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Family Vacation

Family Taboo of Brother, Sister and Mother
Family Vacation

Chapter 1

The morning sun just rose over the mountains of western North Carolina. The two-story, four bedroom house was still mostly quiet. There was a light sound of feet walking down the stairs.

Helen paused at the bottom of the stairs. She carefully sat the two suitcases on the hardwood floor.

“Y’all hurry up and get down here!” she yelled, toward the second floor. “We are going to be late.” Helen pulled her long, wavy auburn hair behind her and quickly secured it with a hair-tie. While she waited for her three kids to appear, Helen leaned her 5’8″, 150 pound frame against the railing.

She crossed her long, tan legs at the ankles. She had her heel on one foot raised just enough that the one sandal was dangling. She checked her outfit once more, just to make sure it was suitable for the flight. The black and lime green running shorts barely covered her toned ass. An ass she worked hard six days a week to maintain. In direct light, the lime green bra peered through the thin white tank-tank.

Helen looked up as the first child appeared at the top of the stairs. Joshua, or Josh, as everyone called him was Helen’s baby boy. That very morning, her baby boy turned into a man of 18 years of age.

Josh quickly skipped every other step on his way down to join his mother. He paused to kiss Helen on the cheek, as he does every morning when she greets him and every night before he goes to bed. “Good morning, Mom,” he said, as he acknowledged his mothers smile. At 6’1″ tall and 180 pounds with with short brown hair, Josh was physically fit and muscular as any high school athlete would be.

Helen seemed to look at Josh differently as he now entered adulthood. His perfectly tanned skin stretched over this hardened muscles. He was no longer her baby boy. He was now a legal adult. He was a man, according to society. Although, Helen still wanted to look at him as her baby.

Stephanie jogged down the steps to meet her mother. She received a hard stare from Helen. The same stare she had seen many times before. Stephanie waited for her mother to send her back to her room to change clothes, but instead Helen smiled and touched her daughter’s shoulder as she walked around her.

The white shorts didn’t cover much of the 22 year-old God given asset. Stephanie wasn’t as tall has her mother, but her 5’4″ frame was packed with sexy. Stephanie didn’t have to work as hard as her mother does to maintain her sexy physique. She had the body most women twice her age would have killed to have. Even women her own age spend hours in the gym and can’t achieve what Stephanie has naturally. Her light blonde hair curled half way down her back. Even though she wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts still held firm high on her chest. Her 36C’s were staring straight at Josh as they began taking their luggage to the car.

“I can’t believe mom is letting you leave the house like that,”Josh said.

“I can’t believe you’re looking at me like that,” Stephanie replied.

“What?” Josh asked. “It’s obvious you’re not wearing a bra. I,–no scratch that, anyone can see that.”

Matthew, the oldest son and middle child at the age of 20, finally joined his brother and sister at the rear of the family’s SUV. He quickly loaded his four suitcases into the back of the car as he watched has his older sister struggled to lift her heavy luggage. “What in the Hell do you have in there?” he asked.

“Just the basics,” Stephanie replied. “Bikinis, more bikinis and condoms.”

Stephanie and her two younger brother’s always shared their sarcasm with each other. It was always innocent, fun joking until recently when more and more of the jokes were sexual. They were always careful not to say anything too risque in front of their mother for fear they would get into trouble. Even though the three of them were adults, they still lived in their mother’s house and had to follow her rules. Sex was a subject never discussed openly when Helen was present.

The plane landed in the Bahamas without any problems. Helen and her children quickly got their luggage and then found a taxi to take them to their vacation rental. Helen booked two bungalow’s a mere 40 yards from the ocean. One was for her and Stephanie and the other was for her two boys. The staff helped the family to their home away from home for the next seven days. It was supposed to be seven days of sun, fun and much needed relaxation.

“What happens out of the country, stays out of the country,” Stephanie chirped, as she leaned against Josh’s left arm. She leaned into her brother, making sure his arm was firm against her chest between her perky breasts.

“That’s Vegas, Dear,” Helen replied, as she walked toward her bungalow.

Josh jumped and let out a small squeal as Stephanie grabbed a handful of his ass. He was glad to get away from her at that point. The feeling of her breasts rubbing against his arm started to awaken his piece in his shorts. Josh quickly went to his bungalow to meet his brother. He looked back at his sister and saw her laughing as he closed the door.

A few hours later, about an hour before sun set, Josh and Matthew decided to take a walk down the beach to scope out some women. They figured since they were only going to be on the island for a week, they might as well try to sleep with as many woman as possible.

After about a half mile, a woman headed straight toward them. She wore nothing except a white thong. The boys tried hard not to stare, but couldn’t help but notice how freely the stranger was showing her body to anyone in eyesight. Then another woman wearing just shorts slowly walked past them. And then they noticed an older couple relaxing on beach towels wearing nothing except sunglasses and a smile.

“Bro,” Matthew said. “This is a nude beach,” he continued, with excitement in his voice.

Josh didn’t reply. He was just trying his best to keep his penis from poking a hole in his shorts. He did everything he could, but it was no use. By the time they passed a group of topless women playing in the small waves, Josh had a full erection. He thought about jumping in the ocean to hide it or maybe the water would be cold enough to make it go away. But before he could decide what to do, he heard a voice from behind.

Josh turned toward the familiar voice. Matthew opened his arms and allowed his sister to hug him. Josh looked as Stephanie’s bare chest pressed against Matthews bare chest. Josh reluctantly allowed Stephanie to hug him too. She pushed her pelvis into Josh’s crotch, rubbing herself against his already throbbing erection. He thought it was nice that his erection was finally hidden, but it was strange that his topless sister was the one hiding it. Stephanie held onto Josh a little longer than she did Matthew.

After a few moments, Stephanie gave Josh a quick peck on the cheek and then let go of him. “What are you guys doing out here?” she asked. “You do know this is a clothing optional beach, right?”

“We sorta figured that out a few minutes ago,” Matthew said. He didn’t seem as bothered as his brother did that they were standing there chatting with their mostly naked sister. Matthew was always the one that never acted as if anything surprised him.

Josh placed his hands in front of crotch, debating whether to just cover his erection or to actually cup it in his hands. Either way, he felt perverted just being there, in front of his topless sister trying to hide an erection she made worse by pushing against it. There was only one way he was going to get rid of the hard-on and he’d have to do that back in the bungalow. And he needed to do it fast.

The three of them began walking back toward their bungalow’s. Stephanie was in the middle of her brothers. Matthew allowed his arms to swing freely as if he didn’t care about the bulge in his shorts. Josh still tried to hide his bulge, but every step made it more difficult.

“How can you be okay with this?” Josh asked, Stephanie. “Being okay naked in front of us like this?”

“Well,” Stephanie began to explain. “Chris, my ex-fiance used to bring me to places like this. And after time, I got used to being naked. In fact, I love being naked.” Stephanie grabbed each of her brother’s hands, interlocking her fingers with theirs. “You should try it.”

Matthew halted in his steps. “Try what, being naked?” He looked around and pointed. “Out here with all of these people?” It was the first time Matthew hesitated at a suggestion from a girl. It could have been the first time he was asked to be naked in front of strangers or it could have just been because his sister suggested it. “No way!”

Josh felt his sister’s eyes lay heavily upon him. He didn’t want to look at her. Josh always had a soft spot for Stephanie. Josh wasn’t sure if it developed when he was younger or it if he felt as if it was his duty to do for her because he was her brother. He though it was a little bit of both, plus the fact that her ex-fiance, Chris, had ruined their engagement when he cheated on her with another woman.

“Umm,” Josh mumbled. “I don’t know about that, Sis.”

“Aww, come on,” Stephanie said. “We can already see you’re hard. What difference is it going to make if that hard thing bounces when you walk or if it stays cramped in those shorts.?”

Josh played her off and continued walking. He would have been happy to get some relief in his shorts, but wasn’t sure if that was the time and place to do it.

Stephanie untied her bikini top from around her waist and put it on correctly as the three of them approached their bungalows. She knew if her mother saw her walking topless with her two brothers, she’d never hear the end of it. And no telling what else Helen would say or do to a situation like that. “Josh,” Stephanie said, after Matthew entered their bungalow first. Stephanie met Josh. She looked around to make sure no one was watching or listening. Stephanie stepped in close to her brother. Placing her breasts against Josh’s chest, Stephanie smiled. “Let’s take a walk later. Just me and you.”

“Okay,” Josh quickly replied. He swallowed the lump in his throat. “What’s up?”

“Apparently you are,” Stephanie said. She looked around again. Satisfied no one was watching, she slid her hand down Josh’s shorts. Josh didn’t fight her. He liked it, but felt ashamed at the same time. He knew what she was doing was wrong, but it wasn’t like he was a little boy. He could stop her if he wanted. “Since today is your birthday, I want to give you something special, little brother,” Stephanie said, as she rolled the head of Josh’s penis between her finger tips. Josh didn’t think it was possible, but he grew harder. He wanted to speak, he cracked his lips, but remained silent. “Meet me out here in an hour,” Stephanie said. “And I’ll take care of this for you,” she said, as she squeezed him harder.

An hour later, Stephanie told her mother that she was going out and would be back later. As Stephanie exited the bungalow, Matthew was leaving next door. He greeted his sister with a wave and then continued down the beach. Stephanie waited around the corner to wait and see if her baby brother would show.

Josh appeared on the porch and waved Stephanie over. “Matthew said he was going to be gone for a couple of hours,” Josh said. “We can take that walk now.”

Stephanie playfully pushed Josh back into the room. “There’s no need to find a hiding place when we have this place to ourselves,” Stephanie said.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” Josh asked. He hadn’t forgot about his sister fondling him. A matter of fact, it’s the only thing he thought about for the previous hour. As he thought about the touch of her fingertips rubbing the head of his penis, he began to grow.

Stephanie stared at her little brother’s crotch and said, “Apparently, I’m thinking about the same thing you are.” She pointed a finger at his growing erection. “Take off your shorts.”

“Sis, this is weird,” Josh said, scared of getting caught. “Someone could walk in any minute. I’m not sure if this is a good idea.”

Stephanie stepped to her brother. “That’s the part that makes it exciting,” she said. She reached up and kissed him on the lips. She paused to see if Josh would resist or kiss back. He did neither. She pulled back slightly and then tried again. That time, Josh parted his lips and allowed his sister to slide her tongue into his mouth. It felt way too good for him to hesitate again. Josh pushed Stephanie’s tongue back into her mouth with his tongue.

He grabbed his sister by the hips and pulled her tight to his body. They exhaled a simultaneous sigh of satisfaction. Josh pulled away from Stephanie. He glared into her beautiful blue eyes and then smiled. “I can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

“You can’t believe what?” Stephanie asked. “What do you want to happen, little brother?” She playfully asked. “Do you want to kiss me on these lips more, or do you want to kiss me on these lips?” Stephanie teased, as she placed her fingers over her crotch.

“I’ve never done that,” Josh replied.

Stephanie smiled. “It’s easy. Just write the alphabet with your tongue.” Stephanie peeled off her shirt, exposing her bare, sun-kissed tits. “First, kiss me here,” she said, using her index finger to rub the tip of her nipple.

Josh obeyed and bent down. He took his sister’s hard nipple into his mouth. He gently sucked on her titties as he squeezed her ass. Stephanie arched her back, pushing her tits farther into her brother’s face.

Stephanie slipped off her thong and laid back on the bed. “It’s time to write out that alphabet, little brother,” she said. Josh knelled on the floor. He took a moment to look, rather, idolize his sister’s pussy. It was first time he had ever seen one in person. Stephanie spread her legs farther apart, motioning for Josh to continue.

Josh slowly stuck out his tongue as far as it would go and made one long continuous lick from bottom to top and then back down again. And then he paused. He licked his lips, savoring his sister’s flavor. He liked the way she tasted.

Stephanie gently pushed her bother’s head back in between her legs. She pushed her pelvis against Josh’s face as he pushed her pussy open and dove his tongue deep inside her. He flicked his tongue up and down, side to side. He deeply kissed his sister’s pussy as she moaned.

“Go up, just a little,” Stephanie instructed. “There—right there.”

Josh found the hardened clit and began massaging it with his tongue. As his sister started moving, he licked faster. He knew he was about to bring his sister to orgasm. And he loved it. Stephanie arched her back into the air. She used her legs to pull her brother tighter. Josh curled his tongue into the shape of a straw and began sucking her juice straight from her fruit.

“Holy fuck, Josh, that was perfect,” Stephanie said, as she collapsed back onto the bed. Josh didn’t stop. He continue slurping every drop of his sister. He wanted, he needed more of her. “Your turn,” Stephanie said, as she tried to pull away. Josh grabbed her thighs and pulled her back to him. Stephanie quickly obliged when she felt the surge once again. She grabbed a handful of her brother’s hair as she kept one leg resting on his back. She moaned deeply as her brother brought her to another orgasm.

Stephanie tugged at Josh’s shorts until his hard cock bounce out. It nearly hit her in the face. “That is one big cock,” Stephanie said. “I guess it’s about ten inches, but anyway, it’s the biggest I’ve ever had, little brother.” Stephanie felt her brother’s cock thump in her hand as she said, little brother. “Do you like when I call you that?” she asked. “Little Brother?” She smiled when Josh’s hard cock thumped again.

Stephanie took a firm grasp on her brother and slowly rolled her tongue around the head of his cock. His skin was smooth. There were only slight hints of veins, but none bulging. His cock had a small upward curve. The right sort of curve that hit the g-spot with no problems. She took the head in her mouth as she continued rolling her tongue around the tip. Josh stared down into her blue eyes. Stephanie began taking more and more of her brother into her mouth until more than half of him had disappeared. Josh rolled his head back in ecstasy. His sister moved back and forth, clamping down with her lips. She’d pull back to the tip, and then take his hard cock back in her mouth again. She used her right hand, in a twisting motion as she sucked harder and faster. She began to moan as he did. Josh’s moans grew deeper and he tried pushing deeper into her mouth just as she stopped and pulled away.

“You were about to cum, weren’t you?” Stephanie asked, a little annoyed.

“Yeah,” Josh whispered, with a raspy voice.

“The polite thing to do is tell a girl when you are about to blow a load down her throat.”

Josh stepped back, embarrassed and apologetic. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“It’s okay, little brother. Have you never had a blow job before? Has girl never sucked your cock?” Stephanie waited for an answer. As she looked at Josh, she realized maybe she had been a little harsh on him. “Okay, look. You don’t have to answer, but you’re a virgin, aren’t you?” Josh sort of looked at the floor. “I’m sorry,” Stephanie apologized. “It’s okay, little brother. We’re about to change that, because you are about to get laid.” Stephanie sat on the bed. “Come here. Come fuck your sister.”

Josh climbed on the bed with Stephanie. She laid on her back and open her legs, inviting her brother inside her. “We don’t have any condoms, so I’m trusting you to pull out,” she said.

“No problem, sis.”

Stephanie used two fingers and parted her pussy lips. Her brother slowly slid ten inches of hard cock in her. “Mmmmm,” Stephanie moaned, deeply. Josh exhaled a sigh of pleasure at the same moment he felt his sister’s pussy accept all of him. “Slowly pull back and forth,” Stephanie instructed Josh. She pulled the cover over them, so she could keep her brother close to her.

After a few moments, Josh found a rhythm. Not fast, not slow, but steady and satisfying. It took only a few minutes before he gave his sister her third orgasm of the night. With his hands planted firmly on the bed, Josh held himself up as he kept driving all of his cock deep inside his sister. Stephanie wrapped her legs around his back, attempting to keep Josh from going so deep. It was just enough pain, mixed with just enough pleasure, to keep her with satisfying orgasms.

Josh began moving his hips faster. Stephanie helped guide him a small circular motion as he continued ramming all of himself inside her. Her loud moans turned into deep screams as her brother began fucking her harder than she had ever been. Sweat dripped from Josh’s forehead as he worked harder to make his sister cum. He wanted her small trembles to turn into full body shaking. He realized, there was nothing more in the world that he wanted to do than to make his sister the happiest woman on the planet. He wanted to fulfill her sexual appetite.

The door to the bungalow opened. “Josh,” Helen called out. She turned the corner to see her son panting and covered in sweat.

Josh pulled the blanket up high, shielding Stephanie. “Mom!” he yelled. He stared at his frozen mother.

“Oh my God, Josh, I am so sorry,” his mother said, as she backed around the corner.

A wave of fear rushed over Josh and Stephanie. They were not only busted, but they were busted by their own mother. Josh glanced at Stephanie, who was still under him. He was still inside her. He was on the edge of an orgasm himself when the door opened.

“Have you seen your sister?” Helen asked, near the door. “She said she would be back in about an hour, but she’s not back.”

Josh couldn’t believe his mother wanted to have a conversation with him as he lay balls deep in her daughter, his sister. Stephanie covered her mouth with a hand, holding back laughter. Josh was still in shock. So much so, that he couldn’t speak. His sister saw humor in the situation and began slowly moving her hips. Josh tried to fight her, but there wasn’t much he could do except jump up out of bed. Where he was, he kept his sister hidden. The fact that he was close to orgasm before his mother entered and the thrill of excitement, Josh felt the surge building below.

“No, Mom, I haven’t seen her,” Josh yelled. “Could you please go now?” He was becoming more furious than he was embarrassed.

“Of course, yes,” Helen said. “I’m sorry. And I’m sorry to you to, young lady,” Helen added before leaving.

“What the fuck was that?” Josh cried out, after his mother left. Stephanie let out a roar of laughter. “I’m serious. We were just caught.” Josh sat up on his knees. “My mother just caught me fucking my sister,” he thought aloud.

“She didn’t catch you fucking your sister,” Stephanie said. “She caught you fucking some young lady.” Stephanie said, while laughing. “You need to finish, or you’re going to get blue balls and what I hear, that shit hurts.”

Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Are you serious? You want to continue?”

“Yes, little brother, I do.”

Josh took a moment to regain his composure and then leaned down to his sister. He slid back in her, hard. The sudden slam inside her, ceased the laughing. “You think that shit is funny,” Josh said, “See how funny this is.”

Josh angled up on one knee and lifted Stephanie’s left leg in the air. He pushed himself as deep inside his sister as he could. Stephanie bit her bottom lip. She knew what was about to happen. Her brother was going to fuck her as hard has he could until he came. She just hoped it wouldn’t take long. That was a lot of cock she couldn’t handle for very long.

After about five minutes of ball slamming fucking, Josh announced, “I’m about to cum. What should I do?”

“Just pull it out and spray it,” Stephanie said. “Spray your hot cum all over my stomach and tits.”

Josh did as his sister told him. He pulled out of her and gave two or three strokes before his juices shot across her stomach. The second wave shot all the way up, barely missing her face before landing in her hair. The rest of his cum sprayed between her tits and on her stomach.

“Holy shit, Josh,” Stephanie said. “That was a lot of cum and you even got the shit in my hair.”

“I didn’t know it was going to do that. It never shoots out like that when I jack off.”

Stephanie used Josh’s shirt and cleaned herself. As she stood, her knees weakened. “Damn, little brother, you fucked me good.” Then the chuckles reappeared. “You should have seen the look on your face when mom walked in.” Stephanie walked toward the bathroom. “Priceless, man. Fucking priceless.”

Josh and Stephanie quickly showered together. Stephanie needed to get back to Helen before she came back again. They had no idea where Matthew went or when he would be back. Stephanie needed to get out of there before they were actually caught.

“Can I ask you something, Sis,” Josh asked, apprehensively.

“Sure,” Stephanie replied. “Anything you want.”

“Have you ever done that with Matthew?”

“What? Fuck Matthew?” Stephanie asked, in return. “No, Josh. Matthew and I don’t have the same relationship that you and I do.” Stephanie hurried getting dressed. She opened the door and then turned to Josh. “Good night, little brother. I love you.” She kissed Josh on the lips and then hurried across the beach to her own bungalow.

Josh lay in the bed thinking about Stephanie. He thought about how that was the weirdest thing that ever happened in his life. He knew it was wrong. He knew incest was wrong. He also knew that any man in the world that would turn down his sister was a damn idiot. He lay there thinking about the previous hour or so when the door opened. In some weird way, he wished it was his sister coming back. But, it wasn’t.

“Hey, Josh,” Matthew said, as he walked in. “Don’t tell me you sat there doing nothing all night.”

Josh wasn’t about to kiss and tell. Especially tell Matthew, or anyone for that matter who it was that he was kissing. “Where have you been?”

“I met this girl online and I just went and met her in person,” Matthew said. “Plus, we just screwed for like an hour.” Matthew started packing his clothes. “See. Josh, that’s why you need to get out of this room. You need to go get laid.

Josh thought to himself, “If he only knew.” Then he quickly wiped the smile from his face. He turned his attention back to his brother. “What are you doing? Why are you packing your stuff?”

“I’m not going back to North Carolina, little brother. I’m staying here,” Matthew said. “This chick I met is wonderful, man, She’s perfect. I already have a job lined up and everything.”

“Whoah! What?” Josh exclaimed. “Mom is not going to let you just stay here. She’s going to have a fucking fit.”

“That’s the best part, bro,” Matthew said. “There is nothing she can do. I am twenty years old now. I packed all of my clothes and my personal stuff.” Matthew paused at the door. “Tell mom I’ll be by tomorrow to explain it all to her. Take care little bro.”

Stephanie eased open the door. She tried to remain quiet, just in case Helen was asleep. She pushed the door shut and turned around. Helen sat in the chair, reading a book.

“You will not believe what I saw tonight,” Helen said.

“I can believe it, because I saw it too,” Stephanie thought to herself. “What are you talking about?” is what she asked.

“Your brother having sex,” Helen said, still surprised.

“Matthew has been having sex for years,” Stephanie said, playing it off. “That’s nothing new.”

“Not Matthew, your little brother.” Stephanie smiled, not at the idea of Josh having sex, but at the thought of Josh being aroused when she called him, little brother. “It’s not funny, Stephanie,” Helen said, interrupting her daughters thoughts.

“Well, mom, he is eighteen now,” Stephanie said. “Eighteen year old’s have sex. It’s what they do. Like horny little rabbits.” Stephanie laughed at her own joke.

“I know, Stephanie. But we have only been here less than one day. How well could he know this girl?”

“Maybe he knows her better than you think,” Stephanie said.

“Do you know her,” Helen asked.

Stephanie was saved from answering her mother when the door opened. Josh rushed inside. “Matthew said, he was staying here and he wasn’t coming home at the end of the vacation,” Josh announced.

“I know,” Helen replied. “He and I already talked about it.”

Chapter 2

The next morning, Josh was awaken by banging on the door. Startled, he jumped out of bed. He swung open the door to see Stephanie standing there with her luggage. She pushed past him and said, “I’m moving in.” Josh smiled at the idea. Then Helen pushed past him too, with all of her luggage.

“What’s going on?” Josh asked.

“Since Matthew moved out, I talked to the rental agency and they gave me a partial refund for one bungalow,” Helen said. “I figured, well, it was actually Stephanie’s idea, the three of us could just share one room. I hope you don’t have a problem with that, Josh.”

Josh couldn’t answer before his mother claimed the other bed in the room. He watched as she unpacked her clothes and neatly put them in the drawers. I liked the first part of the plan much better, when just Stephanie was moving in.

“Stephanie and I can sleep here and you can still have your bed,” Helen said. “There shouldn’t be any problems. Just as long as you can get used to seeing your sister half naked, we’ll get along just fine.” “Half naked?” Josh thought quietly.

“Do y’all want to go down to the beach today,” Stephanie asked. “We still have six days left here and I don’t want to spend the entire time in bed,” she eyed Josh, “Umm, I mean in this bungalow.”

I didn’t know if Stephanie was trying to get us caught or if the excitement of my mother being present turned her on, or if she was just trying to scare the hell out of me. As we walked down the beach, toward the ocean, my mother led the way. Stephanie began grabbing my ass as we walked. Then I had to fight her from grabbing my dick, which she successfully had a firm grip on once.

“Here, let’s set up here,” Helen said. “This looks like a nice, private and peaceful area.” Helen sat down her bag and then peeled off her shirt. It was the first time Josh had really taken notice of his mother’s body. For a forty four year old woman, she still had a tight figure. Her filled out the skimpy bikini top. Her firm ass was a model for the bikini bottom. She visited the tanning bed a few times before we left home so she would at least look like she belonged in the sun.

Josh caught Stephanie out the corner of his. She stared at her brother as he stared at their mother. Stephanie knew right away that Josh was eying their mother’s sexy body.

“Josh, would you be a dear and rub some of this lotion on my back?” Helen asked, without expecting him to refuse. Josh squirted a heavy amount of the oil into his hand and then began rubbing it onto his mother’s back. He quickly finished when he found himself being aroused.

Stephanie dropped her shorts and then pulled off her t-shirt. “Race ya to the water, Josh!” Stephanie started running before Josh had a chance to react. He figured he had better do something before his mother saw the chubby forming in his shorts.

A few seconds later, Josh joined his sister in chest deep water. The waves were small enough that they could maintain their balance in the shallow water. Josh and Stephanie glanced at each other and the glanced toward the shore. Helen lay on her stomach, facing away from the ocean. Josh reached through the water until her found Stephanie’s hand and then pulled her tight.

“What are you doing?” Stephanie asked, alarmed. “She’s right there. She can see us.”

Josh planted a kiss on his sister’s lips. After a brief moment, he pulled away. “She’s not even looking this way. Besides, I thought you like the idea of getting caught.”

“Okay then,” Stephanie said, flashing a teasing smile. “Lets play then. Give me your shorts.”

Josh immediately regretted what he said. Then he had second thoughts. “Give me your top,” he said.

Stephanie quickly untied her top and went one step further and slid off her bikini bottoms too. “Here, you can have both of them.” She handed out to her brother’s

Josh quickly snatched her bathing suit before their mother saw. He pulled off his shorts, but held onto them. He smiled at his sister and then ducked under the water. He swam around Stephanie, groping her. Josh ran his fingers between her legs and then up her back before reaching around and squeezing her tits. Stephanie felt blindly through the water until she grabbed his hard cock. Josh let go of her and resurfaced. But, Stephanie didn’t let go.

She started stroking her brother, getting him harder. They stayed as far apart as they could, but remained in arms length. They tried to be cautious just in case Helen would look their way. Before they realized it, they ignored the shore and were chest to chest. Josh was as hard as he was ever going to be. Stephanie wrapped her legs around her brother’s waist and then hoisted herself on him.

Josh slipped inside Stephanie. Josh maintained their balance as Stephanie began moving up and down on her brother’s ten inch cock. In a matter of minutes, the entire world faded and they didn’t care who saw them. They weren’t stopping until they were both finished.

The excitement of being in the open water and their mother than fifty yards, Josh announced his climax in just ten minutes. Stephanie climbed off her brother and stroked him until he finished spurting his cum into the Atlantic Ocean. They were about to kiss when they heard their mother. The siblings quickly pulled apart and looked toward the shore. Helen was waving for them to join her.

Stephanie and Josh looked around for their clothes, but realized in the heat of the moment, the bathing suits slipped away.

“What in the hell do we do now?” Josh asked.

“We just walk on shore,” Stephanie said, laughing. She left Josh alone as she swam toward shore.

Helen was boggled when her children walked across the beach completely naked. She was speechless. She couldn’t help but notice how her children had developed into fully grown, attractive adults. Stephanie walked toward her mother as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Josh tried his best at hiding his penis from his mother. But, Helen still got a few glimpses of her son’s half erect penis. Helen remained silent as Stephanie took a seat on a towel. Josh joined them, but sat facing away from his mother.

Helen finally spoke. “Do I want to know what happen to y’alls clothes? Or is that something we shouldn’t talk about?”

Oh, mom,” Stephanie quickly replied “It’s only bodies in their natural form.”

“Whatever the fuck that means,” Helen said. “Turn around here, Josh, so I can talk to you.”

Josh slowly turned around and folded the towel so it would cover his crotch. He kept his focused everywhere except at his mother or his sister. Not starring at either of their beautiful tits made it especially difficult.

“Would you feel better if I took off my clothes too?” Helen asked. She was just as surprised she said that as her children were.

“That would be awesome, mom,” Stephanie said. “Then I can finally be naked around the house.”

“If that’s what you really want, then fine.” Helen untied her top and let it fall to her lap. She placed it to the side and then slid off her bottom piece. She repositioned herself so her legs were straight out in front of her. Her feet were between her children. “Oh my God, I feel so free. The ocean breeze feels wonderful on my bare skin.”

Josh and Stephanie looked at each other as if their mother was going insane. Stephanie blurted out laughing. Josh only laughed because his sister laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Helen asked.

“Okay, who are you and what have you done with our mother?” Stephanie jokingly asked. “You’re acting crazy.”

“What? Helen said, puzzled. “I want to see what you’re always raving about. Being naked is so great, you’d say. Well, Stephanie, it is great. So for now on, clothing is optional.”

Josh still tried not to get caught staring at his mother or sister’s beautiful bodies. He did steal a few glances, and apparently it was a few too many.

“It’s okay, Josh baby,” Helen said. “That’s perfectly normal for a boy your age.” Helen nodded down toward Josh’s lap. “I didn’t realize it was that big, but that’s okay. We’ll just get used to it, that’s all.”

Chapter 3

Later that night, Josh sat in the corner, trying to hide is raging hard-on that he had since his mother stripped naked. He believed seven hours was the longest he had ever had an erection. He was doing everything in his power not to touch it as his sister and mother sat there in the same room watching television. He contemplated going to the bathroom and jerking off, but they would know if he did. Plus, in order to get to the bathroom, he’d have to walk past them. He had never been more horny in his life. He felt like just a few tugs on his dick and he could release the pressure.

Helen sat on the bed she claimed. She was stretched on top of the blanket. Her fully bare body for the world to see. Well, actually the only one who was looking was her son. A few times Helen caught her son staring a little too long. At first, she felt a little uncomfortable, but quickly got used to it; mainly by the fact she could see his full erection. A couple times, she couldn’t tell who was looking at who first. She admitted to herself that her son did have a monster cock and she could just imagine what the girl from the night before had felt when he was pounding her.

Stephanie laid on the opposite bed, her brother’s bed, on top of the blanket too. However, she laid spread eagle, not trying to hide anything. Just was letting it all hang out for her brother to see. She secretly hoped he would even drool over it. When they had returned from the beach, she took a shower and gave herself a fresh shave. Everything was smooth as silk. She hoped her mother would fall asleep soon so she wouldn’t have to move to the other bed.

Less than an hour later, Stephanie quietly got up, turned off the light and turned down the volume on the television. She peeled back the blanket and got back into bed. She motioned for her brother to join her. At first, Josh silently protested, but after Stephanie motioned that she would suck his cock, he quickly climbed into bed with her. His sister put a finger across her lips, signaling for him to be quiet so they wouldn’t wake their mother in the opposite bed.

Josh laid down, under the blanket and got comfortable. He placed his hands above his head and studied his mother for movements as his sister slid down the bed. The moment his throbbing cock met Stephanie’s warm mouth, he almost lost it. His sister slowly sucked him for a few minutes before she came out from under the blanket.

Stephanie peered at her mother, making sure she hadn’t awaken. She knew Josh hadn’t been paying attention. Stephanie laid on her side, facing her mother. She poked out her ass, inviting her brother to get in behind her. “Don’t go fast and don’t go deep,” Stephanie whispered.

Josh spread apart his sister’s perfect ass and slid his cock inside her. He put half of himself in her and then back out. He went in half way again. Josh leaned to his sister’s ear, “Is that good?” Stephanie bit her lip and nodded.

Fortunately for the siblings, the mattress was firm and it was quite. Josh rocked his hips back and forth as he kept a firm grip on Stephanie’s tit. He slid is other arm under her head and pulled her close to him. His chest was pressed firmly against her back. He didn’t want to go anywhere, ever.

Brother and sister lay there under the glow from the television, lost in each other. They had completely relaxed and were becoming one constant surge of electrical orgasms. They were so lost into each other that they didn’t realize Helen had awoke.

At first Helen was shocked and mortified, but just as she began to speak, she heard her daughter whisper, “I love you.” Helen bit her tongue. Helen knew what they were doing was incest. It was immoral and illegal back in the states. Then she thought to herself, who was she to stop two consenting adults from enjoying each other. Helen remained motionless on the bed as she watched her son and her daughter get lost in passion.

At one point, they must have got hot because Stephanie threw off the blanket. Helen laid there watching two beautiful bodies make love to each other. It had gotten hot for Helen too. She had slid her right hand between her legs. She used her index finger and slowly massaged her own clit as she watched Josh fill Stephanie with his huge cock. After a short moment, Helen found herself on the brink of an orgasm. She had past the point of stopping. She felt so guilty, but at the same time, she was so horny. Helen quickly climaxed and then she immediately climaxed again.

Helen froze and shut her eyes when she heard Josh mumble something. Helen peaked through one eye as she watched her daughter roll over, slid down the bed and take Josh’s cock in her mouth. Helen watched in disbelief as Josh gripped the sheets. Stephanie had sucked off her brother. Not only did she allow Josh to blow in her mouth, she swallowed all of his juice. Helen watched as Josh’s body fell limp. He looked down at Stephanie, smiled and lipped, “Thank you.” Helen smiled too.

While Stephanie was in the bathroom, Helen acted as if she had just woke up. Josh laid in the other bed, pretending to be sleeping. Helen made sure Stephanie noticed her as she came from the bathroom. Helen slid over, giving her daughter room in the bed.

Chapter 4

“It’s so great to be home,” Helen said, as she dropped her luggage near the front door.

“Yeah,” Stephanie and Josh grumbled at the same time.

Helen knew they really didn’t want to come home. Her children didn’t want to end the fun they were having. She knew that she’d miss Matthew, but he was a grown man and could make his own choices. When Helen promised that they would come see him on holidays, Josh and Stephanie were especially excited. Helen thought that because they were back in North Carolina, her kids thought they had to stop their escapade. She would at least try to help them.

“Leave your things by the door and follow me,” Helen instructed. The siblings looked at each other and then followed their mother’s orders. Helen opened the glass patio door and then continued out to the pool. She stopped at the edge of the water. Helen shimmied off her shorts and then her underwear. She peeled off her shirt and quickly unsnapped her bra. “Just because we’re home, doesn’t mean we have to wear clothes.” Helen dove into the pool.

Helen motioned for her children to follow. Stephanie and Josh ripped off their clothes and then jumped into the pool. They swam a few laps, allowing the cool water to rush over their bare skin. They kept eye contact as they swam past each other.

“What did you think of the vacation,” Helen asked, as she sat on the edge of the pool. She let her feet dangle in water as she got her children’s attention. “Did you enjoy the Bahama’s?”

“Yeah, it was fun,” Stephanie answered.

“What was your favorite part, Josh?” Helen asked. Josh shrugged his shoulders as if he wasn’t sure how to answer that. “Well, let me ask you this, Josh. Do you love your sister?”

“Of course,” Josh answered, as if it was a ridiculous question.

“No, I mean, do you really love her?” Helen pressed. The siblings felt they knew where their mother was going. “I know what was going on and–“

“Oh my God, mom!” Stephanie interrupted. “What do you mean, you know what’s going on?” Stephanie locked her eyes onto Josh, whom was about to swim away.

“Josh, wait,” Helen said. “Since the first night we all slept in the same bungalow. I woke up and saw the two of you.” Helen put up a hand to silence her daughter. “The two of you are grown adults. You can make your own decisions. I just ask that you be careful, that’s all.”

“Whoa! Wait,” Josh said. “You mean to tell me, that you are okay if I fuck my sister?”

Helen didn’t speak, she just nodded.

“And I can suck my brother’s cock when ever I want?” Stephanie asked.

“Alright now,” Helen said. “That’s a little too much information.”

“So, if we make out in front of you. Right here and right now, you won’t say anything,” Stephanie asked.

“No,” Helen said. “Turn your lives into a twenty four hour a day fuck-fest. I don’t care. Just don’t get pregnant.”

Later that night, Helen went to bed early. Stephanie sat in a chair facing her brother, who was lying on the sofa. They glared at each others naked bodies. They couldn’t believe that their mother was okay with them dating each other and okay with them having sex.

“I can’t believe it, can you?” Josh said.

“It is kind of weird though,” Stephanie said. “However, since she knows, we don’t have to hide it any more. We can just fuck anywhere, anytime.”

“Like right now?”

Stephanie smiled at her brother’s idea. She crawled over to where her brother laid. She sat up on her knees and took Josh’s cock in her hand. Stephanie slowly stroked her brother’s cock in the family’s living room.

“I can’t believe we are going to do this right here,” Josh said. He moved one of his legs to allow his sister full access to his hard-on.

After Stephanie got Josh fully hard, she eased up to wear he laid his head. She straddled his face and said, “Suck out my juices, little brother.” Josh open his mouth and wrapped his lips around his sister’s pussy and began sucking her whole pussy. He slipped his tongue inside of her just as she had an orgasm. He moaned in excitement as he began swallowing Stephanie’s juices. Stephanie rode her brother’s face has she came twice more.

Josh got situated on the sofa so he could eat his sister’s pussy until she had enough. If she wanted him there all night, he would be. He began writing the alphabet with his tongue. Before he got to F, she had dripped cum in his mouth again.

Stephanie got up and pulled Josh by the hand. “Take me and fuck me in your bed,” she demanded. Josh followed his sister up the stairs.

At the top of the steps, Helen emerged from the bathroom. “Are you two going to bed now, as in sleep or do I need earplugs?” Helen said, laughing.

“You might need earplugs,” Josh joked.

“Unless you want to join us,” Stephanie said. Helen and Josh looked at Stephanie puzzled. “I’m serious,” Stephanie continued. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. You can just watch if you want.”

“Are you okay with this, Josh,” Helen asked. Josh almost came at the thought of it.

Helen followed her children into Josh’s bedroom. She took a seat on the corner of the bed as she watched Stephanie get comfortable on the bed. Helen gazed at her son’s cock as it bounced up and down when he walked.

“Come eat your sister’s pussy some more, little brother,” Stephanie said.

Josh got down on his knees and without hesitation, buried his face in between his sister’s legs. At first, he was gentle and slow. Then as Stephanie started squirming, Josh began to lick his sister’s pussy more vigorously. Before he knew it, he was eating her like a wild animal that hadn’t had a meal in a week.

Stephanie’s cries of ecstasy and Josh’s moan’s and slurps made Helen extremely aroused. She slid back a little bit on the bed and began slowly messaging her clit. Before long, Helen had two fingers buried deep inside herself. She came at the same time as her daughter.

Stephanie sat up and pushed Josh’s head away and into their mother’s pussy. Josh never hesitated. He went straight in and began sucking his mother’s juices from her fruit. She tasted different than his sister, but Josh still liked it. Stephanie traced her mother’s curves with a fingertip until she got to Helen’s tits. Stephanie traced her mother’s nipples with her tongue. She playfully bit her nipples, causing pleasurable pain.

“Bring us that cock, little brother,” Stephanie said. “Bring it up here to us.” Stephanie grabbed her brother’s hard cock and kissed the tip of it. Then she placed it front of her mother and she kissed it too. Stephanie and Helen slowly kissed and licked Josh’s cock. “Have you ever had one so hard, mom?”

“I can’t say that I have,” Helen replied. Helen took her son’s cock deep in her mouth. She took all of her son’s cock. Helen then slowly backed it out of her mouth. “That dear, is how you deep throat.”

Stephanie laughed at her mother’s joke and then took her brother in her mouth. She started sucking wildly. Twisting and pulling with both hands, all the while slurping and sucking the hardest cock she ever had.

“I want you to fuck mom first,” Stephanie said. She motioned for Helen to get up on her knees. She held her brothers cock and guided him into her mother’s wet pussy. Stephanie rubbed her mother and her brother as Josh eased inside his mother.

“Oh my God, it’s fucking huge,” Helen cried. “But, dear baby boy, don’t stop.” Helen released a deep, long growl as her son went deep inside her. “Oh yes, baby, fuck mommy!” Helen began moving in rhythm with her son. “Fuck mommy, baby, fuck mommy.”

It was too much for Josh to handle. He was horny before it all started. He had been wanting his sister since they were done fucking last time. Then his mother wanted fucked too. Josh knew he was about to explode any second. “I’m about to cum,” he announced.

“You can cum in mommy,” Helen said.

“Are you sure?” Josh asked.

“I’m positive, baby.” Helen said. “Give me your cum. Josh’s muscled tightened as he released the first wave of juice. “Yes baby,” Helen moaned. “Fill your mother’s pussy with cum!”

Chapter 5

As the next few weeks went by, the siblings took their mother’s advice and turned their relationship into a twenty four hour a day fuck fest. The only times they weren’t fucking is when they were sleeping and eating. Then again, sometimes they even brought fruit and cool whip into the action. They had sex in probably every square foot of the house, inside and out.

Helen would join them sometimes. The only rule they had was that the siblings had to be involved, so there was never any one on one alone time between Helen and one of her children. Although, sometimes Stephanie would just watch her brother fuck their mother senseless without actually taking part.

Sometimes, Josh and Stephanie would take weekend getaways just so they could get out of their town and play husband and wife like a normal couple. When they did venture into public together in their hometown, they had to be careful to not let anyone see them showing too much affection. One time, all three of them ventured to Myrtle Beach and pretended to be a threesome couple. Stephanie and Josh were married and Helen pretended to be their girlfriend. It made for some weird looks from strangers when they took turns kissing each other.

As weeks turned into months and months turned into years, Stephanie and Josh realized they no longer cared what people thought. They bought wedding rings and although they couldn’t legally marry, they wore the rings and introduced each other as husband and wife. If necessary, Helen would play the part of Stephanie’s mother.

The three of them eventually moved out of North Carolina and currently reside in Southern California where they only wear clothes if venturing into town. They visit Matthew twice a year, where Josh and Stephanie can frolic nude on the beach, hand in hand and sneak away to have sex in the ocean.

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