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Part 6

Echoes from the otherworld pt.6

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.6

When I come around, I first notice that I’m in a cage and sit up on the loose hay. I notice a lack of people in the camp, the witch hunter stares at me. I feel tears welling in my eye as I curl up into a ball. The witch hunter says “So, now you’re in the cage you were trying to get her out of, you are not dead so they’re probably going to torture you for answers.” I cover my face with my hands as the tears start to stream “What are you going to do now? The others are coming soon so you need to distract them.” I look up at him, he grunts and disappears.
It doesn’t take long before another ghost appears. I recognised her as the girl whose clothes I took back at the tavern. She wears a plain outfit and has long flowing blonde hair, she speaks with a light voice and almost cheery demeanor “Hi, I’m Cassie.”
After a brief pause, she walks over and sits next to me, in a low voice I reply “I’m Nela.”
“If you’re upset about the clothes you stole, don’t be, you looked better in them than I ever did.” I couldn’t help but smile at that, she continued with almost a chuckle “This situation isn’t exactly ideal but it’s the situation you’re in.” I turn to look at her, she looks focused as she continues “Let’s start from the beginning. You took out three of them, right? So how many more could there be?”
I thought for a moment before answering, ”More than I expected, especially if they are only kidnapping one girl.”
“And that girl’s a satyr, right? I’ve only ever seen a couple of satyrs on my travels so they’re rare and rare things are worth a lot.”
Looking up I notice my hat next to the campfire before saying “They wouldn’t damage her if they were planning on selling her, the right type of people, different job. Only one camp and a lot of people. They are not planning on moving very far so the buyers are nearby.”
“What if the buyers are nearby and only need them to grab her and hold her for a little bit? You know, for suspicion or that sort of thing.” I nod silently in agreement before she adds “I used to be a merchant, this sort of thing happens sometimes.”
I’m too consumed in thought to notice anyone approaching until the satyr is thrown into the cell by a couple of armed guards. She stares at me before saying “Who are you supposed to be?”
My voice almost picks up as I say “I’m Nela, I’m here to save you.”
“Oh, great. And how’s that working out for you?” she chuckles as she says that before slouching down.
Cassie pipes up saying “Don’t let her say that to you. Things would have been way worse if you didn’t do something before you did.”
I keep my voice low as I ask “How many are there?”
She doesn’t return the courtesy of keeping her voice down as she replies “I don’t know, like eight? They wanted me to tell them about some strange gun they have.”
Only one tent in the camp could fit that many people. I continue my questioning “Why did they think you would know about the gun?”
She looks at me disgustedly as she says “Because I’m a personal servant of Tyella the goddess of knowledge.” She spits out the next few words “I don’t even know why I’m explaining this to some high chick who’s about to be sold.”
“High?” I ask.
“Yeah, experienced lightheadedness followed by draining magic recently? You’re going through withdrawal.”
Before I could reply I noticed a flashing light in the tree line. I move closer and whisper “We need to make a distraction, make it look like I’m attacking you. Scream or something.”
She just replies with a scoff. I raise my fist and punch her as hard as I can across her face and to her credit she lets out an ear-piercing scream. The bandits emerge from the camp as I prepare for another swing, I whisper “They won’t believe it unless you attempt to fight back.”
With that she tackles me down to the ground, I let out a yelp as she bites hard into my arm. The bandits now surround the cage, eight in total, one opens the cage and shouts “That’s enough you two.”
Before he can continue a fiery orb is hurled towards us. When the wave of heat passes I notice two bandits running writhing in pain set ablaze by the fireball. Estie emerges in the middle of the group throwing a fury of punches, her hands are decorated with dark grey metal gauntlets that stand out to her silver hair and green elvish leather apparel. The bandit in the cage turns distracted by the ensuing mayhem. I take this opportunity to grab his dagger out of his holster, I stab straight at his neck, and his blood spurts in a rhythmic fashion. He turns to face me weakly grabbing at my face, his eyes are bloodshot as he attempts to say something but all he manages is a weak wheezy sound before he collapses. I step out of the cage as the fight finishes, Estie tackles the last bandit easily deflecting her blade as she steps in; on the ground she repeatedly punches, putting her full force into the bandit’s face only stopping when there’s a noticeably loud crunch and the bandit stops moving. Estie stands blood and bone sloshing off her fingertips.
Ruby leisurely saunters over, almost admiring the scene as Estie tilts her head saying “Was I supposed to keep one alive?”
After a quick scan, I noticed someone missing and said “One missing, large woman probably had a sword.”
After a quick shake of her head, I rush over to the main tent and the others quickly follow. The tent has several bed rolls on the floor. In the middle of the room, the large woman kneels with her hands raised, her sword’s on the ground in front of her and next to her is a barrel with a letter and my gun on top of it. I walk over and open the letter, blood staining the page as I open it, Cassie peers over my shoulder trying to read it so I leave it open on the barrel for her to read. The other crowd around the woman tries to speak but the satyr punches her, the punch is weak but gets the point across.
Cassie chimes in “It looks like we were right, the buyers are on their way here and get this they’re sending an inquisitor with a witch hunter to pick it up.”
Ruby finally speaks saying “She’s surrendering, so now what?”
I reply “We got what we came for, pick up what you can and let’s go to camp.”
I pass the others the letter but Ruby snatches it and reads it. I don’t miss her kissing Estie on the cheek causing her to smile before whispering something to Estie making her smile drop.
The satyr looks at me and I can imagine what she’s about to ask, I take the gun and shoot the surrendering woman as my answer, her head decorates the walls as I say “Go grab some clothes.”
“I don’t like wearing clothes.”
I grab a nearby heavy cloak and hand it to her, she pouts saying “Fine but only when we are in town and definitely not in camp. Where is our camp?”
As I leave the tent Estie, occupied with grabbing as much gold as she can, calls out “A river not too far south-west of here.”
The others are soon ready to leave, I make sure to grab my hat before we head out.


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