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Brie and I

Fantasy about my girlfriend’s daughter
Brie and I

Brie’s mom had gone to bed so we switched on our current erotic anime series and got comfy on the couch and I could already feel the sexual tension minutes into our first episode. She was wearing my favorite pajamas, a short lilo & stitch top and bottoms with no bra underneath. My cock was already a tent pole in my cutoff sweats as I began to slowly stroke it while trying to stay focused on the tv. Brie would switch from watching the tv to watching my hand slowly stroking my cock and I could see her nipples getting harder, poking through her top. Brie saw that I was watching her and looked up and when our eyes met I could see the hunger in her eyes.

It had been over three months since Brie had left her husband and moved in with her mom and I and she had not been fucked since. She told me she masturbated every night to help her sleep so I knew she was aching for a hard cock. From previous conversations, I knew her Asian husband had a small penis and Brie loved to tell me how pissed off he’d get when she was changing the baby’s diaper and told him the baby’s dick was almost as big as dads. My cock was 6 to 7 inches and very nice and thick and I was pretty sure I knew what Sabrina thought about when she masturbated.

My cock was aching and seemed to get even harder each time I saw Brie checking it out. She had never seen my exposed cock but was quite comfortable with me stroking it in front her through my sweats as it had become  our ritual either alone in the house or garage. I don’t know if it was the episode of anime we were watching or just Brie being horny but she seemed to be checking out my cock more than usual tonight. Normally she’d just look over for a couple seconds but tonight she was openly watching longer and longer. I decided if she wanted to watch I was going to make sure she got an eyeful.

I shifted my position on the couch so I  was a little closer to Brie and made sure my cock was on prominent display and began stroking the entire length of it slowly through my sweats. I was so turned in there was a wet stain on my sweats from pre cum. Brie tried to pretend to watch tv but finally quit pretending and just watched me stroking my aching cock. Brie shifted her position on the couch and her short top rode up enough to let me see nearly all of her huge tits still swollen from the baby. Her nipples were aching band rock hard poking through her shirt and I knew her watching my cock was getting to her.

After watching me a bit, Brie looked at me and the intensity in her eyes nearly took my breath away. I knew she wanted to say something but was unsure of what and my mind screamed as our eyes searched each others. She finally broke my gaze and looked down at my hand stroking my cock and quietly said “ your cock looks so much bigger than my husbands”. I told her that it would fill her pussy with more cock than she’s ever had and asked her how she thought that would feel. She said she knew it would feel fantastic but hadn’t come to grips with me dating her mom. She had never actually seen my exposed cock so I asked her if she would like to finally see it in all its glory. She nervously paused for a few seconds before finally whispering yes under her breath.

After the torture of lusting after Brie these past months, skyrockets were going off in my head and feeling bolder than ever I told her to scoot closer and pull my cock out. Brie just looked at me for a few seconds before moving closer until our bodies were touching and my heart was beating out of my chest as she reached over with both hands and sprung my aching cock free from its restraints. Brie seemed to be frozen in time, both her hands still clutching the waistband of my cock as her eyes devoured my cock. “Touch it and see how it feels in your hand” I told her. That broke the trance and Brie looked at me for a second and then back down as she took her left hand and wrapped it firmly around my shaft. It took everything I had not to explode right then as her hand began slowly stroking up and down.

Without asking for permission, I slid both my hands under her top and began sensuously rubbing and massaging her huge tits and Brie moaned and squeezed my cock  when I pinched both her nipples at the same time. I exposed both of her beautiful breasts and began kissing and licking each breast before homing in on one nipple, then the next.  I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently bit down and went to town  with my tongue. Bries grip on my cock tightened even more and Brie watched me through half closed eyes as I worshipped her erect nipples. I slid one hand along her thigh until I came to her pajama covered pussy and Brie nearly jumped off the couch when my fingers lightly made contact with her pussy.

Brie kept one hand stroking my cock and placed the other on the back off my head, holding me and moaning softly as my mouth and fingers sent shockwaves through her body. My finger was tracing up and down the full length of her pussy and I could feel the heat and wetness through her pajamas. Brie shifted her body and opened her legs a little more and  and I responded by sliding my finger as deep as I could inside of her through her pajamas before sliding it up to find her clit. When my finger found her clit and began rubbing it in circles, Brie arched her back and shoved my face deep into her tits, moaning softly. Her grip on my cock was so strong I thought she was going to rip it off as pleasure waves coursed through her body.

I slid my hand up from her pussy, found the waistband of her pajamas and slid my hand under it and through her thick bush to her sopping wet pussy. I continued sucking Bries nipples as my fingers began exploring her wet pussy and I watched her face as I buried my finger as deep in her as I could get it. Her pussy was so tight and I could feel the muscles clinching like a vise as my finger moved inside of her. I found her clit with my thumb and rubbed it at the same time slipping a second finger inside of her.  Brie let go of my cock and had both hands shoving my face into her tits as her first orgasm hit her. Her pussy jerked uncontrollably on my fingers and the floodgates opened as her pussy locked onto my fingers and held them deep inside her. I ground my thumb hard onto her clit and bit a nipple and finally finished Brie off. She moaned softly with her eyes clenched shut until her body gave one last shudder and she collapsed into the couch.

I was still gently sucking Brie’s nipple  and my finger was still buried inside of her when she finally opened her eyes and looked down at me with a dreamy look on her face. Without a word I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and straight into my mouth and got my first taste of the pussy that had been torturing me for so long. The taste was pungent but absolutely delicious. Brie watched as I put on a show of cleaning her juices off of my finger. “Does it taste good?” she asked. “It tastes fucking amazing” I answered  before asking how she liked what had happened so far. Brie said that she’d had the strongest orgasm she’d had in months and was hoping there was going to be more. I asked her if she was ready to lose her virginity and she looked confused for a second and then smiled when she realized I was talking about her pussy being eaten for the first time. She was both eager and nervous as she answered yes, her mind reeling as she tried to imagine how it was going to feel.

I slipped my hands under the waistband of her lilo & stitch pajama bottoms and tugged down slightly. Brie understood and lifted her ass up as I slid the pajamas and panties off. My eyes drank in the feast before me and I felt the hunger of 1000 men as she opened her legs and exposed herself completely to me. Brie watched me nervously as I stood up and slipped my sweats off but the nervousness seemed to vanish as she locked her eyes onto my engorged cock with the swollen and angry purple head.  She reached out and took my cock in her hand and pulled me closer to her face which made me nervous.

I knew Brie had a bad experience when her husband tried forcing his dick in her mouth when they first started dating and swore she never would suck a dick so I was unsure what her intentions were as she pulled my cock right up to her face. She stroked my cock slowly while moving the hard shaft side to side as she checked it out and then looked up at me and told me she couldn’t wait to feel my fat cock in her aching pussy. Before I could answer she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head of my cock. Lightning bolts shot through my body as Brie began rubbing my cock against one cheek, across her lips to her other cheek and then back to her lips that opened just enough to slip the head partly into her mouth. I moved my hands to the back of her head and held her gently, enjoying the incredible sensations of her tongue on the top of my cock head. I quietly told her she didn’t have to do what she was because I knew how she felt about it and she paused long enough to tell me she wanted to see how my cock felt and tasted in her mouth. I told her to just keep the head in her mouth and swirl her tongue around it while stroking my cock.

I couldn’t get over the amazing sight of my cock in Bries mouth and it was a struggle not to explode right then. She slid her mouth a little farther down my shaft and began a short up and down rhythm and I felt her smile on my cock when I told her how beautiful she was with my cock in her mouth. She had worked half my cock into her mouth before I had to stop her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she grabbed it and shoved it back in so I told her that if she didn’t stop I was going to cum. She asked why I didn’t want to cum and I told her I did but at 61, I got one shot and  I wanted the first load in her pussy.

Brie let go of my cock and I leaned over and began kissing her, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. I think I surprised her at first but soon our tongues were dancing passionately. I slid a hand down to her pussy and began stroking it and I felt her moan as we kissed. I broke the kiss and grabbed her shirt and slid it over her head so that she was completely naked before me. My eyes ravished her chubby body for a few seconds before I knelt beside Brie and began sucking her tits. My fingers found her pussy again and she spread her legs wider and moaned as my mouth and fingers worked their magic. I kissed my way down to her baby belly and I paid extra attention to it before getting up and moving in between Bries legs.

I wanted to make sure that Bries first time having her pussy eaten was something to remember so placed a hand above each ankle  and began lightly stroking my up her legs to her thighs. I gently pushed her legs open as far as I could and as I lightly caressed the inside of her thighs, I leaned in and began kissing softly wherever my hand went. Brie was silently watching me, dying of anticipation, wondering what she was about to experience. My hands reached her pussy and her body reacted my touch, squirming below me as my fingers found her pussy and began exploring. I leaned in close to her pussy and smelt the pungent smell of her juices and lightly ran my tongue across her swollen clit while rubbing my nose in her thick black bush. Brie jerked and gasped at the same time from the contact with her clit and I wasted no time sucking her clit into my mouth and began assaulting it with my tongue.  I slid my tongue down and licked her meaty pussy lips and sucked them into my mouth one at a time, savoring the taste of the juices coating them.

My cock and balls throbbed painfully for release as I drove my tongue as deep as I could into Bries pussy. Her taste was intoxicating and her scent filled my nostrils as I swirled my tongue deep inside of her trying to extract as much of her juices as possible. Brie grabbed the back of my head and moaned, all the while grinding her pussy hard onto my face. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them back to open her pussy more and exposing her puckered little asshole. I slipped her clit back into my mouth, tugging and licking at the same time. Brie ground her pussy even harder against my face, coating me with her juices. I released her clit and slipped my tongue down between her pussy lips and the lightly began to tease her virgin butthole. Her body jerked against me and she gasped loudly as my tongue lightly toyed with her butthole. Brie relaxed and moaned softly as I applied more pressure against her puckered hole and the tip of my tongue slipped just inside her. I slid a finger up and began rubbing her clit as I forced my tongue further into her. “That feels good” Brie said. I responded by fucking her butthole with my tongue, driving a little deeper with each thrust. Her tastes and smells were like heroin to an addict, the fuel to the flame of animal lust that consumed me. I pulled my tongue out of her asshole, replacing it with a finger and returned my attack to her clit with my moth. Brie was grinding my face even harder and her moans grew louder as my finger slipped deeper and deeper in her ass.

Bries orgasm hit hard and fast. Her body went  stiff and she moaned loudly and I felt her asshole clenching on my finger. She was stiff for just a couple seconds and then began humping her ass and pussy harder against my face. I sucked her clit as hard as I could into my mouth and swung my mouth side to side tugging her clit back and forth, at the same time plunging my finger in and out of her asshole. Her body shook uncontrollably as my tongue and finger took her to heights she had never experienced before. Her head jerked side to side as her orgasm ripped through her body and I was in awe of how beautiful she was in the throes of raw lust. She gave one last thrust and then just collapsed beneath me. I tenderly removed my finger from her ass and began lightly licking her spent juices from her pussy until Brie had recovered.  “That was fucking amazing” she said and I asked how she liked her ass being played with. She just smiled and said” that was a real surprise. I didn’t think I’d like it, but, WOW.

I raised up and grabbed my painfully hard cock and asked if she was ready to experience her fattest cock ever. She looked at me dreamily and took my cock into her hand and pulled me to her aching wet pussy. She began rubbing the head against her pussy lips and bolts of electricity shot through my body. I knew she was going to be incredibly tight and I wasn’t going to last long so I knew I was going to have to fuck her as hard and fast as I could for as long as I could. The head of my cock slipped in between her pussy lips and the heat enveloping my cock was amazing. I gave a small push and slipped the whole head inside of her and she took her hands and began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing, trying to pull me deeper inside of her so I grabbed both of her legs and held on as I drove as deep inside of her as I could.

Brie grunted loudly and her eyes flew open in shock as my cock brutally smashed its way deeper and deeper. Her pussy was so fucking tight and the pressure on the head of my cock was excruciating as it opened her farther than she had ever been. I gave one last shove and my cock was buried as deep inside of her as I could get and I ground as hard as I could making sure she felt every bit of my swollen cock. I pushed her knees up against her shoulder and began jackhammering her pussy, pulling out until just the head remained and then slamming it back home again. Bries hands were clawing at the couch and her hips bucked wildly beneath me.

Our eyes met and I was consumed by the raw passion and hunger in her eyes and on her face. She grunted loudly each time my cock slammed home and I lifted up to put as much pressure on her clit as I could. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and grunted that out as best as I could. Brie was lost in a world of the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. My cock had opened her further than she had ever been and each time my cock slammed deep in her was another explosion. She shook uncontrollably and we were both grunting louder and louder as we both neared the end. I grabbed her thighs as tightly as I could and moaned loudly as my orgasm hit. It felt like I was trying to squeeze my whole body into her pussy as I buried myself as deep in her as I could. Her pussy muscles were frantically grasping at my cock as the waves of cum began splashing against her cervix.

Brie grabbed two handfuls of couch and arched her body, her legs crushing me and holding me deep inside of her. Her eyes found mine and she tried to hold my gaze as her strongest orgasm yet ripped through her. One last thrust and the last of my hot cum shot deep inside of her. Bries pussy  muscles squeezed my cock one last time and then she collapsed beneath me, my cock sliding out of her as slumped into the couch. I sat up and pulled her legs across my lap and began rubbing them lightly as we both sat there quietly trying to recover from our experience. After a few minutes of silence while we caught our breath and I asked her what she thought. She took my hand and held it to her chest and said”Oh my fucking God. I thought you were going to rip me apart”. I had to smile hearing that and began lightly rubbing her breasts. She smiled at me lovingly and pulled me to her and kissed me passionately before pulling away and saying “ I hope this isn’t going to be the only time this happens”. I told her that I would give her as much cock as I could while she was staying with us and she smile back at me and said “Good because my pussy is already wanting more.”  I answered that tomorrow was another day but for tonight  we had to get to bed. I followed her down the hallway and she grabbed me and kissed me one last time before disappearing into her bedroom. I crawled into my bed next to her mother and started getting hard again as I wondered what was in store for tomorrow.

The end.



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