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Brother’s Confidence Issues

A girl helps her brother with his confidence issues.
Brother’s Confidence Issues

“Come on douchebag, gimme the remote!”

Connie’s voice was clear and annoyed as he held the remote out at full stretch by the other side of his body, giggling as the woman gyrated mechanically on the TV screen.

“You are so disgusting, change it!” She didn’t sound happy, and when he refused to change the channel, she tried to swipe his arm to get the remote for herself but was unsuccessful and he laughed again, much harder this time, clearly enjoying the fact that she found the topless woman so distasteful for some reason. He relaxed a little and she suddenly attempted another swipe, missed, and sat with her stern face on and her hand held open.

“One last time.” She narrowed her eyes. “The remote.”

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Pete was an irritating little toad, most people thought so and not just Connie. Unfortunately there wasn’t much that she could do about it given that he was her brother. Mostly she just tolerated him, I mean, he wasn’t always irritating, just when he was bored.

Pete was very bored at the moment and was spending his time flicking through the cable channels, taking more than was absolutely necessary to work his way through the tease TV sections at the back end of the list, the fact that it annoyed Connie was an added bonus to getting to see semi-naked women.

“I’m just joking, here you go.” Finally her offered the remote to her, but snatched it away as she reached for it and stuffed it down the front of his pants.

“If you want it, take it.” He said and burst into laughter again while Connie scowled at him.

He was always like this when he got the remote.

“I mean, what do you get out of that anyway?” Connie gestured towards the TV and the bottle-blonde woman on the screen flipped from her back onto her hands and knees and started humping the air.

“It’s pretty gross, she doesn’t even have a particularly nice body.”

Pete laughed and pulled the remote out of his pants. Connie made a mental note to wipe it down before using it. He pointed it at the TV and flipped forwards a few channels, stopping at an older, slightly sagging woman wearing a pink bikini who was laying on her side staring seductively out of the screen.

“See, she looks like you.” He said and howled with laughter again.

She had spent the previous summer wandering around in a pink bikini, though she knew her body looked better than the woman on the TV did.

Connie huffed and snatched the remote, forgetting her previous desire to have it cleaned and disinfected, and flipped up more channels, revealing more girls in similar states of undress and similar gyratory poses. She was shaking her head and Pete noticed her.

“What’s your problem? It’s just like modeling, only naked and on TV.”

She looked at him. He was serious.

“That is NOT modeling! That is….rolling around while a thousand guys jerk off over you.” She continued flipping as she spoke, stopping to look at a pretty Asian girl. “She’s cute though.”

Pete giggled briefly then stared at the TV as the girl unhooked her bikini top and let it slip off. The smile drifted from his face and he was transfixed as the girl massaged her hands over her bare breasts. Connie was watching him the whole time.

“Jeez, look at your face. What are you gonna be like when you see boobs in real life?”

He spun and looked at her. He looked hurt. It almost made Connie laugh, she had always thought Pete had a funny face, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

“What do you mean ‘when’ I see some? I see boobs all the time.” He attempted a confident manner but failed miserably.

Connie did laugh this time and he looked even more hurt and his bottom lip stuck out slightly as he tried to think of the witty retort that didn’t come.

“Pete, I think we both know that you have never seen a decent naked body in real life.” She paused for a second for effect. “Male or female.” She laughed again. But noticed that he looked genuinely hurt now, and she almost felt bad for teasing him, after all it wasn’t his fault he was funny looking. After he spent the next couple of minutes staring at the wall beside the TV instead of at the pretty girl on the screen, Connie knew she had upset him, and she felt bad.

“What’s wrong? I was just messing around, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He nodded but stayed silent. Connie went back to flipping through the channels, but didn’t really find anything worth stopping for and went back to the tease stations. Something occurred to her.

“How come they don’t have guy channels like this?” She wondered aloud. Pete didn’t reply.

“I think girls would love to watch this, but I guess they’d have to be careful about what they showed. I mean, you couldn’t have a huge dick swinging around on…”

Pete got up and walked out of the room before she could finish her thought.

Ten minutes later he came back in, and to his surprize Connie was still flipping through the tease channels. He sat back down without saying anything and watched the girls flicker past, then he saw the one he liked.

“Oh, wait it’s Marianne!”

Connie stared at him.

“Marianne favorite…” Pete realized that he had shared too much information and decided not to speak any more as he felt his face flush a deep red.

He could feel Connie’s continued staring and out of the corner of his eye he could see she had a grin on her face.

“Your favorite?”

He didn’t respond.

“Do you watch this stuff a lot?”

He still didn’t respond.

“The Asian chick is my favorite.” Connie added, still grinning. “She reminds me of myself.”

Pete was still flushed. “She’s called Aimee.” He could feel the couch tremor as Connie laughed hard, and he couldn’t help but feel the giggles rise in his stomach too.

“Stop it…I…” His voice cracked and he burst into laughter. The two watched each other as they laughed, their mouths wide open and their shoulders shaking. Soon, tears filled their eyes and they both struggled for breath. Connie spoke first.

“Oh Godddd…you are such a goof…”

Slowly they both regained their composures, which was punctuated by shorter laughing fits, and when the tears had been wiped away and the aching cheeks had got most of the feeling back, Pete suddenly jumped in with a question.

“Do you…” He thought about the question. “Have you ever been worried about something, that you’re not good enough for…”

He paused again and thought hard about what he was asking.

“Sometimes guys worry about stuff…”

Connie understood.

“Don’t worry too much about it, as long as…everything works.”

She had the feeling that she wasn’t quite able to explain it to him properly, and took a deep breath while she thought about it.

“I’m sure everything is fine. You know? I mean, I’m sure it must work if you spend all your time watching this stuff on TV!”

The joke didn’t quite hit, and Pete looked at his feet, embarrassed.

“Have you ever showed it to anybody?” She asked. He shook his head, his eyes still staring downwards.

“It can’t be that bad…” Suddenly Connie felt lost for words, and at the one time she really needed them. She thought about offering to get one of her friends to look at it for him, but that sounded like a ridiculous idea as it replayed back in her head. They sat in silence as the girl on TV gyrated and thrashed around on the bed like a landlocked fish. She surprized herself when she suddenly spoke without realizing she was going to.

“You could show me. I promise I won’t laugh.” She wasn’t sure where those words came from and she hoped he’d say no. It seemed like several minutes before he responded.

“Y-you promise?” Still no eye-contact.

“Of course.” She still hoped that he wouldn’t.

But he did. He slipped his thumb into his waistband and pulled the front of his trousers and pants down slightly, his penis sat there on top of his testicles. He was right, it looked smaller than normal, but Connie had a thought.

“It’s fine. But you’re nervous too, right? If this is the first time that anybody has seen it, you’re bound to be nervous until you’re comfortable.”

He sat there with the front still pulled down. Connie felt a little uncomfortable herself but she didn’t want to say anything to upset him, so she sat there and stared at it. It was chubby and she stifled a giggle.

“You just need confidence, and to show it to more people. The more you do it the better you’ll feel.”

Pete continued to stare downwards and she wasn’t sure if he had even heard her. He reached out and touched it with his finger and it flopped over onto it’s other side, which made Connie really have to fight the giggles. This time Pete noticed, and she defended herself as she began to chuckle.

“I swear it’s not you, it’s how it flops around…” And with that she started laughing again.

Pete felt hurt at first, but then he began to laugh too, and as he did his penis jiggled about, making Connie laugh more.

“Oh my God, I swear it’s the funniest thing, and look, it got bigger, see? Confidence!”

She was right, it had – marginally – gotten a little bigger. The wrinkles had smoothed out from the sides and it laid properly over his testicles without pointing into the air like it had before. Pete had relaxed and everything was at the normal resting size.

“But is it too small?” He asked.

No, it looks fine, and besides which, I’m sure it gets bigger still.”

It did, he knew that, and usually when he watched his favorite, Marianne, though at the moment he wasn’t feeling like it could ever grow properly under such conditions, what with another person in the room. Size wasn’t his only fear though.

“But what if I can’t…you know, when I need to.” His penis started to wrinkle again as he thought about it. Connie noticed it too. She felt a flash of adrenaline and became aware of a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Is this who you usually watch when you…do stuff?” She asked, noticing him staring at the TV again.

He nodded.

“Show me.” She said, and he looked at her, confused.

“Consider it practice, to build your confidence.”

He kicked his pants down, and pinched the end of his soft cock between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it lightly but nothing happened. He wrapped his hand around it and massaged it with his fingers, then slipped his hand back and forth slowly, but it stayed soft, and he looked embarrassed. Connie tried to comfort him.

“Relax or you’ll never manage it. Tell me what you think about when you do it.”

He looked up at the screen and thought for a second and the images flashed past his eyes.

“Her boobs mostly, they’re amazing. I think about them being right in front of my face, and sucking her nipples while she strokes me”

He continued rubbing, but if it was getting any bigger he couldn’t feel it, so he carried on his fantasy.

“Then she lays down next to me and stretches her arms over her head and I stroke them and squeeze them and kiss her nipples.”

The warm feeling in Connie’s stomach continued and she heard the excitement in his voice as he described his fantasy.

“Have you honestly never seen any in real life?” Connie asked delicately, not wanting to upset him again. He shook his head and secretly felt any momentum drain away as the shame replaced it.

Connie knelt up on the couch and crossed her arms around her body, then in one smooth lift, her t-shirt came off over her head as her arms straightened above her. Pete had stopped rubbing and was sitting still, staring as his sister straightened her long black hair.

“You’re gonna have to see a pair at some point, might as well be now. Do you know how to unhook a bra?”

He shook his head, his startled face reminded Connie of a chimp and she giggled again.

“This is a front-loader, just hook your fingers either side of the middle bit…”

He wiped his sweating hands down his t-shirt and, with shaking hands, he pushed his index fingers inside the black bra next to the clasp, and pressed his thumbs against them.

“Now,” Connie continued, “push together slightly and lift apart. That works for the ones that fasten behind as well.”

It took him a couple of pulls, but eventually he found that the bra came loose. He didn’t let go right away, just held the cups and looked into her eyes to see if this was going to be some horrific joke at his expense. Connie smiled at him, no doubt sensing his fears.

“Go on, open it.”

He did, slowly. He felt his breath come in short bursts and thought that he felt little prickles of sweat form on his forehead as he watched from what seemed like the other side of the room as a thin sliver of her honey colored skin opened up. He watched as the lower curves of her breasts appeared and noticed how her skin darkened ever so slightly around these areas. Then, her nipples came into view, they were soft and dark browny-pink in color and looked to him much better than the ones on TV, even Marianne’s nipples, which he felt he loved dearly. He lowered his arms and massaged the fabric of the bra with his thumb as he stared at Connie’s beautiful breasts. This was way better than he had imagined.

“You like?” Connie asked, and he nodded in reply.

“Anything happening down there?”

He sat with his back against the arm of the couch and regarded his penis. It had shrunk again and sat wrinkled and buried. Connie took his left hand and placed it over her right breast, and Pete could feel her soft nipple under the hot palm of his hand. He stroked it gently with his fingers and as it started to harden so did he. Connie watched as his soft little cock grew slowly at first, and then as he gently played with it it stood up on end and looked much larger than before. It was still fairly small, but she didn’t mention it, just smiled at him as he took it in his right hand again and rubbed it slowly.

She sat back and watched him as he opened his legs and stroked himself. His balls jiggled around and Connie smiled. In truth this was the first time she had seen a penis in real life too, aside from on the internet, and that time she and a group of friends had gone to a nudist beach as a joke, only to flee when a naked old guy with an enormous Johnson tried to hit on them. She had certainly never watched anybody masturbate in real life before, and she thought it looked quite pleasant.

Pete stretched his legs out either side of Connie, who was still kneeling and watching him. His eyes moved from breast to breast, then up to her eyes and lips, then back to the breasts again.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked.

“Sucking your nipples.” He said, his courage had risen as quickly as his cock had. “Your lips around my hard cock, sucking me and licking my balls.”

Connie laughed to herself, he was talking like the guys on the chat sites she went on sometimes. Those guys always had huge cocks, but Pete’s wasn’t as large and angry as theirs were. Pete’s cock looked like a cute little cartoon.

She sucked her tongue and leaned forward, then pushed a little drop of spit out between her lips and watched as it dropped and landed on the tip of his cock, then ran down the side. He moaned and rubbed it in with his hand as he went back to staring at her breasts.

‘Might as well do something’, she thought to herself, and she started pinching her nipples between her fingers and rolling them around until they stood rigid and a tingling feeling made her breasts feel hot to touch. She leaned over and picked Pete’s hand up and placed it over her breast again.

“Feel how hot it is…”

He moaned again and took his hand away from his cock and placed it over her other breast. His thumbs flicked her nipples and she liked how it felt and told him so. His cock stood firm, twitching rhythmically but not going softer.

“Rub it for me.” He said and took his hand away, leaving his wet cock standing there.

“Ew, no way.”

They both stared at it, but as it began to get soft again, Connie reached out and took it in her hand. She gave it a gentle squeeze and she felt it harden in her hand, and she noticed that it wasn’t much longer than her hand was wide, maybe half as long again at most. She stroked it slowly as he ran his hand lightly over her breasts. She found that she was able to stroke all the way from his soft balls all the way to the tip and back, and he moaned in appreciation.

She leaned in and pressed her nipple against his lips, he opened his mouth and sucked it inside and licked the rigid point with his tongue. It felt hotter than it had in had in his hand, but felt nice against his lips. He cupped the other breast and then rested his hand on the inside of her leg, just above the knee.

Connie warned him a little.

“Don’t go too high, we can’t do that…” He hummed to say okay and the vibrations felt good to her.

She was getting the hang of it she thought, his cock was warm and hard in her hand and he showed no signs of softening at all. She liked how his lips felt and he loved her breasts pushing against his face, and the two were so involved that they didn’t hear the knocking on the door, they didn’t hear the door handle being tried and the door opening, and they didn’t hear the footsteps coming down the hall.

The first they knew of it was when the door of the lounge started to open. They both jumped up and when the door was fully open they were both standing stock still, Pete bottomless with his penis shrinking rapidly, and Connie topless with her nipples even firmer than they had been before.

“What the fuuuuuuuck were you two doing?”

It was Laura, Connie’s best friend. The expression on her face was a mixture of glee that she had finally caught Little Miss Perfect doing something bad, and confusion that she had caught her doing it with her brother. Her annoying brother, more to the point. The brother who had spent the previous summer following them and their friends around Connie’s house staring at their bodies in their bikinis, the brother who had tried to burst in on them naked while they were changing so many times that she had lost count. The brother who she was sure had stolen her panties the last time she had slept over. She shuddered to think what he had done with them. Or to them.

“Seriously though, what are you two doing?” It suddenly dawned on her that she was looking at Pete’s little penis, and with a laugh she spluttered,

“Pete, is that the nine inches you promised me?”

Pete looked ashamed and diverted his eyes downwards and Connie felt angry.

“Don’t be so cruel, okay?” She said, and in an attempt to explain what they had been doing she added, “He’s sensitive about it. I was showing him that it doesn’t matter…showing him that confidence…” she trailed off.

Pete slumped back onto the couch and Laura noted the look in his eye, suddenly she felt bad for the kid. He was so funny-looking that she doubted he would ever get to show it to another girl.

“I’m sorry, okay. Pete?”

He nodded but didn’t look up.

“But this?” She directed it towards Connie, who shrugged and looked more than a little ashamed herself.

“We didn’t…” Connie said, “…we just…touched, that’s all. I wasn’t going to…”

Pete looked at Connie and then dropped his eyes again. Laura got the impression that he was very disappointed to hear it, and she felt a pang of guilt.

“I’ll go, and I promise I won’t tell anyone. If you guys want to continue…”

Connie was shaking her head, and besides that Pete’s penis was small and wrinkled now and she very much doubted if he’d be able to continue. Connie bent down and picked up her t-shirt and tossed Pete his pants, and he had begun to pull them on when Laura spoke again.

“Okay, I have an idea. Pete, I’m sorry for laughing at you, and I want to help you – not in that way – but if it helps you can leave your pants off for a while. If confidence is your problem then you should get used to girls seeing you naked. We’re girls right?”

Pete nodded and Connie smiled at Laura. Laura had never let her down and she knew she wouldn’t start now. The three of them sat on the couch and flipped through the channels again, out of the corner of her eye Laura looked at Pete’s penis and noted that when he relaxed it looked better. When she pointed it out to him it shrank again.

“Does it always do that?” She asked, and Pete nodded and blushed, and then she turned to Connie sitting in the middle.

“So that’s why you had your t-shirt off?” Connie nodded and the two girls made eye-contact briefly. Both felt the warm feeling in their stomachs.

Pete had always had a thing for Laura. Even though she was constantly unkind and said nasty things to him, she was pretty and he couldn’t help but imagine doing things to her. He loved her natural light blonde hair that she often wore in tight pigtails, and her green eyes tied his stomach in knots. Her light pink shapely lips made even the harshest insults sound sweet as they were kissed out into the world, which is why he liked to hang around all the time. Bad attention was still attention when it was from a gorgeous girl, he thought.

Often, when he closed his eyes and tried to think about Marianne when she was on TV, Laura would pop into his head and replace her in his fantasies, or at least join in them. He thought about the time last summer when the girls had all had been wandering around the house in bikinis, Laura had stayed the night and he had seen her walking around in Connie’s bathrobe, and she had bent down to pick up a dropped hair tie and the robe fell open slightly to reveal a glimpse of tender white skin framing a pink nipple. He hadn’t got a very good look and to be honest filled the nipple detail in by himself five minutes later after locking himself in his bedroom and beating out a new fantasy, but he had read someplace that nipples and lips were often similar in color. Later that morning he also sneaked into Connie’s bedroom and stole the panties Laura had left in the pile with her nightie, which he imagined she had slept in.

And now here she was sitting two seats away from him, and she had seen his penis, the very same penis he had wrapped her panties around and massaged as her sweet smell lingered in his nostrils following a deep inhale with the panties over his face. He thought that today she looked as incredible as she smelled. Her voice snapped him back to reality.

“Pete, would it help if Connie took her top off again?” Connie looked surprized and Pete nodded.

“Laura, I…” Connie almost protested before, with a sigh, lifting her t-shirt back off, then added,

“Now you then, Laur.”

“Ohh nooooooo!” Laura shook her head and waved her arms. “That’s not what I…”

Connie had grabbed the bottom of Laura’s green t-shirt and lifted the front over her head while the back stayed down. The two girls laughed and Laura lifted it completely off, whipping her blonde pigtails around.

“Oh God, I…”

She stopped suddenly and stared at Pete. As he watched Laura’s milky stomach come into view and her pink lace bra cupping her pert breasts, his penis had come alive and had grown into a firm erection. Connie thought it looked bigger than before. Secretly Pete thought it was his biggest ever but he didn’t say anything.

“Well, I think we just found out what Pete’s into.” Laura said with a smile. “How about you help me off with this. Do you know how to unhook a bra?”

Pete felt a strange movement inside which he would later identify as confidence. He knew from unhooking Connie’s how it was done, he just hoped that he didn’t mess it up when so much was at stake. He nodded and Laura got up and sat between his legs facing away from him. His cock was an inch away from resting against the small of her back and he looked over her shapely shoulders and along her long white neck, and his eyes finally found the pink clasp, then moments later his fingers got there too.

Connie smiled and winked at him as he unhooked the clasp like a pro, taking Laura a little by surprize with his speed, and she grabbed the cups against her breasts and laughed.

“Oh wow, you’re quick!”

She leaned back as she laughed and Pete felt her soft skin touch his penis and then she laid completely back on top of him. It was slightly uncomfortable, but Pete enjoyed smelling her blonde hair as much as her warm body on top of his.

“Slide your hands under the bra.”

He did and she pulled the bra off and tossed it, then stretched her arms over her head. Pete felt his excitement build as her soft breasts heaved under his hands, and he slid his hands down just enough to see her pink nipples, and they were exactly as he had imagined.

Connie watched with amazement. She was amazed that Laura had gone so far in what she had originally believed to be a giant tease, and amazed that she was enjoying watching Laura as much as it appeared that Pete was.

Pete’s hands were barely covering Laura’s breasts now, her light pink nipples escaped his fingers and to her further surprize, Connie found herself reaching out to touch them too. They felt soft and warm underneath her fingers, and the way Laura looked at her with her big green eyes sent Connie’s stomach into flips. Laura’s hand traced it’s way up Connie’s body and stroked the line of her breast softly, and Connie felt her nipple stiffen as Laura’s fingers caught it and gently pinched it before releasing it again.

Pete’s hand followed and Connie allowed him to stroke her other breast. She thought it was amazing to have two people touching her at the same time, and she felt the excitement building inside her. She leaned forward and kissed Laura’s lips, taking them all by surprize, but Laura reciprocated, taking Connie’s lips against hers and gently sucking her tongue into her own mouth.

Pete watched, amazed. He had his hands between both sets of breasts and their hard nipples rubbed over and under his hands at the same time. His sister’s full light brown lips pressed against Laura’s light pink lips and he thought it was fantastic. He could feel his erection in Laura’s back and he rubbed it against her as much as he could.

Laura could feel it too and she thought it was cute that Pete was enjoying it. Connie’s lips were full and soft and she stroked her face with her hands and ran her fingers into her soft black hair and pulled her closer, flicking her tongue against Connie’s own and sucking her lips. She had been fantasizing about Connie ever since they met but had never had the courage to do anything about it until this rather unusual opportunity had presented itself.

Connie sucked the front and sides of Laura’s neck, and Pete pressed his lips against the back. Connie’s lips touched Pete’s slightly when they both went for the same spot, but neither complained, just kept kissing. When Pete’s tongue found it’s way against Connie’s lips she opened her mouth and let it slip inside, their lips meeting properly for the first time.

After a while, Laura felt herself slipping off of the couch and had to stand up and move to the seat next to Pete. Pete’s erect cock stayed firm and he stroked it while looking between the two girls. It definitely looked larger, but still probably slightly small. Laura smiled at him and he attempted a smile back which made her laugh. He was definitely funny looking, but cute she thought.

She lifted his t-shirt over his head and pinched his nipples, causing him to yelp slightly and giggle.

“Stand up Pete, let us get a good look at you.” She said, and reluctantly, Pete stood up while the two girls sat back on the couch. He pushed his cock out as far as he could manage and hoped that it was enough. Laura smiled and a devilish glint flashed across her green eyes.

“Come closer, let me see it properly.”

He moved closer and she leaned forward. Pete felt nervous and exposed standing in front of her like that, but he thought it was worth it when her gorgeous pink lips pushed up underneath his cock. She just let it rest there, his balls on her chin and his cock over her lips and cheek. She poked her tongue out and licked her lips, catching his cock a little too, and he desperately fought to remain composed. Connie noticed and reached out and flicked one of Laura’s blonde pigtails against his inside leg and over his testicles, and he had to take a deep breath and hold it until the urge to orgasm passed.

Laura opened her mouth a little and closed her lips around the underside of his cock and she nibbled him gently, causing him to moan and almost pull her head away before he stopped himself. She nibbled along his short length and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth, then let it pop back out as he tensed his muscle. With her mouth open and her tongue out, Pete pushed his cock into her mouth and she closed her lips around it and sucked gently, slipping her soft tongue over it.

Connie dropped Laura’s pigtail and went back to holding her breasts. Laura’s free hand slipped between Connie’s legs and massaged her firmly, and it felt good. As she watched Pete’s cock slip into Laura’s mouth, she leaned back and guided her friend’s hand underneath her jeans and into her panties. Laura had thought about it for many years and it felt even better than it did in her mind. She could feel a fine line of hair under her palm and soft warm skin under and around her fingers, and as she slipped her fingers inside, Connie’s wetness surrounded her and became spread all over her soft pussy. Laura slipped her hand out and looked at her wet fingers.

“Take them off…” She said and Connie leaned back to unbutton her jeans.

Pete stood there watching this and felt that at any moment he was going to lose it and ejaculate. He desperately wanted to hang on longer so thought about all kinds of stuff to put the feeling to the back of his mind, but when he saw Connie slip off her jeans his attention was entirely back on the business at hand again.

Connie wore white panties, which she probably put on without even considering the mismatch with the black bra she removed earlier, but it struck Pete that when she got dressed that morning she had no idea they would be seen by anybody. Pete liked the white panties anyway, and in particular the wet spot between her legs. Connie pushed her legs together and lifted them up, and slid the white panties over her golden skin and up over her feet, then tossed them. As she lowered her legs back down, she opened them and Pete saw her pussy for the first time. It was deep honey and slightly pinkish and above it was a tidy patch of jet black hair. He noticed that she was slightly wet and he wondered if she was fighting an orgasm like he was.

Laura stopped and turned around, she had seen Connie naked lots of times, but never had she looked as great as she did laying on the couch with her legs open like that. She teased the black hair with her fingers and touched her soft pussy gently, feeling it’s warmth and catching a little of Connie’s juice on her finger, which she then licked off.

She wanted more, and leaned in to taste her properly while Pete watched. She placed gentle kisses on the insides of Connie’s legs, then on the soft, fleshy outer parts either side of her pussy, then licked her slowly with the tip of her tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit. Connie moaned and their eyes met. With their gaze locked, Laura licked long and slow with her entire tongue firmly over Connie’s pussy, taking her juice and spreading it all over.

Connie thought Laura’s green eyes sparkled as she looked into them, and Laura thought the same about Connie’s dark brown eyes. Pete watched and thought both girls looked amazing. He stroked himself as Laura pushed her pink tongue into his sister’s pussy, and he hoped that he would get to do the same to Laura soon. His eyes met Connie’s and both realized that they shared a need to do the same thing, so with a nervy but brave feeling in the pit of his stomach, Pete sat on the far seat and, reaching around her waist, began to slip Laura’s jeans down.

Laura didn’t protest, in fact she reached down and opened her buttons and lifted her knees one at a time so he could get her trousers off easily. She was busy tasting Connie’s pussy to worry about what Pete was doing in any great detail. Connie tasted amazing and was extremely wet, Laura’s face was covered and she loved it and spread it all over. She pushed her fingers inside and felt how tight and hot Connie was before pulling her fingers out and pushing her tongue inside, drawing more juice out and swallowing it. She felt Pete fumbling with her panties and she opened her legs to make it easier for him to slip down, which he eventually did.

Pete found himself holding a pair of Laura’s fresh panties, and he took a deep smell before hiding them behind the couch for later. He took a breath to steady his nerves and then looked at Laura’s pussy. It was very pink and she clearly waxed all of her hair off because it was completely smooth. Pete touched it gently and moved his finger in circles, tracing the line of pink skin. To be honest he really wasn’t sure what he should be doing, so he just copied what Laura was doing to Connie. He pressed his tongue against her and was surprized by how warm she felt against his lips and tongue, and he gently opened her lips and licked around inside her a little before kissing her clit. He thought he heard her moan so he carried on, sucking her clit softly and pushing his tongue into her in the same way she had done to Connie.

Laura sat up and leaned back and opened her legs. Connie and Pete looked at each other as if unsure of who got to go first, sensing this, Laura made a suggestion.

“Both together.”

They did. It felt a little awkward at first, but Pete flicked his tongue over Laura’s clit as Connie licked along and inside her. Their tongues met but they didn’t stop, just shared the juices with each other, and when Connie spit a little over Laura’s clit, Pete licked it into his mouth with the rest. Laura moaned and her fingers massaged her clit, and she opened her pussy and allowed Pete and Connie’s tongues to slide deep inside her together. Her pussy was now red and covered in slippery juice, and Pete loved it. It looked better than anything he had ever seen on the internet. Connie’s lips were full and soft and he started to enjoy feeling them against his own full lips, and the two shared several kisses in between licking and kissing Laura.

Laura called Connie up to her lips where they shared the juice, and Pete sat back and watched as the two girl’s pussies pressed together, golden honey against red-pink, their juices mixing like it did in their mouths too. Pete decided to carry on. He slipped his tongue between the two and felt both pressing together. He slipped his tongue into Laura, and then slid it up, out over her firm clit and then over his sister’s, then pushed deep inside her too. Connie tasted as amazing as Laura did, and the more he pushed his tongue into he the more juice he felt run down his face and neck.

The girls pressed their pussies tight against each other and rubbed their clits back and forth. Pete pressed his face in as best he could but there was very little room between the two, so for the most part he just watched, at least until Connie sat up and the pair locked legs and began to grind into each other. Pete moved to get a better look from above, and was surprized to find Connie’s hand around his cock instead of his own.

She slowly massaged him, pressing her hand into the base of it and then smoothly stroking all the way over the tip and back down again. The juice on her hand made his cock slippery and she started to stroke faster as she sped up her hip movements. Pete moved a little closer and Laura’s hand took over. Connie’s eyes were closed and her luscious, full light brown lips were parted slightly as she moaned and moved, and Pete felt Laura’s hand pull him forward towards them, and he couldn’t stop himself.

Connie opened her eyes, slightly surprized, but didn’t try to stop it. She made eye-contact and let his cock slide into her mouth. Her lips closed around his hard cock and she pushed her head down until his cock disappeared entirely into her mouth, and as she sucked and pulled her head back again, he pushed his fingers into her hair and slowed her down so he could enjoy the feeling.

Laura watched as Pete’s cock disappeared into Connie’s mouth. She knew it was wrong but it felt so naughty and she loved watching it. Connie had delicious full lips and she had wanted Pete to experience them too. She wanted Pete to experience things fully now, both with herself and with Connie, even if he was her brother, Laura thought that it made everything extra special.

Laura sat up and placed her open lips over Pete’s cock against Connie’s lips, and they shared him as he slipped between the two mouths, from Connie’s to Laura’s and then back again. She still pressed her pussy against Connie and she enjoyed how their clits had felt rubbing over one another. This was something she had fantasized about doing but wasn’t sure it would feel so good. She was thrilled that it did and she felt as if she wanted the two of them to orgasm like that and feel each other’s sensitive parts as they pressed together and squirted their juices into each other.

But before that she wanted to try something else.

Connie felt Laura push her back slightly and leaned back until she was laying on the couch. The couch felt wet under her back but she didn’t worry about it. Laura continued to press her pussy against her, but had Pete go to the back and push his penis between their pussies. Their soft lips pressed together around him as he pushed between and she could feel his balls pressing against her and thought they felt soft and funny. She pulled Laura’s face down by her pigtails and kissed her again.

Pete slipped his cock between the two pussies and it felt like he was in heaven. He knew he didn’t have much longer but wanted to last as long as he could. He moved slowly and savored each thrust, the way the tip of his cock pushed past the two firm clitorises, and how inviting the thought of sliding into both girls seemed. Maybe they wouldn’t notice? He might get away with it if he went slowly…

Laura felt his cock press upwards against her pussy, and she looked behind and smiled at him. He pressed it in and closed his eyes as he slipped in very slowly until he was pressing against her. It felt more amazing than he could ever have imagined and he leaned forward and kissed her on the shoulder. Connie felt Laura smile against her lips and knew what Pete had done, and part of her was proud of him in a funny way.

Connie could feel Pete’s legs moving rhythmically and felt his balls pressing against her pussy, and she reached down and massaged Laura’s clit, wanting to give her as good and orgasm as she could, but Laura wasn’t ready yet. Neither was Pete.

Pete reached down and stroked Laura’s clit and felt his cock slipping inside her. He still couldn’t really believe what was happening and it took him touching his own balls as they pressed against her pussy to bring it home that he was having sex with Laura and his sister at the same time.

He was feeling very brave now, and he finally decided that he was ready, but he wanted to make it special, so he pulled out of Laura and, after placing the tip of his cock against Connie’s warm brown pussy, pushed inside her.

Connie wasn’t sure they should be doing this, but Laura’s lips stopped her from saying anything. Pete’s cock felt nice even if it was small, and she found herself getting used to it, enjoying it in fact.

Laura whispered to her,

“Wait for me.” and then she lifted herself off and watched as Pete leaned forward and placed his lips around Connie’s nipple.

He sucked as he pushed into her rhythmically and Connie wrapped her legs around her brother and pulled him tight against her. Finally he raised his head and moaned as he ejaculated inside her, his entire body stiffened for several seconds and then he relaxed on top of her, and buried his face in her black hair.

The two thought he had fallen asleep for a second until Laura tapped him on the ass, then he kneeled up and his cock, covered with his own white cum hung limp in front of him. Laura kissed him on the lips and then as he stood up, sucked his soft cock into her mouth again and twirled her tongue around it. Without getting an erection he managed another tiny load, then sat on another chair curiously, to watch them finish.

He thought it was amazing. Laura and Connie thought it spectacular. They locked legs once again and pressed their pussies together and shared a tender, gentle kiss, loving and soft, probing each other’s mouths with their tongues and feeling their breasts touching, nipples firm and massaging against each other, brown on pink.

As they moved, each felt the other’s pussy, their clits rubbing firmly together and their juices mixing, making the sliding against each other easy. Their eyes met, brown, green, both deep pools of clear, sparkling energy and their lips touched, kisses stolen as their hips moved in unison.

They felt themselves open up and come closer together, their pussy lips parting and sliding until they were lined up perfectly and their clits touched, then Laura began to climax first. She gently bit Connie’s full bottom lip and Connie sucked Laura’s top lip into her mouth. She could feel herself getting near too.

Laura pressed her face against Connie’s soft neck and Connie wrapped her arms around her as she moaned and shook. Her pussy was so wet and as Laura shuddered, Connie felt a warm sensation as the juice filled her pussy and made the top of her legs feel wet. She too began to feel the powerful orgasm and she pulled Laura’s hips tight against hers and, arching her hips and pulling open Laura’s pussy, squirted her own juice mixed with Pete’s inside with a loud moan.

The two girls looked at each other and then shared a kiss. Pete ventured over and joined in the kiss, and as three sets of lips touched they each believed that this was the beginning of something new and exciting.


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