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A Family Christmas

We all get what we want for Christmas.
A Family Christmas

It all started one Christmas when I was 18, I saw my mother opening a present from my uncle, my dad’s brother. Her brother in-law obviously. Anyway, as she opened the box, she looked inside and her face went red immediately. Her in-law brother laughing looks and says sheepishly, “what’s in it?!”

She closed the box as quick as she opened it. She jumped up and practically ran out of the room with the box cradled in a death hug.

My uncle laughing his ass off, he knew what was in it, hell he was the one who bought it and wrapped it. Being gay, I’m sure he knew exactly what he was buying because he’d tested one out on himself. But enough about the gay homosexual.

Mom came back into the room, smoking a cigarette, I’m sure embarrassed as hell. I didn’t think much of it, but my teenage curiosity was running wild. I was horny all the time, any chance to masturbate was taken wherever I was at.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

Well as the night went on, everyone had opened their gifts, everyone had eaten Christmas dinner, we started packing our gifts to the car. My older brother listening to his new Walkman, was sitting in the front seat.

I got behind the driver’s seat. Mom got in the car, started it up and off we went. It was a two hour trip back home from my grandmothers, my brother jamming his new Walkman full blast, head banging to Metallica all the way home.

Mom turned the radio on to drown out the heavy metal. Christmas songs on every station. I was playing my GameBoy, just got a new game and the light that attached to it so you could play in the dark. Yes , it was the nineties. Early or late I can’t remember. Mom singing along to Christmas songs, it was one of my greatest memories. Especially what was about to happen.

An hour into the trip home, my GameBoy batteries started dying. But I got a fresh pack in my Christmas bundle of games and light attachment. I switched it off, and started looking for the pack of batteries. “Mom, do you know where those new batteries are?” I asked. “Check in those gift bags next to you honey.”

I started digging into the bags, found a small cardboard box I thought was the box my batteries were in, boy was I wrong. I opened the box, and there in all its glory was the embarrassing gift my uncle gave my mom.

It wasn’t that impressive to me, but it was definitely a 9 inch, replica of a pornstars cock. I don’t remember who he was, never heard of him back then.

We lacked the Internet we know and love today. I was surprised to see this rubber cock and think that my mom was gonna be using this. I closed it up and put it back down in the bag.

As I sat back up straight, I catch a glimpse of my mom’s wide open eyes, looking at me in the rear view mirror. “Did, did you find those batteries son?”

She asked with a nervous stuttering voice. “No, I think I’ll just wait to get home and dig them out.”

“Okay hun, should be home soon. Can’t wait to get home myself.” She said with a grin on her face.

I could see her smiling in the rear view as she said it, then looked up at me in the mirror and smiled at me, then looked back at the road.

My brother still banging his head into brain damage, took his headphones off and asked if he could be dropped off at his friend’s house, he lived 35 minutes from us so it was on the way home.

“If they are home and don’t mind you coming on Christmas, it’s fine with me.”

We pulled into their driveway, he got out and ran up to the door, his friend came out and they walked to my mom’s window, “can I stay the night mom?” he asked.

“If it’s alright with his mother, I don’t mind,” his friend ran in and out just as fast and said its ok. He told our mom bye, grabbed his new tapes from the backseat in his gift bag and ran into his buddy’s house. We pulled out if the driveway and headed home.

As we started back onto the main road, I started thinking of that dildo, not a vibrator for those of you who get confused.

This didn’t take batteries, it was a realistic cock and balls. It was thicker than my cock, but mine was longer, not by much but I could tell.

Anyway, I started thinking about what it looked like, what my mom was gonna do with it. I knew all about sex, was very sexual myself.

Puberty going strong, I’d fingered a few girls on the bus ride to school a few times but hadn’t lost my virginity yet. So thinking about anything sexual turned me on. Especially a woman masturbating, that was a real turn on of mine. My mom was very good looking, still is for her age now. Back then she was 5’5, 135lbs. Big C cup breasts, nice curves, not fat. She wasn’t ripped with muscle, no abs or nothing, she was a real, curvy, smooth skinned woman.

She was meaty but not fat, nice thighs, a nice belly. She attracted alot of men. Long curly brown hair, pretty brown green eyes. Full lips, a round ass, nice legs, pretty little feet and toes. I started when I was young thinking about her when I masturbated, after seeing her in a bikini one hot summer day when we were swimming.

My brother was always at his friends, I didn’t have many friends so I stayed home, hit baseballs around the yard, pitched baseballs into a barrel.

Played outside by myself all the time with RC cars, a bit of a loaner. One day she wanted to go to the lake, go swimming at the beach. I asked who was going, she said just the two of us.

She always felt bad I had no friends, but it didn’t bother me much. I was just saddened that no girls lived around us.

I only seem them at school, two of them I talked to everyday on the bus, that’s when I started fingering her, she didn’t live by any boys and we were the first two on the bus every morning. But she lived a ways down the road. So I thought of sex alot after getting my finger wet.

Back to the beach, we finally got there, got out and I packed the cooler and towels.

My mom carried her big beach supplies bag, full of sunscreen, brushes, god knows what all she had in there. She was wearing cutoff jeans, cut all the way up to her buttcheeks. And a big sleeveless shirt I think used to me mine.

I was 6’1 200lbs, didn’t grow any after that though. So it had to be my shirt as big as it was. Wind blowing her curly hair, her skin was tan, not too dark, but a nice light brown.

We spread our beach towels out on the ground, I took my shirt off, I wasn’t ripped, I was naturally muscular, big shoulders and biceps, thick forearms. A little on the pale side.

I sat down on the towel, grabbed a soda, mom started taking off her shorts, revealing her bikini bottoms, a nice yellow. Then she started pulling her shirt over her head, I watched her from behind my sunglasses.

Her nice curvy body, big breasts bouncing as she folded her clothes and bent over to lay them on the spread out towel.

I could see into her top, everything but nipples. I started feeling the blood rush to my cock, staring and bouncing against my swim shorts. One of the first times I started feeling sexual towards her.

She asked if I wanted to go into the water, I stood up forgetting about the growth in my shorts, mesmerized by her big breasts.

She turned to look if I was getting up and saw my throbbing cock, her eyes got real wide. She shook her head and looked up at me and smiled and said “lets get in the cool water, it’s warm out today.”

I agreed and she grabbed my wrist and we walked toward the water. I tried fixating my hard on to point up in my waistband, but the head and a little shaft was exposed, so I tried making it go sideways over my upper thigh.

As we walked toward the water, I saw a few guys looking at her in her sexy yellow bikini, one guy wolf whistled at her, she looked down and started giggling.

She knew she was sexy and loved the attention. She turned to me and smiled, I caught her glancing down at my bulge, stretched across my leg, still throbbing from watching her ass jiggle, and tits bounce as we walked. We got to the water, finally my cock got the cool down it needed.

She went under water, swam a little and surfaced. I just bobbed there, watching as she bent her head back, ran her hands through her hair, water running down her face. It was really a turn on.

My dick started throbbing again, balls tightened. I felt like I was gonna prematurely ejaculate all over myself under the water. I felt the need to jerk my cock so bad, I just tried to swim around a little, trying to get rid of the boner I had for my sexy mom.

She swan out to the floating buoys that marked off the swimming area from the rest of the lake. I watched as her ass stuck up out of the water as she swam there and back.

She turned over to backstroke, her big breasts out of the water, floating on top of the water, jiggling around with her movements. I was about to lose it, I had to do something soon.

She swam back beside me and started turning over, she went under and came up right beside me. I felt as her hand or arm brushed against my erection as she surfaced for air. “Sorry honey, didnt mean to hit your leg.”

“That wasnt my leg” I muttered. “What?” She replied looking me in the eyes, figuring out she just touched my hard dick.

“Lets go back to the towels, I’m thirsty and wanna lay out before we go.”

I agreed, trying to fixate my package again before I was all exposed. I noticed no one was close to us, or even around our spot, people were 200 yards away.

So I didn’t worry about anyone seeing my tent I pitched in my trunks. I was so turned on I didn’t care if she saw it. I was having wild thought of her pulling my trunks down and jerking the cum out of cock. Spraying cum all over her tits like sunscreen and her rubbing it in.

As we walked back, my dick was about to burst, it ran over my thigh, trunks bulging around my hard on. She bent over to get in the cooler, popped the lid open, searching for a cold drink.

She bent over as to not bend her knees. Ass in the air, cameltoe staring me right in the face. I grabbed my towel, started drying my face and head, exposing my cock bulge so it was very noticeable. Waiting on her to turn around and start drying my face like I wasn’t paying attention.

She started raising up so I hid my face in my towel, acting as if I was drying my eyes and face, she turned around and opened her drink, as I started drying my hair.

I pushed my pelvis out, pushing my hard on towards her, I caught her eyes lock on to my bulge, her drink right on her lips but she was frozen still.

She took a small sip as she stared at my trunks. She licked her lips as she swallowed.

I asked her to hand me my shades, she turned, bent straight over, sticking that big round ass up in the air, moving it side to side, acting like she couldn’t find them.

Grabbed them, handed them to me. I put them on, started drying my body off, she sat down on the towel and watched me dry off as I watched through my sunglasses.

She bent her knees up to her chest, tits hanging between her knees, legs spread open, as she moved her legs open and closed, like she was getting a little horny.

I watched her stare and rock her legs open and closed as I started drying off my trunks, rubbing the towel up and down my erection. I went to sit down, she straightened her legs out and rolled on her side, ass pointed right at me.

She dug into her bag, pulled out her tanning lotion. Handed it to me and asked me if I would rub some on her as she rolled onto her stomach.

I obliged, squirted a bunch into my hand, rubbed in on my other hand, straddled her legs, started rubbing into her shoulder, she layer her face sideways on the towel, grabbed her hair, exposed her neck, so I started rubbing her neck.

She started moaning, “mmmm.” I could feel my cock throbbing, I leaned forward, acting like I was repositioning myself, pressing my cock into her ass, laying it into her ass like a hotdog.

I felt her clench her cheeks, then release, clench and release, over and over as I rubbed down her back, hands on her sides, rubbing down until I felt the sides of her big, beautiful C tits.

I felt her push her ass against my trunks, I pushed back. Rubbed down to her hips, moving myself down do I could rub her thighs. I cupped her buttcheeks. I kneeled beside her, using both hands to rub up and down her inner thigh, she bent her knees, pointing her toes in the air, alternating legs as I rubbed her down.

I was about to cum all over myself, but I was too nervous to just whip it out and jack off right in front of her.

I finished rubbing her legs down, covering every inch of her back, head to toes. “I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back mom.”

She said, “hurry back, I’ll need to turn over and I need lotion on my front too.”

I got up, throbbing, I could feel the precum oozing out of my purple head, she turned to look at me as I stood up, looking right my crotch and smiling.

I speed walked to the restrooms, which also had a shower in them to wash off, I busted in and jumped in the shower stall, took off my trunks, stood there in my flip flops, dick pointing straight up in the air.

The precum was practically running out like a faucet not turned off all the way. I turned the shower on, steam filling up as the hot water ran, I still had some slick hands from the lotion.

I grabbed my cock head firm and stroked down to my balks and back up, the clear fluid pouring out like crazy, no more than three full strokes I could feel myself getting ready to blow cum everywhere.

My muscles tightened, I groaned as cum shot out of my purple throbbing dick. It shot out so hard and fast it hit the tile wall and splattered, six, seven eight more jets of jizz shot out like a rocket.

It felt so good my knees got weak, legs shaking. I damn near collapsed into the hot water. I regained myself, tried to wash all the sticky cum off my cock head and body from the splatter. I got dressed, splashed cold water on my face from the sink, looked at my reflection. Headed back out to the woman I jacked off to, laying on the towels.

Now on her back. Knees bent, leaning on her elbows, watching the jet skis fly back and forth. I got back, she looked over and smiled at me, asking “everything come out ok?”

I answered yes with a grin. She said she was ready to go, but wanted to use the toilet before we drove back.

We gathered our stuff back up, I carried the cooler, she grabbed her clothes, laid the towels on the cooler lid, started off to the bathrooms. She walked into the restrooms, I waited outside the door, sitting on the cooler.

All of a sudden I hear her scream, I jump up and bust into the ladies room, asking if she was ok.

“I saw a huge ass spider, it ran off, I don’t know where it went!”

I looked around and said I didn’t see it. “Stay in here until I’m done in case it comes back.”

I agreed, “but what if someone comes in?” I asked.

“It’ll be fine, I’ll tell them why if someone comes in. It’s fine, no one cares.”

I drug the cooler inside the restroom so I had a seat. I sat there, looking for the spider to emerge, so I could kill it, when I hear a faint “mmm.”

I looked around, kinda confused. I hear it again, I ask her, “you ok mom?”

She answers “mmmm.”

I look down at her stall door, seeing her feet, her toes curling up in her flip flops. Her sexy little toes, red toenail polish. Her feet slide towards her, then back out. Toes curling up, then straight, then curling back and forth.

She slid one of her feet out of her flip flop. Assuming she has it pressed against the door for leverage or so she could spread her legs more. Now both feet are gone, just flip flops laying there empty. I slide down to her stall, peeking into the crack on the sides of the door.

Faintly seeing fast movements, moaning softly coming from here cubicle of moans and groans. I start to get hot, my cock growing again. I notice a bolt for the restroom door, I get up and lock it.

I walk closer to her stall, peeking into the crack, I can see her eyes closed, head tilted backward. I took the opportunity to slide off my trunks and grab my hard cock.

I start stroking it up and down, I could feel the precum oozing out again. I knew it wasn’t gonna be long before I came. I guess all the rubbing I did for her made her just as hot as I was. I don’t mind one bit.

She glanced up real quick, I froze. I was busted and I knew it. I just stood there like an ice sculpture.

She was looking right me through the crack, she smiled a cute little smile, proceeded to lick her finger and rub her clit.

She closed her eyes again and spread her legs open ever more, her knees on the stall walls. She lifted up her top and flopped out her big, round breast, started pinching and squeezing her nipple and breast. She started panting, her face was turning a reddish color.

Her body started shaking, I stroked harder and faster, she opened her eyes, stated right at the crack I was peeking into, her mouth opened, she licked her lips, our eyes were locked, my cum started shooting out, I groaned, she heard my groan, starting moaning, shaking, my cum splattering against the door, she was panting faster, faster, until she was holding her breath, she leaned forward, I could tell she was orgasming. Her let out a loud oohhhhh. My cum running down the stall door. I shook the excess off my cock head.

Pulled my trunks on, backed away. I saw her feet come down and slide on her flops. I saw her slide her bottoms over her feet. Stood up and flushed. I wiped the sweat off with a towel, she emerged and said “it’s hot in here huh?” I nodded yes, she asked “no sign of that spider huh?”

I shook my head no.

She washed her hands and face, I walked over and shared her sink, she moved aside and I splashed cold water on my face and head.

I dried off with the paper towels she handed me, she looked at me and smiled and asked if we were ready to go. I answered yes, grabbed the cooler and towels, she slid on her cut off and big shirt.

She went to open the door but it was bolted, looked at me and laughed, “were you nervous you’d get caught in here?”

I laughed and said “let’s go mom.”

We walked to the car, packed up and left for home. She cranked the radio up and sang along to sixties and seventies rock and roll.

I stretched out, put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes, I peeked through my shades and saw her glance over to my crotch, she outstretched her arm, my eyes widened as I thought she was gonna grab my bulge, she patted my thigh, rubbed her hand on my leg, then continued to place her hand in the wheel and drive us home.

As we drove home from opening presents and eating Christmas dinner, all those memories if the beach flooded back to me, I started to feel my dick stiffening. It wasnt as obvious as the swimming trunks, but you could still make out my bulge running across my left thigh.

My jeans leg was throbbing and bouncing everytime my heart beat, faster and faster. I started thinking about shooting cum all over that stall door as she rubbed her pussy. Then the dildo entered my head, what she was going to do with it. I imagined her sliding that big fake cock into her wet pussy. If she had the dildo at the beach, I could’ve watched her use it in the bathroom stall.

We got closer to home and she looked over and smiled at me, I smiled back. She asked “what’s wrong? Your face is getting red.”

“I don’t know” I answered with a grin. As she turned back to the road, she glanced down at the bulge in my jeans leg.

Her eyes got wide and she quickly turned back to the road. She started singing along with the radio again. A few moments later she reached over, patted my knee, then patted my thigh.

Right on top of my bulging cock. Rested her hand there a few seconds, I flexed my cock, made it bounce while she had a hand on it. I felt a little squeeze then she continued to drive with both hands. She spoke up “I can’t wait to get home, play with my Christmas toys, hahahaha.”

I laughed, “Did you get what you wanted?”

She laughed, said “I guess, how about you?”

“Maybe, you can’t always get what you want I guess.”

Christmas isn’t officially over yet bub, maybe you’ll get what you wanted later.”

I looked down at the floorboard and answered “yeah, maybe.”

We pulled into the driveway, packed up our Christmas gifts, took them inside. I went in my room and put my stuff away, grabbed my cardboard box and reaching in for my batteries I grab ahold of a think flesh like dildo. Holding it in my hand, thinking oh shit. I put it back in the box, put the box in the gift bag and walked to my mother’s room.

As I got closer, her door was opened just an inch or two. I was about to open the door when I seem her walk by her bed to the closet, naked. Her big breasts hanging out, nipples pointed straight into the air. Her curvy thighs, thick legs. Her ass jiggled so slightly as she bent over to get her things from the closet, putting her clothes away and grabbing her night clothes, which was just an oversized shirt. It was my shirt, but it covered her down to just above her knees.

She pulled the collar to her nose, inhaled, and what looked to be a quiver. I knocked on the door and slowly entered. She quickly contained herself. I held the gift bag in front of me, “I think this is yours mom”.

Her face turned red a little, she said thank you as she grabbed the bag from my hands. As I left her room I said “did you get everything you wanted?”

She quickly turned and smiled, answering “sure did” with a smile.

I walked to my room, started undressing, standing in my underwear, I still had a hardon from earlier, thinking about the beach and the dildo. I was horny, I wanted to release some tension. I pulled off my underwear, turned off the light and slid into bed.

I opened my nightstand drawer and dug out my lube. A bottle of K-Y I had got from a Rite-Aid. I started to squirt a little lube in my palm, greased my cock up, closed my eyes and started thinking about the beach with my mom, her hot body in that bikini. Her moans as she played with herself in the restroom as I watched.

It felt so good to be home, naked in my bed stroking my hard on I had for about an hour. I heard myself let out a faint “oohhh”. As I was getting into it, I threw the covers of to get a good spread, stroking my long cock.

What I didn’t know was, until too late, I look over and my mom is opening my door. I tried to contain myself and go for my covers, but it was too late. I was so into thinking about her hot body, I didn’t hear her coming down the hall. By the time noticed, the door was open and the light came on. I froze, I didn’t know what to do.

I laid there with my legs open, hard cock in my hand. I looked at her, right in the eyes, my mouth wide open, my eyes as big as saucers. Hers just as big and surprised, her jaw wide open. “Oh my god bub I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked.”

“Um, it’s ok mom, just, could you at least turn off the light?”

She closed the door as she left the room. I muttered under my breath as she left,”or come in and help me, jeez. This hard on is from you anyway.”

She must’ve heard me mutter. I had to get rid of my throbbing cock. So I just continued. I closed my eyes and started stroking my cock again.

About five minutes in, I heard a faint noise, looked up and there stood my mom. She knocked as she walked all the way in. I stopped for a minute, started to cover myself.

She walked all the way into my room, I noticed she didn’t have the huge shirt on anymore. She had on a lacy blue top and nothing else, I could see through the top, her nipples were showing right through the fabric. She sat on the corner off my bed.

” I just thought you and me could open one last gift”, with a smile she held up the big fleshy dildo. Stood up, pulled my desk chair right next to my bed, right beside me.

She propped her feet on my bedside and spread her legs wide open.

“I know you’ve seen this before, I know you watched me in the stall that day and it made me as wet as ever and I want that again.”

I couldn’t believe it. But my cock was throbbing like crazy, my heart was pounding harder than ever. “I was watching and it made me cum so hard seeing you please yourself, I’d love to watch you again.”

She smiled, reached over and grabbed my cock, I about came everywhere right there and then. “Just thought I’d use your lube” she said as she stroke me up and down a few times, precum oozing down, she ran her finger up and collected the precum and rubbed it into her dildo. She took the head of it and started to slide it into her pussy. She moaned loudly, her knees turned in and touched as she took the whole thing into her.

Her head tilted back. She grabbed her breast and squeezed. I saw her wet pussy start to leak out juice around her toy. She was pumping it in and out slowly. Legs spread wide open, feet propped on my bedside.

Toes curling up. I uncovered myself, turned sideways, put my legs on each side of hers, I grabbed her feet and placed them on my thighs. I started stroking in rhythm with her pumps.

She stared right at my cock, “this toy sure isn’t as big as you, I never knew you were so big, this is nothing like the real thing that’s for sure.”

“My hand feels good, but I bet it doesn’t feel like the real thing, that’s for sure.”

She stopped, looked me in the eye, “you’re a virgin bub?”

I shook my head yes, looking down in shame. She took out her dildo with a popping sound, laid it on the bed, grabbed my cock, started stroking it up and down.

“Maybe that’s what you wanted for Christmas huh?” I shook my head yes as I looked up at her. She smiled, lifted her leg, straddled my cock and started sliding the head into her wet hot pussy. It was so warm, and wet.

I never felt anything like it, it was just as I hoped. I stretched back, she rested her hands on my chest, slowly bounced up and down on my stick, she slid all the way down my shaft, slowly taking it all.

She started shaking furiously as she almost reached balls deep. I could feel the juices start running out of her, leaking down my dick and dripping on my balls. She started rocking forward and back, she got it all inside her and dug her nails into my chest, “I’m coming!! Oh god! I’m cumming!”

She dropped her ass all the way down with a quick motion, ramming my cock deep inside her, the feel of rough cats tongue on my cock from the bottom of her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pushed my pelvis up into her as I pulled her body down, she screamed “ohhhhhhhh, fuck me! Oh god! I’m cumming again!”

My body was soaked from all the cum that flowed out, I pumped and pumped as she shook all over me.

She finally caught her breath, raised up off my stiff rod, grabbed my dick, stuck it in her mouth and suck her juices off. She was sucking so hard, I thought the head was gonna pop off. “Mmm, MMMMM”, she moaned. “Fuck me bubby, fuck me hard!”

She jumped on the bed on her knees, stuck her ass in the sir, buried her face in my pillow. She reached around, took my cock in her hand and pulled me into her soaking wet, warm pussy.

I slid into her slowly, then rammed my cock all the in, she screamed into the pillow. I grabbed her thick curvy hips and pumped in and out. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. “Fuck me fuck me fuck meeee!!” She moaned loudly.

She started shaking violently, I could feel the juices flowing onto my cock, dripping out. I could feel my balls tightening. “I’m gonna cum mom, I’m cumming soon”.

“Give me your cum bub, I want your cum, give it to me!” I pulled my throbbing member out of pussy, her fluids poured out like a faucet, I flipped her over, “I’m cumming now!”

She grabbed my hard dick, stroked it furiously, sucked the head. I leaned back, grabbed her hair and pulled, my got throbbed as cum started shooting out like a bullet.

She opened her mouth, stroked my cock with two hands, firmly gripping as she pulled the cum to her, shooting jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth, gagging as all my jizz gathered in her throat, trying to take every drop, I couldn’t stop cumming it felt so good, she swallowed a mouthful. It ran down her chin, she stroked me one handed as she rubbed my excess cum into her and around her big full breasts. I finished emptying my balls as she slowly jerked my cock. I leaned forward and collapsed beside her.

Both out of breath, sweating. She put her hand on my chest and rubbed. “I’m gonna take a bath now, clean yourself up bub.”

I answered with an out of breath “yes mom.”

She stood up, gathered her things, looked back and said, “Merry Christmas.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


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