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Caught Spying On Mom

It starts by accident but continues into full family debauchery
Caught Spying On Mom

Part 1

Mom and dad split up 5 years ago, over his fooling around with other women, when she caught him red handed with his secretary. When the divorce was over we were left comfortably off so we had no worries about feeding ourselves and the house was in mom’s name.

Since then she has kept herself in great condition playing tennis and going to the gym a few times a week. A few men have taken her out, but none of them lasted more then a few dates. My mom, Jade, is 36 yrs old, long black hair down to the middle of her back, with gorgeous blue eyes, an athletic body topped with 36d tits, great legs and stands at 5′ 9″ tall. Mom had me when she was 18 yrs old, and she married dad soon after I was born.

Her sister Cathy, who at 40 yrs old has almost the same fit body as my mom. She has blonde shoulder length hair, green eyes that sparkled like emeralds and 40dd tits. Aunt Cathy was also divorced and had 3 daughters Julie 20, Tina 19 and Louise 18. All 3 daughters had bodies to die for and boy did I die for them but that’s for another story.

I had never really thought of my mom in a sexual way until I was 18. I would sneak peaks at her when she was dressing or bathing like all horny teenagers do when they get curious about the female body. Even when she went for a dip in our pool I would find myself gazing at her wonderful body, the way her tiny bikini left nothing to the imagination.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

It was a Friday evening, and my best friend Scott had gone on holiday with his family for 2 weeks. I was home and bored. Mom said, “Alan why don’t you get a pizza and rent a couple of movies while I take a shower.”

“OK mom, be back soon.”

I replied, and 15 minuets later I was back home with the pizza and movies, “Mom pizza’s here.”

I called but there was no answer. I put the pizza on the kitchen table along with the 2 movies I rented out and went to see if mom was o.k.

As I got to the top of the stairs I saw the bathroom light was on as the door had been left open just enough for me to look in and freeze in my tracks. Mom was sitting on the edge of the bath shaving her pussy. I stood there with my mouth dropping to the floor, eyes bulging and a big bulge in my pants. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. I unzipped my pants as quietly as I could and got my 8″ hard on out and started to stroke it. Mom parted her thighs to shave the few hairs she had around her pussy lips and I could see the pink of her outer lips, which made me pump my cock even harder.

As mom washed her pussy with her hand she caught her clit with her index finger and let out a small moan, “ahhh.” I wanted to reach out and touch her, I wanted to her to take my cock in hand and jerk me off over her beautiful face, over her tits, god I just wanted to cum over and in her right here and now. Then all of a sudden I could feel my spunk boil in my balls and move up the shaft of my dick and I watched in horror as my load shot in the bathroom door and caught her on the foot and calf and then over the tiled floor. Mom shot a look at the bathroom door and caught me with my hand on my spurting member.

I darted from the door into my bedroom and locked my door. A few moments later mom was at my bedroom door knocking on it..

“Honey I think we need to talk.”

“I’m sorry mom I didn’t mean to watch you and do what I did.”

“I’m not mad at you Alan, now open the door and lets talk about what happened.”

A few seconds later click went the key on my bedroom door and mom opened it. I sat on my bed with the covers up to my waist looking at the floor and my face was beet red with embarrassment.

Mom came in and sat on the bed beside me and told me to look her in the eye, which I reluctantly did.

“So how long have you been spying on me Alan?”

“I..em…err a few months now mom,” I spluttered out.

“You know its wrong don’t you Alan? Well don’t you?”

She asked me more sternly.

“Yes,” was all I could say in my defense.

Mom then asked me, “why?”

“I don’t know mom, when I walked into the bathroom a couple of months ago and caught you coming out the shower I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind”

Thinking back to when I walked in on mom 4 months ago as she was coming out of the shower started my cock twitching again and begin to make a tent in the cover which didn’t go unnoticed by mom. She glanced down and saw the covers lift where my growing erection was. She moved slightly which was enough for her short satin robe to open up and allow me a peek under her robe to see she still had nothing on under it. Mom glanced down again at the tented covers her face and neck turning a deep pink colour and my face turning beet red with embarrassment. I finally spoke and broke the silence between us.

“I’m sorry mom I just can’t help it, you looked so hot sitting there shaving your pussy”

“I have fantasized what it would be like to just walk in and catch you in the shower. Even seeing you cross the hall to your bedroom after coming out of the shower with just a towel around you.”

Mom flushed when I said that.

“And seeing you in your bikini is such a turn on.”

Mom just sat there thinking what to say next.

“Well when you put it like that Alan, its been hard for me too. Seeing you walk about in those boxer shorts of yours. Since your father left there have been a couple of men who have dated me but nothing ever came of it”

“It’ s been a while since I have been another man.” She said .”And I have to admit when I saw you standing there jerking off and your cum hit me on the leg I was shocked at first, then when I thought about it I got wet. I have thought about you too this past while, and seeing that you have grown into a strapping you man.”

I sat there with my mouth open.

“You have?” I finally said.

“Yes I have.” She said with what I was sure was a wry little smirk.

“So you liked watching me shave my pussy?”

I looked her straight in the eye and answered.

“Yes I did mom it was so horny.”

What she said next had me gob-smacked .

“Would you like to shave my pussy next time for me?”

My cock started to throb under the covers which did not go unnoticed by mom. She slid her hand up the cover to where my throbbing cock was and rubbed my dick through the cover.

“There have been a couple of mornings I have looked in on you and you have been asleep and this cock of yours has been making a tent in the covers like it is now. And now that you have seen what I look like naked, I think it only fair that I get to see you naked in front of me.”

She said as she started to pull the covers down and off my body. The wide eyed look like a doe caught in a headlight came to mind as her mouth dropped open at the site of my erect meat poking through my boxers.

“It’s bigger than your fathers.” She said. “And thicker too,” as she ran her fingers up my leg until they were at the edge of my boxers.

She looked into my eyes as her hand wrapped around my cock.

“You know it’s been a long time since I had one of these. I almost forgot what it felt like to have one in my hand let alone my mouth.”

And with that she lowered her head and took my cock head into her mouth. Her tongue licking the underside of it. coating my throbbing member in her saliva and she began to pump my shaft with her hand. My head rolled back and my eyes closed as the electricity ran through my cock up to my brain and back again. I couldn’t believe it, my mom was sucking on my cock like I had wanted her to do for ages.

“Mmmm oh mom that feels so good.” Was all I could mutter.

Mom took more than half of my thick throbbing dick in her mouth. As it hit the back of her throat, she pulled her head back as she almost gagged. Then she took more and more of it down her throat as I began to thrust my hips forward pushing more and more of my hunk of throbbing meat into her throat. She was getting used to having cock in her mouth again and was giving me the best blow job I ever had. Then she took my cock from her mouth and pulled my boxers off completely.

Getting herself more comfortable she again took my cock into her mouth and began to suck in earnest as if she were milking my cock with her mouth. Cupping my balls in her other hand giving them a gentle squeeze I could feel my spunk begin to bubble up in my balls and moving north through my throbbing shaft. Mom felt it to and moved her head back until only the head of my cock was in her mouth. I caught her hair in my hands and shouted.

“God mom I’mmmm cummminng! Suck me, suck all the spunk from my balls and swallow it bitch!”

And she did, as I shot rope after rope into her wet warm mouth she swallowed all I had and was looking for more. She suck on my cock until I went limp and began to shrink in size and slipped from between her full succulent lips.

As I lay back with a silly grin on my face I thanked mom for the best blow job ever.

“Now its my turn to show you just how good I am at eating pussy.”

Part 2

It’s early morning, the sun was just beginning to shine through the open curtains and mom is still sleeping. I thought of the things we did to each other last night and the tingle returned to my already semi hard cock. I gently pulled down the sheets and saw her pussy lips were still engorged and that she was still in a state of arousal, smiling I gently took a leg in each hand, spreading mom’s legs wide to look at her hot wet pussy.

My now throbbing cock was only inches from her sweet honey pot, dripping its nectar down her asshole and onto the sheet below her. I took an ankle in each hand and put her legs over my shoulders, and inched forward until my hard member was at the entrance to mom’s love hole. Pushing forward bringing her knees up to under her armpits almost folding mom in half, my rigid cock penetrates her outer love lips and I sink my engorged head just inside mom’s inner lips.

Slowly I inch my cock into her slick pussy until I am balls deep inside mom. As she opened her eyes and smiled at me I started kissing her neck, licking and giving her little loves bites. Bending my head down to her breast I took her right nipple, encircling it with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth flicking my tongue over her now hard nipple making mom moan out in pure pleasure.

“Fuck me honey, fuck me hard, deep and fast!” Is all mom said.

Mom’s whole body started to shudder as my hard throbbing cock was fucking her deep, ramming in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop Alan!”

“I’m almost there!”

A couple of more thrusts and mom came all over my cock. I kept thrusting until mom’s body started to go limp and she sunk back into the bed, coming down from her high and I then explode deep inside her pussy filling her womb with my hot thick creamy spunk.

Mom lay there smiling to herself as I slid from her body to lie beside her. Mom got up on her hands and knees moving over to straddle me, her pussy just touching the end of my still hard cock. Her legs open wide sticking her bum in the air and turning her on. Mom’s hand moved down her body, sliding over her breasts, mom’s nipples went hard from the touch of her palms, at least an inch long.

She groaned, moving her hand down over her stomach. Her fingers touch her pussy, gasping she slowly starts to slid her fingers inside, they are wet as she slid them out over her clit. Starting to rub at it slowly at first, her moans getting louder and more urgent as she rubbed faster and harder, her whole body started to shudder.

“God I want to be fucked right now. I do not want to cum without a hard throbbing cock ramming hard into my pussy!”

Mom screamed at me as she dropped her pussy onto my now fully hard pulsing cock. As she impaled herself she let out a scream.

“Oh Fuck Yesssssss!”

She began to ride my rock hard cock, rocking forward and backwards with abandonment.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out you horny little bastard!” She shouts at me.

“Oh yes mom, take my cock deep inside your pussy, I’m gonna fill your pussy again with my hot spunk!”

As I rolled her over without coming out of her pussy, she wrapped her legs around my back pulling me deep into her as I began to piston my cock in and out of her sweet pussy.

“Yes, yes baby keep fucking me I’m almost there!” She gasped.

“I’m cummmiiiinnnngggg, oh god yessssssssss you have me cuuummmiiinnnggg you little fuck!”

Mom’s body went rigid under me as she came, which sent me over the edge and my thick sticky cum shot into her sopping wet pussy for the second time. Mom’s body went limp under me as she passed out.

By the time she was coming back round I was soaking her forehead with a cold damp cloth.

“Are you o.k. mom?” I asked

“Yes honey.” She beamed.

“Was I out for long?”

“A couple of minutes mom.” I answered.

Mom lay there for a couple of moments then leaned up on her elbows smiling at me.

“God I have never come like that before.” She said.

“Must have been that big love pole of yours that done that to me.” She cooed.

“You won’t need to date any guys again mom, I will take good care of all your needs from now on.”

“Oh honey I love you.” She said with a great big smile all over her face.

“I love you too mom.”

To think only last night that we were just mother and son until the moment I looked into the bathroom and caught her shaving her pussy.

As I look at the clock it said 10:07am and I heard a car pulling up the drive, as I peeked out the window to see who it was Aunt Cathy stepping out and starting to walk up to the front door.

“Mom,” I said in a panic. “Aunt Cathy is coming to the front door”

Mom looks at me and I look back at her. I began to have naughty thoughts of what it would be like to have both of them at the same time.

Part 3

A moment later, Cathy came through the front door and it slammed shut behind her. Cathy looked around and saw no one at home, then she heard noises from upstairs.

“Jade it’s Cathy, what you doing still in bed at this time in the morning?”

She said as she climbed the stairs to mom‘s bedroom.

As she got to Jade’s bedroom door her mouth dropped to the floor. There in front of her was her sister and her nephew trying to get there clothes on before they got caught. Cathy stood there looking in disbelief at the site before her.

“What the hell has been going on here!” she shouted.

Mom sat down on the bed and the tears started to roll down her face.

“Cathy please don’t tell anyone. I’ll be in so much trouble if you do!” Mom pleaded.

Cathy looked at both of us for a few moments.

“How long has this been going on?” She asked.

Mom looked at her sister still with tears in her eyes.

“We have only been together like this since last night.”

Aunt Cathy said, “o.k. I will keep quiet about this in one condition.”

“What’s the condition?” Mom asked.

What Aunt Cathy said next had both mom and my mouth’s hitting the floor.

“As long as I get to try out this handsome stud for myself, then it will be our secret.”

After the initial shock I had a huge grin on my face. Was I finally gonna get to see Aunt Cathy’s 40dd’s and her hot cunt? Mom had no option but to agree, Aunt Cathy broke the silence that had filled the room.

“Shit, it must have been some night you both had!” Cathy laughed.

“What makes you say that?” Asked mom.

“Well you have that just fucked look about you honey.” Cathy replied.

We all laughed out loud at Cathy’s comments.

“Well seeing as you both are only half dressed I might as well join you.”

She said as she began to strip her clothes off. With that both mom and I discarded what clothes we had put on and got back into bed.

Aunt Cathy’s eyes almost popped out as she copped an eyeful of my big hard-on as it bounced in front of me as I got back on the bed.

“God! I’ve never done it with another woman.” Mom blurted out. “Let alone my own sister!”

“Don’t worry sis you will enjoy every moment of this.” Cathy said.

“OK mother fucker lets see what your like in action.”

I heard Cathy say to me as she sat on the bottom of the bed. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. Not only did I get to fuck my mother but now my Aunt was gonna watch me fuck my mom and then she wanted a piece of my ass too.

I pulled mom close to me and kissed her passionately on the lips as my tongue slid into her mouth and danced with her smooth tongue. I could feel my aunts hand on my leg sliding up and down my thigh. As I looked down she was doing the same to mom, only her hand was on mom’s inner thighs.

Mom’s slender hips started to move under me as I got between her legs letting my cock head gently touch her hot dripping pussy. Mom started to grind her pussy against my throbbing piece of meat, moving in small circles then thrusting up to meet my incoming cock.

“Come on, Baby! Fill mother up again! Fill your mother’s pussy full of that hot cum of yours!”

Mom said as she squeezed my cock with her tight inner muscles.


Aunt Cathy screamed when she saw my cock entering my mother‘s soaking cunt.

“I love you Alan!”

Mom said kissing me full on the lips and moving her slender hips onto my cock. My cock was deep in my mother’s hot slick pussy as far as it would go. Cathy was now laying beside mom, her hand running down my back sending shivers up my spine as her hand reached my ass and slid down to my balls and onto mom’s wet cunt.

She pushed a finger inside mom’s pussy as I was thrusting into mom. I could feel her finger pressing against my cock inside my mom’s cunt. When she pulled it back out Cathy moved her hand up to my asshole, she pushed the tip of her wet finger into my ass. My eyes widened and I swear my cock grew even harder as Cathy fingered my ass up to her second knuckle as I fucked my mom’s hot dripping cunt.

Mom’s hips were thrashing up and down now meeting my every thrust.

“Fill your mom’s hot pussy full of that hot, thick cum!” Cathy barked at me.

I lost control when I heard the erotic words come from her mouth.

“FUCK ME, DAMN IT!” Mom screamed as she exploded around my cock.

I sprayed mom’s insides with my hot creamy cum as my stiff cock sank deep into my mother’s love hole and stayed there until I was done.

Cathy was fingering her pussy for all she was worth with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.

“You son of a fucking bitch, get your cock in my cunt!” She screamed at me.

As my cock was still as hard as a steel rod when I got off mom, I got between Cathy’s thighs.

“Fuck me you little mother fucker.”

She moaned out loud as I drove my cock deep inside her wanting pussy.

“Fill me with your hot cum!” She cried out as I fucked her like a man possessed.

A few moments later the sweat dripping off us and mom sucking on her sisters nipples, aunt Cathy was bucking for all she was worth under me.

“Oh fuck I’m cummiinnnggggg! Don’t…stop…you…little…fucker!” She screamed on each thrust of my prick.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls again and moving up the shaft of my throbbing dick. As Cathy exploded over my cock I shot my sticky white cream deep inside her. Her body stiffened as her orgasm tore through her, then she went limp under me as I came down from my high. I looked at mom.

“It’s o.k.” Mom said, “She has just passed out from the orgasm you just gave her.”

As aunt Cathy came round again a few moments later, she had a smile on her face from ear to ear.

“Now that’s what I call a fuck.”

We all lay there next to each other, with me between them as we all fondled each other.

“It’s time’s like this that I wished I smoked,” Aunt Cathy said.

“Maybe I should introduce this big beautiful cock of yours to my daughters.” Cathy announced with a big smile across her face.

Mom smiled, “As long as he has enough left for me I don’t mind sharing.”

Part 4

Two weeks had now past since Aunt Cathy caught mom and I in mom’s bedroom half naked and then joined in and had both of us, now it was the week before Christmas. Cathy hadn’t been over in a couple of days so I had mom all to myself whenever one of us felt the need to have the other.

Every morning I would wake up next to mom with morning wood and mom would be only too happy to take me in her mouth and wrap her tongue around my cock and relieve me of my hot thick white spunk. Every night we would go for a shower together and I would take her up against the shower wall and slide my throbbing piece of meat deep into her womb and fill her slick pussy with my cum.

I would dream of fucking mom and her sis and would have morning wood when I woke up. I must be the luckiest guy alive to have been able to fuck two beautiful women such as my mom and aunt Cathy together and on their own I thought to myself.

Mom would walk about the house in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and I did the same as the house was warm enough on a cold snowy day like today. There was no use for putting much else on as they would only be coming back off again soon anyway.

Both mom and Aunt Cathy had been talking on the phone the last couple of days, about what I could only guess. When I would ask mom what they were talking and giggling about she would just tell me that they were reminiscing about what we had been getting up to over the last couple of weeks and that Cathy was looking forward to some of the same when she came over on Christmas Eve.

We always had aunt Cathy and her daughters over to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us and we always had great fun getting up early and opening our presents together. This year was no exception, only what I didn’t know was I was going to be getting an extra present this year.

Mom and I spent the week getting the place cleaned up and getting all the food in that we would need to celebrate Christmas. It was Wednesday the 22nd, two days before aunt Cathy and her daughters would arrive and we had everything ready, all the food in and we had even got the 8 foot Christmas tree decorated and standing in front of the bay window in the living room.

It was just before 9pm, mom and I were watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” on television when we heard a knock at the front door. When I opened it, there standing in front of me was our next door neighbor Anne.

“Is your mom home Alan?”

“Yeah we were watching a movie on television, come on in.”

“Hi Anne how are you?” Mom said.

“Fine Jade, I was just bored being on my own and thought I would come over for a chat.”

“Where is Fred tonight?” Mom asked.

“Oh he is over at his brothers helping him decorate the house with Christmas lights. God knows how long he will be over there. Last time it took them half the night to put all the lights on the house.”

“Alan go get the bottle of wine in the kitchen and get a glass for each of us.” Mom told me.

When I brought the wine and glasses into the living room mom and Anne were sitting on the couch talking girly stuff. I sat the glasses down on the table, opened the wine, and poured us all a glass. As I sat down on the easy chair Anne piped up.

“My Alan has really grown into a lovely young man over the last year. He looks almost like his…” then stopped in her tracks.

“Like his father you were gonna say Anne?” Mom asked.

“Yeah like his father. I remember when Fred and I would come round and we would get together for a card night or go out for the night” Anne said.

“Yeah we had some good nights the four of us.” Mom smiled. “Well that was until I caught him with his pants down and between that slut of a secretary’s legs.”

After about 2 bottles of wine I had nodded off to sleep, mom and Anne were still talking and drinking. The next thing I knew was my zipper was being pulled down and a hand was sliding in and taking my cock out of my pants. Thinking it was mom I just lay there and let her take my now hard dick out and let her play with it.

It was when she took me in her mouth that I felt something different. I could feel metal against my cock, when I opened my eyes there in front of me on her knees was our neighbor Anne with my cock in her mouth and her hand gently squeezing my balls. I shot a look at mom and she looked as though she was asleep.

Anne was a really good cock sucker, almost as good as mom. She had the head of my cock in her mouth flicking her tongue over the tip and sliding it down the underside of my cock. The stud on her tongue was teasing the underside of my cock and I let out a low moan.

“Oh yes Anne suck that cock, suck me dry” I moaned out.

She looked up at me while still sucking my throbbing monster into her throat.

Anne was taking me deep into her mouth and as I hit the back of her throat she gagged a little but soon had me in her throat and was sucking for all she was worth. With the tongue stud rubbing against my cock it wasn’t long before I could feel my sap boiling in my balls and heading up the shaft of my now throbbing prick.

“Mmmm yes Anne suck it, here is my Christmas present for you.”

No sooner had I wished her an early Merry Christmas than I was shooting my spunk down Anne’s throat.

Anne’s succulent lips milked my cock dry. She smiled up at me.

“Thank you for my Christmas present Alan, its the nicest present anyone has ever given me.”

She then stood up between my legs and raised her arms above her head taking her top with them. Then unclasped her black lacy bra and let it drop to the floor. She had a great pair of tits, they must have been at least a 38d. Her nipples were a dark pink and an inch long. She dropped her skirt to the floor followed by her matching black lace thong.

My dick was already starting to twitch again at the site of my naked neighbor standing in front of me pulling on her erect nipples.

“I see you like what is on show.”

She smirked as she noticed that my cock was regaining its hardness. Anne then moved towards me and straddled my thighs, her shaved pussy just inches from my now fully hard cock.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it as I tweaked her other nipple. It was at this time that I noticed mom standing behind Anne with her finger at her lips letting me know not to say anything. Mom had already taken her clothes off and put her hands over Anne’s eyes and pressed her hardened nipples into Anne’s back.

Anne whimpered as she felt mom’s nipples dig into her back and inched her pussy forward till my cock nudged against her full naked pussy lips.

“So you horny little bitch you want to fuck my son?”

Mom whispered into Anne’s ear.

“Mmmm oh yes Jade, I want his big tool inside my wet cunt.”

Her pussy was dripping over my cock and balls and down to my asshole.

“Oh mom she is really wet!”

I said as I slid my index finger into her pussy and took some of the sweet nectar and sucked it off my finger.

“You taste so sweet Anne. Mom you should have to taste of this honey pot.” I beamed.

With that I slid my finger into Anne’s pussy again then held my finger up to mom’s mouth and let her taste Anne’s sweet juices. Mom then picked up Anne’s scarf and blindfolded her with it. Pulling her off my lap and putting Anne on her hands and knees on the floor in front of us.

“Don’t touch that blindfold.” Mom ordered Anne.

Anne did as mom told her, as mom lay down in front of her with her legs as wide as she could get them.

“Move forward a little.” Mom ordered Anne.

As she moved forward she felt mom lying on her back in front of her. I slid in behind Anne and took her by the hips and nudged my cock against her slick pussy. Anne lowered her head and took moms pussy to her mouth. As I sank my cock deep inside Anne and started to pump deep and hard into Anne’s pussy, her mouth sank onto mom’s.

Anne buried her tongue deep inside mom’s soaked pussy and began to tongue mom as deep as she could, her tongue stud rubbing against moms pussy had mom screaming. I was ramming my hard throbbing dick in and out of Anne’s dripping cunt. As I pushed into her, Anne’s mouth was forced onto mom’s pussy and her tongue shot deep into mom like a torpedo.

It wasn’t long before mom was bucking like a bronco on Anne’s tongue as her fingers rubbed furiously on mom’s rock hard clit. I was getting closer to shooting my load as I could feel Anne’s cunt gripping my cock like a vice. As mom’s orgasm hit it in turn set off Ann’s orgasm which sent me over the edge and I exploded deep inside Anne’s sopping cunt. As we all came down from our high Anne feel on top of mom and kissed her deeply.

At about 3:20am Anne got dressed and kissed us both goodnight. As the front door closed behind Anne mom turned to me.

“Alan I think Christmas came a little early this year for us both.”

I smiled back at mom and took her by the hand and we headed up to bed.

Part 5

Finally Christmas Eve is here, Cathy and her daughters will soon be arriving and everything is ready. The snow has begun to fall so it looks like we are going to be having a white Christmas this year.

Around lunchtime, I heard Cathy’s car pull into our drive and the toot of her horn to let us know they are here. It’s just as well there here as the snow has began to fall heavier and is almost a foot deep already.

Mom was in the shower when Cathy got to the front door, and as I opened it she flung her arms around me, pulled me close to her, and gave me a deep French kiss.

“Looks like we just made it before this snow gets any heavier.”

She said after taking her tongue out of my mouth before returning her lips to mine. As her daughters came into view we broke the kiss, and I could feel my face flush bright red as I ducked back in the door.

Julie is the oldest of Cathy’s three daughters at 20 years old. She stands at 5′ 10″ with 38C boobs but every bit like her mom, long blond hair past her shoulders, the same gorgeous green eyes, a fantastic athletic body and legs. Next oldest is Tina, she is 19 years old, 5′ 8″ and about a 34c in the tit department. She has short black hair and not quite as athletic as Julie, but still has a great figure. And finally Louise, 18 years old and the biggest cock teaser you will ever meet! She stands at 5′ 8″ with 40d boobs and has an ass to die for even women look at her ass and drool.

“Where’s sis?” Cathy asked.

“In the shower Aunt Cathy” I answered.

“Oh I think you know me well enough to stop calling me Aunt Cathy, just call me Cathy from now on honey.”

She beamed at me as she gave me a wink and headed off up the stairs to mom.

Louise was last in the door and shut it with her ass and called for some help with the bags she had in her hands.

As I helped Louise and the other two girls get the rest of the baggage from the car, Aunt Cathy and Mom talked upstairs.

“Hi Sis.”

Cathy said as mom came out the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her.

“Hi Cathy, I didn’t expect you so soon.”

Mom said as she gave Cathy a hug.

“Is everything set for Alan’s surprise present?” Mom whispered to Cathy.

“Yeah everything is set.” Cathy replied “But there is a little problem.”

Mom’s eyes went wide as Cathy whispered into her ear and they both went into mom’s room.

“So what’s the little problem?” Mom asked.

“The little problem is Louise, she knows what we have been getting up to the past few weeks.” Cathy said all flushed.

“How the hell did she find out?” Mom quizzed.

“She found a photo that Alan took of us while we were enjoying each other, now she wants in on the action too.”

“Well maybe this could work to our advantage and be Alan’s extra Christmas present from us both then.”

Mom said with a big smile all over her face.

“I have to admit Cathy, Louise has a great little body on her and as for her ass god I wouldn’t mind having a feel of it myself.”

Mom grinned from ear to ear.

“Oh believe me Jade, Louise has the most beautiful ass I have ever laid my hands on.”

Meanwhile downstairs, I began to study my cousins. Julie wore a hugging dark blue sweatshirt and a pair of tight fitting jeans, which clung to her fit body. Tina had on a red jumper, denim jacket and jeans which were a tight fit on her also and with the jacket only buttoned just under her boobs gave them a little lift to emphasize them a little more. Louise was wearing a short skirt which resembled a belt more than a skirt, which came to just below her ass cheeks, and a t-shirt that look as if it were two sizes to small for her. Her nipples were on full view as they were about an inch long and tried to rip through her t-shirt and a pair of black leather knee high boots.

I must admit I could feel my cock began to stir in my pants at the site of Louise, god I could have had her across the table and fucked her ass off there and then. And I think the little cock teaser knew that her outfit had the desired affect on me.

Louise came right up behind me and patted me on the ass, as I turned around to say, “Hey that’s…” She cut off with her full lips as they pressed against mine. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her. As our lips locked she parted hers and tried to push her tongue into my mouth.

“Bloody hell Louise your just in the door and your all over him already!” Tina blurted out. “If you got any closer to him you will both be in his pants!”

Julie laughed again I could feel my face turn beet red.

Julie turned and walked into the living room to join Tina who was now putting the presents under the tree.

“Now that we are alone how about a Christmas kiss for your little cousin.”

Louise said with a wicked smile across her face as she slid her hand down the front of my pants and rubbed my now very hard cock.

“Mmmm is that my Christmas present you have there?”

She asked as she gave my cock a firm squeeze through my joggers which made my dick jerk and almost made me shoot my load right there and then.

Back upstairs, mom was drying herself off while Cathy chatted to her and also admired her body.

“Let me dry your back for you sis.”

Cathy said as she took the towel from mom and began drying moms back.

“Mmmm that feels so good.”

Mom moaned as Cathy rubbed down mom’s back and her ass. Turn round sis and let me dry your front too, mom did as her sister asked her.

As Cathy dried her sister’s front she dropped the towel and began massaging moms 36d boobs. Mom just stood there moaning as Cathy tweaked her nipples with a finger and thumb from each hand.

“That feels so good sis, suck my nipples.”

Cathy did as mom requested and fastened herself on to one then the other nipple.

Mom began to feel her legs buckle and grabbed her sister and they both fell onto the bed with Cathy’s mouth and hands still attached to moms tits.

“Oh yes, bite them, harder, harder. Yes just like that!”

Mom moaned out in ecstasy as she had her tits giving a thorough seeing to by her sister.

Cathy’s free hand went slowly down Jade’s stomach to her sopping wet pussy. As she got to moms pussy mom opened her legs wide to allow Cathy all the access she wanted. Cathy pushed a finger inside mom and felt her pussy grab her finger like a vice. Mom was soaking wet and Cathy just smeared mom’s nectar all over her bald pussy and caught mom’s clit between her fingers and tweaked it. Sending mom over the edge and having her orgasm rip through her.

Cathy got between moms thighs and lapped up her love juice until her mouth was full then slid up the bed beside mom and began to kiss her. As they parted their lips, Cathy shared mom’s sweet nectar with mom as their tongues danced wildly together. Mom’s hand was down Cathy’s sweatpants and she had 2 fingers buried deep inside her sisters dripping pussy. As they both kissed and swallowed mom’s juices Cathy’s pussy exploded over mom’s hand as she held Jade close until her own orgasm subsided.

Both lay there next to each other on the bed smiling and contented.

“I think I will need to freshen up.”

Cathy said as mom took her hand from her sister’s pussy and brought it up to their lips for them both to lick Cathy’s sweet juices from mom’s hand. Mom went back into the bathroom and freshened up and Cathy followed right behind. They both came downstairs shortly after.

“Hi Aunt Jade.” Said Julie and Tina as mom and Cathy came down the stairs.

Louise finally let go of me and walked into the hall and gave mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Aunt Jade, I think this Christmas is gonna be really interesting this year.”

Louise said with a wicked smile across her face as she went over to check if there were any presents for her under the tree. Mom and Cathy just looked at each other as if to say, “yeah really interesting!”

“Why don’t you girls take your bags up to your rooms.” Mom said.

“Alan can you give me a hand with my bags?”

Louise asked batting her eyelids at me.

“I suppose so.”

I answered but she was already half way up the stairs wiggling her ass at me as I picked them up.

By the time I got her bags up to her room Louise had already taken her boots off and was standing there with her hands on her hips.

“Just put them next to the bed sweetie.”

She said playing with her hair. As I got to the bed she gave me a little push knocking me onto the bed. As I turned around Louise jumped on top of me and straddled my stomach with a wicked grin on her face.

“Now lets finish our kiss in private.”

Louise whispered into my ear as she nibbled on my ear lobe. As she stretched out on top of me she planted her lips on mine licking my lips with her tongue. I opened my mouth and Louise slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. Our tongues danced a wicked dance as I wrapped my arms around her, no longer in control of myself. I wanted her bad, and my stiffening cock wanted her too.

Louise got off the bed and closed the bedroom door and pulled her t-shirt over her head; as she did so her big tits bounced back on her chest as her white lace bra strained to contain them. Dropping her so called skirt to the floor she was now down to her bra and panties.

“Well big boy, lets see what is trying to get out your pants?”

Louise inquired as she began to pull my joggers down around my ankles and then completely off and dropped them on the floor next to her own clothes.

My cock was now fully hard and ready to fill this hot little sluts willing pussy. As she tugged my boxers down my hardened piece of meat sprang out and pointed towards the ceiling.

“Oh my!”

She gasped with her hand over her mouth as if she had never seen anything like it before. Then a smile cracked across her face from ear to ear and she gave my cock an inspection with her fingertips.

Lightly stroking the underside of my cock with her fingernails she lay down beside me on the bed.

“You have a beautiful cock honey,” she said licking her lips.

Wrapping her fingers around my cock and giving it a jerk down to completely leave the head of my now throbbing cock exposed to her gaze. She bent her head and licked the tip of my dick as she turned her body and straddled my head. I could smell her sex thick in my nostrils as I pulled her lace panties to one side and gazed upon her hairless cunt.

I licked her bald pussy, which began to part and dribble her nectar onto my tongue. Tasting her sweet juices on my lips I pushed my tongue into her love tunnel and started to flick my tongue as deep inside her as I could.

“Oh god yessssss!”

She moaned as she began to lick around the head of my throbbing hard on and take it deep into to her hot wet mouth.

She began to hum around my cock, which made me moan out in pleasure as I ran my finger over her clit and sent shivers up her spine. As Louise ran her tongue down my full length I could feel something hard against my cock.

“I see you like my tongue stud.”

She said as she took my cock from her mouth briefly. Her hand wrapped around the base of my cock, she then took my pulsing prick into her mouth and throat. She began to jerk my cock back and forward while sucking on the head as it started to swell in her mouth to twice its size.

My face was now buried in her soaking cunt as I tongued fucked her tight little twat while rubbing her clit with my fingers of one hand. My other hand was now running up between her ass cheeks, rubbing her cunt juice over her rosebud and sliding a finger into her tight asshole. Louise bucked against my mouth as she felt me finger her ass with one finger then two.

Louise slurped and sucked at my cock in her mouth, deep throating me while gently squeezing my balls. Only stopping to suck my balls one by one into her mouth.

I moaned out, “Oh fuck yeah, suck my balls!” As she was stroking my cock.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I said as I moaned onto her pussy.

She took my cock back into her mouth and sucked harder as I began splashing her throat with my hot white sticky spunk and as she swallowed every last drop it Louise felt herself go over the edge.

My manipulations on her asshole and cunt had her squirting her nectar over my face and in my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I’m cummmminnnnngggggg! Oh fuck yessssss! You got me you fucking horny bastard!”

She yelled as she convulsed on top of me. Her pussy spasming around my tongue and her asshole almost cutting off the circulation on my fingers such was the force of her orgasm.

Her body went limp on top of me and I rolled her onto the bed. Louise had passed out. A few minutes later she came around covered in sweat and feeling very light headed she asked how long she had been out.

“Only a couple of minuets.” I answered.

She grinned all over her face.

“That was amazing, I have never come so hard before”

All of a sudden we felt we weren’t alone in the room and as we looked at the door there stood mom, Cathy, Tina and Julie. Louise turned and smiled at me.

“Well looks like we are going to have a Christmas that we will never forget.”

I just lay there, lifted my hand and crooked a finger at the onlookers to beacon them over to the bed.

Part 6

Julie and Tina stood there with their mouths hitting the floor as they watched their little sister and Alan on the bed naked and fucking. Mom and Cathy moved towards the bed and started to strip their clothes off and got on the bed beside Alan and Louise.

Julie stared in disbelief at the site before her not believing this was happening.

Tina seeing her mom and Aunt Jade naked on the bed kissing and fondling each other next to Louise and Alan was reaching for her breast with one hand as her other hand slipped down inside her panties running a finger over her pussy lips and onto her clit.

Louise reached over and put her hand on her moms butt feeling the soft rump in the palm of her hand. Cathy moaned out as she felt her daughter run a hand over her well formed ass. Tina started over to the bed next to her mom and Jade and laid a hand on her moms bare back running it down her spine to her ass.

“Mmmm yes that feels so nice.”

Cathy moaned as she felt the hands running all over her body. It wasn’t long before Tina had taken her clothes off and joined the 4some going on before her very eyes.

Julie was still standing at the bedroom door with a hand inside her pants rubbing on her clit as her excitement grew. Her other hand was inside her sweatshirt and bra tweaking on her nipple and massaging her breast as she kept watching all that was going on in front of her.

Alan was now French kissing with his mom as Louise kissed her mom, both running their hands over their mother’s breasts. Tina was now behind Louise with her hand on her right tit.

“Oh yes Tina that’s it, tweak my nipple harder, harder!”

She moaned out in pure bliss as she sat on Alan’s hard that was buried deep inside her pussy.

The site before Julie was getting too much for her, watching her family before her in the throws of incest and sexual heaven. She took off her sweatshirt and dropped her jeans to the floor, along with her bra and panties, which joined the off rest of the clothes that were scattered all over the bedroom floor.

Standing next to her Aunt Jade she lowered herself onto Jade’s face rubbing her almost hairless cunt onto her Aunts waiting mouth.

“Oh god yessss!”

Julie cried out as her pussy was invaded by her Aunt’s tongue as her mom’s hands massaged her boobs and began tweaking her nipples. Julie was now lost in the orgy of flesh before her and was now enjoying every moment of it.

Mom was now devouring Julie’s pussy with her tongue as her fingers played with Julie’s clit. Cathy was now sitting across mom’s upper thighs, their pussy’s almost touching as Cathy sucked on her daughters right tit, while pulling and tweaking on her left nipple. Tina now had Alan’s face buried in her pussy as Louise had his cock to the hilt up inside her hot slick cunt. The grunting , moaning and slapping of flesh on flesh filled the room as they brought each other nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Cathy was pulling a double headed dildo from Louise’s bag and rubbing her soaking pussy over the head as she rubbed the other end of it over mom’s sopping cunt. Inch by inch she pushed it into Jade until it was buried as deep as it would go then Cathy inserted the other end into her own pussy until she could feel the head filling her to the brim. Cathy began to rock back and forward on top of mom as the dildo slid in and out of her sopping twat.

Julie was the first one to cum, as she ground her pussy on mom’s tongue as mom rubbed two fingers over her throbbing clit. All over mom’s face Julie came, up her nose, in her mouth and over her hair as she screamed out and convulsed on top of mom. Tina was next as Alan fingered her soaking cunt hole with two fingers while sucking and biting on her clit. She fell forward as she spasmed out of control and landed on Louise’s big ripe melons and bit down hard on her right nipple which sent Louise over the edge and had her cumming over Alan’s cock as he in turn spurted his spunk deep inside her love canal.

Julie slipped onto the floor with the biggest grin on her face as mom and Cathy began to fuck the double headed dildo in earnest, bringing themselves closer and closer to cumming. As Louise, Alan, and Tina came down from their high they watched as both their moms fucked the big black dildo for all they were worth.

“Yes that’s it, fuck her mom fuck her till she screams!”

Louise said out loud as her eyes glared at the scene before her.

“Come on sis fuck me you bitch make me cum I’m almost there!”

Jade panted as they both fucked the rubber cock buried inside them.

“Oh god you fucking slut here I cum!”

Cathy screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy gushing her love juice all over the rubber cock and onto Jade’s bald cunt that set off Jade’s gut wrenching orgasm as she came almost uncontrollably.

We all lay there for what seemed like an hour before any of one could move. By now it was almost 6pm and we all cleaned ourselves up in the shower. Jade and Cathy going first washing each, then Louise and Tina went into the shower as Jade and Cathy dried off and got dressed and went downstairs. Which left Alan and Julie together in the bedroom.

Julie got up onto the bed beside Alan.

“How long have you, mom, and Jade been fucking each other?”

“It’s been a couple of months now.” Alan replied.

“Louise told me earlier downstairs she found the photo I took of mom on her back with Cathy eating her out while I fucked Cathy doggy style and wanted in on the action.”

“I still can’t believe what went on here, I have never touched another woman in that way before.” Julie said almost in a whisper. “I enjoyed feeling your mom’s mouth on my pussy but its no substitute for a nice big cock.”

She smiled as she looked as Alan’s semi hard dick. Reaching out wrapping her fingers around his cock.

“I want to have this inside me before I go back home after Christmas.” She grinned.

With that she got up from the bed headed for the shower. Alan headed towards the shower where Julie was still washing herself. He stepped in behind Julie.

“Here let me wash your back for you.”

He said as he took the soap from Julie’s hand and began soaping her back. Once he had soaped her back Alan said, “O.k. turn round and let me do your front too.” And she did as he told her.

Alan’s cock was now coming back to life as he washed her neck then down onto her tits as her nipples stood out a good inch at least as he ran his palms over them. Julie reached out and wrapped her hand around his now hardened prick and started to jerk him off as Alan slid his hands down her stomach towards her pussy.

“I want this big hard dick of yours inside me and I want it right now you little fucker.” She commanded.

On hearing this Alan was only too happy to oblige her, pushing Julie against the wall of the shower and raising her above his now throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them behind him. As Julie slipped onto his love pole she let out a, “Oh god yes, that’s what I want in me!”

As she took his whole eight inches deep inside her cunt which had a Mohawk like strip of trimmed blond hair just above her pubic bone.

Julie’s breasts felt firm but soft in Alan’s hands. Her nipples were a dark shade of pink and were an inch long and as wide as his thumbnail and about three inches of dark brown surrounded her nipples. As Julie began moving up and down on Alan’s big thick cock the water from the showerhead rained down.

“Oh yes Alan fuck me, fuck me hard, deep and fast!”

She moaned out as he rammed his meat deep into her depths.

“Keep fucking me like that I’m almost there!” Julie cried out.

“Oh yes honey me too, I’m gonna splatter your insides for you!” Alan said.

“Yes baby, yes I’m cummming, Oh god here I cum!”

She screamed out as the water splashed onto her face as she pulled herself as close as she could to Alan’s body.

“I hope you are protected.”

Alan cried out just as he spurted his hot white sticky spunk deep inside her pussy as she came over his cock. They held each other as there orgasm hit them, spurt after spurt shot into her pussy as Alan finally spent leaned against Julies tits and suckled on a nipple as Julie came down from one orgasm to hit her second orgasm as her nails dug into Alan’s back.

After she came down from her high she dropped her legs down from his waist to stand against the shower wall grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat that had just got the cream. It was now that the question Alan had asked her just as he came inside her dawned on her.

“Alan I am not protected.” she said with a little sob.

“Holy shit, you mean you let me cum inside you knowing I could make you pregnant?” Alan asked her.

“I was too far gone to care if I was protected or not.” Julie snapped back at him.

“My period is due any day now so I should be o.k.” She said hoping.

The rest of the day went by like a blur for Alan, thinking he could be coming a dad to his cousin’s baby had really hit him hard. What would the rest of the family say he wondered. Alan went to bed a little earlier than usual stating he was tired after the exertions of the day. Soon after that everyone else started up the stairs to bed, Jade and Cathy sharing a bed, Tina and Julie sharing the other bed and Louise having the single bed that was put up in their room.

Christmas day was a big success and all too soon it was over and on Boxing day (the day after Christmas) Cathy and her daughters were heading home again. Alan was feeling lost after they had gone home, he had enjoyed their company, and was looking forward to joining up with them for New Year’s.

Now that they were alone Jade called her son into the kitchen and told him to sit down. Alan did as he was told and his mom sat on the other side of the table stretching out taking his hands in hers.

“I have something to tell you honey, please let me finish before you say anything ok?”

Alan nodded and Jade took a deep breath the told him as calmly as she could.

“Alan please don’t be angry with me, I found out last week that I’m pregnant. You have been the only man I have been with in a very long time, your going to be a dad” She stammered out.

Alan sat there for a few moments, his face had turned as white as a sheet and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Holy fuck! Mom I have some news for you too and I hope you won’t be angry with me either. You might not be the only one having a baby by me.”

Jade looked at her son with a questioning look in her eye .

“Who else is gonna have your baby?”

“Julie may be pregnant and also Anne our neighbour.”

Jade stared in disbelief at her son, “Julie and Anne?”

“Yes mom when Aunt Cathy left to go home this morning I found a note that had been put through the letterbox, it was from Anne saying she was pregnant with my child.”

“But you only fucked her last week?”

“Mom I have been fucking her since before you and Aunt Cathy.”

So Louise was right after all, this is a Christmas that would never be forgotten.

Part 7

Christmas was over for another year, and boy did I get a couple of unexpected Christmas presents, I thought. To think that I am gonna be the dad of mom and Anne’s baby and maybe even Julie’s; my mind was working overtime wondering what I was going to do now.

New Year was fast approaching, mom and I were going to spend it at Cathy’s, what would Cathy say to the news? It was now Dec 28th, 2 days since I was given the news from mom and Anne, mom was being very quiet and keeping herself busy and keeping out of my way. Anne had also not shown herself, but I wanted to find out how she thought it was my baby she was pregnant with.

It was just past lunchtime when I decided to go and confront Anne. I knocked on her door and she answered it almost immediately.

“Hello Alan, what brings you here?”

“As if she didn’t already know,” I thought!

“I got your note that you put through the letterbox on Boxing Day.”

She looked at him blankly.

“What note are you talking about Alan?” She asked.

“This note Anne.”

I said pushing it into her hand.

“I think you should come in honey, I am on my own so don’t worry.”

I stepped in and she closed the door behind him.

“Alan I didn’t write this note to you, it’s not my writing and I am not pregnant.”

“Are you sure?”

“Listen honey, I think I would know if I was pregnant or not. I just had my period yesterday, this must be someone playing a joke on you.” Anne replied.

I was now lost, if it wasn’t Anne his neighbor that was pregnant then who the hell was it? “Oh my god it couldn’t be her,” I almost fainted face, I must have turned a whiter shade of pale, because of the worried look on Anne’s face.

“I got to go Anne, if I don’t see you before it I hope you have a good New Year.”

I said as I gave her a quick kiss and bolted out the door.

I got to my front door and wondered what I would say to mom after I found out if I was right or not this time. Mom was upstairs, so I took the phone from the kitchen into the living room and dialed the number I had in my little black book.

“Hi is Anne there.”

I asked the person on the other side of the phone.

“Hold on please I’ll go get her for you”

After a minute I could hear her,

“Did you put a note through the letterbox the other day?”

“The note is from me Alan but I had a friend deliver it as I am still in University.” She answered.

“You are sure you are pregnant and that I am the father?”

“Yes Alan it’s yours and in 3 months time you will be a dad.”

“What are you gonna tell mom?” My sister Anne asked.

Anne is my older sister at, 21, with blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair and 32d tits. She stood at 5’4″, and was a little on the chunky side but she had a pretty face and a smile that was intoxicating. She had left for University following a shouting match with mom, over what I never found out.

I thought back to the summer, to the night that I had cum inside my sister. Anne and I had gotten really close during that summer before she left to go back to University. One night when mom and Anne had been out at one of mom’s works parties they had come home a bit worse for wear. Mom was able to get herself upstairs to bed, but Anne still wanted to party and had gone into the living room to get another drink.

I had been watching a porn video and had been drinking, there were about 8 cans lying empty on the floor where I had dropped them and had fallen asleep while masturbating. I was still lying there with my cock out as my sister walked into the room. She saw me lying there asleep and it wasn’t until she was half way across the room that she noticed that my manhood was still on show.

Anne stood there looking at her younger brother’s cock, with a wicked smile beginning to break all over her face. She opened the bottle of Vodka that was sitting in the drinks cabinet and poured herself a little glass. She then walked over to where I was sleeping on the sofa and finished off her drink as she knelt down beside the sofa and put the glass on the floor.

She felt a familiar tingle between her thighs as wicked thoughts ran through her head. She ran her fingers across my dick ever so lightly with her fingernails tracing from the base to the tip. My cock began to twitch a little as she wrapped her fingers around my man meat as it began to grow in her hand.

“Mmmm very nice little brother, your not so little now.” She whispered.

As my cock grew to its full 8 inches Anne began to stroke my cock up and down as I dreamed that it was the big titted blond from the video stroking my cock. Anne had stripped off her clothes and was now straddling her my cock, as she aimed my cock at her now dripping cunt she sank down onto me and took my full length deep inside her.

As Anne began to rock back and forth on my big dick I began to stir. Anne began to quicken her rocking and I let out a

“Ohhhh yesssssss!”

Anne moaned out her own pleasures. It was then that I realized it was not the blond from the video and that I wasn’t dreaming. When I finally focused I found it was my sister fucking me.

“Oh my god sis, I’m gonna shoot my load. Get off quick!”

But all Anne did was fuck me harder. I came a moment later deep inside my sister’s pussy and sent her over the edge as she had her own screaming orgasm, as she came over his embedded cock.

“Alan are you still there?”

She shouted down the phone at me.

“Yes I am still here but I need to go mom is standing in front of me and I think she just heard what I said to you.”

“Will see you at New Year at Aunt Cathy’s.”

It was all I could say before I put the phone down and looked my mom in the face. “So you were talking to Anne?” Mom asked.

“Yes I was talking to Anne but not the Anne I thought was pregnant. I was talking to my sister; she is the one that is pregnant with my baby.”

I finally spat it out.

Mom turned and walked back up the stairs to her bedroom, now I knew why they had fought just before Anne went back to University. Mom had found out that Anne was pregnant but she didn’t know who the father was until now.

The next couple of days went by uneventful and finally it was New Years Eve. Mom and I got ready and went to Aunt Cathy’s early in the morning to celebrate the end of a year that had been very eventful for them all. But I was in for one more surprise before the old year had ended and the New Year had begun.

When we got mom’s sisters around 9:30am, Cathy had been in the bathroom being sick.

“She has been like this ever since we got back home from yours at Christmas.” Julie told mom.

Cathy finally came out of the bathroom and both her and mom went into the kitchen, Julie pulled me aside.

“Alan we have to talk, I have something to tell you.”

“Uh oh.” Was all I could muster.

“Don’t be like that Alan, its good news.” She smiled at me.

“I’m ok I’m not pregnant, I had my period last night.” She beamed.

Twenty minutes later mom and Cathy came into the living room and they told me to sit down. I did as I was told and finally I was told the last shock of the year.

“Alan I have something to tell you honey, you see I found out that I am pregnant and there has only been one man in my life the past 4 months.”

I looked at them both and I knew what was coming.

“So the only one that could put me in the pudding club honey is you.”

She told him with a little smile on her face.

Mom handed me a stiff drink.

“I think your going to need this.”

So now not only had I gotten mom and my sister pregnant but I had also gotten Cathy pregnant too. Finally, all the family were here under one roof including my sis Anne and they were telling who was pregnant and who the father was. Louise looked at her sister’s and smirked.

“I wonder who will be next to be knocked up by this stud of a cousin.”

As New Year got nearer the neighbors began to filter into Cathy’s home, the music was loud and there was plenty booze to go around. When the bells began to chime out the old and bring in the New Year Louise was the first to kiss me as she groped the front of my pants to feel my hard on straining against her hand. By the end of the night I had also been with mom, Cathy, Tina, and Julie and even had a few of the female neighbors after my cock. All to soon the party was over and next morning mom and I were off home.

A couple of days later Anne was in the living room watching a video as she had the house to herself. She had found a tape that had been sitting under the small table in the middle of the living room as she was tidying up as she was getting into that nesting period. But thought she would have a little rest and see what was on this blank tape. As it began to play she realized it was one of Alan’s porn tapes, as she sat watching the action she was getting more and more aroused.

Absently she has reached up and began massaging her big tits while not taking her eyes of the video. She never heard me come in the door and as I got to the living room I could hear moaning like someone was having sex. As I looked around the corner into the living room I saw sis sitting on the sofa tit in hand and her other hand was under her short skirt obviously masturbating herself watching my video.

I stood there watching her as my cock hardened in my pants. I unzipped them and took out my dick and began masturbating watching her. Anne loosened the buttons on her top and pushed her bra up to get to her now huge nipples. The milk was leaking out of them and running down her 7 month old pregnant belly and down onto the waistband of her short skirt.

I moved closer to the sofa and watched Anne as she stimulated her nipples causing more and more milk to leak out. I had always wanted to taste a mother’s milk and now I thought this would be the chance. As I got right up to the back of the sofa I put his arms around my sister and took her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed her swollen tits.

Anne let out a soft moan as he caressed her breasts and flung her head back. Alan leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck, as the breast milk began to fill his mouth he started swallowing as much of the sweet liquid as possible. Some of the milk began to leak out the sides of his mouth dribbling down to her lovely big bosom.

“Oh yes Alan, suck my tits. Drink my milk, let me feed you like a baby.” She moaned to him.

As I lay across her lap suckling her tits my cock began to throb and didn’t go unnoticed. Anne began to fondle my semi hard cock. Mom had cam home early and was passing the room and as she heard the moans and screams of her daughter Anne she peered inside and saw her son sucking the milk from her daughters massive jugs as her daughter jerk her sons cock at the same time.

Mom was now almost four months pregnant and was getting hornier and hornier. And the site in front of her proved to be to good to pass up. She entered the room and took her clothes off and joined them on the sofa. Mom took over the jerking of my cock while sucking on Anne’s other nipple and drank the milk that was flooding out of it. This was to much for Anne and she started bucking against my arm which had fell between her thighs.

Mom was now desperate to have my prick deep inside her cunt and straddled me. She sank herself on to my 8 inches of rock hard meat. As she fucked me while I still sucked on Anne’s right breast the milk from her left breast began to flow down her body and on to my belly running down to my pubic area and mingling with my cock and mom’s sticky juices.

“Stick your fingers inside my cunt!” Anne cried out me.

I obliged her by sticking 2 fingers inside her dripping twat.

“Oh fuck yes shove them deeper you little motherfucker!”

“Make me cum over your fingers while mom cums over that wonderful cock of yours!”

And no sooner had the words came out her mouth than mom exploded over my cock.

“Oh fuck I’mmm cummmmiiiinnnnggggg, yesss, yessss,yesssssssss!” She moaned out filling the room with noise.

Anne’s fingers were a blur as she strummed her clit while being finger fucked by me. Mom had collapsed onto the floor as she came down from her orgasm, Anne now took my glistening cock in her mouth licking off mom’s juices and swallowing them. Sucking faster and harder on my throbbing cock as my fingers fucked her soaking pussy faster and faster. As I started to feel my sap rise from my balls into the shaft I called out.

“I’m gonna cum now!”

And with that came in my sister’s mouth which in turn set off her orgasm.

Spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat and she almost swallowed all of it. Some squirted out the corners of her mouth which mom leaping up and licking from her face. Anne’s pussy contracted around my fingers almost breaking them as she came over my fingers and hand with such a force that she passed out. A few moments later Anne came back round and lay there contented along with her mom. I got up, went to the bathroom, and cleaned up before coming back downstairs to find something to eat.

I enjoyed feeding from Anne’s breast more and more and as she became bigger and was getting to childbirth she got horny at the least sign of anything that looked like a cock I also enjoyed fucking my sister and mother every chance I got separate and together and with the milk leaking from them I would lay under them and swallow their sweet fluids.

It was now mid March and while I was in the middle of fucking Anne her waters burst and she went into labor. I pulled out of her and called my mother who came running in at hearing the screams of pain from her daughter. I called the Ambulance and Anne was taken to hospital where several hours later she gave birth to a 8lb 1oz daughter whom she named Jessica.

I doted on little Jessica doing everything I could to make life easier for Anne. By the time Jessica was 6 months old it was the beginning of September, mom had gone into labor and after five hours of pushing gave birth to a 7lb 12oz baby boy and named him John. Three days later Cathy went into labor and also had a boy who weighed in at 8lb 8oz and he was called Jason. Cathy’s girls adored Jason and took great delight in helping Cathy bring him up.

After the birth of Cathy’s child she moved to the other side of the country, and is now married to a great guy called Henry who has 18 yr old twin daughters of his own. Jason and Henry keep them all happy in all departments. The only time that they get altogether is at Christmas and New Year when everyone comes round to Jades and Cathy’s for the holidays. Louise lives with her boyfriend and is 4 months pregnant, Tina and Julie had married and both have a son and daughter.

John and Jessica grew up playing together and were best friends all through school. Even now at the age of 18 they are still best friends. Anne, Jade, and I are still lovers and still live in the same house. Their neighbor Anne still comes round and joins in on their fun from time to time.

And just the other day Jessica was in the bathroom having her shower, then she sat on the side of the bathtub shaving her pussy. When all of a sudden she heard a creek at the bathroom door, when she looked up to see who it was spunk flew in the door and hit her on the foot. It was John who had been spying on her and seeing her shaving her pussy got too much for him and he shot his load in the door.

Only this time he didn’t run away like I had done when I had been spying on my mom. John went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

“Jess you look so good sitting there that I could eat you out.” He grinned as he got closer to her.

Jessica just washed her pussy clean of soapsuds and beckoned him to her.

“Ok stud, on your knees and lick my clean shaved pussy.”

Jess commanded as she opened her legs wide for her lover.

“You know Jess, your pussy is as bald as your mom’s.”

He grinned at her before pushing his face deep into her set cunt and bringing her to orgasm. John and Jess heard the doorknob turn and both looked up as the door opened and in stepped her mom Anne.

“I see you have gotten to know each other better.”

Anne said with a smile across her face and a glint in her eye as she saw that John was sporting a hard on as big as Alan’s.

Anne dropped her robe to the floor and walked over to where Jess and John were sitting.

“So you like the look of my bald cunt?”

She asked him as she pulled his head back from Jessica by the hair.

“Yes ma’am, I love both your pussy’s.” He smiled back.

And so it begins all over again!


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  1. That story make me jackoff every time look at any women in my family: mom, grandma, aunt, sister, cousin, sister-in-law,, mother in-law.

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