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Succubus Wasteland

A succubus and her lover enjoy the heat of the night deep in the forest.
Succubus Wasteland

The young man stripped off his clothes as he stood by the pool of pink water. His lover, the warrior succubus with the power to give life, was waiting for him to join her, the water came up to her firm breasts as she floated in the water. They had come to this oasis after many days, and pleasurable nights, of hard travel across the Desert of Ark-Nah, a place covered in red sand that stretched out for miles.

The man looked at his reflection in the light of the moon over the water. After traveling for so long, his once weak body was starting to become toned as muscled formed on his arms. His stomach and chest were becoming tighter as well. Tonight, he would be the one to ravish his lover. Slowly, he stepped into the pool and approached his eager succubus.

She reached out to feel his chest, hard as stone yet smooth as silk as she ran her fingers across his skin. As she did this, the man used his left arm to pull her into a kiss. His right hand trailed down her body and stroked her pussy lips, which were submerged in the soothing water. The succubus moaned into the kiss as she felt her lower body burn form his touch. The man took this as a good sign as he stroked her clit in a slow, circular motion. The succubus’s wings spread out around them, causing the water to splash. Her hands finally ended their slow descent down the man’s body as they now wrapped around his cock. She stroked him, using the water as a lubricant to make him even slippery in her hands.

When the young man first met the succubus, this action would have made him cum in no time. But now, after weeks of being with her, he grew to control the sensations her body gave him. Tonight, however, he would find out if her body could now do the same. Without warning, the man lifted the succubus up and placed her on the soft grass by the edge of the pool. Her legs dangled in the water, which the man quickly parted. He pressed his lips against her clit and slowly began sucking. His tongue flicked out like a snake, hitting her sweet spot in one continuous motion. The succubus laid back against the soft grass. Her hands clinched to the earth around her as she looked up at the endless night sky. The night air was filled with he moans of ecstasy as the man continued worshiping her body.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

The succubus was almost about to go over the edge when a loud screech cut through her moans. Both the succubus and the man stopped to see what had made that terrible noise. Only something truly awful could have jarred them out of their love-making. The two waited in silence, except for their heavy breathing, to see if the noise happened again. Instead of hearing a piercing screech, a soothing melody came deep from within the forest path. It hypnotised both of them as they climbed out of the pool and made their way into the thick jungle of trees. The succubus was so mind struck by the sound that she forgot to take up her rainbow sword that lay in the grass.

As the two continued, almost blindly, through the forest, the only thing that filled their minds was the luring sound of that mysterious song. The melody sounded like it could be produced by a wind instrument, a flute perhaps. It was not long until they came to a clearing in the forest. There, standing in an aura of bright green energy, stood a Siren playing an electric guitar. Her body was tall and slender, her black hair shot out all around her head like she’d been electrocuted. Indeed, green flickers of lightening surrounded her as she played her instrument. A thin red dress covered her otherwise naked body. It did now hide her nipples that poked through the material. As she continued to play those sharp, intoxicating notes, both the man and the succubus could not help be walk more towards her.

When the succubus got close enough for the Siren to touch her, she laid down her guitar and wrapped her arms around her pray. The man stood in awe as the Siren pressed her body against the succubus. Their mouths soon met and the succubus in return started pulling the Siren’s dress off. Soon, the Siren was as naked as the succubus was as their bodies slowly rubbed against each other. The Siren’s mystic power surrounded both of them as they were bathed in green light. The man, who was now broken from the Siren’s spell, watched as his lover was being comforted by another. He did not grow jealous. Instead, he took comfort that his lover was reiving such pleasure, even it at the moment it was not form him. Things started to change when he saw the Siren draw her sharp claws down the Succubi’s back. Thin lines of blood occurred, but the Succubus did not protest. The man took this as a good sign, believing that the succubus enjoyed those painful marks. However, the marks grew deeper and deeper as the Siren dug more into the succubae’s back. She was tearing her apart without the succubus even being aware.

Seeing this, the man quickly reached out for his lover, attempting to pull her away from the siren’s evil magic. To his shock, he was struck back not by the Siren, but by his own lover. The succubus turned to face him with fire in her eyes as she slashed at his chest. The cuts were not deep, but were enough to force him to back away.

This did not stop the man from trying again as he saw the Siren inflicting more damage to the succubus. He charged at the Siren, his arm raised back in preparation to land a fierce blow. The Siren saw him from the corner of her as while her mouth continued to plant soft kisses down the succubi’s neck. With one swift motion, a green bolt of lightning shot from the Siren’s aura, hitting the man hard as he was flung back against a nearby tree. The man collapsed to his knees. He looked up and saw his succubae’s back. It was now covered in blood and turn pieces of flesh. Yet still, the succubus was unaware as she wrapped a leg around the siren’s ass, bringing their lower bodies closer together. The man lay there in the cool night grass and groaned in agony at his uselessness.

Hearing his cries of despair, the siren jerked her head towards him. The succubus watched as the siren slowly reached out her hand, pointing towards the man on the ground. When she saw where the siren pointed towards, the succubus’s eyes once again turned fire red. Her winds became tough leather and the tip of her tail turned into a spike. Shew flew towards her once lover with inhuman speed, her sharp claws outstretched.

The man just had enough time to jump out of the way as the succubus slashed at the ground where he once was. Luckily, their love-making had been interrupted at the pool before the man could release his inner magic into the succubus. If he had, then the succubus could have easily killed him in an instant. Instead, the human dodged the succubus’s wild attacks with her claws as she pursued him.

The siren watched in amusement as she saw the man scrambling for his life. It was then that the man noticed the siren’s guitar, the source of her power, laying on the ground unguarded. Without a moment’s hesitation, the man picked it up by the neck and smashed it hard against a tree. The guitar let out a loud screech, as if it could feel pain, before breaking in-two. The siren stood there, too shocked to move. Then, without warning, the green aura that surrounded her turned into flames. They engulfed her as her lightening shot out form her body. Her body slowly began to disappear into the flames until there was nothing.

The man stood there, holding the broken guitar in his hands before tossing it into the woods. He was startled when he felt soft hands slowly wrap around his waist. Lips quickly fallowed, planting sweet kisses along his neck and shoulder. He turned around to see his succubus, eyes back to their original violet. Before he lost him to in relieve, he quickly ran his fingers along her back, her smooth, silky back. The succubus smiled and nodded her head as she felt the man inspect her. The man let out a sigh of relief and embraced the succubus in a tight squeeze. He felt her breasts rub against his chest as he continued running his hands over her healed back. The succubus could feel the cuts on his chest and quickly pulled away. She looked down at the marks she’d made while under the trance. Her eyes looked into his, pleasing for forgiveness. She kissed each mart as her hands ran down his thighs. Sher lowered her body to her knees as she kissed down his front until reaching his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it with one hand, the other still placed on his thigh. She looked up at him, smiling as she stroked him from base to tip. Her mouth was mere inches away from his tip as she extended her tongue, making small circles around him. To her surprise, he pushed her head back and tilted it upwards so he could look at her.

There was nothing but love covering his face as he starred down at his succubus. He had not forgotten what he set out to do at the pool. With both hands, he gently pushed the succubus on her back as he got down on his stomach. He wanted to be eye-level with her pussy as he worshiped it just like before. The succubus laughed with joy as she wrapped her legs around the man’s face, pressing him closer. The man slide his tongue over her clit, kissing it with his lips while his tongue flicked against it. He let out a warm stream of air from his lips, sending vibrations over the succubus’s lower body. She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling slightly, wanting more of him. His lips left her clit and was replaced with his middle and index finger, rubbing slowly. He could feel her pussy growing wet as he eagerly licked her juices. The succubus could feel his tongue sliding inside her as he licked around her inner-folds, not wanting to waste a single drop of her moistness.

Eventually, the succubus’s body desired, no, begged for more of him as she pulled harder on his hair. The man, feeling the heat pulsing from her lover, got on his knees, pulled her closer to him and slowly slide his cock inside her, inch by inch. The succubus let out a loud moan as she was filled up by his body. She wrapped her legs once again around his waist, squeezing him, wanting him even closer. His body thrust inside her, pushing him closer over the edge every time his cock rubbed against her tight, moist pussy.

They went on like this for nearly an hour. The man’s slow thrusting body keeping time with the succubae’s moans of longing. Until, with heated intensity, they both reached their climax. Life flooded into him as magic poured into her. The man lay against the succubus, using her breasts as pillows. They held each other through the night and fell asleep in the forest under the moon.


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