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Ava’s Indecision

Ava always thought Lucas was smoking hot. Then she found out he was her brother.
Ava’s Indecision

Attempting to find Lucas Allen less attractive only made Ava want to jump his bones more. She would have, too, if he were anyone else. But now he was her brother, half-brother, to be precise.

Ava Lee twirled her dirty blond hair in front of the Coffee for Lobsters Cafe counter, waiting for her frothy mid-afternoon latte. She prevented herself from looking to her left towards the nearly-empty seating; prevented herself from locking eyes with the man, who before today had been her very handsome college friend.

She sighed. Ava had made this meeting. She would have to approach him — eventually. And so, when her three-shot latte finally arrived, she took a deep breath and decided to bite the bullet.

He was sitting there, thumbing through his phone, leaning back into the aged wooden booth, looking out the window to the beach, a stark stripe of sunlight over his face.

Her cunt throbbed.

Despite her attempts to make herself small in tiptoeing to the table, her half-brother turned towards her immediately.

“What’cha been up to? Haven’t seen you in a hot minute,” Lucas said casually, his mouth twisting into a smile.

“Oh, no much,” Ava offered an airy sigh, tucking away what she had initially wanted to say, setting up this meeting. Surprise, I’m your sister!


“You know,” she started again. “The same old thing. Just started as a registered nurse, finally. How is physical therapy?”

Her eyes shot to his hands and lingered on his sturdy fingers curled around his coffee mug. Ava licked her lips; her mouth felt like cotton.

That’s right. Strong hands.

“Oh, business is business,” his smile widened to grin. “Helping many people. You will be, too, I imagine. But I’m sure you don’t want to talk about work?”

“No,” Ava had to stop herself from stuttering. She took a breath, willing herself to say the awkward words he needed to hear—

“I meant to call you myself,” Lucas said before taking a sip of coffee. “I’m surprised it took us this long to go on a real date.”

At the word date, the breath left her lungs. There was a sinking dread as he acknowledged his own attraction and expectations. But there was an even heavier, submerging sensation that soaked her pussy. Never before had she felt anything remotely as powerful, as commanding, as the seductiveness of this moment.

She was, before today, an only child. She hadn’t realized that Lucas, who had always been attractive, would become irresistible once he was her sibling.

“You’re right. It has been too long,” she found herself saying before retreating into her cup of coffee.

“And what are you so worried about?”

“What do you mean?”

“You do that thing,” Lucas started, his fingers mimicking her hair twirling. “You did that before your exams, too.”

Ava’s cheeks flared. Had he really noticed so much about her?

“Well, it’s a little awkward.”

He looked at her expectantly.

“It’s…well…I bought a DNA kit and discovered that we’re siblings. Half siblings.”

Lucas narrowed his brows at her answer.


“….and? You know?”

“Of course, I know. I’m close to my sister Kate. She’s all into that stuff and told me all about it…what, two weeks ago? I said I’d get in contact, but work was pretty wild last week…”

He had known…for fourteen days. And here she had been twisting her stomach into knots.

“But you just said about going out…”

Lucas shrugged. “It’s not like I’m asking you to have kids. I’m talking about having fun.”

Ava nodded, uncertain if that made it better. It certainly, for a moment, quelled the heat pooling in her belly.

“So…what is this, exactly?” Ava mildly questioned.

This seemed to irritate him more than anything else she had said, his brows furrowing in annoyance.

“Look, I know what I want. I’ve known since the day we started hanging out, and I think you know, too. Now, I’m going to take a walk on the beach. You stay here and decide what you wanted out of today, out of this conversation, and then we’ll talk. Or fuck. Or whatever.” Lucas huffed, knocking against the wooden table as he stood.

He glared at her with an intense heat before walking out the side door to the beach and disappearing into the crowd.

No worries. Ava knew where he was going. She’d find him hidden away in a rocky alcove near the end of the beach that she and their friends had visited often. Catching up wasn’t the question.

It was whether she should follow, despite all logic and norms, that staying away would be best. That was what, of course, society would say. What her therapist would probably say; her friends, her family—if they knew, they would be horrified of her inner monologue, Ava was certain.

But that only made the forbidden path before her more enticing.

Ava gulped her now lukewarm coffee, her eyes strained at the now empty door-frame, eyes surfing through bodies and faces.

With a brief strike of clarity, she left her half-full mug on the chipped wood, sand jumping into her sandals as she power-walked over the beach.

It wasn’t a long trek, per se, but the apprehension and excitement reverberating against her bones intensified with each step so that by the time she reached the private alcove, hidden from the public by a monstrous wall of rock, Ava’s breath was short, her hair tussled, freckled skin pink from the exercise.

Lucas sat, without care, watching the waves from a towel, his clothes in a pile beside him. His blue eyes turned to her lackadaisically, as if, again, asking her What will you do?

Ava stood there momentarily, captured by his gaze, before carefully, cautiously peeling off each article of clothing, folding them, and then tossing them over his discarded shorts and shirt.

And then they both were there, naked.

“You’re going to have to show me you want it,” Lucas said, a slight grin threatening at the corner of his lips.

“This doesn’t look like I want it?” Ava waved a hand over her naked form, nipples already painfully alert.

She followed his eyes as he glanced at his girthy erection and then back at her. She followed what she imagined to be his instructions, what he needed to know she was serious.

As gracefully as she could, Ava stood over his hips before lowering herself down, using her right hand to direct his cock to her wet pussy, feeling the head of him push against her soft flesh. A torturous tease. Her left hand grasped the sandy ground, the granules slipping beneath manicured nails.

Lucas’ large hands rested on her hips, slowly sinking her on his shaft, the fullness of him stretching her in the most wonderful, harrowing way. It was a sweet sort of wrenching that only made her want him to fuck her harder.

She moaned as he settled her at the base, his hips flexing just enough to test the limits of her tight cunt. Ava sought to help him, to drive him deeper into her. And when his hands held her hips still, his cock gently sliding slightly from her dripping depths, she groaned in frustration.

“Just fuck me already,” Ava growled out, much to Lucas’ amusement.

“If I knew all you needed was a little cock to make that decision, I would have done this sooner,” he chuckled, yanking her back down over his erection.

Ava groaned, her back arching in response. But he only pushed the middle of her back down, their skin melding as he penetrated her to her core. It took everything Ava had not to scream in surprise. He cursed alongside her, the pleasure rippling through his muscles as she rode him, and kissed him, their tongues locked in a vicious battle, the slick sounds of her cum as he slammed into her at ever-high speeds drowning out the sea behind them.

They were on the precipice of pure pleasure when she, almost calmly, called out:

“Fuck me harder, big brother—”

And at that moment, Lucas lost all hold of his senses, groaning as her orgasm pulsated around his cock, his cum pumping into her full cunt, his hot seed slowly seeping over her thighs, drizzling down onto the rough towel fibers.

Breathing heavily, Ava collapsed beside Lucas on the towel and licked her lips.

“Well, lil sis,” Lucas said, his mouth dry. “What else are big brothers for?”



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