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Part 8

Echoes from the otherworld pt.8

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.8

I wake to find Riko lying on top of me, she’s warm and surprisingly light, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t comfortable. I hear the others outside the tent packing our supplies and getting ready for the trip back to town. I notice Riko’s hand in my pants and decide to shove her off of me rather than wake her gently. Leaving the tent I grab my hat and gun joining the others in packing things away. “We are going to hand Riko over to the healing house from earlier and I think we have to have a chat with the leader of the Everlight healing house,” I announce.
Riko emerges from the tent saying “I’m not going back there with that freak. They’re boring, they just make me treat drunk idiots all day.” She stands up straight, summoning all the confidence she has and says “I’m joining you on your adventures, you need me, I can heal you and keep you alive.”
I turn to the other but they just shrug as a reply. I respond saying “It won’t be safe, I can’t guarantee I can protect you.” she stares me down unshaken by the danger. “Fine. Why are the Everlight after you anyway?”
“I don’t know but it might have something to do with Tyella going missing.”
Ruby’s the one who responds sounding more intrigued than anything “What do you mean she’s gone missing? Gods have never just disappeared.”
“We were all kicked out of her domain and when I tried to reach her she didn’t answer me.” Ruby looks frustrated with that answer, probably thinking something along the lines of are you sure they didn’t just kick you out. But before she could speak Riko continued asking “If the Everlight are after me then why aren’t we going there now and kicking their teeth in?”
I’m the one to answer saying “They are after my gun, so maybe they thought you could cast the binding spell on it.”
Ruby shakes her head saying “Even if she could read it she wouldn’t have nearly enough magic in her to cast the spell or use it.” That statement drew inquisitive looks from the rest of, annoyed Ruby sighs as she continues. “Magic is all around us. Most people who use magic draw it in from their surroundings, manipulate it and then unleash it. Some people have magic inside them but are normally dragons or angels or Nella apparently.”
After a couple of nods in agreement, I continue “Point is, the Everlight is a multinational organisation that hates magic and gods so we can’t just ‘kick their teeth in’. That being said, we can’t just sit around and do nothing either.” I have grasped the group’s attention so I continue saying “Thinking about what they know. A group of people were murdered using powerful magic in a tavern and stole their magic gun. And then that gun was used to free a satyr from kidnappers they hired. Like you said not everyone can just go around shooting this gun and the spell’s language is written in something only dwarves and gods can read. So they probably think we are working for a god and that we are a dragon or angel or something, they don’t think they are going to be able to deal with us so they are going to bury their involvement and call in reinforcements.”
I sense that the rest of the group is on the same page as I am as I add “We wait for them to catch up and panic and then we knock on their door and tell them to back off. With a little luck that should be the end of it.”
Estie, having finished packing, carries everything in a massage bag and says “We got quite a lot of gold from the bandits. Can we get an actual meal from a tavern?”
Ruby replies saying “The palace in the centre of town had a couple of spare rooms as well, so we can sleep in an actual bed as well.”
The others walk ahead discussing meals and drinks. Gareth appears beside me and says “Missing gods and magic guns, do you really think it’s going to be as simple as asking them to stop?”
With my voice low I reply “Is it ever? I don’t like the idea of attacking a healing house though and I don’t think it will stop until we get some answers.” I pause briefly thinking over my next points before saying “They are kind of forcing our hand in a weird way and if this gun is so special they must have expected some resistance.”
“So you think you might be walking into a trap. They’re not above hiring bandits, whatever they have up their sleeve might be how they were planning on using the gun.”
Riiko wears her cloak without complaint as we head into town. The healer waits outside the healing house for us, she wears a white lab coat, she looks tired and her hair is a mess. I step closer before saying “We’re back and we brought Riko with us.”
She stares at me in the eye as she says “I told you to see if she was there and then come straight back, not start a fight.” Her rage seems to subside as she turns to Riko and says. “At least you’re alright.”
“Yeah no thanks to you. I’m not going to work in the healing house anymore, I’m going adventuring with them.” Riko replies.
The healer turns to me with an unimpressed expression but all I can do is shrug in response. After an awkward pause, I add “What are you doing now?”
“I’m on my lunch break,” she replies.
“Would you like to grab lunch with me? I mean just the two of us?” I responded.
Her expression lightens as she says “Let us see what they have at the market and you’re paying.”
I turn to Estie who wears a dumbfounded expression as she asks “Are you two going on a date?” before handing me some coins from her bag.
The healer is the one who answers saying “Yes I’m taking your friend on a date. Any objections?”
Riko pipes up, turning to me saying “Yes you’re dating a freak.” Before I could ask her what she means by that Estie drags her away by the collar, and Ruby soon follows.
I turn to the healer saying “Well miss, which way to the market?”
She takes my hand saying “It’s Aszen, and I’ll lead the way.” Leading me by the hand we walk into the town square. Unlike the town it was quite large, with a large variety of stalls selling different things, we walked over to the food section. Immediately I was hit by the smell, as a trading town it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that there is a large variety of food, but this was different to anything I was expecting. As Aszen turns to me I notice stacks of different powders being poured into food, she says “So are there any types of food you fancy or should I choose?”
Looking down the row of stalls, people speak in all sorts of languages as money gets chucked between vendors, all the while people flip, fry and boil foods I’ve never dreamt of being real. I say “I think you should choose.”
Dragging me by the hand she pulls me through a maze of people to a quaint little stall. Behind the stall were two lowborns (tieflings), they both had a male build with short stubby horns and burnt pink skin. One who’s significantly older than the other, cooks breaded food, as the other takes orders at the front. As Aszen sits at the stall I sit next to her, she talks to the younger tiefling saying “Two of the usuals and a bit of privacy please.”
The tiefling addresses the older one in a demonic language I don’t understand before lazily waving his hand and all the sound around me drowns out. It takes me a while to adjust to the missing sound before turning to Aszen and asking “So you come here often? Or do you just order the usual from every street vendor?”
I don’t miss Aszer’s tired eyes wrinkling as she smiles and says “The older man back there helped me out a lot when I was younger, so he’s fairly used to what I like and the younger one, I took care of when he was very young before dropping him off here.”
Not sure what my follow-up question should be I settled for “Took care of you?”
She turns to me and I can’t escape the feeling that this is something serious as she says “What the satyr said before-”
“Yeah, I’m not a fairy or anything, I’m a pixie.” I nod along to her statement and before too long I notice she’s waiting for my response but before I can respond she adds “So, now you know why she calls me a freak.”
My nods turn into shakes as I say “No, no idea, I can tell her to stop if you want.”
Her arms spread as she said, “I just told you.”
“No, you said you are a pixie, not a fairy. That’s cool, good to know” If looks could kill, I would be hung drawn and quartered, she stares as I add “Or maybe not.”
“Pixies are at most two feet tall and-”
I cut her off saying “I have only met one pixie before and she’s about your height, and really quite beautiful.” I look her in the eyes as I say “Not to mention quite smart as well.”
I see her resist a smile but not manage it as she says “I was literally born in a lab and experimented on until I could manipulate magical essence with my blood.”
“Well, at least we have something to be dramatic about.” I turn and see her chuckle as I continue saying “Though I have more to be dramatic about than you.”
She can’t control her laughter as she says “My mother was a test tube.” I can’t contain my surprise as she continues “No, really, a literal glass bottle, I was grown from. I imagine they got my father’s sample from a dead pixie they picked up on the way.”
“What happened to your mother after?”
“I imagine they threw her out when they gave up on me.” She notices my curious face and decides to continue saying “I can’t manipulate magic like they wanted me to, I can only produce magic through my bodily fluids. Blood, saliva, other fluids…” She trails off.
“I already know. Though it would have been nice to know before taking on a bandit camp high.”
“I’m sorry, I should have told you-”
“Don’t be that was the best orgasm I have had in a long time.”
The young tiefling hands us sandwiches and says something to Aszen, I’m unable to hear due to the spell. Her smile drops as she turns to me and says “He can’t hear us but he can read lips.”
My smile drops and we stay there staring at each other for long moments until we both break out in laughter. We stay there, eating and talking until it is time to leave. She drops me off at the tavern in the middle of town, the others are easy to find as their arguing can be heard from outside. It’s not until she leaves that I realise I should have asked for a kiss. The others are sat in a booth near the entrance. When I reach them I say “It’s time to leave.”
Estie looks up asking “Should we ask them to save us this spot?”
“Yes, we will be back.” As I leave Riko waves to a female halfling bartender who blushingly waves back in response, Estie shouts to the man behind the bar asking them to save them the spot and Ruby grabs her book and rushes ahead.


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