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The Story of a Lifetime Ch. 01

A half-elf lady tells the story of how she wound up pregnant.
The Story of a Lifetime Ch. 01

Halfway up the creaking staircase I paused again, catching my breath. “For fuck’s sakes,” I panted. “What kind of old lady has a hundred bloody stairs outside her house?”

But the greenery around me didn’t supply me with an answer, so I started up the stairs again. They were unevenly spaced, some even angled weirdly, and each step was careful work. And hard work, especially when you’re packing a bit of extra weight around the middle.

So, it was hardly a surprise that I was so surprised to look up and see the old lady standing not five steps above me.Maybe old is an unfair term for her. She looked older than me, certainly, but that’s not saying a lot. Her brown hair was shot through with silver streaks, and the wrinkles around her eyes were evident even through the grime and dirt on her face. She looked like she would be a bit too old to be my mother, but a bit too young to be my grandmother.

Of course, looks are deceiving. Her curly hair hardly did anything to conceal the length of her ears, and even if they were completely hidden it would still have been obvious that she was an elf. You can never quite put your finger on what sets them apart: the slightly too-large eyes that just aren’t shaped quite right, the limbs that are just a bit too long and thin, the way they move with absolute careful grace, the way they seem to always look perfectly in-tune with the world around them no matter where they are. But you can always tell when you see one.

So old is an unfair term for her. Ancient is probably more appropriate. To have greying hair and wrinkles as an elf means she had to have lived four or five centuries if she had lived a year.

Before my first moment of noticing her, she had probably already taken in every detail about me: the slightly pointed ears, the lean build and height, the sharp cheeks, angled eyes, all elvish features. But the naturally red hair and wider bust and waist were all wrong for an elf. She nodded politely, and I knew she’d already pegged me for a half-elf. But she didn’t have that quiet look of disgust about her that some elves get when they see a half-breed, so that was a point in her favor.

I smiled and nodded deeply to her. “Are you Mother Oak?” I tried to keep my voice a mixture of respect and confidence, but I was much too sweaty to come off as anything but tired.

“Indeed I am. But you already knew that, so my answer tells you little, though your question tells me much. You’re not from around here.”

I felt my cheeks warm slightly, then smiled. “Of course you knew that before I spoke, since this coat is made from silk that no one around here would even think to import, and my shoes are all wrong for a forest hike.”

She smiled then, like I had passed some small test. “That and the fact that anyone within a hundred miles calls me Granny, and anyone who knows that much knows I’m not in business anymore.”

“I’d heard you retired,” I told her, nodding. “But I thought I might persuade you to take on one last patient?”

“Well,” she said, eyeing my rather swollen belly. “Your case certainly does seem rather dire. And I never send anyone away before they’ve had a cup of tea. Do come in.”

I bowed my head slightly, and followed her up the last few stairs to the short walkway leading to her hut. I call it a hut because she’s a witch, but the word really fails to capture the elegance of her home. A cabin with wide windows and a sweeping doorway, all made with care and precision, and covered with beautiful details.

She opened the white wooden door and gestured for me to follow her. Every piece of furniture was simple but elegant, all smooth lines and gentle curves. She swept her arm towards what might be a dining room, and the two cups of steaming tea.

“They should be just about finished steeping,” she told me, taking the spot closest to the wall, leaving me to take the seat at the head of the table. That would be a sign of respect, but the fact that my spot is closest to the door felt a bit like a hint that she would prefer me to leave sooner rather than later.

“Thank you very much,” I told her, settling into the indicated chair. “I would be impressed that you knew I was coming, except that you probably heard me huffing my way up the stairs and figured you’d have a guest.” I took a sip of the tea and paused. “But I am definitely impressed that you made the tea exactly how I would have.”

She smiled again, and looked genuinely amused. “That wasn’t hard to guess either. You’ve come a long way, and are obviously very pregnant. It is not too hard to guess that you would enjoy a good heap of honey in your tea.”

“Nonetheless, it is wonderful tea,” I told her, taking another small sip. “Thank you.”

She waved her hand in vague acknowledgement of the compliment. “If you are here to discuss the finer aspects of tea, we may do so. But if you are here to engage my services as a midwife, I am afraid you will be dissatisfied.”

“Yes, I’d heard that you retired some years ago, but also that you’re the best. That you held the High Queen’s hand when she birthed the boy who would later be the father of the High King. And that you attended the incubation of an elder dragon’s eggs at her request, and that you even helped in the delivery of a hippogriff’s foals.”

She nodded. “All true, and not even the most exotic of babies that I’ve helped to deliver. And it’s irrelevant.”

“I heard that you were the best, and I had hoped that I could convince you to take on one last patient. You’re the best suited for my… particular situation.”

She looked me up and down again, a frown starting to crease her forehead. “And I suppose you brought wondrous and exotic treasures to exchange for my labor?”

I shook my head. “I have little of any value. I have the clothes and supplies that fit in that bag,” I said, tilting my head towards the backpack I’d left in the corner, “and a handful of coins that probably couldn’t buy your simplest potion.”

“So, you’ve come to someone who has turned down magisters and titans, with no money to barter with,” she said, her frown deepening. “What were you planning on offering?”

Well,” I said, meeting her eyes and trying to convey the depth of my need. “All I have to offer you is a story.”

“A story?” She seemed genuinely shocked, and at least a little intrigued.

“It’s a hell of a story,” I promised.

She frowned in concentration, and looked me over. “How far along are you?”

“Ten to twelve months,” I told her with a shrug.

She nodded, still frowning. “It can be hard to tell with mixed lineages. No offence intended.” She got up and paced around the table, still watching me. “When did you miss your first period?”

I shook my head. “It’s hard to say. My periods can be anywhere between every two to four months. Caught between two different reproductive cycles.”

“Humans have their time once a month, while elves bleed once a year and are at peak fertility for a week or two at a time.” She stopped for a moment, looking directly at my stomach. “Still, you look fit to burst. Were you full elf, I’d say you were a year-and-a-half in, and were you human I’d say you were only a week or two before your due date. It would be easier to gauge where you are in your term if I knew more about the father.”

“I’m not sure who he is,” I told her frankly.

“Indeed,” she asked as she began pacing anew. I felt some tension leave my shoulders at the lack of judgment in her tone, even if her constant moving made me feel like a prey animal. “In any case, it is more important to know what he is.”

“Well,” I said, fidgeting a bit. “That’s where the story comes in.”

She stopped short, staring at me. “You’re not sure what species the father is?”

“Like I said, it’s a hell of a story. You might want to put on another pot of tea. We’re going to be here a bit. You see, about a year ago I had just come out of a bad relationship…”


The easiest way to travel is to take a horse, which is perfectly reasonable. But buying a horse is expensive, and travelling alone can be a risky move, especially for a young woman. The next best way to travel would be a carriage, which is much safer but even more expensive.

So I went to a large tavern, the kind where people of moderate means would gather for a quick drink or a bed, and kept an eye out for a merchant. The third best way to travel is to find someone going in the same direction as you, and simply join them.

I found a merchant going East towards Windport, which is pretty close to where I was heading. After a couple of drinks he agreed that for a few silver pieces I could ride with him. He had a large cart and an armed guard, so I would be relatively safe. And the price was cheap enough to make it worth my while.

Especially since I was hoping to leave town as soon as possible, and the man was planning on going at first light. I figured it would be soon enough that I could be sure my ex-boyfriend wouldn’t track me down.

I winced at the thought of him. He was a passionate man, and fairly skilled in the bedroom. But he was also a possessive piece of shit, hence my sudden departure. Not so sudden that I hadn’t had time to enjoy one more roll in the sack with him that morning. He’d fallen asleep and I’d taken only a moment to clean myself before sneaking out with the bag I had packed the night before. I had a moment of worry again. I hadn’t asked him to pull out, as I usually did. But I figured the relatively low fertility I had inherited from my elvish half would keep me out of trouble, as it always had.

I snapped out of my reverie and found the merchant staring at me, clearly waiting. “Oh,” I stuttered. “Yes, perfect. Two silver on departure, we leave at first light. Got it, Ray.”

He blinked like he thought I was stupid, but said nothing impolite. Funny how a man becomes much more patient when you have a pretty face and offer him some coins for his trouble. “First light,” he reaffirmed, probably figuring I’d be ditsy enough to forget if he didn’t remind me a few times. “And it’s Roy.”

I bartered with the innkeeper for a cheaper room, and ended up in the communal sleeping area in a small bunk. It was a distinct step down from where I’d been sleeping up until this morning, but as I watched an orc who was well over seven feet tall try and fold himself into a bunk that would have been a tight fit even for me, I decided that some people had it even worse.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and sweat, and the sound of a dozen people moving about. I folded my sleeping roll away and replaced the dirty sheets that had previously been on the uncomfortable bed, and met with my new friend in the main area. He was just finishing up what looked like a plate of bacon, and I cringed slightly at the sight of the greasy plate.

But there was freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven, and even a handful of bright red strawberries. I bought a second loaf for the road, and joined Roy outside in time to watch him finish the last bit of preparation for the journey.

With the horses suited up, he deemed the cart ready for travel.

Beside us, a trio of orcs that I had seen last night were saddling their own horses. Seeing me looking at them, the merchant nodded to me. “They’re travelling the same way for a few days, and we figured it might be smart to go as a group. Six of us in total, probably most bandits would let us pass by rather than bother us. ‘Specially with three orcs. And Berta.”

Orcs weren’t always violent, and many probably had no idea how to fight. But between their massive physique and their history of war, they had earned a brutal reputation.

I wasn’t thrilled about being surrounded by a bunch of strange men, but perked up a bit when I saw that the hired bodyguard was a woman. I smiled at her, but she just frowned. I took a moment to recover, then decided that it’s probably not an uncommon reaction to a stranger when you’re a professional bodyguard. Especially when you’re a dwarf. Oddly, I felt safer just having Berta there.

I hopped up onto the back of the cart, and looked it over. It had a canvas top about four feet tall, and the whole thing was six feet across and probably ten feet long. The front had only a small bench, so I settled down on the back of the cart.

I draped my legs over the edge and leaned against a sack of potatoes as the unmistakable sound of cracking reins got the horses moving. The streets were smooth, and I watched the city pass slowly around me, then saw the gate pass overhead and slip behind us.

I watched the city shrink as the cart rattled its way down the highway. An hour later I was still watching, though the city had since shrunk away to nothing on the horizon. I sighed, already missing the comforts of city life, and fished out a small map. I’d bought it the day before I left my lover’s house, and it seemed fairly accurate.

I traced the highway’s path on the thick parchment, figuring out how far this cart could get me before I’d have to go off on foot. If the merchant followed the main road, which he almost certainly would, I’d be able to ride comfortably for three days, and could probably make the rest of my journey on foot.

I folded the map and put it back in my bag, then settled into a light doze as the morning sun slowly rose above us.

My eyes snapped open as the cart dipped into a pothole in the road, rocking the whole wooden frame. I blinked a few times and stretched slowly, letting the muscle cramps work themselves out.
The cart was slowing now, so I stepped out onto the thin ledge, and craned my head around the side until I could see Roy. “We stopping?”

“A short stop,” he shouted over his shoulder, not bothering to turn around in his seat. “Good time to stretch your legs, piss in the bushes, eat a lunch, whatever.”

My lip curled a bit at his vulgarity, but I couldn’t argue. My legs were stiff and I needed to get out of the cart for a bit.

The cart slowed to a crawl as Roy looked for a good spot to park it. Impatient, I hopped out the back and started walking beside it, almost limping as I worked the kinks out of my leg. Ahead, the three orcs had dismounted and tied their horses to a tree. I set off in that direction, watching the horses graze among the weeds.

I stepped off the small path and stepped behind a bush, and found a place to relieve myself. Roy might be nauseating, but he wasn’t wrong about that part.

Finished, I pulled my pants up and turned. I stopped short when I heard a bush move, and quickly stepped behind some foliage. One of the orcs stepped into my line of sight and stopped near a small creek, looking around. Apparently satisfied, he unlaced the front of his shirt and pulled the whole thing over his head.

I started to turn away, but a twinge of curiosity drew my eye back. He was facing away from me, leaving me only a view of his back, but what I could see nearly took my breath away. His skin was the deep green of fresh moss, pulled taut over lines of hard muscle. He bent down, dipping a rag into the creek, and I admired the way his pants clung to his ass when he moved. But then he straightened again, starting to slowly wash himself with the cloth, and I felt embarrassed at watching a stranger in such a private moment.

I set off to get back in a slightly roundabout way, and by the time I joined the group they were ready to go. I watched that same orc lift himself into his saddle, and couldn’t help but stare at his arm as he climbed up. Muscles bulged under his dark green skin, and I felt my eyebrows creep up a bit.

But then I looked up, and he was looking right at me. He had obviously just caught me staring, and he gave me a wink. I felt my cheeks grow hotter, and have no reply but an embarrassed head duck.
I turned and fled back to the cart, pulling myself up and into it without a backwards glance.

I pulled out the book I’d brought for the trip, but found myself reading the same few lines over and over.

I sighed and put the stupid book aside, irritated at myself. I pulled the map back out and started trying to gauge landmarks around us to figure out how far we’d gone so far. By our second break (which was thankfully uneventful), I had figured out the approximate distance we’d gone. After comparing my map with Roy’s, I decided mine was at an accurate scale, and I started figuring out relative distances.

By the time it started getting dark outside the cart, I’d determined that I’d be going about thirty miles on foot, which would be at least two full days if I made good time. I sighed, starting again at the little mark I’d made on the map, “The Old Woods”.

The sun had dipped about halfway down the horizon when our cart finally came to a complete stop, ten feet off of the road.

The three of us left our respective spots, and Roy started pulling firewood from the back of the cart. Berta found a large pot, and filled it from a small stream. I chopped a few potatoes into the pot while Roy worked on the fire, and before long we had a stew roasting.

The orcs had their own fire, and three small tents set up. They kept to themselves, and their loud laughter made me think they had no problem with that.

As our potatoes were finally getting soft in the pot, one of the orcs sauntered over to our fire. I wasn’t particularly surprised to see that it was the same guy who’d caught me eyeing him earlier. “Don’t know about you folks,” he said without any preamble, “but we orcs have some traditions. One of those is that you don’t travel with someone you haven’t shared a drink with.”

He held out a leather flask in Roy’s direction, and the two traded wineskins. Roy took a sip from the orc’s bottle and coughed, looking mildly horrified. Berta took the wineskin from her boss, and drank much more smoothly. She nodded to the orc guest, and passed the bag over.

I took it, only hesitating a moment, and then took a sip. I’d expected the strong alcoholic kick, but I hadn’t anticipated it being spicy. “Spiced brandy?”

He nodded, taking the flask back when I offered. He handed Roy’s own wineskin back to him, looking mollified.

He turned away, then immediately turned back to me. “Met Berta and Roy earlier, but I never caught your name.”

“Amaranthea,” I said, holding a hand out. “But most people just call me Amy.”

“Amaranthea,” he repeated smoothly, taking my hand in a firm grip. “I’m Davor. Back there is Mazon and Ausk, my brothers in all but blood.” He gave us all a tusky grin, gave me one last look, then went back to his group.

“He seems nice,” Roy commented, and Berta gave a noncommittal grunt.

Both the stew and the company left much to be desired, but it was nice to sit down and eat after a long day on the road.

The three of us slept in the cart, with Roy sprawled over a couple of boxes, me tucked beside the potatoes and Berta by the lip of the cart. I’m sure she was colder than the other two of us, but had fresh air instead of the smell of three bodies, so she maybe had a better deal.

The night passed without event, and we all woke to sunlight coming in through the canvas top.

I staggered, stiff and tired, to the little stream, with Berta right behind me. She set out to fill the kettle with water, and I looked for somewhere to relieve myself again, finally settling on almost the same place as last night.

Today, no orcs happened upon me, and I was equally disappointed and relieved.

By the time I got back, Berta was gone, and I had the stream to myself. I pulled out a small strip of cloth I’d packed, and dipped it in the water. I almost shivered as the cold water stole the heat from my hands.

Then I took a quick moment to scrub my face with the cloth. The icy water was almost painfully shocking on my skin, but refreshing. I cleaned my neck and armpits, then took a glance around. Seeing no one, I took the opportunity to wipe inside my pants with the now thankfully warm cloth.

Satisfied, I rinsed the cloth out in the frigid water, then set it on a rock beside me.

I bent down until my hair was just touching the water’s surface, then scooped some in my hands and poured it over my head.

The sudden cold made me gasp, but I endured and finished wetting my hair in the stream. Then, flicking my wet hair over my shoulder, I started carefully pulling my brush through it. The teeth caught on a knot and I winced at the sudden burning in my scalp, but kept working on taming my hair.

Content to comb and walk at the same time, I turned on my heel and gasped. Not ten feet ahead was the orc I’d met last night, Davor. And he was apparently perfectly happy walking around without a shirt.

My eyes immediately took in every detail: his pectorals stood out from his chest, and were decorated with both tattoos and decorative scarring. The bright red ink stood out against his dark green skin as it swirled along his chest and down his ribs.

I dropped my eyes as I realized I’d been mentally tracing the tattoo patterns that seemed to lead all the way down.

My cheeks felt too hot, and I could even feel heat in my ears as I realized I’d just caught myself wondering if the ink continued underneath his pants.

“Pardon me,” I said, walking past him and still reprimanding myself for thinking with my pants.

“Your hair is beautiful,” he said softly as I stepped past him, and I stopped short.

“Pardon me?”

“Your hair,” he repeated, staring at the wave of red hair still damp and stuck to my shoulder. “It’s really quite spectacular.”

I looked at his face for a moment before smiling. “Thank you,” I nodded. “A gift from my mother’s side of the family, I guess.”

“She must be gorgeous,” he said, looking at my face now.

“She was.” Thinking of her used to make me so sad when I was younger, but now her absence and memory were both bittersweet. I smiled at Davor again and left, trying to work the brush through my hair.

I was still working on my hair when I stepped into the clearing, greeted by the smell of bread and eggs.

Berta was stoking the flame while Roy flipped some small loaves toasting on stone beside the flame. A pan sizzled quietly over the coals, boasting a half dozen eggs and a few sausages. “Why’re you grinning like an idiot?” Berta asked as I stepped into their view. Her question was rude, but her tone was friendly enough that I figured I could let her off the hook.

I said nothing, focusing on my hair, and she let it go.

The smell of frying food drifted across the camp from the orcs’ fire. One of the orcs, Ausk I guessed, stood over the fire and turned the food with a deft flip of the pan. The motion made the muscles in his forearms bulge, and I found myself watching intently as he went about his cooking.

Our sausages were greasy, and the eggs were overcooked, but it was warm and filling, and I was too lost in thought to mind much either way.

And then it was back to the cart, and the long ride began again. I settled in with my books and maps, mind drifting pleasantly. The day drifted slowly past me, and I hardly saw our three companions at all during the lunch stop, but still managed to catch a couple of quick glances at Davor’s arms beneath his short sleeves.

I was studying my map again by the fading light when Roy called out for another rest. I found myself strangely eager as I packed my few belongings back up again.

The cart rattled violently as Roy guided it off the main road. Finally, the vehicle settled, and I heard the sounds of the horses being separated from their harnesses. But I stayed where I was, mulling over the thoughts swimming around my head. It had been awhile since I’d felt such raw attraction, and I’d never had any towards an orc, but I still knew what it was I was feeling.

I still had my head, I reminded myself, and I was fully confident in my self control. I could just spend an extra few moments collecting myself, to be sure.

Almost an hour after the cart had stopped, I got out to join the others.

To my surprise, only one fire was built, bigger than yesterday’s. On top of it was a large roast, and around it sat the human, the dwarf, and all three orcs.

As I came around the cart, it was Davor who first noticed me. He grinned widely, and I felt a flush heat my cheeks. I took a seat on a wide rock near the fire, between Berta and Davor.

“I thought you might not be joining us,” Davor said, holding out a wineskin. “I’m glad to see you’re well.”

“Thank you,” I told him, accepting the drink. Still remembering the heat of the drink from yesterday, I took a smaller sip. The first flavour that hit me was a slight sweetness and a hint of cinnamon, then the kick of alcohol. I handed the skin back as the spicy aftertaste set in. “Gods that’s strong,” I said, managing not to cough.

He guffawed and took another swig, then handed the flask off to Mazon without looking away from me. “What do you drink?”

“I’ve got a small bottle of elvish sweet wine,” I said, nodding my head in the direction of the cart. “Have you tried elvish liquor?”

He shook his head. “Tried orcish and dwarvish, lots of human brews, even the halfling firebomb.”

I laughed, but couldn’t help but be a bit impressed – dwarves are known for hard booze, and the halfling firebomb could knock a human on his ass. “Well, let’s add elvish to your list.”

I got up and left for the cart, finding my way by the light of flame and moon. Even in the darkness under the canvas my eyes picked out details with clarity and ease. Another gift from my elvish father. I found the flask within moments, but took the time to comb out my hair again. It didn’t need more attention, but I couldn’t help primping just a bit more.

I realized I was being foolish, but still passed my comb through my hair a few more times before leaving.

Back at the fire, Roy was cutting generous slices from the roast, passing them around the fire. I sat down beside Davos again. I traded the bottle for a plate with a slice of meat and some fresh berries. I cut into my meal and savoured the tender roast.

Still chewing, I watched Davos take a sip from the bottle, then pause. “Damn,” he said approvingly, probably savouring the light and sweet flavour. I could see the moment he registered the surprisingly strong kick of liquor. “Damn,” he said again, this time with respect.

We all ate in companionable silence. Rather, everyone ate but Roy.

The human picked at his food a little, looking a bit pale by the fire’s light.

“You okay, Roy?” Berta was looking over at her boss with a mixture of concern and annoyance.

“Not feeling so hot,” he answered, setting his plate aside. “I think I need to turn in early.”

We watched as he shuffled back to the cart, which creaked loudly as he climbed in. The ensuing silence was less companionable and comfortable this time.

We finished the food, and Berta and I loaded the cookware and dishes back into their box, setting it beside the cart.

She looked over at the fire with a sour face. “Guess I may as well turn in, too.”

“Sure, Berta,” I said, following her gaze towards the orc sitting there and staring up at the stars. Sometime between Berta and I packing away dishes and saying goodnight, the other two orcs had wandered off, leaving just Davor. “Sleep well.”

She grunted in answer, and clambered up into the cart, and I walked back over to the campfire. I settled in just out of arm’s reach of Davor, and fed another log into the fire.

When I glanced over, I found Davor looking at me.

“Yes?” I asked. I think I was trying for a clipped and serious tone of voice, but even I could hear how nervous I sounded.

“Nothing,” he said casually, looking away and taking a sip from his wineskin. “Just admiring the scenery.”

I felt a slight flush at the pointed tips of my ears, but pointedly didn’t look at him.

“Drink?” he asked, holding the flask out again.

I accepted and took another sip of the fiery liquid, enjoying the pleasant tingle in my stomach. Was it just the alcohol I was feeling, or was the heat coming from somewhere else?

We passed the bottle back and forth a couple more times, and twice I caught him staring at me from the corner of his eye. Of course, I only noticed him looking at me because I was looking at him too.

“Okay,” he said suddenly. “I’ve gotta get this out there.”

I cocked my head at him. “Um. Okay?”

“You’ve been staring. Don’t be coy about it, you’ve been watching me every opportunity you get. The question is: are you just enjoying the view, or are you interested?”

“Uh,” I felt my cheeks flush from more than just the wine, and opened and closed my mouth a few more times before giving up.

Then he leaned in close then. “That’s what I thought,” he said in a throaty whisper. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my lips. His smell hit me: wine and spice, and the musky smell of sweat.
The smartest thing to do then would be to get up and leave, but instead I tilted my head back, offering my lips to him.

He took my offering, pressing his mouth to mine. Suddenly we were kissing, and I was sorting through all the feelings: his rough skin under my hand, his surprisingly soft lips, the firm edge of his tusks on my cheeks, his hand twined in my hair. It was passion incarnate, and I felt fire smouldering in my core.

Then his hand was on my back, pulling me against him. I pressed hard against him, mashing my breasts against his chest.

He pulled back slightly, breaking the kiss. “I knew you’d be into it,” he all-but whispered.

“Shut up,” I told him, kissing him again. I swung one leg over his, and I could feel him twitch in surprise as I was suddenly on his lap. I had one arm over his right shoulder, the other against his stomach. Holy fuck, he was a solid wall of muscle. Then I dropped both hands to the hem of his shirt, pulling it up.

He wasted no time helping me pull it over his head, and I took a moment to marvel at his sculpted and painted body. His chest was broad, and his pecs jerked slightly as he flexed them for my benefit. And I benefited.

The dark swirls of his tattoos covered his entire sternum, and continued down his solid abdomen. I followed the lines with the fingers of one hand until the pattern disappeared under his pants. Then his hands were on my shirt, and I let him peel it off.

My chest was suddenly exposed to the cool air of the night, save for the strip of softer material wrapped around my breasts. Goosebumps crawled down my arms and chest, but at least the fire was keeping my back warm.

I leaned in and kissed him again, both of my hands roaming over his chest and shoulders. His large hands explored my body at the same time, on one my ribs and the other on my chest. He slid his fingers against my bandeau and pushed it up over the swell of my breasts, revealing them to the cool night air. If they hadn’t already shrunk, that would have been enough to make them hard. He took a breast in one hand, easily engulfing it in his palm.

I slid forward on his legs, pressing my chest into his hand and my pelvis into… something else.

I could feel his bulge through his pants, and suddenly I needed things to be going faster. I reached down and grabbed the sides of his pants, but couldn’t get any movement with him sitting.

He chuckled lowly to himself and lifted his body up enough for me to pull his pants down a foot or so. I marvelled at the sight of his abs flexing as he lifted himself, but as I got the pants low enough to expose his pubic hair and the base of his penis, my gaze was immediately pulled down. The bulge in his pants hinted at how much of him was still covered, and I reached in to explore.

My hand settled on his cock, and both of us took in a sharp breath at the same moment. A shudder ran down my spine as I wrapped my hand around the thick appendage. I’d never felt one so big, and it didn’t even feel like it was fully hard.

I pulled it up and out of his pants, and my breath caught in my throat at the sight of it. This beast was easily half again as long as my ex’s, and in a lovely shade of deep green.

I wrapped my hand around it again and slowly stroked its length. It twitched in my hand and finished growing hard. He thrusted his hips slightly, moving his shaft in my hand, encouraging me. I stroked it again, marveling at the length and size.

“Like what you see?” He asked in a rumbling basso.

“Gods above,” I whispered, still staring.

“You want to lose that last layer?”

I looked back up into his hungry eyes and smirked. Rising, I pulled my crumpled bandeau off of my chest and dropped it in the grass beside my shirt. I slowly swayed my hips for him, and hooked the top of my pants to slide them down as I moved.

His eyebrows rose as the waist of my pants passed low enough that he could see that I keep my bush trimmed very short.

Then his eyes went wide as I pulled my pants past my hips and revealed the rest of my personal grooming. He drew in a sharp breath at the view of my shaved lips. My ex-boyfriend had always been particular about me keeping myself clear down there, as he loved the show. He’d been willing to pay for me to go to professional groomers for shaving and waxing, and now another man (or orc) was enjoying the fruits of his labour.

Davor’s eyes traced the lines of my pelvis as my pants fell about my ankles. Then his eyes slowly made their way up my body, along my stomach and breasts, then finally he was looking straight into my eyes.

“You’re gorgeous,” he whispered, seemingly in awe.

“You act like you’ve never seen a woman naked,” I retorted, stepping out of the heap of my clothing.

“Women, yes,” he answered as I stepped up to him, one foot on each side of his legs, and lowered myself down. “But never a goddess.”

I sat on his lap, his stiff cock sticking straight up before me. “You’re a flatterer.”

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me towards him until we were pressed together. “Only when I’m in front of a woman that takes my breath away.”

I kissed him again, slow and deep, and ground my pelvis forward. I could feel his erection, caught between us, pressing against my navel.

His hand traced up and down my spine as we kissed, and I could feel my body burning like the logs in the campfire. There’s only so much flattering and teasing a girl can take.

I had both arms around his neck, but took one off to reach for his manhood between us. I took in hand again, and lifted my body up from his lap. As I reached the point where his cock head was touching my lips, I stopped.

“Do you have a…” I started, then looked around the disarray of our clothes and the wagon behind us. I looked back down at his inquisitive face and smiled. “Never mind.”

His look of puzzlement was quickly replaced as I pressed harder against him. The tip of his cock was a steady pressure against my clit, and I dragged the crown along my lips until I had it at my entrance. “It’s not the same as with a human. Are you sure you-” he started, then cut off abruptly as I started pushing down.

His tip was thicker than anything I’d ever enjoyed before, and my pussy stung as it started spreading around this new addition.

I could feel my lips spreading, opening up before him. The stretch was uncomfortable, but I sighed in relief at the feeling of his head sliding past my entrance. His hands, both holding onto my hips, dug into my skin as I started shifting forward and back, slowly working him into me.

I could feel the moment he went as deep as anyone had ever been in me. And then I felt the moment he went further.

I thrusted gently again, pushing myself down on him, until at last I felt him hit as far as he could go. I stopped a moment then, leaning my forehead against his, savouring the feelings: his thick arms were around me, I was nestled against his chest, and I had his thick shaft in me as far as I could get it.

But I’d been wanting to climb on him since the night before, so I was not in the mood to take it slow.

Opening my eyes again, I found him staring at me. That look of absolute hunger was back in his eyes, and I shivered pleasantly. There’s just something about dangerous boys…

I put my arms over his shoulders, behind his neck, and started slowly rocking my hips.

The small motions made his shaft shift in and out of me, and I worked to keep him as deep as I could. But I wanted more, and started pulling myself up further, letting him almost slip out of me before coming back down.

I had to stifle a moan at that first fast thrust. I held tight to him and slammed down again, this time eliciting a growl from him.

I shivered at the primal sound of his pleasure, and leaned harder against him.

As I ground up and down his shaft again, I suddenly felt the warmth of his mouth on the side of my neck. Immediately I tilted my head, giving him access to my throat. He sucked and kissed at the skin, heightening my arousal.

I had to actively work at holding back my moans, and settled for pressing my mouth against his collar bone. I ground faster, sliding on his thick shaft. It felt like my insides would get pulled out each time I slid up, and then he would pierce so deep I half expected to see a bulge in my stomach.

I had my arms around his ribs now, roaming up and down his muscular back. One of his hands was on my own back, the other kneading my ass cheek.

I could feel a deep pulsing pleasure in my core already, to my surprise and delight.

And then he found my ear.

First his mouth was on my jaw, gently nibbling at my flesh. Then his lips were at my ear, and I felt a rush of hot breath. But then he took the tip of my ear into his mouth, and I couldn’t stop myself from gasping.

I’d talked to a few of my human girlfriends who said their ears were pretty sensitive when things were hot and heavy, but it’s different when you’re an elf. The moment his teeth touched the shell of my ear I felt a wave of tingles run down my neck and spine. I slammed down on him, impaling myself on his shaft, and actually whimpered.

He chuckled lowly in my ear, and gently flicked his tongue against the outside of my ear. Then he gingerly bit the lobe right as I drove myself onto him, and suddenly I was cumming.

It hit me all at once, the sudden wave of pleasure. I bit onto his shoulder to keep from screaming, and felt my whole body reacting. It was like experiencing it from outside of myself: I felt my hips thrust erratically, pumping up and down on him, and felt my muscles flex all at once. My nerves sparked with electricity, and I could feel my nails digging into his back.

And then I was back in the moment. I panted, slowly riding up down his length, coming down from the high.

I looked up to see him smirking, looking so damn smug. “You liked that, did you?”

I could’ve slapped him and his arrogant face, but for the fact that I’d just had my best orgasm in a year. “Shut up and fuck me, orc,” I said in a hoarse whisper.

He grinned even wider then, showing off his tusks and teeth, and did as he was told.

His hands shifted to my hips and he half-lifted me, then got to his knees. He was still buried in me, with my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his muscles bunch under my legs and arms as he moved, but it seemed like lifting me took no real effort for him.

Then he bent down and lowered us to the ground so that I was on my back, with him between my legs.

He settled over me, and it was like the stars disappeared. Here, now, I realized just how big he was. My last mate had been a hair less than six feet tall, and Davor must have had a full foot on him. He was huge, broad, and hard.

And then he thrust forward, and it was all I could do not to shout.

In this angle it felt like he went even deeper. I clenched him tight with my legs, and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips were hot and wet, and he breathed in my moan as he drove into me once more. His hips started pumping rhythmically, like a bull mounting a mate.

He thrusted again and again, and I dug my hands into the cheeks of his ass, pulling him to me.

One of his arms was under my head, holding him up, and the other found my breast. He clenched the tissue in his hand as he drove his cock into my yielding body.

I undulated under his body, thrusting up against him on each push.

His fingers rolled my nipple slightly, lightly pinching it between them. My other breast jiggled with each thrust of his hips, shaking with the force.

“Fuck,” I whispered against his lips, “you feel so good.”

He released my tender nipple, bringing his knuckle up to stroke my cheek. “You’re exquisite, Amaranthea.”

“Oh, fuck, Davor,” I moaned quietly, digging my nails into his lower back. “Fuck me harder.”

Again, he obeyed without hesitation. He wrapped both arms around me, one under my neck and one under my ass, and let loose.

He thrusted harder, faster, giving me what I needed. I ran my hands up and down his back as he thrusted, feeling the muscle work under his skin. “Oh, fuck,” he whispered as he drove into me, his pelvis ramming into mine as his cock pushed into my depths. He drove forward again, rocking my pliant body under him. “Amy…”

I pulled at his hips, encouraging him. “More,” I whispered. I could feel another orgasm teetering at the edge of my consciousness. “Give it all to me.”

His hand clenched at my hips, holding me tighter against him, pulling me up at him even as he pushed into me. “Gods, I…” he groaned, his thick tip spreading me again.

“Yeah, Davor,” I told him, pulling him with my legs. “Give it to me.”

He pressed his lips against mine again, and my mouth parted for him as surely as the rest of me. This time it was me tasting his moan as he drove himself forward faster; hard enough to sting. His muscles were clenching and relaxing under my fingers, and I could feel his breath come faster.

“Give it all to me,” I told him again, encouraging him.

I felt his body flex under my greedy hands, and he drove himself home again. I felt his body flex not just over me but in me, and he thrusted hard again. “Yes,” I whispered, coaxing, and he shuddered and slammed into me again. I could feel my own orgasm, almost as close as his.

“Gods,” he groaned as he slid as deeply into me as he could. I felt his cock clench inside of me again. “Oh, yeah.”

As he pressed himself into me, I felt his whole body twitch again. He drove his tip against my inner seal again, pressing it right against the gate of my cervix, and then unleashed his first wave of heat. Hot cum gushed from him, splattering and coating my innermost walls.

He pulled back and thrust again, still twitching. He let loose another surge of his pleasure, dousing me in seed. I moaned against his lips, and felt myself teetering on the edge of my second climax.
He kept sawing in and out, shoving hard against my cervix with each thrust. As he pulled back and slammed home again, I finally plummeted over the edge.

My breath came quicker and quicker as my climax hit, and I twitched under him as he kept thrusting away. I could feel heat spreading in me, pooling in my depths and overflowing around his throbbing shaft. I clenched around him, like my body was trying to drain him, and still he kept pumping, still cumming.

Finally, the crest of my orgasm passed, and stars danced in my eyes as I shuddered. Davor shuddered too, holding me close and wedging himself as deep as he could.

I felt his cock twitch again, still dribbling seed into my cunt.

“Gods,” I whispered as he twitched again. “How are you still going?”

He just pressed harder against me, holding me tightly against him as his shaft clenched again and again, still going for another thirty or forty seconds after I was done. Finally his muscles relaxed, and he let go of me. I settled into the cool grass, with him above me.

“Told you it was different with an orc,” he said, by way of explanation.

“I had no idea,” was all I could manage. “I guess it really is true what they say about orcs in bed.”

He chuckled. “True what they say about elves, too.” He slid back slightly before pushing slowly back into me. Somehow he was still hard. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been with someone so turned on, but still so tight.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “I’d think anyone would feel tight with a cock like that. Besides, I’m only half elven.”

“No shit?” He asked, smirking at my comment about his manhood. “Well, I’m only about seven-eights orc.”

“Seven-eighths?” I couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Humans,” he said, grinning. “They get into everything.”

“You didn’t do so bad yourself, orc,” I said, and he let out a guffaw.

He shifted his hips slightly, I inhaled sharply as his cock moved inside of me. “Yeah, we did pretty good,” he agreed, that cocky smile on his face again. Then he leaned back, and his shaft slowly slid back before finally dropping out of me with an audible pop and slapping against his thigh. As soon as his tip was out of me I could feel the change in pressure, and a trickle of seed immediately started dribbling out of me.

He looked down at my pussy, neat and trimmed but no doubt puffy from the abuse it took, dripping with his cum. “You, ah,” he managed before stopping to chuckle. “You seem to have gotten messy.”
I pushed myself up into a sitting position, and watched a moment as a pearlescent bead formed at the bottom of my slit before rolling its way down to my ass. “Well, you’re not wrong. Do you have some cloth for me to wash up?”

“I’ve got a towel and some blankets, but they might not be quite enough to do the job,” he said, still grinning.

“You got a better idea?” I asked, slowly working my way to my feet.

He looked down at my crotch again, and grinned to show off his tusks. “I like the sight of you just like this, but I know a good place to wash up. Cute little grotto I spotted earlier when I was getting water for cooking. Interested?”

I pointed at the forest’s edge with my chin. “You figure walking in the dark’s a smart way to go?”

He started walking in that direction, stopping after a few steps to look at me over a shoulder. “Don’t tell me it’s too dark for your elven eyes to see?”

I sighed and threw my shirt on as I followed, stepping into the gloom without any more hesitation.

Away from the fire, the light dropped to nothing more than what the stars can give, but I walked with no difficulty. I took long strides to catch up with Davor, trying to ignore the feeling of liquid soaking my thighs as it drained out.

“‘S’not so bad, is it?” he asked, slowing until I could catch up.

My feet never missed a beat, and I picked out rocks and roots that would trip up most of the humanoid species. But neither Davor nor I needed any extra light to navigate the woods, and in a few moments I could hear the quiet sound of water falling. After another minute I could see the stream, another and I could see the pool he’d mentioned.

I stopped then, taking it all in. Water cascaded over a small ledge, pooling below before emptying out into a small stream. It wasn’t enough to call a real waterfall, but the moonlight turned the falling water into a spray of diamond, and the pool into liquid silver.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered.

He turned back to me and grinned. “Saw it this afternoon when we pulled in. Didn’t have time for a bath then, but figured you could use a dip.”

I looked down again at the mess on my inner thighs, now mostly dried and starting to flake off. “Yeah, I think that mess was mostly your fault,” I told him as I stepped past.

I found a likely looking rock and dropped my bundle of clothes on it, then realized he hadn’t moved at all. I craned my head to find him staring, his gaze riveted on my ass. “See something you like?”

He chuckled again, eyes trailing down my legs, then back up to where they connected. “Some things, for sure.”

I straightened up, strangely self-conscious under his intense stare. “You can’t possibly be ready to go again,” I insisted, stepping up to the pool and trying it with my toe. It was cold against my skin, but not the bone-numbing cold of glacier-fed rivers.

As I dipped my toe in the pool a second time, I realized he hadn’t answered my question. I turned back, one foot in the pond, staring at him through the sheet of my hair. He looked intent, and a quick appraisal of him and his half-erect anatomy told me enough. “How can you be ready to go again,” I asked, incredulous. “We just finished like fifteen minutes ago. Your cum isn’t even dry yet!”

He shrugged a shoulder, unconcerned. “Told you it’s different being with an orc. Now we gonna swim or not?”

Before I could even answer, he took off past me in long strides and leapt near the waterfall, into the deepest part of the pool. The glassy surface immediately went from a calm reflection of the sky to an eruption of water.

I gasped as the cold water splashed onto my legs. Goosebumps broke out over my body again, although their cause was very different from the last time. His head broke the water and he laughed, shaking droplets from his head. “Well?” He asked, quieter than before.

I sighed and strode forward as boldly as I could manage. Sitting on the stone lip, I dropped my legs in, and nearly froze in place as the cold hit me. But I couldn’t accept being outdone by him now, so I drew in a deep breath and pushed forward, letting myself be taken by the chilled water.

The effect was like getting slapped in the face and being pulled into a too-tight embrace at the same time, like I needed to take a deep breath but couldn’t quite manage.

I broke through the surface a moment later and gasped in a breath of night air.

He was standing close, waiting for me. “Pretty good, hey?”

“Prick,” I muttered, moving to a shallower point where I could stand without treading water. Once the water was no higher than my stomach, I realized it wasn’t nearly as cold as it felt when I first went in. A far stretch from the hot bath I really wanted, but it wasn’t too bad.

I looked over, and found his gaze once again on my body. This time he stood admiring my breasts, and the nipples that were fully stiffened from the cool water. “Enjoying the scenery,” I asked, a bit dryly.

“Is the water cold,” he asked, leering, “or are you just happy to see me?”

I sighed at the juvenile humour, but couldn’t help feeling just a bit amused by his antics. “I don’t know if the water’s cold,” I told him, walking into the deeper part where he was. Then I swung my hand in an arc through the water, kicking up a wave of water in his direction. “You tell me!”

He sputtered as the water splashed over him, then laughed as I slapped more at him.

I put both hands together and was about to splash him a third time when he suddenly sprang forward, catching me around the waist and forcing me backwards. I managed to get one foot firmly on the bottom of the pool and pivot, keeping him from driving me under the water.

He caught himself and stopped before he fell, then we both paused, his arms firmly around my back. My eyes drifted down to where I could feel his length against my thigh. Not that I could see it through the water, but I could imagine well enough.

“Now who’s happy to see whom?” I asked, reaching down between us.

“Whom?” He asked as I grabbed the offending appendage. “Well, aren’t we feeling fancy?”

I gently clenched my hand, gripping the shaft in my hand. “I know what I’m feeling, and I’m not sure I’d call it fancy.”

He pushed against me and forced me back a step. “Oh? What would you call it then?”

I put a hand against his chest and kept gently tugging on him. I made a sound like I was deep in thought, and it sounded almost exactly like his sound of enjoyment. “I guess I would call it… adequate.”

His eyes snapped open, mock outrage written all over his face. “Adequate?”

He put his hands on my hips and lifted me up, as easily as if I was a sack of potatoes.

“Adequate?” he asked again. He took a series of quick steps, carrying me across the pool to the edge and dropped me on it. Then his lips were on mine in a forceful kiss. His hands were still on my sides, and mine on the back of his head and neck, without me remembering how they got there.

He broke away suddenly, both of us panting slightly. Then his lips were on my earlobe, and my breath was gone again. “That’s cheating,” I whispered, with no real conviction.

He slid an arm around my back and pulled me forward until my pelvis was flush against his stomach, still kissing my ear and down my neck.

He kept moving down, trailing kisses along my neck, my collar, my breasts. There he lingered, lavishing attention on my skin, gently nibbling at my tips.

Then his mouth was moving down again, first on my ribs, then my navel, then my waistline. I felt powerless, robbed of any real ability to speak or think. I leaned back, hands braced behind me, and still his mouth continued downwards.

His lips tickled the small patch of pubic hair I kept, then suddenly his breath was at the junction of my thighs. I sighed and spread my legs almost instinctively, leaning further back.

His lips, his breath, his tongue were on me. In me. He flicked his tongue across my clit, and I lost my breath again.

And then, after all that, he really got started.

I could do little more than hold onto his head with one hand as he went on. I clung desperately to the rock beneath and behind me, as if to keep from flying away.

His mouth was everywhere I needed it, sucking and licking, flicking and teasing. I gasped and moaned as I rode the high, gradually approaching something big.

Heat surged and licked my insides, like a flame roaring in my blood. And still he kept on, his passion meeting mine. It was all I could do to keep from screaming out into the night, and I felt myself rising even faster than I had earlier tonight.

I hit that peak and hurtled over, shaking as my orgasm swept through my body. Still he kept on, relentless, his tongue flicking across my clit as each wave of sensation jolted through me.

And then the inferno passed, leaving smouldering embers behind.

I sat up, staring down at his dark head between my pale legs. “Fuck,” I managed to whisper between panting breaths.

He let up, letting me come down slightly from the high. He was grinning again, the cocky bastard.

“Fuck,” I panted again, trying to make my head formulate the thought I was trying to spit out.

“I gotta say, you taste pretty damn good, elf. I could stay buried between your thighs til the sun-”

I cut him off by reaching between us, grabbing his cock. It was rock-hard, despite the cool water all around us. “Fuck me,” I told him, finally making my mouth work. “I need it now.”

His mouth split in a feral grin, tusks and teeth glinting in the moonlight. “As you wish,” he said in a voice even deeper than his normal, and picked me effortlessly up. I gasped in surprise as he swung me, moving quickly through the water before setting me down.

Now my pelvis was below his stomach, lined up almost perfectly with –

He stroked his erection once, letting me take in the full glorious sight of it. Then he rested it against my folds, its dark green tone a nearly shocking contrast to the pink it was pressed against.

He slowly shifted back and forth, rubbing the length against my nub. My whole body was on fire, and I had no patience. “Any time now, orc.”

He grinned wider but said nothing. He took himself in hand, and slid his tip just slightly down.

I sighed at the feeling of the thick head rubbing along my lips. Then it came to a rest between them. Then he was pressing forward, and again my body yielded before him. I was even wetter than before, and still loose from our last pairing, so my body put up no resistance as he slid into me.

He moved smoothly into me, all in one motion, and we both sighed at the moment of our unity.

“Careful,” I told him. “I’m still a little sore.”

He nodded down at me, and I was surprised at how concerned he looked. “We’ll go however you want.”

Then he shifted his hips and his length slid back, almost out of me. And then he was sinking into me, sliding his wide shaft into my deepest recess. “Shit, elf,” he whispered, sounding almost reverent as he pulled back and pressed into me again. “You feel so good.”

I said nothing, sighing in enjoyment as he sunk into me again. One of his hands was on my hip, the other slowly made its way up my ribs and onto my breast, cradling the soft flesh in his rough palm. His hand dug slightly into my hip as he pulled me towards him, in time with his thrust. He plunged into me faster, enough that it stung but still didn’t quite hurt.

I craned my head to watch the point of our connection, where his thick shaft was smoothly pumping in and out of my slit. The pink lips stretched and distended around the thick intruder, stretching around it as he slid slowly in and out.

Then I pulled myself up the rest of the way, until I was sitting up to kiss him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, holding him tightly. His arms, in turn, wrapped around my waist, holding me close as he thrust in again. The angle was awkward, requiring me to tilt my pelvis back while sitting up, but it didn’t seem to bother Davor one bit.

My sighs were muffled by his mouth, and I found myself thrusting awkwardly to meet him. He groaned in turn at the extra stimulus, but managed to restrain himself.

Our lips pressed, and I found myself tracing my lip along one of his lower tusks, entranced by the feeling of smooth bone on my lip. He sighed against my mouth as I gently traced my tongue along that smooth surface, then shifted me. One hand curved under my ass and half-lifted me, so that I was barely touching the cold stone beneath me.

I ran my hands along his hard back and up to his smooth scalp, squeezing the muscles as they worked under his skin.

He grunted and clenched my ass cheeks tighter, but restrained himself even as he got closer.

I pulled back slightly and put one hand on his chest. “Wait.”

He stopped, sunken halfway into me, panting. “You okay?” He had an almost desperate look about him, but patiently waited. I’m sure there’s some number of humans (and elves) who would have insisted that an orc could never show such temperance.

I nodded my answer, then clenched my legs and pulled him against me. His shaft sunk, tantalizingly slowly, until he was nestled in me again. “I’m fine,” I told him. “I just kind of want to try something.”
He nodded, unsure but certainly unwilling to put a stop to anything now.

I leaned back from him, and he lowered me until I was laying down before him again. “Hold still,” I asked, pulling myself a bit closer to the edge. The shifting of his cock in me as I wiggled was enticing in itself, but not quite what I had in mind.

I slowly spread my legs wider, and then lifted my right leg up and brought it up until it was at his shoulder height. Then I brought my other leg up, moving slowly to keep him from falling out of me.
Once I had both legs on his shoulders, I met his grinning face and gave him a nod.

He held my hips and started slowly pulling back and sliding in, and I moaned loudly. My legs being held up made everything feel tighter… and bigger.

He thrust again, and closed his eyes in enjoyment as he slid deep into my body, making me rock with the motion. But he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes closed, and settled for staring at my body as he thrust again.

Then he was pressing his arm against the back of my thigh, pushing my knee until it bent. He angled my legs until my knees were against my chest, my feet on his sternum. Evidently very satisfied with the image of an elf bent in half and his cock stuck in her, he started thrusting faster.

I managed to break his intense stare long enough to glance down my own stomach at my pussy, pushed up into the air and crammed full of his thick cock. Again I marvelled at our skin – mine pale and his dark, my pussy smooth and delicate around his rough member.

His thrusts seemed to go deeper, pressing against that sensitive spot inside of me with every pass. “Fuck, you’re so big,” I managed to say around my own moans.

He seized my ankles with both hands and lifted them until he could lean further over me. My knees were all but pressed into my chin, and I felt my whole body open before him with each press. I doubted I’d be able to finish again in this position, but the feeling was fantastic.

He was thrusting faster now, and harder, too. It stung where I’d grown sensitive, but I was too deep in the moment to care.

He clenched my legs tighter and started thrusting faster, and I could see that same look as before settle over his face: pleasure, desperation, nearly pain. “Fuck, Amy,” he said through gritted teeth. He was sawing in and out, each pass seeming to blend together with the last into a single movement.

Then he pulled back and pushed forcefully into me, holding there for a heartbeat, long enough for me to feel his cock pulsate inside of me. He pulled back and thrusted quickly, hammering in twice more before pushing hard at me, as if trying to go deeper. I felt another shudder from his body and a wave of heat rush out of him.

A torrent of seed erupted, spilling from him into my body waiting below. “Fuck,” he said again as he pulled back and buried himself into me. The force of his press nearly hurt, and I felt him throb again within me, splashing my inner wall with more of his cum.

Again he pulled back and thrusted, again the rhythmic pulsing yielded more seed. I clenched my body, tightening around his member, and his face was a mask of pleasure. He kept thrusting, still pumping and still gushing jets of his semen.

He finally pushed in as far as he’d go, holding himself deep inside of me as he pulsed again and again, emptying the last of himself into my pussy.

He twitched bodily, then again. Then he was still, and there were no sounds but our breathing.

“Fuck,” I said, somewhat in awe. I slowly spread my legs, and he let me move them off of him. He shifted slightly and I twitched, overwhelmed and overstimulated. “Fuck.”

He laid a single hand on my hip, and I found his concerned face staring down. “You okay?”

I nodded, working to try and say something coherent. What’s the easiest way to tell someone they fuck like a bull and cum hard enough to put a horse to shame? I settled for saying “Fuck” a third time.

My breathing finally started slowing down, and I chuckled to myself.

“What?” he asked, looking both pensive and relaxed.

“I came down here expecting to get clean.”

He grinned, showing off his tusks. “Now you’re even dirtier.”

Then he put his hands on my hips and lifted me again, just as effortlessly as before. He spun in a half circle and dropped me down into the water. I almost yelped when the cold water hit my body, coming up to just over my belly, but the residual warmth crawling up and down my limbs kept the worst of the chill at bay.

I cleaned up again, faster this time, and watched as Davor climbed out of the pool. The moonlight highlighted every line of muscle against his dark, earthy skin tone. I watched him with something between admiration and lust, appreciation and awe.

He turned to me, seemingly completely unembarrassed at his nakedness, and offered me his hand. I took it, and he helped me back onto the solid stone.

I wrung my hair out, trying to get rid of at least some of the wetness, and he went to recover our pile of clothing.

When I turned back towards him, he wasn’t moving at all. He just stared at me, his gaze trailing from my face to my toes and back, moving slowly over my moonlit body. Time seemed frozen in this tableau of my nakedness and his awe-struck gaze. I just stood there, trying not to be too aware of the cold air.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, with something like reverence in his tone. “You look like a moon goddess, come down to bless the world with her beauty.”

I laughed, equal parts flattered and uneasy. “Careful,” I told him in the same quiet tone, “You never know who might be listening. There could be an actual moon goddess within earshot.”

He chuckled at that, and time started moving again. “That’s true,” he said, passing me half of the pile of clothing, “There are five or six moon goddesses, at least. You never know where they’re going to show up.”

I sorted through my clothing with brisk motions, pulling on my underwear and pants first, then working my way up.

We set out once I was mostly dressed and almost decent. We moved in a comfortable silence, wending our way through the dark woods with a sureness no human could match. We stopped outside of his tent, and he pulled the flap aside for me. I shook my head, and he nodded gravely.

I turned and made my way back to the large cart, moving slowly and silently. I glanced back once, and found him still outside of his tent, watching me. He met my eyes and gave me a slow nod, which I returned.

Then I pulled myself into the cart as quietly as I could manage, stepping over Berta’s unconscious form and past the snoring Roy. I settled down against a sack of flour, pulling my blanket over myself and wiggling to get comfortable. It wasn’t a comfortable bed by any stretch of the imagination, but I slipped into the deepest sleep I’d had in days.



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