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Part 5

Echoes from the otherworld pt.5

Fantasy world with ghosts and sex and stuff
Echoes from the otherworld pt.5

Stepping outside the other two are easy to notice arguing in the middle of the street, the ethereal dwarf on the other hand stands to the side examining a notice board filled with odd jobs. As I step closer they notice me and stop their argument abruptly and stare waiting for me to speak. “What were you two arguing about?” I ask.
Estie is too quick to answer “That’s not important.” Ruby looks offended but before she can voice her complaint Estie continues saying “I think we should pick up a small job to get some coin.”
Ruby pipes up saying “We’re all tired and you want us to chase bandits and catch thieves?” the dwarf saunters over as Ruby straightens herself out before continuing, “I think we should hire a room at an inn and get some rest. That way I can work on my encyclopedia before I forget any of the important stuff.”
I unholster the handgun and looking at it I say “We already have a job. There’s a satyr that’s gone missing, we need to see if a local band of bandits have her.”
All three of them look uneasy at my suggestion but Ruby is the one with the retort “That’s too dangerous we don’t have supplies or weapons.” Ruby’s eyes fixed on the handgun in my hand “Let me try to read that.”
I show her the gun as Estie adds “When you were in the healing house I went back and looted the tavern, the witch hunter had it in his pack but I didn’t see it when he arrested me.”
The Dwarf looks interested so I tilt the gun to allow him to read it as well, he gives a low humm before saying “Ay, I can read that it’s old runic, rumoured to be the speech of the old mountain gods themselves.” He proceeds to speak in a foreign tongue that’s full of low guttural noises. Ruby proceeds to look utterly perplexed as I repeat the words the Dwarf said to me.
As I finish speaking the words a bolt of lightning strikes the gun, it feels icy cold, steam slowly rises from it.
Everyone in the street stopped what they were doing to look as the others were stunned in disbelief. I finally speak, “We should go.”
I holster the gun and we head through the streets of the town. The town as a whole is only a couple of roads big, mostly used by traders before heading into a bigger city nearby. As I finally feel like we’re away from prying eyes I turn to the others.
I notice the dwarf missing as Ruby pipes up again “How can you read it? I can’t even read it.”
I reply in a low voice as I say “I don’t know. Why did it do that when I spoke the words?”
“Because you spoke the words.”
“That’s not what I mean. Nevermind.”
Ruby takes out a grand book full of loose pages and ribbon bookmarks. Almost like clockwork Ruby opens the worn leather bound binder directly to a page labeled binding spell applications part two. She looks at me and says “You’ve cast some sort of binding spell, it’s in an old runic tongue. Normally those languages never leave their mountains or tribes.” Seemingly happy with her explanation she takes out a magical pen and writes the runes from memory with the pronunciation underneath.
I steady my nerves and say “I’ll go track down the bandits and see if they have the satyr, Ruby you go get us some supplies and see if any of the local inns have spare rooms. Estie you go buy yourself some weapons and anything else you might need.”
Ruby grunts in acceptance whereas Estie is vocal about her discontent “No, that’s too dangerous and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in at least a day.”
I interrupt her my tone coming across as more annoyed as I intended it to be “I’ll be careful, I won’t get seen. And I have a magic gun. You will be close behind. I will just see if they have the satyr and if they do I’ll wait for you, if they don’t I’ll meet you on the way back.”
Estie resigns with a reluctant “fine.” It felt more like she said that not to argue with me more than anything.
Before we leave Ruby turns and says “That gun probably shoots magic so don’t use it too much or you might get woozy.” Before turning to Estie as they leave, I watch them go unable to hear anything they say until Estie shouts “It’s still a no!” with that I finally decide to head out.
A little way into the forest I decide to take the gun out yet again. Holding it in both hands I aim it at a tree and fire a round. I feel the force through my body, almost knocking me over; the tree I was aiming at remains untouched but the tree five feet off to the side shudders from the impact.
A low gravelly voice talks from behind me “They were right you know.” I turn to see who it is and am met with the witch hunter, his body as wispy as the other ghosts. “This is stupid and dangerous, you’re gonna get yourself killed.”
I steady my never and try my hardest to sound confident as I reply “Someone might be in danger, I have to help them. Are you going to help me or not?”
His goatee only exaggerates his lips curling as he seems to weigh his options, after a long moment he finally speaks “I’ll teach you how to aim that thing. That way when you die it won’t be due to ignorance.” I ready the gun aiming for the same tree as before as he mutters to himself “No worst way to go.”
I fire another shot, and this time the gun almost peels out of my hand, the shot misses again this time I’m unable to see where it goes. “You’re holding the gun too tightly. This time hold it with one hand and rest the barrel on your forearm.” As I ready myself as he instructed he adds “You’re pulling the trigger causing your shots to go wide. This time squeeze it, nice and gentle.”
I fire another round this time doing as he instructed. The shot lands and splinters fly in all directions. I step closer and take a better look. A massive dent is left in the tree and I can see straight through it, the tree’s wound emits an icy-cold vapour.
“Well look at that you’re a natural,” he says examining the target.
I turn a little too excitedly and reply “Really?”
“No, the shot curved somethings guiding it. But it seems it can only guide it so much.” His tone is sharp and tired.
Happy with the results I decided to go further into the forest. It doesn’t take much time before I find tracks to follow to the bandit camp. I find an advantage point to look from, their camp is in a small clearing in this forest. The whole area is warm but temperate, with little shrubbery to hide in but large trees with thick canopy overhead. Their camp is in clear view below me and I’m able to make out small details below. It’s no more than five tents big with a cage on top of a wagon made to carry prisoners.
I immediately spot the satyr. She is blonde with curly hair, a fringe obscuring her forehead and she’s completely nude showing her hair-covered legs and sizable breasts. She’s being led to the center of the camp where there’s a campfire. She’s shoved to her knees, I ready my gun.
I hear a chorus of laughter as the group of men around her start to strip, a large woman with long flowing hair plays with a sword in her hand and watches the group sitting near the group. The witch hunter’s voice rings in my ear “We have seen what we need to let’s leave.”
One man forces the satyr’s face into his crotch as I reply “I can’t leave her here like this, I have to do something.”
“You’re not leaving her, you’re waiting for the others to help.” he waits for my reply but I just lay and watch. The woman with the sword lays it on the ground beside her, now fully engaged with the group. She’s laughing as one of the other men lifts her arse grabbing the hair decorating her legs. When he enters her she shouts her resistance before another chorus of laughter as her head wrenches onto another man’s cock. “Are you listening? There’s nothing we can do here. We need backup, we need help.”
The woman has now walked over to the satyr. She forces her arms down causing the satyr to lay on the ground, others force her legs open. A man positions himself in between her legs. I hear her scream, it’s harsh and ragged, and it’s soon muffled as the large woman shoves her hand in the satyr’s mouth.
I try to suppress the tears welling in my eyes as I say in a hushed tone “I’m not like you. I can’t just let this happen. I can’t just wait as people are hurt or die or…” I trail off.
He shouts with venom only known to snakes “So, you think I’m bad, what about that elf friend of yours.”
I turn and face him. Before I could reply I saw a man standing behind him, the man opened his mouth to shout, and I fired. The shot hits his arm ripping it in two, my next shot hits him clear in the chest, and a red mist filled with bone sprays out from him before he collapses.
As I stumble to my legs the witch hunter shouts “Two more to your left.” I position myself behind a tree separating myself from them. Remembering what he taught me I take a look, the first is a woman who yells as she charges at me with a sword. A well-placed shot to her leg tears it off, she goes one final hop before stumbling to the ground. Blood rhythmically squirts from her wound as she clutches it screaming.
The second is positioned behind a tree with a long rifle. She ducks behind the tree. I aim my shot and shoot the tree. I hear her screaming as I leave my cover and walk towards her. As I pass the writhing woman on the floor, a well-placed shot ends her screams. My vision blurs as I continue my slow walk passing towards the rifle woman. She screams, firing her gun wildly until she’s out of ammo, her face a bloodied mess filled with splinters, scraps of flesh hanging over her eyes.
I place my gun on her neck and pull the trigger. I sway standing there as strands of meat tug her lulled head before her head falls completely. I soon followed falling beside her. I watch her mouth chitter and hear the witch hunter shout profanities before my vision finally fades.


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