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Escape To Ibiza

Karen and her son are alone in their beach villa.
Escape To Ibiza

Chapter 01

Karen Smith lay back on her beach towel, clad only in a skimpy red bikini, and thought, “This is the life.” She had landed in Ibiza two days earlier with her son, Kurt, for a three-week holiday, just the two of them. It had been an especially rainy season in London and they were both ecstatic to be getting some time in the sun. Karen typically wore one-piece bathing suits but her ivory skin was so starved for color that she decided to pack nothing but bikinis, a fact that hadn’t escaped Kurt’s attention.

At 42, Karen looked stunning, especially compared to Kurt’s friends’ moms, most of who you would never care to look at naked. But not Karen. She was often compared to Sophia Loren, and she knew that the compliment men were giving her was, “I bet you’d be dynamite in the sack.” Her shoulder-length chestnut hair still shimmered in the sun and her long, shapely legs were the envy of all of Kurt’s friends. Her 36D chest never needed padding to fill out the prim and proper suit jackets that she typically wore to work as a real estate broker, and more than one client had taken the opportunity to cop a feel whilst they were alone in a flat. Kurt’s father had been nothing more than a sperm donor and for Kurt and Karen’s entire life, their relationship was just that of mother and son. Recently, however, they had become more like friends.

“I’m heading into the water for a bit, Mom, don’t burn,” Kurt said, standing from his towel and removing his sunglasses.

“Okay love, don’t wear yourself out,” Karen said with a sly grin.

Kurt Smith was an athletic 22-year-old whose average height belied the above average dick that he carried with him. It gave him a confidence that most girls were attracted to, and he always enjoyed the look on their faces when they spied his member for the first time.

He hadn’t had a girlfriend for a few weeks, and accordingly, was staring at even more girls than usual. On this particular day, however, the sunny cove where they were sunning themselves had only one other family further down the beach.

As Kurt bobbed in the salty Mediterranean water, he looked back at shore and saw only his Mom.

“Fuck me,” he thought, “have her tits always been that big?”

The red spandex strained to contain her large orbs and the contrast between her pale skin made the bikini glow even brighter. She stood up to stretch just now, and turned around looking at the beach bar, giving Kurt a perfect view of the cleft of her ass. The bikini had ridden up while Karen was sitting down so that it looked almost like a thong.

“I’m getting turned on by my own Mom,” Kurt thought. “How sick. I mean, I know she’s got a great body and there’s nobody else around but c’mon, we’ve lived together for so long, am I really getting hard over her?”

But he was. Under the cool water’s surface, Kurt’s cock was growing ever larger, and he could not take his eyes off of Karen’s heavy tits, barely supported by the flimsy red material. He knew that as soon as he could get his hard-on to subside, he would have to make a beeline for their villa and jerk himself off, hard.

For her part, Karen was fantasizing herself about how long it had been since she had had a good fucking. Being a mom was no longer a big part of her life with Kurt being a man, but she still could not find much time to meet quality men. It wasn’t even the companionship that she longed for, but more the lurid side of sexual intimacy with a man, any man, that she craved. Holding a cock in her hand as it filled with blood and grew, the firmness it got when she tugged on it…these were things she could have with any man, and they would fulfill her sexual desires, but it was still an effort.

“I’m heading back to the villa, Mom, you need me to bring anything back for you?” Kurt broke Karen from her daze as he toweled himself off.

“No, thanks, I’ll probably come back in a little while too,” she said. She noticed that Kurt looked especially good today, the bright Spanish sun shining off of his sculpted chest. “If only he weren’t my son,” Karen thought, “I would definitely let him fuck me. Too bad that’s such a hangup, that adults can’t service each other sexually if they both need it.”

Her pussy tingled at the thought of having their big villa together for three weeks, fucking one another on all of the furniture, in the bathroom shower, on the terrace, doggy style in front of the sliding glass door.

“How nice would that be,” Karen thought, “to be able to satisfy each other’s cravings and then get on with the day. I’m sure we’d both enjoy the vacation a lot more.Society..”

Kurt was barely in the door before he stripped his swim trunks off and laid back on the bed in his downstairs bedroom. Karen had chosen the master bedroom upstairs so that they would have a bit of privacy, even though there were two bedrooms on the ground floor.

“It’s too bad there weren’t more girls at the beach today,” Kurt thought as he gently squeezed his still damp cock. “That Swedish woman from last year was the hottest thing ever.”

Kurt thought back to the previous year’s trip when a mature Swedish woman had set up her sun umbrella next to his. He was at the beach alone that day and feeling talkative, so he struck up a conversation with the Swede. The mother of three was in her 50s and had some lines of age on her face but her smile was dazzling and her blonde hair almost platinum, which made her deep tan even more alluring. As the day went on, they both became overheated and went down to the water together.

After floating a few feet from one another and obviously flirting, Kurt tentatively reached out to touch her waist. The mother flinched at first but then smiled broadly and brought Kurt’s hands up to her large breasts. They sagged slightly in her bikini but she was completely uninhibited and swung her body around without regard for how much her tits moved, and Kurt found it very erotic. Floating in the ocean, they groped each other’s bodies for a long time before going back to the sand and making out on their blankets.

Kurt moaned as he stroked his rod and continued to think back on the mature blonde woman, unaware that a mature brunette was listening to him. Karen had decided to come back to the house early for a drink, and she heard Kurt’s heavy breathing as soon as she entered the villa. Seeing his trunks on the floor through his doorway, she knew he could only be masturbating.

“Oh my God, even my own son can get some relief, I wish it were easier for me.” Karen threw her sarong onto the couch and slipped into a pair of high heeled espadrilles she had by the door. Their cork bottoms allowed her to get right to the edge of Kurt’s bedroom before he would hear her. She didn’t have any plans, but was just going by instinct.

Karen’s calves were flexed from the high wedges, and she had beads of sweat sliding down the insides of her thighs. Her breathing was more ragged and she noticed with utter certainty that her pussy lips were tingling noticeably. Her son’s masturbation was arousing Karen.

“If it were just as easy to use his cock as a dildo, and frig myself, then I could just…use him, and he could use me, we could both cum, and get back to life!” She was actually thinking that it sounded like a good plan, but she wasn’t sure how Kurt would take it.

“If I’m matter-of-fact and a little insistent, what 22-year-old WOULDN’T like to be serviced on vacation?!” She pushed her breasts so that the nipples were closer to the inside border of her bikini top, and the dark areolas were showing. Karen stepped to the edge of the doorway.

Kurt was now pumping harder, his glans head wedged firmly on top of his fist. Eyes closed, he was moving his hips so that the bed shook slightly on the tile floor.


Kurt heard Karen’s noise, his eyes flew open, and he started to scoot to the top of the bed.

“Whooo, Mommm, I didn’t think you’d be back so soon. Ahhhh.”

“It’s okay Kurt, I know what men your age do, it’s not a big deal.” Kurt’s mom put her hand on the door jamb to seem casual and crossed her legs at the ankles. “Believe it or not, women have those needs to, they just don’t talk about it. But even me, your Mom.”

Kurt thought about his Mom having sexual needs and it couldn’t help but put an image in his head of her being fucked over the back of a couch, hands gripping the pillows while someone, maybe him, entered her from behind again and again.

“I guess so,” Kurt said. He had one hand over his crotch but his stiff member was still so engorged that his hand couldn’t cover the entire thing. Kurt looked his mom over now for the first time and his eyes glazed over with lust. He thought, “I know she’s my Mom but I was just in the middle of jerking off and my mind is still on sex and, fuck, would I love to mount her right here.”

As if she was reading his mind, Karen stepped gingerly towards her son, her hips still cocked to the side from the angle of her tall shoes.

“Okay Kurt, I’m going to be really blunt here. We’re alone for three weeks and it’s going to be really difficult for us to concentrate on having fun and living if we’re both sexually frustrated, do you agree?”

Kurt gulped but nodded his head in agreement. “Where can she be going with this?” he thought.

“So,” Karen said walking to where Kurt’s knees hung over the edge of the bed, “why don’t we come to an understanding.” She squatted so that her face was level with Kurt’s hips, her big tits suspended in mid-air for her son to gawk at. The mirror at the foot of the bed allowed Kurt to see his Mom’s ass too, as she bounced slightly on her haunches.

“Why don’t we just say that, while we’re here in Ibiza, we can do whatever we want to each other. Sexually.” Karen licked her lips, the sexy mature woman now certain that this was exactly what she wanted.

“‘Sexually’?” Kurt stammered. “So, what do you mean, DO whatever we want?”

“We tell each other when we need relief, and we use each other’s bodies to get that relief. No judgments, no guilt, no awkwardness or hiding around.” Karen’s hands were roaming her body now, feeling her breasts and pushing them together as if in anticipation of what her son was going to do to her.

“Well…I mean, I would love to, but are you sure?” Kurt asked, smiling. “I get horny pretty often and usually jerk off three or four times a day.”

“That’s fine, Kurt, if you need me to service you five times a day, that will work too.” Karen closed her eyes while she spoke and reached around behind her to undo her bikini top. “I might need you to…FUCK…me, every night if you can handle it.” Karen drew out the word ‘fuck’ to gauge the impact on her son and it rightly threw him for a loop.

Kurt moved his hand from covering his cock and began stroking it again. “I think I could use some help now if you wouldn’t mind, Mom.”

Karen grinned and crawled onto the bed on all fours, her wedges still on her feet. “That’s fine, son, don’t worry. Mommy will take good care of you.”

And with that she used her left hand to push Kurt’s chest so he was flat on his back, and with her right she grasped his cock, her own son’s cock, and began pumping it.

“Is this alright?” Karen asked innocently. “Is it okay if I suck on your cock? Suck on it until I make you cum in my mouth? Would you like that?”

Kurt was shaking now, his cock so ready to be serviced. He had needed to cum since he saw his Mom’s big, full tits on the beach and had been jerking off for a few minutes before he came home. He needed his Mom to suck his cock and he needed her to deep throat it.

“Deep throat my cock, Mom.” Kurt said uncertainly. “Please.”

Karen laughed an evil laugh. “Don’t say ‘please’, son. When we’re servicing each other and helping each other to cum, treat me like a slut. That way it will be more of a separation between our normal time and our fucking time. We don’t want you getting hard thinking about fucking your Mom’s pussy in the middle of dinner.”

And with that, Karen leaned down, her brown hair tussling over her son’s stomach, and engulfed the length of his thick shaft in her hot, wet mouth. She hummed and moaned as she slobbered up and down on his slippery tool.

Kurt moaned loudly with ecstasy. “Fuuuuck, Mom, that’s so gooood!” He shut his eyes and put his hands on top of his mother’s head as she gulped up and down on his dick.

“Fuck his dick is so HOT!” Karen thought. “Not just big and smooth but actually physically WARM!” Her pussy was drooling already just thinking about having it inside of her. Her own son, Kurt, would soon have his dick buried inside of his mother. Karen swooned and blew her only child with renewed vigor. She was determined to suck him off quickly so that he would know how good she could be. She wanted to be a good dirty slut for her boy.

“You like that?” Karen asked in between slobbers. “You like your slutty Mom blowing you, Kurt? Sucking on your cock in your own bedroom? It’s so naughty but I think we both know that we need to be helping each other cum on this trip, don’t you?”

She went back to his dick with all of her attention, using one hand to stroke her son’s dick up and down, the other to squeeze and cup his balls.

“Yeah Karen, suck it, suck my fat cock,” Kurt said, getting into the spirit of his Mom’s game. “Make me cum in your mouth, I need to cum.” “Call me ‘Mom'” Karen said, stopping just long enough to look her son directly in the eyes so that he knew exactly what it was they were doing. Getting a blowjob from his Mom.

“Mom, keep sucking my dick. Suck it now you slut.” Kurt smiled even as he said this rudest of instruction.

Karen laughed and went back to work, servicing her son’s dong. Kurt then grabbed her ass and slapped one of her cheeks, hard.

“I’ve wanted to do that all day,” he said. “Here, swing around so you can sit on my face. I want to taste your pussy, Mom.”

Karen couldn’t believe it, her swollen lips needed attention badly and she was thrilled that her son wanted to eat her pussy.

“Ohh baby, that would be amazing. I’m just going to move around,” Karen worked her hips and swung her knee over her boy’s head so that they were in a perfect 69 position, her snatch just above Kurt’s mouth and her own mouth still locked onto his dick.

“That’s it, c’mon, sit on my face, Mom. I want to lick your pussy.”

Karen obliged and moved her knees to the side so that her wet pussy was smashed onto her son’s face.

“Ohhhh,” she cried out. “Yeah, that’s it, eat Mommy’s pussy. Shove your tongue all the way into Mommy’s little cunt hole.” Karen squirmed around on top of her son, sitting back on his face so he could get as much of his mouth around her sopping pussy as possible.

“Keep sucking me, keep sucking my cock, Mom!” Karen had her lips at the base of her son’s cock, tonguing the length of it. She was happy to suck his dick all day but she needed it’s hardness inside of her.

“Okay, now it’s my turn.” She crawled off of her son’s face and walked into the living room. Still wearing her heels, she bent at the waist and leaned over the couch. “Just fuck me, Kurt. Fuck me hard, and fuck me as fast as you like.”

She wagged her ass back and forth and Kurt thought he might faint before he got to her. Sliding up behind his mother, Kurt aligned his hips with hers and guided his dick between her drooling pussy lips.

Karen shuddered as she felt her son’s big thick cock slide inside of her. She leaned backwards and slammed her ass against Kurt’s pelvis. The shock made him shuffle his feet but he soon found his footing and began moving back and forth more easily.

“Oh fuck, Mom! Your pussy feels so fucking good!”

“Much better than jerking off?”

“Fuck yeah, so much better.”

“Good. Any time you want to fuck me, you can fuck me. If you want a blowjob, ask me, and I’ll suck your cock. I just want to milk the cum out of you whenever you need it, and in return, I want you to fuck my pussy when I need it. That’s only fair, isn’t it?”

Kurt was into it now, drops of perspiration dripping onto his mother’s pale back. He reached underneath and squeezed her utters together, still barely believing that he was inside of his Mom, fucking her with abandon. It was unreal that earlier in the hour, they were sitting side-by-side and not touching one another.

“You like it, don’t you son? Fucking your mother? Fucking her wet pussy without caring who sees it?”

Karen abruptly pulled Kurt’s cock out of her pussy, turned around and slapped him across the face. He could hardly believe what was going on but Karen was still smiling that devilish grin. She walked over to the couch and kneeled, sticking her ass up in the air.

“Come fuck my cunt, son. Fuck your mother’s wet cunt until she cums. Can you do that, son? Do you mind shoving your thick cock inside my sopping pussy until I cum? You can just use me, you know. Use me like a fuckdoll, if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to get off, come into my room, lift my nightdress, lather your cock up with some spit and fuck me.”

Kurt scrambled around the sofa and climbed onto the couch, placing his feet on either side of his Mom’s knees. He braced himself on her lower back and slid down, impaling her sodden quim onto his stiff prick.

“I’m going to fuck you at least twice a day, Mom, I just hope you’re okay with that.”

Karen moaned and leaned back, not believing that her pussy was filled completely by her son.

“Just keep fucking me. When we’re tired we can go back to the beach but for now, I just want you to get off. Just fucking use me to cum like some kind of slut.”

Kurt fucked and fucked until he felt like his balls were going to explode.

“I’m going to cum now, Mom. Gonna cum, where do you want it.”

Karen was frigging herself madly, not wanting it to end but wanting to see her son get off even more.

“When you’re about to cum, pull out and cum on my face. I want to suck the last drop of cum out of you.”

Kurt grabbed his mother’s hair as he pumped furiously into her dripping pussy and at last felt like he was going to cum.

“Ahhh, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum baby, fuck your Mommy and cum on her face. I’m such a fucking slut for my son’s cum, cum in my face!”

Kurt pulled out as Karen spun around, still drooling from being fucked so hard. She stuck her tongue out and licked whatever part of Kurt’s dick wasn’t being jerked and he began shooting rope after rope of cum over Karen’s beautiful face. Karen was finger fucking her cunt and began squirting all over the floor at the same time.

The scene was surreal as mother, still in heels and bikini bottoms, pulled to the side, rubbing herself madly as her son towered over her and shot his hot cum all over her pretty face.

At last, Kurt slumped onto the couch. “Wow. That was fucking unreal.”

“Just wait until dinner,” Karen said throatily, sliding her finger over her face to wipe the cum off. “I think we’re going to have an interesting few days.” She laid on her back, her big tits flopping to the sides, and began contemplating the next place she wanted to fuck her son.

Chapter 02

The Ibizan sun broke upon Karen and Kurt Smith’s villa early in the morning, warming the tiled floors and heating the blackout shades before anyone inside had stirred. The soothing hum of the air con and steady lap of the ocean outside had kept both mother and son sleeping soundly in their respective beds, Kurt’s on the ground floor and Karen’s upstairs.

Kurt was the first to open his eyes, rubbing them with the heels of his hands while lying on his back. Despite the vigorous workout that he had given his 8-inch cock the day before, it stood at rigid attention against his firm stomach. He stretched his back and lifted his arms over his head, feeling that if his mother were sitting on his crotch right now, she would be completely filled up by his hard dick.

Karen’s instructions from the previous day, that her own son should feel free to use her body sexually whenever he wanted, were still resonating with Kurt. As if from a dream, he recalled her sweet, soft mouth sucking delicately on the head of his throbbing cock, her big tits smashed against his chest, while he buried his mouth in her sopping wet cunt. The mother-and-son 69 lasted only a few minutes but Kurt knew that it was something that he would need again, and soon. Perhaps on a beach towel down in front of the tide, with onlookers gawking at this mature woman and the young man sucking at her hairless pussy. Would they know that they were related? Could they even comprehend that the 22-year-old having his cock sucked was the son of the voluptuous brunette who was doing the sucking?

Awaking from his revelry, Kurt looked down to see his warm member bouncing ever so slightly from his torso, beating in time to his elevated pulse. Precum was leaking from the hole on top of his cock, and he felt the familiar feeling of needing release. Normally, if he was back in London, this is the time when he would lock the door to his bedroom and flip open his laptop to have a wank at internet porn. His favorite was mature women with large tits and glasses, the better to make them appear older. But now, realizing that he had the option to go upstairs and take his mother, he grinned broadly. The erotic air of hedonism and free love that permeated Ibiza made it seem only right that he should not have to masturbate, but instead gain satisfaction from fucking his family member upstairs.

He crossed the downstairs level in a pair of white boxer briefs, his dick outlined clearly in its fullness. Taking the stairs two at a time, he wondered if his mother, Karen, was awake yet or still dozing.

In the master bedroom, Karen Smith was barely awake, her eyes still closed but aware that she was no longer sleeping. Her big tits were pressing into the mattress as she lay on her stomach, brown hair in curls all around her head, her legs spread ever so slightly. She thought back to all of the lewd things she had said to her son the day before, what a slut she had become after touching his young dick.

Back at the modern flat that they shared in London, Karen had frequently seen Kurt coming out of the shower or passed him in his towel on the landing. She wondered even then what his dick would look like hard and at attention, and felt jealous of the scantily clad girls he was surely fucking at university. But after yesterday, she was sure of its size and potency and knew that it was more than enough to satisfy her.

As Karen started to move her body, she thought she heard something behind her in the doorway. Not turning around, she mumbled, “Kurt, is that you baby?”

“Yeah, I thought you might be able to…help me out,” he said from the doorway. He strode towards the bed, already taking in the clean lines his mother’s sleek legs made under the bedspread. The white cotton sheet only came up to Karen’s lower back, treating Kurt to an eyeful of his mom’s big tits as they spilled out from the side of her body’s outline.

“Ohh, with what?” Karen said with a smile. She was feigning annoyance and wanted to see if her son would be bold enough to take her without her initiation.

“Um, well, you know,” he said uncertainly. “What we talked about yesterday? In my room?”

“Uh huh, and what was that again?” Karen was not giving an inch, relishing the pleasure of teasing her son, making his hard-on strain against the fabric of his boxers as he tried to express to his own mother how much he wanted to be inside of one of her holes.

“Really? You’re really going to play at this?” Kurt was sure that she was lying but he enjoyed the game, and felt bolder in forcing his mother to submit for his base sexual urges.

“Honey, you’re just going to have to leave me alone for a bit, Mommy’s tired from yesterday and whatever it is can wait.”

That set Kurt off. He could not wait, would not wait, his primal sexual urges were close to bubbling over and he needed to fuck right now.

Without a word to his mother, Kurt seized the sheet and threw it off of Karen’s taut, tanned body. She gasped in mock surprise and looked over her shoulder, taking in her strong son’s full body and erect penis for the first time. “My goodness,” she thought, “it’s still in his boxers and it looks THAT big?!” Her pussy tingled at the idea of being fucked roughly by her son, a taboo that excited her so deeply that she could not fathom ever getting accustomed to it. So wrong and so forbidden, Karen knew that she would have no problem orgasming if Kurt wished to fuck her.

“Fine then, I’ll just take care of myself and you can lay here!” Kurt spat as he dropped his boxers to the floor and roughly mounted his mother from behind. “Let’s see if you can sleep through this!” He straddle his own mother’s meaty ass, squeezing her buttocks between his hands and slapping her cheeks.

“Ow!” squealed Karen, now squirming underneath her son. “Kurt, wh-what are you doing?”

They both knew the game they were playing, she as the innocent housewife mother, he as the sex-crazed son. Kurt continued, leaning over her back and reaching underneath to caress Karen’s heavy tits in his hands, pinching her nipples between his thumb and index finger.

“Mmm, what big tits you have, Karen.” He ground his pelvis against Karen’s ass, his cock head still leaking precum freely, smearing his semen along the entrance to his mother’s pussy.

“No, no Kurt, we can’t! You’re my son!” At the same time she was making these protestations, Karen raised herself off the bed and cocked her hips at an angle so that her cunt was presented to her son. She spread her legs, knowing that she was making her opening ready to be penetrated, easily and whenever he wanted.

As Karen instructed yesterday, Kurt spit onto his hand and stroked his 8-inch dick slowly, covering its length in slick spit. “It won’t take long, if you’re lucky,” he said, lining up his ramrod at the entrance to his own mother’s twat.

Karen braced herself against her headboard with her hands, determined to push back and not give an inch even as her muscular son impaled her body on his engorged stick.

“Ohhh, FUCK!” he exclaimed. It was still so early that Karen’s body had not had a chance to adjust to being awake and the walls of her cunt were still quite tight from the previous night’s sleep. This did not and could not stop Kurt’s spit-slicked cock from burying itself to the balls inside of his own mother.

“How’s that, Mom, good? You like getting fucked up the cunt by your son first thing in the morning, do you? I can tell, your pussy’s getting soaking wet, isn’t it? A mother’s pussy getting wet for her own son, how wrong, how depraved!

Karen could not even verbalize her feelings, but simply moaned and bucked her hips against the steel pole that was shoved between her legs. Her eyes rolled back in her head as Kurt got into a rhythm, bucking back and forth like an animal in heat, squeezing his mother’s ass cheeks as he entered her repeatedly.

“Fine, you want to fuck me, son?” Karen asked breathlessly. “Why don’t you show the world what you like to do, huh? Let everyone see how you like to fuck your own mother!”

She squirmed away and was able to make it the three steps to the master bedroom’s wall of windows.

“Come on, son. If you want to fuck me, fuck me here and let everyone see.” Karen pressed her two palms flat on the window above her head and leaned her face in. On her tip toes, she stuck her ass out so she was in perfect position to be fucked.

Kurt walked close and was about to reenter his mother when he paused. “But..are you sure?” For the first time since he had come upstairs, he was unsure if this was taking things too far.

Karen grinned to herself. “Oh no, it’s too late to back out. You want to fuck me, fuck me up against this window. Have you not been to Ibiza, Kurt? Public sex is perfectly acceptable. Now come here and fuck your horny mother, me aroused and I need to cum.”

Kurt walked over uncertainly but he was too far gone to stop now. He moved into position behind his mother’s tanned ass and aimed his cock at her slick, shiny pussy lips. Leaning forward to place his hands on the glass besides hers, he thrust forward and was inside of her.

“Ungh!” Karen shuddered as the rock-hard pole found her G-spot and rubbed up against it. “That’s it son, put that cock inside your mother and leave it there like a good boy.” She pressed her face up against the window, eyes closed, grinding her ass and cunt into her own son’s young dick.

Kurt pumped in and out of her, unsure if this was taking things too far, as anyone walking on the beach might look up to the hills and see among the scrub brush a large window, and a beautiful mature woman with big tits being fucked by someone far too young to be her boyfriend. They might see the way her hard nipples flattened against the glass as the young man in his 20s pounded her from behind, mercilessly fucking her, making her body shudder with each thrust.

“I hope someone sees us,” thought Karen, “I want to put on a show for some lucky bloke who might be minding his own business this morning.”

As if on cue, a tanned couple in their early 30s rounded the bend so that they were about 40 meters from the sand in front of Karen’s villa. She knew that as they got closer, they might well look up and she was sure that she could get them to watch her fuck her own son.

“Oh, YES! Fuck, Kurt, that’s it! Fuck me, fuck your own mother, keep shoving that big cock inside of my cunt!” She backed into him harder and harder, his 8-inch member sliding in and out of her easier each time, spurred on by his mother’s filthy words.

As the couple got closer, Karen turned around and slapped Kurt on the ass hard. “That’s it, FUCK me son!” She slapped him again. “You can do this, can’t you? You can handle fucking your mother’s thick cunt? Huh?” She was pouting into his face, egging him on, daring him to give her the proper hard fucking she desperately needed.

Kurt could barely watch the lewd scene before him, afraid that he would fire his seed inside of his mother’s cunt before she was satisfied. He was determined to give her a hard orgasm like the one that he had the previous day, and he didn’t care how long he needed to fuck her to get the job done.

The couple on the beach were almost directly in front of the villa now, the man’s hand around the woman’s waist, dropping down to her ass now and then. They appeared Spanish, both with dark hair and features, he in short swim trunks and she in a bikini and sarong. Karen bounced harder against the window, hoping that they would look up, willing the couple to see the debased act occurring just above them.

“That’s it son, keep fucking me like this and I just might cum. Would you like that? You want mommy to cum all over your thick cock and balls?”

Kurt nodded dumbly, all of his energy focused on his hands squeezing his mother’s hips as he buried his hot prick into his own mother’s cunt, over and over.

“Oh no, Kurt, they’re watching us!” The couple had indeed looked up and were squinting to make sure they were witnessing what they thought they saw: a mature woman with big heavy tits being fucked without pity by her own son.

There was no way that Kurt could withdraw his cock from his mother’s cunt now, it felt too good and their rhythm was almost automatic at this point, leaning forward to rub Karen’s G-spot with each new thrust.

“You want these strangers to see us, do you? You want to fuck your own mother in front of complete strangers and let them watch me get off on your rod?” Karen knew that her son was self-conscious but she didn’t care, she was high from being fucked so hard and so good. If her son wanted to pull out now, there was no way she was letting him.

“Oh no, son, you’re not going anywhere until I cum. I sucked your cock and milked the cum out of you yesterday so you’re going to keep that fuck stick in me until I do the same.” The big-titted mother was half turned around now, squeezing her son’s face between her thumb and fingers, pinching it hard to make sure that he didn’t pull out of her wet pussy yet.

“That’s it, son, keep fucking me, yeah? Let’s give these people a performance and show them how you can really get me off.” She squeezed his face harder, pulling him close, not letting him go until her own orgasm overtook her.

“C’mon you fucking pussy, fuck me!” She let go of his face, just for an instant, and slapped him hard across the cheek. The blow stung and Kurt didn’t know what to do for an instant, his pelvis still moving involuntarily as he reamed his horny mom.

“Can you do that? Can you at least fuck me until I cum?” She hit him again, still backing into him, still riding her son’s cock for all she was worth.

Kurt stepped closer and began grinding into his mom’s cunt harder and harder, really getting into it, shoving his 8-inch member right up his own mother’s pussy hole.

“You fucking bitch, I’ll fuck you, if that’s what you want!” He grabbed her by the hair, grinding his cock all the way inside of his mom, pushing her up against the window.

Karen was in ecstasy, so full of hot, young meat, in full view of the two strangers on the beach, being watched while she was fucked over and over by her own son. She was speechless, almost drooling on the window, wanting nothing more than to be fucked harder and harder.

She was still gripping Kurt’s face in her hand, squeezing it and trying to hurt him, wanting him to hurt her in the same way with his big cock. He leaned up against her, moving his balance from her wide hips up to her full, heavy tits, squeezing them roughly with his big hands.

Karen slapped Kurt again, then again, then again. She was virtually beating her son with her hand, wanting him to fuck her so hard that she couldn’t express it. After the last strike, she squeezed his face roughly and spit into his open mouth, wanting to mix their fluids in any way that she could.

“You like that, you little slut? You like fucking mommy like this, fucking her in her wet pussy so these people can see?” She slapped him again, her big son nothing more than a fuck toy at this point, backing up on to his big pole repeatedly, again and again, just using her son so she could cum.

Kurt was so aroused at these lewd acts he could only swallow his mom’s sticky saliva, strangely eager for more. He opened his mouth wider, her hand still squeezing his face, slapping it from time to time, wanting more of her inside of him.

“That’s it, keep fucking your mom, and open wide so I can spit in your fucking mouth!” She gathered the saliva left in her mouth and spit again, missing the mark and slathering it around his mouth, the mother and son just a mess of carnal lust at this point.

Down on the beach, the Spanish woman had dropped to her knees, her eyes still trained on the fuck scene happening above them, but taking her man’s cock out of his swim trunks and beginning to suck on it. He had his hands on his hips, visibly aroused by the torrid sex between mother and son, his erect cock hard in his girlfriend’s hand.

“I think she’s going to suck his cock, Kurt. Can you see? Do you want to watch this dirty slut suck her man’s cock whilst you fuck me up my cunt?”

“Oh yeah! Mom, don’t move, just stand there, I can’t believe how good your pussy feels. It’s squeezing and milking my cock, I can’t even describe it!” He kept pumping, sure that he and his mom were both approaching orgasm.

“That’s it son, yeah, fuck me up my tight cunt! Cum in my dirty pussy and then I’ve got a surprise for you.” She backed up, shifting her weight to her heels so her son would have a target to fuck. She knew that he was just using her to cum and she enjoyed it.

As the woman on the beach was sucking her boyfriend’s cock, Kurt felt his own balls tighten.

“Fuck mom, your pussy feels so good on my big dick!”

Karen reached between her legs, squeezing her son’s balls hard. She knew he was close to cumming and she wanted to help him unload his big batch of cum up her tight cunt.

“Come on then, fuck mommy’s pussy hard! Shove that 8-inch cock hard up my cunt and unload your cum in me!”

The lewd mother’s filthy words spurred her son on, and he felt his seed boiling over inside of his balls. He threw his head back and buried his cock all the way inside his mother’s cunt and pumped over and over again, shooting his cum deep inside of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, son, I’m cumming!” Kurt’s cum triggered Karen’s own orgasm, and she reached between her legs with her other hand, one squeezing her son’s balls as he shot his hot cum inside of her, the other madly frigging her clit as her own orgasm rocked her body. Her juices trickled out, coating her 22-year-old son’s thick cock and balls, mixing with his own cum inside of her.

“Now, get down between my legs and lick me,” she commanded. She was bent horizontal at the waist, her ass and cunt completely presented to her son. He withdrew from her pussy with a pop and took a step back, marvelling at the sick scene before him, his own mother’s pussy, red from being fucked, right in his face. He squatted behind her, wanting to smell and taste the juices smeared around her backside.

“That’s it, son, lick my wet cunt. Taste that cum you just shot inside of me, go on.” She wagged her ass in his face, and Kurt gave a long, slow lick from the front of her clit all the way to the edge of her asshole. His nose was coated in the slick mixture of his mom’s pussy juices and his own cum.

“You like tasting your own cum, don’t you son?” Karen was ecstatic, leaning forward so the couple on the beach could see the disgusting scene unfold, mother’s big tits presssed against the glass while the younger man serviced her hindquarters.

Kurt lapped at his mother’s cunt over and over, wanting nothing more than to bury his face inside of her wet hole. Karen exhaled, the orgasm that rippled through her now fading. She felt that she surely would need to fuck Kurt again, perhaps on the beach, perhaps somewhere more public so that others could witness their depravity. The couple on the beach were gone now, probably rutting themselves in some cove. Karen had loved the opportunity to put on a show for them and hoped for more witnesses in the future.

Kurt sat down and leaned against the bed, completely spent, his nostrils full of the scent of his own mother’s cunt. He was in heaven, still not believing his good fortune at being able to fuck his mom whilst on vacation. The next time could not come soon enough.


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