands roam a firm, trim back and then cup a set of rounded asscheeks. Janet’s educated fingers fondle the young semi-hard cock and balls under the water.

Paula steps over to the edge of the pool. A mature cunt is wet from the sight of her son and sister caressing hotly. She sits at on the cement lip with legs dangling in the water.

“I think it’s time, sis, we give a special show to our college grad.” She sighs, sliding into the water, “We have a special present for you, nephew,” Janet tells Carl.

“Please show me your present, Janet,” the turned on lad professes, “Tonight I am ready for anything you two have in store for me.”

Paula grins broadly. A pair of tanned legs opens wider. The younger sibling wades over

“Come here, baby,” she invited taking Janet into loving arms.

“I haven’t told him about us,” Paula quickly injects.

“You didn’t have to, Mom,” the turned on Carl reveals allowing Janet to leave his arms, “I’ve known for years you an’ Aunt Janet were lovers.”

“What?” the surprised mother puzzles, “When? Where?”

“It doesn’t matter, sis,” Janet says moving toward Paula, “All it matters is he loved us enough not to say anything or judge us.”

“I love you both so much,” the almost panting Carl, states, “that the fact the two of you are lovers makes this all even more wonderful.”

The hot mother rubs a set of massive tits against her sister’s ample chest. Two sets of pink, erect, sensitive nipples make contact.

“Ooooooooooh!” Janet sucks in a deep breath feeling the hard nubs touch.

Carl’s dick hardened even more watching the taboo exhibition. The turned on young stud wants to immediately join but holds back. The lusting offspring didn’t want to disturb the two hot vixens.

It was the first time he could openly watch these two hot blondes getting it on. It was an erotic vision. Especially since the two hot blondes were his mother and aunt!

Paula’s head lowers to Janet’s left breast. An experienced tongue laps a glistening areola. A warm mouth inhales an erect bud.

“Omigod!” the younger sister, gasps, “Yes!”

Loving fingers begins to pinch the other hard nipple. A thumb and forefinger pulls on it roughly. Gentle bites were done to the other pink nub.

“How is it that your touch makes me as hot as a bitch in heat?” the squirming Janet loudly moans, “How can you have such a power over me?”

“It’s due to our pure love, Sis,” Paula hotly answers raising her head.

The wet, naked sisters again engage in a sensual kiss. Their tongues snake in and out of each other’s mouth. The two hot blondes caress deeply.

Carl witnesses in awe. A young cock throbs watching his older relatives’ bodies melting together as one. It was such a beautiful sight.

Paula reluctantly breaks the long kiss. The older sister lifts the younger sibling out of the water. Janet sat on the pool’s edge with curvy legs spread.

A shiny, swollen pussy lips is present for easy access. Paula pauses a moment to admire the view. It is a sight that never gets old.

“Son,” Paula hotly says, gently running fingers along the blonde covered slit, “You won’t find a better tastin’ cunt anywhere.”

“Is it better than yours, mother?’ the lusting son wonders.

“This is the finest cunny any man or woman would want to eat,” the hot mother proclaims brushing her sister’s clit with the back of a hand.

“God, you teasin’ bitch!” the shuddering Janet gasps, “Quit teasin’ and start eatin’ this pussy.”

“It’ll be my pleasure,” the older sister says spreading the taboo lips apart.

Paula, inches away from the forebidden cunt inhales deeply. She relishes the sweet bouquet of her sister’s pussy. This love hole has been hers since they were sixteen.

Carl watches his mother and aunt make love. They were so beautiful. Hell! They were identical and were often mistaken as twins. The sexy son wonders if the two pussies were identical in taste. If they were, it would be like eating one’s own self out! He would find out soon enough on that question.

Without further hesitation a hot tongue deep into Janet’s cunt.

“Ooooooooh sweet jezzus!” Janet immediately moans loudly.

Slender hips humps forward against Paula’s face. She tongue-fucks the younger sibling enthusiastically. A honey blonde head drives forward to meet energetic thrusts.

Janet could feel a powerful climax rising. Her passion was reaching a fever pitch. A set of big tits bounces up and down rhythmically.

“Omigod, sis!” the sexy platinum blonde hisses, “You’re still the finest tongue that’s ever eatin’ me!”

The young sister’s breaths are coming in short gasps as the waves of pleasure increase. Paula sucks the engorged clit into a hungry mouth. A nervous tongue flicks quickly across the pink surface. It brings the intense orgasm to a peak.

“Yes! Yesssss! Yessssssss!” she screams humping wildly on the pleasure making mouth, “Eat me, sissy! Suck out all my juices!”

Janet’s nectar floods out. The warm liquid coats the older sister’s face. Paula laps at it greedily.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she gave out one last shriek of delight.

Janet collapse onto the deck. A set of large breasts falls and heaves with the deep panting. She stares skyward with blue glassy eyes.

“Yes,” Paula softly said, “You have the sweetest tastin’ cunt of all, my lovin’ sister.”

Janet moves back onto the grass. A pair of slender legs spread. A glistening, pink cunt is offered.

“Now it’s time for my part of your present, Carl.” As two fingers spread the pulsating lips open, she moans, “It’s time for you to give me the same wonderful fuck you’ve been givin’ your momma.”

On hands and knees, Carl exits the pool. The hot young nephew stealthy walks toward the sexy aunt. A hard cock swings with each movement.

With legs opening, she coos hotly, “My horny sister has been lovin’ that dickie an’ now I wanna feel it.” A finely rounded ass wiggles on the grass. “Besides, it’s time for you, my handsome nephew, to experience the pussy your momma loves.”

Wrapping muscular legs around his trim waist, she adds, “All that matters is that he loves us enough to protect us!”

“You’re right, Janet,” Paula agrees, “All that matters is that he loves us.”

“I love both you more than you’ll even know,” Carl confesses, shuffles up higher on the ready body, “An’ I will never stop loving you two wonderful women.”

His cock finds the taboo opening of a wet cunt. A stiff rod is suddenly shoved in to the hilt. A set of curvy legs automatically tightens.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” she moans as the hard cock hit the bottom of the hot cunt.

The legs tightens. A pair of lustful hips immediately began hunching. The virginal muscles tense with the shaft’s movement.

“Jesus, your pussy is close-fittin’,” Carl mutters holding still to enjoy the glorious sensation.

She gives an impish grin to Paula. The sisters’ eyes meet in an exchange of loving stares. “I love you”, the older sister mouths to her sibling.

Janet’s cunt muscles tense around Carl’s cock. Her legs shifted higher on his back. A rounded ass bounces off the grass.

“Jezzus!” the sex-hazed nephew amazes, “You’re so fuckin’ tight!”

“Surprise, darlin’?” Janet snickers, “I haven’t been a virgin for a while now but I know to keep a tight pussy.”

“Fuckin’ a virgin is overrated,” Carl remarks leaning over to capture a turgid nipple between his teeth.

“Don’t nibbled too hard, baby,” she whispers running fingers through the curly blonde hair.

Carl sucks in the big titty as far as possible. The fleshy orb is gently gnawed on. He then returns to the nipple where his teeth holds it and a hot tongue licks rapidly.

“Fuck her, darlin’,” Paula groans with passion, “Do it slowly. Give my sister that wonderful cock.”

“I will, Momma,” Carl grunts, “I’ll screw my aunt raw.”

The young dick pumps with long, slow strokes. She keeps the curvy legs locked around Carl’s defined back. A quivering ass goes up and down with the pleasure making rhythms.

“That’s the way, baby,” she pants, “Use the full length of that long cock,” Janet huskily whispers, “It feels so good. This is more than I expected!” A platinum blonde mane flings backwards while moaning, “Let me have all of that shaft! Make me feel like I’ve never felt before!” She wails, “Oh, fuck!”

Her eyes widen and a pretty mouth opens. It was a sign a climax was rising. The rounded ass heaves up and down. It twists in circles to the uncontrolled plummeting.

“I’m cummin!'” she announces, legs tightening and hips meeting the invading shaft. “It feels good!”

“I can’t believe how beautiful this looks,” Paula sighs rubbing a wet cunt, “My son an’ sister makin’ love an’ fuckin’ so beautifully.”

Carl continues to slow fuck. He licks the set of big nipples as a mini- climax peaks. It was a quick one. It catches him by surprise. A sense of being slightly disappointed showed on his face.

Janet read the expression telling, “I do that often, baby.” She promises into his ear, “The big one is on its way.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she murmurs, “Your cockhead is touchin’ my special spot.” Janet pulls the hot body closer saying, “Keep it up, baby. I’ve got a good piece of ass for ya.”

Carl humps faster. The cunt tenses its muscles to capture invading shaft. He feels hot sperm churn in his balls.

“You’re rammin’ me so deep, baby,” she groans, “Keep fuckin’, Carl. I’m gonna cum hard this time.”

Carl’s climax was about to happen. A river of his juices was ready to launch into the hot pussy. He increases the deep thrusts into the hot love cavern.

“You’d better happen soon,” Carl rasps, “I can’t hold back much longer.”

“Fire off, baby,” Janet groans loudly, “an’ I’ll cum with ya!” She shouts into the night air, “Give me your cum! Fill me full! I love to feel hot sperm squirtin’ in me!”

Carl rises up on strong arms and pumps harder. A pair of fit hips plunges savagery into the receptive forbidden pussy. A set of large balls slapping on his aunt’s ass sending ‘whacking’ sounds echoing into the air. He was ready to send a stream of cum into this lust filled forbidden vixen.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Carl screams from ecstasy.

A stiff dick explodes. Cum spew into the depths of the sucking sex sheath. Cunt muscles tense with the feeling of the rushing sperm splashing against the hot walls.

“Oh fuck, darlin’!” Janet thrashes, gasping, “Now you’ve really got me goin’!”

She bucks wildly. Her beautiful face contorts with passion. Her body trembles with the climax rising.

“Yes! Yes!” Paula shouts encouragement, “Open wide for my son’s cock! Give your wonderful pussy to ‘im now, sis!”

“Ohhhhhhh, Goddamn!” she screams madly, “I’m explodin’! I’m cummin’ harder than I have ever!!”

Carl continues to fuck Janet fiercely. Her wet pussy announces the climaxing. It makes slurping sounds as the youthful shaft drives into the mature cunt.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” the sex hazed aunt wails, “I’m cummmmin’! I’m cummmmmmmmin’ hard!”

“Oh sweet jezzus! I’m gonna explode!” Carl scrams blindly, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

They both peak at once. Bodies taunt and flaccid uncontrollably. Finally, the sweat covered lovers fall into the other’s arms. Panting from exhaustion is sounds into the evening sky.

“That was beautiful,” he heard Paula’s voice say.

The lusting mother lays down with the two. They exchange kisses. The three lovers are now one in desire.

“Take your son, Janet hotly asks, “Please take your son now.” She sits up begging, “I wanna see a son fuck his momma hard! I wanna see Carl fuck you, my big sister.”

“That can be done,” Paula happily agrees kissing Janet.

Carl had a complete view of his mother’s naked and wet pussy as she leans over to kiss her sister. A young cock immediately hardens. He is ready for another trip onto erotica.

Paula grabs the hard taboo dick. Holding the pulsating shaft she leads him to a reclining lounge chair. She turns and sat down facing a stiff rod.

Bending forward a set of ruby lips go over the erect cockhead. Paula slowly bobs up and down the taboo shaft. More and more of young rod disappear into the hungry mouth.

Carl was delighted when the entire length was no longer visible. He had ceased thinking of Paula as his mother. This woman had become this incredibly hot, statuesque, blonde babe who could give the best blowjobs ever!

Sucking and gurgling noises sound into the night. Paula’s mouth had totality sealed around the big, youthful cock. She was deep-throated her son lustfully.

“Of all that good!” Janet admires, “I don’t think I could inhale all of that rod so easily! Sis, you’re a fantastic cocksucker!”

“Oh Aunt Janet! She’s gotta a mouth of a whore!”” the groaning Carl agrees, “She already sucked me off twice tonight!”

Carl thrusts his hips forward to meet his mother’s mouth. Paula didn’t miss a beat as he pushes harder and faster. Soon, the sex driven son was fucking wildly. She inhales the entire thick eight inches easily and greedily.

“Goddamn sis!” Janet admires, “You’re son gonna loose his cock in your slutty mouth!”

“I’m gettin’ ready to cum in your mouth again, Mom,” Carl groans with eyes closed.

Paula grips the base of the cock. A mother’s hand squeezes tightly, not allowing the cum explosion. She sucks the pulsating rod not easing the pressure with her hand.

“You goddamn bitch!” Carl shouts frustratedly, “You let me cum in that mouth now!”

“No!” Janet yells, “Not in her mouth! In that wonderful cunny!”

“Yes,” Paula agrees, releasing the rock hard cock, “I want ya to cum in me, baby,” she states standing up.

Paula turns around so a perfect rounded ass was to him. She drops to the grass on hands and knees. The sexy mother then wiggles the sexy ass.

“Come an’ get it big boy,” she looks back and invites hotly.

“Now I know you’re a bitch in heat,” the masturbating Janet sighs, “Fuck your mother, Carl. Fuck her raw.”

The lusting son grins, drops to knees behind the offering ass. He then positions to penetrate. A set of long, curvy legs slide further apart.

Carl slips a stiff cock into the taboo wetness. Her pussy was as tight as ever. The warmth of the quavering cunt still feels great. A young dick fucks doggy style in earnest.

“Oh, Carl!” Paula moans, “You feel so good. Fuck me harder!”

Carl didn’t need to be told twice. He grabs her hips and starts driving forward, slamming into her roughly. On each stroke he pulls back until the tip of an eight-inch dick was at the opening of trembling vagina before pounding forward.

“You really are a true bitch in heat, sis!” Janet groans loudly, “You’ve bein’ fucked doggy style by your son!’

“Oh, baby. God, yes! Fuck me!” Paula wildly screeches, “Fuck me, my baby boy!”

“Damn!” the masturbating Janet admires hotly, “You two are so beautiful! It is wonderful seein’ my nephew an’ sister fuck their brains out!”

“Oh sweet jezzus!” Paula screams, “I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’ so hard!”

Carl rammed even deeper into the taboo pussy as the powerful orgasm captured the mature body. She shook uncontrollably beneath him as the pleasure waves captured the epileptic shaking body.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” her moans rose louder, “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!”

Her body twists and bucks wildly. A honey blonde mane flails aimlessly. A final tonic captures the sex-hazed mother.

“Momma!” Carl yells, “I’m cummin’! I’m gonna explode!”

“Yes! Yessss! Yesssssss!” the self pleasuring Janet wails, “Take a piece o’ your mother’s ass! Give it up to your son, Paula!” the lusting sister squeals, “Be your boy’s whoreeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Carl screams as a powerful climax captures his body, “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmmygod!”

When the climax finally subsided, both collapse into the grass. Carl feels Janet press up against him from behind. Carl leans back against his mother’s naked breasts. A parent’s loving arms wraps around him.

“Do’ya wanna have some real fun?” Paula huskily asks.

“Sure,” Carl eagerly answers.

This had already had the best sex of his life. What else could make it better? The hot young athletic is willing to find out.

Paula nods to Janet. The platinum blonde sister stands up and moved to a table. A bottle of lotion was picked up.

A semi-clear liquid oozed onto Paula’s ass. Carl, with a still hard dick, watches fascinated. The oil rivers down a rounded pair of cheeks and into an ass crack.

Janet places her hands on Paula’s ass and rubs the oil into her cheeks.

“Omigod,” Paula moans. “That feels good.”

Janet gives him a sly smile. “How does this feel?” she asks while sliding a finger along Paula’s ass crack rubbing the oil onto her sister’s puckered opening.

Paula sucks in a sharp breath and presses back against Janet’s probing finger. Carl watches as the hot aunt pushed a finger past his mother’s anal sphincter. She slides it in and out of her sister’s ass like a miniature penis.

Janet removes her fingers and uses them to spread Paula’s asshole wide, saying, “You know it ain’t a complete act of incest until you butt fuck this ass.”

“Wow!” Carl hotly says, “That’ll be a first.”

“You haven’t fuck your mother’s ass?” Janet remarks, “She’s gotta fine ass!” She leans over and said to Paula, “Your son’s cock will leave ya with a sore butthole.”

“I know,” the sex hazed mother admits, the hotly challenges, “Bring it on.”

Paula reaches behind grabbing the fine ass cheeks. A pink anus is offered. A pair of sexy legs opens slightly wider.

“Fuck me, Carl,” she bags, “Fuck your mother up the ass.” With an inviting ass wiggle she adds lustfully, “Butt fuck your whore mother raw!”

Carl needed no more encouragement. He mounted Paula and positioned a stiff cock to penetrate the alluring asshole. The erect head is place at the taboo opening.

“Mom,” Carl promise while shoving the shaft in, “prepare for the best ass fuckin’ you’re ever had!”

“Ohhhhhh, shit!” Paula reacts, “It feels so gooood!”

Carl was up to the balls in his mother’s ass. It was warm, tight and wonderful. He humps like a dog in heat.

“Don’t be afraid to fuck her hard,” Janet said and she smacked her sister’s ass sharply leaving a red handprint.

“Oh!” the hot mother reacts.

Janet kisses Paula saying, “You two are so hot!” She adds, “You’re such a slut!” Nibbling on Paula’s ear and neck she says happily, “I’m so proud of you, sis. Fuckin’ your son makes you such a wonderful bitch!”

“So are you, my sexy sister,” Paula moans enjoying the cock.

“Mom,” Carl says pumping hard, “you’re ass is so firm. So good!” He impels deeper into the willing orifice.

“Faster!” Paula implores, “Faster! Make your slutty mother cum!”

“That’s exactly what I’ll do!” He increased the rhythms.

Carl shoves as deep as possible. The feel is was just too good to believe. The lusting son rams hard.

“The two people I love the most,” Janet moans, “are fuckin’ each other!” She was fingering a wet cunt. “It’s the most breathtakin’ sight I’ve ever seen!” She cheers on, “Go, my dear nephew, fuck your mother’s ass!” Her fingering motions increases, “Then fuck that whore’s cunt!” She promotes lustfully, “An’ eat that cunt!” Spreading her legs wider, Janet adds with abandoned lust, “Just fuck the hell outta your slut mother!!”

“That’s he’s doing!” Paula chirps in, “He’s givin’ me the best ass fuckin’ I’ve ever had!” She announces, “I’m gonna cum!” She orders Janet, “Feel my cunt! Feel how wet it is!”

Janet places her other hand on Paula wet pussy. She masturbates the clit while still bringing herself to a climax. They were in a lustful haze of excitement.

“My god, baby,” Paula groans, “You are even more of whore than ever!”

“An’ I’ll never be the whore you are, big sister,” Janet moans back.

“I’m cumming!” Carl yells.

Paula hunches back into the plunging rod. She wants ever ounce of her son’s cum up her bowels.

“Ahhhhhh!” he screams from the delightful sensation.

Carl fires what seems to be a gallon of cum up Paula’s ass. Her anus sphincter tenses around the hard shaft. It was so tight he couldn’t move. It was the closest hole he had ever had a cock in!

Between Janet’s finger and Carl’s cock, Paula had a multi-climax. She bucks and twists in pure pleasure as the hot fluids gush. Pussy juices drip onto the glass from the incestuous love tunnel.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” Janet screams bringing herself to a climax. “I’m a whore with no morals!” She yells blindly, “I’m an easy piece for my sister an’ her son!”

Her hips rise and fall radically with the hard organism. The motions of her fingers slow and then freeze with the pleasure waves. Finally she falls back onto the grass.

Carl pops out of Paula’s ass and collapses between the two women. He kissed Paula and then Janet. Paula leans across him and gives Janet a deep kiss. The two then laid their heads on his chest.

“This has been a wonderful graduation present,” Carl wheezes.

“Has been?” the gasping Janet quips, “Who said we’re done?”

“Yeah!” Paula gasps, “This is a present will keep on givin’!”

“If this is the gift that keeps on givin’,” Carl pants, “I need to cool down so I can have more of it.”

“So do I, baby,” Paula agrees.

“Well,” Janet remarks, “We are next to the pool.”

Exhausted and overheated, the three of them jump back into the inviting water. It was going to be a long night. It would be the first of many for the Cobys. They were now a loving family of three.

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