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Family Arrangements

A family saga begins.
Family Arrangements

Chapter 01

We live in the county, where houses are farther apart. We aren’t by any means far from town, but there is some privacy in being twenty feet from the nearest neighbors rather than five. I leave the window to my home open summer nights. I’ve been scolded for it once or twice, but I don’t believe any of us are really afraid of being burglarized.

I’m a light sleeper, and even if I wasn’t, there are three men in the house to defend me—and my mother, who believes herself to be quite the self-defense guru, although all of her knowledge on the subject comes from the TV, as far as I know.

I am twenty. Although it’s a shame to still be living with my parents at this point, since the recession I have given up on finding a job and am rather the professional student. Perhaps the only reason my parents can afford to support me, and my two brothers, is because our house was already paid off. They expect us to move on, but I suppose I’m still here because I don’t know what I want to do with my life.

Both of my brothers are younger than I am. The elder of the two is 19 years old, and my mother’s “baby” is 17. She had planned on having another girl, but there were complications with Jonah’s birth and so after that Dad got fixed. I know this doesn’t stop them from enjoying a frequent sex life in any way.

I know too much about my parents’ sex life, really and sometimes I think that this is how it all began: My room shares a wall with theirs, and through it I can hear just about everything that happens in their room. Yes, everything. And having lived here all my life, I have told them that I can hear everything. The only solution they can come up with for me is to have my bed on the other side of the room. And they did try to be quiet after they found out I could hear them.

But this tale relies on the initial incident, which occurred when I was 20 years old, on the night of March 26th, 2011.

I couldn’t sleep; and as is typical for me, when I can’t sleep, I went to my desk for my laptop. I’m not one for porn, really (I find it fascinating in a mundane “Look at that!” sort of way) but I do enjoy erotica, so I logged on to a favorite site and started browsing. Orgasm is the only tried-and-proven method I have to instantly make myself exhausted. However, as may happen when one is masturbating every night to get to sleep, I was bored.

I had begun to realize that I really couldn’t get horny enough to even bother taking off my pajamas when I heard urgent beeping on the other side of the wall. I checked the time. Four A.M. I like to go to bed at midnight, so still being up was a disappointment to me. Usually, even when I do have trouble finding something to pique my interest, I’ve gone to bed by 2 in the morning.

As I was musing over my apparent desensitization, and thinking perhaps I should switch to pornographic imagery, I heard my dad’s voice on the other side of the wall.

“Jill. Jillian.” I was quiet, thinking he was up to shower and leave for work. I didn’t need him coming in here to find me surfing for porn. I just didn’t. It’s shameful enough as a girl to be looking, never mind being caught looking.

“Whaaa?” I hear my mother mumble. She wasn’t quite awake yet. As far as I knew she usually slept until 7 before going off to her office job. My father worked longer hours, but he appreciated 4-10 hour days rather than the customary 5-8hour days.

“Jill would you handle my morning woody please?” I blanched. Oh, God. Are they really going to..?

I heard my mother roll over on the bed, and some more shuffling as the springs in the mattress groaned a little. Then I heard a slight, deep throaty gasp. My mother was on the other side of the wall, giving my father a blow job. They didn’t know I was awake.

I thought, they must be sneaking it in at all hours of the night. But there was no washing machine running, not even the air conditioning was on at 4 in the morning when everyone was expected to be sleeping, and my father’s dick was getting polished by my mother, and there was nothing to cover up their small sounds.

There was slurping. There was slurping, and creaking and the wet noise of my father’s prick… what was that like, to know that every morning the moment you woke up someone would be there to please you?

I had had one boyfriend in high school that I tried to give a blow job—once. We were both virgins. I didn’t know how to give him satisfaction, and he was too shy to give me any direction, so that was that. I was a twenty year old virgin who had never seen a penis spew its salty load except on the internet; and God knows I had never heard it.

However, my dad was grunting and moaning, and if his initial silence was any indication, then this morning I would get to hear a man shoot his load. I couldn’t help it, I felt myself getting wet.

This had never occurred to me before; no one liked to think about their parents doing the deed! But they weren’t actually having intercourse, and I was so tired, and so, so wet. With every groan he made I felt another surge in my pussy. It was wrong, so wrong. It was so very naughty. But I couldn’t help thinking, I wish I could be the one to do that to someone. To make them groan like that. It sounded so very good. And so I decided, to hell with it. I slowly closed the lid of my laptop, and took off my pajamas.

I was wearing an old extra-large Tee from my dad, and an old pair of PE shorts that still fit from my high school days. I dealt with the shorts first. I had the window open (as I have said I like to) so I decided to keep the shirt. No point in being too cold while I get my rocks off– And I heard him.

My father had apparently given up on trying to stay quiet, as his murmuring had reached the volume of normal speech that I cannot believe I would have slept through. He was encouraging mom:

“Oohh, yes Jill. Please, massage my balls. Oh God I can’t believe we haven’t done this for a week now.” (No wonder he couldn’t keep quiet.) “Fuck… oh baby that’s right…”

I didn’t bother slipping off my panties or bra. I just tugged the cotton aside and dipped a finger from my left hand in my pussy. I was so wet. I couldn’t remember ever being that wet before, not without stimulating myself for any extended period first. My middle finger slipped in and out so very easily, and felt so good as I listened to my daddy moaning on the other side of the wall, and my mother slurping and my own wet, squelching noise as my finger went in and out. I hoped desperately they weren’t listening as carefully as I was.

My right hand went to work on my clit as I put another finger into my pussy and gasped. After that I bit my lips together. I was going to have to be fast, and quiet if I didn’t want them to catch me.

There was a small pop. I stopped the fingers in my pussy but kept pressure on my clit, back and forth, up and down, circling, circling.

“Oh God Jillian, what the Hell?” That was when I stopped.

“Rob,” my mother said, “You’re being too loud.”

“God Jillian let me cum and I’ll be quiet as a mouse. Just let me fucking cum.”

“Say Please.”

I could hear the deep rumble of my father’s voice, but not his words as he responded. He must have capitulated, because soon I heard a quiet, low groan. My pussy gushed, and I started moving again. My clit still throbbed and I could feel an orgasm building. I tried to breath more quickly, speed up the process. But it felt so good, I didn’t want it to be over. I felt myself being torn between possibly being caught by my parents frigging myself and getting to have perhaps the best orgasm of my life, if only I could hold out.

There were a series of short gasps on the other side of the wall, followed by a low, guttural groan. I knew when I heard it; my father had cum. I felt my entire body seize with the knowledge that his prick, (Oh how I wondered about it now) had poured his jism into my mother’s mouth. My back arched, my toes curled and my legs stiffened on the desk chair as between my legs my right hand kept going on my clit, and I felt my vagina hug my fingers so tightly that I didn’t even bother moving them in and out any more. And I orgasmed. It was the damn best orgasm I had ever had.

Jillian turned over on the bed and wiped a bit of her husband’s sperm off the side of her mouth. She didn’t smile, she just sighed and turned over. Rob was lightly cupping his own balls, and he did have a smile on his face. “That was great, Jill,” he said.

“Baby, I’m tired. Get to work.”

“C’mon Jill… Don’t be like that.” Rob was genuinely upset. He loved his wife, without question. “I could return the favor.”

“Maybe tonight. I need my beauty sleep,” she murmured.

He swept an arm over her, and kissed her cheek. “Baby, I just want you to be happy. I miss our morning sessions.”

That did make Jillian grin a bit, in her half-wakened state. “I do too, but I get so tired when I haven’t slept through the n…”

“Jill,” Rob softly called her back. “Jill babe, Let’s talk about how to make it work. I know you’re tired, Baby.”

After a struggle she sat up. Pet names outside of sex weren’t really her husband’s thing. He gave her some time, just looking at her with her bedhead and matching PJ’s before saying, “Maybe we should have a date night.”

I could hear them murmuring again, on the other side of the wall. Maybe they were just talking. Curious, I fell from the desk chair as quietly as possible (too weak to walk) and crawled over to the wall, putting my ear to it. The voices came into focus.

“There are just so many things to do around here, and it’s hard to be sneaking around the kids all the time. I know you want a date night, but I really don’t think I have time for that. I get so run down by the end of the day.”

“But Jill, babe, this is our sex life. We can’t just let it dry up..” (My God! I thought they were fine…)

“Maybe you should get your morning blow job somewhere else, give me some time to sleep in before I go off to work and I’ll probably have more energy for you. I’m just so damned tired lately, Rob.” (???)

“Jillian, I am not going to another woman. I love you.” (Yes! Admirable!)

“Funny, I seem to remember–“

“But Jill, you were there. You know I would never leave this marriage to find someone else, I love you!”

“Oh, Robert… Baby I love you too! That’s not what I meant at all… Please, don’t cry, honey. I would never!” I had never seen my father cry before. Granted, I wasn’t seeing him now, but still. He was crying? What is my mother thinking?

“Robert, I was just thinking that maybe—Well, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way—But maybe dear, Stephanie could help you with your morning woody.”


Chapter 02

My dad had showered, saying he’d think about my mother’s proposition as he went off to work. I heard him walking down the hall, and thought for a moment maybe I should stop him. But I didn’t. What should I say to him? “No, Daddy. That’s wrong,” or “Please Daddy, I want to know what it’s like to make a man cum…”? How could I say either? Did I mean either of them? Why… maybe I meant both! I just wasn’t sure: What if I could… It’s not as if I didn’t trust my dad.

Incest had never occurred to me as an option before. Sure, I read erotica, so I knew that some people appreciated that but… Until I had heard my mother and father in their room late that night, I had never been turned on by the though of either of my parents having sex.

What was my mother thinking? She had just volunteered me for a sex act! With my father!

Never mind not asking me… I know that she feels as if my brothers and I don’t pull our weight around here, but she hasn’t done any housecleaning in years! Does our effort count for nothing there?

But I was tired, and confused, and anyhow nothing but sleep could help the situation. Perhaps my dad would be disgusted with the idea, and it would never come to fruition. I just hoped that it didn’t result in my parents’ divorce. Sure, my brothers and I didn’t have jobs but we were going to school, and stable because we had the support of two parents. I hate to think what might happen.

So I went to bed. Time to stop thinking.

… Jillian shut off the second alarm at 6:30 A.M. She rolled out of bed and set her clothes out for a shower. She knew her youngest would still be in the main bath, so she used the ensuite for her morning pee and had a rinse in the shower. She would take a bath when she got home, to shave and wash her hair. She just wanted to feel awake.

She hadn’t changed her mind since last night. In fact, the idea seemed better and better to her.

They were adults, right? No harm there. Even her baby, Jonah would been an adult soon. His birthday was on the third of April. He was a likeable boy, so sweet and generous. He never brought his friends home, and sometimes this bothered her. But he was still a child, after all. It was okay if he felt too shy, inviting people into his home.

Vincent, the middle child, had never been shy. He brought his friends over on occasion, but not recently, and never any of the various girls he dated. That part did worry her. He was 19, in spectacular shape, and had a wonderful smile. All mothers believe their children are wonderful, yes, but mine actually are, and they deserve love.

Stephanie didn’t usually get up until just before Jillian left, if not later, so Jillian had her morning smoke (outside, because she believed a house that smells like cigarettes to be low class) and went in to talk to Stephanie. Her daughter was only 5’5”, but Rob’s family was short. It couldn’t be helped. Strangers always said that they looked so much alike, but when Jillian looked at her daughter she saw Rob: large, puffy lips, dark eyes, and thick, dark hair. The children all looked like each other, and to her they were each reminders of Rob, who had knocked her up but luckily was a wonderful husband. Just wonderful.

Stephanie was sprawled out on the bed, already looking up toward the door. She had pulled the blankets up to her chest, and was breathing a mile a minute.

“Did I scare you again?”

“Yeah Mom, try not to open the door so loudly.”

Jillian chuckled a bit, then crossed her arms and went to sit on the bed. “Are you not wearing a bra again? I told you that you need to wear one when you sleep. Otherwise you’ll sag when you get old.”

“I am wearing one. I was just surprised.”

“Show,” Jillian demanded, and her daughter reluctantly fished out a black strap from her T-shirt as evidence. “Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t need one. You’re a C cup, and that is more than enough to sag.”

Putting the strap back, Stephanie made a noncommittal noise and nodded. That was as much affirmation as Jillian expected.

“Steph, you really aren’t pulling you’re weight around here…” she began, noticing her daughter’s face drain white, but continuing, “I know you try hard, but there are so many little things to do around here, and I can’t do all of them.”

Stephanie was of the private opinion that her mother did hardly any of them, but kept her mouth shut. This was a usual enough conversation.

“Your father and I agree that you should help out more, so we’re going to give you another responsibility. We’ll talk about it more when we both get home. Okay?” Jillian said. Her tone allowed for only one answer of course.

Stephanie nodded.

… Alone, I wondered what I was thinking. Had Dad called her already, saying that he had made up his mind? It seems more like mom was just doing whatever she wanted to do regarding the situation. I knew that my dad liked to think about major decisions… And if asking your daughter to give you a blow job wasn’t major, what was?

But I said yes, and I said yes to her without even waiting for her to explain to me what she wanted.

I can’t imagine if I had said no, what would have happened. Her eyes were narrowed like they had narrowed at me when I was a child, and she was threatening to spank me if I hadn’t mopped the floor properly. Why ask your own daughter to service your husband? (I have no doubt that is what she means.) Did she get off on that?

Confused, I went for the shower. I didn’t know if I was being a coward or not. Did I want this? I thought, soaping up and noticing my nipples stood up under the hot water. I must want this. If I had so much fun last night, I must want this.

Vincent knocked on the door, and I ducked out of the water ASAP. He gets grumpy when there isn’t enough hot, and like my mother I could never stand up to him. I get along with Jonah and our father better. My father…

… Vincent and I carpool to college. We are driving the clunker, but at least it is all paid off. We get back from our classes about an hour before our parents get home at four, and Jonah buses in a couple of minutes later. We usually make up a snack for the three of us, but I didn’t feel much like eating. My resolve to tough it out had vanished, and I was feeling a bit queasy at the thought of what might happen when my dad got home.

Jonah followed me down the hall to my room. It was a source of pain to him that he had to share a room with Vincent. He was always saying we should move out so he could have some space.

“Are you sure you don’t want any ramen, Sis?”

“Yeah I don’t feel so good.”

“I could bring you some,” he offered. Generous. His best quality. Oh Brother, if only you knew that I was expecting a stomach full of cum instead. My cunt surged and I felt the guilt making me nauseous. I wasn’t sure if I should do myself to take the edge off or take a nap and hope I was terribly, terribly wrong.

“Vincent won’t like that if I didn’t do any of the work. I’m just gonna sleep. Thanks though.” I closed the door behind me and sat on the coverlet.

I wondered if I had any choice. It seemed to be up to Dad… Did he want me? Did I want him? I remember what it was like, to hear him moan, and wonder… What did his face look like, when she was doing that to him?

I felt myself get hot, and decided maybe I should try for a nap in the remaining half hour of peace I might have.

… Rob and Jillian met up going into the house. He pecked her on the cheek, and she looked expectantly at him.

“Well?” Jillian asked.

“Ah, I don’t know. I should think about it more. What will it do to her if she doesn’t want it?”

“Robert,” Jillian reprimanded, “You are the parent. She is the child. She’s living here for free, isn’t she?”

Rob nodded.

“Well, then she should earn her place. It’s not like she has a job. I bet you she’s not even looking!”

“Jill, the girl has feelings.”

“And so do you. What about your morning woody?”

This was the problem for Rob. He had a perpetual hard on all that day at the office, wondering:

Could he, would he dare? Be with his own child? A hot, curvy twenty year old with such a considerate temperament. She was so shy, not bothering to tell them that she could hear their lovemaking on the other side of her bedroom wall until she was fifteen. Surely, she must have heard it the whole time. She had a body that wasn’t thin, but her curves were natural, and she wasn’t fat. She was soft. And God, she must be so tight. Only twenty, and no real boyfriend since high school. So shy. She must be so very, very tight.

It had occurred to him that his wife might not actually let him fuck that tight, wet cunt, but he was convinced he could get his daughter to let him. She so hated to disappoint. And so he decided:

“You’re right. You do need your beauty sleep, after all.” He smiled down at his wife, and put his arm around her as they entered the house.

… Jonah had the TV on in the living room, with the sound up high watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. It didn’t matter to him that it was a kiddie show. He liked it.

When the door in the kitchen opened and his parents came in, Jonah wasn’t surprised. 4:10 P.M. On the nose. The were looking awfully chummy. Dad had his arm around Mom, and Jonah couldn’t help seeing his father’s erection in his dress slacks.

There was no hiding an erection in those things, really. They didn’t say anything, just walked with a purpose down the hall. Jonah took initiative, and increased the volume of the TV.

… Stephanie was laying awake when her parents came in. Immediately, she sat up. She announced: “I heard the two of you talking about me last night.”

Jillian raised an eyebrow, but appeared unfazed. Robert’s face flushed red from his forehead to his ears. All three of them just looked at each other, for a moment. Stephanie was fighting with a knot in her throat, and both of her parents were thinking furiously.

Jillian broke the silence. “Indeed, dear? What did you hear?”

“I.. uh.. I h-heard you tell Dad that I could d-deal… eh…” The knot hadn’t quite gone away yet.

“With his morning woody,” Jillian supplied. Stephanie nodded furiously.

The blood that had poured into Rob’s face slowly made its way back to his cock. Was she scared… or excited? He hoped she was excited. He adjusted himself a bit in his pants, and thought he had made a mistake when his daughter’s eyes fixed on the bulge there and grew wide. Father stared at daughter, staring at his own cock. Did his baby want that? God, her shyness was so inviting. He dared to hope that she might be nearly untouched.

“Well, honey. You need to help out a bit more, and it just seemed like the perfect solution…” Jillian began. She stopped trying to explain when she noticed that her daughter had fixed eyes on her father’s bulge. Jillian’s pussy flooded immediately, and she set down on a corner of the bed. Softly, she asked, “Stephanie, do you want to have your daddy’s cock?”

Stephanie squirmed on the bed, but couldn’t seem to look away from her father’s dick. That bulge in the cloth was growing larger, and more defined.

One of her boyfriends had told her that it was painful to be locked up in a pair of jeans. The dress pants couldn’t be too much better, she thought.

“It’s okay sweetie. Daddy wants you to touch his dick. Don’t you, Daddy?”

Rob had finally been able to break sight of Stephanie for a moment to look a Jillian. She was enjoying herself, toying with DD cup breasts that her daughter hadn’t inherited and rubbing herself into the corner of the mattress.

“Yes,” Rob said to Jillian. “Daddy wants his little girl to touch his cock.”

Stephanie didn’t realize that her mother was getting so much excitement from the situation. She only had eyes for her father’s penis. She licked her lips, and watched her father’s erection twitch slightly in his pants.

“I do want your cock, Daddy,” she said. This brought Rob back to focus on his daughter. She was sitting on the long edge of her twin mattress, with her mother at the corner playing with her breasts. Stephanie’s breasts were only a C cup, but that was perfect. They were still a handful, and they wouldn’t ever get in the way while he was fucking her. God, and if her pussy was anything like her mother’s had been…

Rob stepped closer to his daughter. She was on the edge of the mattress, finally looking at his face instead of his cock, and she smiled at him. Then, she reached out with her hands (so much smaller than her mother’s) and unbuckled his belt. Rob saw her lick her lips and sighed. How far was his wife going to let this go? How clever of her, to insert herself into this situation. He wasn’t sorry she was there. He knew that she liked to watch.

Stephanie looked over to check that her bedroom door was closed and saw her mother. She was wriggling on the corner of the bed, hand up her shirt. She hadn’t taken her bra off, but she had it askew so that her fingers could reach her nipples. Stephanie thought, I ought to be surprised, but she wasn’t. Ascertaining that the door had been closed, she turned back to her father.

Stephanie carefully unbuttoned her father’s dress slacks. She could feel the tip of his penis under the waistband, beneath her very fingertips. She was breathing deep, and she felt so so wet. Next she dealt with the zipper on the slacks, and pulled them down leaving her father in a pair of plain blue boxer briefs. Rob was unbuttoning his own dress shirt; he wanted to thoroughly relax for this experience.

Stephanie left the bed and knelt before her father. On her knees, she grabbed his hips and nuzzled her face into his erection.

He groaned. “Mm..” and he pet her on the head, caressing her hair and thinking that she was so young, so sweet. Not a slut. Horny, yes, but not a slut. “Baby, have you done this before?”

Stephanie peered up at him. “I tried once, Daddy. That’s all.”

Rob sensed this might be a raw issue for her, so he didn’t push it. “Do you want me to tell you how I like it, Sweetie?”

Chapter 03

Vincent had been in his room, doing some homework when he decided he needed to go to the bathroom.

It was a quick trip, just down the hall and to the left. Opening the door, he realized that Jonah had the TV running loud. Didn’t he have any consideration? But Vincent had work to do, and he was thinking about maybe having a couple dates this weekend, so he wanted to get his work finished.

Coming out of the bathroom, there was a lull in the sound for a moment. That’s when Vincent heard grunting. Male grunting, coming from his sister’s room.

The whole thing seemed improbable. His sister had been famous in high school for being “cold”, and surely she didn’t have the nerve to bring a man home when their parents should be there any time?

The television had resumed its loud ascent into madness, and Vincent decided that if Stephanie did have the nerve for that, he would find out who had the nerve to come in and fuck her. He crept as quietly as possible toward the door, and put his ear closer to the door jamb. He listened.

Rob was stroking the head of his daughter, and staring at his wife as she took her shirt off, and discarded the bra. Her large breasts settled on her chest, still firm but needing a little more support now. She rarely would remove her bra for sex anymore. She insisted on “preserving the goods”. But her breasts were bare and heaving as she watched her daughter prepare to remove her own father’s underwear. The naughtiness of the scene was delicious to her.

While Jillian was watching, Stephanie braced herself to cross what she thought of as the line.

She was about to see her father’s dick, and already from the shape of it inside the cotton briefs she knew that it was thick. Very thick. Would she be able to fit her mouth over that? The one boy she had let inside her mouth was so much slimmer. In fact, that boy wasn’t very large at all. But her father’s prick was so hard, and when she caressed it through the material she knew that seeing it would mean she had to have it. And perhaps not just in her mouth.

“Sweetie, please. Suck Daddy’s cock for him. No more teasing.”

Stephanie smiled at him. “Daddy,” she said with her hands on the waistband of his briefs, “I will.” She slowly tugged the waistband down over her father’s pelvis, and watched as every delicious inch of his penis came into view. When the cloth was down his thighs, she simply dropped it and let her father step out.

Rob’s cock was about five inches long, but very thick. After staring for a moment, Stephanie reached out and grasped her father’s cock at the base. Her middle finger was the only one she could touch to her thumb. She smiled, this time at the cock.

“Steph, honey, please. At this age being teased is simply unbearable.”

Stephanie giggled. Her father was only 45. But yes, it did seem to her a bit unfair. She took her left hand, and began to massage his balls for him. He groaned.

“Mm Daddy does that feel good?” she asked, rubbing her face against his cock softly.

“Ooh baby you’re so sweet to me. Please, lick Daddy’s cock.”

Stephanie complied, taking her wet tongue from the base of his cock’s underside and trailing it up to the head. She then licked the engorged head, swirling around it with her tongue while Rob sighed.

“Baby, after you get me nice and coated in your saliva, I want to go in your mouth.” He stroked her hair again, and then gathered it on either side of her face. He didn’t want to miss a thing.

… “Oh God Steph your mouth is so hot. Don’t worry about getting me all the way in. Oo yes Baby, just keep stroking me like that while you do it. Mmm..”

Vincent’s eyes were wide. How was this even possible? It was… It was wrong. His father was two-timing his mother with his sister? It was absurd, but it was true and O it was hot, as his own erection testified. Vincent felt guilty but the thought of his notoriously stiff sister taking her own father’s hard on was just so naughty… What a slut!

Vincent wondered if he could get Stephanie to take his own dick into her mouth. His father’s infidelity seemed to him the perfect leverage. After all, it was only fair that if his father could have some sort of illicit relationship with Stephanie, he’d let Vincent have his own share.

What was her body like? he wondered as he reached for the door knob. The girl was so careful, taking clothes in with her to the shower and never swimming without an extra-large T shirt to cover.

What would she feel like, with her lips wrapped around his cock?

… When I heard the door knob turn I tried to pull back, but Daddy had me by the back of the head and wasn’t going to let go, even if we were getting caught. My protest ended in a gurgling sound against his cock in my mouth, as he held me there.

“No baby, it’s okay. Keep going,” he said. I heard my mom shift on the bed, but as I was facing away from both her and the door I had no idea of what was going on. My heart starting hammering in a way that was not related to my own excitement, and I hung there on my father’s cock for a moment before he used his hands to nudge my head back down the shaft.

I went back to work, hands shaking and wondering “What now?” as I listened for the sounds of screaming, thinking for sure the world would come crashing down on me for allowing this to happen. How could I possibly explain…?

I stiffened when my mother said, “Oh Vinny, come in.”

Remembering hearing some moaning as if she had been touching herself, I was terrified. I knew about Dad, but had she invited my brother to take part in this, too? It had never occurred to me that I could end up as the center of male attention in this family. I didn’t agree to that.

My father was okay; he had never, would never, make me do anything. Vincent was demanding, and I was instantly afraid of what that might mean for me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t warn you, dear. This was a bit spontaneous.”

I tried to back off to respond to her, but Daddy keep a firm hold on my head and moaned. Then my mother continued.

“If you like your sister could suck your cock, too. Your father seems to be enjoying her.”

My jaw locked and my father stopped the gentle back and forth swaying of his pelvis toward my mouth. “Baby, it’s okay. Just relax.” He started to pet my hair again for me, and that did help but I was still consciously aware of Vincent and Mom, behind me, not making a noise between them.

“Steph honey, really. We won’t hurt you,” my father said. “Let’s try something different.”

I wasn’t so sure, but murmured my assent by humming onto his cock, something I hadn’t tried yet. I felt his thighs tighten and knew that I had got him. However depraved I was discovering myself to be, at least I was good at it.

“Mm Stephanie… relax your neck. I’m gonna move your head for you, okay? Just concentrate on using your lips and tongue on Daddy’s cock.”

He wanted to fuck my face! I felt my pussy clench and wondered why it had never occurred to me to go looking for someone to practice on rather than reading all of that erotica.

This was so good, I thought as a felt his grip on my head adjust, and he slowly pushed me further onto his cock. The thick shaft slid in easily, and I wondered what it would feel like inside of me. I had never had intercourse, but God I knew it could be nothing like using my own fingers.

I heard a zipper behind us and assumed Vincent was taking his own cock out. Maybe I wanted that one, too. After all, he was bound to have another erection to play with soon enough. Was I a slut now?

“Oo Vincent that’s a nice cock. So stiff and long. Mm I bet the girls love that,” my mother cooed. I wondered if she wanted him too. She certainly didn’t have a problem with incest.

“Your sister has been holding her thighs together like that for a while now. I bet she’s soaking wet. You should help her strip so that she can get some satisfaction when she’s done with your father.”

My pussy clenched again, and I felt he couldn’t get there soon enough. Still, when I felt his breath on my neck and hands on my waist I jumped a little, causing Daddy to growl at me.

“You can do what you like but don’t disturb this. This is the first blow job from my daughter and Goddammit I’m gonna enjoy it.”

“Yessir,” Vincent said behind me, as his hands came up to grope my breasts. I moaned again onto my father’s cock, and he moaned back. Vincent tweaked a nipple through my bra, and pretty soon had me steadily moaning around our father’s cock, which was fucking my face faster yet. Suddenly, I noticed that he had stiffened. He didn’t warn me, but I braced myself anyway and soon he came.

I thought because I was prepared, I might be able to swallow it all. However, I didn’t manage to stop some of the salty liquid from dribbling out onto my chin. He was salty, but I found that with each spurt of his cock I liked that taste more.

All too soon, it was over and my father groaned, letting go of my head. His cock made a popping sound as it slid out, and I licked my lips, trying to get the spillage under control.

I moaned again, louder now that my mouth was free and took off my shirt for Vincent.

… While Stephanie stripped, Jillian beckoned her husband over to the bed. He sat down, and she got on her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth to clean it for him. He groaned a little, still sensitive, and watched his daughter fumbling with her bra catch as Vincent, already completely naked, was trying to push her to the ground and fumbling with her jean button at the same time.

“I want to be the first to fuck her,” he said. His cock twitched a bit, but didn’t revive. He felt frustrated and knew his age was telling.

Jillian responded, “Fine, baby. Vincent honey, don’t fuck her. Your dad gets to fuck her first. Don’t look at me like that, honey.”

Rob laughed, as it was his daughter who was glaring daggers at his wife. Her bra had finally come off, and her slim waist and C cup breasts were stirring Rob’s cock again, as he watched his son wrap his lips around a tiny, pink nipple and his daughter’s face go completely slack as she forgot about his wife’s restrictions and simply crushed her brother’s head into her breast.

Stephanie still had her jeans on, and Vincent was having trouble tugging them off while paying attention to her nipples. Finally, he gave up and brought her hand down to wrap around his cock, and she immediately started pumping it, moaning for him to nibble on her nipples while she squirmed in her tight jeans.

“I have an idea,” Jillian suddenly said. The woman herself was still only topless, but as her own dress slacks had a wet spot where she had been rubbing herself through them, it didn’t seem to matter. “Rob, get off the bed honey.”

Rob complied as Jillian turned to her children, and said, “Stephanie, baby, get up on the bed where you can be more comfortable.” With Stephanie on the bed, Vincent tugging on his 6 inch cock and Rob staring at his daughters breasts, Jillian knelt down to tug her daughter’s pants off.

The jeans were so tight that Stephanie’s underwear came off with them, and she self-consciously tried to cover herself. Both men let out a groan of disappointment, and slowly she moved her hand away to reveal wet, puffy pussy lips. Her clit was engorged, having gotten just enough friction in her pants to frustrate her.

“Vinny, have you ever had a sixty-nine?” Jillian asked.

“Yeah Mom, a couple times.”

“Well, your dad will get to fuck her first, but I see no reason for you not to have a sixty-nine with your sister.”

No sooner were the words said than Vincent made a leap for the bed, and Stephanie made to lie on her side. Soon, Vincent was moaning as his sister slurped at the tip of his cock, and he dragged her leg over his shoulder to give him better access to her cunt.

Jillian had noticed Rob was free, and finally made the complaint that she wasn’t getting any male attention. Rob obliged, tugging her dress slacks and underwear off and pushing her onto the shag carpet. She opened her legs and he bent down between them, slowly suckling her clitoris while his pointer and middle finger pumped in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh Rob, I am so glad you agreed to this,” she mumbled in between thrusts.

Rob chuckled, “Well I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.”

“But you like it?”

“Yes, I like it.”

The two were distracted as they heard Vincent up on the bed, groaning and very likely about to come. Both parents rose up off the floor to get a good look at their children. Vincent had grabbed his sister’s head, trying to force his dick as far into her mouth as possible. Stephanie was squirming as valiantly, trying to get some attention for her momentarily abandoned cunt as she tried not to gag on her brother’s throbbing penis.

It wasn’t as big around as his father’s, but Vincent’s cock was a full inch longer, and he expected her to take it. “God Sis open up please so I can cum in your goddamn throat,” he grunted, using her hair to fuck her face as he had seen their father do.

Rob had finally made that recovery he had feared would not happen, and was lightly stroking his cock as his children humped madly at each others faces. He couldn’t help but smile as he heard his daughter moaning on Vincent’s cock and knew it must be driving the boy crazy.

Stephanie moaned, but if she tried to respond to Vincent in any other way she was completely muffled by her his cock pistoning in and out of her throat.

Jillian laughed. “Baby, Mommy will deep throat you.”

Vincent stiffened, and apparently it didn’t matter that his sister was still gagging around his erection, because the offer his mother made was enough to make him shoot his load straight to the back of her throat. Stephanie tried desperately to swallow as Vincent continued to fuck her mouth, but most of his young seed dribbled out of her mouth and onto her face and the coverlet.

Stephanie was coughing and sputtering when Vincent let go of her head and she spit out his half-spent cock. He smiled, and slapped his sister on the ass. Although she was still sputtering, she squirmed. She hadn’t managed to cum yet, and the fact that she had been abandoned half way through the effort was making her desperate.

“Oh please, Vincent. Make me cum. I just wanna cum,” she whined.

“You bitch. You wouldn’t take me.”

“I tried. I’ve never had a cock down my throat before. Please Vinny I just wanna fucking cum!”

“Alright,” Rob interrupted, “That’s enough. I have an erection again and I wouldn’t mind obliging the lady. Vinny your mom offered. Do you want her or not?”

Vinny stiffened and left the bed, going immediately to his mother. Jillian knelt in front of her son, smiling. “Let’s you and I have some fun.”

Chapter 04

“On your back,” Rob instructed his daughter. Stephanie was hornier than ever, and instantly complied. She pressed her thighs together out of nervousness, and only after her father sat down next to her on the bed did she begin to relax.

“Baby, are you still a virgin?”

“Um.. yes…” Stephanie mumbled.

“Call me Daddy, Steph. It turns me on so much when you call me Daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Stephanie felt another surge of wetness between her thighs, and wondered how much more she could take. Between the earlier blow jobs for both her father and brother, and the brief oral stimulation her brother had given her, she could feel her pussy throbbing.

“You know that this will probably hurt, but Daddy’s gonna try to make it easy on you, sweetheart.”

“Daddy, I’m still a virgin but I don’t have a hymen anymore. I did away with it.”

Rob, perplexed, asked what she meant.

“Well, Daddy… I broke it with the handle of my hair brush.”

“You did, Baby?”

“Yes, Daddy. I get so very horny. Please… I trust you. Make me cum, Daddy.”

Rob quickly climbed over his daughter, massaging the insides of her thighs while he suckled one of her nipples. She eagerly opened her legs for him.

He brought one of his knees up between her legs.

Moaning, Stephanie began to rub her cunt against the top of her father’s thigh. Her clit was so engorged that she hardly had to tilt her pelvis at all to get the delicious friction she needed.

She humped madly, moaning and squirming. Rob encouraged her, kissing up to her neck and continuing to molest her firm breasts with both hands.

“God Steph, you are so hot, and wet. Do you like that, Baby?”

“Ooh yes Daddy, I love it. I love you Daddy. Fuck, it’s so good…”

Jonah had finished watching his daily cartoons and decided to turn off the TV and go do some homework before his mother emerged. She had her own opinion about his homework and when it should be done, and it got very annoying to have her coming into the room and bugging him about it.

Walking down the hall, he noticed Stephanie’s door was ajar. He didn’t think anything of it until he drew closer, and heard her, gasping.

“Ooh yes Daddy, I love it. I love you Daddy. Fuck, it’s so good…”

There were slurping and squelching noises coming from the room, and that combined with his sister’s urgent moaning gave Jonah an instant hard on. Terrified, he stepped closer.

To his surprise, on first peering through the door he didn’t see his sister. Instead, he saw His brother Vincent completely nude, head tilted slightly back. He was holding their mother’s head, fucking her face very slowly and moaning. Jillian had one hand on her son’s balls, and the other was noisily milking her own pussy.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me. Fuck me. Aah… Please!” Stephanie groaned. She was too loud, now that the television was off, but she and Rob were too intent on each other to notice much else.

Jillian had just registered that the television was off, and detaching gently from Vincent, she was turning to warn Rob when she noticed Jonah standing in the doorway.

Her fingers were still in her pussy, and her other hand cupping Vincent’s balls. She felt her pussy contract and gently removed her fingers.

Looking straight at Jonah she slowly put one finger, and then the other she had been using to frig herself, into her mouth. Slurping, she sucked all of her pussy juice from those fingers.

She then gently put one of those fingers to her lips, shushing both Jonah and Vincent, who had noticed that his mother wasn’t giving him her full attention. Vincent smiled, and nodded at Jonah.

“You can do away with those pants, sweetie. Look but don’t touch. Your sister would be very upset,” Jillian warned. Then, she slurped Vincent’s cock back into her mouth and began sucking again in earnest. She watched Jonah out of the corner of her eye.

Jonah had come further into the room now and could see his father hovering over Stephanie. Their legs were entangled, and his sister was humping frantically onto her father’s leg.

Jonah had seen his sister in a bathing suit once, when she removed her customary T shirt to show off to a then boyfriend a couple of summers ago.

This was not like that. Although even then he had wondered what she looked like, he had never expected to see those white, white breasts being squeezed by his father’s large hands, and her firm legs straining to gain some sort of friction for herself on her father’s thigh.

“Daddy,” she gasped. “Oo Daddy I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum all over your leg, Daddy. Aren’t you going to fuck me Daddy?”

Rob chuckled. “I will, Baby. I’ll fuck your goddamn brains out. But I want you to cum first. Are you gonna cum for me, baby?”

In answer, Stephanie moaned louder, and clutched at her father. Jonah left the room.

Vincent didn’t surprise him; he knew Vincent would fuck anything that moved. But his sister, begging for their father to fuck her…

Vincent was staring at his sister while fucking his mother’s face more vigorously. She looked so good, and he could hear her wetness as her pussy hitched up and down Rob’s leg. Jillian couldn’t see her husband, but she had abandoned her son’s balls, and was now busily fucking herself with one hand, and twisting her nipples with the other.

Finally, Stephanie let out a gasp. Arching her back and slamming her pussy onto her dad’s leg, she came with a moan that was practically a scream. Her fingers dug into his back, and Rob watched as his daughters eyes rolled into the back of her head. She forgot to breathe for a moment and shook against her father, stimulating herself even more until she screamed again.

Vincent came suddenly, his only warning to his mother was the sudden careening of his cock into her throat. Groaning, Vincent held her there while he spurted into her throat. When he was done, he left his cock there until she pushed away from him, still frigging herself and gasping.

Rob was more than ready now. Judging the state of his leg, his daughter was also more than ready.

The both of them breathed in time, her breasts heaving against his chest as he held her to him, watching her face as she slowly emerged from oblivion. That expression went from a blissful nothingness to an intense yearning as she came back to him, his face, and his erection pressing against her pelvis.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, baby.” Rob’s face a mask as he repositioned himself between both of her legs, and gently drew them up. “Hold the backs of your knees, Sweetie.”

Stephanie smiled up at him, and complied. Seeing that smile, Rob grinned in return. Lowering himself, he softly kissed his daughter on the lips.

They had never kissed as lovers before, and Stephanie felt the softness of his warm lips on her differently. She probed his mouth with her tongue, and delightedly wrestled with his own. He father… was a great kisser.

The kiss ended as Rob repositioned himself yet again, taking his throbbing cock and rubbing it up against his daughter’s wet slit. They both moaned; Stephanie quivered. He chuckled at her, and she moaned again as he rubbed the head of his penis in between her soaked and puffy pussy lips.

Vincent was limp now, but he stepped boldly up to the bed to see his father couple with his sister. He had left his mother on the floor, shaking from an orgasm she had finally managed while thinking of Jonah (her baby!).

They had not been careful; it wasn’t any wonder Jonah had walked in on them with the door open like that. But she had plans for Jonah; if he recovered anywhere near as quickly as Vincent she would never want for cock again.

Rob was enjoying a slow introduction to his daughter’s slippery cunt, and when his son Vincent came over to watch Rob ignored him. Stephanie wanted him, not her brother.

“Daddy, please don’t tease me. I’m ready. Let me fuck you.”

Rob’s dick twitched in response, but he continued to slowly rub his cockhead in between her slippery pussy lips, and sighed. She tried to buck, but he continued holding her down. Finally, Rob slid the entire underside of his dick between those slick pussy folds, feeling the young cunt quiver as he ran the underside along her clitoris, and he leaned over his daughter so that he could look at her face.

“Call me Daddy again.”

“Yes, Daddy?” she smiled, then moaned as Rob gently drew himself over those pussy lips, putting friction on her clit but never drawing down enough that she could hump onto him.

“Stephanie. I want this to last. If you want Daddy’s cock, then you need to let me do it my way. Agreed?”

“Yes Daddy,” Stephanie moaned, still trying to hump into Rob. On top of her, Rob couldn’t stop her from humping him, but the delicious friction caused by her limited movements was just enough that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stop her. Knowing her cunt would be yet more delicious, he told her to be still.

Rob grabbed his cock once again, and leaning back a bit watched as he placed the head of it at the dip in her pussy lips. Slowly, he rubbed the head up and down, until it was drenched in her wetness. Then, he watched the engorged head of his cock slowly begin to penetrate his daughter’s cunt.

Stephanie moaned slightly, sighing when she felt Rob’s cock finally resting at her entrance. When he began to push, she bit her lower lip and held her breath until the tip of her father’s dick slid into her swollen vagina. Feeling the head slowly stretching her cunt, she gasped.

Daddy’s dick felt so much thicker, if possible, when inside of her. It was thicker than her hair brush, certainly.

“Did your brother really manage to get his fingers in here?” Rob joked, and Stephanie giggled. The giggle turned into a moan as the head of Rob’s cock popped into her pussy

“Ooo,” Stephanie purred as she began to squirm. Rob obliged, pushing his throbbing cock into her, rocking in and out, centimeter by centimeter. Stephanie groaned at every new intrusion of her father’s meat, and whined every time he backed away. She wanted desperately to be filled; she could feel their sexes throbbing against each other.

Over them, Vincent groaned and began to stroke his latest hard on. Jillian watch the two of them. They fit snugly; Jillian was proud when her husband wedged in more of his stiff erection as Stephanie wiggled onto him, whining.

“Oh Daddy. Fuck me. You’re so big.”

“Baby, I’m almost all the way in,” he said, still watching his cock. He began to push harder, and in one vicious push slammed the last inch of his cock into his daughter’s sweet pussy.

She screamed again, and groped her father’s back, pulling him into her. “Fuck,” she continued, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

Rob groaned and slowly withdrew about an inch of his cock before he slammed it back into Stephanie, looking into her eyes as she moaned and whimpered. She held tight to her legs as she begged for him to continue.

“Fuck me Daddy. I want you to fuck me.”

Jillian agreed; Rob wasn’t fucking Stephanie fast enough.

“Rob, fuck her hard. Fuck her brains out,” Jillian urged, getting wet again at the thought of her husband having squeezed his thick cock into their comparably tiny daughter. Jillian herself was 5’8”, as was Rob. Stephanie looked miniscule under Rob’s hulk.

Rob looked over at his wife and grew painfully stiff inside his daughter. He was afraid of pulling too far out of her; she was so wet and so tight that he did not want to leave her pussy. Still, looking into his daughter’s face he couldn’t resist the urge to move again, and felt the snug grip of her young vagina closed over him.

Stephanie tried her best to hump into her father, but without using her legs it was difficult to get leverage. So, she squirmed until he finally began moving again, inching in and out of her cunt carefully until they had a steady rhythm established.

“Oo Daddy. You feel good. Does it feel good?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, Baby. You’re so tight. You like that?”

“Yes Daddy. It’s—oo—it’s soo good,” Stephanie said, digging her fingers into her father again and moaning.

Jillian tapped Vincent on the shoulder, and led him quietly out of the room.

Jonah was sitting in the living room, looking down at the bulge in his pants with a frown on his face. He heard faintly the sound footsteps coming down the hall,

Both Vincent and Jillian were still naked. Vincent’s cock bobbed out in front of him, as he casually played with it in front of his mother while taking a seat on the couch. Jonah moved to the far end of the couch.

“We have to establish a few rules,” Jillian began, sitting on an adjacent loveseat and crossing her legs. “Jonah, I’m planning a little party for your birthday, so don’t get a head start. I haven’t told your sister she’s on birth control yet.”

“You’ve been dosing her?” Jonah asked.

“Yes. I didn’t expect you to find out about this now, but… She is rather vocal.”

“So I can fuck her then?” Vincent smiled, still pumping his dick.

“Wait until tomorrow, baby. Your sister needs to get used to the idea.”

Vincent frowned intensely. Jonah stared at him, both offended and jealous. Vincent wanted to use their sister as a fuck toy. Stephanie was not an object to Jonah, although the stiff cock in his lounge shorts reported his desire.

Jillian chuckled, and uncrossed her legs. “Vincent, come over here and fuck me. I need a good fuck.”

Vincent smiled, and sauntering over asked his mom to turn over. Jonah watched as she simply complied, tossing herself over the couch arm with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Jillian wiggled her ass in the air and giggled. “Do you want to fuck your mommy doggie style? That’d be very naughty!”

Jonah watched still as Vincent grinned, and walked up behind his mother. He used one hand to push Jillian’s back further down. With the other hand, he slowly hands over her ass. He could see she was very wet.

Impatient, Jillian humped back onto Vincent and was rewarded as he slid the head of his cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me already. I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” Jillian uttered, not drawing back until Vincent’s hands came up to rest on her hips.

Vincent was not disappointed with his mother’s cunt. It was not as tight as his sister’s had been around his fingers, but it was slippery, and clung enough to please him. She had given birth to each of them with that cunt. His father had buried himself in this cunt for years, and now it was Vincent’s. He would own his mother’s cunt.

Vincent began to fuck his mother hard and fast, he knew that he could stand it after having cum twice already, and soon had her squealing.

Jillian felt no need to be quiet. There was no reason to hide; her only child was in the room watching her get fucked, so it would have been pointless to censor herself.

Jonah was once again getting very excited, and forgetting his sister for a moment as he watched his mother hump her ass into Vincent’s cock.

While he knew she wasn’t actually getting fucked in the ass, Jonah imagined that it wouldn’t look too different, and thought about his mother’s promise.

She had said that if he wanted, he could have Stephanie for his birthday.

Daddy was on top of me, breathing heavily as his monstrously thick cock impaled me yet again.

I felt like I wanted to do this forever; it was only us and I had no doubts—Nothing else could ever feel so good: He was filling me; completing me with his cock and I couldn’t stop moaning.

I wasn’t sure when Mom and Vincent had gone. I could hear my mother in another room. It sounded like she was getting fucked too; and I wondered how much I could take before the noise of our combined moaning and the sensations of being stuffed with Daddy’s thick penis brought me to the edge again.

Daddy was looking into my eyes, and I was looking into his as he moved over me, whispering to me.

“Your tits are so firm, baby. So firm and your nipples… God your nipples!” he said, tweaking one and causing me to moan. I tried to hump against him again, but he had my legs pinned under his shoulders now and all I managed was to make him groan back.

“Steph, are you enjoying this?” he asked.

“Yes, Daddy… Please, I love being fucked… Harder, Daddy.”

He did slam into me harder on the next thrust, and I whimpered.


“Again!” I shouted and moaned as he treated me to a barrage of thrusts, we were both breathing faster now.

“Aah! Aaaah! Ah Fuck! Fuck me! God… Oohh! Daddy… God…”

He smiled down at me, and his face contorted for a moment before he seemed to regain control.

“Daddy? Are you gonna cum in my pussy?”

“Yes baby… Do you want me to come in your pussy?”

“God… Daddy,” I begged, “Me too. Make me cum all over your cock Daddy.”

“God Steph, You are so hot,” my dad grunted, as he reached between us and started fiddle with my clit.

Instantly, I came. My thighs tightened, my back arched and even though my legs were restrained by my father’s shoulders, I could feel my toes curling as I moaned, “Oh God Daddy…”

I felt him, pumping into me twice more before he buried himself in my cunt once again, and felt the hot gush of his sperm as I continued to shake and gasp around him, milking my Daddy’s cock for every drop of sperm.

The next moment, he was resting heavily on his elbows and we were both gasping for air.

Eventually he moved slightly so that I could let my legs fall, and I felt his cock shift out of my pussy. Regretfully, I let his cock fall out of me. I noticed it was glistening in a layer of both of our juices, and if I hadn’t been exhausted I’m sure the half-drooping cock would have aroused me all by itself.

He was watching me, scanning my face. “Do you want to clean Daddy’s cock?”

I nodded, seeing that he wanted it.

“Careful, though. I’m still very sensitive.”

So, carefully, I bent down to suck my father’s cock into my mouth once again. I wasn’t sure if the salty taste was mostly our cum or a mixture our sweat, but I didn’t care. We tasted so good together. I was glad I didn’t have to worry about pregnancy, as my father had had a vasectomy.

“Okay,” he moaned, “enough.” I gently withdrew from his cock, and lay myself back on the bed. I was very tired.

Dad curled up next to me, and then drew me into him so that we were spooning.

“Let’s take a nap.”

Chapter 05

Vincent was fixated on his mom’s ass as her pussy gripped his cock and she humped back into him. She was very receptive; with every move of her son’s hips Jillian humped back, moaning and urging him on.

“Fuck me harder! Push that long cock all the way up into your mother’s cunt!” Jillian demanded. Vincent did oblige, using his mother’s hips to slam as far into her as humanly possible. Every time he bottomed out, he was rewarded by his mother’s moaning and the command that he slam into her again.

“Yes, like that. Harder, Vinny. Oh God, I need it. Fuck me hard.”

Jonah had discarded the lounge shorts, and was wanking his cock as his mother incestuously begged for his brother’s cock. It amazed him that Vincent never hesitated, and seemed to be aroused by their mother’s begging.

“Is this hard enough?” Vincent taunted. He pumped into her viciously, continually, mercilessly shooting in and out of his mother’s cunt as if he were a machine.

“No, it’s not fucking hard enough. Are you a motherfucker or not? Fu- Aah!” Jillian trailed off as Vincent yanked her head back by the hair with one hand, and continued to use the other to slam their pelvises together, his prick impaling Jillian even harder, until she began moaning at a constant rate.

“Uh… yeah.. like that. Fuck me like that,” Jillian squealed. “Ooh..”

Jonah heard exclamations from Stephanie and their father in the next room. Curious, he paused the insistent wanking of his cock and heard only the suction of his mother’s cunt on Vincent’s prick. Jonah walked out into the hallway, holding his cock out in front of him.

Stopping by his sister’s door, for a few moments all he could hear was panting. Then, a small exasperated sound coming from his sister.

“Do you want to clean Daddy’s cock?” his father asked.

There was a pause.

“Careful, though. I’m still very sensitive.” There was a small slurping, and Jonah carefully peeked through the ajar door, looking for his sister.

Stephanie was bent down over Rob’s cock, and Rob was stroking her head, softly. He had a look of contentment on his face. Jonah shrunk back from the room in jealousy.

His cock throbbed angrily at him, but he ignored it and went back to the homework he had planned. He was, after all, banned from his sister’s pussy.

Jillian was showering at 6:30 that evening, and thinking that perhaps she would order dinner. She hadn’t had the time for it; since her daughter had practically sprung at her husband’s cock earlier in the day. Jillian’s brother Matt had been right: parent-child sex was simply nothing like sibling sex at all.

Jillian had planned a slower introduction of her family members to the idea of incest, but the actual progression of things this evening hadn’t displeased her at all. In fact, perhaps it was better. Her children had all been so driven by lust for one another that surely the pleasure of that first day would remain in their minds.

Jillian had, in fact, been in an incestuous relationship with her own brother since they had been teenagers. Matt had seduced his own daughter over a year ago, and since Jillian had heard about it, she had been thinking of how she could possibly manage to create her own household of sex-driven fun.

The beauty of Matt’s situation, of course, was the absence of his wife. Being divorced, he only had one party to convince. Jillian had thought that the hardest party to convince would be her own daughter, but apparently she had quite misjudged Stephanie.

To the end of eventually having a rather sex profligate household, Jillian had procured two prescriptions of birth control from two different clinics and had been grinding pills into her daughter’s sugary soft drinks for three months now.

Emerging from the shower, Jillian tousled her hair dry. She left her bedroom in only a towel. Walking down the hall, she peeked in on Stephanie and Rob.

Rob had an arm drawn around Stephanie’s waist, and the both of them seemed to be sleeping deeply. This was the first time Jillian had seen her daughter sleeping in a while, but this also might have been the first time her door had been left open in months. Rob was practically smiling in his sleep, and their daughter’s face was completely smooth, flawless.

Jillian smiled to herself and backed out of the room, going toward her sons’ room.

Vincent was completely passed out on his own bed, and Jonah was staring with amazing rage at a math book in his lap. Jillian went over to his bed and sat down next to him; Jonah sidled away from her slightly.

“So, do you still want your sister for your birthday?”

When Stephanie awoke, her mother was standing over her with a pill dial in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

Stephanie couldn’t move. Not only did it seem like her legs had no strength in them, but her father’s arm had effectively pinned her to his side.

“I have a pill for you. Think you can swallow it?” Jillian asked.

Stephanie nodded, and carefully swallowed the pill as her mother dribbled a little bit of the water into her mouth.

“What was it?” Stephanie asked.

“Birth control.”

“But I thought Dad had a vasectomy?”

“You know your brother, Stephanie. He can’t stand seeing someone else have fun, but he wants it too,” Jillian smiled wickedly. “Besides, you’ve been on the pill for months now.”

Stephanie had never paid much attention to the timing of her periods, having no fear of pregnancy. It wasn’t surprising that she hadn’t noticed a change. She did, however feel betrayed that her mother had not only drugged her, but planned to give her to both men without any discussion with her.

“But I don’t want–“

“It does not matter what you want. You’re living under my roof. For free. I’m paying for your books, your clothes, your food. You are not earning your keep. Understood?”

“Yes’m,” Stephanie mumbled, pushing her head into the mattress.

“And if you don’t want to get pregnant, then you’ll take these pills. Now, about Jonah…”


“Yes dear, he quite enjoyed watching you! I was surprised, myself, but it’s not so strange.” All of the blood seemed to drain out of Stephanie’s face.

“Well, I made him promise to wait until his birthday; we’re going to have a little party in honor of him joining us. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vincent jumped you first thing in the morning, though, so be prepared.”

Stephanie thought she might cry. She tried to bury her face further in the mattress, and the movement made her father stir.

“Stephanie, it’s only fair to them. Could you imagine watching your father fuck your sister and not being able to have her? That would be ridiculous!” Jillian admonished.

Rob was fully awake now, and looked up at Jillian with a little bit of confusion. “I wondered, when I saw him in here… Did you plan that?”

“It was a happy coincidence,” Jillian claimed, sitting on the bed and stroking her husband’s thigh. “Enjoy yourself?” she asked.

“Verily,” Rob replied. He pulled Stephanie a little closer subconsciously, and noticed she had managed to completely turn around and bury her head in his chest.

“Baby want a shower?” he asked.

Stephanie nodded against him, but burrowed in even further. Rob chuckled, stroking her hair. She was so sweet.

Jillian left the room to call for a pizza.

Showering with her dad was not like showering alone, or at all like making love to him had been. Yes, she had begged him to fuck her; but he loved her. Stephanie could not question that.

They crowded themselves into the frosted glass shower and her father started up the warm water for them. They stood very close together in that small space, and he insisted on soaping up her breasts for her. She felt that was a transparent enough excuse for him to grope her, and insisted on cleaning her pussy herself. The stickiness of their combined cum was all over her thighs; she was amazed at how her body warmth had kept the fluids gooey.

They shampooed each other. Stephanie winced when he got some in her eyes, but didn’t complain. She was feeling good again. She didn’t know how she felt about becoming the family slut, but her relationship with her father would not be like that. She was sure.

Rob was enjoying the luxurious feel of his daughter’s firm, sudsy body. Her stomach was not flat, but it was taut and her breasts were soft and perky. She had a slightly dimpled ass, but its lushness aroused him, and he planned on giving her plenty of exercise very soon.

Eventually Rob had a solid erection and Stephanie was a little aroused from all of the attention her daddy had been paying to her breasts. When they emerged, they found only one towel in the bath. They toweled each other off, but Rob urged her hand away when she reached for his erection.

“I need some food before we go again, or you’re going to kill me,” Rob joked. Stephanie giggled, but was disappointed.

Rob had other ideas, but by no means planned on wasting his hard on by any means. He wrapped the towel around his waist, and opened the door to the bathroom.

“Get me a towel?” Stephanie asked.

In answer, Rob tugged his daughter by the wrist out of the bathroom, as she struggled to cover herself with her hands.

“Hey! I’m not decent! Stop that!” she giggled, genuinely uncomfortable but already excited.

“C’mon, Stephy. Everyone’s seen your naughty bits already,” her dad joked. “For Daddy?”

Stephanie paused, thinking for a moment. “Jonah?”

“He was watching us, just like your mother and Vincent were,” Rob stated.

Stephanie was blushing profusely, and trying with renewed vigor to pull herself back into the bathroom, but her father already had her halfway down the hall.

“If you don’t stop struggling, I will carry you out to the living room,” Rob threatened.

“I don’t want them to see me…”

Rob stopped in the hall, grabbed his daughter around the waist and flung her over his shoulder. Stephanie squealed, butt in the air and cunt exposed. She tried to wriggle her way out of her fathers grip, but the best she could manage was walloping his back a few times before the rush of blood to her head made her slightly dizzy.

Rob marched proudly out into the living room, and carried his prize through to the kitchen where he could hear his wife bumping around in the cabinets.

“Hey sweetheart!” he greeted Jillian, leaning forward for a kiss.

Jillian kissed her husband, and slapped her daughter on the ass. She squirmed. “You’re in a good mood, honey.”

“Was it my erection that gave you a clue?”

“No, you’re using pet names again. Although I don’t see why you’re carrying around that girl instead of fucking her, now that we’ve gotten so comfortable with each other.”

“I will make love—yes, make love—to my daughter when I am properly refueled, thank you. Got any grub in here?”

“I ordered a pizza but Jonah won’t be back with it for another couple minutes, and that’s if they’re done with it on time. He was so frustrated; I just had to send him out.”

Stephanie couldn’t hear anything but the drumming of her blood in her ears, so she started banging on her dad’s back again.

“Let that girl down and you can knock your boner out before dinner,” Jillian teased.

Groaning, Rob finally set his daughter right-side up. She shivered on the cold tile floor, and quickly sat down on a kitchen chair.

Stephanie saw that her mother was still walking around with only a towel on, although her hair appeared to have dried completely since her shower. Rob had lost his towel, and Jillian had a firm grip on his cock. Rob already had his eyes fixed on his daughter, and Jillian could feel him stiffening just slightly more.

Stephanie was still a bit randy from her shower, and cold, so she decided to go stand by her daddy. Pressing her breasts to his side, and looking at her mother’s hand at the base of his dick, Stephanie cooed, “Give me some body warmth, Daddy.”

“Oo, he does like it when you call him Daddy. Did you see his penis jump?”

“Are you sure it’s not because he’s being touched by two women?” Stephanie asked, rubbing her breasts into her father’s side in a way that she calculated would aggravate him.

Rob growled, suddenly realizing that he was in fact being touched by two women, one already naked, and suddenly coming to the conclusion that yes, that would be nice.

“But your daddy has had two women before. Although I admit, he did like it extremely well.”

“He did? I don’t know how I would feel about that… I think I only like men.”

“I said he had two women; what makes you think I would ever—” Jillian snapped. Her grip tightened painfully on Rob’s cock, and he hissed.

“Now girls, stop that. Please. I can’t take it.” Jillian let go of Rob’s cock, and left the kitchen hurriedly. Stephanie was blushing again, breasts still pressed up against her father.

“I’ve been trying to get her to agree to that, actually. But I think your mother feels the way you do: She understands men. She wouldn’t know how to deal with a woman,” Rob shrugged.

“I think there are a lot of things I wouldn’t mind, if I was doing them for someone else,” Stephanie suggested.

“Give me a kiss, baby.” Rob pulled her in front of him, crushing his cock into her stomach.

Stephanie responded immediately, rubbing her hard nipples against her father’s chest as she kissed him. They probed each other’s mouths with their tongues, and Rob used the opportunity to push his daughter up against the refrigerator.

Stephanie shivered as her back touched the stainless steel, trying to squirm away from it, but Rob had pinned her with his own body, and the feel of that erection against her aroused her incredibly.

Rob pulled first one of Stephanie’s legs up, and then the other as he lifted his daughter enough that his erection could nestle between her hot pussy lips.

Stephanie sighed, already humping against her father’s erection. “Put it in me, Daddy.”

“You want it?” Rob teased.

“Yes Daddy, I want your cock. Put it in me, please,” she begged.

“Wrap your legs around me, baby.”

While he held Stephanie’s ass up, Rob used his other hand to rub the head of his cock against her cunt. He needed to be as slippery as possible when he wedged into her.

Stephanie moaned, frustrated. “Just do it. Do it do it do it.”

“Wait just a moment,” he said. Rob slid the tip of his prick into the gushy wetness, and his daughter bucked against him. Things went more easily than before, but Stephanie felt that her father was still taking his sweet time.

Stephanie used her legs as leverage, and pulled herself down onto her father’s hard on. Both groaned, him out of surprise and her as a celebration of victory. She enjoyed being full for a moment, and then urged her father to continue.

Rob held Stephanie by the ass with both hands, and gently slid her up the refrigerator and his swollen cock until she began to pull herself down again, using her own legs as well as gravity to slam herself onto his cock.

Stephanie’s arms were around Rob’s back as she tried to help him pull her up, too. This was very different from their first fuck, and although their progress was comparatively slow, Stephanie enjoyed the descent of her body onto her father’s waiting cock.

“This is a lot of work, you know,” Rob said.

“I know Daddy. Thank you. When you get tired, we can do it on the table.” Rob grinned.

Jonah struggled from the garage into the kitchen with two large boxes of pizza in one arm. He heard a scramble in the kitchen as he bullied the door open.

Turning, he saw his father sitting on the kitchen table with Stephanie in his lap. She was flailing—trying to back off of him and cover herself at the same time. She didn’t manage to succeed at either. Rob had two firm hands on her ass, and was keeping her planted solidly on his dick.

“It’s okay, he’s seen you,” Rob laughed as Stephanie turned her face.

Jonah was entranced by his sister’s legs as he set the pizzas down on the counter. “Continue,” he mumbled, sincerely hoping that they would.

Rob rubbed Stephanie’s back, trying to sooth her. She wouldn’t look at either of them, and in fact had her face buried in Rob’s chest.

“Baby, it’s okay. Jonah likes it. Don’t you, Jonah?”

Jonah gulped, hesitated, and nodded. When his father raised an eyebrow, Jonah spat out “Yes, very much.”

“Hear that? ‘Very much.’ Come here, Jonah.”

Jonah shuffled toward the embraced couple, stopping right next to the table.

“Good. Now Jonah, I want you to bend over by your sister’s ear and tell her how much you liked it when you saw us earlier.” Rob grinned at the boy. Jonah wasn’t sure how else to react, so he obeyed. Bending down to whisper in his sister’s ear, he said: “You were fucking gorgeous.”

“Come now, surely you have something more to say to her than that,” Rob encouraged.

Jonah shook his head, face still dangerously close to Stephanie. He breathed in, smelling her shampoo.

Stephanie shook, clinging still to her father even though she could feel Jonah’s breath in her ear.

“Well, go on,” Rob said. “Stop torturing yourself and go find your mother. She’ll want to know that the food is here.”

Jonah hesitated, still leaning over Stephanie.

“I said go on. I’ll come and get you myself if she changes her mind.”

Jonah left, slamming the kitchen door behind him. Rob was still rubbing Stephanie’s back in soft circles, and cooing in her ear. Finally, he was rewarded when his daughter leaned back to look up at him, causing some much needed friction on his aching cock.

“Oo baby, I’m so hard for you,” Rob said, urging Stephanie on by putting his hands on her hips once again. “You are fucking gorgeous.”

“Daddy, not in front of Jonah,” Stephanie whispered.

“He’s not coming back,” Rob said, squeezing Stephanie’s ass and moving back to her hips again.

“Move for me, baby.”


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