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Part 7

Echoes from the otherworld pt.7

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.7

When we arrive I immediately notice our camp only has one tent, the river is small, clear and flowing and the campfire is stocked with firewood with a small bag full of food next to it. “Why is there only one tent?” I question.

Ruby is too quick to answer “You didn’t tell me you only wanted one.”

Ruby then casts a spell cleaning us, and the dirt and blood fall straight off our clothes. On my body, It feels like cold water squirting into all my cracks and creases. I can’t help but yelp as I say “I also remember asking to buy weapons.”

Estie pipes up saying “I did, they’re dark steel, great at breaking bones.” The satyr jumps into the river and Ruby strips quickly to follow.

Mid-Story - After 3rd Paragraph

I pull Estie away and say “You’re keeping a secret but you’re not the only one, so I’ll go first.” Estie shows a questioning look as I continue “The people from the tavern, I see them as ghosts, they follow me helping me. That’s why I knew how to use the gun.” 

Estie starts undressing as she replies “Have Ruby put you up to this. Look I can read, I’m just not that good at it. She’s really smart so when I asked for her to help me and keep it a secret she said only if we have sex and stuff.”

”Not what I meant. I mean the people you’ve killed, the reason why you were arrested.”

I start undressing as she answers “Oh that, yeah I come from a monk tribe and we were supposed to be peaceful and stuff. One time we got into a fight with another tribe. I got angry so I didn’t know when to stop, they banished me afterwards and let my crimes be known.”

My nods of agreement stop as I say “I thought you said you were banished because of your-” I stop as she takes off her pants, her penis is large and semi-erect, probably from the cleaning spell earlier, it sways as she leaves to join the others, cutting our conversation short.

I finish stripping and join the others, floating in the river is refreshing and cool. The satyr presses her body into the side of my mind, her amply-sized breasts hug my arm, and her hairy legs wrap around mine. It feels nice if not slightly unwelcome, Ruby is first to speak up “We were just discussing how I’m interested in seeing the mating prowess of a satyr.”

I reply “I’ll take the first watch so you can all have the tent then.” Satisfied with that, Ruby pulls Estie slightly away. Every so often I hear Estie get annoyed or sigh and Ruby giggles in response.

The satyr’s head rests on my chest as she looks up and says “I was hoping my saviour would volunteer for the tent time.” I turn to her staring. “Look, I was wrong okay? You saved me so thank you. You proved that you are perfectly capable so now let me give you the best sex of your life.”

I feel her hand on my leg as I say “What you went through was messed up, it wasn’t okay. Nobody should have to go through that.”

The other two get out of the river, getting food by the fire. I notice Esties penis is fully erect as the satyr says “I don’t know what world you come from but this is the world I live in. This stuff happens all the time and if you want to continue the way you’re going you need to get used to it too.”

I notice her slipping so I wrap my arm under her to keep her up. Ruby has finished her food quickly and is trying to drag Estie to the tent who after a while reluctantly moves. The satyr notices and calls out “Don’t worry, we don’t mind the view.” They turn to me and I just give a polite wave and smile as a go-ahead. With that Ruby turns on her heels and drags Estie down next to the campfire.

I see the satyr smile as I say “I don’t even know your name.”

“I am Riko, servant of Tyella.” I decided to open my legs. She starts light and feathery as she rubs, her fingers moving my lips side to side.

I watch as Ruby mounts Estie, she stays there hovering above her penis, I can’t make out what they’re saying but Ruby’s talking a lot and Estie looks more annoyed than anything. Before too long Ruby sits down on her. First, she bounces sitting up straight, her slender tone a hard contrast to Estie’s muscles, then she leans back. I watch as bounces on the full length of the shaft, her small boobs don’t give off much of a jiggle, Estie places her hand on her waist, thumb rubbing her clit. Ruby’s head bends at an awkward angle as she tenses, veins popping out on her neck, letting out a mighty squirt that drenches Estie. Ruby stands dusting herself off but Estie pulls her back down.

My leg feels warm, in my surprise, I turn to Riko and notice her grinding on my leg. “Are you pissing on me?” her mouth is agape and saliva runs down her chin as she nods in agreement. She slips and as I try to grab her again my hand slips and my middle finger enters her crack and hooks into her. I try to readjust my hand but she stops me and instead manages to say “another.” I sigh as I hook another finger into her holding her up. Her hands rub faster.

Estie’s muscles are tense and on full display as she holds Ruby face down towards the ground. Ruby mockingly protests as Estie struggles to put her penis in. The protests turn to a small grunt as Estie puts it in and begins to thrust. The thrusts are hard and slow but soon pick up pace. Veins pop all over her body as she tenses her muscles and starts to turn red. Spit flies out as she breathes heavily through her teeth, after a couple more hard thrusts she’s done and collapses to the ground.

I notice the sun going down and say “Times up, go join the others.” Riko looks like she’s about to say something but decides against it. When I left the river Riko had already stuffed her face and entered the tent, and Estie soon followed. Ruby casts a spell and lights the fire before turning to go, I notice she’s still tense so I grab a nearby cloth and tell her “Squat down for me.”

With some hesitation she obliges and I wipe the cum that blobs out her arse. She gives me a quick hug and says “thank you” before joining the others in the tent.

Once I’m dressed I have a quick meal by the fire. It’s not long before I hear the other’s muffled voices. I hear the scratching of righting followed by a slurping sound and the unmistakable low moans of Estie. I put my hand down my pants. Riko started me off so I skipped the foreplay and put my fingers straight into me, it didn’t feel like enough. I hear meat slapping in a fast uncoordinated manner and Riko’s screams of pleasure. I look for something nearby to use, all I find is a sword we looted from the bandits. I pull my pants further down and grab the sword. Spreading my legs I thrust the sword’s hilt into me. It’s cold and pulls at my walls, its strange shape feels nice as I force it deeper and deeper. My breathing becomes strange and irregular as I think about the bandit woman If she used this weapon the same way and with whom. I think about if I decided to keep her as my toy, her tongue running along my anus, cleaning me. I would chain her to my bed, and deny her clothes. I would force her to wake me up every day with an orgasm. If she was good I would show her love, let her sleep in my bed, let her eat proper food and if she failed…

I throw the sword into the river, I lay there panting. A familiar gravelly voice calls out “It’s a good thing you know.” I quickly pull up my pants and look at the witch hunter who’s averting his eyes. “That you are not like me. I forced myself to get used to this sort of thing until it didn’t even faze me.” 

I say “I don’t know. I’m not cut out for this, I murdered so many people today and when I did I didn’t even give it a second thought.”

He stares down at me for a second before saying “Some of the people who are dead because of you deserved to live. For their sake, you have to try to right some of your wrongs.” After a brief pause he continues saying “Besides that gun, you’re now bound to was what the everlight sent me to retrieve, I picked up the elf along the way, and with the satyr with you that makes two things they want. No matter what now you’re not going back to whatever it is you did before.”

“I was a grave robber”

He replies with a disappointed stare before continuing “The man who runs the healing house back in town was the one who tasked me with finding the gun, he is likely behind the satyr kidnapping as well. I don’t know what he would want with them though, I don’t know him personally and his inquisitors don’t work with a lot of witch hunters either. This means whatever they are doing the everlight doesn’t want it to be known.”

As he sits down I say “I’m Nela by the way.”

“I’m Gareth.”

“So, is that it? Just try to do more good than bad?”

“No, make sure you do.”


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