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7 Minutes in Heaven

A brother and sister accidentally explore each other.
7 Minutes in Heaven

My sister and I are fraternal twins. I guess that’s why we’ve always been close. Came out of the same womb together and all. In school we hung around with the same circle of friends, and were fairly popular. There were about fifteen people in our group, and on weekends we always went out together, either to the movies, or to the local diner, or to a house party. It was good having my sister in the bunch. She was my little spy, telling me which girls liked me and which ones didn’t. I did the same for her.

One Friday night, we were all over at Jeff’s house, doing the kind of thing that teenagers do. There was some music, and people were sitting in the basement covertly drinking beer and chatting about various things. Of course, being teenagers, we were all a little horny. About ten pm, Jeff turned down the music and announced a game. “People people, I have something exciting. We’re going to play seven minutes in heaven.” There was a bit of a murmur throughout the crowd. Most people didn’t know how to play. Jeff continued. “Here are the rules. All of the guys are going to go upstairs into the living room, the girls will stay down here. Then, each group will chose one person by whatever method they like. The girl will then go into my bedroom and strip down to her underwear, stuffing her clothes under the bed. Then she’ll get into the closet. Once she’s packed away, the chosen boy will enter the room, and strip down to his underwear. Then we’ll close the lights and he goes into the closet. Whatever happens in there is just the business of the two people in the closet. They aren’t allowed to talk, or to give any information about who they are. That’s why they have to strip first. It is totally anonymous. After 7 minutes, we knock on the door and the guy leaves. He gets dressed and gets out of the room. Once he’s clear, the girl comes out.”

There were a few more questions, but that was the gist of it. You were supposed to make out for seven minutes or so in a closet with someone random. From a guy’s perspective it sounded pretty cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make out with a girl? Surprisingly the girls agreed to the game as well, and we went upstairs. The first two rounds went by, and everyone got the hang of what was going on. Then I was picked to go in third. I was pretty nervous, and I must admit pretty stiff. I was hoping that Kelly would be the one in the closet. I thought that she was pretty hot. Unfortunately, my sister said that she had her eye on someone else and that I shouldn’t bother. Kelly had long blonde hair. I figured that I could tell if it was her by her hair. Most of the other girls had shorter hair. The guys sat around for a few minutes while we waited for the girl’s team to finish fumbling around. Finally from the basement, they yelled, “Ready!” It was my time to go.

I slowly opened the door to Jeff’s room. The lights were out, but I could still make out the general shape of most of the furniture. I took off my shirt and shoes first. It was a little cold in there and I could feel my skin starting to tense up a bit. Then I took off my pants. My cock was tenting out the front of my boxers, but I figured what the hell, the girl in the closet should be expecting that. I moved to the closet door and gave the thumbs up sign to my buddies, who then closed the hallway door. It got a lot darker in Jeff’s bedroom without the hallway light. I turned the knob to the closet and stepped inside.

At first I wasn’t sure that there was anyone there. But I listened closely and heard some breathing. I fumbled around and put my hand out. It touched something warm, a girl’s shoulder. I could feel the goosebumps. She was cold too. I stepped forward and embraced her. There wasn’t much room in the closet anyway, so it was only natural. I felt around her back with my hands. I knew that they must have felt quite cold to the girl, her skin was hot to my touch, so I didn’t want to touch her too strongly. I just lightly ran my hands up and down her back, feeling her bra strap. Bras are magical things to a teenage guy, and just feeling one almost made me have an orgasm right in my boxers. Her arms were around me as well. She put her face in the nape of my neck, and I could feel her shallow breathing on my shoulder. Then her lips touched me, just below my ear. It made me groan a little. I tried to stifle it, we weren’t supposed to speak remember. I moved up to her neck. It was bare, no long blonde hair. I guess it wasn’t Kelly. Oh well, it wasn’t my lucky day. I reached around to the side of her head and put my lips on her neck. We stayed like that for a little while. I could feel her chest up against mine. Whoever she was, she didn’t have very large breasts, but I could feel the nipples through the fabric. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on her neck. It was a bit salty, but smooth and warm. She did the same. Her tongue was rough. I continued licking my way across her neck to her cheek. Then we met lip to lip. I could still hear her shallow breathing as our lips touched. Gently at first, barely brushing up against each other. Then deeper. Then our tongues were in each other’s mouths. She was a good kisser, whoever she was. Not too deep, not too shy. Just slightly aggressive. Her hands were on the small of my back. They went down lower, to the band of my underwear. Then her fingers played around a little, and made the plunge. Her hands were both on my ass. I figured that it was time to make my move, we only had a few minutes left after all. I slid my hand around from her back to her side, and then from her side to her front. I didn’t want to push anything or make her feel uncomfortable. I slid my hand between her breast and her bra. It was loose, she had very small breasts. Even in the A-cup bra she was wearing there was still room for my hand. I hadn’t had much experience with breasts, but I knew that they were the warmest, softest things in the world, and that big or small I loved them. I got her nipple between my index and middle finger and began to squeeze it gently. She let out a small grasp. I wasn’t sure if that was because of my squeeze or because my fingers were cold. My hands were really cold, it was partially from the temperature in Jeff’s house, but also from excitement. I wasn’t used to doing this sort of thing, and I was getting nervous.

I didn’t let that stop me of course, I continued to tweak the girl’s nipples for a while. She made no move to resist me, so I figured that she was up for almost anything. I decided again to push my luck. My hand left her breast and slowly slid down her stomach. It was flat and tight. There was no flab on this girl. I stopped for a minute on her belly button. I love the feel of a good flat stomach. I then proceeded, ever so slowly, down the front of her panties. She was wearing something sheer, I could tell that much. We had been pushed together in the closet, and maybe that’s why she had been rubbing her groin against mine, but as soon as she felt my hand in the area, she backed off a few inches, as if to give me room. I took that as a good sign. I rubbed my fingers over the fabric near the top, then inch my inch, millimeter by millimeter, I moved downward. I could feel her pubic hair through her underwear. It gave a little spring as I pushed against it. I went further down, right between her legs. There wasn’t much room there, and the edges of my hand were brushing against the inner parts of her thighs. They were quite warm, and the feel of my cold fingers caused her to let out another gasp. My middle finger was right over her slit. I could feel that her panties were getting wet right there. I rubbed my hand back and forth, and I could feel her shudder. Her hands were still inside my underwear, rubbing and kneading my ass. Then, they started to move around to my hips. I rubbed harder and harder against her slit, and I must have lost track of time. Our seven minutes were up.

The lights in the bedroom went on, and there was a loud commotion of laughter and hooting coming from outside the closet. Both of us pulled our hands back just as the door opened. Everybody was standing outside, laughing their asses off. I looked over to my now visible partner to find out that it was none other than my own sister!

“You guys fell for it!” said Jeff. “It was all a big set up to see if we could get you two to make out. And it looked like it worked. You guys are sick.” Of course we denied it. We said that we had it all figured out and that we were just sitting in here talking about how big of an idiot Jeff was. We were still wearing our underwear, so there was no evidence that we had been doing anything. My hard-on had disappeared pretty quickly once the lights came on. My sister backed up everything I said of course. We mostly got away with the lie. After we got dressed and went back downstairs, the evening pretty much continued. There were more rounds of seven minutes of heaven, but I didn’t participate. “You guys are just trying to trick me again”, I said. I felt a little uncomfortable, but I dealt with it and tried to get on with the party. My sister did the same. We didn’t talk about it, maybe it was best not to discuss things.


Of course, that next morning I woke up horny as hell. I mean, I almost got off last night, but I didn’t. Any guy will know that is way worse than not getting excited at all. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I figured that I would masturbate to relieve the pressure. I lay back in my bed and pulled out my dick. I started rubbing it. I was thinking about last night. Not that I was thinking about my sister mind you. I wasn’t that perverted. But I was imagining a girl who looked like my sister, with small, warm breasts and wet satin panties. I imagined what it was like to have someone licking the back of your neck. I lifted my hand to my nose and smelled the finger that I had used on my sister. It still had the smell of pussy on it. That smell is enough to get a guy off, even if he isn’t touching himself.

I was interrupted from my bout of self-love by a knock on my door. “Oh great, another missed opportunity to get off”, I thought. I pulled my boxers back up, threw the cover over myself, and said, “come in.” The door slowly opened and my sister stuck her head in.

“Hey bro, I think that we should talk about last night”, she said.

“Ok, come on in.” I sat up in bed. My sister walked in and closed the door behind her. She was wearing her usual sleeping gear, a big sweatshirt and no pants. That was ok since the shirt came all the way to her knees. She walked over to the bed and sat down on the foot. Her legs and bare feet played with the covers.

“That’s was some joke they played last night huh?”, she said nervously.

“Yeah, that Jeff. He is a big jerk. I’ll get him for that. We should come up with a plan.” I said. I couldn’t help but notice my sister’s body. I know it sounds a little sick coming from her brother and all, but objectively she was hot. Maybe even hotter than Kelly. She had shoulder length, brown hair that she always kept tied back in a ponytail. She was really thin and small. What she lacked in breasts she more than made up for in legs. She had great gams. Even her feet were cute. So small and well proportioned. She was wearing white cotton socks. Even though you wouldn’t think that sweat sock are sexy, somehow they are when they are covering tiny little feet like my sister’s. I was starting to feel my hard-on swell again just looking at her calves. It was a strange feeling, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

“I guess that’s it was a good thing that we stopped when we did. It could have been a lot worse if they’d caught me with my panties down.” She giggled, nervously.

“You weren’t going to go that far”, I said jokingly.

:”Are you kidding? I was so horny in that closet. I was just about to grab your cock and stuff it in. I don’t get a lot of chances like that, and I was going to do it. Man, I’m glad that they stopped us when they did. Could you imagine what would have happened if I actually fucked you?”

We both giggled nervously. I was starting to imagine what it would have been like.

“Of course,” she said coyly. “It might not have been all that bad. I mean, you were a great kisser, I’m sure that I would have loved it. While it was going on I mean.”

“Yeah it was pretty good. I almost came in my underwear”, I said. “It was real difficult to get to sleep last night. I really needed to get off.”

“I know what you mean”, she said. “So did I. I sort of wish that we had had a few more minutes in that closet. It could have been fun you know.”

“I know.” I was getting quite turned on by all this sex talk. I had never considered fucking my own sister, but it was starting to look like a good idea. When you are a guy, there is a certain level of excitement beyond which you’ll do almost anything to get off. You lose control of rational behavior. I was reaching that point.

“You know”, my sister said hesitantly, “There is a closet here in your room, we could play again.” She wasn’t even looking at me. I think that she was embarrassed to admit what she was admitting. I could see her hands were shaking with nervousness.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean, who would have to know right? It’s not really different than if we had been given a few more seconds in the closet isn’t it? I mean, if we were playing ten minutes in heaven, we would have done it, so why should we be penalized for only having seven stupid minutes?” She wasn’t making any sense, she was just as horny as I was.

“OK, get in the closet.” I said. She jumped off the bed and locked the door to my bedroom. We wouldn’t want our parents coming in. Then she lifted off her sweatshirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra this morning. She didn’t really need one. I finally got a good look at her tits. Then she opened my closet door and popped inside. I pushed the covers off my bed and got up. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. It was so dirty. I hesitated at the closet door, but only for a second, I needed to get off, and this was a whole lot better than masturbating, even if it was pretty twisted.

It was pretty dark in the closet with the lights off, but we found each other easily. She pushed her chest up against mine. I could feel her two pointy nipples pressing into my chest. Her breathing was erratic and shallow, like she couldn’t catch her breath. I didn’t waste a lot of time, my lips met hers directly. Soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. It felt weird kissing my sister at first. We had kissed before, but those were family kisses, which tend to have a lot less tongue. But after a few seconds, it started to get good. Even better than last night. There is something different about doing something that you’re not supposed to. The whole idea of seven minutes in heaven is that you are making out with someone you wouldn’t normally be making out with. Our game took that to a higher level. I could tell that my sister was getting into it too. She hadn’t dated much, but I always knew that she was pretty kinky. She sometimes would say things that would shock you, and I had caught her masturbating in the living room twice before. I had both of my hands on her ass. Her cheeks were tight and small. They weren’t even as big as my hands. Her hands had already gotten into my underwear and were caressing my ass as well.

I suppose that there was less hesitancy this time, since we both knew what was going to happen. She pushed down with both hands and my underwear came off. I was too busy feeling the sating against her ass to bother pushing her panties down just yet. She moved her little fingers around and felt the pubic hair at the base of my cock. The touched it lightly, barely brushing it. Perhaps she was teasing with me, perhaps she was just nervous. When she finally did put her hands on the shaft it was pure pleasure. Her hands were warm and soft. She stroked my cock up and down, quite slowly. I moved my arms out of the way to giver her more access. I put my hands on her head and pulled he lips closer to mine. Then I moved my tongue down the side of her face and licked her neck just below her right ear. She was breathing quite hard now. I could feel her chest heaving in and out. She took my cock by the base and rubbed the tip against her panties. I could feel how wet they were as the end of my shaft bounced against her pubic hair. I reached down and slipped a finger in through the leg opening. He slit was so moist and wet that the juice was actually dripping down her thigh. I rubbed back and forth against her opening with my finger. She was rubbing the tip of my cock against her clitoris. All I could hear was the sound of her breathing. Slowly she moved my cock around to where my fingers had been. She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and aimed my member at he wet bush. I thrust forward instinctively. She backed off. “No, slowly, and just the tip, I don’t think that I’m ready for more just yet.” With that she moved forward and allowed the tip of my cock to touch her pussy. She pushed it up and down for am minute, coating the end with her juices. Then, very slowly, she pushed forward and I entered her. Just the tip of course. It went in with a bit of a pop. She let out a loud gasp. “Shhhh” I said, somehow worried that our parents would hear us.

She used her hand to guide me, pushing the tip of my cock in and out of her wet pussy. It was heaven being inside her. She was tight and wet and warm. I couldn’t imagine anyone’s pussy, not even Kelly’s being as inviting as my own sister’s. I wanted to stuff myself in there, wanted to bury my cock to the root in her tiny quim, but she wouldn’t let me, just the tip was allowed entrance into that beautiful space. I could feel her entire body quivering. She had shivers and chills running the length of her small frame. Her left leg started to shake violently. Her breathing became more erratic. She was on the verge of coming. I moved in and whispered in her ear, “are you ready to have your brother unload his sperm into you?” She nodded a yes and then started to go limp from orgasms. She was no longer in control of her body. It was too much for me. I could feel my semen rushing out of me. It was a great come. You always shoot so much more when you almost got off the night before. I put four big shots of come into her pussy, all with just the tip of my cock inside of her. I rubbed the shaft as I came to make it better, but it couldn’t get much better than this. I don’t think that I had ever come that hard in my life.

We regained control and she pushed me out of her. The last drops of my semen dripped onto her leg. We hugged wordlessly for a few minutes. Then we kissed face to face. No tongues this time, more like a brother and sister are supposed to kiss. “Well, I guess that our seven minutes are up she said smiling.”

“Yeah, that was great, you are a terrific lay.”

“If you think that’s good, you should see me when I have some more room, and I don’t have a hockey stick in my back.” She reached around behind her and moved some of my stuff out of the way. As I said, the closet was crowded.

“Does that mean that I can fuck you outside of the closet?” I said hopefully.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I mean, you are my brother and all.”

“Oh”, I said disappointed. I had been fantasizing about having hot sex all the time, right in my very own home. What guy wouldn’t want that kind of access to pussy.

“But maybe we could play this seven minutes game again. I think that I liked it. Something about the naughtiness aspect. It really got me off.”

We opened the door. My sister picked up her sweatshirt and put it back over her head. “How about I come by tomorrow and we play again?”, she said with a devilish grin on her face.

“I was hoping for tonight.” I replied.

“Well, we can’t because tonight I’m going to give you a present. I got you a date with Kelly, and you know, she always puts out.”

“Really Sis? You’re not kidding?”

“Nope, I figure it was the least I could do for you after you protected my honor last night. Plus, I want you to be well fucked for the next time, you came to quickly this time, I only got off once.” Then she unlocked the bedroom door and left.

I sat back on my bed, thinking about the morning. I wasn’t sure what I was more excited about. Getting a chance with Kelly tonight, or sticking it back in my sister tomorrow morning. Either way, it was going to be a long afternoon.

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