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Blame The Motion Of The Ocean

Mom, son, a yacht, a storm. Accidents happen.
Blame The Motion Of The Ocean

Two hours ago, it was a good day.

I was with my parents out for a weekend of scuba diving and sun tanning off the coast of Catalina. A much needed weekend of relaxation brought to us through spontaneous means (my pops had cracked a screw and instead of a sports car for his mid-life crisis, he bought a rather big yacht). And so we’d been enjoying the sun after a nice afternoon dive. Armed with margaritas and not a care in the world. That is what I call blissful.

Thirty minutes ago, we received the warning.

Any good sailor knows to check the weather reports before embarking on a trip, and in honesty, we did. There was going to be a slight storm some fifty miles from us, but given our location, the worst we would see would be some graying clouds overhead and a little chop from the waves. We were wrong.

The storm had shifted and the ocean was soon to pick up its ancient fury. We had to haul ass to out run the incoming waves, and do so soon. It was going to be a long trip back to Long Beach, and the sky was already growing gloomy.

The ship rocked side to side, moved by the growing waves from the dark world beyond the hull. The powerful vibration of the engines shuddered through the craft as its equally loud hum followed. I sat in the warm cabin in the office chair, head against the wall and eyes shut. These are the times my father lives for. The man against nature moments. He’d be up there in the bridge thrilled and stressed all at once. I’m sure Mom was with him, which was a mistake. He’d need to be alone. Personally, I’d love to be up there, seeing how we dodge these watery beasts, but it wasn’t my first time at sea with Pops. Whenever it got like this, the best thing I could do was sit it out down below and let him do his thing in peace and solitude.

I could still taste the alcohol from earlier in my mouth mingled with salt which almost seemed to hover in the air. Beside me was a vent, a heater for the spacious interior. Direct heat amongst the cold and the remnants of a rather nice buzz made me quite content for the time being. Hell I hadn’t even bothered changing out of my old swim trucks in the middle of the storm.

The staggered thuds of someone walking down the stairs above me called to my attention. Well, we were still moving along so that could only mean he finally threw her out of the bridge. Oh my mother would be pissed for sure.

Mom entered the cabin from the deck and her own fury could match that of the sea. She too was still in her suit which, much to my surprise earlier, was a very slim halter bikini. Soft and dark, dark blue. She fought the ever changing tilt of the boat trying to make her way across the room.

“I swear, sometimes that man can just drive me up the wall,” she grumbled heading to the small fridge. I couldn’t believe it, in the midst of this tumultuous weather, she grabbed a beer. I couldn’t help but watch her in a way I never really had before. Yeah, she was sexy, but she was still my mother. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but notice how well she fit her suit.

“I take it he threw you out, huh?” it was a stupid question.

She looked at me raising an eyebrow. “Gee, whatever gave you that idea?” She popped the bottle open upon the counter seeming not to care as the foam seeped up and out of the shaft, spilling down her fingers. She stared out the porthole as she sucked the liquid from her skin. “Sometimes, I swear he loves this boat more than…” She trailed off shaking her head as if reminiscing in a secret frustration.

I should have known better, but I just couldn’t stop myself from taking her in. Maybe it was just the light she was in, or the beer, or the fact I hadn’t had a girl since the graduation party. But I was just being innocent, right? I had no intentions, just taking in a beauty. Just because I wasn’t planning on buying doesn’t mean I can’t window shop.

I tried to steal glances as discretely as I could manage. My eyes traveled her skin, the swell of her breasts, her smooth stomach, round hips and ever so slender legs. When she turned to the side, I could see the rise of her round and soft ass which jiggled softly in the swaying cabin. Everything about her right then was captivating. From the way her hair was lightly wet with mist to the way the bikini bottoms were tied on each side of her hips.

“Thomas Allen Williamson, are you checking your mother out?!” I heard ushered from her lips. Oh crap.

My eyes quickly flicked up to her as she took a swig from the bottle, her lips curling around the tip. She wasn’t upset. More like she was happy to catch me in an embarrassing moment. There was something in her eyes just then. An odd sparkle. I think she was flattered.

Well, I was busted. No sense in lying.

“Yeah. Yeah, Mom, I am. Sorry but…. you actually look pretty good.” She chuckled at my compliment.

“You’re such a good boy,”

I laughed feeling my face flush. “New suit?”

She looked down her own body, one hand holding the counter firmly as our world continued to shift back and forth.

“Yeah, Carrie convinced me to bring it. Kept saying I was too pale in the office. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt. You really think it looks good?” She asked turning slightly, modeling her swim wear.

“Oh yeah. You got a winner right there.”

“Thank you, Tommy,” she said ever so pleased “Next we need to get you a new suit, young man. You’ve had that one as long as I can remember.”

“Oh come on, mom. They’re not that old. Maybe 5 years or so.”

“Well it’s pretty faded,” she concluded and drained her bottle.

I couldn’t help but agree, but before I could voice it, the intercom came alive.


Both of us stared at the speaker box throughout the message. Mom couldn’t help but roll her eyes then looked at me.

“You feeling sick at all?” She asked.

“None whatsoever. You?” She just shook her head then added with a laugh, “I am a bit cold and tipsy.”

“Me too,” I said with a pleased smile as I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. “Tipsy that is. It’s Niiiiiicccce and warm over here.”

“Thanks smartass,” she replied.

“Well Mom, if you’re cold, you should close the door. It’s still propped open a bit.” Now I really was being a smartass, and a lazy one at that. The door was on my end of the room.

I heard her snort some sort of laugh or comment then the clink of a bottle falling into the trash. Her footsteps traveled across the room, the soft thuds vibrating through my feet. Next came the clunking thump of the door being pulled tightly into place. And then it was as if everything suddenly became… lighter.

Dad wasn’t kidding. With a quick look outside I could see the waves had grown to 10 foot rolling beasts. For a boat our size, we could easily get tossed about. A lot of boats out there try to make it easier on their occupants by having seat belts, but this can be a hazard in the end if the ship goes under and you’re still strapped to. This particular boat had them installed, yet my father removed them from all the seats save one. Mine.

Mom was braised securely in the doorway trying what she could to hold herself up, straining in effort. I knew what I should do and quickly strapped my belt on. She watched me intently as if knowing my intentions.

“Mom!” I said opening my arms beckoning her forward. Without hesitation, she quickly darted in, sitting herself firmly onto my lap. I wrapped my hands around her midsection holding her to me as the boat rocked us back and forth.

Her back stretched across my bare chest, her arms on mine. My head resting on her shoulder. The scent of her skin filling my nostrils.

We knew we weren’t in major danger of sinking as long as we stay in front of the storm. Dad actually knew what he was doing. Hell he lived for this (part of me thinks he might have planned for it). However, if we were on deck, we could go overboard very easily. And in the cabin, well, you could suddenly find yourself bouncing from one end to the other and back hitting your head on who knows what on the way. So safety first.

“Do you think he’s okay up there?” she asked, glancing gently upwards.

“He knows what he’s doing. Only worry if we hear the motors go silent,” I responded holding onto her tightly.

As we rocked, I couldn’t help but steal glances down her body. Her slender back naked save for two straps on her neck and ribs. Her spine running downwards trailing lower and lower, leading my eyes to her ass now pressing tightly against me. Oh god this was a horrible time for my mind to be heading in that direction. But I felt as if I was slipping in a maelstrom.

The ocean moved us, causing her to slip back and forth against me. I could feel the rumbling from deep in my loins, the dread of a growing erection rising. I tried to lift her, to at least allow her to straddle a leg but every time she shifted one way or another, she’d be swept right back where she started. Her ass planted firmly atop me. Her sex unknowingly lined up to accept my growing shaft.

“Mom, I think we should move,” I warned. I couldn’t tell her why.

“Just sit still, baby. This is fine.” She hushed, her body pressing down on me with every fall. She had no idea of the growing danger lying beneath her.

I could feel my cock slowly working its way up my leg, trying desperately to rise, nearing full mast.

“Mom, it’s not that…” I didn’t even get a chance to finish before vertigo over took us. We must have crested a large wave for there was a brief moment of weightlessness. In so doing, she rose up only an inch or so off my lap. The action freed my now fully swollen member to now press up, hard against the velcro fly of my trunks. When she came back down, a gasp arose from her mouth as I felt myself burrow tightly between her two cheeks.

We didn’t say a word as the ocean rocked us together. I wanted to apologize, but I couldn’t even figure out how to start. I held her tightly, terrified really. It felt so good to hold someone, to feel them against me. To not only hear their heartbeat quicken but feel it through their skin as well but who it was made it so wrong. We were separated still, but just by two layers of fabric, thank God. However, this teasing of our sensations only began to intensify. Our bodies recognizing the symbols, but our minds trying desperately to fight it.

I could see her look upwards, focusing in the direction the bridge would be. What was in her mind, I couldn’t tell you. She had to know, she had to feel me down between her legs. Yet still, she said nothing. Her face was flush from the sun and alcohol, but her lips didn’t utter a word.

I was fighting a loosing battle trying to subdue this hard on for my mother who I was openly checking out only moments before. It was foolish on my part but my body was screaming at me, trying to do away with my common sense. And then, I felt something to really throw me for a loop.

Did she just… press down?

It was probably just the boat, the shifting action of the waves. Yet, for a moment, it felt like the pressure pushed downward on me lasted longer than physics would suggest. And then it happened again. A rocking in my lap that contradicted gravity. My pulse quickened as I looked over her shoulder.

Tiny impressions were screaming against her chest. Her nipples were rock hard. I could feel her breath being taken deep and staggering. Her heartbeat firing away in her chest. Oh my god, she was getting off on this!

I leaned my head against her holding on for all I was worth. Should I risk it? Should I return the thrusts? Fuck it. As the next wave fell, I shifted my hips, raising my groin up into her drive down. It was a deliberate action caught on both our parts.

A small, quick moan escaped her. She immediately pressed down again, sliding back against me and I responded in kind. She lowered her hands now, sliding them against my thighs on their way downward. I, as well, shifted mine, holding firmly now to her waist. A hand on either side. She grabbed the base of the chair, arching her chest out.

Her neck was stretched out beside my face. Her eyes shut as she pushed and pulled herself atop me, sliding our clad sexes together. The scent on her skin was intoxicating. I couldn’t resist with it so close. My lips parted as I kissed her neck.

“Oh Tommy,” she gasped. I shuddered hearing her say my name in such a way. I kissed her again slipping my tongue between my lips, tasting the hint of the sun on her skin.

She gasped again, pressing down harder. My fingers on her waist kneaded her as I began to work my mouth along her shoulders, to the base of her neck, then slowly up the stretch to her jaw line. Stray strands of hair still held the slightest scent of an herbal shampoo.

“Oh this is so bad. This is sooooo bad,” she purred yet pushed down harder with every kiss.

I could feel a tiny earring press against my cheek. I turned my head slightly, nuzzling into her. My hot, panting breath now on her ear. If she was anything like me, this would be a spot. My lips parted, and wrapped around her soft lobe.

“Oh!” she whimpered pressing down on me as I tasted the metallic ring. My teeth closed down gently, nibbling on her ear. She felt like electricity.

I pushed against her still as she slid on me aided by the ever moving ocean. Our bodies panting, heavy with desire and want. Our movements were deliberate. And then, everything shifted.

Through the humming of the engine, the panting of our breath, and the roar of the waves, neither of us heard the muffled sound of velcro tearing. And suddenly, as we crested another wave, my bare cock slipped between the folds of my fly like a heat seeking missile.

We both let out a surprised moan of joy and lust I nestled back directly under her clad lips. I could almost feel everything. Her heat, her desire, the contours of her charms. She continued her rocking, fueled now more than ever. It was so wrong. So very wrong but she felt so damn incredible.

Her legs spread further opening herself upon me. Still between her cheeks, I pumped myself. Precum slipping out the head was instantly smeared against both her bikini and my cock, making me as wet as she was. Our session of dry humping becoming everything but dry.

“Oh God, Tommy, we should stop. We need to stop!” Her actions betrayed her words as they increased in fervor.

The ever so thin fabric between us killed me. It did little to hide the sensations now running rampart demanding more, more, more. I could feel her bare thighs. The bare skin of her cheeks, but her treasures were still protected. She’d rise up above and lower herself down teasing the tip of my cock against her vulva.

She’d push, knowing it couldn’t go in, that little fucking safety net holding back our 7th heaven. My senses were going wild. She pressed down again against me again, harder this time. My cock began pushing the soaking fabric inside, then immediately she’d pull back. And then she’d repeat. Again, and again. It was dangerous grounds, and she knew what would happen if this kept up.

She shifted her weight and scooted back, my hard on back in front. She continued to tease, to grind, and then slide, back and forth in my lap. I couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

Suddenly, something felt different. I looked down and noticed that her straps on the bikini bottoms had come undone. How, I couldn’t say. If I untied them, it wasn’t intentional, but I didn’t protest with what happened next. With our rocking action, they were being scrunched and pulled and moved away a little on every thrust. My bare cock coming closer to my mother’s naked pussy, dripping and thriving only millimeters away.

Mom seemed to notice the rising taboo when she then looked down between her legs and a small gasp spilled from her lips. I watched as she leaned forward reaching down between her legs to fix her failing swimwear. I almost cursed in frustration right there.

Then, much to my surprise, she grabbed hold from the front and completely removed her untied bottoms in one fluid tug. She settled down completely exposed to my naked cock and arched her back against my chest. With her free arm, she reached behind her and ran her fingers through my hair. She leaned her lips close to mine.

“Tommy, you know we shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered. I couldn’t help but notice her choice of words or those which were lacking.

“I know, Mom, I do. You feel so good,” my cock ached, coated and wet.

“You too baby,” She whimpered as she settled on my cock again, resting her lips against my shaft, grinding me once more with her soaking wet pussy. “Mmmm…. Our secret, okay?”


I couldn’t help but slide my hands over her skin as I tried to keep her atop me. The ocean still played with us, moving us to and fro. I ran my hand upwards, slipping under her halter top. Her bare breast filled my hand. The nipple jutting out against my palm.

She pressed hard down on me, rubbing her pussy over the tip. Reflexively, I pressed up, the head gently slipped between her moist lips. She pulled back.

“Let’s just touch, okay Tommy?” I know she wanted more “We should just touch.”

Touching, rubbing, I didn’t care. It all felt amazing. She pushed down again slipping along my length as I squeezed her breast. A nipple in my fingers. Squeezing the nub as she squeezed her legs, trapping my cock between her thighs. She’d then release but I could still feel her pussy tremble.

She’d rock forwards and back dragging my solid tool through her damp hairs. I was now drunk on her aroma, her musk, my mother’s scent. My world was spinning, turning, and churning in pleasure. How ever did it come this far?

I released her top, freeing the last of her clothing from her heaving body. I wanted to take her in, to see her, but all I was allowed was from the back.

“Mom, do you think… Could you turn around?” I asked. I knew it was stupid but I just needed to see her.

“Baby, what?” She panted miles away yet still atop me.

“Would it be okay if you turn around? I’ll still hold you,” I pleaded.

“Tommy, I don’t know… Isn’t this fine?”

“It’s so good, Mom. But I want to see you. I want to see all of you. You’re so beautiful.”

She seemed to calm down, yet her gyrations continued. She looked back over her shoulder, dead in the eye. “You want to see me?”

I nodded, panting heavy. She smiled with that sparkle of hers. “Okay. Hold me tight now, and be careful.” That last part wasn’t about her falling over, more of what she could fall on.

It as a difficult task but the benefit paid off immediately. As she stood and turned I was awestruck. She was incredible. All the more gorgeous in her current state of desire. Her breasts heaved, her skin flushed, and her pussy glistening in the light.

She, in turn, was allowed her first look at me. I watched her eyes devour my member down between my legs. A hungry expression upon her face.

“Well, you might as well take those off.” She said pointing at my trunks. I was quick to oblige. She smiled. Such a naughty little look for the given moment. “Now that looks better.”

She looked back up to me and stepped forwards, straddling my waist.

“Be… careful.” She repeated looking down as she lowered. Her body was so close to mine, nipples against my chest and one arm around my neck.

As she settled, my cock was poking between her legs. The head worked into her cheeks once more, only a few delicate inches from her ass. She bit her lip as she ground her clit against the base of my cock. She worked herself against me hard. Whimpering and panting. Rocking against each other in a rocking cabin.

She’d pull forward and back, slipping along my swollen member. Each time tempting fate and coming dangerously close to penetration. Our bodies were like fire. Our secrets now revealed as we slipped together over and over. Humping into me, bringing her sex right to the tip, the slipping away in a forbidden tease. Over and over again, each time the head of my cock would part her velvety folds desperately seeking entrance.

Then, finally, I could take no more. As she slipped back, her wetness opening to me, I grabbed onto her hips and held firm not allowing any retreat. Her eyes went wide, her face red with passion as she looked at me with fear and desire. Her pussy gently caressing the tip of my cock. Kissing it ever so slightly.

As the boat rocked, so did we. Her wait shifted again but I held her firmly allowing her only one direction to move. Slowly, gently, she began to slip down my cock with the motion of the ocean aiding the way.

A loud moan erupted from both of us as she bottomed out. I was completely sheathed in her womb. I was back inside my mother.

“Oh god Tommy! Oh no, it feels so good!” She cried as she rose up to slide back down. Her moans growing louder as she leaned forward and bit my shoulder, wrapping her arms tightly around me.

I began to pump into her, soft at first but fueled harder as I felt her nails begin to dig into my skin. She held me like a vice, and I’d never felt anything so incredible.

“Oh my GOD! Baby your cocks in me! Your cocks in Momma!” she groaned into my ear as she rode me, grinding herself down upon my tool.

“So deep, oh yes!” her legs spread further, granting more and more access as I plunged into her again and again. I grabbed her ass, lifting her up as I pumped in our shifting world.

Her screams filled the cabin only to be drowned out instantly upon the stormy breeze. Her fingers snaked into my hair, pulling my head back. Less than a second later her lips her slammed against mine in a fiery, passionate kiss. I could feel her tongue force its way into my mouth, dancing and swirling around my own. This side of my mother was such a turn on, I couldn’t even begin to describe.

She pulled away and leaned back. With her fingers still in my hair, she pulled me to her chest. I took the hint and latched on to a nipple right quick. The tiny bud was sucked between my lips. My teeth gently nibbling on each side and swirling with my tongue. She moaned in pleasure pressing me harder against her.

“Ugh, Tommy! You make me feel so good! Oh yeah baby, fuck that pussy. Bite that tit!” Jesus the words this woman could say.

She held me so firmly inside her hot oven. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, and by the feel of it, neither could she. Her body was trembling, she was pumping with such resolve, such need it was incredible. I’d rock my hips up to meet her thrusts.

She pulled my head forcefully from her chest, looking down on me through gritted teeth.

“How is it baby?! How’s Momma’s hot cunt feel?”

“God Mom, I love it! You’re so tight! So fucking tight! Oh God I love you!” I somehow managed.

Her voice began to rise in pitch as I hammered away inside her, fucking her for all I was worth. My cock sliding in and out, in an out. Her perfect breasts dancing before me.

“Oh I love you too, Tommy! Ugh!!” She cried as she leaned back pounding against me as I latched onto her glistening nipple again.

“Yes! Yes!! Keep fucking me like that! Oh God!” she panted riding faster and faster. I pulled my lips away and reached under her arms, grabbing her shoulders on both sides. I needed to go deeper. It was primal, it was urgent. I wanted her to cum, and cum now.

“Keep doing that! Keep doing that! Oh yes! Mommy’s gonna’ cum! Mommy’s gonna cum on you hard fucking cock!” She cried.

Her entire body was growing tight.

“Oh Tommy!” Her eyes were pleading.

Release was coming.

Heartbeats racing.

I could feel her getting close. I could hear it.

I plunged into as hard as I could, sensing her trigger.

“Oh Tommy! Oh Tommy!… I’m… I’m cumming! Oh god I’m cumming!” She bucked against me hard. Her body trembling as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Her fingers pressed tightly into me, her legs squeezing against the chair. She was glowing in lustful release.

I wasn’t that far behind.

“Mom, I’m close,” I managed to somehow say.

Without a seconds thought, she jumped off my lap and dove to her knees before me. She firmly grasped my cock in her hands for the first time and inhaled my member into her mouth. The shock and sensation threw me over the edge as I felt my cum race through me.

“Mom! I’m…” was all I could get out as I blasted away, deep down her throat. She devoured me, pumping me as my body was shaken in pleasure. Her head pumped up and down me devouring my cum. My own mother milked me for all I was worth. She only allowing one single strand of cum to slip from her lips.

The thick ivory liquid fell from her chin upon her breast unbeknownst to her. I just looked down at this ravished beauty as she popped my cock from her mouth with a devilish grin.

“Well now,” she said as she licked my cum from the corner of her mouth, rising upon her knees between my legs. She slid her palms up and down my thighs.

“That was… unexpected,” we laughed together, only now really digesting what had just occurred. The ocean still rocked away outside, yet no where near as powerful as before. The dull hum of the engine continued to reverberate through the hull.

She looked at me tilting her head to the side.

“How do you feel, champ?”

I unbuckled the belt, and looked at her. This was my mother.

“You know, I’m not sure.” It was honest.

“How so?”

I took a breath, bathed in a feeling of calm as I searched for the right words. Trying to find a name for my feelings.

“….I don’t feel… I don’t feel how I think I should,”

She smiled. That same sparkle twinkled away in her eye.


I smiled in turn basking in the clarity of post orgasm.

She crawled up into my lap again. Nothing sexual. Nothing weird. She just curled up on top of me, her arms wrapped around my shoulders. She reached down and lifted my chin. I looked right into her shining eyes, her warm smile. She leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek. Her lips almost seem to burn against me with a kind fire. As she pulled away, I could still feel the touch of them against my skin.

She rested her head tenderly against my own as I wrapped my arms around her.

This was true, honest comfort.

“Good.” She said softly.

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