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Part 9

Echoes from the otherworld pt.9

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.9

The Everlight’s healing house was big, with lots of activity going into and out of the house but not many of those people looked like they needed healing or had just been healed. Stepping into the healing house there was a noticeable change in energy as people’s attention changed to us. As I walked up to the front desk I tried to keep count of all the witch hunters I saw but before I knew it the man at the desk stared expectedly for me to answer and I hadn’t seen a single one. I decide to leave my train of thought about who all these people are and say “We’re here to see the person in charge.”
The man looks disgruntled but replies anyway saying “The healing house is closed, I’m sorry but you will have to go elsewhere.”
I smile as I reply saying “We don’t actually have any injuries, we just need to talk to the person in charge.” I notice the man return to the paperwork in front of him as I add “He’s expecting us. Is he in his office now?”
“No, he is in his living quarters and has been for a little while now. Take a seat and I will send someone to fetch him but I must warn you he doesn’t like to be disturbed.”
I turn to the others to see: Estie trying to be stealthy as she steals an inkwell and quill and Riko asking a myriad of different questions to an inquisitor. I internally groan about the amount of attention they are drawing to us. Ruby and I exchange a quick nod before she gets the other two’s attention as I turn to the receptionist saying “Don’t bother we’ll go to him ourselves.” As we head further into the Healing house I hear a brief protest from the receptionist before he seemingly decides it’s not worth the effort.
The corridor is large but upon quick inspection its main purpose is to house several small healing rooms and a way to enter the courtyard that would connect to the rest of the compound. Heading out to the courtyard I turn to the others saying “We’re looking for the palace he lives in exactly, it’s probably on sight.”
The courtyard is quite large, with lots of flowers and trees and benches, with paths that all connect to a sign in the middle. Estie asks “Why is this place so big? And where are all the patients?”
Ruby is the only one who could answer saying “This place used to be used as somewhere to treat longer-term illnesses and suffering but I think as people started to trust the gods again there was no need for a place like this.” That response got a head turn from me, not that I didn’t think Ruby was smart but I felt like that left more questions. “They are quite common in towns like this. Close to a big city so they can alleviate the pressure from them and it is a lot cheaper to be treated in an academy or institute.”
As we step closer to the sign Riko can’t help but point to a sign. As she does so it becomes painfully obvious that she wears nothing under her cloak, our self-proclaimed healer has minimal protection at best, Estie calls out saying “I saw that too.”
Ruby fails to hide a giggle and I talk to Estie in a low voice saying “It says staff living quarters.”
Estie replies saying “Oh, right yeah. I can-”
I reply with a smile whispering “Don’t worry it’s not exactly easy, besides we don’t want Riko taking all the credit.”
She returns my smile. After a maze of well-kept flower beds and shrubbery and what felt like forever of Riko and Ruby trying to name more plants than the other we reach the living quarters.
The Living quarters are a stark contrast to the rest of the healing house, as the rest looked well kept and eerily devoid of people the living quarters were disheveled and falling apart but still saw some activity. Heading inside the only sign of life was on the ground floor at the end of the corridor, as we walked past the stairs the cobwebs showed disuse and a lack of a basement was made clear.
Oil lanterns guided our way to the end corridor door. Walking inside we are greeted with a small living room with one adjourning room. Cassie appears as we enter the room proper and a man emerges from the adjoining room.
I give a slight nod to Cassie to look into the adjoining room as I ask the man “Are you in charge of the healing house?”
He gives a sight laugh as he locks the door behind him saying “Yes, though most people call me head inquisitor Rigate.” he locks the door behind him before gesturing us to sit and saying “I don’t usually get unannounced visitors.”
“I thought you might, being in a healing house and all.” The others sit at the table he gestures towards as I look at Cassie who’s peeking through the door.
She calls out saying “It’s all blurry but there are chains and I think a bed or something.”
As I sit down Rigate gives a light chuckle, almost lost for words, before saying “Let me rephrase, we get a few visitors but not many who ask for me in particular.” I struggle to hold a conversation while listening to what Cassie is describing trying to peer through the door. After an exaggerated pause he continues saying “So, why did you seek me exactly?”
Dreading what the others might say I steel my resolve and ask “ Do you know of any magical items nearby?”
“No, I’m afraid not.” he stands gesturing to the exit saying “If that is all?”
I look at Cassie as she emerges from the room saying “I definitely see something moving and I think blood. But everything is so unclear I couldn’t tell you for sure.”
I say “We’re with Tyella, searching for a missing artifact we handed our credentials into registration if you want to check.”
My lie seemed to work as he left saying “I’ll do just that.”
Silence falls as he exits, I wait until I can no longer hear his footsteps to look through the keyhole of the locked door. I call out saying “It’s dark, all I see are chains and something white.” I turn to the others who have now gathered around me. “We need to get this door open, does anyone have a lockpick?” After some clueless looks and shrugs I turn to Ruby and ask “Can you magic this open?”
She steps closer and starts searching through her book, everyone else eagerly awaits her response until she says “It looks like it’s protected by some sort of magic, this might take some time.”
I take a step back to give myself time to think. Cassie steps closer and asks “Do you think Rigate has really gone to check at reception and if he has what happens when he realises that they don’t have anything? Does he get back up?”
I whisper to myself “How is he planning on using the gun?” before ordering “Estie and Riko watch the door and knock if he comes back. Prepare for a fight.”
Riko looks hesitant but Estie marches out dragging Riko with her. I watch as Ruby flicks through her book periodically attempting spells only to see tiny sparks or white smoke. I didn’t know much about magic but I knew that whatever she was doing wasn’t working, I also knew there was nothing I could do to help her. All that was left was to wait.


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