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Aunt Swap On Long Car Ride Home

Aunt gets carried away after being forced to ride her nephews lap on a long car ride.
Aunt Swap On Long Car Ride Home

Part 1

“Harold, this is crazy! We’re never going to fit all that in the car.”

I had to agree with Mom on this one. We were shutting down the summer cabin early, and as usual, it meant bringing home lots of gear that had migrated there during our multiple ‘mini-vacations’. Unfortunately, Dad’s workload had exploded with a new contract, and it was unlikely we’d get back out to the house again that summer.

This season we’d accumulated more than ever. The coolers with all the game meat were the main culprits. We’d planned on the wild pig hunt earlier in the summer, but had to reschedule twice, due to weather. Mom and Aunt Marie had conniption fits when they found out we’d be hunting on the last day of our vacation. After a bit they settled down and gave in. Mom was a big believer in ‘male bonding’. Dad and I didn’t do enough together, other than watch football part of the year, by her way of thinkin’. We’d taken up hunting two years back, and even though it was pricey as hobbies go, it turned out to be good for us. It brought us closer, and though we were usually all business during the hunt, we opened up a good bit during our outings. Truth is, it was kind of cool.

My cousin Colin had never really known his real father, and had never been close with either of his two step-fathers, neither of which were in the picture any more. Aunt Marie welcomed any opportunity for him to hang out with other men. Besides, I think she kinda liked the old man. You can’t blame her, he’s pretty good as Dad’s go, if a little ultra-conservative on occasion.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

In the end they let us ‘he-men’ go with their blessings, insisting that we prove ourselves as ‘providers’ and bring home the bacon. Literally. In the mean time they’d keep the cave clean, and work on polishing off some of the fermented brew. We’d been derelict in our duties, and they had a good bit of work ahead of them, at least in the drinking arena.

We headed out well before dawn to a local orchard where the owner was having problems with herds of feral pigs. It was my first time hunting hogs, and Colin’s first time hunting, period. We’d had him practicing out back on the property, chewing our way through a mess of ammunition. Another manly thing the Mom’s thankfully approved of. But the play time was over. Big leagues now. We had no idea what to expect.

If you’ve never gone wild pig hunting, there’s no way I could do it justice in a few paragraphs, never mind an entire novel. It’s beyond description. We had the time of our lives. We killed wild beasts, dragged their massive carcasses across fields, skinned and cleaned them, and all in all felt pretty damn good about ourselves. Nothing like killing critters, especially big mean ones that could tear you open in seconds, to get a man’s testosterone and adrenaline pumping. I swear, after one particular episode I could practically feel my voice deepening, my chest hair growing, and my dick swinging free, half-way to my knee.

If any of you ‘men’ have got some kind of deep-seated issue with me killin’ stuff, as far as I’m concerned you can just pull up your panties, shave your goatee, and move to France, ya damn wusses.

Ladies with issues? Understood. It’s a man thing. Come sit on my lap, and I’ll explain everything. Heh. (It’s an inside joke, never mind.)

The day had been incredible, to say the least. We’d harvested eight all told, and spent more time cleanin’ them than we had hunting. We’d filled two large coolers to the brim, and still left most of the meat with the property owner. The farmer was pleased as could be with our results. The pig issue was becoming a huge problem, causing massive crop damage and ground erosion. He welcomed us to come back any time, and clear out as many as we possibly could. Dad shook his hand, and told him we might take him up on that.

We were exhausted yet exhilarated. Colin had killed one ferocious boar that weighed in around 200 lbs, and I’d shot a trophy sow that easily exceeded our 250 lb scale. We’d worked our asses off dragging the pigs back to the Jeep, and learning to skin, gut and butcher a hog bigger than me turned out to be a supremely time-consuming and messy effort. I was never more appreciative of that winch on our Jeep. Dad knew what he was doing, and had all the tools we needed. I’m sure he could have finished it in half the time, but our learning was a big part of the process. Dad always took pride in teaching me, and I appreciated it, even if I didn’t say so very often.

The sun was hanging low in the sky by the time we made it back to the cabin, which put a damper on our excitement. We were late getting back, and knew it would be a lot later before we got out of there, with at least a 2 hour drive ahead of us before we got home.

Turns out things weren’t all that bad. Aunt Marie and Mom had finished up most of the packing and a stupidly large pile of gear was stacked in the car-port, ready for loading. We backed the Jeep in and found the sisters parked on the front porch, beers in hand.

Colin ran over, still completely stoked over his first hunting trip, but before we were 10 seconds into our story we were cut off.

Mom was holding her nose, and pointing to the lake. “Go! In the lake, clothes and all. Now!”

Aunt Marie was no better. “Lord, y’all stink! You’re filthier than those pigs you claimed to be hunting. Harold, I gave you my handsome boy and you returned this?”

Dad laughed. “This young MAN shot a 200 lb boar with 5 inch tusks that could tear you wide open faster than you could say ‘Woo pig sooie!'” He put his big old meaty hand on the back of Colin’s neck and gave him a squeeze. I saw Colin wince. I knew that squeeze well. I’d suffer it happily. It was the closest thing to affection we men are allowed to share.

Ten minutes later we were swimming/bathing off of our dock, with the Moms parked on the end, listening to our tales while still working on their beers. I suspected they’d had more than a few. It was easy enough to see they were feeling no pain.

To hear Colin tell it, we’d killed Hogzilla, and needed a backhoe to drag it back for cleanin’. Dad shed some reality on the stories, but our Moms were happy we’d had a good day, and were clearly pleased with Colin’s contagious excitement in particular.

Alright, I’m gonna throw this out there, even though a lot of y’all are gonna think me perverted or something. Try to be open-minded.

Aunt Marie is hot. Her ex-es must have been some stupid sumbitches.

There. I said it. And don’t judge me until you’ve seen her.

If Mom wasn’t, well, Mom, it’d be pretty easy to put her in the same category. Hell, except for their boobs and butts, they could almost have been twins. Come to think of it, they are – Irish twins at least, born only about 11 months apart.

They were both wearing bikinis which they had selected to best emphasize their most noteworthy features. They were obviously sisters, with much the same build, and nearly identical features. Aunt Marie had been considerably more blessed when the boob fairy made her appearance, but Mom had the whole package, including the most perfect ass in the free world. Don’t believe me? Ask Dad. He pointed it out in the first place.

Aunt Marie’s bikini top was barely able to contain her enormous bounty, and for a woman closer to 40 than 30, they stood up firm and proud, defying age and gravity.

Mom’s bikini on the other hand, while nicely encasing her more-than-worthy breasts, emphasized her amazing hips and ass. It was small in the back, showing a lot of cheek, which some might have considered overdoing it a bit, with only family around. I personally thought it was a generous gift to all of mankind, to keep those bodacious cheeks on full display.

Bodacious. That was Dad’s word for them. Funny the things guys talk about as they get older. Especially while huntin’ with all the testosterone pumpin’. Who ever thought my Dad would brag about Mom’s bodacious ass? To me?

The ladies where making us scrub some of the filth off our clothes, passing them out piece by piece. We were developing a nice little pile of wet clothing, which may not have been clean, but was a whole lot better than it had started.

Mom got up and took her cover-up off, but before she could jump in, I stopped her. “Mom! Wait!”

“What?” she asked peevishly.

“I, uh – I’m naked in here.”

Colin chimed in, “Me too, Aunt Alice.”

Mom rolled her eyes and glared at the old man.

Dad laughed. “Hey! Don’t blame me. I’m not the one going commando. Looks like you and your sister’s bad habits are rubbing off.”

Mom blushed mightily, but Aunt Marie just grinned. Mom dug into the tote bag she’d brought down to the water, and came up with a couple of pair of boxers she tossed to Colin and I. Once I noticed that Aunt Marie was getting ready to get in the water too, I almost wished I hadn’t said anything. Hell, let’s be honest, there was no ‘almost’ about it.

After a bit they joined us, and we splashed around playfully. Dad was the first to retreat from the cold lake water, and he made his way to the house to get dressed and start the winterizing and car loading.

Mom and Aunt Marie were always competitive, mostly in a good-natured way. Parties, outfits, dinners, hair-dressers, bargain hunting, everything between them seemed to be some kind of competition. To hear the family tell it, they had always competed over everything since they were kids.

That day was no different and they were soon talking about chicken-fights. We’d done a lot of that the previous summer, and before much longer Mom was up on my shoulders and Aunt Marie was on Colin’s, each trying to knock the other one off. Mom was giving me grief, threatening physical injury, grounding, and even starvation if we didn’t win.

Like I said, competitive. Especially where her younger sister was involved. So I kinda cheated. Just a little.

I’m about 4 inches taller than Colin, so moving out into water that was just a little deeper gave me an unfair advantage. When the water was almost up to his neck, I turned and forced him backwards. After one step his mouth was at the water line, and after just a few seconds of tussling, and my blocking his way back into shallower water, he was choking. He coughed, turned sideways and started walking away, his mother sliding backwards off his shoulders. Mom grabbed Aunt Marie by the shoulders, leaning over and almost dunking me. She was fighting hard, and her legs were nearly cutting off my circulation, her chest pushing my head almost into the water. When I stood back upright, Mom was crowing over her victory, and I looked up to see Aunt Marie struggling to get back onto Colin’s shoulders, half drowning him. It was a few moments before I realized she was topless.

Mom was laughing, waving the bikini top around in the air, while Aunt Marie finally straightened up and covered herself with her hands. “Alice! You rotten little cheat!”

I was walking toward them, for a better look, when Mom threw the top back to her from a few feet away. “You know you love it, Em,” Mom laughed. “It’s not like you’ve ever missed an opportunity to show ’em off. Can’t say I might not do the same if I had puppies like those.”

Aunt Marie struggled to put the top back on, precariously poised on Colin’s shoulders. Poor boy. Missed the whole show. And a hell of a show it was. Getting dressed again put her breasts completely on display for me. Her areola were dark and huge, at least 3 inches across, covering half her breast. The cold water had her nipples hard and puckered. They stood out nearly 1/2 an inch, near as big at the tip of my pinky, and begging for attention. I knew it would be a while before I’d be able to get out of the water without embarrassing myself, in spite of the cold.

“Show ’em off? In front of your son? That’s pretty outrageous even for you,” Aunt Marie answered, tucking her breasts back into her tiny top. “All talk and no action, I’m thinkin’.” Even inside her bikini her big nipples poked out deliciously, screaming for more personal attention.

“Jeremy can’t see nothin’,” Mom teased, “just like poor Colin didn’t get to see your big ol’ titties bouncin’ around.” She was wiggling around, and I saw Colin’s wide-eyed reaction. “There, now we’re even. Both boys got an eyeful. Feelin’ better?”

“Jesus, Alice! Put that back on before Harold sees you. That’s all I need to hear about on the ride back. You get wild, and I get the blame.”

“Spoilsport. Who’s all talk now?” I had tilted my head back and was trying to catch just a little view of what the commotion was all about. I had a quick glimpse of Mom’s tits, her nipples pink and erect, when she thumped me on the head. “Eyes ahead, Jeremy.”

Caught. Damn it.

After the excitement, we all headed back to shore and dried off best we could, before we’d start helping Dad load up the vehicle.

I still had visions of Aunt Marie’s amazing boobage on my brain. It was like sunspots; I just couldn’t shake it. Of course it didn’t help when she snuck up on me, and put me in a head lock, while I was drying off. Getting my face smashed into her breast was too strong a reminder of what I’d just seen.

I love my Aunt Marie. As far as sister’s go, she’s definitely the fun one. She’s doted on me and spoiled me for as long as I remember. She’d always tussled with me, and it still drew Dad’s ire that we’d never outgrown it. She had a way of talking to me, when I was younger, that made me feel older, more mature. When things got hairy, I’d sometimes call her and talk it out with her. She was a great listener.

But in the last few years, especially since she split up with husband number three and spent so much time around us, I couldn’t help but notice her as a woman. Give me a break, she was ridiculously sexy. You’d feel the same in my shoes. Trust me on this one.

Mom, on the other hand had always been the stable one, the reasonable one, the conservative one. Aunt Marie would show up at our house in Daisy Duke’s and a halter top. Mom? Mom dressed like a Mom. Aunt Marie would sneak me a beer, Mom would ground me for having alcohol on my breath. Mom set a 10 o’clock curfew on my dates, even as a senior. Aunt Marie made sure I had a rubber.

Don’t get me wrong. Mom was a great mom, and I loved my family like nobody’s business. But every boy should have an Aunt Marie in his life.

The head lock was too much. I scooped her up in my arms, and motor-boated her cleavage. She laughed hysterically.

Unfortunately, Mom, who was only about 5 feet away, unbeknownst to me, didn’t see it the same way.

“Jeremy! Stop that!” She spoke sharply, through clenched teeth.

The sound of her voice froze me in place, then I set my Aunt carefully down. You could see the tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.

“She started it,” I argued weakly.

“And you think that’s the appropriate way to end it? With your aunt?”

Aunt Marie tried to come to my rescue. “It’s a boob day, Sissy. No big deal. You said so yourself.”

Mom was caught. “Alright. I get it. Playin’ around. But think, Jeremy. What if your father walked up when you were doing that? What then?”

“He’d have to wait his turn,” I quipped. Sometimes my mouth moved faster than my brain.

Mom stared at me, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. She finally just glared at Aunt Marie shaking her finger at her. “You! You’re a bad influence.” Then she stomped away.

Aunt Marie almost choked holding back her laughter. “I can’t believe you sometimes, Jeremy. You’re so like your father at your age, it scares me.”

“Like Dad?”

“He was just as impetuous, mouthy and confident as you. Jesus, he was something.” She had a far off look in her eye. “Your Mom won that one, I’ll give her that much.”

I put my arm around my diminutive aunt’s narrow waist, and tugged her along. “We better get going, no telling what Mom would think we’re up to, if we linger longer.”

“No telling what we’d get up to either,” she teased, goosing me.

“Aunt Marie!” I said, jumping.

“Just keeping you on your toes,” she laughed, running away from me so I couldn’t exact my revenge. Rotten thing.

Part 2

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is a decent-sized vehicle. But in this case, not even close to big enough.

“It’ll never all fit,” Mom continued to argue.

“It’ll fit. It’s like a puzzle, we just have to find the right combination,” Dad argued.

But Mom was right. Five adults and a pile of gear nearly 6 feet high was too much for the old Jeep.

Aunt Marie was the first to suggest collapsing the seat behind the driver. “It’ll be a tight squeeze, but maybe we can get the rest in. You’ll have to sit three up front and two in back. Someone’s going to have to ride on the console.”

“Damn it!” Dad growled, re-adjusting some of the gear in the rear. “Nobody’s going to be able to sit on the console for over 2 hours.”

Mom had a different solution. One I never would have expected to hear from her. “I can sit on Jeremy’s lap,” she suggested. “If he gets too tired we can take a break, and Colin and Marie can take the front seat.”

We were still walking around half-dressed, although I had a t-shirt on with my boxers, and the sisters both had cover-ups, which mostly covered up. Still, looking over at Mom dressed in her bikini, and thinking about her sitting on my lap for 2 hours was a little disturbing. Had to keep my thoughts calm. The boxers wouldn’t do a very good job of camouflaging my excitement if things got any worse down there.

Dad grunted, and we tried out Aunt Marie’s solution. We soon realized that even with the seat behind the driver collapsed, we still had a lot of gear outside. He was struggling to squeeze the largest suitcase sideways between the front seats, resting on the console, while leaving enough room to access the gear shifter. Even that was a poor fit, pushing the soft top upward to the point where it looked like it might tear.

It was obvious to everyone but my obstinate father, we still weren’t going to make it. “Fuck it!” Dad growled. “Let’s just leave some of this crap behind, and we’ll get it in a couple of weeks.”

Now I knew he was getting frustrated. He rarely swore.

Aunt Marie struggled to be the voice of reason. “C’mon Harold, I think we’re almost there. If we lay down the other seat in back, instead, I think it’ll fit.”

I tried to be helpful. “The night’s warm. We could ride with the top down. Stack things a little higher. And the suitcase will fit then.”

Dad looked tired. It had been a long day. We’d been up since 4:00 a.m. “That seat behind mine is barely wide enough to fit one person, never mind two.”

Aunt Marie wasn’t giving up. “I guess the boys will just have to suffer through two hours of having their Moms sit on their laps. It’ll save you wasting a full day coming back here in a couple of weeks, not to mention a $100 worth of gas.” She turned to me and Colin. “Y’all reckon your legs can survive two old ladies sitting on ’em for a couple of hours?”

Maybe it was just the beers talking. The idea seemed beyond crazy to me. I mean, Aunt Marie was always teasing, but this was a new extreme. Especially since Mom would be involved too. But Mom and Aunt Marie seemed to think it the most natural solution in the world.

Colin, on the other hand, seemed to be even more shocked by the concept than me. He kept looking back and forth between our mothers, the mere idea of what they were talking about short-circuiting his brain.

I might as well mention it here, since we’re not holding anything back. Colin’s got it bad for Mom. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s undeniable. He tries to hide it, but in one weak drunken moment, he confessed it all to me. He’d spied on her several times, hell, he’d practically worn a path through the bushes to her bedroom window. He was always snapping pictures of her on his phone, like we couldn’t tell what he was up to. He even asked if I had any naked pictures of her. Right. Like I’d share them with him if I did?

It was kind of a family inside joke, but I don’t think anyone but me understood just how bad a crush he had on Mom.

As you can imagine, this discussion had him breaking out in a cold sweat.

Mom rubbed her hand in my hair. “Whaddaya say, Jeremy? It won’t be that bad. We can take a break if it gets too uncomfortable or your legs fall asleep.”

My mouth was as dry as the west Texas wind when I finally agreed. “Sure. We’ll be fine. It’s not like you’re Mrs. Wilson.” Mrs. Wilson was our 250 lb VERY friendly neighbor. She’d tried to sit on my lap on the front porch, once. It was a disaster of epic proportions, worthy of its own tale. But not right now.

Aunt Marie giggled. “Hardly. I don’t think the two of us combined could make one of her.” She was right of course. Mom was a fanatic about her weight, dieting like crazy any time the scale inched over 110 lbs. Aunt Marie might have had her by a few pounds, most of that filling out her bikini top at the moment. The image of her naked tits flashed before my eyes. Damn. I looked at her chest again, trying to make out her protruding nipples. Rats. I guess she’d warmed up.

“It’s settled then. Let’s get this show on the road,” Mom said.

It took another 10 minutes to unload the one side, and reload the other. Somehow, barely, we got it all inside, although we struggled to close the rear passenger door. We reorganized a few things, so the top items wouldn’t blow away in the wind now that the top was down, and tied them down so they wouldn’t shift too much during the drive. It was getting dark, and we knew it would be late by the time we made it home. Mom and Aunt Marie had finished off the last of their beers, while Colin and I had long ago emptied the one each we were allowed. Dad, on the other hand, was still working on a Red-Bull, looking to stay awake and alert for the long drive ahead.

With the vehicle fully packed it became obvious how crowded the backseat would be. There was almost no leg room, and the space was narrower than either front seat. Mom and Aunt Marie were whispering to one side, and then Mom came forward. “So, who will it be, Colin? You want your Mom back there with you, or would you rather have me sit on your lap for a couple of hours?”

Damn, Mom! Tease the boy much? He’d probably have a brain aneurysm if she kept it up.

It turned out Dad had serious issues in that department.

“I think these boys are a little too old to have their momma’s sitting in their laps for that long,” he said in his ‘and-that’s-final’ tone.

“But it’s Ok for their aunt’s to sit on their laps?” Mom asked pointedly.

“Hell. I don’t like any of this, but given those two options, I’d say yeah. It’s better for their aunt to sit on their lap.”

Mom rolled her eyes at him, but she knew him as well as I did. Hell, who am I kidding? She knew him a whole lot better. This one was a lost cause. She could argue ’til she was blue in the face, but he wasn’t going to budge on this issue. Dad was like that. Mom got her way better than 95% of the time, but on those rare occasions that he had his mind made up about something, you’d be better off waiting for the Mississippi to start flowing north than him changing his mind.

Aunt Marie stayed out of the line of fire, and waited for them to come to a decision. Sexy and smart. Dad didn’t say a word, he just stood there with that dark look on his face, and his arms crossed.

Like I said, Mom knows Dad, what makes him tick, and how to play him. After just a few seconds, we watched her walk over to him, and put her hands on his arm. “Of course, Dear. I’m sure you know best about these kinds of things. They’re not little boys anymore.” She tugged his arm and got him walking with her, away from the rest of us, while they chatted back and forth. It didn’t look like they were arguing at all, but when they turned back toward us, Mom was wearing that grin of hers that told me she figured she’d forfeited that battle, but was winning the war.

Aunt Marie was standing near me and when they walked away she put her arm around my waist. “You don’t mind too much if I sit on your lap, do you Jeremy? I’ll try not to make it too uncomfortable for you.”

I turned to my Aunt and put my hands under her arms. I lifted her up, getting her to squeal softly, while I gave her a little shake. “Heck, I figure you can’t way much more than 150. That shouldn’t be any problem.”

Aunt Marie glared at me, smacking me on the arm. “150! You take that back! I don’t weigh a pound over 110.”

“Really? Mom weighs about 110, and I’m pretty certain you have her by a good 20 lbs or so.” I gave her another little shake for emphasis, which set her breasts to swaying, hypnotizing me.

In reality, other than their breasts and butts, they were so similar in size and shape it was unlikely their weight varied by more than a few ounces. But Aunt Marie was just too easy to tease. And she had it coming.

“20 pounds!” she shrieked. “Do I look like I weigh 20 lbs more than Alice? Really?”

Mom and Dad were approaching and it only took Mom seconds to see what was up. “Jeremy! Stop teasing your old aunt. There’s no way that she’s more than 10 pounds heavier than me.”

Aunt Marie turned to glare at my Mom, but when she saw that we were all grinning, she stammered over her accusations, and finally turned back and poked me in the chest. “You’re going to pay for that one, buster.”

“I know. Believe me, I know. Thanks to Dad, I’ll be paying for at least 2 hours. Damn 20 extra pounds. You need to lay off the Twinkies.”

She smacked me again, this time pretty hard. I know she left a hand mark on my arm for a good bit.

“Alright Colin, why don’t you join me up front, and we can load up,” Mom announced.

Dad looked apoplectic. “Certainly you’re not going to ride home in your bathing suits?”

Mom look surprised. “God, I can’t believe we almost forgot. Riding two hours in these wet suits would be miserable. I’m chafing already. Marie, where’d we put the bag with the travel outfits?”

Aunt Marie wore a look of apprehension, before turning to the car. I saw her sigh in relief as she found the tote bag was actually accessible. She struggled for a second to get it loose, then climbed out of the vehicle, bag held high in victory. “Got it.”

Mom passed us clothes to wear on the ride home, and she and Aunt Marie moved into the house to change. While they were gone, Colin and I quickly changed into the outfits she’d held out for us. Just a pair of knit shorts and a t-shirt, but way more comfortable than 2 hours of sitting in wet clothing. We were already wearing the boxers, and they were still wet, so they had to go. Truth is, we went commando most of the summer, so it wasn’t all that unusual. I personally liked the freedom; I hated encasing the ‘boys’ in anything tight.

Mom and Aunt Marie showed up just a couple of minutes later, wearing large baggy t-shirts that reached halfway down their thighs. Mom posed for Dad, lifting the edge of her shirt, displaying some God-awful ugly colored shorts. “Better now?”

Colin and I both gave our Ok’s. Dad had changed into sweats earlier so he was already set. “That’s a little more reasonable,” Dad grudgingly admitted. “Let’s load up.”

The back seat was narrow with the passenger side down. I climbed in, and took a minute to push and tug at the boxes and suitcases next to me, until I had a bit of shoulder room, and a place to rest my arm. Aunt Marie waited patiently, then carefully maneuvered her way in, tucking her t-shirt under her bottom, while we experimented with what worked best for our legs. In the end she sat with her legs outside mine. I was uncomfortable with my legs pressed together, so I opened my knees about a foot, my feet still together. It resulted in pressing Aunt Marie’s legs apart, one up against the door, one against the suitcase wedged in between the front seats. Not the most dainty of positions. It gave me a nice view of a lot of smooth bare thigh.

After Dad completed one last check of the house, he climbed in and started up the engine. “Alright, the end of another great summer. Hell of a last day, huh boys?”

I was caught for a second, wondering if he was talking about the current situation, but Colin recovered faster. “No kidding. We gotta do some more of that pig hunting. That was friggin’ intense.”

“I’ll say,” I added, so it wouldn’t seem like I was too distracted. Not that I didn’t have every right to be. Aunt Marie might not have Mom’s ‘bodacious’ ass, but it felt pretty incredible, pressed against my lap.

The property road was rough, and even off the lane, the main road was still unimproved for the first several miles. It was one of the reason’s we’d bought the Jeep Rubicon in the first place. Not the smoothest ride in the world, but it took to off-roading like a pig to mud.

The interior was loud. With the top off, the wind made things noisy and Dad was cranking his classic rock, which thanks to Sirius, he never had to do without.

I think my Aunt and I both understood this was a good bit beyond our typical play. She’d sat in my lap before, watching a movie at home, but this wasn’t the same. Not by a long shot. We were in our own little private cocoon, and barely clothed.

Dad pulled out very slowly, and I tried to find a comfortable place for my arms and hands. I finally rested them carefully on her legs, about mid thigh. “Is this Ok?” I asked.

I expected some laughing response, but she just put her hands over mine, sliding them a bit higher. “Nervous?” she asked me.

“A little.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. I trust you.”

My fingers were slowly sliding along her skin, the smooth soft silkiness of her inner thigh. We reached the end of the open driveway, and Dad sped up a bit, as we disappeared into the trees.

Almost immediately we hit a big bump which killed any ideas of propriety we might have had. She bounced across my lap with a squeal, hitting the door hard, her shirt twisting under her. My hands reached out, grabbing one thigh way too high under normal circumstances, and struggling to keep her from falling into the foot-well. Her t-shirt slid almost up to her chest, during a second almost equally bad bounce, and she was lying on her back in my lap, her legs pointed at the ceiling, her knee practically giving me a black eye.

My eyes were drawn between her legs. She wasn’t wearing shorts. Hell, she was barely wearing panties. I don’t know if Dad would think this was better than bathing suits.

Aunt Marie gasped, struggling to sit upright, and I tried to help, when the next bad bounce turned her sideways on my lap, and I had to grab her butt to stop her from sliding off of me. I gripped her rear tightly, fighting to keep her in place, and miraculously we got her seated again.

Thanks to the panties she was wearing, that grip was more skin then cloth. I didn’t want to ever let go.

She had her hands and feet braced against anything she could find, and stared at me with real surprise. I reached forward and pulled her shirt around, where it had gotten twisted, and straightened it out so it covered her pretty little panties again. The bouncing was continuous but manageable for the moment. I held her shirt tail in my hand and on a bigger bounce, quickly slid it under her butt.

“There. Back to PG-13,” I teased.

We both started giggling, and she laughed out loud when she was launched, landing hard on my lap.

We tried to settle down. It was a hopeless task. Every few seconds another dastardly road blemish sent us ricocheting off of our surroundings. More than once I had to push the baggage aside to prevent us from getting buried. We were giggling like kids, struggling to get positioned over and over again, limbs flying everywhere. It was more than a little exciting, with my Aunt’s chest obviously unencumbered by a bra, and like to put my eye out on a couple of occasions.

During a brief interlude of near smoothness, Aunt Marie leaned a bit toward the door and twisted her torso, looking at me. “Hang onto me, Jeremy. I don’t want you guys to have to recover my broken body after I get ejected from this wild ride.” She had her mouth inches from my ear, and I still could barely hear her.

I slid my left arm between her and the door, while my right arm encircled her waist. I tugged her in close. I gave her side a little squeeze, pinching imaginary love handles through her shirt.

“I take it back. No more than 5 lbs difference.”

She elbowed me. “Stop it. You’re just being mean now.”

We hit a particularly bad rut in the road, and we were both thrown toward the middle of the car. I tried to hang onto her, but her arms and legs were flailing, and almost clocked me. I caught a breast flush in the face, and instinctively opened my mouth, clamping on for a moment, until the momentum dragged her away from me.

“Harold!” Mom yelled. “Slow down before you get us killed! Another bump like that last one, and if I don’t get hurled out of the car, your nephew’s going to learn a lot more about his aunt’s anatomy than is proper.”

Dad finally slowed down, and probably none too soon. That last lurch left Aunt Marie’s legs spread-eagle in the air, and I found myself clutching her to my chest, one hand on her breast, and the other gripping the inside of her thigh just a hair’s breadth from her crotch. Her shirt had crawled up past her waist again, and looking down I got a really good look at those panties. Tiny pink ones, with an embroidered red heart and the word ‘Me’ written in girly cursive below. Heart Me. I’m sure you can understand how that resulted in an immediate change in my status below the waist.

I don’t know how long Aunt Marie let me grope her like that, but she eventually peeled my hand off of her thigh, and pulled her shirt down enough to cover her bottom. She reached for my other hand, loosened the death grip I had on her tit, and sat back upright. She smiled at me, as she put my hand back on her breast, patting it softly. I gave her a little squeeze. She moved her lips next to my ear. “Boob day.”

That set us to giggling again, and I gave her tit a nice long feel. She put her hand on mine again, “Gentle, Ok? And this stays between us.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I assured her. “I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

She smiled. “Do you like my panties? I wore them special for you.”

“I love them. And I do.”


“I do love you.”

She moved her mouth to my ear. “It’s not about that kind of love. Know what I mean?”

I nodded mutely, while I struggled with the agony of my cock hardening while still bent in half. She must have noticed my discomfort. “Am I too heavy?” she asked, sounding serious for once.

I know I blushed. “Not at all. You feel great.” I told her. “Maybe a little too good.” I confessed.

She raised her eyebrows, and then grinned hugely. “Jeremy Daniels! Are you getting a hard-on for your aunt?” Her mouth was inches from my ear, and I could feel her breath. It wasn’t helping the situation.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean for it to happen,” I answered lamely.

She was still wearing that silly grin. “Don’t be sorry. It’s a nice compliment. Makes me feel all gooey down there. Do you need to adjust yourself?”

I nodded, and sighed in relief when she lifted her hips off of me. I straightened myself out, pointing it straight upward, toward my belly. Aunt Marie lowered herself, then wiggled her butt against me, a lot more than was necessary, so that my shaft was resting in her butt cleavage.

The whole boob thing was no longer my main concern. The road was still rough, and I held her by the hips, so she wouldn’t bounce away on the deeper ruts. Dad’s slowing down made it manageable. Our playfulness had fallen by the wayside, and we sat quietly for a while. Each bump would lift her up, and my arms would pull her back down, rubbing against my raging hard-on. I realized I was no longer pulling her straight down, but I’d ease her forward and slide her back, each time we lost contact.

Aunt Marie had one hand on the door handle, and the other pressed against her chest, to keep her overactive tits moderately under control. I could tell I wasn’t the only one getting worked up. She was actively playing along, rolling her hips, wedging me deeper in her crack.

I was going nuts.

Aunt Marie seemed to understand my predicament. I’ll say that for a woman who was nearly 40 years old, she was pretty darn flexible. She twisted around, and pressed her mouth to my ear again.

“We’re being a little naughty, don’t you think?”

“Too naughty?” I asked, hoping she’d say no.

“It’s a little much. You’re driving me crazy, baby.”

Driving her crazy? “Me too.” A sudden bump lifted her up, and I tried to be more careful about how I brought her back down. “God, you feel good.”

She gave me a little kiss. “And you feel big. Really big. When did my little nephew grow up so damn much?”

Yet another bump had me moan, as I felt the pressure of her ass slide along my shaft. That one was all her doing.

“Listen sugar. We’ve got a long trip ahead of us, and we need to get comfortable, or we’ll both be miserable. We can be grownup about this, right?”

“Sure,” I told her.

“Ok. Can you slide down just a bit?”

I struggled to move my hips forward an inch or two. “Like that?”

Aunt Marie nodded. “Trust me?”

“Of course. With my life. You know that.”

“I know. But I want you to relax for a second and don’t make a scene. Ok?”

I didn’t know where she was going with this, but I nodded.

My aunt reached down between us, and I felt her hand slide into the leg of my shorts, searching out and finding my stiffness. She tugged it forward gently, then I felt the material of my shorts move aside, and our connection was skin on skin. She wrapped her warm fingers around my shaft, and held me in place while she sat down in my lap, my aching cock between her legs, pressing back against her soft crotch.

She ground her hips in a bit, her hand pressing my hardness against her crotch. Then she closed her legs, and I peeked around her to see the head of my cock, playing peek-a-boo, between her soft pale thighs.

She leaned back against me, then deliberately wrapped my arms around her body, one around her waist, the other just below her tits. She leaned her head against mine. “As wild as the other was, it wasn’t at all comfortable. I couldn’t spend 2 hours like that. Isn’t this a little more comfy?”

I was trembling. Comfy was NOT the right word for what I was feeling. “Better.” I admitted.

I wondered if this wild side of her had anything to do with all the booze she’d consumed. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. I turned my hand upward and gently cupped her tit.

She sighed. “We can’t get too carried away now, Ok?”

“What’s too carried away?” I asked nervously. I wondered if she referred to where I’d put my hand.

She looked like she was about to answer, when the Jeep came to a near stop, then turned onto the paved road. I held her tight while we got tossed around for a second, before the Jeep started to straighten out and pick up speed. “Everyone doing Ok?” Dad asked.

Mom announced that they were alright up front.

“A little uncomfortable going there for a bit, but everything’s fine now,” Aunt Marie answered, giving a soft tug on my cock, before tucking it back between her fine legs.

It was full dark now, almost pitch black, with no lights to speak of on the road we were on. The heavily tinted windows didn’t help any. There was no moon out, and the stars overhead were our only illumination. “We should make better time from here. That first bit was kind of rough, with Ruby so overloaded.”

“I’d say,” Mom answered, “I’m afraid poor Colin had his hands full, trying to stop me from bouncing out of the car. This is a lot better.”

“Sorry about that, but it should be smooth sailing from here.” Dad cranked up his music again, so he could hear it above the noise of the road and the wind.

Aunt Marie didn’t seem to mind the way I was holding her, and as my hands wandered a little more, she took it in stride. “Much better,” she said to me, now that we weren’t being tossed around like the pop-up dice in a ‘Trouble’ game.

“What’s too carried away?” I asked her again, since I didn’t want to push my luck.

My aunt gazed into my eyes, then leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. God! I was kissing my aunt! It felt so good, our tongues colliding, her breast filling my hand, my cock hard and warm, trapped between her legs.

It was the longest, best kiss of my life. She felt so good in my arms, and her mouth was warm and yielding. I learned more about kissing in a few minutes with my aunt, than I had in my entire life.

Our lips separated, and she opened her eyes, looking into mine. “You can’t fuck me, Jeremy. Not here. Not in the car with Colin right up front.”

Her words almost set me off. So much meaning. So much unsaid. I couldn’t fuck her. That was the limit? Everything up to that was Ok, then? And it wasn’t that I couldn’t fuck her. No. I couldn’t fuck her right that moment. Not in the car with her son nearby. But afterwards? Elsewhere? Jesus! The implications were mind-boggling.

No doubt about it. My Aunt Marie was a wild one. Bad enough that she was so beautiful, with that tight-ass body, and world-beater jugs. But she looked so much like Mom, I would find myself thinking about how similar they were, and what it would be like to be with Mom instead. I know. Not a proper thought.

Like you’d be any better.

Part 3

With the implied go-ahead signal, I slid my hands up inside my aunt’s shirt, and captured both her breasts, enjoying them to the extent I could. I wanted so much more. I got braver and pulled her shirt up, peeling it off of her. She complied graciously and within moments I was in heaven. I pulled off my own t-shirt, so I could feel our flesh press together.

Her unfettered tits were open playthings now. I couldn’t get enough of them, and she didn’t seem to mind. No, not in the least. “Having fun?” she asked me, while her hands remained between her legs, idly toying with my cock. At the moment she was rubbing my precum all around the head in little circles that were on the verge of torture.

I was looking at the front seat, wondering how far Dad would have to turn, to see what we were up to. I craned my neck to get a look at the rear-view mirror but it was completely blocked by the suitcase. We were 100% hidden from view. Our own little private island.

“Have I told you lately how much I love you, Aunt Marie?” I answered.

“I know sweetie. And I love you back twice as much.”


She giggled. “Did you ever think we’d be in a position like this?”

“Fantasized maybe. But I never thought it would really be possible.”

“You fantasize about me?” she asked, as if she didn’t know.

“All the time.” I hesitated, “Don’t be mad, Ok? But when I jerk off, you’re who I dream of.”

“Mmmm. Now why would I get mad about that? It’s hot. How long has that been going on?”

I chuckled. “Ever since my first hard-on.”

She moaned. “God, you’re making me so horny, Jeremy. How often do you do it?”

“Two, three times a day. Maybe more. A lot more when you’re around.”

“I…” she hesitated, “I sometimes think about you, when I do it.” She gave my cock a squeeze. “Now that I know what you’re packing, I’m guessing you’ll star in my fantasies a lot more often. I might have to rename my favorite toy after you.”

I pressed my lips against her shoulder and caressed her tits, gentler now. She fantasized about me!

I couldn’t resist her any longer, and I slid my hand into her panties. She opened her legs a bit, then carefully lifted them around mine, so she was spread wide open. I nibbled on her neck and shoulders, played with her fabulous breasts, and slowly learned my way around her soaking wet pussy, one finger at a time.

I could feel her body respond to my actions, her legs tensing, her breath shortening. Her tight slit moistened and clutched at my fingers as I worked two fingers deeply into her. She twisted her torso, bringing her lips to mine, her eyes blazing.

She had long abandoned my cock, and was just enjoying the attention I was giving her. She was completely at my mercy, and I explored her pussy as much as possible, rubbing, feeling, pulling, pinching, watching her every reaction. I reached further past her pussy, rubbing my finger over her tight butt hole.

“Uh-uh,” she warned, “exit only.”

I had no problem with that. I was just learning her body, and eagerly went back to finger-banging her. I managed to get the better part of three fingers inside of her, and worked her over hard, twisting and pounding away at her sopping slit. She moaned hard, and pressed back against me.

“Are you going to come for me, Aunt Marie?” I asked teasingly.

She whimpered and nodded.

“You’re going to let your naughty nephew make you come? You’re getting off on having your sister’s baby-boy play with your amazing body, aren’t you? You’re going to soak his filthy fingers in your cum, you bad girl.”

She moaned, pressing against my intruding digits. She nodded again.

“You know you’re mine now, don’t you?” I told her, stabbing her pussy with my stiffened fingers.

“Jeremy…” she moaned softly, the words whisked away by the wind almost before I could hear them.

Aunt Marie had been single for almost two years. I knew at the moment she didn’t have a boyfriend. And she fantasized about me. I was more than willing to step up.

“Mine, Marie.” I growled, my fingers pressed deep inside of her, my hand clutching her pussy tightly. “You’ve given yourself to me, and I refuse to let you go. I can hardly wait until we can be together alone, and I can fuck your beautiful brains out.”

She groaned, pressing against my hand, coming intensely. She seemed to come for a long time, but I wasn’t sure. It was hard to tell with these things. When her body stopped shaking, and her breath returned to normal, she looked like she was finally back in the real world. I petted her sweet slit and caressed her naked breast, while she relaxed.

With a huge sigh she came back to life. She put her fingers to her lips to hush me, then proceeded to put her body through contortions that would make a Yogi jealous. She was slow and meticulous, and it took me almost a full minute to realize she was turning around. With the final lowering of an outstretched leg, my beautiful aunt, wearing nothing but a pair of thoroughly soaked panties, had straddled my waist and was facing me. Her knees were on the seat on each side of me, tightly wedged between my hips and the car. She reached for my shorts, and pulled them down from the sides. I lifted my hips, and they abruptly slid down almost to my knees. Giving me a huge Cheshire Cat grin, she lowered her hips and ground her steaming crotch against my exposed hardness.

“You really shouldn’t fuck me, not here,” she told me, her voice soft and sensuous.

Shouldn’t? My how things had changed already.

I took her big tits in my hands and lifted them to my lips. It was glorious being able to taste her, lick, suck, and nibble on those beautiful mounds. I found myself getting carried away, sucking as much of her tit into my mouth as possible, pressing my teeth into her skin, tugging strongly on her nipple.

She sighed. “I always knew you were a boob man. I guess that’s one place where you and your father differ. You like your aunt’s titties?”

I pulled my mouth away long enough to pull her down for another hot kiss. “I love my aunt’s big yummy titties,” I told her, going back for more.

“I know. When you were a baby, did you know that sometimes I would breast feed you, and your Mom sometimes breast fed Colin? You were both nursing at the same time. You loved my big tits. Can you imagine? Even bigger than these.”

“I think I remember that,” I teased. “Given half a chance, I’d do it again.”

She moaned sweetly, and held my head to her chest.

Aunt Marie was rubbing her crotch up and down my cock, rolling her hips, pressing hard against me. It was obvious how sensitive her tits were, her moans were now continuing almost non-stop. I had a hand inside the back of her panties, clutching and squeezing her ass cheeks, and slid my finger down lower, crossing her tight little pucker, and easing into her pussy.

She reached down between us, and pulled her panty crotch to the side, pressing her naked pussy against my cock. All I had to do was lift her an extra inch or two and I could be inside of her.

Her hips were grinding against me maddeningly and she leaned her head down. “I’m going to come again,” she gasped for me.

I wanted to answer her, but not enough to relinquish her tit. I sucked hard, tonguing her nipple, thrusting my cock against her crotch, while my hand pulled her against me, my finger solidly buried. I pulled her higher on my cock, feeling her wetness engulf the head, before maddeningly sliding back down the outside. She did it again, grinding away at the top, the head sliding between her lips. I was about to fuck her. She gasped, pressing hard and the head popped out of her as she slid down my length once more. Her grinding stopped and shifted into a series of short hard thrusts, accompanied by cries, quickly smothered in my shoulder.

“Everything Ok back there?” I heard my father ask.

Aunt Marie was in no shape to respond. She was still cumming against my cock, grinding against me viciously. “We’re fine Dad. Just got a bit of a cramp trying to change position. I think we’re Ok now.” I had to yell to be heard over the noise of the road.

“How ’bout you, Alice?”

“I’m fine. You still OK, Colin?” Mom asked. “I’m not too heavy, am I?”

Colin’s voice sounded strained. “I’m good. At least for a little while longer.”

Dad seemed mollified. “Great. If y’all can hold out another 15 to 20 minutes, we can take a break at the crossroads, and top off the tank. That’s pretty close to the halfway mark.”

“Sounds good to me,” I answered, while Aunt Marie continued to clutch my body, her mouth clamped on my shoulder, muffling her moans. She hadn’t stopped humping me, and it was driving me crazy.

“A break will be nice,” Mom answered.

Dad cranked the music back up and the sounds of Boston’s More Than A Feeling filled the car.

Aunt Marie had finally calmed down, and she held my face in my hands, staring into my eyes. “Fuck! That was incredible! I can’t remember the last time I came that hard, or that long!”

I was holding her ass, and slowly pressing my cock against her. “You’re driving me crazy, Marie. I’m really close to coming.”

She got a concerned look on her face, and I saw her looking around our small area. “Shit. Can you last until the stop? Otherwise you’re going to make a hell of a mess back here. And I don’t imagine anyone will miss the smell.”

I closed my eyes. “I’ll try. But you have to stop moving. I’m almost there now. I can’t believe I haven’t come already.”

Aunt Marie moved back off of me and stopped moving at all. My cock was straining, any touch at all likely to set it off. For several long seconds I hung there on the verge, and felt the immediacy to come recede. I opened my eyes to see her grinning hugely. “I have an idea. Be patient and hold on for a few more seconds, Ok?”

I nodded.

She lifted her leg carefully, pushing mine outward, and then moved hers inside of mine. She did the same for the other leg, moving slowly and carefully. The worst of my impending need was past. I felt the pulse that had been beating in my temple slowly die down. I’d somehow resisted the urge and wasn’t going to spontaneously erupt.

Aunt Marie was kneeling between my legs, and she eased her legs off the cushion one at a time, sliding her feet under the front seat until she was kneeling on the floorboards.

She tapped me on the thighs. “Kneel on the seat,” she told me.

The words had been a little loud, but fortunately Mick Jagger was louder. No response from up front.

It was awkward, and I was no way as flexible as my loving aunt, but after a couple of tries I managed to get my knees under me. She pushed them outward, widening my stance. I hung onto the roll bar to keep my balance.

Aunt Marie rose up as high as she could and tugged my head down until our faces were only inches apart. She whispered to me. “You can come now, I figured out a way to deal with the mess.”

I groaned, as she slid down my body, and took my cock in her mouth. “Jesus!” I shouted.


Dad turned down the music. “You Ok, Jeremy?”

“Yeah,” I managed to gasp. “Just a few more minutes, right?”

“We can pull over now, if we need to.”

“No! I mean, I’m good. We’re almost there.”

“Alright.” I waited for him to turn up the music, but he didn’t. “One hell of a day.”

“Incredible,” I told him, while my Aunt cranked up the blow-job action. She’d slowed when Dad started speaking, but I watched her grin, her naughty side coming to the fore, and she was pumping her face on my cock.

Dad was on a roll. “I still can’t believe our luck. Pretty sensational first time for Colin, don’t you think?”

“No kidding,” Colin answered from in front.

We were all practically shouting to be heard above the road noise. I was glad, thinking it did a pretty good job of drowning out any other stray noises. Aunt Marie was going to town on my cock, and even as close as I was, I couldn’t hear anything from her.

“What did you think when you saw that big sow just laying there, Jeremy?”

“She was beautiful,” I answered, rubbing my hand down Aunt Marie’s hair. “I’d never seen anything like it. And so close.”

“Yeah. I kept expecting her to spook and you’d lose the opportunity of a lifetime,” Dad bellowed.

“I couldn’t believe my luck,” I told him, getting into the idea of talking to my Dad, and Colin and Mom for that matter, while Aunt Marie’s warm mouth was stuffed full of my cock. “We just kept gettin’ closer, and closer, and closer,” I said, accentuating each ‘closer’ with a thrust between my Aunt’s talented lips.

I think I pressed too hard. I got a smack on the ass for the last one.

“It was like a gift from God,” Dad reminisced. “To think we could get within 30 yards before she even moved!”

Colin spoke up. “She was so big! I didn’t realize how big she was at a distance, but I was getting nervous as we got nearer. What if she’d turned on us?”

“What were you thinking, Jeremy?”

“I knew I was getting too close. I couldn’t wait much longer.” That was the truth in more ways than one. “I could feel my heart beating so hard.” I had one hand tangled in Aunt Marie’s hair, moving her head, thrusting between her lips, her hand and mouth performing miracles on me. I’d never felt anything so good. I didn’t think anything could.

“I know that feeling,” Dad said. “Massive adrenaline rush.”

“Yeah. My legs were practically trembling,” I said, feeling my voice start to crack from the strain of talking while getting ready to pop. “I had her in my sights, watching her head, waiting for the perfect moment.” I took a deep breath, to try to settle myself, but it was no use, I was on the verge. “I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had to take my shot. Fast, before the moment passed.” I was looking down at my Aunt and she was watching me, her eyes open wide, her mouth open wider, as her hand pumped me.

“Bang.” I practically screamed, feeling my juices rise, my body tensing, as I exploded into my aunt’s hot mouth.

“It was a beauty,” Dad said proudly. “Perfect head shot.”

“Best shot of the day,” Colin added. “She just dropped to her knees, looking up for a second, trying to get up. She was done for, and didn’t even know it.”

Aunt Marie was sucking me dry, and I was trembling all over. “I don’t know if anything will ever match that first one,” I said, gently caressing my aunt’s gorgeous face. “It was almost sad, to think my first one might be my best ever. Where do you go from there? Everything else can only be a letdown.”

“A trophy like that? A man could wait his whole life and never bag one half as nice. God was smiling on you today. If you ever top that, you’re a better man than I am,” he laughed.

“Doesn’t mean I can’t try.” I leaned forward, speaking toward Dad’s seat, my message for him. “Thanks Dad, for making the whole thing possible. I know I don’t say it enough, but I really appreciate everything. I love huntin’ with you. I don’t think it gets any better than this.”

“You’re welcome. We should do these things more often. Go out as a family. It’s so much better, when you can share a perfect outing with those you love.” Damn. That was about as sensitive as the old man could get. I don’t think he’d ever told me he loved me. I knew that he did, and I loved him, but it’s one of those things that’s understood, and not spoken about. We both told Mom we loved her every day, but that was different. She was Mom. And we were men. Still, I felt a little moisture gathering in the corner of my eye.

Aunt Marie’s warm mouth still engulfed me. She was moving slowly, gently, and I was heartbroken to feel her release me.

I lifted my head above the roof line, letting the fierce wind wash over me. I wanted to raise my hands over my head and scream ‘I’m King of the World!’ I realized that if I stretched up just a bit higher, I’d be able to see into the front seat. I could see the top of Dad’s head and leaning to the middle, I saw a view that shook me to my roots. Mom was sitting on Colin’s lap, mostly sideways, and his hand was inside of her shirt. It made me tremble to see it.

“Alright. I see the lights ahead. Not a moment too soon, I’d say,” Dad announced. “You boys will finally get some relief in a couple of minutes.”

Relief? I almost laughed out loud before Dad cranked the music back up.

Aunt Marie and I struggled to get ourselves decent, giggling as arms, legs and sundry body parts were flailing away. We were in a hurry, but it didn’t stop us from getting a nice little grope in now and then. We were still putting on our shirts when we pulled into the gas station. Dad stopped at the pumps. “Fill it up, Jeremy? I have to take a leak.”

Aunt Marie was in my lap, her breath reeking of my essence, both of us breathing hard from the final exertion. My hand was back inside her shirt, caressing her breast. “Sure. I got it.”

I opened the door, but before I would let Aunt Marie off my lap, I pulled her head down to mine. “Thank you, that was incredible.”

She smiled. “Don’t get too excited, cowboy. That’s not usually on the menu. Extenuating circumstances.” She climbed off my lap, slithering out the door. I felt myself responding already to the sight of her ass moving away and gave her one last pat. “Need anything from inside?” she asked.

“A Gatorade would be nice,” I said. Then I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. I whispered in her ear. “You might want to get some breath mints.”

She nodded. “You don’t know the half of it. That stuff doesn’t sit well in my stomach. And you had to pump out enough to choke a pro. I’m gonna need some pepto, or alka-seltzer or something. I hope you appreciate it.”

I gave her a hug. “I hope to show you how much, in just a little while.”

She gave me a peck on the cheek, and I looked over to see that Mom was watching our whole little scene. Busted.

Oh well. I happened to know that she hadn’t been the perfect little innocent on that trip either. Not with Colin in the state he must have been in. Even she said it, he had his “hands full.”

Part 4

After filling the tank, I moved the Jeep and parked in front of the building. Stretching gingerly, I realized I had been more uncomfortable than I’d realized, and my legs were aching.

I hit the head, and found Mom and Dad chatting again. Dad seemed preoccupied. I went over to pass him the keys, and he pulled me to the side.

“Listen Jeremy, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Of course. What?”

He looked around briefly. “Your cousin was getting a little too friendly with your mother, on the ride. She’s a little nervous over the whole thing. Not that I don’t understand how that might happen. We all know how he feels about your mother. She’s a handful, and for a young man to have that sitting in his lap for such an extended period, you can see how things might, well, come up.” He looked at me very directly to make sure I got the point.

“Colin is still immature in a lot of ways. Sometimes he doesn’t have the sense that God gave a goose. I don’t think your mother should be sitting with him any longer. Can you switch seats with him? Let his Mother deal with his wandering hands. And other things.”

“Of course Dad. Why don’t I just say something to him?”

Dad shook his head. “I don’t want to if we don’t have to. This day was too right, too perfect. To mess it up like that. So far there’s no damage done. Just some teenage foolishness. Hell, it’s his dream come true. Let’s just try to keep it in check.”

“Alright. I won’t say anything tonight. We’ll see about tomorrow. It burns me up thinking about him doing anything to Mom.”

It was the truth. Maybe not fair or even sensible, but hey, I’m a teenager, and that’s my Mom.

“Let it go, for now. Your mother is handling it. Think you can broach the subject of switching places? Be better if it came from you.”

I didn’t think Aunt Marie would like to hear me suggesting that. I could see inside the store that Mom and Aunt Marie were huddled together like accomplices planning a crime. They looked pretty animated.

“Sure, Dad. I’ll take care of it.”

He put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m proud of you son. You took an awkward situation and handled it like a man. It’d be nice if you and Colin could spend more time together. Maybe you’d rub off on him a bit.”

I was feeling a little guilty now. If Dad knew that my ‘manly’ way of handling things was getting a blow-job from my MILF aunt, he might feel differently.

When the Moms came out finally, Aunt Marie was blatant, walking right toward me, Gatorade in hand. She had a beer in her other. There was a definite swing in her step. “Ready for hour two?” she teased.

“Dad wants us to change up the seating,” I told her, walking with her around the back of the car, to avoid everyone else.

She looked over at him nervously. “Are we busted?”

“I don’t think so, but he’s acting pretty damned suspicious. We gotta cool it,” I said. Seemed better than saying ‘your son got too grabby’.

“Crap,” she glanced over at my Dad. “I’ll make it up to you later, I promise.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” I opened the rear door for her. “Hey Colin. Let’s switch, Ok? I want to talk to Mom a bit.”

I saw him struggle against the urge to argue, but how could he? “Sure,” he finally said, sounding more than a little dejected.

I went over and joined Mom. “That Ok with you, Mom?”

“Of course. I’d love to have a chance to ‘chat’ with my favorite boy.” Her tone had a bit of a challenge to it.

I climbed into the front seat, relieved to have a little more room both at the legs and to the sides.

“Ready for me?” Mom asked.

I patted my lap. “Absolutely.”

Mom slid into my lap, and I couldn’t help but immediately recall all the things that I’d done with her little sister. Not good. Think of something else or I’d have some serious explaining to do.

“Alright. If traffic isn’t a problem, we should be back home in an hour, maybe an hour and a quarter at worst. Everybody settled in?”

“Ready over here,” I announced.

“Back here too,” Aunt Marie answered.

“Great. We’re off.” Dad backed out, cranked up his tunes, and we hit the open road.

We were barely back on the blacktop before Mom twisted in her seat, sitting at an angle across my lap, her weight mostly on my right thigh. She leaned against the door, and glared at me.

Crap. This didn’t look good. “Everything,” she hissed. “You’re going to tell me everything Marie did to you.”

Funny how she phrased it. Not what I did to her, but what she did to me. I was a little set off by her tone. “Ok, Mom, but you’re going to tell me everything that went on up here, that had Dad telling me to switch seats.”

Her eyes blazed. “That’s none of your damned business! I’m the adult here.”

“As am I, Mom, or have you forgotten?”

“Do as your told, young man!” she snapped, loud enough to get Dad’s attention.

“What was that Dear?” he asked.

“Nothing honey, we’re just chatting,” Mom said casually.

“Ok, didn’t mean to interrupt,” he said. I heard him turn the music up just a bit louder.

I didn’t want her angry with me. I knew that I had already pushed things too far. I pulled Mom closer wrapping my arm around her waist, and resting my hand on her leg. She stiffened. “You’re right Mom. Sorry. I’ll tell you everything. I was just curious, you know? Dad confronting me like that. I almost had a go at Colin.”

I could see her anger recede, and her eyes softened. “Don’t do that. It wasn’t that big a deal, really.”

“Ok. I’d still like to hear it, if you don’t mind afterwards. But if not, that’s Ok too.”

She put her hand on mine and nodded. “We’ll see. Now start at the beginning.”

I explained how much tighter the seating was in back, and how we were boxed in. “Remember how bumpy the road was? We were being bounced around like throw toys.”

“How exactly were you seated?” she asked.

She almost leaped out of her skin, when I pulled her back over onto my lap. “We were like this, but her legs were outside of mine, otherwise she’d slide down between my legs.”

Mom opened hers a bit, and slid them over mine. “Like this?” she asked.

Our faces were very close, and I could see over her shoulder. “Yeah. And mine were open a bit like this.” I showed her. “In the back seat, that wedged her legs in tightly against the door and the gear.”

“Not very ladylike,” she muttered.

I laughed. “We were just trying to survive at the beginning. I swear. It was almost like a game, really kind of fun, but nothing bad. One time she bounced all the way into the roll-bar, hitting her head. Another time she ended up with her legs sticking out the roof, and her shirt almost up to her armpits. But we just couldn’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it.”

“I don’t know what your father was thinking, driving like that. It was almost as bad up here,” she admitted.

“I barely got her sitting up and mostly dressed again, before she was dumped on the floor, and all I could see was legs and panties. After that I reached around her waist, like this, and hung onto her, so she wouldn’t get launched again. It helped a little, but when we hit that really big hole we were practically turned on our heads, and I grabbed her so she wouldn’t get hurt, and that’s when the trouble started.”

“Details, Rotten! Everything, understood? Don’t you dare leave anything out.” She was scary serious.

I nodded. “She got twisted sideways, kind of like this,” I adjusted Mom to the side a bit, “and when we settled down, I had my hand between her legs, and I was hanging onto her boob.”

I moved my hand down to her leg, placing it on the inside of her thigh, pressed against her shorts. She put her hand over mine and moved it down an inch or so. “Ok, I get it. We don’t need a repeat of everything. How’d your hand end up on her breast?”

“It was an accident. I swear. My arm was around her back.” Again, I moved my arm behind her, “and when she landed in my lap,” I pulled Mom back in place, trying to ignore the feeling of her soft cheeks pressed against me, “my hand just naturally grabbed on so I could hold her.”

I slid my hand around her, stopping just short of cupping her breast. I wasn’t ready to lose that hand yet. Even so, I could feel the soft swell of her tit against my wrist.

“And then?”

“She pulled my hand off her boob for a second; I’d been clutching it pretty tightly. Then when we were seated normally again, she put it back, laughing that it was a ‘boob day’, and told me to be gentler.”

“God. I knew it! She’s such a fuckin’ troublemaker.”

“I could have stopped, but it was just too hot. I’m sorry Mom. But Aunt Marie’s tits are pretty incredible.”

“Bigger isn’t always better, you know,” she told me.

Oops. Sore subject.

“I know. I mean, well, like yours. Yours are better. Firmer, not all saggy and bouncy, like hers.” Ok, I was skirting the truth a bit. Mom’s were nice, but Aunt Marie’s were amazing. My hand had been poised over her boob for a while now, and I carefully moved it closer, until I was barely cupping her.

“Hers don’t really sag much at all,” Mom admitted. “Not for ones that size. Only fake ones sit up much firmer than hers.” She reached over and pushed my hand off her breast, sliding it down a little. But she didn’t say anything. “What then?”

“All of the moving around in my lap, and my holding her boob was just a little too stimulating. I guess she could feel it, and she asked me if I needed to adjust myself down there.”

“So you were getting hard?”

“C’mon Mom! Of course I was. It’s purely physical. I mean, look, even now, when I’m nervous, and worried, I’m still getting hard. I can’t help it.” Of course the fact that my hand was almost in her crotch, and the other had crept back up and was touching the bottom of her breast didn’t hurt.

Mom turned her head toward me, and I leaned forward a little so she wouldn’t have to crane her neck so far. I lowered my face, blushing. I had just admitted that I was hard for Mom. “It’s Ok Jeremy. Don’t be nervous. You’re not in trouble. I just need to know.” I was surprised by her giggle. “I guess it’s inevitable that she’d notice when you got hard. Pretty difficult to miss. Are you Ok?”

“I…I’m a little uncomfortable. Would you mind?”

“Go ahead,” she said, lifting up off of me. “Show me what you did.”

“Nothing that bad, really,” I explained, while I straightened my cock. “It was kind of caught, and I just needed to straighten it out. She sat back against it, but it wasn’t anything overt, you know. Trying to get comfortable, that’s all.”

Mom settled back down, and her ass nestled against my cock. “Jesus, Jeremy! I can see how this might be a problem.” I think she realized what she was doing, and she pulled away a bit.

I put my hands on her hips. “The road was the biggest problem. We kept bouncing around so much, and I was trying to keep her from getting hurt.” I bounced my Mom on my hips a little, drawing her back against me, shoving my cock deeper between her cheeks. “I couldn’t help it. The bouncing just went on and on and on.” Fuck. Aunt Marie might have tits to die for, but Mom’s butt was ridiculous.

She reached back and patted my hand, “Easy, Tiger. That’s enough now.”

I held her close, my cock wedged deeply between her cheeks, but stopped the bouncing. I almost lost it when I felt her ass cheeks clench hard around my cock, squeezing. When she relaxed, I seemed to settle in even further and she did it again, her butt grabbing and holding me, while she wiggled her hips.

I was surprised as hell when she turned and chuckled. “Bet your aunt couldn’t do that.”

“Jesus, Mom. That was wild.”

She blushed. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get carried away.”

“What’s up with you two anyway? She kept talking about Dad, and how lucky you were. She said you won that one. And she kept comparing me to him.”

Mom sighed, and she turned in my lap, my cock sad to see her go. She leaned her back against the door again, so we could face each other more easily. “She’s always been jealous of me. Even when we were just kids. Always trying to one-up me. I never even knew what set it off.”

I pulled her a little closer, repositioning her. I reached inside my shorts and adjusted myself at the same time, so I wasn’t stuck under her leg. I undid the tie, loosening the top. She snuggled in closer, resting her head on my shoulder.

“She got her tits early. As a freshman she had one of the biggest racks around, and all of a sudden every boy was interested. I didn’t even start dating until I was a junior, and even then, my own were just starting to come in. But nothing like hers.”

“But you’ve got great tits, Mom!”

She giggled. “That’s not something you say to your Mother, Jeremy.”

“It’s true.” I reached for her breast, overtly, reaching right across her body, and gave it a soft squeeze. Only for a second before I dropped my hand back into her lap.

She sighed. “Thank you. When I started dating, things got bad for a while. She would always flaunt her body around the guys, especially if I brought them home. Our family was pretty liberal about how we dressed around the house, and she took advantage of it. Twice she stole my boyfriends. That was pretty hard to take. We didn’t hardly talk for most of my senior year.”

It was hard for me to think of my aunt like that. “That doesn’t seem like Aunt Marie.”

“I guess there was a lot to it. I was the first-born, and got away with more growing up. Got a lot more attention. And it was obvious that I was Dad’s favorite. When Aunt Jenny was born, Mom doted on her. I figure Marie felt kind of slighted by it all. But I wasn’t thinking about that back then. I was hurt.”

My arm was laying across her lap, and I was caressing Mom’s outside leg while she talked. She seemed to like it and didn’t give me any grief when I reached her hip, under the edge of her shirt. She just snuggled in closer, telling me about their relationship. I slid my hand around her, and caressed the edge of her ass.

“I met your father in college. He was a Junior, and I was just a Freshman. I didn’t know what he saw in me, but he adored me. God, Jeremy, you should have seen him. So handsome, so smart, so confident. And he was mine.” I could hear the wistfulness in her voice. “He was my first, you know? I was the only girl on my hall that was a virgin.”

“Boys were stupid back then.”

She laughed. “Oh a few tried, even with Marie trying to steal them all away. She slept with my first real hard crush. He was the first boy I went down on, and a few days later, he was with her. Do you have any idea what that was like? Even after he slept with her, he tried to get me to blow him again. What an asshole! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to forgive her for that.” She trembled. “I hardly ever think about those times anymore. I still get angry.”

It was surreal. We’d never talked like this, and it seemed so weird, holding her in my lap, knowing she was hardly clothed, and that I’d had my hard cock pressed against her butt just a few minutes ago. For a few moments, she wasn’t my Mom as much as a beautiful girl opening up to me. Really opening up. I stared at her mouth, unable to think of anything but her lips wrapped around some strange hard dick.

“Your father and I were getting serious. I was scared to death to take him home. But he was determined to meet the parents, and you know how he gets. We went home for spring break, and that little bitch did everything she could to steal him. She even climbed into the shower with him, naked.”

It was hard for me to hear that. Aunt Marie? Dad?

“He chased her out of there, and told me everything. Can you imagine, throwing a naked girl out of your shower, with tits like hers? She and I had a knock-down drag-out that came to blows and he had to separate us. Even then she wouldn’t give up, and right in front of me she tore off her shirt, pulling out her ace card again.

“Your Dad was incredible. He smiled for her. ‘Nice tits,’ he said, ‘but to tell the truth, I’m an ass man. Have you seen your sister’s ass? God almighty!'”

Mom giggled. “I’ll never forget those words. Every last one of them. -Have you seen your sister’s ass? God almighty!- Marie was shattered, and walked out of there, not even bothering to put her shirt back on.”

She sighed, quiet for a moment, her hand caressing my chest. “That was the night. I slept with your Dad for the first time, sneaking into his room in the middle of the night. He was so gentle, so caring. He’s big you know, kind of like someone else around here.”

My heart almost stopped when her hand settled onto my cock, which had lost a little of its hardness. She rubbed me, and I could feel the blood rushing back in.

“I was scared. I didn’t see how it could fit. I mean, I’d had nothing up there bigger than the handle of my hairbrush. No way that monster would fit. No way. He’d tear me open.”

Her hand was lightly stroking me, softly but steadily. She seemed completely unaware. Her legs opened, and her shirt shifted back, exposing her shorts to me. They were some kind of ultra-soft fluffy material, very stretchy and loose on her. I could see they’d shifted a little, and I swore I could see the edge of her pussy. She was going commando again. Her opposite hand slowly crept between her legs while she talked. Her eyes were closed as if she was envisioning it all happening again.

“It wasn’t how long it was. No, it was the thickness. I didn’t think they were supposed to be like that. It was just too much.” Her hand was wrapped around my cock, squeezing it gently. “I knew what I was getting into. We’d been doing a lot of other stuff, and I was blowing him pretty regularly. He loved that, and I really liked doing it. I mean a LOT. There’s something about a big fat cock in your mouth, and knowing that the guy on the end of it is in absolute heaven. So I had a very good idea of how big it was. It barely fit in my mouth, and my jaw would usually ache afterwards. No way that thing would fit down there.”

She chuckled. “I was wrong. It fit. Barely, and it took a lot of caring and caressing. I was afraid his poor tongue was going to fall off, he licked me for so long, getting me ready. He tried a couple of times, and it just wouldn’t go. I was practically in tears. But he was patient, and would calm me down, go down on me a while, and then try again. When he finally slid inside of me, I thought he was tearing me open. God, it hurt so bad, Jeremy! But he kissed my tears away, and slowly eased his way in. He was so excited he only lasted a few seconds, but I could feel his big thick cock pulsing inside of me, and it was all worth it. I was a woman.”

Mom’s hand was massaging her pussy, and I could see how wet she was. Amazing.

Mom sat up, her eyes open again, and pulled her hands back into her lap, clenching them together. “You’re father’s a good man. The best I’ve ever known. He was so patient with me.” She leaned back. “It took me a long time before I really enjoyed sex. The fucking part, at least. I loved making your father happy, and would go down on him in a second. Anytime he wanted. I still do, to this day. He returned the favor, and often. But the sex wasn’t good for me. I couldn’t enjoy it. God only knows why.”

She settled back down, burying her head in my shoulder. “I can’t believe I’m telling you all this.”

“Mom, you have no idea what this means to me. I feel closer to you than I ever have.”

“Even closer than with your cock practically in my butt?” she chuckled.


“Jesus, Jeremy, don’t have a cow. I’ll tell you a secret. When you were pressing your big fat cock between my cheeks, I liked it. A lot. Too much. That’s why we had to stop.”

She kissed me on the neck, a soft warm kiss that left me trembling. “You remember how your father said he was an ass man? He really is. He liked to play with my ass, and even lick me back there. It was so incredibly naughty. Over time he played with it more and more, slipping his fingers into me, especially when he went down on me. I wasn’t stupid. I knew what he wanted, but I was even more afraid. I screwed my courage up on Valentine’s Day, lubed my virgin butt-hole with half a tube of KY, and waited for him naked in our bed, a big bow wrapped across my ass cheeks. He took me up on the offer. And you know what? I liked it. No, I loved it. After that, I’d let him fuck me in the butt at least once a week. Sometimes a lot more. Does that shock you?”

Shocked was an understatement. “A little. But it’s the hottest damned thing I ever heard.”

She eased her hand down to my cock again, slipping inside my shorts, deliberately stroking it. “One night, he was insatiable. He came in my ass twice, but kept going. He fucked me raw, until I had to ask him to stop. He was still hard as a rock, and he turned me over and fucked my pussy. No preliminaries, he just stuck it in and fucked me senseless. I must have come a dozen times for him. After that, sex was no longer an issue. I was his, any hole, any time. The very next day he asked me to marry him.”

“I never thought I’d be so jealous of Dad,” I confessed.

Mom slid down in my lap, her rear nestled between my legs, her legs open. I don’t even know when it happened, but my hand was between her legs, slowly massaging her crotch through her soaked shorts. One of my fingers was pressed against her flesh. Her hand had a solid grip on my cock and she was stroking me good. It was too much to believe.

“Your aunt, of course couldn’t leave well enough alone. She’d dropped out of college and was living with Dan, Colin’s father. When we announced our engagement and our plan to get married after your father graduated and got a job, she made Dan propose to her, and planned their wedding right away. She had to be first, you know. I couldn’t believe how petty she was. When we came down for the wedding, things were pretty ugly. She didn’t even want me to be a bridesmaid, but Mom made her. Four months later your father and I got married, and things still weren’t good between me and Marie, but they weren’t as bad. At least we could talk some.”

I tried to slide my hand into her shorts, but I found out I’d reached her limit. She stopped me, but put my hand back on her pussy. “Behave,” she told me softly, and I went back to fondling her. I know she liked it. There was a wet spot the size of half-dollar there, and it was just getting bigger. I could even press up inside of her.

“When I got pregnant with you, right after our honeymoon, that’s when we finally patched things up. She was so happy for me. God, I loved her for that. Then we had a long talk and she broke down. They were having trouble getting pregnant. She’d been trying since they first got married. There was a lot of crying and apologies that night, and we worked things out. Six months later she was pregnant, and I had graduated. Everything was so much better. There’s always remained a little competitiveness, but nothing too bad. Until now.”

“Now? How?”

“She’s trying to take you from me.”

That was like a slap in the face. “That’s crazy talk, Mom.”

She didn’t like that. “Don’t tell me what’s crazy! I know her. You don’t. To you she’s the fun, playful aunt who adores you and would let you get away with anything. I’m the old fuddy-duddy.”

I laughed. “Fuddy-duddy? Who says that? And I don’t think you’re a fuddy-duddy. I mean, look at you!” I ran my hand over her body for emphasis, up to her breast, and then back down between her legs.

She blushed. “Well maybe not right now, but you know what I mean. She’s making her play for you, and throwing it in my face.” She turned in my lap and practically faced me. “You know what she said to me? Do you? She said you had the sweetest cum she’d ever tasted. Can you believe that? She doesn’t even suck cock. She NEVER swallows. And she told me you had the sweetest cum. I could fucking strangle her.”

I felt like pond scum. “What else did she say?”

She sat upright, pushing my hands away. “Never mind what else she said. You need to finish telling me everything. Where were we?” She turned and sat on my lap again, facing forward, pressing her butt up against my hardness. “What happened after this?”

“You’ll have to raise up a second,” I told her. She obliged, leaning forward and lifting her ass way up.

I pulled the leg of my shorts back to my crotch, and pulled my cock forward, so it was almost completely exposed. I inched my hips forward, and drew my Mom back into my lap. I heard her gasp, when she felt the hardness of my cock press up between her legs.

“Oh, Jeremy, you didn’t!”

“I didn’t, not really. I just got it straightened out. Aunt Marie pulled it out of my shorts and up between her legs, rubbing it, pressing it against her panties.”

“Fuck! I knew it! That bitch!”

“Yeah, and then she told me to get comfortable, and not to get too carried away. She leaned back against me,” I tugged my mom backward, until she was resting against my chest. “When I asked her what she meant by carried away, I was kind of worried that we’d already stepped over the line. I had my hands on both of her tits already,” I cupped mom’s breasts gently, “and she was rubbing my thing like there was no tomorrow.

Mom seemed resigned to letting me show, and not tell. Her breath was becoming a little more labored. She didn’t call me on touching her breasts, even when my fingers found her hard nipples. “How was she rubbing you,” Mom asked breathily.

I took her hand and brought it down between her legs. I pushed her fingers against my hardness, pulling back until she was pressing it against her panties firmly. “Kind of like that, but occasionally wrapping her fingers around it and stroking it.”

“And that wasn’t getting carried away?” she asked. Her hand lingered on my cock, moving slowly over it, while my hand slid inside her shirt, moving back to claim her breast.

“No. She said I couldn’t fu… couldn’t have sex with her. Not in the Jeep with everyone around.”

“Not in the Jeep. Such a fucking slut,” Mom groaned.

“No, but she said everything else was Ok.” I moved my other hand inside my Mom’s shirt, and toyed with her breasts. Aunt Marie’s breasts are huge and amazing to look at, but I was coming to realize that Mom’s breasts were just as fun to play with, and if possible more sensitive.

“She let me play with her body, especially her boobs. It was super-exciting for me, you know.” I kissed my Mom on the neck. “But yours are better.”

“Really?” she sighed.

“Really. I love your tits, Mom.” She was quiet while I fondled them, pinching her nipples between my fingers, loving the full feel of them.

“What else?” she said softly.

“I guess the next part was my fault. I wanted to feel her skin against mine, so I pulled her shirt off.”

“Jeremy, you’re so bad, always pushing things,” she sighed. “Just like your father.”

I pulled her shirt up, and she resisted a moment. “No, baby.”

“Just for a bit Mom, so you’ll understand what happened next.” I kept tugging at her, and she relented, letting me take her shirt off. Watching her raise her arms over her head, allowing me to pull her tee over her head, had my heart beating like a hummingbird’s.

I looked down at her tits, holding and squeezing them. “Jesus, Mom, your tits are fantastic.”

“Shhh. Try to behave, Ok? Remember I’m your mother. This is just for the story. What happened next?”

“She had told me I could do anything, right?” I freed one hand, sliding it down Mom’s belly. “And playing with her big tits was cool and all, but,” I eased my hand into Mom’s shorts, “I wanted to make her feel as good as I was.”

I slid my finger into her, and she moaned softly. “Jeremy, do you have to do that?”

I ignored her question. “She has some hair down there. She’s not smooth like you, Mom. That’s really sexy.” I slid a second finger into her, “Open your legs wider, Mom.”

She whimpered softly, spreading herself open for me. “Somewhere in there, we kissed for the first time,” I explained, and I let go of Mom’s breast so I could pull her face to mine. I kissed her, pushing her lips open with my tongue, pressing against her teeth until she accepted me. My head felt like it was going to explode. I fingered her harder, feeling her respond, so much like her sister. I pulled my lips away. “I made her come for me. I made her come really hard.” I kissed her again, more possessively. I had two fingers deep inside of her, and her whole body was rocking against the fierce fingering I was giving her. I squeezed her pussy, while tugging on her nipple. She finally stopped all resistance, and let me play with her pussy to my heart’s content. Our lips never separated, and she kissed me back with more passion than I ever could have dreamed of. I was hard on her pussy, pounding into it, squeezing it. I alternated between rubbing her clit and fingering her. She bit my lip then pulled away, throwing her head back, and moaning. Thank God for Pink Floyd. Nobody was the wiser.

After she’d come for me, I caressed her pussy, sliding a single finger inside, stroking her gently, rubbing her clit softly.

Mom lifted her head, and looked at me. “You’re pretty good at that, you know?”

“Did you and Colin do anything like that?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Not even close. He spent the whole time playing with my tits, outside my shirt, and then for a while inside. Toward the end he kept trying to rub between my legs, and I finally let him, but that’s as far as it went.” She was whispering and I could barely hear her. She sounded nervous. “He was hard for me from the moment I first sat in his lap. Do you know how aggravating it is to have somebody tease you for an hour? I was ready to scream by the time we pulled over.”

“Why did you let him?” I asked.

She sighed. “I guess it was payback. I knew, I just knew she was going to let you take liberties. Hell, she had your face between her tits in broad daylight. I had no idea how far she’d go. And that poor boy is so smitten with me. I know it drives her crazy how he his around me. She even caught him beating off to a naked picture of me. Now I close my blinds whenever he’s around. I wasn’t really thinking through things. But if you were going to play with her tits, I was going to let him play with mine.”

I pulled my hand out of her panties, and rubbed her softly on the outside of them. “Do you want to know the rest?”

She nodded.

I grabbed the sides of her shorts, and pushed them down her legs. She lifted her hips up and they slid over her bottom easily. She took over from me and pushed them over her knees letting them fall to the ground.

Fuck. Mom was naked. This was even better than with Aunt Marie.

“I don’t know if you could do what she did next. Aunt Marie is awfully flexible.”

“How? What did she do?” She sounded irritated.

“She turned around and straddled me.”

Mom looked hurt. “Like I couldn’t do that? Please! Have some faith in your mother.”

It was actually easier since we had more room to work with, and it only took her a few seconds to get spun around. I positioned her legs properly, and before she sat down on me, I pushed my shorts down around my ankles.

Mom had paused midway, and spoke to Dad. “How are you holding up, Harold?” She practically had to yell.

Jesus! Mom was completely naked, straddling me, and decided that was the time to hold a conversation with Dad.

He turned the music down. “Not bad, I’m not nodding off or anything. Another half-hour or so. If we don’t hit any more traffic.”

“If you get too tired, let me know. We can trade off.”

I had my hands around her, feeling up her full ass. Damn she was fine!

Dad laughed. “Right. Like I’m gonna sit on Jeremy’s lap.”

“Or he could sit on yours,” Mom teased, before allowing me to pull her down into my lap.

“Not on your life.”

“You know, Jeremy could drive, and I could sit on your lap,” she teased.

“Damn it, woman, don’t tempt me!” I heard him laugh. “God, that is tempting though.”

He seemed to be seriously pondering it. “No, I couldn’t trust myself. You guys doing alright?” he asked.

“Wonderfully. We’re having the best chat. I told him all about us, the early years.”

“I hope you didn’t tell him ALL about us,” he laughed.

“Not all. But I think he’s going to be looking at you differently from now on.”

“Jesus. I knew this was a bad idea. Don’t believe everything she says, son.”

I laughed. “I believe every word that comes out of her mouth. And all I’ve got to say is, ‘You da man, Pop!'”

“Very funny. So y’all are Ok for another 30 minutes?”

“As long as it takes, Dear,” Mom answered sliding her hips forward and pressing against my stiff shaft.

I moved my mouth to her breast, wondering if she’d stop me. Au-contraire, she pushed her chest into me, stroking my hair.

“That’s good. Everything’s cool now?”

“Much better, thanks.” From the tone of her voice, you’d never have guessed I had her hard little nipple between my teeth, tugging on it.

“Good. Let me know if you guys need a break.” With that he turned the music up.

Mom let me work on her titty a little longer, before pulling away.

“That was very naughty, young man. Sucking Momma’s titty while she’s talking to your father.” Her words were teasing.

“Irresistible, Mom. Couldn’t be helped. Perfect tits like yours were made to be sucked.”

“Your aunt was positioned like this?”

“Yeah. She was in my lap rubbing herself against me down there, grinding hard. She was driving me crazy, while she let me play with her boobs some more.” I went in for a couple of nice suckles, while Mom proved she could grind with the best of them.

“You know, I’m going to have to kill her, right. Corrupting my little boy.”

“I was getting too excited, and I told her I had to come,” I confessed.

“And that was her opening. You didn’t… you didn’t fuck her, did you?” She was barely able to make herself say the word fuck. It came out as a whisper.

“No. She said we shouldn’t. I knew she’d let me, but I didn’t think my first time should be like that, with her.”

“Your first time? You’re teasing me right?” Mom asked, slowing her grinding to a near halt.

“No. I’ve done lots of other stuff. It’s not like I’m a kid. I’ve had plenty of blow-jobs, but I’ve never gone all the way.”

She laughed. “Like Mother, like son. Sometime we’ll have to hear about those blow-jobs. Penny, I assume?”

“Penny, and a few more.”

“My big boy, the stud. You should tell your old man. He’d be proud. So then what happened?”

I had my hands on Mom’s incredible ass by this time, and I was pushing my cock against her, feeling her moistness lather up my shaft.

“She blew me.”

Mom leaned back and looked at me. “God DAMN her! I was still hoping it was a lie. How?”

“She got on her knees on the floor boards, and she sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. She did all that while we were talking about our hunting trip.”

“And she let you come in her mouth?”

“Yeah, and swallowed every drop.”

“Now I’ve heard everything. See what I mean? She’d do anything to win you over.” Then she turned serious again. “I’m not going to do that. Not here. Not like this.”

Not here. I liked the way that sounded. “I don’t want you to.”

She glared at me. “You don’t think I’m as good as her?”

I pulled my Mom down and kissed her. “Mom, I have no doubt you’d put her to shame. Someday I’d love to have you suck me. Truth is, right now I wouldn’t last five seconds in your sexy mouth.”

“You bet your ass you wouldn’t. These lips are magical. Ask your father some time.” She kissed me hard, putting her tongue to good use. When she had me gasping, she pulled away. “What do you want, then?”

I held her ass cheeks in my hands, and pressed my cock against her. “You know what I need Mom.”

She stared into my eyes. “I think we better take a break here, buster.” She took her shirt and put it back on, covering up her wonderful tits. She was killing me.

She pulled my hands away from her ass, and slid away from me, so she wasn’t pressed against my shaft. I wanted to beg her to stop, to reconsider, but understood that I’d gone too far. Asked for too much.

It only took her a few more seconds to get turned around again. She reached between her legs, and casually moved my cock to the side, so she could sit in my lap, without impaling herself. Then she leaned back against me, her cheek brushing mine.

“I’m sorry Mom. Don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad, baby. A little disappointed.”

“I didn’t mess things up too badly did I? Please tell me I didn’t.”

“Jeremy, I’m your mother. We went way too far. You need to settle down. Jesus, your father is only a few feet away.” She didn’t seem angry just concerned.

“How can I settle down? You’re sitting in my lap, telling me stories about your first time, about blowing Dad, and giving up your ass to him. Never mind making me relive all the crazy things I did with Aunt Marie. I’m going crazy here, Mom!”

“Shhh,” she whispered, taking my arms and wrapping them around her waist, making me hug her. “I know. I was bad too. I’m sorry. But I had to stop you. Ten more seconds and you and I both know what would have happened.”

I held her tight with one arm, and slid my other hand back between her legs. She might have put her shirt back on, but her shorts were still under the front seat somewhere. I gently stroked her pussy, cupping it, teasing it open.

She pushed my hand away. “Stop! Stop it now, or I’ll tell your father.”

I didn’t know if she was serious or not. I drew my hand back, and nuzzled her neck. My hand came up and caressed her tit through her shirt. She whimpered for me, arching her back, pressing against me.

“You’re just so beautiful, Mom. So damn sexy,” I whispered to her.

“Jesus. This is all that damn Marie’s fault. This should have been just a simple little drive, maybe a little playing around. A little tit, but that’s all,” she said.

I was more cautious this time, reaching between her legs, and caressing her inner thigh. I petted her thigh slowly, reaching higher and higher. My cock was swinging free, and I carefully guided it upright, where it could move around freely. I teased her terribly, pushing my cock so it would swing forward and slap against her pussy lightly. All the while I was nibbling her neck, her ears, gently playing with her tits, telling her how incredibly hot she was and how crazy she made me.

“Jeremy,” she moaned softly, “we have to have limits.” She was burning up. Her hips were grounding down against my lap, and as I teased her thighs, my fingers touching everywhere down there but where it counts. She was squirming for more. Her body was begging for my touch.

I moved the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy, and pushed. I felt her open up marginally, then she was shifting her hips, stopping me. I had her positioned perfectly in my lap, her legs open wide, her opening just the right distance from the end of my cock. The top of my cock lay across her molten slit, the head brushing her clit. When I drew back, I could feel the moistness against my skin.

Mom moaned softly, then turned her head and looked into my eyes. “This is a dangerous game you’re playing.”

I took my hands away from her breasts long enough to pull her forearms across her toned belly. I gripped them tightly with one hand, pulling her back against my chest. She struggled against my hands half-heartedly. “Don’t, Jeremy. Please don’t.”

I raised my other hand back to her breast, and tweaked her nipple, making her gasp. I pressed my lips against hers softly. “Close your eyes, Mom. Feel me.”

I was rolling my hips slightly, rubbing the head of my cock up her slit until it pressed against her clit. By rapidly tensing and releasing my PC muscle, I could make it slap lightly against her. Her breath was coming faster.

Her tongue slid out of her mouth, her eyes still closed, seeking out mine. I moved closer, letting her lick my lips. I could feel her hips moving sexily.

I kept poking at her, moving my hips, squeezing my PC, jabbing toward her, forcing the head of my cock against her. I couldn’t tell if her movements were meant to stop me or help me. I felt myself enter her for a bit, then pop free. She moaned softly. Her body was completely immobilized, captured in my arms.

My lips slipped over hers again, kissing her deeply.

Her lips went slack, her eyes tightly closed. I could feel her tilting her hips down, raising her sweet ass up, offering me a perfect target. I moved slowly, drawing my cock down her wet slit. I felt the wetness of her lips spreading open for me. Pulling down as low as possible, I hesitated, feeling her push her hips forward. I thrust up hard, and she gasped loudly as the head of my aching cock pierced her, pushing past her resistant opening, settling inside of her.

I waited for some response, but she stayed quiet, shivering in my arms. I pushed further, moving inside of her, half my length entering her.

She groaned, her eyes fluttering open. Our mouths were pressed together, maintaining soft contact, our breath shared.

“Stop. We have to stop, baby. We can’t be doing this.”

I released my tight grip on her, to see how she’d respond. She could have pulled off of me, but she stayed still, her eyes looking into mine.

“Relax, Mom. Let’s slow down and relax a moment.” I slid my hands inside her shirt, rubbing her soft skin, lowering my lips to her neck, kissing her velvety skin.

She sighed, her entire body untensing. As her legs relaxed she settled into my lap, my hard cock slipping in even further.

I groaned, pushing against her, feeling the incredible warmth of her surrounding my shaft. “God, Mom. I had no idea it would feel so incredible! I love you so much, Mom.”

I held her in my arms, listening to her sexy little noises, I rolled my hips sliding in and out of her, while she stayed completely relaxed, letting me have my way with her. She seemed so small in my lap, and so warm.

Mom shivered again, turning to face me. I moved my lips to her, kissing her softly. “Is this what you wanted, Jeremy? You couldn’t wait for us to be alone? You had to take me here? Like this?”

“Mom, I’ll never regret doing anything I could to be inside of you. It’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Better than my slutty sister’s filthy mouth?” she asked teasingly.

I breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t be too mad to be teasing me. “No comparison. None. This is so amazing. I love being inside you.”

She leaned back, facing forward, pushing her hips down, letting me sink in deep. She reached her arms over her head stretching. Mom sighed deeply, clinging to the overhead crossbar. I reached higher inside her shirt, taking her tits in my hands, massaging them, while my cock filled her repeatedly.

She pushed down onto my cock, grinding against me. She lifted her legs, all her weight settled down onto my cock, drawing me in deep. She brought her legs between mine, one at a time, pulling them together. Incredibly I settled into her even deeper, my entire length completely filling her tight pussy. She let go of the overhead bar, and leaned forward, resting her arms on the dashboard.

I watched in amazement as she raised her hips drawing nearly all the way off, then pushing down, taking it all. I opened my legs as wide as possible, giving her room to work. She was beautiful, that incredible butt moving up and down, taking me over and over. Fuck, my Mom was hot.

I moved my hands to those sexy ass cheeks, holding them, lifting and pushing up into her. It was too incredible to even think about. God, it felt good.

She moaned loudly. “Damn, so much like your father. So fucking good!”

Dad turned down the music a bit. “What was that?”

“Nothing Dear, Just telling tales on you.”

“All lies, son. Don’t believe a word of it.” I probed Mom’s depths, feeling my body shivering. I was fucking Mom, my beautiful hot mom, with Dad just a few feet away talking to us.

“You know I was right. Penny was blowing him. A lot.” She wriggled her butt for me.

“What kind of conversation are you two having?”

“The best ever. You and Jeremy have a lot in common.”

“I knew this was trouble,” he growled. “Everyone OK in back?”

I heard Colin’s voice. “Mom’s asleep. I’m fine.”

“Alright, we’re almost on 635. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes to go. That going to be a problem?”

Colin said he’d be fine.

“Think you can last another 15 minutes, Jeremy?” Mom asked, rolling her hips around my cock.

“I’ll try.”

Dad laughed. “You can do it. You lasted this long.”

“Ok, Dad. Just don’t be surprised if I can’t walk tomorrow.”

“Such a tough job, holding a pretty girl in your lap,” he teased.

“She’s not some pretty girl. It’s Mom,” I whined, emphasizing my words with a couple of long, deep strokes.

“You just remember that. You keep riding herd on him, Alice.”

“Count on it. I’ll ride him all the way home.”

I almost lost it. That was just too damned teasing. I couldn’t believe her! Dad had to know something was going on with a comment like that. Ride me?

“Fifteen more minutes.” He cranked up his music again, and I screwed my mom to the tune of Van Halen’s eruption.

Mom smiled at me, and we both started giggling. “You’re so bad! Ride me all the way home?”

She tried to look innocent. Kind of hard to do, half-naked with my cock buried inside her. “You don’t think I should? Besides, look who’s talking. ‘Last 15 minutes?’ ‘I’ll try’?”

I pulled her back to me, sliding my hands inside her shirt, hugging her tightly, and screwed her. “I’m not going to last much longer,” I confessed.

“That’s alright baby. Finish inside Mommy. Fill your naughty Mommy’s pussy. I need your cum, sweet baby-boy.”

Too much. Pulling out the ‘Mommy’ card was totally unfair. I was right. I didn’t last another minute before exploding inside of her. I came bullets, coming so hard I thought my insides would start pumping out any second. Mom started to shift in my lap, and I pulled her back hard. “Don’t.”

“We’re going to make a mess, sweetie.”

“I’m not done yet. We’ve got at least 10 more minutes,” I told her.

Mom looked around and I watched her reach for the suitcase beside us. She eased the zipper open, and slipped her hand inside. A few seconds later she fished out a t-shirt, and slid it under us. She opened her legs, bringing them back around mine, opening herself to me. “That’ll help. You sure you don’t want to stop?”

I was sliding in and out of her, just a little. I concentrated on the feeling, willing myself to stay hard, thinking about what I was doing. I was inside my Mom. I was balls deep in her tight pussy. Hot, wet, Mommy pussy. Full of my cum. I reached for her tits, and squeezed them. My Mom’s tits. Her wonderful full tits. I pinched her nipples, feeling their hardness, tugging on them. My Mom’s hard nipples. Hard for me.

And, thank you God, I was hard for her. Again.

I slowly fucked her, and teased her tits mercilessly. I had both hands back inside her shirt, and nibbled on her neck. “God, Mom. This is incredible. I can’t believe how good it feels to be inside you,” I whispered.

“Don’t stop. Just like that. You’re going to make Mommy cum again. I’m going to cum all over your big fat hard cock. Make Mommy cum for you, baby.”

I twisted her nipples, making her gasp. My cock was a steel rod, piercing her endlessly. In and out. Driving as deeply as possible. Feeling the cool air on my wet shaft each time I pulled out. I moved my lips to her ear, and nibbled her lobe, taking it between my teeth. She was trembling and I heard her whimper when I thrust into her harder.

I thought about what it would be like to have her on a bed, free to move around. Pounding my cock into her from on top, or from behind. Maybe even in her behind. Especially into her nasty hot behind.

I could smell our sex, and only hoped the open roof was doing its job.

“God Mom, I could fuck you forever,” I whispered. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her up, so I could get more action. She was so slender, so small, she felt like a toy in my hands. A hot sexy toy I could play with to my heart’s content.

That did the job. The extra inch or two was exactly what I needed. Up and down I forced her onto my cock, slamming into her as best I could. I could feel her thighs trembling. Faster and faster I went, hammering her, straining at the effort, but willing to die, just to fuck her faster, harder, better.

She pulled her hand up and I watched her press her forearm to her mouth, just in time to smother her cry as she came for me. My Mom was coming on my cock. It made me want to fuck her even harder.

She lifted her feet up and put them on the dashboard, looking too damn slutty for words. She lifted her ass up, giving me room to work. It was perfect, allowing me to use my full length on her. I looked out the window and saw we’d turned off the highway, we were on the home stretch, just a few miles to go. I hated for it to end.

I reached between her legs, and felt where I was sliding inside of her. Inside my incredible Mom. It was all too perfect to believe. “I’m fucking my Mom,” I said softly, giving words to my thoughts.

“Yes you are, you naughty little pervert,” she teased.

I felt us slowing down, and looked out the window. We were pulling into CVS, just a couple of miles from our house. Mom pulled her legs down quickly, straightening her shirt. My cock was still lodged inside of her, so close to coming it was maddening.

“Why are we stopping, honey?” she asked, while she reached down under the seat, searching for her shorts.

“I thought we should get a few items, since our frig is practically bare.” He explained, turning off the engine, the sudden quiet unnerving.

Damn. We were so busted.

“Harold. I look horrible! And I’m not dressed for shopping.”

I heard his door open. Mom and I struggled to adjust ourselves to look at least partially reasonable. We both adjusted our shirts, and I watched Dad walk around the front of the car, coming over to our window. I pulled my shirt down as far as possible, trying to hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing my shorts. Hopefully the dark would cover for us. Jesus, I was still ridiculously hard, and deep inside Mom. Not good. I rolled the window down.

He leaned on the windowsill. “Milk, bread, juice. Anything else you can think of?”

Mom smiled. “Eggs and bacon, for breakfast. I’ll go shopping tomorrow.”

Dad nodded. “Ok. I’ll be right back. Later, you’re going to have to tell me what you’ve been up to.”

I felt myself sweating. How much did he know?

He winked at me. “Penny, huh? So you tell your Mom all your secrets, but not your hunting buddy?”

I laughed, my nervousness immeasurable. I almost gasped when I felt Mom’s tight pussy clutch at my cock. “She started it, Dad.” I leaned closer to him, keeping my voice down. “Have you seen your sister’s Ass? God Almighty!”

His eyes almost popped out of his head. I watched him turn bright red. “Jesus, Alice! What have you guys been talking about?”

She laughed. “Lots. It’s Marie’s fault. I had to explain some stuff to Jeremy, before things got carried away. We’ll talk about it later. I promise.”

I had my revenge on her, pulsing my cock inside of her, while she tried to explain herself.

“You bet your ass we’ll talk about this later,” he grumbled.

I hugged Mom tightly, pushing into her, right under Dad’s nose. “Dad, it was great. We really had a nice talk. You have no idea how great it was to have her open up to me.” I looked over at her. “I’ve never felt closer to her than I do now.”

I pumped my cock, and felt the responding squeeze from my Mom.

Dad straightened up, reaching in and tousling my hair. “Don’t believe everything your Mom says,” he laughed. “She tends to romanticize things. But I’m glad you too got along so well. I was a little worried, to be honest. Things could have been awkward, you know?”

“Hurry back, Dear,” Mom said. “I think poor Jeremy’s lap is about worn out.”

“I’ll be back in a sec.” He walked off, straightening his shirt and sweats.

Mom looked over at me, and put her finger to her lips, hushing me. She leaned to my ear. “Quiet.”

“You Ok back there?” She asked loudly.

Colin answered. “We’re good, Aunt Alice. Mom’s still napping. Thanks.”

I was lifting her up, pushing into her. In the parking lot at CVS. Jesus, I was out of control.

“Hurry now,” she whispered to me. She leaned forward, raising her hips for me.

I pounded into her, my cock hardening. Our little conversation break had taken the edge off my need, but sliding my cock into Mom was working its wonders. I fucked her fast, a little worried about the squeaking of the seat, but figuring Colin was probably too distracted on his own to worry about it. If Aunt Marie was sleeping, half naked in his lap, I had no doubt he was taking advantage of it.

Mom was helping me, moving her ass in counterpoint, slamming down onto my upward thrusts. I was getting closer. I was torn. I wanted to come before Dad came back out, but I never wanted to stop fucking Mom’s incredible pussy. In and out, I stroked her, relishing every moment of our skin-on-skin dance.

“Damn it,” I groaned, pulling her back abruptly into my lap, driving deeply into her, as my father returned from the store. Mom straightened out the bottom of her shirt just in time. For a moment, just before he arrived, I had a glimpse of her smooth pussy, with my cock lodged in it.

He passed two bags in through the window. Mom took them and placed them at her feet. “It’ll only be for a few more minutes,” he explained. “I know it’s already crowded in there.”

“It’s fine Dad. We’re good.”

“Alright. Final stretch.” He turned and got back in the car. The tunes started up and we backed out of the parking spot. Before we were back on the road, Mom had her feet up on the dashboard. “Finish,” she told me, “fast.”

I held her sweet ass in my hands, and pounded her, while Heart’s Magic Man blasted away. Her head was beside mine, and she was being bad.

“That’s it baby, fuck your Mommy. You were so bad, teasing your Mommy while your father watched. I almost pulled my shirt up so he could see what his perfect little boy was doing to his helpless wife.”

I moaned, fucking her harder.

“God, you feel good in me, sweetie. So hard. So big. Do you like it? Do you love Mommy’s hot pussy? Are you going to give me a nice little present? Fill Mommy’s pussy with your hot baby batter? Don’t make me beg for it, baby. I’m already growing addicted to your monster cock.”

“Mom, you’re so fucking hot,” I gasped.

She whimpered, while I fucked her as hard and fast as possible, not caring how much we moved or how much noise we made.

“Incredible,” she moaned. “I love your cock, Jeremy. You’re killing me. You’re driving Mommy insane. You fill me so deep. Your fat cock stretches me so very nice. Mommy’s close, baby. Really close,” she gasped the last words. “Make Mommy come, baby.”

“Mommy,” I groaned, and slammed into her, unloading inside her again, pumping until I was dry. She was trembling, and I realized she had come with me. Gasping, I leaned back, still unable to fully believe what we had done.

I almost blacked out, seeing spots before my eyes. After a few moments I felt Mom rubbing us with the spare t-shirt before she searched for her shorts again. She reached down to the floor boards, and when I saw that ‘bodacious’ ass, I trembled at the thought that I’d be fucking her again, first chance I had.

I had her ass cheeks in my hand, squeezing her, and even rubbed my finger over her back door. Her stories had me thinking very, very naughty thoughts about that opening.

I felt her pull my shorts up my leg, then maneuver the other one in place. She struggled to get them up over my knees, then onto my thighs. I was being bad, and managed to somehow slip most of my finger up her tight butt, making it that much more difficult for her to work my shorts up my legs. When they reached the top of my thighs, regretfully I pulled out of her butt, giving her ass one last pat, and I pulled them up the rest of the way.

“God. You are your father’s son. You like Mommy’s bottom?” She was pulling her own shorts up, raising her hips and hiding that incredible ass. I wanted to cry.

“I love it,” I admitted.

“Maybe you’ll get a chance to show me how much.” She turned to the suitcase, and opened it stealthily, pushing the shirt full of evidence inside. She turned and smiled for me. “Good thing I do the laundry.”

That got a giggle out of me.

She leaned back against me. “That was pretty incredible.”

“Are you kidding? Beyond incredible.”

She turned and planted a kiss on my lips. “We’re not going to do this in our home. You understand?”


“I mean it. Don’t even try.”

I felt suitably chastened. “Yes ma’am.”

The smile returned to her face as we pulled onto our street. “Doesn’t mean that you and I can’t have a few outings of our own. Ok? Just keep it cool.”

I hugged her so tight, I thought I heard vertebrae cracking. “Love you, Mom. Trust me, Aunt Marie could never take me from you.”

“If you fuck her, you’ll never have me again,” she said softly. “You’ll never have my mouth or my tight little rear. Never fill this pussy again.”

I was a little worried. “Did you do this to spite her?”

She squirmed out of my grip and turned sideways. “I didn’t plan this. I swear. But you’re too much like your father was. You drive me crazy. I felt like a teenager again.” She squirmed in my lap. “You came a lot, didn’t you? I’m going to have to jump in the shower quick, or your father’s going to know something’s going on. My poor pussy’s absolutely full of little Jeremies.”

We turned into the alley behind our house.

“I’m glad you were my first,” I told her.

She kissed me softly as we pulled into the driveway. “You’re only my second. Just you and your father. Ever. Forever.”

“I can live with that,” I said, getting one last good feel of her breast.

She smiled. As Dad turned off the car, she whispered. “You think Colin behaved back there?”

“No way. Aunt Marie’s going to have the sorest boobs in town.”

“What was that?” Dad asked, as the car got quiet before I could finish my sentence.

“Sorest butt in town. We’re not doing that again. Not without a pillow or something,” Mom answered.

“No kidding. I think my legs are both asleep. I’ll be lucky to be able to walk,” I said.

“Jesus, Jeremy. She only weighs a few pounds. Man up.”

“I’m just kidding Dad. It was cool. Fun even.”

“I hope it wasn’t too much fun,” he growled climbing out of the car.

Mom had the door open, and was crawling out of the car. I watched her wipe the insides of her thighs with her hands, then she turned to me and licked them.

Christ. What a tease! If I got hard now, Dad would kill me.

She turned back and reached between my legs, coming up with the shopping bags. She whispered to me, “Your cum IS sweet. Sister slut was right.”

“What are we waiting for?” Dad announced, stretching. “Let’s get this thing unloaded.” He opened the back door. “Wake your mother up, Colin. We’re not going to leave her outside all night.”

I climbed out of the Jeep, stretching my legs and making sure I was decent. Didn’t look too bad. Dad was already carrying two suitcases inside, and I grabbed one of the coolers.

“Leave that in the garage, Jeremy,” Mom said, “and I’ll take care of the meat later.”

Would she ever say anything again without my hearing naughty undertones?

I was walking past the car when I heard Aunt Marie. “Damn it, Colin!” she hissed. “Where are my panties?”

I chuckled and watched Mom hurry over to help her sister out, before Dad returned and the shit hit the fan. Now that she’d won the competition, I guess everything was Ok again. Mom leaned in and I saw my juices were still running down the inside of her thigh.

Best fucking day ever.


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