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Every Little Star

I guy runs into the girl he dumped years ago. She wants to try again, her way
Every Little Star

“I beg your pardon, Ma’am.  I didn’t see you – Amy?  Amy Wilson?  It’s been years.

“Yes, it has Joe.  Having trouble looking me in the face?”  Her sweet voice was low and accusing.

“Yes, yes, I am.  I did you so wrong many years ago and it’s never left my mind.  It’s almost haunted me.  I dropped you without a thought.  I could never undo the harm that I have done to you.”  My voice quivered, and my body was shaking.

“Listen, maybe we can try to fix a part of it.  We did have fun going to dances and parties.  The sex could be better, but we were young and still experimenting.”  Her voice was softer.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

“I’ve done enough damage to you.  I don’t want to hurt you anymore if that’s possible.”  I felt as low as a person can go.

“Let’s try and make some of it better.  How about tomorrow night, we can have a couple of drinks and then we can crash at your place.  I’m at a motel and it isn’t the best.”  She was starting to sound better.

“Listen, why don’t I take you to the motel, get your things, and stay at my apartment?  It’s a bachelor pad, with not much furniture or food, mostly beer, but it’s cheaper than even a cheap motel.  And the tub is clean and the hot water works.  It’s the very least I can do.”  I don’t know if I was begging for me or her.

“If you don’t mind, give me your address and cell number.  I’ll call you when I’m on my way.  I appreciate your offer.  I want to spend time with you, we had a good thing until she came along.”  Talk about brutal honesty.

“I know.  After six months, I knew I screwed up, but I couldn’t face you.  I walked out on the best person in my life and I still hate myself for it.  I owe you so much, Amy.”  By now I wanted to throw up.

“Let’s just be together now.  She’s gone and I’m here.  I think you still have some feelings for me.”  Her voice was almost hypnotic.

“I have never stopped loving you, Amy.  I have laid awake nights thinking about you.  I feel a pain in my chest thinking about how I just left you.”  My voice was shaking again.

“Joe, go home and shower, shave and relax.  Your old sweetheart is coming to stay for a couple of days.  I want to see that handsome man I fell in love with,” she purred.

“Amy, you’re as gorgeous as always.  You haven’t changed, still the beautiful, brown-eyed girl I fell in love with and have always been in love with.”  I felt like she could see into my soul.

“Now, go on.  I’ll call you soon.” She kissed my cheek and started to walk away.  I didn’t even kiss her cheek when I walked away from her years ago.


 It was almost seven when Amy called and said she was ten minutes away.  I was showered, shaved, and spit-polished; my heart was racing.  It seemed like an hour before I heard the light knocking at my door.

When I opened the door, Amy was standing there, looking like a model.  I took her small suitcase from her and ushered her in.  She smiled as she looked around the place, nodding her head.

“Just as I thought.  Neat, clean, and simple.  You have always been that way, Joe.  Take my coat, please.”  I couldn’t believe my eyes when she removed her coat.

Amy was wearing a sheer white gown.  Under it, she wore a white half-cup bra and very tiny panties.  Her white thigh-high nylons and white heels were giving me a hard-on, but I couldn’t let her know.

She made herself at home on the couch and I brought in the refreshments.  I poured her wine into a glass and opened my beer.  She smiled and patted the seat next to her.  When I sat down, I felt that same force that drew me to her in school.

We talked about the people we knew and the dances we had attended.  She even smiled when she brought up the fun after the dance.  She said we could never get into that backseat now, at our age.

“Joe, remember the time my folks were out and I snuck you into my bedroom?  We were naked and you were trying to lick me?  It didn’t work out well.  Neither did the time we were in that old house and I tried to suck your cock.  That didn’t work out well, either,” she giggled.  That same cute sexy giggle.

“I guess you have made some progress in your licking and loving.”  She was taunting me.

My face was crimson, “Yes, I must admit, I am a little better at it.  And I last a little longer now.”  I wanted to crawl under the couch.

“Don’t be embarrassed.  I have to admit I have gained some knowledge and technique in licking and SUCKing.  I’m probably a little better at riding on top of your cock now than I was back then.”  It wasn’t until later on, I realized how she had emphasized the word ‘suck’.  

Amy put her glass on the coffee table and stood up.  When she looked down at me her eyes hypnotized me.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.

“Joe, take my robe off.  Undo the tie, then the four buttons, tell me what you think.”  I did as she asked, or commanded.

As I began to undo her robe, Amy started to sing the song she meant for me back then.

“I told every little star, just how sweet I think you are, why haven’t I told you?”[1] As she continued singing the song with her same sweet melodic voice, I began to remove her robe.

When I gently pushed the robe from her shoulders and she removed her arms, she looked just like she did in high school.  Her beautiful soft white skin, hot pink nipples, and areola beckoned me to suck them.  Her soft brown pussy hair was a perfect triangle.  My cock was starting to ache.

“Joe, would you stand next to me and help me take off my bra and panties, please?”  I automatically stood up.

Before I could undo her bra, she started to unbutton my shirt.  After it was on the floor, I reached around Amy to unfasten her bra.  As I did, she pushed her hard nipples into my chest.  My cock was trying to burst through my jeans.

She continued singing, “Maybe you may know it too, oh, my darling if you do, why haven’t you told me?”[2]  The words were burned into my memory, my thought process was collapsing.

I pulled Amy as close to me as I could, her nipples piercing my chest.  She sexually licked her lips and pressed them against mine.  As we kissed, I caressed her ass cheeks in my hands, she pushed her pelvis to mine.

When we parted lips, she put her arms over her head.  That was my cue to remove her white silk panties.  I slid the band over her sensual hips and then down her legs.  My face was even with her glistening triangle, but she cupped my chin in her hands and made me stand up.

“Don’t I get a chance to undress you and get wetter than I am?  I think that’s only fair, don’t you?”  Her voice was soft and sultry.  I was unable to resist.

I kicked off my tennis shoes and pulled off my socks.  Amy smiled with approval.  “That makes it easier.  Now I get to see that wonderful cock that I have been missing.  I hope he still gets as hard as he did in the back seat.”  Amy giggled.

She knelt and unbuckled my belt, then unfastened my jeans.  She looked up at me smiling and slowly pulled down my zipper.  That done, she pushed my jeans over my hips and down my legs.  She patted my leg to step out of them, then the other.

Amy ran her hand over the bulge in my briefs. She cooed when she pulled them over my swollen cock and kissed the head.  Ever so slowly, she pushed my briefs to the floor.  I stepped out of them.

“This is more like it.  I wish we could have had a nice place when we met, but we did what we had to do.  He’s as stiff and long as I remember.  I am going to enjoy getting reacquainted with him. You don’t mind if I take my time, do you,”  she mewed.

“N-no, I mean,” I couldn’t talk, she had taken over all of my senses. “No.” 

She kissed my chest and ran her fingers down my spine.  Then she swallowed my cock, and when her lips were against the base, she used her tongue to massage the underside of it.  My legs were trembling.

Amy slowly bobbed her head up and down on my aching shaft.  At times she would stop at the head and slide her tongue back and forth under it.  Every time she did it, I wanted to cum, but she would stop just in time.

Amy would return to sucking my cock and drag her fingernails over my chest.  The physical arousal was melting my brain.  At some point, I had my hands on her head and shoved my cock in and out of her mouth.  Sometimes she would hold my cock deep in her mouth and suck it.  I was a prisoner of her lust.

I tried to warn her when I was going to cum, but I could only groan with wanton desire.  I shoved my cock down her throat and the boiling cum in my balls erupted down her throat.  With each load, Amy sucked and swallowed using the back of her throat to squeeze my cock head.

When she had emptied my balls, she massaged them and using her tongue made sure she had swallowed every drop from me.  My legs were trembling, I was sweating and panting as though I had run cross country.

“Mmmm, Joe.  I wish I could have been that good for you before.  I enjoyed sucking you, I loved it.  I am so wet.  When your first load slid down my throat, I thought I was going to cum too,” her sultry voice echoed in my brain.

I reached down and helped Amy to her feet.  She kissed my chest and hugged me and slowly ran her nails down my back.  She squeezed my ass cheeks and we kissed, the sensations went straight to my cock.

“Joe, if it doesn’t break our mood, I would like to, a well, you know, freshen up a little.  I want to be as perfect for you as you are for me.”  Again, her voice was soft and sultry.

“Would you like another glass of wine?”  I was hoping it would add to the mood.

“Maybe just a half.  I don’t want to lose what we have going.  Better yet, would I be too forward if I asked if we could meet in the bedroom, with the wine?”  Her eyes were glowing and her lips glistened.

“Sounds perfect.  This sounds stupid, but take your time but, hurry.”  I tried to give her a sly grin.

I refreshed our drinks and carried them to the bedroom.  The intoxicating aroma of her perfume filled the entire room.  It went straight to my head.  I took a drink of my beer and set the drinks on the nightstand.

When Amy emerged from the bathroom, she was gorgeous.  Her brown hair bounced as she walked just like before.  Her eye makeup was a little darker and shouted ‘sex’.  Her red lipstick against her soft face was an enticing contrast, they begged to be kissed.

I started to hand Amy her wine, but she slowly got into bed, reached out for me, and opened her legs.   With her voice soft and sensual she said, “Come and make love to me Joe.  The way we have always wanted, our bodies locked together our sex juices mixing.”

Amy looked so vulnerable with her arms extended and her legs inviting me between them.  I gently knelt between her legs and lowered myself onto her.  Amy cooed as our bodies touched and her arms wrapped around my neck.

Our lips barely touched but the passion ran through us.  We embraced and kissed long and deep.  Amy moaned with desire as our tongues touched and added to the arousal.  My  cock was close to her wet pussy and it felt like she was trying to suck me into her.

I caressed her sweet pink tits, squeezing them gently at first.  Her soft moaning and hot breath against my neck pushed my mouth onto her tit.  I sucked the soft flesh and used my tongue to massage around her nipple.  When I flicked her hard nipple with my tongue, Amy purred and giggled with delight.

I was in no hurry, so I took my time alternating from one tit to the other.  Amy mewed and pushed her pelvis into my body, I continued sucking her tits for a while.  Hearing her moan with delight encouraged me to kiss and lick a trail to her brown triangle.

Once I started to kiss her between her tits, Amy groaned and pushed my face into her body.  When I reached her navel, I kissed and licked around it. When I slid my tongue into her navel Amy groaned, pulled her legs closer to her, and tried to push my head down to her pussy.  

“God, Joe, do something, please.  I’m going to explode, please,” she panted.

I continued my path to her pussy hair.  When my tongue traced through it, Amy moaned and whimpered.  She pushed my head down to her pussy, so I began to lick and lightly touch her from her groin down to her knee.  Amy whimpered and groaned as I made my way back to her groin, just outside of her pussy.

Amy was panting and beads of sweat were dotting her forehead I started on her other leg.  When I got to her knee and started back to her groin, Amy begged, Joe please, lick me, put your tongue in me, she had grabbed handfuls of the sheet and groaned with lust.

I slid my tongue between her inner and outer pussy lips starting from her tight ass, up one side and down the other.  When I would get near her clit, I would go around it.  Amy was squirming and grunting under me.

I lightly licked her tight ass then slid my tongue between her inner pussy lips.  Amy moaned with delight as I flicked my tongue in and out of her wet pussy.   I licked between her lips and in and out of her pussy for a while, all the time Amy wanted more, Make me cum, I have to cum, she whimpered and begged.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and flogged it back and forth with my tongue.  I would drag my tongue across the sensitive clit and Amy quivered and pulled on the sheets.  I grabbed her tits and firmly squeezed them, Amy’s cum squirted from her pussy, covering my face and into my mouth.

Amy squirmed as her orgasm raced through her body squirting stream after stream of warm cum for me to enjoy.  I lapped and sucked as much of her warm liquid as I could and still torment her clit with my tongue.

“JOE, STOP NO MORE, NO MORE.  I CAN’T CUM ANYMORE,”  Amy cried out as she pushed my head away from her pussy.  She covered her pussy with her hands and lay there whispering and whimpering, “So good, mmmm feels so good,” she was breathing heavily.

After a few minutes, Amy looked at me, her eyes still filled with lust.  “I want him, I want your cock in me.  Fill me with your cock and then flood me with your thick cum,” Amy was almost demanding.

As I slid my cock into her, Amy purred and quivered.  When my body pushed against her already sensitive clit, Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and began humping my cock.  I was pumping her with long deep strokes and then started to suck her tits.  Amy giggled with joy and wrapped her arms around my neck.

The more I pumped her the more I lost control.  It felt as though her pussy was sucking my cock.  Amy ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my face into her tit as I sucked them.  We were both groaning and panting as our orgasms raced through our bodies.

As my cock pounded her pussy, she started to plead for more.  I started to slam in and out of her pussy, it felt as though she was tightening her muscles around my cock.  I was sucking her tits as hard as I could, Amy made sure my lips never left her tit.

I stopped sucking her tit and kissed her deeply, she returned the kiss with her tongue deep in my mouth. I nuzzled her neck I could hear in my head the song she always sang to me.

My cock was flooding her pussy with thick white cum, she was squirting my cock and balls with her warm pussy juice.  I slammed in and out of her as hard as I could, and I squeezed her tits until I thought her nipples would pop.

I was so lost in our sex that I barely noticed her slowly sinking her fangs into my neck.  The song got louder, and the world faded away.


                                                                        The End


[1] “I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star” is a popular song with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, published in 1932. The song was introduced in the musical Music in the Air.







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