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Aunt Holly,01

Aunt and nephew lust to love
Aunt Holly,01

This is my first ever story on here and my first time writing this down. So please understand if it’s not as good as most on here.

Welcome positive feedback

This is my story of my aunt, dad’s sister….


Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

If you asked 18-year-old Jamie Sinclair how life was he would have said pretty sweet, left school with more than good enough grades to get into college and pursue electric and mechanical engineering, his mum and dad were proud parents as they had good and well-paid jobs so it made them happy they had steered him in the right direction in life, another reason for young James was what he was most proud of was his 9inch meaty cock, sure now at 18 he wasn’t a virgin but he’d not had what you would call a long list of notches on his bedpost, with his confidence of being blessed and in good shape along with the stares he got from the girls he did sleep with when he dropped his trousers he knew he was doing ok and as the confidence flowed so did the flirting. And that’s what made him get the best sex he’d ever had!

Prior to this life-changing sex was a downer for him but soon turned out very different, with 2 years of college down and just over 1 to go his dad had booked a family holiday to Spain with all-inclusive food and drink they could afford it so they did it what pissed him off was a week with his mum and dad at his age but hey ho it’s free he thought but when his dad told him his aunt would be going to his frown soon turned upside down, Holly  Sinclair his dads sister was his weakness she and him and had engaged in a lot of what they thought was harmless flirting when we she came over, nothing to heavy but a few praising comments which over time built up and did she notice his glances when she bitching to his mum about her boyfriend? Oh yes and he openly said you should fuck him off he’s not committed to you, to which his mum agreed with him although she was pleased with his choice of language.

For him holly was worth the earth! At 33 she was younger than his dad and was a good and reputable accountant, own home nice car just a loser boyfriend, she stood at just over 5ft with natural curves that made men lose their minds! She was a doppelganger for the German actress Leila lowfire from the neck down with the 34g mouth-watering tits! (Although James didn’t know the size yet) and as for her face she was a similarity to Hayley Atwell, with shoulder length brown hair, a first-class MILF!!  Apart from the fact she wasn’t a mum.

she had changed since she met her boyfriend, Anthony he was older and was always nagging at her for all sorts of things! She wasn’t the slutty if you’ve got it flaunt it type but also wasn’t a shy prude, but he’d not agreed with her dress sense and bubbly personality and everyone noticed it over the last few years, he didn’t even live with her and was putting in more complaints than warranted, plain and simple she was invited along to be herself and think about herself for once, much to Anthony’s annoyance and Jamie’s delight!

And so, 2 weeks later they arrived at the hotel in La Moraleja and fuck! Dad had spent some serious cash this time in the most luxurious part of Spain.

The plan was all check in- unpack-all head to pool bar for drinks and food then a swim!

Jamie had his own room and so did his aunt while naturally his mum dad shared, and when James had unpacked, he put on some shorts looked in mirror at his average frame, not built like a gym rat but not a shred of unnecessary fat either, he chose black shorts to conceal any erections as best they could as he ogled girls at the pool.

When he got there, he found his mum and dad and joined them for a beer poolside and then it him! When he saw his aunt holly walk out, he was thankful he wasn’t holding his pint else he would have dropped it on the deck! Fuck me he thought look at those tits bounce with each step and his dick went full mast.

She had on a black 2-piece bikini not all just strings but not a horrid cover everything one either and when she came into view for his mum and dad his mum said oh holly you look like you again and oh so great, I wish I had your figure! Damn! Oh, ssshhh jane you’ll make blush, Jamie had to take a dip now his cock was rock hard.

And so, the week went the same, pool, drinks food, sightseeing etc and 2 days from the day of departure Jamie’s dad had booked a trip out to sea to fish and snorkel, Jamie was the first to drop out with the oh dad you know I hate fishing come on man! Holly quickly followed with erm no thanks rather work on my tan.

His mum wanted to go purely for the snorkelling in the reefs, fuck the fishing she thought along with most of us! So, the next day off they went off to the boat for a day at sea and an hour later holly was stretched out in a white bikini by the pool this time and James joined her and not gonna lie his eyes were straining to the right to basically perve on her body, and she knew it…

“JAMIE!” Holly snapped loud enough to break his stare and startle him but not loud to draw attention to surrounding families

“What the fuck is wrong with you? you’ve leered at me all week! What’s the deal here? There’re loads of bodies on display and more your age! holly said a little annoyed staring at him with her shades on

With the shock and shame of her outburst he wanted the ground to swallow him up, but he’d been caught before watching girls he’d hooked up and his confidence didn’t drop then so why now, because she wasn’t just any girl this time, but he knew he could try and lighten the mood somewhat so half on auto pilot and half jittering with nerves and a 100% being true out came the words of fate

“Yes, but I don’t to have sex with any of those! “He stated

Holly gasped and lowered her sunglasses and just glared at him with her nose flaring like an angry bull about to charge, leaning over she grabbed his wrist and pulled him close and seethed into his ear, “HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM”!

Now he was fired up too now, “I KNOW WHO ARE AND I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND ITS MORE THAN SOME SILLY LUST”! He spat back with same matching fierceness as hers, she could only look back at him stunned while he went “THAT LOSER DOESN’T DESERVE YOU OR TREAT YOU RIGHT! BET HES EVEN NOT SATISFIED YOU IN AGES EITHER”! he fell silent for a few minutes and then feeling so brave he leaned closer and whispered in her “my thick 9inches could tho” and with that he got up and marched away.

As for holly she just sat there in shock she was more shocked that during his little rant she had become a little damp and those big pointy nipples that sat in the centre of those big areolas that capped those huge melons were hard as diamonds, she said to herself “9,9 inches”? she’d had big ones in college herself but never as big as that! She racked her mind, was it the confidence? was it true that she had left unsatisfied to long? Yes, for sure, she soon realised that she couldn’t leave it like this and so went to find him to clear the air.

As she approached his hotel room door, she raised a hand to knock but as she went to do so he was opening it to come out, as they both jumped a little in surprise she barged past him and said “we need to talk” he closed the door and followed her inside and when both stood in front of each other they both had no clue who was going to start or what to say, and so holly just said it

“9 fat inches…really…think you’re a bit too self-praising kiddo…” BANG! Kiddo what was what he hated being called he was 18 and a man albeit a young one so with that making him pissed and the boost he still had from declaration at the pool, and he already overstepped the mark anyway he just did it, DROP! Went the swimming shorts and her eyes flew and went wide at the semi on that was hanging down.

“More honest than self-praising I’d say “Jamie chirped

“fuck” holly whispered, there it was and despite it being attached to her 18 year old nephew it looked fucking amazing she knew that would hit places shed never been hit before was it the craziness or the heat of the day of the fact she hadn’t had a good shag for a time, or him for that matter, at this point she was passed caring holly just lunged at him planting her wet lips on his and in turn he responded back resulting in them swapping D.N.A via their tongues as she reached down and took it in her hand she couldn’t fit around but near enough she pump it a few times while still having her mouth on his,

“UUGGHH” Jamie broke his mouth away to grunt as she stroked him firmly but slowly and proceeded to sneak his hand into her bikini panties and pulled them down with one hand until she kicked them off.

Glancing down again he saw something he’d never seen in real life on woman yet apart from porn and that was a cute oh so little tuft of short neatly trimmed pubic hair and boy did he love it! He had to step back making his cock pull from holly hands and just stand and look at it with a wonder in his eyes and stated, “that is so sexy, girls ive been with are shaven but that is like a jewel and looks great!”

“that’s my little muff” she said, looking away and blushing but she needn’t “it makes me feel sexy and confident, but Anthony hates it keeps asking me to shave it”

“NOOO! Never get rid of that, I love it” now with a huge hard missile aimed straight at her at feasted on her lips and roughly stroked her little muff she squealed with passion, God she was so hot, and he hadn’t even got her tits out yet but just before he could try, she jumped back from him.

“OH GOD WHAT WE DOING?! YOUR MY BROTHERS SON FOR GOD SAKE THIS IS SO WRONG”! she picked up panties and slid them on, his pleas were shot down instantly “you leave me alone avoid me and I will avoid you for remaining 2 days” she snapped and walked out the door slamming it behind her leaving him like a wounded animal with rapidly deflating member.

And so, for next 2 days they didn’t even need to avoid each other as holly faked a tummy bug and kept herself locked away in her room, with Jamie’s mum and dad Malcolm and jane always checking her and keeping her stocked up with bottled water, the day came to go the airport she kept her head down and kept quiet blaming it on the weakness from losing bodily fluids she had lost, unknown to them all tho, in a few weeks there was only one bodily fluid she would be craving and it would be willingly delivered, and so they boarded the plane, flew home and drove back to their city they lived in that was Lincoln UK, holly lived a 10 minute car ride from her brother and when they dropped her home they too went home and all of them shattered from a long day of waiting flying and driving.

Jamie’s mum and dad went to bed straight away he had some coffee and felt sorry for himself holly in turn also had a coffee and felt ashamed of herself, as if they both had the same body clock they both went to bed at the same time and fell backwards onto the bed and stared at the ceiling…”fuck” they whispered to the ceiling in unison just mere miles from each other, both with no feeling of the passion that was heading there way..

One week after they arrived home holly was in the bathroom feeling powerless for Anthony had kept nagging to her to shave her pussy and she did it! She’d lost her little muff as she called it.

“Oh well” holly said to herself if it makes him happy I might more attention she thought, and so she left the ensuite bathroom totally naked with her big juicy ripe titties swaying and was up for some fucking! She stood Infront of Anthony as he was already laid in bed working from his laptop.

“So how do I look”? she enquired

“Much better” he replied then “but don’t get any ideas tonight ive these spreadsheets to finish and I’ll be on it for ages”

“WHAT THE FUCK!” SHE SCREAMED“ I do this to make you happy and you still don’t want me! I know I’m attractive so what’s the deal? Are you gay”

“Gay? Hardly just have deadlines that’s all, anyway the pussy hair was awful”

That was it! She saw red “WELL J” she stopped herself she was just going to admit well Jamie loves it in fact

“Well, what” he replied?

“Oh nothing!” she snapped then added” fuck you I’m sleeping in the spare room I’m SO FUCKING MAD”

And there the fuse was lit, she stormed downstairs grabbing her robe before slamming the door she needed some wine before she slept so she headed down to the kitchen and she was hit by a stream of tears as to why she almost blurted that out but didn’t, deep down she knew why, she had been craving Jamie since that day her hand was wrapped around his monster cock, but chose to shut her incestuous lust away and force herself to forget it, but now it was unleashed and wanted it even more, to hell whether is wrong or not, the womanly wanton needs took over.

She could see now she had been tret like dirt and her house like a hotel and she deserved better, and she was going to have it! She knew then it was over with him and with that she realised she needed to thank Jamie for this as if it wasn’t his shocking admission, she wouldn’t have seen the light, but she also needed to apologise to him too for being a bitch since Spain and the avoidance she gave him, and so while drinking a large glass of wine she made her plan and boy…  the guy upstairs really fucked up, she thought to herself as she started to slowly stroke her now smooth kitty already picturing her nephew’s big meaty long tool.

And so, the morning came holly had dressed in her best business suit for the office but she wasn’t going there today, the was a problem to be rid of first and stood at the foot of her bed as the ex who didn’t know that yet slowly woke up he was greeted with picture of her stood with her hands on her hips like superwoman would pose and once she had is attention she calmly said “ ive had enough, its over! You treat me like rubbish you put me down and you don’t even please when you even attempt to even have sex”

“But But”

To be quickly cut off “get your clothes on and grab any belongings you have here and leave or the police will be called”

He got up and stomped and grabbed all his things and left with “ok holly see you tomorrow when you’re asking me to come back”

She just ignored him and grabbed a black bin bag and threw all her padded bras and boring cotton panties, he made her get padded bras to stop her melons moving to much with day-to-day tasks insisting men would leer at her and less slutty panties, they weren’t slutty just simple and sexy French knickers that made her feel sexy and classy

“GHHHUU these fucking awful things” and on her way to do some retail therapy she threw the bag in the wheelie and headed into the city and she got a whole new wardrobe basically, a fuck ton of matching classy and sexy bra and panties sets and some much body complementing outfits from dresses to tops and jeans and shoes, she was feeling her again and knew with all this crossed of she was thinking about the next stage of her way back to herself.

And with her shopping all done she heads back to her car and loaded it up with her new purchases then heading straight back into town to grab a coffee, with her coffee on the table she get her phone out and opens what’s app and giggling quietly, confident in the fact she was about set up a night of incest passion.

Jamie’s phone bleeped while he was college it was holly “oh fuck” he muttered almost scared to open but figured he need to.


He knew he had to reply, she was right such a close family and suddenly be like ghosts would raise some questions “HEY, YES YOURE RIGHT, FRIDAY NIGHT I MEET AARON IN THE PUB FOR A NIGHT OUT, I CAN POP BY ON THE WAY BUT AS I DON’T GO OUT TO EARLY IT WONT BE TILL ABOUT 9PM, IS THAT OK”?

“PERFECT SEE YOU THEN” she replied then went onto the salon booked a hair appointment for the morning of next Friday then a nail appointment to follow.

why leave it a whole 7 day’s Jamie thought?? Maybe she’s busy he shrugged and thought oh well I’ll go and listen to her and apologise and we can put it behind us.

Holly on the other hand knew full well why it was 7 pain staking days, she had the clothes, she had the hair and nails booked, but she need her little muff back and she knew he loved it so why the hell not and she knew she was at her best with her decorated tight pussy, she was gonna look her best for him but also for herself too, Anthony always insisted on condoms so she wasn’t on the pill, she wanted her body pure and anyway his abysmal load wouldn’t harbour much life.

So, she would get the morning after pill after her night of passion with Jamie, I mean she just wanted a royally good fuck and she was gonna have it, and he was gonna get one too, the night of his life! Of course, she pondered what would happen if he turned and ran but no she was sure he wouldn’t, so she dismissed those negative thoughts.

On her drive home she was stuck at the lights and just said aloud to no one, “WE WILL DO IT GOOD WE WILL DO IT RIGHT, ONE NIGHT OF HOT UNHIBITED SEX AND GET IT OUT OF OUR SYSTEM AND GO BACK TO NORMAL” oh how wrong she was.

Jamie was still in college and not paying attention to his mates in the canteen he was to caught up with how next Friday would end, well it would involve a whole lot of his thick dick being covered in his aunts cum while she rode him to oblivion all night long, as for the ending well they both didn’t know what was Cumming… apart from them!

Holly was already too excited that soon enough her mature twat would be stuffed to capacity with beefy teenage cock!

That Friday came soon enough, and Jamie had a shit week at college already and has his arrogant head on, “fuck this week” he said throwing his bag over his shoulder as he headed to college and gave up caring how tonight would go, apologise, leave, pub, get beer and pussy was his plan.

Holly was already up and in full swing, in the bathroom she was looking at her now full bush, she gave it all a grading trim, so it was all the same length and neat, then she set about carving her shape back into it, just a neat upside-down small triangle what was the usual nut this time she done styled it into a cute little love heart, and all around that she shaved clean and smooth, it felt like silk.

And so, she stood with her hands on her hips and admired her handywork in the mirror, then turned and swayed into her room to get dressed ready for her hair and nails with her meaty arse following her, that same arse that would beating against balls later that night, make no mistake her muff was back! And as a sex starved woman, so was she.

The time had come, Jamie was in shower having a wank so he if did meet a girl uptown after he’d been to holly’s he would last longer if he got lucky, as for holly she was all ready with a matching bra and panties on a white sexy pair and threw on a light thin summer dress that showed a tiny bit of cleavage and stopped just above her knees, basically something that could be taken off quickly, she then proceeded to make a small dish of energy giving fruits, she was gonna need it.

All dressed and ready he set off at to his aunts taking a steady stroll.

KNOCK KNOCK! She jumped a little… this was it.

She strolled over and opened the door to invite him.

“Come in, go on through to the kitchen and take a seat”

As they both now sat at the table a few seconds of silence followed until Jamie started to speak but he was soon cut off, holly needed the stage before she bottled it.

“No let me speak, first off Anthony has gone I dumped his ass last week, secondly it was due to your admission in Spain that I did so, you made me realise how bad he was for me and how I deserved more, now I’m also sorry for how ive tret you since we got back so this is an apology just as much as it is a thankyou”

“What is” he quizzically replied

She got up and stood across from him “this is” and with that her hands took the hem of her dress and quickly pulled up and over her head and when it cleared her face, she threw it in the air careless to where it landed and fed him a look that screamed fuck me!

With his jaw to floor he admired every inch of her.

“YOU SERIOUS?” he almost shouted while drooling

With her piercing eyes on his “DEADLY” she raged “one night of pure sex it will be, I’m gonna ride you all night long until I cream all over your dick over and over and over, and when ive edged you enough I’ll let you cum in me, now if you want it come get it”

He shot up and met her lips on his, so fast already groping each other  and tongues duelling moaning into each other’s mouth then she stopped and dropped to her knees undoing his jeans while he looked on in awe, she pulled them just until they cleared his arse along with his boxers too and she was slapped in the face by the 9 inch dagger, looking at it with lust and hunger she grabbed it and began to jerk it while looking up at him.

“UUUGGHH” groaned Jamie while watching this beauty tug on his log, then suddenly not taking her eyes of his she ran her tongue from base to tip and swirling her tongue over the golf ball sized head.

“FUCK YES”! he was glad he knocked one out earlier

“MMM, YOU TASTE SO GOOD” holly spat back

“God I can’t wait to taste you”

While back to jerking his cock “eaten many women have you” she enquired?

“I think I do ok”

“Oh yeah? what about 69” she asked still pumping her nephew’s cock while squatting like whore in her kitchen.

“no never”

With a few more licks and slurps she got up and whispered” well then let’s change that right now, follow me” she brushed past him and as he turned around, she was just leaving his sight exiting via the hall, strutting like a catwalk model.

He held his jeans up so they didn’t fall, and he tripped and make a fool of himself at the bottom of the stairs he looked up and could see just stairs as he got near the top, with 5-6 steps to go she came into view and as he continued until she was in full sight then he stopped and glared as to what she was gonna do, his raging cock pointed straight at her.

Holly held his gaze and slowly reached back to her clasp to give him his first full view of those massive jugs, snap! The clasp went, glad to be freed of the overtime it was already being put under and he nearly fainted as she pulled the cups away from her and they dropped a touch with the weight of them it was no surprise, dropping the bra she cupped both her magnificent tits and looked straight back and knew what was coming.

“34G before you ask, and they need a sucking!”

She knew she was teasing him and as soon as he learned her size, she sauntered to her room leaving him like a little puppy to drool and follow her and he eagerly did.

She was already on the bed laid back on her elbows waiting for him he was knew full well now she was more than serious he gave it his all too and rushed to grab her to be stopped by her foot on his chest.

“Take off your clothes then take of my knickers” giving him a sultry look he quickly discarded his clothes and reached for her panties and pulled from the waistband while raising her arse for him and they slipped down and off her feet then quickly crawling to him one her knees she stopped on the edge of the bed and let him take her in.

“Fuck holly! Your love heart looks great” he gasped “I’m gonna enjoy seeing that slide down on my cock”

“Mmm yeah baby you are” she shuddered with lust” but first Tits are for sucking…”

And he launched his self onto her grabbing and mauling her huge rack licking, sucking and kissing her tits all over.

“ARRRGGGHH! Fuck that’s good” letting him be rough with her for a few minutes while cradling his head

Pulling him away and ordering him to lay down on the bed it was time to wine, dine and 69!

Straddling his face, she then leaned forward to envelope his huge rod in her mouth, and he instinctively lapped at her love tunnel

“MMMPPPHHH” they moaned in unison as the pleased each other orally, she was trying to take it all down her neck but knew that would take practice, he was just too big! In turn he was pleasing her well, but she could tell he was a beginner in that dept, not useless just needed some direction.

“Pull my hood back and lick my clit baby” and she went back to sucking his huge hard phallus

“MMMRRRRGGGHHHH” holly groaned while his dick was in her mouth, he found the sweet spot and he knew that from her moans causing the most delightful vibration on his dick, both now moaning into each other’s special place causing an alternating current of pleasure!

He was so fired up now his earlier wank had helped him hold off a but had no idea it was gonna end up in auntie holly’s mouth, he pulled off her pussy urgently

“Fuck holly I’m gonna cum”

“MMMMMPPPHH” she moaned then went harder and faster, he took that as a green light and went back to her clit licking it and sucking it harder himself, within seconds they both came! Both moaning and groaning as she took his creamy load down her throat and her glazing his lips like a Krispy Kreme donut with sweet nectar.

As they separated breathing heavily coming down from a cum high she went in for a hug and wrapped him in her arms, she felt like she was gonna cry, yes she swallowed his jizz and he ate her out but she felt something more than crazy horny lust now, as they fell into a steady make out session that was getting more and more intense again and he was already back to full hard mast as she marvelled at the young stamina he had and now it was time to feast and get her fill.

Now laid back in the centre of the bed with his rested on the pillow slight tilting his head forward she made her move and straddled her young nephew and rubbed his loin on her clit to tease them both and lube it up with dripping pussy juices before “THWACK THWACK THWAK Holly had taken his rigid tool by the base and slapped his engorged bell end on her clit, “ooohhh” she cooed, it felt like a knock on her love tunnel and it kinda was, only with a little bolt of electric surging through it too.

“Jamie your aunt is about to sit on your fat cock, I used to watch you while your mum and dad went out let you get away with murder and always have your back and now look at your naughty aunt” she giggled

“You still have my back, well at least have me on it, now holly I can’t wait! You said you was gonna fuck me! So, FUCK ME” he growled, oh I like this horny version of him she thought.

Holly scooted up just a bit further on her knees reaching back she grabbed his throbbing member positioning it at the entrance to her love tunnel, her pussy lips stretched around the bulbous bell end, the dick was wet enough to slide all in had it been a mediocre one but this one wasn’t so she put a bit more effort into her decent and with one big cock swallowing lunge her arse dropped all the way to his balls.

“OH FUCK” Jamie groaned as he felt the heat of her furnace smother him with its wet warmth

Holly gasped aloud, her eyes bulging as she felt her pussy walls expand around his 9inch invader, she felt her nephews helmet sponge against her cervix.


“I’m not just anyone baby, I’m the aunt who can” she winked

And with that her meaty behind rose, her love juice dripping down his shaft, then bang it dropped again swallowing it whole, seconds past as she went from slow and steady to full power, pumping on his cock and beating against his balls.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYEEESSSSSS! THAT’S IT”! Holly squealed as her head fell back in pleasure, her arse still never missing a beat, THFFLUP! THFFLUP! THFFLUP! THFFLUP! Was noise of their sexes mashing together.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK HOLLY” Jamie screamed, she looked even hotter, working hard for her next orgasm, which was moments away, his 69 cum was his 2nd in nearly 2 hours including beating off into the shower so he doing ok for now with standing her efforts so far, with her big tits swaying and mashing together as she rode herself to heaven was a magnet to him so he watched them dance for him until he grabbed a boob in each hand and roughly squeezed them before thumbing and lightly twisting a nipple.

“FUCKING FUCK FUCK! YES, DO THAT” holly egged him on

“I bet your gonna cum hard” he goaded her now while she increased her efforts, bed springs starting to complain.

“Your just about to find out” she quivered…


Still feeling her cervix being rubbed by his member as she shivered from the delicious orgasm that just occurred, and her arse resumed bouncing again going even harder.

“UUGGHH! UUGGHH! UUGHH! Was all you could hear as she rammed his erection to the deepest depths of her kitty, for the next 15 minutes she showed no signs of tiring she felt her next cum brewing inside her.

“You feel like Cumming yet?” she asked a little out breathe!

“No, I’m still good! He moaned back “enjoying my cock being swallowed by my hot aunt” he retorted “so get off again holly, make yourself cum again on me, harder, make your tots bounce for me”

“OH FUCK! SO HOT SHE SNAPPED!” holly Sinclair did just that, bouncing harder, making her titties dance for him, the headboard now starting to clatter on the wall behind.

“IM GONNA CUM, IT HERE COMES! OHH FUCK CUUUMMING SO HARRRDD!”  could be heard all the way through the house now.

Falling onto her nephew’s chest as she came down from euphoria, breathing hard, Jamie grabbed her hair and pulled into lust fuelled tongue battle squeezing her ripe arse.

“Ive bever been fucked so good” he marvelled at her

“I’m not finished yet” she said matter of factly

After regaining her breathe and composure she sat back up, one hand on his chest and on his behind her, holly settled into the slow grind, making them both feel soo good! For the next hour she rode him to sweet bliss, slowing slightly when he was close to Cumming so he could calm down before the gyrating sped back up, all that could be heard was terms of endearment and as they never took their eyes of each other, then as he played with her juicy tits for the 500th time, she took her hair in her hands and held it above head as she rode even slower and ground down even harder on his tool.

That was it that was the best sight of the night for him, seeing her like that while her eyes burned into his, then just has quick she let go of her hair, leant back on her arms as she let him see open for him.

“GOD! IM SO LUCKY” then quickly thumbing her clit in circular motions.

“OH! OH! OH! YES!! JUST LIKE THAT” as she sat straight back up and starting to grind hard now, she due another cum and was gonna have it, pulling him up to her, aunt and nephew started locking lips and their tongues snaked around each other wildly as he went to wrap his arms around her for a tight hug, but like no other they had shared before… he almost lost it there and came as he felt her huge hard nipples press into his chest and they now both squeezed each other hard while continuing the passionate make out session, she rose and fell in his arms as those knockers were bulged out to the side

The room was filled with soft wet sounds of her coming down on his slick meat as the bed shook continuously against the wall and the incestuous illicit pleasure filled sounds moans and groans, they shared as the lovers’ lips smacked loudly, holly pulled her lips off him all to quickly as she stared into his eyes, smiling hotly while circling her hips and squeezing her cunt muscles to suck his dick even more inside her.

She surprised him by removing herself from him, but he was a little glad as the urge to cum was getting to much for young Jamie, looking curiously at her as she then made it clear what she was doing, spinning he knees round, again holding his rod as she sank back down into reverse cowgirl.

“ARRGGGHHHHH” a lengthy groan of delight left of their open panting mouth’s as ger arse settled onto him and his face screwed up with a huge smile as he felt the forbidden pleasure again.

Holly almost immediately, lightly starting to ride up and down on his pussy pleaser causing her bum to ripple slightly as it made contact with his loins again and again.

“I think you just need to see how arse looks as I please you” holly hotly moaned as Jamie was grunting under her. then just as she glanced to her side as the pleasure was waving through her she caught sight of her vanity mirror on the dressing table, my god! she thought how hot we look! As she still wasn’t missing any beats on him, she watched as she pleased her nephew and herself, tits bobbing around, her rump flexing, God how wrong is this she silently scolded herself until she was broke of her thoughts, she felt his hands grab and knead her arsecheeks like pizza dough, and she could she him do in the reflection, his face screwed up in lust as he watched her move, and his handy work.

“MMmmmmm” she let out while watching this perfect union take place, she watched on for a more minutes before letting him on the other view possible.

Lifting herself up slightly, keeping his tool within her grasp she moved in the squatting position and rested her hands on his just behind her, now bouncing hard up and down as he grabbed her hips to kept it steady and consistent.

“OH, FUCK HOLLY! YOUR SO FUCKING GOOD!! TAKE IT DEEP” and that’s just what she did, his monster was hitting places in her tight hole that she didn’t know where there, taking a smug pride in herself she relished the mirrored reflection of her actions!

“If you think that’s good” she shuddered “then look at my dresser”

It was then they met each other’s gaze as she rode him hard building up to another impeding orgasm, each more earth shattering than the last, she was tired, she was sore, but one thing holly Sinclair wasn’t was a quitter!

Jamie watched in the mirror as her huge jugs just flew around and tried to follow her nipples on the end of them but gave up as they went to fast for him, she was relentless.

“HOLLY YOUR AMAZING! OH! OH! OH!” he groaned loud!

“I watch porn to you know, i aim to please!” she quivered as she spoke, her orgasm now on the horizon as the efforts doubled, to lost in her lust she couldn’t look anymore, no focus as her head threw from side to side grunting each time she slammed down, Jamie was still admiring, preparing for the orgasm show that was just commencing.


And boy did she! He watched as she came and screamed his name almost close to losing itself, he informed her, still moving slowly as she came down from her high.

“Nooo I’m not done with you yet” she snapped and released him altogether with “pop” as his long dong slid out. Her cunt gaping from the filling now missing.

As she moved back to straddle him cowgirl again her hips were burning with tiredness, but she was too hooked on carnal taboo lust care, stooping briefly to drain a bottle of water from the bedside table, she needed that and so did he, the boil of a torrent of millions of life-giving sperm had simmered down from the boil within her minute break.

And soon she was sliding back down and gently took him in her arms for another passionate make out session as her hips gently rotated on his love muscle, as they kissed her tits ballooned out as they pressed against his frame.

Leaning back slightly and releasing hips from hers, holly cupped her left breast and lifted it towards his waiting mouth.

“Suck on that” she commanded as she fed it to him like a hungry infant, and he did! Sucking like he wanted the milk from it.

“UUUUGGHHH” yes holly moaned feeling him suck and nibble her nub as she gently rose and fell, she swapped hands to guide him to her other tit now, as the nipple left his mouth her left hand drew his head to her right tit and as before she cupped it and raised it to him for some attention, just before he latched on, too lost in the feeling pleasure, need and lust he muttered words that would turn this into more than a night fuck fest!

“I love you so much holly, be mine” he admitted totally on auto pilot, uh oh that did it, upon hearing that her eyes had got big again just as they did as his appendage entered her for the first time, she stopped dead and dropped her tit from her hand and took his head in her hands as she glared into his eyes.

“What did you say?” she said, her voice was a only they could hear, oh fuck he thought ive blown it now aa she looked into his eyes, with his returning gaze now one of worry and fear, the silence was too loud now.

His eyes dropped to a frown before she again asked causing him to look back straight into her eyes.

“What did you say?” feeling like he’d messed up and still his aunt fir that matter, he just let it out.

“Holly, I love you, I always have you know that, but since Spain and now this night I love you as I shouldn’t, as a lover, as a man loves a woman”

With his feelings clear, they just stared into each other soul, she hadn’t screamed or got mad so he thought she wasn’t to mad, but that wasn’t the word and if only he could see into her mind body and soul just then because then she was having a triple whammy.

Her pussy still full of nephew cock was now wetter than ever, heart was bursting with admiration, and love for him too, her mind had fireworks going off in there, even tho her emotion was still unreadable, she knew with how he felt in her, how he made her feel now, she wanted and loved him too, holly had never had a man tell her he loved her and she had never had a cock so good either she knew this wasn’t going to be a one nighter, it was for keeps now, the details of how to mask it from the world would wait, still staring back and now more composed, what felt like hours was only minutes

“Do you really mean that “? Searching his eyes

“Yes, I know I’m 18 but these feelings are things ive never felt before, i want you! I want your body; I want you with me always and proud you’d be mine”

With that said a single tear fell from her eye, a tear of happiness as she linked her lips with his for a long sensual kiss, she knew this was it, her man now and she was his woman.

“I love you too, so much” she whispered “this is just us now”

“and you love my cock too? because you’ve told me you love me but not him” he questioned now happy they were on the same page, he was more daring with his words, both still sat still with him in her eyes, she formed a evil grin and closed her eyes,  she was now  handling the nerve centre inside her, breathing slow and steady, holly’s brain sent signals to all the muscles in her body, that it was needed elsewhere, she sucked all her might from all the corners of her cracking body and once it was all stored in her core she opened her eyes to him and simply said.

“You Ready?”


And then! She sent it all to her pussy muscles and squeezed his cock harder than ever, like a boa constrictor, it felt like she was turning it to mush!

“UUUUUUGGGGHHHHHAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHGHGHHGH! FFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!” he got his answer of her love for his sword within her, smiling back at him taking great satisfaction in the fact she just did that, he was trembling his nuts were boiling and her need was too, she shoved him down hard and went up a gear for the barrage about to follow.

She was interested anymore about edging him to one amazing climax, she now wanted his cum and quick! Holly reached up and grabbed the headboard for leverage and slammed her arse down onto him!

“ARRRGGH! OOOHHH! ARRGGGH! ARGGGHH” was all that could be heard between the two her arse beet against his balls and with the confessions that had minutes ago been said she was going harder and faster now wanting her new lovers cum.

“GIVE ME YOUR CUM! I WANT IT NOW!! NOW FUCING NOW!!” as she bounced like she was on a pogo stick… Jamie hearing this wanted to give her his load he was gagging now and those millions of swimmers in his ball sack were gagging to, they chomped the bit to be fired out and go on a mission, he grabbed her hips and planted his feet on the bed, and she thrust down her flexed up and met her!

Now seeing stars, holly had lost all control and began screaming so loud and really pounding back now all you could hear whey wasn’t screaming at each other to fuck harder was the SMACK! SMACK! Of their sexes smacking together and the bed now pounding the wall just as hard, it was so intense they both felt a new feeling but neither knew what it was, but it felt so fucking good, for it actually was his cock being sent into her with ferocity and breaching her cervical lips! With a barrier that his sperm wouldn’t have to break if he shot while his slit broke through them would be dangerous, but at this point she didn’t give a shit.

did she care it was now well into the early hours of the morning and had been keeping her neighbours from sleeping with her screams and knocking of the bed on the wall? no chance! Or that it was her nephew? Nope that made it hot, she wasn’t even phased that it could end up with a pregnancy? fuck no! all she wanted now was her best orgasm ever and to rock his world, still gripping her hips he pounded in, and her orgasm started to hit.

“Oh god” she panted

“Fuck here it comes, holly warned

“Yes, cum on my Dick, then ill flood your pussy” he grunted

“OH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Holly groaned, “YES! YES! IM GONNA CUM!! FUUUUUCCCCKKKIINNNGG CUMMIINNNG! YES!! AARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH” holly screamed as her cunt locked on him one more time triggering his cum.

“UUUUGHGGHGGHGGHFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” He screamed back pounding his hips hard as rope after rope of potent baby batter did find itself being shot passed her cervix walls, grunting as the 9th stringy jet left his balls.

“UUUUUUUUHHHHHH, I FEEL IT JAMIE, I FEEL YOUR CUM! SO DEEP!” so wrong but so right to be filling his aunt up.

And with a they collapsed in unison with her faking onto his chest, quicky removing herself from him, she didn’t want but her body begged to relax and lay straight, she had worked hard.

That was incredible Jamie cooed as he hugged into her while she opened arms to him, both now coming down from heaven and resting against each other, she was sore but never felt better.

10 minutes passed and Jamie went toilet to relieve his bladder, he left the bedroom and prepared 2 glasses of ice water to take back to bed, holly just stroking her muff of hair lightly as she tried to think straight, both drinks were drained in seconds they had needed the fluids and he joined her back in bed.

“We need to talk” holly said quite quick, his head just dropped knowing it was bad news. holly seeing this knew he needn’t worry.

“Hey, it’s not bad… look we want both want this don’t we?”

“yes” he replied

And so, holly began” the talk is a must, there will be no ground rules, your old enough to know that in situations we must be normal and in others we can be ourselves and be like we are now! That’s it simple… we can’t get caught as its wrong if we are careful, we can be together, well as much as we can be at least, soo when people who know us or family are around, we are aunt and nephew, when not we can be us! Ok?”

“I love it and I love you” he replied

Holly’s heart beamed again “I love you too so come and hug me tight and give a goodnight kiss darling” as they melted into each other they both drifted peacefully to sleep.

What wasn’t sleeping was his sperm and her eggs, they now were together in Holly’s fallopian tubes and the swimmer was fucking her egg just as hard she had fucked him.

To be continued?


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