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Family Game Night

Definitely not a game of monopoly.
Family Game Night

“That was a delicious dinner, Monica,” my husband, Roger, complimented me.

“Yeah, mom, your fried chicken beats the colonel all to hell” my son, Rick, added and laughed.

“Mom, I’m gonna weigh 200 pounds if you keep feeding me like this” my daughter, Angie faux-complained. Since she weighed probably no more than 120, I didn’t think she had much to worry about.

Amy, our other daughter, just rubbed her tummy and blew out her cheeks to show how full she was. I had to laugh at her funny expression.

I enjoyed cooking for my family. I enjoy doing things for my family and with my family. We all feel that too many families do not take time to enjoy each other’s company or to find time for common interests.

“OK, OK,” I said taking a mock bow from my chair at the table. “If you appreciate my cooking so much, why aren’t you cleaning up the table for me.”

The predictable groans came

“Ah, mom, can’t we just get on with game time?”

“Yeah, we’re ready for game time”

“Come on,” Roger told them, “you know the rules”

The kids dutifully got up and cleared the table. Roger and I smiled at each other as we heard the kids playfully bickering in the kitchen as they rinsed dishes, loaded the dishwasher, and straightened up. We knew we were fortunate to have a family that got along so well. So many families we knew hardly spent anytime together, hardly spoke to each other in fact.

Roger and I were sitting in the family room, sharing the couch in a cuddle, when the three kids joined us there. I stopped to look at the three wonderful children our marriage had produced. We were so proud of our children.

Rick certainly took after his father. He was about 6′ tall, probably around 200 pounds, firm but not over muscled. He was 22 and a senior in engineering at the local university. His hair was sandy blonde, like his father’s, but longer; almost a surfer boy look.

Amy looked more like me. She was about 5’6, with shoulder length brown hair. She was slender and firm. Like me she had 34C breasts. I knew this because I was forever finding my bras in her room after she had borrowed them. She was 20 and a sophomore in music performance at the university. She could play the flute like an angel can play harp. She had a smile that could brighten a room.

Angie was our youngest at 18. Roger often teased me about Amy being the milkman’s kid. She was very petite; only about 5’2, flaming red hair, wore only an A-cup bra (which her sister teased her about unmercifully, but still lovingly), and freckles. She never went anywhere without her drivers license as she was always having to prove she was 18 and not just 13 or 14. She was getting ready to enter the university, having just graduated from high school as couple of months ago.

They all came to mock attention in front of us and saluted sharply. Obviously they had planned this in the kitchen.

Rick was their spokesman. “Sir, and ma’am, all present and accounted for, sir, and ma’am. The mess galley is ready for inspection”

“Alright, alright, enough already.” I chided them. “I’m sure the kitchen is fine” I knew in my heart of hearts that later I would have to go in and do it right, but at least they had helped with the most of it.

“Game time?” Roger asked me.

I looked at him and smiled. I looked at the kids. Their eyes were bright with anticipation. “Sure” I said.

Roger looked at our three kids who were now standing relaxed in front of us.

“OK, Sunday afternoon game time. What shall we play today?”

Angie spoke right up. “We talked about it in the kitchen. We want to play “timed combinations.”

The others nodded their head in agreement. Roger looked at me questioningly.

I nodded also. That was one of our favorite games, so why not?

Amy said, “I’ll get the box with the names in it.”

Angie said, “I’ll get the game box”

Rick said, “I guess I’ll just sit down until they get the game stuff” and he plopped down in the recliner opposite his dad and me.

The two girls were back in the room almost immediately. Amy put the small box on the coffee table. Angie put the larger box of game equipment on the floor next to the coffee table. Amy sat down on her heals and Angie sat next to her cross-legged. “OK, let’s review the basic rules, that way no one gets their feelings hurt. Game time is supposed to be fun time” Roger said.

“We roll a dice to see who draws first for their first partner. High roll goes first. If you draw your own name, you have to play solo for the first round. The two next highest rolls go next. That assures everyone plays. The timer will be set for ten minutes. When the timer goes off, round one is over and we draw for round two, and so on. Everyone agree and understand?”

It was almost comical to review these rules as we had played so many times that of course everyone knew the rules. I guess it was just part of the game time ritual we shared.

“As head of household and oldest, I claim right to draw first” Roger continued. He reached into the small box and got out a die. He shook it and tossed it onto the table. It came up a one. We all laughed.

He hung his head in mock shame. “So much for the respect of the random throw…”

I took the die and rolled it. It came up a four. The die got passed. Rick threw a three. Amy and Angie both rolled fives and rolled a again. The second time Amy rolled a five and Angie came up with a two.

Amy bounced in excitement. Roger pushed the small box over in front of her. She was smiling and looking around at all of us as she reached into the and draw a well used piece of paper. She smiled big when she looked at it. “I drew Daddy as my first round partner.” She showed us the paper.

Roger smiled back at her. “Okie dokie, baby. We will show them how it’s played.”

Because Angie had rolled the tiebreaker with Amy, she drew next. She reached in and drew a piece of paper. She rolled her eyes and shook her head when she looked at it. “Damn it, I drew my own name!” We laughed.

My four had given me the right to draw next. I knew that I would either draw Rick’s name or possibly my own and have to play solo for the first round. I drew Rick’s name.

“OK, get situated with your partners” Roger directed as the apparent game master.

He sat down on the floor next to Amy. Rick came and sat by me.

Angie, as the solo player, reached into the equipment box and found the timer we had used so many times. She set it to ten minutes and looked around the room. “Everybody ready?” We all nodded. “The first round is about to begin. GO!” and she started the timer.

Rick put his arm around me and pulled me tight to his muscular chest. My breasts immediately flattened to him as his arms encircled me. His lips met mine and our lips parted. His tongue was in my mouth. Mine met his and they wrestled. I could feel his hand caressing my back as we frenched there on the couch. He hand dropped to my ass and lovingly squeezed it. I moaned softly into his mouth. I loved the feel of my son’s hands on me. His other hand came up my waist and cupped my breast. My nipple responded immediately to his touch. I threw my leg over his and we were semi-reclining on the couch as we made out together.

I couldn’t resist. I opened one eye slightly to see how the game was progressing for the other players.

Roger was on top of Amy on the floor. They were both still fully clothed but he was between her firm thighs and they were dry fucking there. Their lips were also locked in a deep kiss. Then they broke their kiss and Roger wasthen nibbling her neck. I knew from experience that this was one of her most sensitive places. Her hands were grabbing at her dad’s butt as he rubbed his hips to hers. Her eyelids were fluttering already as she enjoyed the feel of her dad’s certainly hard cock rubbing against her pussy through their clothes.

I peaked over and saw Angie playing solo for this first round. She had already removed her blouse. With her tiny breasts she had no need of a bra around the house. She was watching her dad humping her sister intently. She was still sitting cross-legged in her running shorts. Her hands were on her nipples making circles on them. I knew she was sending pleasure to her pussy, as her nipples were very, very sensitive. She then took her fingers and pinched her erect nipples.

I closed my eyes again to fully enjoy Rick’s kisses and caresses. He had untucked my blouse from my shorts and was reaching under it to undo my bra. He deftly unhooked it one handed. All the practice had made him very good at this. His hand came around and unbuttoned my blouse. He slipped it off my shoulders. It was quickly followed by my bra. His hands felt so good on my tits. He cupped my tit in the palm of his hand and then pinched my nipple firmly. I needed more.

I raised myself up and moved higher on his body. I took my tit in my hand and lowered it to his mouth. “Suck my tits, Rick. You know I love that”

He didn’t have a chance to reply before my nipple was in his mouth and his tongue was at work. I pulled his face tightly to my tit and moaned. I could feel the waves of pleasure radiating out and then connecting with my pussy.

From this position, I could look around the room once again.

Angie was now completely nude. She was lying back on the floor. She had reached into the game box and found her favorite dildo. She was so petite that I was always amazed at her choice of toys. This dildo was 12″ long and very thick. She hadn’t inserted it into her pussy yet. She was running the head of the fake cock up and down her pussy lips. I could see her wetness spreading on her lips and over the head of the dildo. Her eyes caught mine and we smiled at each other. She pursed her lips in a kiss at me. The head of the dildo parted her pussy and her eyes closed in pleasure.

I then looked over to Roger and Amy. She had gotten his shirt off and he, in turn, had removed hers and her bra. He was still laying between our daughter’s thigh and was sucking on her tits. Her legs were locked around his back, her shorts pulled tightly to her crotch. Roger continued to hump her. He moved back and forth, sucking one tit and then the other. His hands and mouth were leaving her tits red and swollen, but I knew she liked it a little rough and that her dad was bringing her great pleasure.

I unbuttoned Rick’s shirt and was playing with his masculine nipples; pinching and pulling them. He moaned in response. Taking my tit out of his mouth for a moment, he said “Oh god, mom, that is great” and then returned to sucking my tits.

I reached down and was rubbing his cock through his shorts. I knew every ridge and vein on his 7″ cock from the many times we had played this game or others like it before. Even through the material, I could feel it throb in response to my touch. I had just undone the snap of his shorts and was ready to reach in to take his cock in my hand when the timer went off. The loud ringing sound startled all of us back to semi-reality.

Roger raised up off of Amy’s chest and rolled off her. I rolled back off Rick and sat next to him. The head of his cock was exposed where I had gotten to his shorts. Angie continued to slowly slide the dildo in and out of her pussy as we looked at her.

“Angie, baby, you are delicious to watch,” I said, “but you know the rules.”

“Oh man!” she pouted. She slid the big fake cock out of her cunt and it literally made a popping sound as the suction was broken. At first her pussy was stretched open but then the tight little muscles went to work and it closed before all our eyes.

“Time to roll for round two” Roger said.

He rolled a six. I rolled a one. Rick rolled a six. Amy rolled a four and Angie rolled a six. In the roll off, Roger rolled another six, Rick rolled a two, and Angie rolled a five.

Roger reached into the box and took a name. He drew Angie’s name. Under our rules, Angie could either accept her dad as her partner or they could roll again. She looked at her dad with lust and love in her eyes and said “I’ll take daddy as my partner.”

Rick reached in and drew his own name. He would be solo in round two. Since I had rolled a one and Amy had rolled a four, she reached in and drew. She smiled when she saw she had drawn my name. “I don’t mind playing solo for a round, but it’s more fun to play with a partner.” She said.

“OK, get situated” Roger directed. Angie moved her petite, naked, delicious body over next to her dad. Rick got up off the couch, holding his shorts up (it was against the rules to rearrange your clothing at the end of a round) and moved over to the recliner. Amy got up off the floor and sat next to me on the couch. We were both topless and our matching 34c tits rubbed together as we got settled. It sent a shiver through both of us.

Rick picked up the timer and set the time limit. “Ten minutes. GO!”

Amy looked at me. “I love you, mom”

“I love you, too, honey”

We melted into each other’s arms. Our warm tits flattened to each other’s. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my soft flesh and I was sure she could feel mine. We kissed deeply, pulling each other’s head tight to our own, running our fingers through each other’s hair. Our tongues danced together. As much as I loved kissing my husband and son, there was always something special about kissing with either of my daughters. It wasn’t better; it was just different, so soft and tender yet passionate.

“Stand up for a moment, baby” I let her go to allow her to do so. Her tits were right at my face and I took the opportunity to take a nipple into my mouth and suckle at my daughter’s tit as she had done to mine as a baby and many times since in our family game time. She pulled my face tightly to her tits and moaned. She reached down to unsnap her shorts and push them down off her hips.

I looked around the room to see how the game was going for the other players.

Angie had taken her dad’s pants off and was laying with her head on his stomach. Roger’s cock disappeared into her mouth. She was so petite I was always surprised at how much cock she could take. Roger was not huge, about 8,” but our youngest daughter, with her little girl-like body, could get almost all of it into her mouth. As her mouth slid up and down her dad’s cock, one hand a massaging his balls and the other slowly jacked his cock as she sucked him. She was lying on her side with one leg bent at the knee. I could see Roger’s hand covering her pussy and it looked like he had two fingers in her, finger fucking her. She was slowly working her hips, obviously enjoying the fingering.

Rick was laying back in the recliner. He had found a cock strap in the equipment box and had wrapped it around the base of his cock and balls. The entrapment of blood in his cock made it swell to the extreme and made it very dark red, the head almost purple. He was slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock, jacking off, watching the rest of us play. He took his finger and wiped off the bead of clear precum at the head of his cock and then licked it off his finger.

Amy was now nude in front of me. She put one foot up on the coffee table, opening her pussy in front of me. I slid off the couch to my knees. I parted her lips and exposed her swollen clitoris. I opened my mouth and covered her. My tongue found her clit and began to lick gently. I looked up at her and she was pulling at her nipples. My hand ran up the inside of her thigh. Halfway between her knee and pussy I found her wetness where it had run out of her pussy and down her leg. I put one finger into her cunt and then a second one. I began to finger fuck my daughter. Her hips were thrusting out to meet my mouth and tongue on her clit. She was thrusting downward to meet my fingers deep in her pussy. I could feel her hard cervix on my fingers as I fucked her.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Angie had moved her pussy over her dad’s face in a 69 position. He had pulled her hips down to her face and had his tongue buried deep in her. Again, I was amazed to see this petite girl, 18 years old built like 14, able to swallow her father’s cock to the hilt. His hips slowly thrust up, fucking our youngest daughter in the mouth.

Rick had found a small dildo and had it up his ass. He worked it in and out as his other hand worked up and down on his cock. His cock was beautiful. I knew his balls had to be full of cum.

Amy began to moan and thrust her hips faster. I knew her cum wasn’t far off.

Suddenly the timer rang. I quickly withdrew my mouth and fingers from her hot, wet pussy. She gasped at the sudden void. “Please, mom, I’m so close.” She begged.

“Now, honey” I said licking her juices off my fingers, “You know the rules”

“Well, shit”

Rick had stopped jacking his cock and had removed the dildo from his ass and the cock strap from his cock. The color returned to normal but it remained swollen and extremely hard.

Roger and Angie continued their 69 on the floor. I got down on my knees between Roger’s thighs and let my tongue run up the length of his cock until it met Angie’s lips. She let her dad’s cock pop out of her mouth and she kissed me.

“Come on you two, rules are rules” I chided.

She rolled off her dad. “I love this game, but I hate the rules sometimes”

We all sat up around the coffee table. Everyone was nude except for me. I had devoted the second round to Amy so I still had my shorts on. I looked at the bodies around me. I looked at my husband, 44 years old, tall, muscular, his cock hard and throbbing from Angie’s blow job. There was my son, also tall, well muscled like his dad, his cock jutting from his groin, a stream of precum trickling down his shaft. Amy, her eyes filled with unrequited lust from my eating her, her tits moving as she breathed deeply from this lustful game we played. And then there was my baby, Angie, so little girl-like in her build and so woman like in her ability to bring pleasure.

“Round three.” Roger picked up the dice and rolled a one. I rolled a six, my first of the day. Rick rolled a five. Amy and Angie rolled a four and three respectively.

I reached into the box and drew… myself. I would be solo this round.

Rick reached into the box. He laughed and rolled his eyes at this draw. “I drew dad” Rules were rules.

Amy reached in and drew Angie’s name.

I picked up the timer. “OK, rearrange yourselves”

Roger sat down by Rick. I looked at the two fine men, father and son, their cocks gently bouncing as their blood pulsed through them.

Amy and Angie sat by each other. Their bodies so different, yet their desire so alike.

I set the timer and said “GO!”

The first thing I did was stand up to take off my shorts. Unlike the other rounds, the two pairs of partners did not immediately begin. They were all watching me. It seemed like a waste of playtime to me, but they all loved to see me get naked.

I stood there, my tits firm at 43, my nipples hard with desire, my pussy running freely. All four pair of eyes were on me and were full of appreciative lust. I hooked my thumbs into the band of my shorts and panties and pushed them down over my hips. They fell to the floor and I was naked in front of my lustful, loving family.

“Well, go on, time is wasting” I teased them. I lay back down on the couch and got comfortable. I put one foot on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. I reached down and spread my pussy lips with the fingers of one hand and found my needy clit with the fingers of the other. I began to tease my clit as I watched my family on the floor.

Round three was obviously going to be the 69 round.

Roger and Rick were laying head to toe, side by side. Each had the other’s cock in his mouth and was sucking and jacking. There was absolutely nothing feminine about these two men pleasuring each other. Their cocks slid in and out of each other’s mouth. Their hands jacked the cock of the other, bringing pleasure and giving pleasure. Even though I had seen these two men I loved so much suck each other’s cock’s many times, I never got tired of seeing it again.

And my two daughters… my two delicious, loving daughters. They too had chosen to 69. This didn’t surprise me as I knew how much they loved to eat each other’s pussies. I also knew that Amy had been so very close to cumming on my mouth and was badly in need of relief.

As I watched my family devour each other, I inserted two fingers into my well lubricated cunt tunnel. They sent shivers through me as my soft wet walls welcomed my fingers. Unlike my girls that seemed to love using dildos for self-pleasure, I preferred my fingers. On those occasions when us three ladies had had girls-only nights, after all the pussy eating and clit licking, my two daughters would find their favorite dildos to fuck themselves to cum over and over again, while I would work my fingers in different ways to bring myself off.

Now was no different. Watching my family was so stimulating. Knowing they were all bringing such great pleasure to each other. Knowing how much they cared for each other and desired each other.. My fingers fucked my pussy, as I lay wide open for any of them to watch.

Not surprisingly, Amy was the first to cum. Angie was on top of her, her mouth covering her sister’s clit and her fingers deep in her sister’s cunt. Amy pulled her face down from between Angie’s thighs and was moaning and gasping for breath.

“Oh god, Angie, don’t stop… don’t stop… eat me… lick me… oh god… oh god” Her hips were thrusting hard and fast up against Angie’s hand and face. I could tell it was hard for Angie to keep up with her sister’s pleasure but experience allowed her to do so. Amy’s pleading turned into sexual jibberish as her orgasm swept through her.

Even Roger and Rick had stopped sucking each other cocks to watch the first cum of the afternoon. They continued to stroke each other but their eyes were on the two girls.

The timer went off. The rules allowed that if one of us was cumming when the timer went off, they could continue until their orgasm passed. Angie kept pleasuring her sister with her fingers and tongue until Amy returned to planet earth.

“Oh god, that was good Angie,” Amy panted as her sister rolled off her. They kissed deeply, their bodies coming together. Amy’s full tits covered Angie’s almost non-existent tits as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. They separated.

I reluctantly removed my fingers from my cunt and sat forward. The smell of sexual secretions was starting to fill the room. Both men’s cocks were dripping precum. All three pussies were wet. Breathing was shallow. Amy glowed from her orgasm. The rest of us were eager to have our first of the game.

We all looked lustfully at each other’s sexually aroused bodies. No one spoke for a moment or two. Cocks throbbed. Tits rose and fell on deeply breathing chest. Well, Amy’s and mine did. Angie’s nipples were fully extended.

“Round four. No more solo play” Roger panted.

He rolled a five. I rolled a two. Rick rolled a two. Amy rolled a four. Angie rolled a six. She reached into the box and drew my name. I smiled because I knew what she would want. Roger drew Amy’s name. She spoke up. “I accept daddy, but I also want to draw.” She drew Rick’s name.

Since the timer was closest to me I picked it up. “GO!”

Amy immediately got on her hands knees. “I don’t care who is at which end” she smiled. Her dad moved behind her and her brother moved to her face. I watched as Roger took his cock in his hand and slid the head of it up and down our oldest daughter’s pussy lips a time or time to allow their lubricating juices to mix. Rick was patiently jacking his cock near Amy’s mouth until Roger could get his cock inside her. Roger pushed forward as Amy pushed back. Her father’s cock disappeared into her cunt.

“Oh god, daddy, that always feels so good”

“To me too baby” he moaned as his balls were kissed by his daughter’s pussy lips.

“OK, Rick, I’m ready for you now” she smiled up at her brother.

Rick took his cock and presented it to his sister’s mouth. Her tongue ran around the swollen head a time or two and then he pushed forward. Her father was fucking her cunt from behind. Her brother was fucking her mouth from in front. It was mesmerizing to see how this young woman could take on these two men.

“Ahem… remember me?” Angie caught my attention. She had retrieved from the box exactly what I knew she would. She was holding up a 10″ strap on dildo. “I want you to fuck me mom”

I took it from her and put the strap around my waist. “Help me with this other strap honey” I asked her.

She moved behind me and reached up between my thighs to find the center strap. She found it and pulled it back. It rested on my clit where I knew it might bring me off as I fucked my youngest daughter. Suddenly I felt her hands part my ass cheeks and then her tongue as probing my ass. I pressed my ass back to her face and let her tongue fuck me for a few seconds.

“Hey, what do you want here? Me to fuck you or you to fuck me?” I laughed.

She moved back around in front of me and lay down. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist, mom, you looked so yummy.” She spread her thighs wide for me. Her pussy looked so inviting there before me. Her juices were running out and down the crack of her ass. Her nipples were hard and extended on her chest. It was hard to remember she was 18 years old from the way she was built. But it was almost equally hard to remember she was 18 years old from the way she knew how to fuck.

I got between her thighs and let her take the fake cock in her hand and pull me closer. Since the dildo had no feeling, we had learned from experience it was easy to get too rough while fucking another woman with it. It was best to let the “fuckee” set the pace.

She moved the head of the dildo up and down to get it slick with her cunt juices and then pulled gently. I pushed and the fake cock slid into her. I let her push her hips up to meet mine, making sure she was comfortable. More than once, one or the other of us ladies had bruised the other’s cervix by fucking too hard too soon with the strap on cock.

I looked into her lust filled eyes and she nodded. “Fuck me, mom” she said. So I did.

I raised my self up off her petite body and began to fuck my youngest daughter. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around my thrusting hips. I could see her pussy lips stretch and pull out as I withdrew the dildo from her cunt. They disappeared in when I thrust back inside her. Her clit was swollen as the dildo rubbed on it. Angie raised her head and found one of my tits hanging in her face. Her lips closed around it and she began to suck my tit as I fucked her. The strap of the dildo was rubbing my clit as I fucked my daughter. Her mouth on my tit was adding to my pleasure.

I looked over. Roger was thrusting his cock hard and fast into Amy’s pussy. Her tits were swaying as her dad pounded her cunt. Rick’s face was red as he fucked his sister’s mouth. She was able to take care of both of these cum filled men at the same time. I had taught her well.

Below me, from around my tit, Angie was moaning. “Fuck me mom, fuck me hard, I can take it. Make me cum, fuck me…”

I increased the speed of the strap on cock in and out of my baby’s cunt. Her legs were around my ass. Her arms came around my back. I could feel those large nipples on her tiny tits pressing into my tits. I basically held still while she thrust her spasming cunt onto the dildo.

“Oh god, I’m cumming mom, I’m cumming so good… fuck me” Her teeth were biting into my shoulder. I knew she was deep in the middle of a very intense orgasm. While the strap rubbing on my clit felt good, I knew I would not be joining her in this cum. As she fucked herself silly on my “cock” I looked over to see how Amy was doing with the two men of the family.

Rick was reaching under her and was pulling her nipples roughly. I knew she liked that. Her dad was reaching under her and was fingering her clit as he fucked. I knew she liked that too.

“Oh jesus, daddy, you fuck me so good. I’m gonna cum again. Fuck me harder.” She managed to say around her brother’s cock.

“I’m there with you baby. Daddy’s going to cum in your cunt real soon”

Roger was thrusting harder and deeper now. I could tell it would not be long before he emptied his balls into our oldest daughter. Rick apparently could tell that both of them were right on the edge. He pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth and just rubbed it on her face.

“Now, daddy, now. Oh fuck… oh fuck… I’m cumming again”

“Me too, honey, oh god, me too” Roger grabbed Amy tightly by the hips and slammed his cock deep into her. I knew his balls were shooting his thick white cum deep in her cunt. As he thrust in and out of her, his cum was overflowing and dripping out of her pussy. It dripped in long thick strands from between her lips and fell to the carpet.

Amy was moaning and Roger was growling. Father and daughter were lost in the throes of passion as they both found and gave incredible pleasure to each other.

Beneath me, Angie had slowed down her fucking. She reached up and took my face and pulled it to hers. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue filled my mouth. I laid down on top of her. She felt so small beneath me. I could feel her tiny tits and hard nipples beneath mine. Her hands were caressing my ass. Her hips moved in tiny circles beneath mine as she found the last spasms of orgasm on the dildo.

She broke our kiss. “That was great. mom. You fuck me so good with that thing”

I smiled at her and kissed her again. “I try, honey. I love you”

“I love you too, mom” she said as she petted my hair.

She looked like a little angel there below me. Her freckled face was glowing from our fuck. Her red hair was spread around her face like an auburn halo. Her petite body was so soft.

Rick spoke up. “Hey all you fuckers, the timer went off a few minutes ago. No one even noticed.”

Amy collapsed off of Roger’s cock. His cum continued to drip from her. Roger’s cock was shiny with their combined juices. Amy looked up at her brother. “Well, duh, we were all like kinda busy at the time, you know.”

I pulled the dildo out of Angie’s pussy. She shuddered as it left her empty.

“OK, well at the end of round four, Dad has cum, Angie has cum, and Amy has cum twice. Mom?”

I shook my head. “Nope, not yet”

“Me either”

The others knew they would be sitting out round five. There would be no rolling of dice or any solo play. Rick moved over to me. I laid back on the carpet and spread my thighs wide open for him. My pussy was dripping from desire for a cock.

He took his cock in hand and pressed it to my cunt opening. It went in easily.

“You always feel so good in me honey” I told him.

“I love fucking you, mom” he said lovingly and I knew he meant it.

Even though the others were officially sitting out this round, Angie was kissing Roger deeply. He had his arm around her, cupping her tiny ass. Her flat tits with their large nipples were pressed tightly to his chest. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Amy was stroking her dad’s cock , her head in his lap. I knew as his cock became hard again, she would suck him off.

My son was fucking me so wonderfully, as he always did. His balls bounced off my ass as his hips slammed into mine. My tits swayed back and forth on my chest with each of his thrusts into me.

Our eyes were locked as we fucked. This was my son whom I loved deeply. I was his mother. It crossed my mind how fortunate we were as a family. We never fought. Seldom argued. Treated each other with love and respect. Cared deeply for each other.

I could feel my pleasure begin to build around Rick’s cock. I could feel his cock begin to swell as he fucked me.

As my orgasm approached, I opened my eyes and saw Angie’s pussy being lowered to my face. “Please, mom?” she begged. I managed to nod and she covered my mouth with her wet needy pussy.

Rick began to grunt and I knew his cock would soon be filling me with cum. Angie grabbed my tits as she rocked her pussy on my face.

As I went higher and higher into my approaching orgasm, I thought, “my god, how I love Sunday afternoons.”

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